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I)elegation Visited Pres. Rielgal, of M le
Ware Shoals Maiufacturing Co.,
3londay and Had Conferelnce Over I
Erectioi of 31111 Here. Party Ie
Inriui Encouraged.
A group of Laureini citizens, hea('ed
by W. L. Gray, which went to Ware
Shoals Monday to confer with Presi
dent leigal of the Warre Shoals 'MaitI
factu ring CoPnra ny, in regard to the
erection of a cotton mill In Lau rens,
retIrzned Monday afternoon very much
encoulragedi over the Interview with
Mr. Reigal.
Mir. leigal, who is spending several,
da!4s In \Vare Shoals. received the L..au
rells delegation immediately after the
meeting of 111111 stocklolders held on
the same day. Mr. W. l. Gray acted
as spokesman for t he lairens Oflega
tion and referred to at petition circu
latedl in Liaurens and signed by prac
tically every brsiness man in it invil
ing Mr. Reigal and Ills associates. to
develop the watorpower now owied by
the company at .Johnsoi's Shoals on
Saluda, River, transmit It to Lau rens
for manufacturing puriposes. The Lau
rens people, said Mr. Gray, would wel
come a co-operative effort between
them and Mr. tReigal In developing
this power and erecting a cotton mill
In Laurens to consume the current.
Mr. Iteigal made a very cordial and
frank reply to Mr. Gray, saying that
his company now possessed 'most of
the vights for the Johnson's -Shoals
property and would gladl. consider a
joint effort between him and Latrens
people in making the proposed devel
olmeilit and erecting a mill here. Mr.
Reigal said he was not'ready to coi
mit hillself right at tile moment as
to iyhat he would be willing. to under
take, but - that he would return sou-th
Iin the course of a few weolks and be
in a position to give a more definite
rnply after 11e had. seen others of his
associates. FloweVer, 1he saId that he
l.new that Laurens, wanted a big de
volopllmellt if anything, giving his au
ditors a strong intimation that upion
his retu ril he would 1)e ill a position
to slbilt a Irolpositioin that 'would I)e
The meeting was a very informal af
fair, \Jr. Reigal acting as host and
talking from time to tiline on general
topics and giving his guests a very
cordial reception. Incidentally lie
said that while hke 'was not advising
apeciulating Ill Cotton, still it was his
opinion that cotton would go to very
high leves. ,
After the conference was over the
entire party were guests of .1r1. Reigal
lit lullel inI a pretty restaurant. of the
i. It Nickels and J1. W. Todd, Jr., Winl
F111ials In l)oubles at the Iountrv
Club Thiurs'dniy Mternooni.
Hy defeating Gleo. ..\. Wright -and C.
S. I 1ink at th~e ilois Terre club Thurst
day afternoon 11. 11. Nickels and John
WVells TIodd, .Jr., won the ch~amlionship
of thle club in flnalsi and secured the
honor of having their names lnscrib)OtU
on -the silver trophy cupj 'on dlliplay in
the club huildilng. 'The score was*6-4,
10-8 anid 0-3 Both,teams layed their
best games in the first set, but the see
*ond set was stulbornly contested.
Wright e~nd Link won the right to
contest in the finals by defenting John
~pi~tt and J. F. Bllaekmon .the daf be
for ,,. two sets out of three. On tile
same day ,Nickels and Todd defeated
F ~erdlinand Jacob~s and Williami Jacobs
-two out of thr'ee.
The finals .in doubles ended ,the
tpurnamnent for 1022, the singles having
been won~ the .wdek b~efore by .Ferdl
nand 'Jacobs, of 'Clinton. Victors ini
giungles and 'finals iv'ihl Ve: 'engravbd
on opposite sides of the silver trophy
cupaac sbeing left for' future ividtoi'.
P aon 'ar 'lelfeady .being'4 i'i(Beeti
'~'for 'the, tournaiiteint next yoea'. .t t
Sthought, that tile date willl b~e; run up
96isidgably, probaibly -to ,the latter
D~art of plfay or ~he fifrst of June. By
that .time it -is thought that a la'go
> iuynbor of n. players -Wheihad niot
gotte'i i eQaidition for th a. year's
,A athes ,vilildiav6 gotten'in shape ~o
Otto1 ni. ____n_$_e 0intt ,9
tikke WeI '14O9 hlets O1
'Ivic League to Give Floral Show Fri.
day In Terry's Old Stand. Lunches
to be SIrved.
