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* Local and Personal Mention *
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Aisa Rosa Uray spent the week-end
In Spartanburg With friends at Con
verse College.
Mr. and .Mrs. John Wright, .lr.oof
Spartan-burg, spent the Iweek-end with
Mr. John, Wright.
1lias Nell Kinard, teacher in the lo
Cl schools, spent the week-enl -with
relatives on Monroe, N. C.
Mr. and Mrs. E'. Z. White, of spar
tanburg, were the week-enld guests of
Mr. and Mirs. C. W. Kitchen.
Capt. and .\irs. R. C. i1ilton, of Co
htmbia, spelt the week-end in tie city
with Mrs. 1iaura M. l1asterby.
Mrs. 1). W. Copeland snlnt the week
enid in the city visiting relatives.
.\Mrs. Lettle Walker, of Cross Hill,
is visiting her daughter, Mrs. 13. 13.
Goodman on South Hlarit'r street.
and Mrs. J. Warren Bolt.
Sen. N. B. Dial has returned to
Washington to look after piressing mat
ters after a visit of several weeks at
M. .'. :Smith, J. Mel). Moore,' T. ).
laake and C. (m. Burgess aattenlded the
funeral of A. W. Montgomery in Soar
tanburg -Monday.
Miss Sarah Eliza Swygert, from Con
verse College, spent the week-end at
home with her 11,arents, \Ir. and Mrs.
Brooks Swygert.
\Ir. and Mrs. Ed ward McCrady and
theirs small daughter, Cliaudia, were
the week-end guests of .\Ir. and Mrs.
T1. D. Darlington.
Miss Rebecca Adams, swho is attend
ing Chicora college, spent the week
eny in the city with her parents, .tr.
and Mrs. J. J. Adams.
J.' Warren Bolt, .1r., who is' in the
mail service at Charleston, spent Sun
day in the city with his parents, Mr.
Miss Maudie Mae Jessee had as ber
gudst for the week-end 'Miss E!thel
Boyd Beck, from iOrenan College,
Gainesville, Georgia.
Mrs. Rice Nickels left Friday for
Atlanta, where she will visit her
\frieod, Mrs. Mark Pentecost, for.about
Miss I)oris Young, Mr. CharleE
Wisa Willie Jo Austin, and .\lr. Paul
Maitin, of Cross 11111, aattended th(
performance of Cappy Ricks Thursday
MI. and 'Mrs. Lainar Smith will
leave for Spartanburg Wednesday U
attend the wedding of their neice, Misf
Salh Montgomery, and Howard Car
lslt Jr.
ii. and ti s. J. GO. Sullivan, accom
palnfd by Dr. and Mrs. C. P. V4een
mnotbred to Abbeville last . .yeek' t<
spentil the week-end wlti Mr. and Mrs
llerblert Sullivan.
Mr. T. R. Wolff, formerly Of til
city; but now of Anderson, and hif
son-in-law,'Mtr. Webb, came over fron
Anderson and spent the,week-end wit]
Mr. and Mrs. C. . M. Wolff.
.M.i's Flora Bennett, who is a ltu
dent at Greenville Woman's (ollegi
sipent the week-end at home wvith lie
p~arerfts, Mr.- and Mrs. 'J. Su. -Bennett
bringing -.with her as her guest, .\is
Rev. 'l'hos. Rideout, i'ector~ of thi
Ep~iscopal church, returned Saturda:
from Aiken, where he spent a Wee
with 11'' parentp before they leave to
Boston w'here they wvill nmak 'thei
home in the future.
Miissu.Mary Roper, of Greenville W~
man'asCollege, with .her college friend.
'.lisads Sarah Ellen Freeman, Mi
iltitler, and Ruth Jenkins, spent th
week-A~nd at home with Jher parenti
Air aird Mr's. C. H.'Roper.
Mr. . J. G. Shtell, who underwent a
aeration ait tihe Luaurens hospital ses
- 1 ieeks~ ago, thas recovered sul
ficiently to return to his .duties at til
store. HeT says that although a litt
*weak .as yet he never felt hetter
Shis life.
