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* Local and Personal Mention *
* * * * * * * * *9* ** * *
fMr. Ed Hart, of Greenville, spent the
week-end in -Laurens with his mother.
Miss Sue Dean spent the week-end
in Greenville with her mother.
Idmund Iake has left to take up his
studies at iWofford Fitting School.
Miss Margaret Lake left last week
for Coker College at Hartsville.
'Mr. John E. Brown, of 'Dlarlington,
Is the guest of iMr. and SMrs. .1. D. Mock.
ir. J. E. Brownlee spent Saturday
in Greenville.
Mrs. R. I. Caine has returned from
a visit to Cape Charles, Va.,
Miss Lois Fuller has entered Colum
)*a college at Columbia.
V. Lr. Gray, Jr., has returned to
Spartanburg to continue his studies at
.Wofford college.
.'Misses Marian and Katherine Bolt
have left to resume their studies at
Iimesto 0 college.
1-r. 3WRiam McGywan, of Green
ville, splent Sunday with his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. F. 'P. McGowan.
Mr. fV. W. Ball, of Columbia, spent
Friday and Saturday with relatives in
Dr. W. 'HT. Dial was; Ini Baltimore for
a few (lays last week visiting his son,
Carlisle, who is in the hospital.
Miss Annie Huff will leave shortly
for Albermarke, N. 1C., where she will
teach the coming term.
.2iss -Iebecca Lake has left for
,Darlington, where she will teach thil
Rev. Thomas Rideout spent Sunday
in Greenville where lie preached at
Trinity Episcopal church.
Mr. lugh Vi3cent and family re
cently moved .into the Young house on
,North Harper sireet.
Mrs. iR. F. Fleming and children
have returned from a visit to relatives
in Greenville.
-irs. Cora Cox Lucas, of Columbia,
was in Laurens Friday to attend the
funeral of Mr. (M. Shell Swygert.
Mrs. Edward MdC'rady, of Greenville,
has been visiting her mother, OMirs. T.
D, Darlington, for several (lays.
Miss Gladys Roper has returned to
Coker college to take i) her studies
for another year.
-W. uV. Harris, editor of' The Clinton
Chronicle, was a visitor in the city
Among the Laurens boys who have
left for the Un.iversity of South Caro
lina are Raymond Gaston and Carl
Miss Rosa McGowan and Miss 'Beat
rice Babb left Tuesday for Brenau col
lege at Qaineoville, Ga. They are both.
members of the Sophomore class.
Miss Beaufort Copeland left Tues
day for Lynchburg, Virginia, -to re
sume her studies at Randolph-Macon
WomAh's college.
%Miss Bessie Blakely, who has been
teaching at Campobello, is at home un
til November. She will then resume
her work there.
31r. Wyatt Aiken, of Abbeville, ex
member of congress ann now conneet
egl with the Federal 'Land Bank, rv-as a
visitor here during the past week.
Mrs. T. D. Darlington lhas returned
from Atlanta, y'khnle she spent so
time at the -Robertson-Blackman Sani
Mr. and 'Mrs. J. D. Sexton and 'Mr.
(Boyd Sexton andl family attended ser
vices at Old 'Fields church, near Ora,
the spast Sunday.
Among thme Laurens boys wvho hav'o
left for Davidson College are Robert
'Aiken, Pinckney Simmons, Martin
Teague 'and Jack Miller.
Mr. ifHugh Aiken spent -the wveel-end
in Anderson, visiting a friend. On Fr'i
day he 'leaves for Ithaca, Newv York, to
take up his studies at Cornell Uni
iMr. 'Harvey Johnson, of 'Spartanburg,
spent several dlays with relatives here
last wveek .b'efore leaving for Harvard
College where he will resume. his
Mr'. 'H. C. Fleming, wvho underwent
an operatio~n at Columbia several
weeks, ago, is replor'ted as imphroving
rapidly although he is not yet able t6
return home.
'Mr. Chas. V. Fleming, wvho is now
eonnected 'with the Veterans' -'Insur
ance 'Bunreau travelling out of .Atlan
'ta, has been spenfdinig a few'- days in
the city.
