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'Lanford, Oct. 30.--Rev. J. M., Robert
son preached .his last sermon in this
conference year Sunday to a very ap
preciative audience and will leave real
sdbn to attend conference.
Mr. T. A. 'Druminiond and family will
move to Laurens next week, very much
to the regret of his friends and eigh
born. In fact the whole community
.wiII feel the loss to a great extent for
he and 'his noble wife took a-n active
part in both church and school work.
'hey had the interests of the commun
'ity always at heart and were ready to
hell) in every conceivable way. We
hove and pray that God's richest bless
ing will rest on him and his family in
their new home, and that he will make
frequent visits back to his home town
where they will flud a hearty 'welcome
by each and every one.
Miss Mary 'Martin, of Lander college,
was the week-end visitor of Miss Grace
DeShields. They both returned to
Greenwood Mlonday morning.
Mrs. Martha -Herbert is very serious
ly ill at -present. Mr. and 'Mrs. T. D.
Harman, of Unioi . . . 'B. Harmon
and Mrs. W-- :" . a ..
Spent S -
.\liss Fat,..
Mr. J. T. Bu..- . - .
'Mrs. C. D. Cox and childrun were, in
ISpartanburg Saturday.
Mr. R. L. Moore and family, of Ar
cadia, spent Sunday,'with Mr. and Mrs.
G.. J. .Lanford.
The Central school started Monday
morning in tier now commodious, up
'to-date 'building, with .iss Edith
Sm11ith, of Cross HIll, as principal and
.1iiss Kathleen Garrison, of Catawba,
assistant. The school opened up with
much' promise of a successful tenm
and plans are 'being made to celebrate
tihe completion of their building in the
near future.
'Prof. 'Paul Cooper, principal of Pop
]ar- 'Springs school, visited homefolks
this week-end. ,
Mr. Gilbert Cox visited Furman Uni
versity .Saturday and saw -the Rich
mond-Furman game.
'Mrs. R. T. Crow, Mrs. W. S. Prin'ce
and I.rs. A. ilR. 'Holmes went to Lau
rens .Monday on a shopping visit.
Messrs. Henry Holland, C. C. Cox,
Charlton and DeRoy Patterson, Ver
non. Cox, Marshal Owings and Cecil
Burgess attended Ringlin' Bros. show
at Spartanburg.
Misses Leitlia Williams and Ollie
Mae Taylor -went to the singing con
vention at Harmony Baptist church
orent Mass Meeting in Vienna to Eu.
ter Protest Against, Aid to Ausitria.
Vienna, Oct. 29.-An assemblage es
timated by the p)lice to have number
ed 200,000 persons, gathered about
the Rathaus today to protest against
the league of nations plan formulated
at Geneva for the aid of Austria. De
nunciation was levelled particularly at
the sproposed business turnover tax, the
consumption tax and increased ,prices
foir salt and tobacco as placing an in..
supportable aburden on the people.
.It probably will .be a fortnight before
the lanlf of the league wvill -come up
before the national assembly for rati
A racking
nervous headache?
dhases it away.
- ~ -abd deym dutibotgo.
' odppeita with d ed 1
Iye. Used two Anthree
.p!qaagan especiai Inu
Mt. Olive, Oct. 30.-Tbe cllden of
Mr. John iWells, of Coronaca gave ,him
a delightful birthday dinner and cele
bration last i~aturday at the home of
his son, Mr. jai. C. Wells, of Cross
11111. Mr. Jolin H. Cu.Ibertson and
family, of this place, attended the gath
ering acconpanied .by Mr. Robert Bald
win. -Mr. Wells is seventy-six years
old and is still quite stout and active.
The following are the children, all of
whom were .present, together with their
families: Messrs. Eugene and Esca
Wells, of Coronaca; Mr. Jas. C. Wells,
of Cross Hill; Mr. John .Wells, of Gray
Court, and Mrs. 'Martie Culbertson, of
this place. At noon a sumptuous and
bounteful dinner, prcpared and
brought in by the several families, was
spread, which all present enjoyed -to
t'he full. 'nri the afternoon Rev. W. L.