Among 4~e who will alttenld t
perfotonantce of- the Circle in Gi-er
ville Thursd ty night are Mir.rand ir
Mr. atid Mirs. Perry ~Simpson. Mr'. at1
Mrs. Simps'on wvill be acconpanied 1
Mrs, i ouise Fr'ierson, who will r
main for a /visit. of.,a few days go 3
and Mlrs. F.' K. SprIatt. ..7.
Mliss Almd 'Colemiani, wvl o is atI~n
Ig G. W, 0'., ivas in the city Sahiirdi
en r:otte to'he1r home iniktross Hi
wier'e) shg spent the wveek(send wi
her pat'ents. She was-acep1 aUl
two of her classmates, Mhses Ar g
Trrayn am of 'ilonea Pathi, and All
Arger4on, of Chlarleston,WhP o4rpg
Pguests for the week-end.
fr..WI . Ladgaflter visited Fockvil
Sand IPichland Baptist ohurebien
Spartaniburg -coignty 'Sunday. wvh
fr, Roper~ddlressyl the congreg
tions of those. ,hurc~ies e on'-"4
Stimit)tion", 'A'hey had i very plet
ait trfiud'report splendid m'eetin
~ t 'b~ chirplie, .
r 'lsle IDial, who underwent
PORt4'at Johns .Igopkinls hosrpi
#ollt ~~~ nth0.iggo returne~d hol
Sv*' to rdt up a tgw days bef(
and he liOles that he wv)I not have
a recurrence of the malady.
Miss Mary Evanis Braslngton, who
teaches in the school at Stoneboro,
spent last week-end at home with
her parents, ' Dr. and Mrs. E. C.
Brasington, and had with her as her
guest, .liss Anna, Wallace, of Lau
iens, .who Is associated with her, as
a teacher In the same school. Kershaw
Party for Gtuest
Co01n1pelienting I.\rs. 1". 71. white, of
Spartanburg, Mrs. C. W. I itchen de
lightfully entertained at a )ridgb and
Forty-Two party of eight - tables/Sat
I urday afternoon. The three robis of
the lower floor were thrown into one
and decorated with colorful autumn
flowers. After more than an hour of
playing, the hostess, assisted by Mrs.
John liolt and Miss Mary Sue Bolt,
servd a salad course !with iced tea.
Eii.teria.ins I Cards
AMiss Patty Wilkes was a charming
hostess to six tables of bridge and
Forty-Two at her home on Main street
Saturday afternoon. A sefies of in
teresting games were played amid a
setting of vivid fall flowers, after
which the hostess served a dailty
saland courlse,
0 0
Meeting of Wednesday '1lb
The Wednesday Club will meet
Wednesday afternoon at 4:15 with
Mrs. 'W. H. (Dial.
lrs. -M. L. Comelhnd, Sect.
0 00
lintertinin Bridge Clubi
Mrs. Dial Gray was hostess to the
members of her bridge club and sev
eral guests Eoturday afternoon. The
roois, in which were enjoyed a spirit
ed series of gaines, were decorated in
bright flo*ers. At the conclusion of
the games delicious refreshments, con
sisting of a sald and sweets with
coffee .werqE crved.
Witches to Walk
The following Invitation from the
Eden school near Owings has been
extenidedl 'Jo o -Hallowe'en party on
Saturday evening:
"If You're not afrail of ghosts
And haven't offended the g6blin host,
pnik oyer the' lied;es and ditches
AOn' ide on the brooms qnd witchtes;
On ' Saturday evening, the twenty
We'll weleme you at Eden school
"'murens County Singin.,Conven tion
The Laurens County Einging Con
volntion will meet with New Harmony
church on the fifth Sunday in October
being the 29th day of the mouth. All
- singers and others are invited to at
tend and bring song books.