I~fiss Sarah 'fliza Swygert, accom
panied 'by her m'othmer, has returned
to $partanbur'g where she will re'sume
he'r studies at Converse ~qllege, after
attending the funeral of her brotheor,
'af t, Sball Swygert.
Afr. John Wright with his daughter,
Iiss HIent'y Wright, and Myrs, Iug,ene
Hem1lgens with her daughter, iss
iIJgpise 'Hudgens, alttended 'Mri:'Yill
Dillard's funeral 'at Cr'oss Anchor Sat
'Mis. Annie Dunlap, with her small
sorIs'and her .mother, Mrs. Salhie iDun
1a1, phavo left for Mr's. Dunlap's :piln
tation near Mountylile, where they will
ali1jnt the winter. .Miss 'Margaret Duina
lj nd hetr VouRger, sistef's Will rek
m in in (nuureps,
e' to iWim'ig (Laurenas. girls haveo
1o forfWnfhrop ollegre withiji the
Stdr4aM Misses M~atti4 Sne Wof
Miller, 'Martha Speer, -.Ruth Watson,
Sarah -Dunlap, Toccoa Oray, Eula 'Mae
Martin, Louise Smith, Grace Taylor,
Ailio Gosnell, Eva 'Taylor, Margaret
Colenicin, Marion Blackwell and Nell
Porch Party for Club
Miss 'Pearl Clardy delightfuilly en
tertained the members of her Forty
Two club ESnturday afternoon. The
nine tables twere set on the porch
which was gally'decorated with vivid
autumn flowers, zinnins and roses be
Ing, especially used. -At the end of -a
number of gaines a delicious salad
course, followed by ian ide course, was
Alr. 1ee E. . wurn.", ihose death oc
cirred August 31st, was the son of
Mr. and irs. Lois Burns, who iassed
away several years ago. Is parents
were laid to re;t in Warrior Creek
cemetciery Where they had -becn mem
bers most all their liven. Mr. Lee
Jiurns lived in Laiurens but' never
moved his Inmibershi) from TWarriorl
Creek Ba.ptist chuIclh.
lie was a man that tried to do lis
duty. and always had something good
to ;ay about everybody. lie wasi a
haumaible Christian mInil and a kind, lov
ing itishand and father.
.J. C. liurns, of Green-woodl, a broth
er, and three sisters, .\Irs. Austin
Bramlett, of Narnie, .Mrs. Perry
ToIllisona, of Switzer, and .\ as. Roht.
Taylor, of Fountain Inn1 survive him.
Memxubers of his imamediate family are
his widow, Mrs. Lizzie Cheek Burns,
Mrs. Carl Roper, AMrs. Fred \est and
2iiss IEula Burns.
We pray God's blessings on those
w lo mourn. "Contribu ted".
* *' * *' * * * * '* * * * * *'
*' * * *' *' * 4 * *' * *' * * *
Born to Mr. and -Mrs. J. R. Lindley,
a daughter, on Sept. 18th.
Cox Talks (if European Affairs. Reach
es New York. Former Governor of
Ohio Studies Old World Political and
Peonoimic Condiltions.
New York, Sept. 9.-Reestablishment
of prosperity in the -United States must
'be given irst \place In the thoughts of
Americans and nmstbe 'the prefacd
to discussion of the entrance of this
country into 'European affairs, and in
to the league of nations, declared
James M. Cox, former .governor of
Ohio, and Democratic candidate for
the presidency at the last election, on
his return from Europe today on the
Mr. Cox went abroad to study old
world )0lticald and economic conldi
-Discuassing the issues in the con
gressionaal elections this fall, Dir, Cox
said that the internatioanal issue would
be "the failure of the administration
botha in .the moral and unselfish view,
ona theo one hand, and the practical and
selfish view 'on -the other, to partici
pate In thec affairs of thec world." But
he added, the matter of governmjental
association to promaoto p~eace must
yield to the matter of establishinag
economic order in this country.
air'. Cox said that, for the moment,
:there Was rothaing pressing In the
<luestion of the league of nations. In
Elaurope, lao declared, reparationis and
not the league is the imp~ortanat ques
tion no~w.