The Civic ;League have made their
hial plans for the Floral Shiiow to be
ivOn this week. The show is to be
old on Friday morning at Terry's old
tand. Beginning at one o'clock lunch
vill be served to all visitorsi from the
The conmmitteo in charge wish to re
n1ind the ladies of the couity that their
xhibits ,will be as welcome as those
>f the ladies of Laurens. A commit
cc will take good care of all work
mtered so that there -will be no danl
;er of damage to the most valuable
.le'ollowing is a list of classes offered
vith the premiums:
Mrs. 11. C. Crisp, Supt.
Chrysanthlemums-(Cut Blooms)
irst best collection of eight kinds.
.$2.00 by 'Civic League.
lecond best collection of eight kinds.
2-1 lbs. Dunlop Flour by Laurens
Distributing Co.
1irst best collection of six yellow and.
six white. Aluminum Boller by
lome Furniture Co.
eK'conid best collection of six yellow
and white. Bottle toilet water by
Laurens D'rug Co.
irst boot arranged bouquet of cut
blooms. Vase 'by fS. M. & H. H1.
Wilkes & Co.
;econd 'best arranged bouquet of cut
blooms. $1.00 fancy groceries by
-Moore Bros.
Single Specimens
lest white., 1 lb. ;evering )inner cof
fe'e by J. H-. Sullivan.
lest yellow. 1 lb. Ipiton Gold Seal
Coffee by Owings & Owings.
lest red. I lb. White, i-louse Coffee by
WV. Rt. Br'own.
lest pink or lavender. I lb. coffee by
C. ),. Kbnnedy & Son.
lest ostrich plume. 1 lb. Swansilown
Cake Flour by'J.~. Shell & Co.
Dallils-(Cuit Blooms)
'irst best collection of four different.
$1.25 lby Farmers National Batk.
Zhitanas-(Vut Blooms)
lest collection of ten Woomns (assort
ed colors). $1.00 fancy groceries by
F. E. Medlock. .
lost attractively arranged basket of
cut blooms. 50c by Civic League.
'irst best collection of six differept.
$1.50 in merchandise by Wells E.
'Irst best single specimen. I record
-by Laurens Music Store.
lecond best single specimen. 50c by
Civic League.
lest arranged bouquet. .Pair scissors
by W. P. iludgens.
Ferins-(Pot; Plants) 0
'Irst best collection of six kinds.
$1.50 by Civic League.
econd best collection of six kinds.
Rug by Willis Furniture Co.
'irst beAt Asparagus Plumosis. Tc
'by Civic League.
'irst 'best Asparagus Spengerie. .75c
by Civic League.
'ist b~est fancy fern. ,I pair silk hose
by Minter Co.
'li'st best collection of different speci
mens (in bloom). $1.25 by Laurens
National Bank.
lecond best collection of different
specimens (in bloom). Gold pin by
Fleming Bros.
JBegonulas-(Pot Plants),,
lirst best collection of six (all in
bloom). $2.00 by Ci/ic League.
lecond best collection of six (all in
bloom). 'Pair scissors by Jones
Taylor Hanrdiware Co.
'irst best fancy begonia. $1.00 by
'Civic League.
First ibest palm. $1.25 *by nterpriso
NatIonal Bank.
%econd best palm. 1-2 gallon white
palit by Hunter Bros.
lest vase of cut blooms~ $1.00 TOilet
artlalo by Powe iDrug Co.
P'irst Ibest luncheon set. -Ladie~' iti
brelia by Cohen's -Dept. Stote,
lecond best luncheon set. 25 Ills.
Gallego Flour by Laurens Distribut
Mlrst best set of arfs for tdinlag
d'oomn or -bed room. 1 6-l1.; cake ,by
A. . Mahiaffey
iogond : a~t set of ,acar(s for dinin~g
r001o1 6 'ed 'rool. 1 lb. 'tea by 4
NyIrt ~est knitted article. 76o by
County Treasurer to Collect $40,000
iess 3oney fills Year Than111 1-wat
It will be comforting to the tax pay
ers of the county that they will not
re required to pay in as much to othe
county treastirer this year as they did
last year, although the reduction is
not large enough to make the ilndivid
ital tax payer shout with joy.