r J. 11. Aber'cr'ombie, Pres
e Pleasant anld Profitable MeetIng o1
y Physicians at Newberry Last Week
k Plhysicians of Laurens, consisting o1
r D~r. W. 'D. F'erguson, Dr. R. Ii. Walker
r Dr. J1. -H. Teague, Dr. R. Ec. .-lughes
Dr. J. M. Bearden, Dr. -Hugh Black
-and Dr. C. :P. Vincent, motored t<
s Newberry last. Wednesday to attend
y the meeting of the Third District Med
e !cal Association. This district con
3, sists 'of the Physicians of Greenwood
Mdcormick, Abbeville, -Newberry an<
n Laurens counties.
r- The local physicians report a ver:
L'- successful 'and beneficial meeting. A
,o one o'.clock 'they were served a sump
le tious turkey dinner iwith "'fixings" a
n the old court house. From there th,
were ecorted to,, the new court lhous
ec wi' re they weie ' gange ti ei
a.. af rnoon. A4 aidjou1nment 'tht
Ld were taken out to -the-b'addfi'1N%
d' berry Country Club.
my 'Tfi, next annual meeting wll be il
r'-' Greenwood.
A nmeet g ~4 et o n ei6W d
n'Wa''s ~iTug obre. All inembers urge
bto' beopesent. Important business. M1
Lindsey, Statr'Sr 'e tagwj) ~.prem
Jy cut.
be / J1. *. Smith, Corn.
r9- Cotton'0% l O0e4'U2
The cotton market took another ris
iy *yesterda.y- after having been fafrl;
1e dormant for several days, the 'Decen
in bey optionl advancing'tO points -ove
re the 'blose of the day - before'. The,
acal' buy~urs were paying around
sh, tes for good cottin yosterday ftei
8uoon, '
gs .'
t~i Thor6'mili be a ha lowe'en social
e 0'ore will bewiThes~ td~ 4
~i ~ I to Qttr pe
Former Governor Declares all Import
int Points were Left Untouched by
Comminerce Secretary..
Toledo, Ohio, Oct. 18.-Former Gov
ernor James M. Cox, of Ohio, address
Ing a democratic rally here tonight
charged that Secretary of Commerce
Hoover, who spoke at a gathering of
republicans here Monday night, avoid
ed timely issues when he discussed the
country's foreign debts.
The former governor made no di
rect reference to the league of na
tions, the issue upon which his cam
paign tas the deno .ratic candidate
for 1president, was -based in 1920.
Referring to the intensive cain
paign in the state 'by republicans, Mr.
Cox said: "Ohio is signally honored
this week. Most of the cabinet officers
aire paying its a visit. Whether it is
courtesy to the -home of the president
or whether the old guard has received
an S. O. S. message, I will not attempt
to say."
In discussing Mr. Hoover's speech,
'Mr. Cox said that "ordinarily nis
analysis of conditions results in con
clusions that are thoughtful and in
teresting. We ,vaited With eagerness
his message to the people of Ohio with
respect to tUe existing economical and
political situaton. -We naturally
looked to Mr. 1Hoover for a recital of
the good -things the admninistrationx
laW done, and an explanation of' what
it has not done.
".To outr surprise,' we find that he
devoted his time to a discussion of the
foreign debts. Our tpeople are much
more interested in debts that effect
them more intimately. The farmers
have never been su'ch large borrower,
at the banks. This year the banks
will be compelled to lend more money
for tax payments than at any time i1
qur history.
"In addition to these -burdens, at
additional load of five billion dollarE
is about to be added to the cost 01
living thrugh the passage of an in
famous tariff measure, which no on'
has been' able to defend successfully
Mr. Hoover admits that postponenen
of th foreign debts is inevitable
therefore, it is a thing of the future
-We are more interested In the thingi
6f the present.
I. ter setting forth a comparison o
falling produce prices und wages Ii
the face of rising taxes, Mr.. Cox de
clared Mr. -Hoover might have explain
ed profitably, why deflation came s
qiUickly to the farmer and why it wa
( at the demand .from 4broad dimiu
Nlhed,almost -to the vanishing point.
