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Eje 5lbbertiser
Subscription Price $1.50 Per Year
Payable in Advance
Published by
Laurilu. S. C.
Advertising Rates on Application.
Obituaries and Cards of Thanks: One
Cent a Word.
1Ctered at the postotllce at Laurens,
S. C., as second clais mail matter.
Vol. 31, No. I 12 Patres
1,A lVl-:.NS, S. C., OCT. 1, 1922
At this time, when coal has gone
sky high, it is comforting to know that
the supply of wood in this vicinity is
not exhausted and that it possesses the
same old heating qualities it had be
iore coal got to be so stylish. Cord
wood right at this time or a little
later ought to be a mighty saleable
colinnodity ini the towns and cities.
'The maul whlo iiihas it on his place enal1
sell it to itdvantage and let it take
t;, p4lac of the cotton he counted on
niaving but of which the boll weevil
lhas re lieved himl.
,* ,r *
SLeaking fot wood initurally sug
:sts ot1her 111011ey .irodu inc resnor -
us of the county that coul be turned
to advantage to offset boll weevil de
p1redations. Not. including the natural
soil for the production of other crops.
There ire valualule' granite and lime
dep loits in the county which have not
been expiloited to the 'i llest advan
tage. The ille deposits of the west
Ern part of the county have come un
dier some not ice recently on account
of tlhe Agitation for a line .(uarry and
.ratiite has been <luarried in the
(ountlty for year: . Hut these rich na
oural .resources have not been (level
olted to the extent that they might be
and they should be a soulre of con
-iderable wE'alti for the county.
Annoulnl11licement that tile Seaboard
Air laine railroad has inaugurated a
motor car service htw'een A'olulmbia
and1( 1lam let. N. C. suggests the idea
that a similar service might be in
aiglurated to advantage by the C.. N.
& L. railroad bet.tVlen this city and
Crli ton. The not01 ears, as we 1111
d('stand themr. are nothing m1ore0 th1an
lili " a senge con(hcs prope led by
asolll: 1lngines similair to those in
auttImobiles. They are con paratively
(heals outfits and are said to be op
<;ated at a small expense for fuel. It
is (1(1Lte possible that the normal t raf
Il' bew.een the two towns would make
the I1an a paying venture to the rail-1
roads. The Iew trafflc which Would
naturally flow to the Seaboard Air
Line railroad by reason of Let ter
train connections with this city ought
to prove attractive for that system. If
thte C., N. & 1.. and the Seaboard cold(]
get together on stich a 1)lan1, it ought
to pr'ovi mg1tually priofitale to thteml
besides prioving a conlsiderable ('on2
venli('rme and atsset to this city and(
* . *
A il10t 66 \ Il'XlL L A W
W\e are told1 'by govern~mient selenl
t ists who ha0ve stollied tli(IIIr lfehdory
of the boll weevil that the tlumnber to
su rvive the win telr de~pnds upon)1 thle
severQtity of the wIter mon)1ths5 anld the
length of the 'Winlter seaso)1. Nei ther
of' these two factors is 111on able to
con11trol. OIne of themti, holveverI, cnn
bie 1artly' ' lt circuvent ed. We canl
not incr:tease 01' dIimtinishi thle severityv
of winter nor' lengthen 02' shor'ten1 its
duration. liowever, we ears sendc the
h)011 weevil to his headquarlltIters 50s
deoaleted iln Ptumbers as -well- ' as
vitality t.hat t hose emlergKing in the
sprilng mlonlthts ..may be redutcedl in
numtfber's to stuch an1 extent as5 to have
a matterial beainilg Onl the size of theo
cotton crop) whichl will suit've liis and
ils offspring's attack. }iowv tis may
be done and the reaslonIs thlerefor we're
set forth in tihe letter of the cotunty
agent In this paper week -before last,
scattered 'broadcast by letters during
the past week and rep~rinted again on
the fi'ont page of today's paper. Brief
ly tlie plan is to low0 tunder cotton
stalks at a (late as early as possible
consistent wvith the season. Trhe ob
ject ;is two-fold, firtst, to bulry mlost of
the weevils, endIng thleir life, and,
secoind, to remove thir~l food su~pply, it
being known that tihe -weevil lives
uit of thle vegetatioin of cotton algnae.
fly 1'emloving tile, food suipply as earay
as possibleC, thle wveevil' goes Into Win
ter (luarter's in ani alr~eady -weakened
condition and standls less chianti
surlviving the wviiter...
