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Ebte Zbbertiser
Subscription Price $1.50 Per Year
Payable in Advance
Published by
Laurens. .S. C.
:-dvertising Rate.j on .kPiicatioin.
fibituaries end cards of Thanks: Ono
Got a Word.
htered at the ;,osthottie at Laurens,
.. C.. as secoid (ia~s. mal matter.
VOl.. .9, 50. it; 10 fP\(EN
I.AiL-iWN. .. -., NOV. 1. 1922
e '.- tha. 'o grt rn --fli(Ilnt w~erhk
n ;,ai a oianbat n:o all . it
-~;.ai'-d a'1-, a;e>: to have- t~:' l(-gi.-sla
ar a law rpiirin:. that iAtton
- h- ;hrs-d : in ino fa~i of 'he
-- rTe .\der~'tis(r rr-ai .ord that
-a a adillal sge:Stion, not apt
> - Ive 1-io s coni:itierati(fjl at
.and that the lan igl t have
b-o ie'S a' whii . notiH' be- r'e- -
.D.-- by t '>st- ing .i T oirnae- Ip n
hon mi'-'h a ir the
-r i*.sa"t- s: ->'* 03 1 ;> b2- con from in g
1.-- farieris so-nis 1:) -s to ju;itify .051m
wL I(-nd r 1erment in Th - .\bbevill
N'riand arr-r this paper. however,
s:'ar-stingt that the sa:o' imr-asure.s he
i el o!j ejill~ so oa ts as2 w suiggested
, c1 i a;,!irad to dlowingI of sU Ilks.
F-ollo.in a1 rte-P1 int ofa oi l it ra
il Cotton News. N trex.sini 1hi iin
;)Ortane* of tile' ('ottol (-()p to tihe
Souiti, Th'e I 'rs. s and Spanner spoke
as follows Friday
Tbo- 1ian who h >r1.4 >bervo- and
who)I( thinlkS n t -n -t .e e ,
-ir.it. That co(on'I i and will ( n
ii w t 1 e he 111ily v erop of this
: ;r-on. This do. ; not ImeIan that olir
Sr0 M are fiot to bw planlterl. A:; nas
h- I said .io oft en befole p, mu. st
riledi~ tiho0;e things neeitssary to
tnlk , the farin self-suippor-tinig. * Ilere(
aild th(re crops other thll Cotton will
b4. vrownj from w\hieb m11n11y inazy bef.
bltlaineid. 31t1 altei all. as it. is inl
st-lthwest (:eor1.14ia, inl Alabamla, inl
.\lississippi nd inl otIie ta s, ()ttoin
will Irelmain kinlg inl soulth Carol in. It
mast be grown as5 ith ne rieIv t moneyitt
Crop of dle South.
Second. I rd. to gow eottonl
sim:Cessfilly it is going to be Ineces
sar.' to Illlke a consistent light aga inst
ti1qe boll weevil. Just now the onllyl
known r1m111 ely agniitist he dostri'''tein
he brings is calciiumi asl'elate. Cot toil
mllitst be poionied with tli:; poisol, or
1no crop will bw grown, ceitainly inot
witIth profil .
'Th i rd. One 01 two men in I a com
l!iijty Ca;ot grow Cottoll s1*.;stu1:
I.; evel wi.tl Ca11iI1m11 arseniate if' theiIr
:mg-o.,rise onl adjoinling. I iand(s
warms oI bill weVVils whinli it ilte
.!miod (if mligrationl go into Hleilts',v
e: yli wh .- ad destroy I hie crols biing
i:own. No aoiltit o: :.>).soinmg ley in
(1ividulals is gonig toi save the icmlltly
irom the lo.'s restlting from the at
1ilipt. to grow cottonl withouit tini
\ersal poisoni ig tol tilt! weevil.
