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M1ake. Life Hard to 1J(lar for Many
ILaurens% Women.
Too man11y womlen Mistake their
pains and aches for trotbIes pectiliar
to the sex. .\lore ofteni (isorIder-e( kid
neys are causing the aching back, (iz.
:.v spells, leadaelis and irregular
tainilationl. Kidnley. weakniess bec(omeI(s
dangerous if neglected. Ue a time
tiled kidney reimedy--)oani's Kidney
Pills. I osts of people testify to their
incrit. Read a JatIro1s case:
:Mrs. L. l. Taylor, 232 Jones St.,
says: "I suffere(l .ilt my kidneys an(
hack. There was a dull, mpersistent
ache, in my kidneys which had me
worn out most of tht time. I couldn't
sit long and when I attempted to get
to my fect, a smdde.), sharp pain dart
e(d t.roulgh the smal' of my back fair
ly .1.i;'i nI.;- : r P :'way. AMy kid
rneys did not :.et rigi and mIy feet and
ankles swelled. I went to P'owe's il)ru1g
('.- -ar r 'man's Kadre' lPills anld used
t hem. I was vid of the misery."
iPrice 10c, at all dealers. Don't sim
ply ask for a kidiey remedy-- get
Doan'., iiney P3l..s- the same that
Mrs. Taylor had. l(tet -ilburn Co..
Mfa'., it1'aIlo. N. Y. .
Habitual Constipation Cured
In 14 to 21 Days
"LAX-FOS WITfl PEPSIN" is a specially,
prepared Syrup T6nic-Laxative for Habitual
Constipation. It relieves promptly but
should be taken regularly for 14 to 21 daye
to induce regular action. It Stimulates and
Regulate3 v Very Pleasant to Take. 60e
per bottle.
Marioni, Il.; Oct. 23.--Tihe Herrin
grn jury, which today resumed its
Investigation of the Ilerril mine kill
Ings after at month's recess, late this
afternoon returned an Indictment for
murder, naming 18 persons and an
louiced It .had completed its work.
This Illakes 414 )elsolns the grand
jury has indicted In connection with
the rioting Iin which 23 -men were
Circuit .udge I Iartwell, before
whom the indlietient wias retirurned,
explessed the Opinion that the true
bill is illegal because it "was returned
at the Septeilbe term of court by a
grand jury imipannelled by the Jluly
term of court.
State Attorney Delos 'IOuty. ex)Ies
anll olppIosite opinion, and stated lie
would appeal to the state supWeic
court If the Indictments were declarc-d
Those indicted today were charged
with the death of Ignace KubinIs, the
last victim of the .riotiug to expire,
who (lied since the graOnd jury took a
temporary adjournment thirty days
ago. Only a few witn( -res were heard
today and they are said to 'have toll
of wounds Inflicted on Kubinis, and
which are said to lave iesulted In his
"No Job Too Small: None Too Large"
We guarantee our tire repairs to last as long
as the tires. Your old tires, repaired in our vul
canizingt.'hop, can be depended on for long addi
tional mileage. All work that leaves our shop is
done by experienced men, using first class mater
Bring your worn casings for free inspection.
We will help'you get every penny's worth of mile
age there is in them, and we guarantee complete
McDaniel Vulcanizing Plant
West Main St. Phone 401
------------ --------
An Underpriced
The CW Battery
(Wood Separator) has
quality plates, selected
cedar wood separators.
Built right, df all n6w,
high-grade materials. 6-volt
Easily the best low- 11.-plate
priced battery you can 1$16.15
b u y l'O h v z s a
Sizes to fit all cars, Other Slzes at
u ghtly higher
Laurens Storage Battery Co.
West Laurens St.
Phone 440
~ Wllad Batteries
and W* Batteries
- Gray Court, Oct. .3.---On the after
noon of the 20th at the beautiful home
of Mrs. Festus Curry, a happy group
of thirty children gathered at the in
vitation of Miss Mavis Clear Curry.
The rooms were beautifully decorated
for a '1lallowe'en occasion. Large
pum pkins, cornstalks, autumn leaves
of red and golden colors and many
interesting black cats, bats and Mal
lowe'en trophies, leavi'ig a (11111 weird
light thrown uiv)on then, caused all to
suspect the presence of ghosts. Three
ghosts soon appeared and marching
.11rotid the pot stirring with long
black sticks repeated those lines of
Shakespeare, beginlitng "When shall
we three meet iygain ?" After this
ghost stories were told and the chil
drenl tried to bite the apples hanging
high above their heads on a hoop.
The children were then ushered in
to the dining.-room. The table decor
ated with black and gold and autumn
leaves surrounding an immense punlilp
kin in the center was extremely pleas
ilig to the eye.
One little girl wanted to know
whose birthday .Hallowe'en %was and
declared it was a grand occasion that
the hostess had given. A ghost whis
pered that it must be Alavis Clear's
On Sunday, October~ 22, Miss Minnie
Crane, of Greenville, came down to
Gray Court to assist the Junior League
of the Methodist church in regular
Sunday morning at Sunday School
Miss Eva Shell's class had charge ol'
the opening exercises and .Master Le
land Whittle was leader.