"He might have resjonded to th
suggestion 'of the American Banker
association ,whilc'touchqd directly th
nAtter of rehabilitation of our foreig
."He should have made it clear ho
the nations that owe us money ca
ever pay us if all the ptowers of t1
earth do not extend their cooperatio
commercially and otherwise, in 111
Work of rehalbilitation."
Mrs. M. A. Champin Fae nshaie'
Slaying~ of Mtan.
Cleveland, 0., Oct. 23.-Four juro!
'were tentatively selected today in ti
first degr'de murdr trial of Mrs. M..
Champion, 21, alleged slayer of Thc
O'Connell of 'Newv Haven, Conn., in
restaurant here early in the .inornini
July 27.
C Zounty Prosecutor Stantoin has a1
nounced lhe wIllI seek the death pel
alty 'for 'Mrs. Chammipion.
Murk. Champion is chiarged wvit
shooting 'O'Connell following an ai
tercation between him .and anothi
Lman in a restaurant here. Accor
. ing to witnesses, O'Connell follow'
tM3rs. Champion and a man, wi
, later, said he was her husband, in
Sthe restaurant. O'Connell ,was heal
- to exclaim, "I am going to get
Sdrii kfto't that fellowv," witnesses sa
Cadof Thanks
4 wish to thank our friends, tI
i doe 1r ,nire for their'many a
of indness showvn us during -the r
coen illness and death .of' our' de
dau IitW'td aster. May God's bles
( ingu 199 each ones.
1- 'irQ. J. '.h Nabers and Family.
- Hlahldwe9en 'Entertainment
aierloo, Oct. 23.-/l'he friends a:
inatrtl1 (of t'(' Waterloo graded scht
are tret tyiiiied to attend a Fi
low4 Un party Fr'iday evening, Octoei
e27 a-3 7o.~ 'clock .at the, school bull
intg foretif ben'efit of the- said scho
'A meeting. of American' Legion Wi
nesday night at 18 o'clock, over Pi
4 nam'sprtig Store. All ithembers uri
to be present.e .Impqr tit business.1
Lindsey1 State Secretary, will be pr<
J3., D. , Smith, Com
I AXAW1VE alal QNeo Qeisov$
hi C ,GItOVE'A i~nature oncm, be.
On This Beautiful
Walnut Suite
A Queen Anne Dining Set--10 Pieces $2o.00
Table, Buffet, China Cabinet, Server, 6 Chairs
For a lasting dining room set we suggest you see this one of ten
pieces, consisting'as shown of an oblong top extension table, 54-inch
buffet, china cabinet, handy server and six chairs. All details enter
ing into the making of each individual piece conforms to highest de
gree of specialized workmanship---you are assured a set of furniture to
withstand many years of service.
Never before have you had the opportunity of purchasing furniture
of such splendid quality for so small an outlay of money. You will
have to see the actual artictes themselves to fully appreciate their qual
Our Fall stock of home furnishings has arrived, and we are anxious
for you to see our display.
S. M.& E. H. WILKES & CO.
The approach of winter emphasizes the all-year use
fulness of the car.
Wind and sleet beat in vain against the wtather
le stripped doors and windows. A floor radiator keeps
the interior as warm as a room. The 'windows are
s. readily adjusted for ventilation.
9. Underlying these seasonal comforts, is the4atisfac
tion owners feel in the car's exceptional sturdiness.
The body proper is a hand-welded stecl unit. It
is now generally known that this novel construc
tion has made possible -Dodge Brothers enamel fin
D. ish (instead of paint) which is baked' at high tem
I. perature on the surface of the steel.
10 The trimness and grace of the body lines are en
to hanced by q non-rumble fabric top and rear quarters
A fashioned in the present attractive mode.
Y.Genuine Spanish blue leather upholste~ry,wide snug-*.
fitting doors and roomy luggage quarters heighten
the impression you instantly get of the .cit's distiric
10 - tive fitness for service, either business or social.
ie -
The The pric is $1 t5.e b...deivered
Easterby Motor Co.
Public sqtare Phone 200
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