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Veterans Demanid Removii of Presi
dent's Personal P'hysician. Ofileer
i(lected at Today's Session.
New Orleans, Oct. 19.-The Amerl
can Legion after a long busliiess sos
sion, In which a resolution was adopt
ed critising severely Brigadier Gen
cral Sawyer, in spite of the protest o
the legion's hospitalization commnis
sioier, A. A. *wague of Chicago, to
night entertained Gen. John J. Per
shing, head of the army in France, an<
made last minute prearations for the
contest tomorrow for the election o
its national officers.
Out or the names of candidates foi
the national commandership Willian
F. Deegan, of 'New York and Alvin ,1
Owsley of Denton, Texas, stood fortl
most proninently, if the gossip of thi
lobbies and committee rooms was an3
Both assert confidence that thel
-campaigns will be successful.
Neither man had 'anything furthei
to add early tonight to pronunclamen.
toes, already made public as to hi
stand on legion policies. Owsley it
his report as head of the legion'.
Americanization commisison had lak
stress upon what he termed the no
cessity for "100 per cent American.
Ism," total exclusion of immigranti
from this country for an indefinitt
)eriod, correction of alleged deficlen
cies in textbooks dealing with the wai
in such manner that .the Germans hav<
been given too favorable a report.
Decgan has chosen as his principa
policy continuation of the bonus fight
Praise for MineNider
Both indorse the policy and the rec.
ord of Hanford iMacNIder, the prcsen1
Matthew .lturphy," of Birmingham
Ala., whose name was suggested sev
eral days ago by Milton J. Foreman
of'Ohicago as a. promising candidate
had practically withdrawn from th(
race tonight.
Another name which continues to x
discussed is that of Joseph F. Thomp
son, Wilkes-Barre, 'Pa., a former stat<
commander of tihe legion In that state
it was hinted tonight that a resolu
tion calling for definite action in he.
half of universal peace might be in
(toduced tomorrow by legionaires
who also are members of the Interal
lie( Veterans' federation.
Although the Interallied Veteran
formally concluded their convention
Mionday, an executive Vonmmittete of
the organization emopowered by the
convention to take what action it
deemed expelielt toward forwarding
'world peace has lbeen in session here
all day today, and is expected to make
a statement shortly covering its posi
Tho resolution attacking and de
manading t-he removal of Brigadier
General Sawyer, President Ilarling's
personal physician, from the post of
chief coordinator of the federal hos
iitallzation board, was adloptedl by
the convention by a vote of 601 tc
Maj. A. A. Sprague of ChIcago, men
tionedi as a candidate for the position
of natIonal commander, vainly tried
*to stem the tide against Dr. 'Sawyer
Spragup precipilated the issue several
weeks~ ago iby a 'bitter attack on Saw.
yer, lbut pleaded today with the con
veuntion 'to give I~r. Sawyer "a chance'
on the latter's recent promise of co
operation with the legion's rehabilita
The suggestion by Delegate Bett
man of Ohio, that a repudIation of Dr.
Sawyer ,would .hurt the cause of the
disabled veterans and make .Presideni
*Harding "sor'e" was greeted with hoots
.and jeers minglo,d with appllause.
Amendm~ent to Report
Rpudiation of '. Sawyer came &r
the formi of an amendment to the re
*port of the rehabilitation committeE
which report was even 'mre conserva
tive in tone than had been1 exp)eted
and carried the recommendation that
"the American 'Legion acept for thn
* tihhe 'being the pledge of cooperatfor
given by Brigadier General Sawyer ir
the hiope that it will be caried ou
by him ii a spiirit a* well as in th
State Commandex' Barron of Min
nosota, preseptled 'the substitute reso
liutk~ n taking Genemfal Saiwyer an~
demanding his removal~
t fo1lloirs In .part:
eas althou~gh fout~ years hav
~~lp.~d e~cot, digiin of the rm
iiq And yest sufta 'ave ben *p
(64 goggress .for the 1spi
talization of sick and disabled voter
Sais suffering without hospital care
or in state or contract hosipitals or in
- unfit government -hospitals, and
"Whereas, in many cases more than
- one year 'has elapsed betwcn the
- date of congresslional approp, lation
C and the selection of sites for new lios-.