"Reparations," Mr. Cox declared, "is
thae One question in 'Europe today, and
America ho0lds thae key to the rep~ara-.
tions situation. If a decision is not
reachaed Germany will collapse and
wvithl 'her will go Austria. And if Gecr
many collapses Fran6%ill get noth
ing and wvill be left in a very bad situa
tioi1 \vh ich tvill endnleF all of Europe.
"At the tall eectiopau8tho adminin
trationa will have to' afwer for its
sins of omaissionas anad commiasion.
'While tha peramoulnt.899wlbea
interncationai -one, tii?'~ boes and
interationa.questional{pan glot really
bo separated. The economic unit is
the world;G ~ net nnK' SfM. Oheuhtry. A
part of it iB close to co as.America
had a chaaufeS ~ith~uttibVolvemaents of
any kind to epd the .qAlock, stabilize
Europe and 'c~reate K if'arket for our
farmns and factories. ID'elining paices
in America's productg re I4rgely daue
to thae rejection of -this opportunity.".
IMr. Cox skid. that iheiffavored suw-;
pension, of payment of' the inter-illied
Waa' dobts. The.Bahfo'til''fiatement, hie
added, 'was badly received in England,
and did not express the feelings of
the people.
Habitual Cqnat~pIqn red'
in ?4t.
5LAX-FOS WITH PE~PS 'is A sneclally~
onatlation, 'It rellE (r1pty but
shoul Iho taken uenly o.4to SRdays
to in fa uit og e. 1u
A Correction
Editor Tie Advertiser:
Please correct my piece on Laurens
county past history. It was Capt. John
Hood, not "Wood". Also the Quakers
were funny, not "fussy" people. They
were noted for their amiable qualities.
They would not light as soliders in all
our wars.
-Sept. 15, 1922.
Card of Tluiuks
I want to thank the voters of Lau
rens county for the handsome vote
given me in Tuesday's (Sept. 12) 1pri
mary by which I am elected as one of
the county's representatives. I ap
preciate this confidence and support
and I shall strive at all (limes to serve
every Interest of the county.
J. 0. BAINE'r'f.
Tienly-Sixth, Animal Session to be
leId it Iighland lome Church Sep.
teimber 26 and 27.
The Laurens la.:tist Association
w iii convene in its twenty-sixth an
nual session on Tuesday and Wednes
day, Sept. 26 and 27, with Highland
lome church. It is important. and
earnestly urg(d that every church in
the association be fully represented
and that every report be ready. Brief
aid well written reports from the sev
eral staindinfg committees and prompt
mnd correct reports by church clerks
will greatly aid the work of the asso
ciation. The program includes the
special interest and prayerful consid
special itnerest and prlayerful consid
oration at this meeting will be the
spiritual, religious, ain( flnancial con
dition of the churches at this time. It
is hloped that every one will come
praying for divine direction and a gra
clous meeting. The body will meet at
10 o'clock Tuesday morning at which
time the associational sermon will be
preached I;y Rev. John G. Wilson, or
Rev. C. W. Hlood. All church reports
should be in the hands of the proper
officers the first day of -the meeting.
* * * * * * *99 * * * 4**
9 *
* *
* * * * '* * + * * * * * * 0
Hickory Tavern, Sept. 18.-On Sun
day, September 24th, at 11 A. Uf., the
ilev. J. Wash Watts will preach. It
is desired that a large auadience come
out to hear Rev. Watts at this time.
The following boys and girls of this
community have recently left for their
various schools and colleges: \Iisq Liz.
zle iMahon, iwho enters upon her senitoi
year at the Greenville Woman's col
loge; IMiss Lucile LaIdwin, to Ander
son college; Lwisses Cora Bolt and An.
nie Abercrombie, to Limestone col
lege; 'Miss Janb Baldwin, to Winthrojl
college; and Misses Geneva Pitts and
Eunice IWeathers, to the iNormal at
Asheville, N. C.; -Mr. Conway Bolt tc
the Medical College at Charleston; \Ir.
Ernest Bolt, to Furman; Mr. Gus Aber
crombie, to .Davidson, and Mr. Kennei
BumeY1rel to the .Presbyterian College at
-Miss Vera Baldwvin left a few dayc
ago for Greenville, where she has a
position as teacher in one of the city
Misses Mittie Williams and Permella
Pitts have gone to Vacluse to enter
upon their duties as primary teachers
of the Vacluse school.