W--- 1h: We .-Ad as well -rm- toit
ing4 of (ottton must15 be regulaltedi. 'Te
rilroa11ds arei r'eir ied to tak~e pre'caut
tio111 ns l guard the itibliIc aga1iinst l oss
hs rm danogersi inc(identlt to1 the b,.,i
low ed to1 pison101 strieams aga1 ist ilh
h'rtilIiz,'eir taetoies must r'espondl iin
damiages for' losses occasioned by the
eoisonied gaLses fromi their factorIes. No
mni ~~ Cani keel) anl Open wvel on his
i9:imisis, t)r aL pond1 whieie it is al
Iraint ive 1(1 chi ldren, weithlout guarin g
neari l y as 105 posie harless 05. A nd no
body shollld be allowed, in an 01m
mityll3, to hal' t a u. do.g i: othier
inhd of aimalI115, wi i :nus'l. su1rely de
str'oy j'propety . ii'ri threaten the1 'pubhiIc
lowe'd to neoglest hi. faImJI to I lanit cit
tonl andl no't pioison It, and( thus mtake
his fields a br'eeding place1 for' boli
weevils whIch at a gIven peiod in
vadeli thle fields (of the men who do
nmake a .flght against (2iu menace, andt
their' destroy the .0, of the labor
01ofIO in idustriou~ nel of t hotghitful
Thie *fener'al Aaneei$ will eon
vene iln .i~tlauay. The(rc -wIll be0 timei
theni to provide by ILw I eidoale reg
itiations ror' the glowing of cotton In
this state, so) aLs to miake It trofitalie
to the grower, and so as to protect the
industriqua, and do away with-the mun
whio furnishes a harborhing place for
theC worst ('enmy the farming inter'ents
of this crountry have yet comle lai con
tactt with. WVill the mnembers of the
(etral Assembly have the coutrage to
meet tho situation?
Prepaationst leig 31ade .ior Uniusual
iy Interesting Meeting oif Business
-Lague~t ndst. Tuesday Night.
Mem'1be4 of the Laturens Business
League til e looking for'ward with a
gr'eat deal of ilicasure to the nextL
monthly meeting~ andI banquet of the
league, .whiceh i to be0 held next 'W.
day nlight at the TLurens eIHotel when
tile wvomen for the first time will at
tend~ thle meetintg. Members of fte
cluib, by a resolution at the last r'egu
Jar meeting, wvere authorized and In
~trutcted to brving -their wives or lady
frienda to the November meeting. Iti
thought that 'the 1i ttlictions -will lbe
Kcomplieg with to . .l1etter ,and, that
o ~1t mootine 'vill be ttq fost Iagely
titended einenC thn 1* ,atin nf ihn
S;ays No, Ground ifor Boasi~ tit of "Loit
Strintr of Viefories. Story oi Lat
Th'. lai st i .sue of the Clinton Chron
:l: caIred 'h, tollowing -toly of the
Clinton Uli-L,aurens 1; foot-ball game
y I in l'aurins o i FiiaY. Oe
Zs- xlh :e thc ('linton team won
.n *in interepted pa S which the
Iai -ns players . hlaimed was not
- 'T :' '14- )f Clinton who had all
op>1)tunl y last Friday !1o ."ke Clinl
tol invar'- lIurien- and .1 in a 'osu
-:'I to 'e ~ip t football game. were
L 'i a';y ai wit t het' i cr "iita l.
show Ill e of1 th1 1i , )o hi .1ho l I I .
Th.- <I e fvor- 4d I~aurolns and11 frOml
all re.lort that coul Id lie gottein from
h'1 , they wr mlet'rmineod to will bv
a murn of foty oints. C- !tainly
1la'ircns d1 n1ot b "liev. that Clinton
uI! d :>lay the brandl of football that
their ehfler brother-s did la -t year whe 'n
I.aurons wv;( nt dov.n in dIat 1tat before
the (Cltot1n Tigers by a leven ao noth
ing si:re. It was a ri-cjtition of last
y'-ar-'s battle. when aurons iasted
of thir st.ength. n hil -lintoni said
lotlint. but played real footbal.
(inton ehose to kick off and Ibau
i-rts 'llhed tho ball up the fir-ld by
lifavy hikilng oft tai-kl' plays. and
when ."bolt the twonty vard line an at
t. mptf-el forward1 pwaazs was inter." ;It
Id on th- is yard I:ne by N.-igbim!i.
'w-ho raced ' varls for; the only toitc(h1
I au i rttln*'t t it-ti-mpted S p .5 were i-" I
ter'uepttei almtost every tlim' aind ti li
ed what ooltet like- defoat Into victory.
Thr'r o-ril 1ris fail-ud. i'''ido;lj dlid
th y !-t batlk to tli lin( of :eim
- wh'n tryhiiz thm. (lin;o'S
il ic lititYarl St 'ierioi bralid of ball,
holding when ietssary adI luakinli
la-ge ;,]' S in lieir o poj( nti t's line.
l"Ilak-ly repe1atedly. i.1n through the
r-trof 1. hrns ln for ]on-, '!ains.
On a (ly-u bik le l''ade a beau'ti
itl :11- ard irunt tin ly to I caulgilt ri-omt
l-hilnd I a fater min bfir' hte coul
.(-i acr'os. the goal line.
lantiren('iis boasted of Ilir long strii,
of, victori's mver' Clinton bit mut of tle I
fouir years that Clinton and tiiurins
have played, llaurens oni hl first tw ,
and Clinton the in1st two :: .1irs. TI
is no ground for their boasting."