County Auditor .1. 'W. Thompson
completed his abstract, of taxes to be
collected in the county this fall for all
purposes, state, county and school dis
trict, Monday morning and forwarded
it to Q(ohlumbia. is figures show that
$-111,311.70 is to be collected this year
as compared to aroumd $-50,000 to have
beei collected last year, making M ade
crease of around $10,000.
Of the $150,000 to have been collect
ed last year 'reas. Young said yester
day, that all had been collected but
about $30,000, executions for which had
been tut rned over to the sheriff. This
amount, he pointed out, represented
less than 7 per cent of thc; total amount
to have been collected. This. he said,
Would be considerably reduced by the
aiimioiuits Collected by the sheriff.
LAY11'N .AT ('ROSS 1111.1,
Clinton and Laurens Laymen Address
Meeting at Cross Hill and AssISI In
Organi'zl lon of League.
The Laurens Layincri's League, in
conjunction with the Billy Sunday
Club, of Clinton, held a special service
in the Nlethodist church at Cross 11111
Sinday morning. Talks were made by
W. W. Iharris and S. C. Hays, of the
Clinton club, and 'Mr. C. II. Gasque,
Ii. 'W. (asinqe and Mr. E. P1. Minter, of
the LauilreMIs league. In1 the afterniooni
they addressed a mass meeling of men,
at which time stes were taken to form
it similar organ-izatIon at Cross Hill.
The Laurojns Laymen's league has
aiccepted.an invitation to hold servic
us in the Alethodist church at Gray
Court the second 1Sunday in November
at four o'clock in the afternoon.
Coheni's to Move
MI. Jack 'Collen, manager of Cohen's
Department Store, said yesterday that
his firm had leased the vacant store
building in what is called the Simmons
block ol the south side of the public
ituare formerly occupied by H. Terry,
leceased, and that his firm would move
from its present location in the Posey
itore building at an early date. The
exact date of moving cannot be stated
now, (he said, as improvements will
have to be miade on the building, par
Licularly on the Inside, before it will
)e ready for occupancy. The build
ing is owned by the Laurens Trust Co.
Ind .John A. Franks.
Election Boxes Ready Friday
Mr. 1C. A .Power, ,who is plreparing
lie election boxes for the state andl
rederal election commissioners, states
that the boxes -will be ready for de
livery iridhay morning anid that he
hopes5 some) one of the managers fr'om
aea h box will call for them oii either
F~riday or' Saturday. The election is to
be held next Tuesday.
Fi'st best tatted artIcle, 75c by3 Civic
Second hos0t tatted article. 50c by Civic
First best crochieted article, 75c by
Civic League.
Second .best crocheted article. 50e by
'Civic League.
Flirst beat emibroidered article. Pair
oembroldery scissors by Laurens
Hardware Co.
Second best embroidered artIcle. .2
larges cans -of slIced ,pineapple *by
First 'best child's dress. iPair silk
hose by DavIs-Roper Co.
Second best child's dress. $1.00 in
merohandise by Ri. H. Beonchoff.
Special for Womnen Ov'er 60
Best pl1)ihte'd bedi spriead. $1.25 by
IPalinietto Bank.
Best beq spredd (any design). $t.2B
by IPeples bean, and Exchanige
Best feather fan. 500 by CIvic League.
Best button holes (6 or more). 50c
by,Civic League.
, Mfs/Roht. . Roper,Su,
First best caWbo drwig (primary
trades). S50c by W. iB. Moore.
Second best carbon drawing (primnary
grades), 26o,'by~ CivIe 'League.
t~sj, ,best pencsil drawhlg (grammar
ngradesJ) 60o by 'W. A, Collins,
,ury Comilssloners Draw Venir( of
2 Men lo Serve Second W'Veek of
Comnmon IPleIs Court.
Jury commissioners met inI the cour1ti.
house yesterday and drew the venire
of 36 mlieln to ser've oni tie petit jily
(ini'i1ig the Second week of Common
'ieas court iboginning November 30h.1
Juror01s for, the first week, beginnlingi
November I w(th, (!re publish(ed last
week. .Jtidge dllayne F. Rtice, of Aiken,
will preside at both terms. The j11y
Irawn yesterday is as follows:
Youngs- AS. lMJ. Riddle, 1'. 1>. DI)riu mu
mond, Ii. ilB. Bailey, 11. 11 Prior.
