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The Laurens advertiser. (Laurens, S.C.) 1885-1973, October 18, 1922, Image 2

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Stomach Trouble
The Quinine 'T'hat Does Not Affect
the head
Because of its tonic and laxative ef
(Tablets) can he taken by anyone
w ithlout causing nervousness or ring
ing in the head. E. W. GROVE'S sig
tature ou hox. 30c.
drove's Tasteless chill Tonic restores
Energy and Vitality by Purifying and
Enriching the Blood. When you feel its
strengthening, invigorating effect, see how
it brings color to the cheeks and how
it improves the appetite, you will then
appreciate its true tonic value.
Grove's Tasteless chill Tonic is simply
)!on and Quinine suspended in syrup. So
pleasant even children like it. The blood
needs QUININE to Purify it and IRON to
Enrich h. )estroys Malarial germs and
Grip germs by its Strengthening, Invigor
ating Effect. GOc.
Renew your health
by purifying your
system with
a otabs
Thc purified and acfined
calomel tablets that are Free
from kna:uea and danger.
Nc ;a r.ccary, as
Calctab' act liko calcnel
and salt:; comIbined. De
mand thn genuine in 10c
and 35c packages, bearing
above trade-mark.
Calomel Good
but Treacherous
Next Dose mav Salivate, Shock
L or_-- Attack Bones
Yotu kniow ha calomei~l ii. It's mer
eur;<piesilver. ulomel is dangerous,
(raminjng andii sickIin g you. 'Calomnel
a ttacks t ho hones andl shouh ne Hver be
If yiou14. fee biiou, hieadlachy, const i.
pa ted and all knoeked oult, ju st go to
you druggist a 11t get a bot th- of D~od
Si's SLive T-or a1 f'El L1w V tnt whIIich
is a harruiless v'egitable. substitulfo
dan Jgouiils 1'alorlllE. TPake a spoontfill and(
if it doent, start vouri li ver and1
traighten yl u up) il hel'ter anid qic(ker
t han na5sty c'alomeil andl withouat making
you~ slek, yOU julst go back and get your
Don~r't tak' calomnl! Tt makes you
sick the nlext, dav:~ it lose's y'ou at daiy's
work. I1iodsonl'S'Liver Tfolnestraightens
youi ri ght up and you feeol gre'at. No)
Salts nece'ssary'. Give it to the chlildrten
blanuwi it is perfectly hlarmnless and( can
not 'alivate.
The Quick,
Sure Soap Maker
'-the choice of thousands of wo
men for making pure asp quicklv
-easily. Use waste grease, w.. -
ter and Red Devil Lye-that's
all. -Easy, successful recipes for '
hard and floating soaps on the
can label. Insist upon the gen
ul ne-pure, strong, lasting.
Aek .for ii Ay, name at yjour grocer's
l)enocrats in lFit-il to (tiin ('ontrol
of (oigress by eInlie Proirnt.
\\ashington, Oct. 8.--The 1)emo
eratI(c party is in the tight to gain
on)t rot of tle Cbngress at the Novem
her electionts and the entire govern
ment in (lie election of 1921 with a
deinite and fixed program of what it1
proposes to do if it is returned to
yix'r. !I gives as a guarantee that
it is a party that accomplishes things
its record of vast accomtltishtuents
under the Wilson administration, that
is a party that stands for the peole
and against the special interests.
