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The Laurens advertiser. (Laurens, S.C.) 1885-1973, October 18, 1922, Image 12

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A rackin!
nervous headache ?
chases it away.
Bring us
iron of
25c Per
Edison Ma
All Type "C" Gas F
Further Red
10 to 25
10 to 50 Watt Lamj
75 Watt Lamps nos
100 Watt Lamps n(
200 Watt Lamps nc
Martin E
Electrical Suppli
No One Ju
You in thi
Each of us is jus
other people. It ce
are always some un
ous persons ready t
especially in busine
Someone will say yi
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your house and ma]
hold cash and waj
are you?
* A checking accour
.Your cancelled ch
where your money
the cash.
Is there any
reason for not
being safe?
Is there?
J.J DAlMS Pre.s
Will Sweep Away All Forms of Dis
crimination Against Women.
Chicago, Oct. 14.-To fire the first
gun in the midwestern sector in a
campaign "to sweep away all forms of
discrimination against women," Miss
Anita Pollitzer, of Charleston, S. C.,
secretary of the reorganized national
your scrap
dl kinds.
t Lurey
zda Lamps
'illed and All Frosted
ye Lamps
uced in Price
Per Cent
)s now . . . 35c
v . . ...65c
w .. . 75c
w . . . . $1.30
lectric Co.
es and Contractors
e 423
st Like
a World
t a little difference from
nnot be denied that there
principled and unscrupul
o take advandege of you,
as and financial matters.
>U neglected to pay a bill
dd. Sd'meone slips into
ces 'way with your house
ge savings. Then, where
Lt in our bank avoids this.
acks and our records show,
oes. Our vaults protect
Ltional Bank
women's party, has been organizing an
Illinois brancit of the party. Prepara
tions will be made for representation
of Illinois, as well as all other states,
at a national conference to Abe held at
'Washington Novoniber 11 and 12 to
frame a legislative program.
Illinois was selected as the objec
tive of the first mission by national
headquarters, because "it was ibeliev
ed that Illinois was hi a position to
affect the entire west and midwest,"
according to 'liss Pollitzer.
Constitutional amendments which
the organization is seeking to have
passed by all states to guarantee
equal political, civil and legal rights
for women in each case will contain
this clause, according to Miss Pollit
zer: "This act will not affect laws
regulating the affairs of women in in
dustry." This clause was pointed out
because the effect of the legislation
proposed by the party upon legisla
tion designed to safeguard women in
industry has been tiestioned.
\liss -Pollitzer said that the siupreme
court of the United States has repeat
edly sustained special welfare legis
lation for women even when it was
argued that such legislation was in
direct violation of the fourteenth
amendment to the 'United 'States con
The legal "discrimination" which
the party is assailin; has its roots in
the old- common law under which a
married woman was regarded as a
"Femme couverte," or "covered wo
man," whose rights were vested in her
husband, while he lived. Miss 'Pullit
ier stated. "Though the effect of'this
legal tradition from feudal times has
been modilled in some states by more
modern legislation, it survives to a
verying degree," she added.
"in some states a man can dispose
of his wife's inherited property," said
Miss Pollitzer. "Laws often give a
woman's earnings to her husband, al
low him to collect damages for het
injuries, and give him the earnings
control and custody of their child
The woman's party is organizing to
light this condition by changing spe
ci-icl laws and by changing tradition.'
The party has organized 25 profes
sional councils, including a home
makers council. Mrs. Minnie Mad
dern Fiske and Miss Mary Shaw head
the theatrical council; Miss Zong
Gale, of Portage, Wis., the novelist
heads the writers' council; Dr. Mars
O'.Malley, clinical director of St
Elizabeth's hospital, Washington, tht
physicians' council, and .Miss Emma
Gillett, dean of the Washington Col
lege of Law, 'Washington, the law
yers' council. Fourteen women law
yers are coniling all state laws ii
the interest of the woman's party
Miss 'Poilitzer said, to ascertain thi
legal status of womer in all th
Sounthern Senators Propose to Investi:
trace. Overlooked Chance.
Washington, Oct. 1 i.--Senators o1
Southerni states, it is announced to.
day, will at the beginning of April sea,
sion undertake an Intensive study o:
the effect of cotton exchanges in thi
regulation of the price .of cotton. Sen.
ator J1. Thomas iiHeflin of Alabama ha,
ipublishedl the fact that he and Sena
tor E. D). Smithm of South Caroilim
could -take the lead in the undertaking
Senator lifin has on more titan on
'occasiqn advocated the "cutting off o
tihe hieads'' of the exchanges.
Procedure against the cotton ex
changes has consisted in the main ii
plidc criticistm and following the nev
maneuvetr tihe managers will con tinu<
to flourish at the expense of the cot
toni prodlucers. Rt is confidently be
lieved Sotihern seniitors have suffered
th'e !)ractical defeat of every dIrastii
move ng inst the cotton exchanges at
tempted during the past several years
At tihe present time, there pends ii
lime senate a measure introduced b;
Senator N. Ii. Dial, of South Carolina
which, it is contended, would givi
purchasers an eqlual break with op
erators and confer infinite boons 01
the men who gr;ny cotton. The mean
ure was adverselty rei3. *cd by the'
senate commlfl./M' on1 :ag ru;:n. e, '0
which Senator of South Carmolina. Tef
lin of Alamna, JHt'!;is of Missi":ippl
Randell of L~ouisiana,* and Carawa
of Arkansas are membiers. Thiesi
Southern senators per'mittod tihe on!3
One of their nun~ber' who,'in tis par
ticnlar' case. dlefenlds thi6 (dtion ex
changes, to write 'ihe ad(verse report
'Senator Ransd'ell is o;pen in his doe
fense of the exchmangen wh'ch opera'te
in his home clity, Newv Orleans, at
his adverse report is identical witt
the report wvhich exchanges wouli
have made had they .had time opportttn'
Iity. 'No one0 of thme senators who 0th
stantly 'speculated Ori tlie )efene1*I
farmer andl 1the "outrageous gambieri
of 'Wall street" attomnpted to -ddtetid
the Dial measure,' No one- of -theul of
fered to improve it. by 'alhendment,'d
knowledge that th0 Wldb~ihts of tI
exchanges wef'e expending their1
ery energy\to eneatl1pasEits fe
The Dial 'epropositfof frorn a n
prop~sition offered 1iy ari9
tor, Comer of Alabama., Thp Come
bill was put through' the senate wit
scarcely a dissenting vote, but did ne
weather opposition in the house. Sen
ator 1Comer admits that his neasur<
although successful in the senate, di,
not have the enthusiastic support c
certain Southerners, who are eve
ready with speech to defend the form
er and' assail the exchange.