'L tiirens--i.. I.. Moo'e, J. 'W. Nl.art iIn,
I,. Ilussell Gray, .1. F. Alartin, Jas. Y.
Milm, 1). 1,. OwlI's.
Sullivan-Jolin W. Kellett, T. W.
I gigh, .1. Ii. Itoper, Joe IlE. I )avi.s,\V
1'. Walker.
Iilunter- -Jiuo. l. Young, Joe 1 I.
Simpson. It:. ('. Ilipl), W. 1). Copeland.
10. T. lHichbumrg.
Waterloo-J. H. O'lDell, J. M. Ander
sonl, .1. 1-1. Alitchell.
Cross I(ill--C. S. PiInson, It. X.
T. 13. Crows.
Dials-.lohn M'. S'imnions, 1'. E.
Aledlock, A. S. Ilolder, 1'. E-. I lceder
Son, 0. II. Cooley.
.1acksa. S. .10lohnson, T. W. 1)illard.
Scu ffletown-. 10. Anderson, C. A.
I ndist iouis Citizen of Friendship
Comimniirilly Plssed Away FrIdny.
lnui renis J. White, well known citizen
of the 'Friledship coimunity in the
upper part of the county, passed away
Fi'day morning after an1 ill ness of
al)out live weeks. ills (aenth was ie to
lphoi( fever.
The fuiie'al Services weCre hlvid at
Clear S prilgs churi ch, in (lhe lower part
of G reen viille county, Saturlday at I I
o'clock, being attended 1)y a large body
of friends. For a long time he had
been a ilemiiber of this church.
The'deceased is survived by his wife
and seven children. lie was -1 years
(d jiga. lie was highly r-egarded iII
his community, being known as a man
of unusual energy. It is said that for
two weeks after le became ill he di
rected the operatiols of his giniiery
from a palate 1laecd In the gin build
ing, being un-willing to admit that lie
was too ill to work.
Hunimiged for Three u31irders
W~rethcrl(id, (onn., Oct 26.-Emil
Schutte, convich ted of three IIIIIrders,
Was han1iiged at the state prison today
clutching two red roses. ie entered
tile death i camlibeu i r carrying the roses
and his gl p on them dd1(i not relax cv
en after deati.
I iteresting 31eeting of County Teach.
ers' Association Hieldi In the Court
1ouse( Siiturday,
IEighty ent husiastic teachers from
lie town and( rurualI schiools of L~aurens11
coitmity assemblledl in the court house
at Lalurens on Saturday October 28 at.
II1 A. M., foi the first .meeting of the
Lauurens Cototy T''1eachiers' associatin.
\.'luIch inlterest and1( enthusiasm wvas
shiown ,by all presenit.
Tlhe meetIng was op~ened by Supt. of
Education 1R. TV. Wilson with a talk dni
lie necessity anid liportance of each
undi every teacher securing thIs or her
certilflcate froml Columbia and( regIster
ing it In his omele. 'Salaries wvill not
be .paId untIl -this matter has 1)e0n sat-.
isfactorily attendled to, lie said.
Suipt. J. Harvey 'Witherspoon, of
Clinton, .presidlent of the association',
then 'took CIh arge of the meeting. In
the absdnce of the secretary, Mrs.
Eaorl Owens, :MIss Ann E.h Hatton was
ap'pointed to act as secretary. After
some1 discussion, it was decided that
there should he six meetings of the as
sociation dulring the coming school
year. At each of these meetings there
wvill be, an Interesting program plan
ned by a competent committee. The
next meeting wvill .he held on Saturday
November 18, at 11 A. M., in the 'Lau
renls court house.
The 'Question of holding a high
schooi 'meet iwas broumght up for dis
cussion'. The associationi voted that
this meet be held. The 'first F~riday of,
April, 1023 .was set as the date.
The following gily'cers wer% elected
for th'e c'ming year:
~President-Supt. J. -H. Witherspoon,
tOlinton, (rn-elected).
Vice.i'esident--Miss Miie Wal
lace, tMfount#Ille.
6eeretatt'yand Tr'easurer-4R. T. Wil
Cunnt: DemoaIratlon Agent, Ill o.