Senator Pat 'lIarrison, of Mississ
ippi, has issued a statement to the
country concerning these ,matters,
making it through the Democratic
National Senatorial Committee. of
which he is a member. In the ab
sellce of Senator )avid 1, Walsh. of
Mlassachusetts, the chairman of the
committee, who is on a touer of the
\\'est making speeches for tle )en\
oeracy and advising with leading par
ty mono, the statement was issued
t.Irolugh oPrank A. Hlamipton, seeretary
of the comtmittee. The statement of
Senator HIarrison, who is authorized
to speak for (lie Democratic party, is
as t'ollows:
''lTe iI)enlocrati(' 1(arty does not
base its citpaign in the comning
elect ion on f'ault iinding and t ('rit i
cism), hut, should it be elitlustIe d
with power in the coming (e-tioll, it
w'ould( stand for the f'ollowing definite'
"'lTe immnediatte repeal of th1e inde
4)' \si~ le rdne: - sle''ube il'ro.)'i
e(' \dju:lle Coiall~1' titin 'Tarii
.\ct utnd th<- enlactment (If sulchi chanlg
e : ini Iho ld :-wood-Runnll ons I )-mu
< i 'I':illti: a ,< will niee. Ihei eh ; -
i (.,4111 tions I the ilue :: I
To ploi-!4 21' 1(y legislat i(n1, .1111 ice t o
"To provide a ystei (i :grilllu
al -r('lits fitted to : peCuliat nIe e
o:' 1?' .\m r1ui farmc:i1 ) 'l'rs all took
mth . laintail oilp 4 n1' t-h:ut imarine(
;a hish standard and to op(er: 'l it
11unt 'o11om)ieall in the lilterest (of
thle .\muerican 11< teply with11ot 51:ub idy
(1r secial ,rivilegc , to the Shipping
'"To' approprtiate' aderiuate.ly for' the
'eonomic adm411iln istratlonl of thei gv
(-r1e1niit 1(11(1 to put a st')p to tle or y
of extr':ivag;anee which prevails at the
present timge um0ler the Republican
"To conform in letter and inl spirit
to the budget system as originally
"To abolish useless Jobs, eliminate
unnl~ecessary expenoises and to reluace
inexcusable high salaries ilxed by this
"''o administer the Civil Service
laaw in good faith and without fraud,
deception or byr;ocrisy;
"To enact legislation providing for
a fair and just. reclmation policy;
"To .bring about a better under
standinag 'bet ween Capital and I aibor,
andi (o see that the laboing man shall
reCceivye a fair' deail, a IlyIng wage and
reasonable)1( woik ing hour1s;
"'To pass legislat ion not iln thle ini
t('restI of a fav'ored few, lott of al1l the
"T'lo simnp1li fy and11 revise (lie tax laws
so that tae may51043 he i mposed fairly'
and1( .instl and upon 11)1 thlose betst able
to pay;:
"To 1liberally3 aid( good r'oadh ('on
strictioni and the impr'oveme~n of Our'
iver's and harboirs;
"T'lo invoke the agiricuItural aim of
(lae gover'nmuent thait the farmier's may
be0 hlanid to receive fala ir pices for'
t heir lprodulcts andI through thle pr'o
cess of elimilnation of' oveirhead costs1
and( unne~lcessary expen~ses in dlistribu~t
tlon and( arketing, reodiee the cost
of t he pr1oditet to tjhe American con
"To dirive 'Newherraylsm" from the
high places in which It is now en
thronedI, and by a1propriate legisla
tIon, to pr'event corrupI ltion in)10 polis,
oad restore the 'rutle of the pecl1e';
"To lurevent mlemfber's of t'he Coua
gress In both houses fromi voting for'
thelir own selfish interest alt thie ex
lpense of thec peopl1e;
"'To bring about a return'a of 01ur
formiier hIgh and commlainitg positlin
in international affairs and Inaugurate
a better relationzshlp witha f.riendly na
"To)113 laylot ne~w lanes' of trade and
onr1 surapIus agalCculturIal and manui
facture'd pr'odutcia;
"Tro supp)llanit thie pr1'esent adinini
tr'ation's ciolicy of' unflcrtainlty and( in..
actiom b~y oneW of cottrage and dIecision;
5(0 to' I ' r''r rap)ily *de
cr'ea;hig :alaice dft taae anid g'ive ltm
petua: to oltr expor~at tradhe, - thaerday
re Vol ' a ushntess
anid expanision -. 0ou inidusties with
restulting 'getferal lJrosperIity amonig
our -people;.
"To r'emove the s,trangle hold of
selflsh Interests fr'om the- throat of
legitimate bustiness, ad to r'estor'e
equal opportunity to all alike,"
Loose Leaf 'Ledgers> Etc.
Advertiser PrintingC4. 2A.,
Stute of ,South Carolina,
County of Laurens.
M. W. Brow n, Plaintiff,
i. C. Lang ston and Planters Grocery
Company, Defendant.