Vou are looking for , Good (loods at
Lowest Prices see J. C. Burns & Co.
Two( Broithers; Bline Ileld in N ew
York. Lanrge A Nsum n l.lI-Il
New York, Oct.- 29. -Hienry .'Wor
blow. acting mallager of (the Peking,
Clil, branicii of tle Asiatic Bailnking
corporation, and( Is brothier, llobert
W. Worblow, forier New York Hank
emi ployt'C, were h(eld today iin dtfaulIt
of $25,000 b1ale each, aftei- their arrest
yest erdi oi (lha rges of grand Iariteeny
inl coitnnectonl %ith initerlnatiaonal I bank
ing fronlds, amounlting to $139,000.
Arriest of the W\orluows expiosedi a
un1l( iue schleme( by' w ihih it was cr~ig
cid a thiird conspoiraitor ill ~oindon,
kniowii as .\i aix i'dl lilt t, iecruredc fun ids
on forged tbank I triansfers froim (Chinali.
Streniigth to E-lliott's finaiauil stand'naig
wastI givein by the send Iing at Iirst of
ai geninilc trantisfeir, It wits said, while
Thei( spiuriouis tri-tnlsfers weire selnt to
the ILondon ofilee of thle (Guaranty
TIriist (comp iany of New York, .xhlich
announ1~cedi in at stantemlenlt that $11 0,
(00t of the funds obltalinetd falsely hadit
beenl recov.etred.
I lenr'y WVorblow, alleged priincipial in
the scheme, was in ignorance of' the
charges against him uintilI he r'eached
New Yorkt yesterday, after a lt0,000
mile tril). Auithorities ledi hIm to be
Ilieve hc had been recailed for a butsi
ness conference b~ecaurse of diflicuitties
attached to extraditlin shrould hris a r
Dr'. While Io Address Baptists.
Dr. .Johni 19. White, pr'esident of the
Anderson college. is to address tihe
Blaptists or thre Lautrens association at
the F'irst .Baptist church tis city, Sun
day afternoon at 3-30 o'clock. All the
churches of -the association arc ox
p)eted to send delegations to the meet
Oyster Stupper at Younlgs
There wvill be an oyster supperCi at
Youngs school hlouse F'riday night, No
vembter 3 the )'Croceds to go for' the
benefit of thec new~ school bilding. T1he
public Is cordially inVited\to attend.
P'rchting af ighhld Homie
Tho Revel'end J. A. Mariti will
pr'each his first sermon- as patstor at
the Highland Hlome Baptist churrch
'-e-t H1wnday at 3:30. H~e wIll regitlar
ly hold( services cver'y thirA Sunday in
the month at ii A. .\. and every first
,Meeting of Wedntesdasy Clubi
The WVednonday Cluib will hold1 ,ifs
anniversay meeting next XVednesday
at. thd:.hinne of.Mrn, Rober't Rdpor ft
tolir dcituk. At Liiis methIg Dr. G."A.
Wauishoip heatd of 'the department of
IDng11sly .rgthe>Unlyoraty pf Both
OO 0 $$V 'olt'a,1~t~e -
* * S * S * , * S e 3 e * eS
Used ('ars-T-'wo used cars at a bar
gain. Buick Six touring, new tires.
absolutely good condition $ 425.00:
For: Coupe E:.o. Lasterby Motor
Co. 16-It
Wallfte-To buyl) hidefls at 1hull Dog
market. Also male biull for Service.
J. W. Hlenderson, Jr. 6- 1-Pd
Wattled-To know who is was that
to(1l me they thought they had W. 1E
Crisp's Beagle bitch. Reward. S. N
(risp, t C:arryteria, Laurens. 16- 1t
II 4ie's--Wi buy hides at new mar'rt
opposite J. I. Sullivan store. Wil! pay
the highest market price. W. R. Hayes
Mules--! will buy all (lay Friday and
Saturday until 12 o'clock mules weigh
ing f.oi 900 to H1.1 pounds, not over
7 years old. L. if. Counts, Agent.
For .SalC--2;\ White I 11ghorn *iu ollets
an( 2 cocks not related to lullets; but
all of youna -.train. Some beginning
to lay. The lct fot $:7.50. Mrs. G. I.
lIellam , Barksdale. 16-it-1)'d
Trespats1S Notive-All persons are
hereby warned against hunting or oth
evisfe trespassing upon our lands. Vi
olators of this notice will be proseccut
ed to the fullest extent of the law.