Operteo wvith Farmiers II Securim
Sile of Dairy Producis.
Plans for marketing (airy roduct
of larens coity and for developin
the dairying industry are being given
close attention by the coUinty fairn
demonstrator, according to a statement
of Mr. Vaughan, fari'm demoistrator
made several days ago. Mr. Vaughat
says that every farmer cannot run ;
dairy but .111 all 0f thel( cant biy a feu.
cows to start off witl. 'Ile has been in
cotumunication, Ie says, wvith Ithc
Greenwood Creamery and has mad'
provision for shipment of Z- ram fron
this coulity to (reenwood.
A letter ( farimrs, given out yester
day, is as folloiws:
The generial idea of sit ,ppiig cevenn
among the people is to run a dairy
There is as much difference in rn
tingti; a dairy and shipping cream a:
Ilthee i. in raising cotton aid corn
Practically every farmier Could shii
('reai but every farimer' cannot rI it
da i ry. The man that made t lie feed
this yearti can get tlie money to buy a
few cows If ie hasn't them to begit
with. From four to eight cows i,
enough for a sepa'ator antd to brini;
in a good.income. You milk one cou
now so why not milk three otr five more
and have some cream for sale.
Hutter Cat. Is bringing .12 cent!- pet
pounId now and will likely go higher
duriing the winter. If you haven't th<
rough feed it 'will not pay you to at
tempt the business. Many mein pay thc
operating ex.ienses of their farms witl
a few cows. Why can't you (1o th
'I'he Greenwood Creamery has of
fr'ed to piut a truck and a driver here
if tihle farmi'ers will prepare to ship tle
cream t or preptre the cream so tihc
truck cati take it uip.
I will be glad to give any informa
tion that I can I cream cans, ship
ping, searatgr', etc., f- yQ~u feoL likc
your community Is ready to ship of,
there is enough cows let me know and
we (atin arrz'anige for a meeting to talk
the cri'opositioll overt an(d get soiethling
County Agent.
,Joe Jefferson Used to Say P'resident
Missed is Vocation.
Oscar S. Strauss in the Outlook.
While I was reminiscing about. my
relations Wiltl M. (levelaid, I wIt
jumip ahead about ten years ald speakl
orf a visit he paid ile for three dayi
during .\March, 1903.
ilI was to delive' all addiess at, the
Ilienty Ward eecher memorial eniet
ilg in the Brooklyn Academy of Mtsi
oil Siuday evening, and he artriv0(
frtomi 'ri'Inceton on Saturday. Io was
like a -boy out, of school.
We weie going to the theattre oir
Sat urday evening and I suggestec
Justill McCaIrthy's "If I vere King,'
Playi>ed by SothIern.
"I1 hope it Is not sad,"' hie said, "I
want t~o see it from start to finish;'
and(. with a smirk, he added: '"For 1
ant a hayseed.'' I discernled after'wat
that be would tathier' hlave seen
comtedy 01' vauldevil11e.
Wh'len we got to thle thteatr'e mtan)
in the audience recogn ized himi, an<(
beads wvere constantly t urning in the
dir'ection of out' box. I mentioned il
to himti, but lie said:
"Oh, no; they don't know mec anl)
After the t'heatu'e we had a supper o:
dlelicatessen and beet' at home, wit
I know he twouild like, and he amutse<
us with several funny stories am
mimicry. &Ty wife t'emar'ked that he
night have muadeo a sttccess on th<
stage, and hie replied that his friend
Joe ,Jeffer'sot lhad often deplor'ed hit
having missed thtat profession.
lie mimicked the hiumorous Con
gtressman Campbell of New York, whlt
used( to conic to -the White Thouse, andl
pointing to the rpom Occupied bI
Cleveland, ask the clerk, "Is his r'oya
nibs in?" .And sometimes Tinm Camp
bell made requests that Cleveland hal
to denly ats uniconstitutionatl; then Tin
wvoutld come back with: "01h,I woutldn'
lot the Constitution stand~ heCt Wee
ling's <Daughters Bazaar
The King's 'Daughters will give thel
annual Bazaar Tnefiday of next weelt
Mr's. W., 'D. Forguson, chairman, ask:
that everyone who has spromised
piece of fancy work for the bazaa~r wil
please send itto her before the end o
iead of leaselsti Invited to lome to
Aid In Forlng' New Cabinet. All
A 11ree hat Chief of G(roup is A riler
of Siitlon. Situation Had Bveoime
IRome, Oct 21. --if what hias occur
red the last few days ill Ilyl. caI) b
styled a "revolti fion" the revollition
is over and niIII;t havve greatly disap
pointed all who have at classic idea of
suceh ulpheavals. Benlito .\lussolinli,
leaderl of the I-'neisti, has been invited
by King Victor I..'mmailel to <"une to
Itoi(; le will be entrusted 'witl the
formation of a ministry to take the
place of the Favta ministry. which
withdrew unltdelr pressiire of this far
spreading movement.