-s. Cecil IMadden wvas carried tc
Greenville on last Wednesday for an
operation. 'i-s. Mladden stood the op
eration ,well and is improving nicely,
her friends wvill .be glad to hear.
Rev. W. A. Baldwin had his tonsils
removed on last Friday morning by Dr.
'Houston. Hie is swell on the load to
recovery and was able to retur-n home
iMonday. He wvas accompanied by his
son-in-law, 'Mm-. J. 'D. 'Williams, who
retur1ned to Gr-eenvi lle Monday night.
OU can have a
-Neck and Arms
Hagan's Magnolia Balm
beauties instantly. 72
years' ssonderfu suces
Remaoves freckles, erup
tions, sunburn, tan
makes akin like velvet.
SWon't rub off, 4 colors:
Brunette, Wite, Pink,
#v and Rose-Red for lips
,.' and theeks. Sold by all
- dealers, or direct from us,
5S cents, postpaidl,
Mag olig
Card From Mr. Jas. L. Browning
To the Voters of Laurens County: I
I desire to express my sincere i
,thanks for the magnificent vote ac- I
corded me in both primaries. Although i
I fell short of the desired majority, I
feel no bitterness nor entertain no ill
will toward those who did not sup
port me. To those 2,510 men and wo
men whose confidence I enjoy, I am
Simmons %~
within the pria
For every new bed you
tain "price" is probably fix,
'Ihis is to arure you
prepared to fully satisfy
price-bounds you have es
Come in and convince
point before final selectio
ture are made. See how
we are to render you ial.,
Genuine Simmons Be
* S. M. &
Five prizes of G
rens and Newberry<
All that is neces:
write us a neat lette1
one of the Famous F
Any Hupp owne
owned one the moi
The conditions of th<
You must not be os
Iou must be an ati
You must be a resi
Your letter must re
Write on only one
You must confine y
Only one letter fro
The prizes are:
First Prize....
Second Prize
Third Prize..
Fourth Prize
Fifth Prize--..
The judges?
We have requesi
Motor Car Corpo
letters and annou
Mail your letters to:
leeply appreciative and assure ill III
ny fight for right and for creating a
nore wholesome condition in our coun
y, there will be no abatement on my
I Gatered the race with a well de
Ined platform embodying ideas of pro
reIsivencs and good government
d([ .will continue to devote ily con
ttant thought toward improving the
in Inlivid
!ds, Springs and
I - C
> reach of e-very pock4
plar to bp a cer- 1\I .. re-:eo -v. t
ad in your mind. mAers and o1::vs
hat this stcre i I; 'My PG UI V
you within thel
tablished. Whene er %(
yourself on this tliat you '.
as of new furni- 'ce and s:
splenMiidiy reedy -wi
ukerand of prices l
ts, Springs and you oil cvcry p(
i7t for S
OLD to be given to sei
ounties for a few mom<
sary for you to do to
r giving the ten (10) bee
[upmobile Automobiles.
r will help you out, and
'e they can help you
a contest are:
rer High School age.
:endant of some school.
dent of either Laurens or Newb
ach us not later than 12 o'clocl
side of your paper.
ourself to ten reasons only.
n each child.
ed the adve-tising departnm
ration of Detroit, Michigan,
nce the winners.
- SO
samie worthy iniiciples. As a private
citizen of a great comilnijity I hope
to become a builder, not so much of
the material type but a master builder
of the character of children wh1o
shall develop into a citizenry of men
and women as will he . "blWeqssing to
humanity, I honor to their state and
a glory to God."
to your home
ual Cartons
?tbook are here
i the quality-pkd;;e of thle
e-es behind them-actu
e than yor expect to pay
M piay /ess, you can be sure
/ /rs vanlo/ur, comfCort,
artion. The variety of fine
s great enough, and our
W cllough, to fully satisfy
S & CO.%
iool children of Lau
ants work.
get in the race is to
it reasons for owning
the longer they have
to win these prizes.
erry Counties.
noon, Oct. 1, 1922.
- 5.00 in Gold
2.50 in Gold
1.50 in Silver
1.00 in Silver
ent of the Hupp
to pass on these

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