It is not known just what form th
investigation of the exchaniges to b
undertaken in another sessioh will a
sume. If the result develops into leg
islation having for its object the free
ing of the producer from the influenc
of the gam1ler, Senator Dial will sui:
port it. He has made it ,plain that h
has no pride of authorship and wi:
not display jealousy over the achibvt
ment of any other senator. At tha
the exchanges are understod to b
little distressed at the new threat.
The State.
It takes at mighty smart man to bi
as smart as he thinks himself to be
Art Mu
This announ
achievement in
tion of the art c
wear departmeni
winter in all the
are as different a
The rich m.
and Normandy
lined with the be
Including Cre
An enticing
themes and lux
tailored frocks of
trimmed with no
Our apparel
premier workma
A splendid c
-Charming models
and Slipover Sweal
latest effects with
colors on cuffs and <
58-in. all wool Bot
Serge; black 'and na
$2.00 per
Spanish Allover L
black and Champag
- Mallinson's Silk S
. $3.00 to -$1
Mallinson's Thisldw
* Never have we
cor'nplete selection
'The votoman wb~
more than pleased a
tional values in ,ou
miss-a style for' eve
of brown, aink toas
* Ms~?Maidee Ci
wkozne I told fr
Wilmington, N. C., Oct. 12.-"Topsy'
, the big circus elephant who, has bei
I through back yards and swamps,. a
f dye house and one negro cabin sihce
r she escaped here early Tuesday morn.
- ing is back iii captivity today, secure.
ly chained to stron-g stakes.
e There she .1s going to stay awhile
e her trainer said . for her "nerves art
. on edge."
- Topsy, who broke loose after Mon
day night's performance when she- was
e being loaded into her car, managed t
bog up in Greenfleld Lake and was re
e captured once, only to get away agai
i. late Tuesday night, and after a twen
ty-four 'hour chase she was caghli
, -again near Cedar 'Point late yester
e day, according to word sent here -b)
three weary circus me.
The 'big elphant had swum Cap(
Fear River and had wandered arount
i> Cape Fear and 'Brunswick swamp.
where alligators and marshy groun
Smade, it dangerQus for her kppper t(
rrrd .i
Ee in
cement telle of the i
style garments for, w
if'dress as exemplifi<
presenting the mode
season's richness and
New Printzess
s can be.
terials of Glorianna,
are trimmed with tf
st grade of silks.
The New Froci
ations from Co-Ed a
array of frocks exi
urious fabrics. Sme
Tricotine and Poire
velty braids.
is of the highest si
nship with materials <
ollection of dresses' in
in Tuxedo'- Pure'
ters. The Silk Hoi
contrasting white, s]
any-French . lisle
vy, Leath
Yd. .Special
ace; brown, Cla
n rious fal
carfs os
2.00 .$
yd. $5.00 Butter
offered .such appealing I
each hat reflecting,true Paa
oputs a price limit on her
~hen she sees the i~usuiaL
showing--a hat for' ever'
i-g occasior.I n black and
t, Copenhagen, oyal, grey
iffin is again in charge of'
follow,; .but he. mnnaged to sight; het'
late yesterday with the aid! of scores
of curious folk and' tied. her up, in a
qluiet spot. *
The keeper sent word he had Ebeught
a lot of peanuts 'ind other elephanit
delicacies and would let: Topsy -rest
for a while before trying to .get her
into her car:
There 'wil'l be no dogs in the: neigh-.
iborhpod when the loading starts, it
was added, for- a couple of .bewildered
hounds started' all the trouble that
had resulted in the .Hagenback-Wal
lace circus having to put up $7,500
bond for the admage done .by their
I frightened elephant.
The Eureka Dye Works., herd, which
claims Topsy walked' through its
building, 'has filied notice of a $5,000
damage suit, and half a dozen or so
individrlaIs want their fences and
several automobile ownera also who
had quite a time straightening up
their machines after Topsy bumped in
to them in her flight. Dlespite all of
! Topsy's wanderings, no reports have
o come of any person having been hurt.
1ewest and highest
omen in an excep
:d in our ready-to
s for autumn and
Fashona, Mariano
4e richest furs and
nd Betty Wales
)loiting new style,
rt and serviceable
t Twill artistically
andard, combining
)f the utmost excel-'
extra sizes for the
dyed, full fashioned
siery, black, brown and
le Hosiery in silk' and
er Bed Rioorn Slippers.
and Cuff Sets in va
>rics and styles.
rd Corsets
00. to $12.50
rd Brassieres
ick Patterns
Villinery--never 8soha
-isian iodes,
new mnillinery wilbe
8ortmient and XCf
6 type of,womnan and
all the newest ~lals
arid putple.
hie department en ild

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