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* Local and Personal Mention
* * * *0 * * 0 *' -o e
Mrs. W. II. McPhail is visiting Mli
and Mrs, Carter Price in Barnwell.
Mrs. 0,1. L. 'Copeland spent jonda;
in Greenwood with Miss :Mary Fergu
Mrs. A. J. Heck, of Fort Lauderdale
Florida, is the guest of .1rs. Qar
Rev. Thomasi Rideout left Monda;
for. Aiken where h'e will visit his par
ents for a week.
Mrs. Frank 'Reid left Monday for ,
visit of a few days to Mrs. N. B. Sul
livan in Anderson.
'Mrs. A. C. Todd and daughter, liar
riot, spent the week-end with- rela
tives in Greenville.
Mra. 'James 1R. 'Davis and childre;
spent Sunday in Greenwood with D
and 'is. J. M. Mc1ees.
\ir. -P. A. Simpson and the Rev. C. 'I
Squires left Tuesday to attend th
Presbytery at 'Dominick.
Miss Lauree Kennedy .ewho is at
tending Anderson College, spent th
week-end with hoinefolks.
':iss Mildred Counts, who is teach
lag in Gastonia, spent the week-en
a' home wvith her parents. -
)r. C. P. Vincent arrifed home Fri
day after a visit to Estill where I
had been called by the serious illnes
of his father.
.lirs. J. D. 'Marchbanks of Greenvill
spent several days here last week wit]
her sisters, Mrs. W. R. tItidhey an
Flips Lila i(lart.
,lr. J. C. Shell, who 'was recent1
operated on for apeldicitis, is bae
it his home, and expects to be on th
street within a week.
Mrs. C. E. Vermillion, of Newto
Center, Mass., arrived in the city yet
terday td visit her sister, .\irs. 11. I
Roper, and otiher relatives.
Mr. Thou. C. ,Bolt, who is takin
treatment in'the Veterans' J-iospital a
'reenville, has Ibeen spending a reN
lays in the city oh furlough.
Miss Nell Kinard and Miss 'E1tho
Medlock, teachers in the graded schoo
spent the Week-end at their home
in Greenwood a d 'Honea Path.
tMr. Fred Omoht ndra, who has bde
spending the last week with his aun
and uncle, Dr. and Mrs. R. E. Hughe
returned Monday to his home iii At
Miss Lilly Miller and Miss Met
Tolbert spent the week-end with th
latter's Barents in Greenwood. Bot
Miss Miller and Miss Tolbert ar
teaching in the city schools.
Miss Harriet Iftighes, walo is a stl
dent at Converse hollege, and Charle
Hughes, who is, teaching. at Funtai
lnn; spent the week-end at home wit
their parents, Dr. and iMrs. .R. ii
.Misses Ruby, McMiilan and Salll
Clowney, teachers in tue loca; school
last year, siient the weeklend.: in th
city with friends. Thefo lher is noa
ten hing in Greenville and the latte
in Piedmont.
Mrs. James M. Stoney and Mrs. Al
bert 'iDiai loft. Ttuesday to attend th
Episcopal Women's convention at Ari
dierson. Mrs. R. E. Hughes andi Mrn
AM. .L. Ctoeland will go -by autofnobil
WVednesday to attend the meetinigs c
thiatda'y. -
0. H. Sinamons, twho is a student a
the U~niver'sity of .Floida, 1at Gaines
vylle, spenit tihe week-end in Laurenm
Ito was on his wvay back fr'om Coluni
bia whore he 'had heen groomsman I
the wedding of his friendl, Thoma
1 ie, IM .MiQ! ailr'raret M\cGregor.
Dr. .1. T'eague has i'eturned hom
-after spendjng albout th 'ee 'weelg- i
Mt. 'Pleasant, near 'Chaj'leston, 'seekl
*ing rest and i'elaxation. While thor
ho took advantage of the flue fishin
in the creeks and bays, landing man:
finecspecimens of the 'finny tribe.
Local Physicians to Attend Medica
Meeting in Newberry Tomorrow.
-A number of local physicians 'wil
attend the -meeting of tile .Third Dis
'trict' Medical Association to be hel
with the 'Newberry .physicians tomor'
row. The meeting is to be held at th
Newvbetry dounti-y club and is to con
v 9:at 1 o'clock P. 'M. 'r,~ R. Is
H e~s, of thi's cityfis on the pre
gram'. for 4 paper, the subjeht of w ic)
ba's not .been announced.