Thie expeOriecelC of seIlenttits in ex
perimientation and of farmers in re -
tual practice, even in tItis county or
.Laur1enls, is that plowing unditer the
stalks has far-reaching results. Tis,.
wo believe, is admitted on all sides.
'The individuaA farmer who follows
the 'program proflts \by -It to a certain
extent. But its success is largely af
feoted by his next door neighbor who
may ors may not fol110v the program. A
u-.w3ef cfort on the dar- or afi thu
farmers, it is safe to say, would mean
millions of dollars to- the faraners of
the state.
The obstacles to putting through i
voluntary ,program as would bring the
most practical results are obvious.
S'omde farmers, like some townsfolk,
are too slothful to (10 this extra work
where no immediate profit is in sight.
And again, renters of land, who .may
plan to move elsewhere in the spring,
will not ordinarily plow or prepare
land for some other tenant who will
succeed him. Other diijiculties arise.
To overcome all obstacles and to
guarantee a co-ordinated effort on the
part of all the farmers, it has occurred
to The Advertiser that the legislatur:
might enact a law making it a crim
inal offense for any land-owner to
leave cotton stalks standing in his
fields after a certain date which may
appear reasonable. For the land-owner
i% ho rents out his land. provision may
be made for him to transfer the re
sponsibility by incororating in his
rent contract a provish1il that the
renter shall plow under his stalks as
a part of Iiis contract or become the
responsible party. To prevent undue
hardship by reason of change in sea
sons, the governor might .be invested
with authority to extend the iinal date,
counilty by county, when it appears to
him that conditions justify it.
The Advertiser does not advocate
such a law. It merely suggests it as
a law which the farmers may advo
cate. The Advertiser is not inl)-he
farming business and naturally would
he Lree from such a drastic law. For
that reason we do not w isli to appear
as advising that such a law be passed.
Ilowevcr. it has occurred to us that
such ai Iaw would be effective, could he
fram1ed with such reasonable prov'
sionls that it would not work a hard
ship oil anybody and at the same tilt',
nost important of all, it woo d bring
ab')uit that. co-ordinated effort of the
flirmers of the state which is admit
tedly ne cessary if the 1boll weevil is to
fought with any reasonable degree of
Thie Advertiser "would like to have
the Views of its farmer readers on the
sulaject. If the plan appeals to the
farmers of ILaurens county it will ap
peal to the farmers of all the counties
an l In that case it might be possible
to get started in time for next yeprt''s
IN('O.118 'T.AX LIi'NS
A''Pitt.t('l1 II AL;F .MILLION
Six South ('u rolinians Served with
Ilenis by liiternal Itevenuel lIepirt
ient fIo' l'npaid Income Taxes.
Two C'olumbians, Campbell 'Court
enay and 'St. .John Courtenay, were in
clided in i list of five South Carol in
ians against whom tax liens amount
ing to $472.372.90 were filed Wednes
daya with the clerks of the' Eastern
anad 'Western t'nited States district
courts, by Major John F. .tones, col
lector of internal revenue in this state,
the assessments being it is alleged, for
incomes or additional incomes not re
iiorted and paid by the liarties con
Inlcltudedl also oin the list of live were
Ash mead (Cou rtenay, len ry liiutledge
Iin ist anid FrancIs .1. P elzser, LlI of
Cha~irles toin.
.\laLjlr .ione~s Lat hiis office In Colum
bia rtitedl Tihiursday mor ning thato
four11 of the men onl the delin11(0uent list
have ind(icaited their willingness to pay
the amounts assessed against them as
5onl :Ls thle necessary mla(hinlery can
be set In miotioni which will enble~l
hem to makil(e the necessary withldr'aw
als from their banks to issute cer'tified
cheeks. Tlhese cheeks, Mir. Jones said,
w~ouild prloba~blXgbe received Friday
morning. lIe declined to give the
namlie:; of those from whlom checks are
expectedI iunt il they have been ieceived.