- vitals while niany of the men for
- whom such hos)itals were intended
- have died for the lack of proper treat
I ment, and,
"Whereas, the director of the United
States veterans' bureau has made coim
mendable efforts to get these hospit
als completed while there is yet -hope
of saving , many of the veterans in
need of them; and
"Whereas, Brig. Gen. Charles E.
Sawyer has hanipered the efforts of
the director of the veterans' bureau to
accomplish this result and .
has repeatedly made public statements
which can only be construed to mean
that 'he is more interested in economy
than in saving the lives of the men
who gave thejr health to their coun
try, . . . and has shown himself by
speech and action to ibe temperament
ally unfit for the position which lie
holds and for the responsibilities
which he exercises, therefore be it
"Resolved, That the American L-.
gion of the United States of America
in convention assembled demands the
removal of Brig. Gen. Charles E. Saw
Iyer from the post of chief coordina
tor of. tile 4 federal hospitalization
Fall to Interfere with Program, How
ever. . Mrs. Edith Vanderbilt Occu
pies Center of Stage.
Columbia, Oct. 23.-Overcast skies
that finally broke into a torrential
shiwer ushered in the first day of the
fifty-third innuaal South Carolina
State Fair here today-the 'lit, fair
to be given under the recently exeand
ed program 'of activities Imapped out
by the State Fair association. The
rain came jIn .the afternoon, and, ex
cept for soaking siany of the specta
tors- at the horse racing, did not in
terfere with the day's iprograti.
Today was Ladies' Day, and the cen
terl of tle stage Was occupid)Id by Mrs.
Edith Vanderbilt, of Biltmore, N. C.,
)resident of the North Carolina fair,
who formally opened the festival at
noon, and ahortly thereafter played
the principal role at the laying of the
corner-stone of the woman's building
-the outstanding feature, of the day.
Mrs. Wilson G. .Harvey, wife of the
governor, who is head of the commit
tee which is raising the funds for the
building, also participated in the ex
After witnessing the opening of the
races, Mrs. Vanderbilt held an in
formal reception In the steel bilding
on the fair grounds, meeting several
huntdred faitr visitors.
'Hundreds Visited the fair .grounds
today, 'butt no official announcement
'was made as to .the nutmber. Officials
of the fair are confident that the
week's attendance ivwill break all tec
ords, if the weather is not unfavorable.
The prediction for tomorrow for clear
skies Wasideclared heartening to them.
The exhi'bits -this 'year are said1 by
veteran fair-goers -to ebe more numer
ous and moreo vairied thdn ever before.
All available rIcace was 'filled some
(lays .before the close of last week, df
ficials stated.
The midway attractions Were run
ninig full blact tonight and the adver
tised pyrotechnic display ,was "given.
After the afternoon shower, the~ie'was
no nOro rain, althoutgh the clouds' con
tinua .to 'be threatening.'
To~orr'ow .will be ISchool -Day at
the fair grounds, and it is' expected
,that hiundreds of school -children
will takce advantage of the reduced
atsoffered. Inmates of .the several
orphanages in tile vicinity of Colum
'bia, nUtnmber 600, will .be guests of the
Mrs. Vandenbilt was tonight i4
gutest of 'Governor and iMrs. Harvey,
at di'nnOr. jNix- former governor of
the state wet'o alnong the guests.
.Sewing exhitbits iby gll's clubs twere
judged today and -tlie fotlowing ayvards
announced: Miss 3'Ruth. 8tevensomi,
Sprartabi'Iurg, 'first; Miss (10nnice Green,
Barnwoll, aecond; Miss Jensa 1*1ll,
D~arlington, third.
B. arns' Bargains Are Aiways Bgger.
Winthrop Daughtei
To Be
The Opera House will ring with
merriment next Tuesday add Wed
nlesday nights when, under the aispic
es of the Winthrop Daughters, the big
gest two hour comedy show seen here
in many moons will be staged. The
big minstrel first part will be repicte
with a world of local Jokes, snappy
song hits and novelbies, and eight
blackface comedians, 'Misses Rekah
Richards, Margaret Knight, Mary gue
Bolt, Allene Franks and the Messrs.