The following, program has ,becl
*'ent ouat aby Dr. 0. .'Gambrell, of Ab
bevilte, secretary of -the association
Roll NCall.
Midttes of Last Meeting,
Dl'. Geo. P. Noel-Spinae Difidae.
Dr. I' IP. Turner-Focal-..Infedtfen.
Dr. 0. A. Neuffer.--Obstet'iaal Ois'de.
Dr. UJ, lD. Hiughes,-Oubject Unan
naimfceg. -
Dr.0 . W.Whitten-Subject Ungnn
,Dr. 3EI. A lines--.Ct'operation.
Clinical Npses,
New lBrisiness2" . "
AdJmern m nt
Voio *V the,'stls
"oA oe la eMt a' lotsd, ranotu
~of -ro1 creeatur,4 w)hose liead ih
all iOUth atto st5niig 'eyes~ but" tt1(
'flyr Qiset an ostric can Cifi e~ SOUnld
ile ad e~l leating hi~ t)1g9at o' lik4
flia dailtd CoflhQ~'I aoxhaust'p9
IEinterjilns Forty-Two Club
Mrs. Rice -Nickels was a charming
hostess to her Forty-Two Club last
Wedn, lay afternoon. Six- tables of
I Bridge and thred of Forty-Two were
placed for the members of the club
r and guests in a setting of garden flow
- ers. After an hour spent in card play
ing a delicious salad and sweet course
t was served.
0 0 0 1
Bridge Party fOr Mrs. A. J. Beck
- Complimenting 'Mrs. A. J. 'Beck, of
- Fort 'Lauderdale, Florida, Mrs. Henry
Franks entertained- at a small bridge
i party Thiti'sday. A dozen guests en
joyed an interesting game at the end
of which a salad course with coffee
was served.
e 000
'Tackcy Party Tuesday\Evenig
- The members of Adah Chapter No.
e G, O. 1. S., enjoyed an old fashion
tackey party in the Masonic hall Nast
- Tuesday evening. Most of the mem
L bers came ,fittingly dressed for the oc
casion, creating much amusement. Old
- fashion games 'were thoroughly en
e joyed by all. i'Mrs. W. C. P. Robertson
s as a fortune teller, and iMr. Fred Med
lock. as a photographer, -added very
e mic' to the pleasure of the evening.
After a drill 'by the members, the
Il committee, composed of -Mrs. Ran Lit
tie,. Mrs. Aisle Miller and Mrs. Eidgar
y 13arksd,ale, decided that Miss .laggie
k Peterson, 'Worthy Matron of the chap
e ter, and Mr. Fred Medlock justly de
served the prizes. After stick candy,
1 peanuts and red lemonade were serv
-ed, the members disbanded, reellortin{k
. one of the best socials in the history
of the order.
t Bridge Party for O(ests
v Mrs. Frank Caine entertained at a
small bridge party last 'Friday in
I honor of her sister-in-law, Mrs. .1. Y.
I, Carlington, and Mirs. A. J. 'eck. Three
s tables of 'players enjoyedi a delightful
series of games after which the host
ess'served a salad course.
t 000
teeting- of Winthrop Daughters
The 'Winthrop Daughters held their
monthly, meeting -Saturday afternoon,
S'Octobeij 14, at the home of Mrs. 'Hor
e ace Shealy, Mrs. Shealy and Miss AGer
a trade Barnett acting as hostesses. The
e home was artistically decorated with
autumn flowers of garnet and gold
. carrying out the Winthrop colors. The
s spirit of Winthrop pervaded through
a out the home.
In The meeting was held on this par
ticular date by request of Miss" Leila
A. Russell, 'president of the Winthrop
Alumnae. She 'has arranged to have
a Winthrop Tea once a month on the
e same date and at the same hour at
, every place in South Carolina whdre
r there. is a 'Winthrop chapter
At the conclusion of the regular
_ b4 ness meeting a letter was read
a from iDr. Johnson and one from a
. group of .Winthr'op sisters to the Lau
i'ens chiapter'. These letters, full of
a spicy college gossip as well as mnes
Ssages of hope and cheer cari'eid the
members of the 'Laurens chapter~ back
t to 'their own college days. After the
r ieading of the letters a few games of
For'ty-Tw o wvere enjoyed.