Pursuant to a Decree of the Court
in the above stated'ease, I will sell at
public outcry to. the highest bidder, at
Iaurens, C. 1I.e'S. C., on Salesday in
November next, being Monday the 6ith
lay of th month, during the legal
hours for such sales, the following dc
4cribed property, to wit:
All that certain tract, ,piece, or par
2el of land, having the following
)oundaries: Situated in .Jacks Town
hip, County of l-aurens, South Caro
ina, ad known as the Old Whitmore
['lace, and founded as follows: on the
1011th by lice lands, now owned by
William Coleman. on the east by lands
)f William Coleman. on the south by
ands of Mrs. E. F. laangston and Gus
I:'.vidson. and West by lands of Wil
m Coleman: containing two lun
Look for the big nat
This is Stylejpi
from Maine to
All Styleplus d
Imaking special
At the head of 2
a few leaders-origini
of better products at
lic. Styleplus Clothe
Big volume con
Styieplus Idea-lifts t
superb all-wool fabri
models are fashione,
the statmp of style tli
the finishing, roundi
fit-hold shape-stay
Every suit and o
Models for men of c
Minter (
dred forty-three (243) acres, more
Terims of Sale: Cash. 'Purchaser
pay for papers and stamps. If a
terms of sale are not complied wit
the land to -be re-sold on same or son
subsequent Salesday on same term
at risk of former purchaser.
C. A. :POWl0)R,
C. C. C. P. and U.
Dated, Oct. '2, 1922. 14-2t
State of South Carolina,
County of Laurens.
A. L. 'Putnam et al, Plaintiff,
.1aies Waldrop and Carrol Waldro
Pursuant to a Decre.e of the Con
in the above stated case, I will sell [
public outcry to the highest bidder, r
1aurens, t,;. if., S. C., on Salesday I
November next, being 'ionday the 6t
day of the month, during the leg[
hours far such sales, the following d
scribed property, to wit:
ne in clothes
us W'eekl'
salers are
kmerica's manufacturing ac]
itors .of new ideas, new meth
rices that mean bigger val
s are in that~class.
centrated on a few defi
hese clothes to a commandi,
os show all the latest pattei
:I by style authorities. Ti
at carn only come from exp
nig and body shaping. St:
vercoat guaranteed. Each
very shape and taste.
.S Cash
I, L ."
)r( All that tract, piece or parcel of
land lying, ,being and situate in the
.o County of Laurena, in the state of
io South ICarolina, containing forty-four
b, (44) acres, more or less, 'bounded on
ie the north 'by lands of 1:. G. Bramlett,
s, on the east by lands of I. E. Burns,
south by lands of 'Sam 'Garrett, and on
the west by lands of Austin lramlett.
3. Terms of Sale: Cash. Purchaser to
A pay for papers and stamps. If the
terms of sale are not complied with,
the land to be re-sold on same or some
subsequent Salesday 'on same terms,I
at risk of former purchaser.
C. A. '4O\IIl0I,
C. C. IC. 'P. and G. S.
Dated, Oct. 2, 1922. 14-2t-A
tt State of South Caroliu,
it County of Laurens. -
n J. E. Culbertson, Plaintiff
h against
il A. 'R. Garrett, 'Defendant.
' Pursuant to a Decree of the Court
in the above stated case, I will sell at
25- -I - di
NrM~i.Y S o
ievements are$
ods, new kinds The disti
eto the pub. Blu"e Se S
the expert dei
.Lot 3025~$25.
te grades--the/ Mkuto.
ig place. The
ns. Styleplus
ie clothes bear
ert tailoring 'in
eleplus Clothes
price moderate.
I*S CY .'77'ff
public outcry to the highest .bidder, at .
Laurens, IC. 11., S. C., on Salesday in.
November .next, being ,Monday the 6th
day of the month, (luring the legal
holirs for such sales, the following do
scribed property, to wit:
All that tract, piece or pal'eel of land
lying, being and sltiuato in the County
of Laurens, in the State of South Caro
lina, containing thirty and one-fourth
(30 1-4) acres, more or less, bounded
on the north by lands of I,. A. Brock,
on the cast by lands of R. i3. Gilker
son, on the south and west by lands
of J. 1. Illunbert, being the lands pur
chased byi m'e from A. iL. 'Mhlatfey, and
said lands are free from liens and en
cumbrances, and are in my possession
as owner thereof in fe simple.
Terms of Sale: Cash. 'I'urhaser to
pay for paper-- and stz:mp; If the
terms of sale are not complied with,
the laud to be re-olid on :amse or some
theluent Salenday on name terms,
at rink of former )u1rchaser.
C. A. POWIt,
C. C. 'C. P. and G. .
Dated, Oct, 2, 1922. 14-2t-.
Iue Serge Specl,
nction of a Styleplus special
It is expressed not only in the
Sbut also In the tailoring and
igning which insuire style.
Lot 303O~$30, Lot 3035~$35.
ow , you.
Trade Mark Reg.
nid some.
at $40
nt Store

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