Nat Richardson, Stanley Crews, Allie
Lee and Will Meng will hand out plen
ty of comedy, song andflovelties. This
paart will run for a solid hour and
during a ten minute intermisqion a
snappy jazz orchestra will keep
things a-moving. 'Following the in
termission, "Mrs. Black's Pink Tea,"
one of the funniest plays ever seen in
Cidef of Pollee of Wagener Fatally
Shot by Negro.
Aiken, Oct. '20.--Luke Rogers, chief
of police at Wagener in Alken county,
,by 1Murray Quattlebaum, a negro, this
was shot and perhaps fatally wounded
morning. Rogers is in a critical con
dition. The negro made his escape
and at last reports was hiding in a
swamp near Wagener.
Possecs of armed men are search
ing for him. The shooting occurred
at the Quattlebaum negro's brother, a
few miles from the town of Wagener.
The brother was wamed oil a minor
charge and Chief Rogers went to the
home after procuring a warrant from
Magistrate Garvin to make the arrest.
Murray Quattlebaum was there and
when Chief Rogers appieared wijh a
constable, his brother asked ~that the
warrant be read. As the officer was
s Minstrel
Staged Next Week
the South, will be offered. This play
emplioys twenty people and durialg its
action many vaudevill specialties will
be seen. All of the talented ladies
will appear In black, Mirs. Joe Phin
ney taking the part of ",Mrs. Black".
Mrs. Earl Owens, "Mrs. White," Miss
tekah Richards "Saratoga" the maid
of all work, MIrs. E. 0. Anderson 'Pan
sy Black" and Mrs. A. *L. Mahaffey,
"Mrs. Lincoln" the stern washwonian.
"Tie Conscrhptionists," another con-l
edy playlet, iwith Messrs. Will Meng,
R. T. Wilson, 0. 4L, 'Long ani Jas. 11.
Sullivan in the leading roles, will .be
presented. Reserved seats for both
nights will be placed on sale at the
Powe Drug Co. Saturday morning at
nine o'clock, the .irst six rows .being
reserved, the balance rush. Get your
seat early.
reading the paper, M\urray Quattle
baum stopped a few feet away, snatch
ed up a shotgun and nred upon Mr.
Rogers, the load entering the officer's
Mr. Rogers was hurried to a hos
pital in 'Columbia, but physicians who
attended him at Wagener entertain
little hope for his recovery.
)D'ashing out of the bouse in the
inidst of the confusion, the negro made
his way to the swamps near 'by, still
armed with the weapon he had used
on the officer.
Sheriff Ilosward with his deputies
went immediately to the scene and
the sheriff is in charge of the situation.
Wagener, Oct. 20.-Murray Quattle
baum, who possbily fatally shot. Luke
lugers, chief of police, early today,
surrendered tonIght and was taken to
the jail in Ailken. Quattlebaum took
rdfuge in a swamp near Wagener af
ter the shooting.
That's Good Judgment
You're right, we would not want to do busi
ness with a firm unless they showed us why
we should.
Here's why you should have your money with
us. Every law and requirement of the United
States, the State and the Municipai are
fulfilled. This insures safety.
Men in our bank are experienced in business,
so their advice is sound. We are interested
in this city, its residents and the community
at large, and to give you the best returns on
your money is to our interest. We show the
same consideration for small as for large ac
counts or deposits. We make your money
safe and assist you along the thrift highway.
You know of cases where the
lack of a receipt took a
man into court. A cancelled
check will save law suits.
Laurens National Bank
J. J. ADAMS, Pres. GEO. H. BLAKELY, Cashicr
Davis-Roper Company's
Big Dr e s s Sale
-----v Two Prices Only
$10.75 and $11 .75
Rush to our store now and see
the big values we have in Wool
Dresses. One big shipment just re
ceived from New York in Wool,
Tricotine and Poiret Twill; abso
lutely the best values ever brought
to Laurens.
Come see these- at once for everybody will
want one of these special bargains, and we
won't be able to supply all. All new and
beautiful styles. See our window.
$10.75 arid $11.75
aurens' Best Store---Quality Made It So

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