With the excetion of a small mi
ntority, all agree that .\lussolini is ar
bitecr of the situation- and must as
-1iIme power and the res pons ibi lity of
carrying out the program for which
the Fascistil have fought.
Irofessor Mussolinri, Onl receiving
the Kirlm's invitation. wenit. firit to
Lake G:arda, to see Gabriele ('An
nitiizio, tile poet-soldier*, to discutss.;
with h11tim the formation of a iew imtin
istry. It is belleved they reached a
complete alccotrd because he is report
ed to have left fotr Rome on a special
train which "Was put at his disposal.
royal military honors being rendered
him fboth by the Fascisti a nd the
King's trooyps.
'London, Oct. 29.--The Times corre
s8pondent, describing the situation in
Italy in a dispatch from CIiasso,
sw.'tgrlanld, under today's date, and
admitting the diliculty of obtaining
accurate information, says it seems
that the Pascisti have beel able to
carry out their plans. IENverywhere
they are mobilized and have instruct
ed the local prefects to transfer to
them their authority.
ltailroad StatiltiOls, the post oflice,
teegrapli and other public buildiings,
Iaiticularly in Central Italy, have been
seized, with a view of isolating the
cap it al.
Prom many conters in Tuscany con
tingents of Fascisti have started for
Home and it is rumored that several
thousand were within a short dis
tance of the gates of Rome on Satir
Wils 4y Score of i2 to 1).. To Play
Gireenwoidt Here F1ridaty Afterntoon.
Showing a couirplete reversal of form
over that exhibited in the Clinton
gaille, lthe Laurens high school foot
ball team journeyed to Nev'erry Fri
dhiy and won ovr the Newhirry high
school teai 12 to 0. aiurenis mande
one touclidovn in the first quarter as
the result of a pass froit Thompson to
Wright which put the baill on the ten
yard line. Tetn ini four' line plays,
Glenni went. over for the totuhdown.
rThe second~ touchdown was miadle in
the second (luatler' its a r'esult of a
well executed forward'c pass from
Th'iomlpson to Wrightt whio caught the
ba~ll while sc tanditg oni the -goal fIne,
andl~ stCe(e over fot' tihe touchldowin.
Int tihe secondt htalf the Noewherry
team stiffented anid tiher'e was tno mor'e
scorintg, althoulght 'lauttrens iost 0one
opplortunifity by l'umnbling. The New
berry team never' once threatened to
score, althouigh thtey fought gamely to
the last.
i'he entIre 'Laurens teami deserves
credit for their good playing. CThe
backfild, consIsting of Glenn, Thomp
11on, Counts andlt Tidwell, playedl bet
ter' than they have in any other gamne
of tile season. The ends, Cflip and
\Vright, wvere good in getting down
on .puitnts andI on r'eceiving passes. Tid
wvell's punting andi Counits' knack for'
breaking uip Passes wer'e two of the
features of the game. Burns anid Temn
pleton, the two tackles, were holy ter
rotrs to the opposition and Young, Kil1
go, (Hudgeils anid Wingo, in the line,
played excollnt ball. Thompson play
ed his usutal good game, being especial
ly adept in tackling the mlan ,wlith the
bal.l, often throwing him for a loss.
Tile local team wvill meet Greenwood
htern on Friday at 3:30 P. M., and a
good game may be expected. The team
is in good shape and wvill try hard to
wiln, althloug4h Greenwood- -is rated as
good as or :better thatt Newberry. The
Laurons boys need the enicouragement
of the fans on the sidelines and it is
hoped that al large crowd will attend
theo Same F'rihay.......

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