-A delicious salad courge .with tea
was then served, the hoatesses re
Sminding their' guests that when they
were slopig~g their tea, their -Winthriop)
sisters .were doing the same thing in
every nook and corner' of the state.
Iach member left the meeting with a
r Ienewedl love and interest in her Alma
, Next month some otheri well-knowni
marson at Winthrop will write the
chapter, so that. evei'y month a mes
sa'ge froni some :Winthrop~ 'notable"
may .be eagerly expecteci.,
. M-oea3attisoh-BagwelIl o
- moi'o than' cordial interest, to their
I man~y friends..in the' two .Cgarolinas
-- was soleminized. Tuesday amn-inpg .in
3 1:onea Path at t,h19 '~peo lg n
-Mrs. L. A. Dyoc k . ofi ,tMr . nde
.Miss Nelle i~roomk fMtison, .became
- the ibride of 'Mr. Slpan -Duncan Bag
I well, of $p i~~N.,~.
*1ronfptly h' " tV . 'ep and
- ,moni r 'oi ejfui ec tio'us
of gresz.\idool Jher
fe0rn~s banked I 1~ high.)hrotid a o
candelabra . dJ lig~die' imm nue
by Dr. 'Luthe' 1 ,te, hrette .
-~ w0,'ho protnoiicpd imy u res We
ei'emony which -likedtair l ves h
SImdiedlitely followfliig' the dareie
mony the happy bride and grootn' lip
ped: w ty vdithout revpeglin-g ,he des
tilation oif -their wedding trip.
*Mr 'fagwell. the yilingest.'.dangh.
tor o~l M, W. .atitig0on, was-one of
1Monea !Pha nidst cti'miig eyis
1ladie~ nd enjo4d~ 91 10p~lr~t -el
dom accerded Abga~e. Ae Otft bliw
1tte, aliegg h elVr, loiV11ii ten in
her, ydding ewe1 et browns canton
Crepe whaoceisrie0 tobilot~nHr
many friends wish much happiness
for her in her new home, but regret
that her marriage takes her from
them into another state.
'Mr. 'IBagwell, the elder son of Mrs.
Nannie Bagwell, was also reared in
Hionea Path. 'He is a young man, of
sterling character and numbers lhia
friends by his acquaintances. Ilie is
i World ,War veteran who is fast mak
ing for himself a place among the
rising young business men of Char
otte, N. C., where, after October 16th,
ie and his 'bride will be at home to
heir friends at 16 Providence Road.
The hospitable Brock home was
ever more attractive than at this
line in the elegant simplicity of its
vedding decorations. i'Ceen and gold
,vas the color scheme 'in the dining
room .where an elaborate luncheon
was served the guests by Misses Eva
mndl Inez Brock, Flo Wright, Mallie
\Ionroe and Lydia Shirley. In the liv
ing room and reception hall the pre
vailing colors were green and rose.
Those entertaining in .the rception
-ooms were Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Brock,
xi rs. Mack Reid, .Mrs. W. (. Cox and
Miiss 'Ladle Bagwell.
The many handsome presents re
reived attest the clopularity of Jhis
young couple.
Because of a recent -bereavement in
Lite bride's family the wedding was
very quiet, only the immediate families
and a few intimate friends witnessing
Lhe ceremony.
Out-of.own guests for the wedding
were Mr. W. C. Brock, Mr. J. A. Brock,
Mrs. Annie Brock, 'Miss Theodo'ii
Brock, Mr. and Mrs. Donald 'E. Brown
land little Miss Elinor Brown, Mrs. A.
M. Sharpe, Mr. and MIrs. .R. C. Matti
son and Miss Mary Frances &\attison,
of Anderson, Mr. J. E. Wakefield and
daughter, Kathleen, of Piedmont; Mr.
and Mrs. 'LeRoy Smith with their chil
dren, Roy, Anna and Ruth, of Spar
tanburg; Mrs. Pane Cox, of Belton;
John C. BagWell, of Clemson; Mr. and
Mrs. O. N. Mattison, of Columbia
Leon Brock, of Greenville; Mrs. R. 1,.