IE. T. llakely, W. 13. Blakely. Nannie
Tr. Blakely. 16-It-pd
Tirspiass Notlee--Ail persons are
hereby warnied against hunting or oth
erwise trespassing upon outr lands.
Violators of this notice xill be prose
cuted to the fullest extent of the law.
I. D. lo~mas, A. .J. Martin, A. R. Mar
tin, S. ). 'Martin, W. E. .lartin.
last---Female red hound. She has
abot't two inches cut off end of tail and
has sealded rpot on hip. She is rather
small aid answers to name of Hip.
Fi ndi'er please ttotify Thos. W. Hennett,
P. 0. lox 315. Lari ens. 16-1t-pd
Trespas% Notlce-We hereby forbid
aity litntittg of all kinds on our lands
knw nl I as the lloyd and Burgess places
I-ar .\ladden Station. This positively
applies to everyone. .\lrs. .1. S. B en
11tt 11nd .\lrs. Thos. W. lien nett. 1 6-2t
.Miltes- -1 will buy all day Friday and
FuI day until 12 o'cloek mules weigh
ing f ian !filI to I100 pottnds, not over
7 ye'.. old. -lt. If. Counts, Agent.
Good Guli GanCall at Gutil Filling
Station. atd have your c at filled with
,as ith e I"peo" in it. I :,
Wiantiil--Two boarders who will
room together. I I 'e arrattged to
fi trnisl a cotmfortable Iront roomn in
my hotte. Ilave garage also. lr-ice at
I ractive. Apply to '.\l rs. .Jno. Childress,
Iast .\ain Street. 16-lt-I
Cottonl Need-A aml paying top prie
's for cottont seed. .leal and hulls for
sale or exchiage. Meal guaranteed .07
per cent, pure and clean. John L. lit
I-y, .Moore ros. store. It-5t
seed Whleat--\\'e have for sale a lim
ited nutti I of pttre llue Stem Seed
Wheat, grown in Ltaurens county, go
ing at $2.00 per bushel. Carryteria.
i lides Wanl1ttet-Marget .price paid.
have been in market for thirty years
and brtter,. You will .find mne in F'lem
ing iros. store or rear of .Noqeley &
Roland's old stand. C. 1). Moseley. .
IG-I t-pd
Fresh Sausagce--\\'e will have fresh
country sausaage every Friday and
_katurday. 25 cent's per pound. Ow
itigs & Owings. l5-tf
For Sale--Six to seven hun.''d
bushels Red Rust Proof Seed Oat. 'I
five bishel bays. Also fifty bust 's
Ilastings "100 to 1", 85c per lttstael.
W. G. Uancaster, Enter.rise National
Baatnk. I 5-2t
He(intstltlttg --First class hetmstitch
ing and picotinig. Mt's. .J. W. 'Thomp
son, 7014 Irby Avetnue. 1 5-2t-ipd
For' li*ntf-TIwo r'oomis ,with wvater
Stonie, 2216 Gordon St. 15-It
Fort ile -Reefer'~s More-Egg tab
lets. .\akes your h'Iens (10 doitble dutty.
$1 .00 package for l00. ('ail B. Rtopet'.
Tresspatss NotI('(-AllI ter'sons are
hereby wvarned tnot to hutnt or othier
wise tespiass on our' lands. All vio
lations will b e p)rosecuited to thte ex
tent of the law. T. Mac Roper', Gr'ov
er' C. Roper, WK. 'M. Abereiomblie, l'. M.
MurphIy. I a-2t-pd
Putre ling Lnrd and Putre Pork
Sausage every day. E. Rt. Blakely's
Market. l14-5t
Nollev--i have a one-horse farm,
with new cotifor'table four t'o h.01 un
galow, ;well itn yard, latnd hIgh state
of cultivation and prtactically level,
with branch runnng through the
farm, This farm'n and house on high
way. I will rent this fat'm to reliable
h)eopleI who can rutg themselves, for
/ix hogs weighing !300 pioundls each.
Come to see tme, you will *be ,pleased
with my uropositioni. 'WillIam A.
Moorhead, Goldville. t4-4t
Montey to-Loan-Loans on f'i'rms and
city 'l'proerty negotIated. Aipplication's
h'andled with the First Carolinas
Joint Stock Land Bank, the 'Federal
Land Bank, .insutrance companies an'd
other sources. Apply to Dial & Todd,
Atto'neys, Laurens. 5-13
Money to Lean--The Planters N. F.
L. A. is now recceiving applicatIons for
loans en farm lands, Apply to A. C.