In issuing the liens the government
assumed, it is stated prior'ity r'ighlts on
the !drolerty of the individiuals and
their rights to anly prioper'ty.
IEvei'y baink in Sotith Ciarolina and
a large niumbei' of corporations in
chiding a nuimber' of cotton mills, weire
notified of the liens, Mlr. .Jones cor
resp~ondence in this connection 'in
volvedI the dispatch of more than 600
letters , and messages. -tInder the in
ter'nal revenue laws the filing '6t-4he
liens ikhOlibits the per'son or firia.
against whom the lien is issued fr'om
making any transfer, withdrawL or'
dliosition of any property, real, per
sanal, bonds and stocks of any de
scription until the tax has beeni pacid
01' until foy any other reason the col
lector issues a certificate of dis
The largest lien othe fiye was
against Campbell Coutrtney, of Columiii
bia, .the total ebeing $194,928.30 and o6f
t-his amount the penalty is $64,976.19,
he total bjc'ng for principal and pen
alty on ad~ditionl1 2... taxes for
1919 and 1920.
m* .T'A Courtnc:. of Columb~fa,
wi as o.- . :le list, .lth a lien
of, $184,134.38,. the l)penalty Included
being $61,371.49., 'The lion was for ad
ditional incomes. tax for 1918, 1919 jind
Ashmneaad Courtney, of Charleston
had ,a lien Qf .$a3,848.45 ,dr- taxes and
$18,024.38 in penalties ,being for ad
diltional income'tax for- 1919 and 1920.
Ihenry Rutledge Buist, of Charles
ton, had a total lien of $21,780.58 .th9
penalties included beikig $7,102.48. The
lien against him was for adidtional
income taxes for 1917, 1918, 1919 and
Francis J. Pelzer, of Charleston, was
on the list with a lien of $20,056.56.
Of this $5,683.82 was for penalties.
Ills lien was for additional in.-onae
tax for 1918, 1919 and 1920.
The cases against . the five South.
Carolinians were handled through
Major Jones' office upon information
collected and suplied by John M.
Roberts, internal revenue agent.
International Sunday School Associa
tion (o lie linown Hereifter ts In
ternational Sunday School Coune!
of Religious Education.
Spartan.burg, Oct 16.-1!pon recon
mendation of its executive committee
and the quadrennial convention re
cently held at Kansas City, the Inter
national Sunday School Association
has votedl to change its chatter name
from "International Sunday School
Association" to "International Sunday
School Council of R1eligious 1duca
tion;," according to Leon C. Palmer,
superintendent of the South Carolina
auxiliary of this organization.
While the recommendation has been
approved by the International Con
vention, it cannot be made legally ef
fective until by act of Congress its
charter is amended, -which cannot be
done for several months. In the
meantime, the new name will he used
as far as possible o0 all printed mat
ter issued, .in order to familiarize the
imblic with Ife anticipated change.
The International Sunday School
Association, it is stated, retains Its
historic continuity and all auxiliary
associations and cooperating bodies
retain their relationship to it.
Poetry Eternal.
For poetry was a!I written before
time was. and whenever we are so
iinely organized that we can p enetrate
linto lint region where the aii' is music,
we hia r those primal wtrhlings.
S* S
* *
Notice-No hunting on my place
W. 10. Pitts, Laur' ns, itt. 6. 14-it-p
Pure hog ai and Pure Pork
Sausage everm/lay. E. It. lilakely's
Maarket. 14-5t
(;inning Notice-t'ntil further notice
our gin days at Madden are T iutrsdays
and Fridays. J. 1). Culbert. 91.
For Nale-One Deflance 1 }-2 ton
truck in good running orde . Price
right. T. 13. Sumerel. 14-it- ad
Bring Your Hides to C. D. 'ioseley
in reai of Moseley & Rolad's old
stand. Ilave always been in".the mar
ket and am still. C. ). Moseley.