Clinkscales, of tOharlotte, N. ,., and
Mrs. 3Iax McGee, of Xlemphis, Tenn.
Notice to Spanish War Veternns
I will be glad t6 hear from any
members of Co. G, t2nd S. C. V. I., that
served during the Spanish-American
War that deserve or are entitled to a
pension. The laws have been changed
recently, and those incapacitated, from
any ,cause, are now entitle dto a pen
sion. There; Is an old age pension al
so starting at age 62. Will be glad
to hear from any of the boys.
Abbeville, S. C.
-e * * * e* *.* * * * . *
(Contributed) *
M * k, * " 4 * * * * * * * *
Laurens needs some good, whole
0ome entertainment during the winter
months. The Business Women's Club
Itas undertaken to sell the tickets for
the Redpath Lyceum Course which .be
gins on 'Dhursday evening of .this
week. They have 'behind them over
rifty guarantors ibut this is not suf
Ilcent to insdre a successful season.
il'ey appeal to every pubic-spirited
3itizen to put a shioulder to the whleel.
If you can't sell tickets at least buy
mhe and encoui-age somnebody else to
1d..the same. There. are five wvonder
~ul at-tractions bought at a good dis
3oulit because pur'chased late wvhen
ueveral numbers had openl ddtes. You
A'ill get much mfOr'e for your monecy
hlan at any other tIme. 1101.1) .this goodi
sausec along. 'Help . Laur'ens to keep
ibreast with other nearby cities. WVe
naly hlave had losses but we can't af
0ord to quilt similinig. Hlave your' monley
'eady' when .asked to bety a ticket. Ev
wrybody hellp!.
Floral Fair Planis Widened
Since the announcement made in
he Advertiser of October 4th, con
sernfinlg the *1loral Show, +.h Civic
4eague has wvidened its plauns Iny adld
ng a fine arts dppartment. This deC
>arteent is created foj' the 'beneat of
'c ogi ehgdren of -tile 'p'imnary ,and
gr4Q'pnar grades of tile count;/. fUmall
ir yek will' be offere-1 for theo bedst
lr *'ngs pubmittedj by the e" uldrenf
>f se grades -
a' Cottont Takes a Jump'
4er a slight slump int the market
dob'ay, cotton took a decided turn
19 rard yesterday, registering a gailn
>! arplyIid 60 .points over th'e close of
he. & y before. Spot biotton was quot
ud 'or the str'eet yesterdak at .artlound
U A. Belated Moral.
moral11011 in the story abolit tile
riddi ail son and i'altted cal? is thlat
flzo9Adi didn't get a square dea!. .Phe
calf hadi lbe;p very .decent, h ut was
Irilje4 in' honor of tile son whose life
vas d riot.-Atchison Gib.
No Worms In a Hosithay Child
4pohi n troubled with Wormis have an on.
th c which indicates poor biood, *ne Us
er i ess ch diettbace
Mthte i~'0eafwill. enric the bjood,
,tTelitthoho systemn. Natvre will thea
~f~q ojrhpIthe ,antp h4wil
Don't Fail to See
Thursday Night of This Week
The Delightful Comedy' of High Finance
on the High Seas
By the Redpath New York Cast
Those who have seen the plays given on the Chautau
qua program cannot fail to delight in this one. One
of. the outstanding features of the Chautauqua pro
gram in the east.
Worth Coming Miles to See
This is the First of the Lyceum Cours4Sponsored
This Year by the Business Women's Club.
Buy a Ticket for the Entire Course and Save Money
A Wonderful Assortment of Colors and Patterns
to Select From. All New and Just Received
c 2"
-. Iy -.
9x1 2 Brussels Rugs, $19.75 to $28.75.
9xl 2 Velvet Rugs, $25.00 to $55.00.
9x 12 Axminister Rugs, $36.50 to $60.00.
9112 Matting Rugs, $5.75.
Grass Rugs, all sizes, from $1.25 up.
Where is the housewife who can not appreciate such
wonderful rug values as we now offer? The prices alone
are cause for astonishment. But we want you to see the
exquisite patterns, the weight and rich foreign colorings
in th9se rugs---then you can judge-for yourself what splen
did values they represent.
S. M.& E. H. WILKES & CO.

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