Trod~d. Secy-Treas.5-3
and city property for a period of years
at seven pei' cent interest. liomar,
Osborne & Brto wn, Attor'neys, spar
tanbutrg, S. C. 34-ta
Loans on IReal Estate---Funds immee
dlately available at six per cent, Tn
sutratnces compianies, Joint Stock LIlud
Bank, Feder'al 'Land Dlank and othey
solpries. . Apply to simpson, Coodior
& Blabb', Attorneys, 4-tt
Pleating-All- .;kinds of accordian,
side or box -lplentinlg by steam i'o
cess. Also fut'ninhed r'ooms for r'ent,
'Mrs. George S. McCravy, WVhone 203.,
For Saule or Rtent-Four horse farm
near' Lisbon church, -J,.T..A..pallowv,
U~nlon, S. C,, or B. M. Wolff, L~aurensI.
For 8ale-1 year old apple tr'ee.
Early ,Harvest Piieon, Djn SVh
Arkansas Black 1.-trs. tde Jirne AD
ter at (lititr Bros.- - 24f
near od ~hoosit~p r'ent to tiarut#q,
eithei' 311te or o oloredWl41 dUI
owil stockek r3? Ooodr
11l11iU Recital
.Misses Louise 31eCord and Ida Mlae
illunter gave a tnost. enjoyable plano
recital Friday evening at the home of
'heir teacher, Mrs. M. L. Roper. The
parents and friends of the two young
i musicians. who were invited to hear
Ithem pelform greatly enjoyed the Sc
letions playd. They are twov of the
most advanced of irs. Roper's pulms
and acquitted t hemselveos with much
The Law Says Our Great Stocks of
Merchandise must be Converted Into
"CASH"'. J. C. Burns & Lo.
Citation for Letters of .dministration
State of South Carolina.
County of Laurens.
By 0. G. Thompson, Probate .Judge:
Whereas 'Mrs. lHelle 3. Fleming and
R. If. Flemiting made suit to me to grant
them Letters of Adminirtration of the
estate and effects of S. -1. Fleming.
These are therefore, to cite and ad
monish all and singular the kindred
and creditors of the said S. i-1. Fleming
deceased, that they be and appear be
fore me, in the Court of Probate, to
be held at Laurens Court Ilouse, Lau
rens, S. ''., on the 1ath dlay of Noveim
ber, 1922, next, after publication here
of, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon. to
show -cause, if any they have, why the
said Administration shotld n ot be
g ranted.
t. iven uider my hand this :31st day
of October Anno Domini 1922.
-I - .L2t P. L. C.
.\101n who hav -. ol.-lar
eyes.f'iglt think am act
(<iickly. The1 person affliet
I-(] with farsighielelness Is
hnp4 511 1ped in his dail'y
apersonl's vomllprehension,.
It will'gs Ubout rupi0tjls
IIs'. (Correet (Glasses is
the best renilledy. Helliei
Ier (i: examinlation costs
youi niothinig. 0mr glasses
' eost yol IittIle. I I' there
isn't ayt hilig the m11atter
with voilr, evesight we will
telI you so.
Reduced Prices
Shoe Repairing
Illaving bought a-new and(
miodernU stiltchinig machQinel
we ar ble4 II to quiote new4
low~ pmri(es oin shoe repatir
work allts follows:
I fal f S4oles sewed on '\len 'y
or' Lad(ies' Shoes
I lalf Soles taeked on
.ii 's or Lad(ies' Shioes
Rubberci Heels onl Meni's car
Laidies' Shioes 40o
Best Leadher Used
* Electric41' orI~i
Acetylen&W tditfg'"
All Worlg Guaranteed
*LAU RENS, S. C. -
OPTo i(TRIs1'
Qifce0 de
If your tire troubles have been
move than you think they ought to
have been, come to us for a set of
The Tires of Everlasting Wear
We have such confidence in
these tires that we do not hesitate
to recommend them.
Come to see us that we may ex
plain their good points.
No Higher Than the Other Kind
Vulcanizing Station
All 5c Tablets 3c, 4c and 5c
35c, 45c and 50c a.-Dozen
Blackboard Crayon, 35c Box
Dustless Crayon,50c & 60c Box
Steal ing is a
Trained Profession.
You may not know it, but it takes less than
30 minutes for the trained burglar to go
through your home---from cellar to garret.
This means that from the time you leave the
house until the cir discharg'es you down tov n
Your Home May Be Robbed! . V
By the time you return, Mr.,Thief has maae
his get-a-way with your savings. -nless th4y
are in a bank like ours.
That for which you were keeping money
~thdh ould hge b hidb a checki,
fif ihe. C ter
& P*
for safety, if fplr no
other reason.
17. 1

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