For R1et--uLarge c dne te house, 2
baths, suitable for boa rs. West Lau
rens street. Mirs. L. E'. Burns. I1i-tf
Notlce-Widower, 5 felet 9 inches
tall, auburn hair, gray eyes, good
looking. tair complex ion, age 55,
weight I155, inconme $100.00 per mnolthI,
no0 chIildren, wishes to) eprr'egiond
with ladies frcom 10 to 55. \'jill .Aarry
it' suited. Whlo will the the. f/t otne
to) wr'it('? Photos exchtan q. Ad
dress "A. ii. C." catre' The A vertiser,.
TLaurens, S. C. 4-2t-e
Lost Dlog-An extra large setter'.
color solid wvhite except black spot
on tolp of head about the siAe of a si
vet' doilarin. and a little .biadk oft left
car'. Answers to inme of' fScott".
When last seen had on collagrith miy
namie anid addrltess oin s~ne.,,Liberial
rewvard for' is returmn 0or inftprmation)
tegareding himt. C. T. Lat imer', Lau
Notce-e-All .peur'ons ai'e rhiereby
*varn'ed against hunting or the'wise
t'espassing upon1 mty land. Violators
of this niotle iw' ill be .prosected to tihe
fullest extent of the law. J. H. Younig.
Hog4s-Forty thIorouigh'bred 1llandI
China brted sows. bred giltsc, open't
tilts, two registered bred soi s, and
pork hogs. Price .12 l-2c a .pobid., P.
B. Bailey, iLaurerd, Itt. 3. 14i2 -p
To Rtent-Sfo room on the i rth
wvest corner of' he putblic a c'iaren tihe
city -of Laurens,- lately o eu!g dc by
Kilgo Cashi and Carriy stpr9 Said
store room is offered for r1 t. at the
tisk of Rt. HT. Hoehoff, 'Less e. 11. 10
Bfabb, Attorneys for owners. I l-tf
Notice-T have a one-horse farm,
with new comufortable fouri room .hun
galow. :well in yard, land high state
of' cultivation and practically level,
with br'anch t'unning phrough the
farm. . This farm and 1i6utse on high
way. I will r'ent this rt im to reliable
p~eople who can 'u/ themselves, for
six hogs weighini ~0 pounds each.
Como to see mc, iu wIll :be ,pleased
with my nropo tion. .William ,A.
Moorheadl, Goldvillo.' $-4t
For Sale-Black male setter,/well
trainedl. Also young wht 4 setter'
partly trained. It. L. Fiinley, T1urens,
Electrical Work
Raidiator Repairing
Acetyleune Welding
All Worls Guaranteed
For Ient-Upstairs 6 Mrs iH. K.
Aiken s home, consisting of four
rooms, hall, bath and sleeping porch.
See C. H-. Armstrong. 14-it
Ladies-- would be glad 4Jf the la
dies would call and see samples of
goods f am 4elling. I have a line of
goods of the latest New York styles
such as Kris Croos Crape. Crepe-de
chine, Canton Crepe, Latelassee, Wool
and Silk Pongee, (Poiret Twill, Serges,
etc.; also beautiful Coating, Velvets,
Handkerchief Linen in all colors;
Window Curtain and 'Draperies. Mrs.
R. L.'-Wolff, 429 Church St. 13-tf
Money to Loan---Loans on farms and
city property negotiated. Applications
handled with the First Carolinas
Joint Stock Land Bank, the Federal
Land Bank, insurance companies and
other sources. Apply to Dial & Todd,
Attorneys, Laurens. 5-13
Money to Loan-The Planters N. F.
L. A. is now receiving applications for
loans on farm lands. Apply to A. C.
Todd. Secy-Treas. 5-13t
Good Tires-4Cheap at Counts' Sta
ble. 48-tf
Rim Repair Parts-For all makes of
cars. Rim bolts, wedges and clamps.
City Vulcanizing Station. 40-tf
Money to Loan on improved farm
land at 7 1-2 per cent. H. S. Black
well, Attorney-at-Law. 42-tf
money to Loan-011 improved farm
and city property for a per'iod of years
at seven per cent Interest. Bomar,
Osborne & 3row-n, Attorneys, Spar
tanburg, S. C. 34-tf
Loans on Real Estate-Funds inmme
diately available at six per cent. In
surances companies, Joint Stock Land
Bank, Federal Land Bank and other
sources. Apply to Simpson, Cooper
& Babb, Attorneys. 4-tf
Bagging and Tie--Buv our selected
second hand machihery re-rolled bag
ging and ties. All prices and, grades
guarantce(d. Phone 380 our expense.