ILNonday night the Billy Sunday club
met at the Baptist church, Mr. Whit
tle was leader and a large nuntber
wias ,preseut.
The Billy Sunday Club 'of Laurens
.will conduct the services at the Gray
Court Methodist church on the second
Sunday in November, in the absence
of -the pastor, Iwho will be at Confer
On Friday, 'November 3rd at the
home of Mrs. -a. L. Gray, there will be
An all (lay mission study oil "The
Trend of the Races". 'During the day
the district secrtary, iMrs. M. D. Gib
son, of Laurenn, will hold a .memorial
service in memory of Miss Bellef3en
e . * C . A .g. .. . . .
Once more the Business Women's
Club has been successful in selling
enough tickets for a successfull Ly
ceum. The members desire to thank
the guarantors who stood back of
them, and all those who bought tickets
thereby making possible the large and
enthusiastic audience that greeted
"Caappy Ricks" last Thursday even
ing. 'If everybody will help us further
by 'kindly exprbssion ot' wphatever
praise is -due the talent we may be
able-to add to our exchequer some
thing to be used in our ivork wvhich
in turn will come back to the general
public in our Rest 'Room service.
Season tickets for the four remain
ing pirogranms may be had for two( (101
iars. Since single adr'ilissions wvill be
seventy-flye cents the season ticket is
the thing to save you money. Those
who were awvay wvhen the drive was
madle ar'e .urgedl to 'buy nowv. We
st'lll have in stor'e a concert company
of five artists; a 'line male (iuartette;
tivo iadies--readler andl harlpist; and
the same compiany 'of 'Hlawaiians that
captivated the- Chautauqua crowds
this past suimmer. EDverybody join
haands -and hear'ts wvith us to keel)
alive the splendid community spir'it
which is vital enough to be felt wvhen
so many friends andl neighbors come
together for an evening's enjoyment.
Ask about tickets at' the Entenpr'ise
National 'flank,
IEntertainment Committee.
Business Women's Club.
* * * * * C C.* C * C C C C
* .. C C o C * * * . * * C *
'H'icitory Tavern, Oct. '.--The
farmer's of this section are about
finished gathering,
'Nickory Taver'n school began Mon
day, October 10th. Quite a number of
the parents attended tihe opening exer'
cises. The children formed in line
andl marched to tihe auditor'ium. Ile
for'e the children there were the' teach
ers, ..\r. Milton -Wilson principal, .\iss
Kolden Harold, intennediate, Mrs.
Mayo ilhodes, Miss Irene Wright and
Miss ifBelle McGloughlin. M~r. .Jamies
Sullivan made an interesting talk on
the. "-Necessity of Sdhiool". .We are
'alwaya 'glad' to have him wvith us any
'Miss 'Lucile Blaldwin, who has been
home several days on account of her
eyes, has returned .to her school at
J. C. Barns & Co. are Doing a Big
No Worms In a tealthy Child
All children troubled with Worms have an un
healthy col'r, which Indicates poor blood, anti as a
rule, there is more or I ess stomach distu'rbance.
larly for twoor three weeks.will enrich the blood,
improve the digestion and act as a general Strength
cuing Tonic to the whole system. Nature will then
throy off or dispel the worms, and theChild willbe
lan erfect health. Pleaent to take. 60o per bottle.
....For Sale By....
S yleptus
The Known Label
Millions of dollars have been spent to I a0
make this label known to every man.
Every Styleplus garment is guaranteed
for complete satisfaction to each wear
er. See copy of guarantee in margin.
When you see the label under the coat Guarantee
hanger, it means to you known style, "Every Styleplus suit and
*overcoat bearing the official
known- all-wool fabrics, known remark- Styiepius label is guaranteed to
able tailoring, known moderate prices. be all-wool. Should any Style.
plus garment fail to give reason.
When you read the guarantee you able wear and satisfaction the
know it is as good as any man's bond. eai prchant ro ahom t
weacae is authoriad ts
We have a generous assortment of act th aent.
Styleplus Clothes- suits and overcoats-f
and we will be proud to show them.
You will be delighted with variety,
quality and fit. Come in., I
Cheaper than coal
ickas gas
ALADDIN: qwhen used in the
latest New Perfection
STANARD K,?EROSENE is the first choice to meet a
coal shortage and Aladd., Security Oil
is the brand of kerosene to demand. You can
now obtain an oil range that will cook three
meals a'day for Icss than three cents a meal
and as quickly as you can cook then on a gas
stove, or a portable P -rfection Heater that
will give warmth when, where and as needed.
But do not delay purchasing if you need a
stove or heater. Look up a dealer today.
Don't go without heat enough to keep your
home comfortable and safe. Perfection Oil
Heaters will provide abundant heat wher.
ever you want it-instantly. \
For greatest satisfaction anid economy use Aladdin
PERFECTiON O"i""l i"",hateveroistoveor heater you have.
NOW feI s' We recommend Aladdin Security Oil for use in
Perfection ranges and heaters, and in Rayo Lamps.
with SDUP1 Bhii'mrr

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