U. S. Bagging Co., Greenville, S. C.
Notice-Prech Potato Chips made
daily. Mrs. J. C. Shell. 10-5t
Pleating-All kinds of accordian,
side or box pl'ating by - steam pro
cess. Also furnishe rooms for rent.
.\rs. George S. McCi vy, Phgone 203.
For Sale or Rent-Four horse farm
near Lisbon church. J. T. A. Ballew,
: lion, S. C., or B. .M. Wolff, Laurens.
For Sale-1 year old apple trees.
Early -Harvest Pinson, Ben Davis.
Arkansas Black Horse and June Ap
ple. Prices reasonable. il. H. Hun
ter at liunter Bros. 12-tf
narms For lRent-Several farms
neIVr good schools to rent to iarties,
either white or colordd, with their
own stock. J. P. Gray, -Woodruff.
Dr. T. L. Timmerman
Laurens, South Carolina
Office in Peoples Bank Building
Orverhaul motor .. .. ..$16.00
Overhaul rear axle .. .. 4.50
Replace universal joint.. 2.50
Grindl valves, clean carbon 2.50
Reline transmission .. .. 2.00
lustal1 pistonm rings . . . . 4.00
Tighten 1 (con. rod . . .. 1.50
TPight en all 4 con. rods ... 30
-Rehnshm fron t a xle . . . . 1.75
Overhanl generat or . . . . 1 .25
All Work Guaranteed
Send Us Your Next
Repair , h
Authorized Dealers
Laurens, S. C.
Reduced Prices~
Shoe Repairing
Having bought a new and
mnoder'n stitching nmachinie
we ar gble I(, qluele new
low prices on shoe ri'pair
work as follows:
IHalf Soles sewed on Meni's.
or' Ladies' shoes
Half SAoles -tacked o
~Men's or Ladien' slifoe
~Rubber Heels on 'Men's or
Ladies' shoes, 40p,
Best Leatheir Used
Clinton, S. C.
Offices: Jacobs & Co. Bldg.
C. E. Kennedy & Son
Fune-'al, Directors
Motor Equipment
ILAURENS, - - - S.. C.
Let Us].
We Do It Right
to PI
Come tc
We Are Anxiot
Sunoco N
Free Crank 4
Mr. Waldo ME
Charge of Our
Prompt and E
' Next to Swyger
Both are Made i
The samne Goodyear organizatjol
the 'Famotts All--Weather Tread (Cor
Made in the sanme fdctory and by
made "More People Ride bn Goody
JKind," the Cross-Rib Cord offers th
.pried as; do btlier Goodyear tires.
With their 'iitumense facilfties 'hi
it is ea sy to undriatd how Good
at iirlces that tital those quoted1
Terracing : Leveling
Gray Court, S. C.
Simpson, Cooper & Babb
- Attorneys at Law.
w'ii Practice in all State C!orta
Prompt Attention Given All Business
to Cure a Cold ip One Day
rake L. XATIV' DROMO Q IN(N (Tablets.) It
stops, the Coucha and Headache and works off t6?.
Cold. E. W. GROVE'S signature on each box. :e.
)o Your
and Guarantee
ease -
Us for
is to Serve You
11TH, Mgr.
otor OiIs*
Case Service
trtin is Now in
Filling Station
Ificient Service
t-Nickels & Co.
n the Goodyear.
tory --
that .:doneered the Cord tire ai:d
d has flow perfected tihe
the samne tire butilders 'that have
ear Tires Than on Any Other
same rel ative\qualityfo the
~experience in building Card tires
year can produce this nei tire
ncord tires 'of unknown quality.
We have these 'new
Cross-Rib C0rds an4- the
regular GOoodyear AM..
Weather Tread aords In
the ipoputlar sizes.
Come in today. iIet us
-('lote on your size:

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