Coker, pastor of Cross Hill Baiptist
church, who was an invited guest,
led some devotional service. The re
mainder of the day was very .pileasant
ly spent in general conversation and
delightful intercourse among the flve
children and t,wenty-one gioandchill
r'ren. Mr. Wells liasi a nource of great
-olation and pleasure as well as
1-i be proud of, in the oplendid
..xd devotedly thoughtful love of
his children (who wish for him many
more such steps in his long life.
'Several of the ladies of 'this com
munity attended the Woman's MLsion- I
ary meeting at Mt. Gallagher church
last Saturday.
Mr. N. -E. Cooper has been Tight sick i
since 'Priday morning-, but is thought
to be some -better today. . -
Mr. 1. W. '111il and family visited
relatives at Cross 1ill Sunday.
Mr. Broadus Hill and family went
over to Barksdale Sunday to see Mrs.
Hill's sister.
IMiss Annie Baldwin, who has -been
here with her (home people several
weeks, returned to her work at flock
11111 last week.
And Mrs. Beverly Harris Says 1er
Husibad will "Pay"
New York,'"'Hell hath no fury like
a woman scorned."
:Mrs. Beverly D. Harris, the beauti
fiul South woman, whom the' former
viced1president- of the National City
-Bank has scorned 'publicly in branding
her with the scarlet letter, today for
the first time attacked her husband's
Unable longer to maintain the sil
ence that her counsel has advised,
Mrs. Harrid, cut to the quick 2by the
recent statement of her husband that
he had been informed that the blood
of the negro race coursed in the veins
pf her mother, today appealed to the
chivalry of'the country's manhood.
Harris will appeal from th decision
of Justice Spiegel'herg of thehfifth dis
trict court, ordering him to pay to
his wife $1,000 monthly alimony and
$3,5i00 in arrears.
"Although my husbnd and his
friends who have concocted these'.lies
about me are southerners, I cannot be
lieve 'that all American chivalry is
dead," ISirs. 'Hfarris exclaimed. "If that
cowardly contemptible cad really. said
that my mother was an .octroioon.
Tiny fists clenched, her body rigid,
this Dixie beauty paused, then spoke
-"H*e'll pay for that with his life.
"Who is going to attend to -that lit
tie matter of.assassination?" she was
"I'll do It,' came the quick, deter
mined reply. "I wouldnt't trust that
job to an agent.
"I slippose my attorneys won't like
this kind of talk, but-I can't help it. I
have stood too mueh in silenee.
There was vitriol in every word that
elassed the''xquiaitely fernted lips of
lillaini Lee Harris.
"He' was' 46 whn I, ihlarrled 'im
seven years ago. -I wais 20. Ne *a worii
out bachelor, took me to revive his owni
dissipated youth. bodi i
"So I have negro bodimyboply!"
Her fists clenched tightiy, her eye
lids narrowedldier voice rose :Hfe'ii
payi >He'll pay!
Eli 'Rayner, -who, Harris -says, isa
gambler of .Metuohis and with' Wh~th
he cht~rges his wife, berore- their m&t
riage, 'lived as his mistress, ig copuing
north '20 stestify fr' airs.. Harrise the
foung womail reaetled.' Tieideitally,
his relationship ti Mrs. Hay'ris may
come us a surprise to the banker it
was himated~
"Mrs Rtyner he no gambler' cricd
that Iv's. h'e ~ ~ ~ e~j
Why natus'ai1," Mr, flarfis
as L lae offinfah
Rate of South Carolina,
County -of Laurens.
Notice is hereby given that the Gen
%ral Blection for State and County of
lcors will be held at the voting pre
3incts prescribed by law in said coun
.y, on Tuesday, November 7, 1922, said
lay being Tuesday following the first
Venday -in November, as prescribed
)y the State Constitution.
The qualifleation for suffrage:
Managers of election require of ov
3ry elector offering to vote at any elec
ion, before allowing him to vote, the
)roduction of his registration cei'ti
Icate and 'proof of the paymezt;k of all
:ards, including *poll tax, assessed
igainst hIT and collectible during the
?revious year. The production of a
.ertificate or of the receipt of the of
lcer authorized to collect such taxes,
;ball ;be conclusive proof of the pay
nent thereof.
Section 237, Code of 1)12, asi amend
3d by Act .No. 6, special session of 1914.
,Section 237. There shall be three
teparate and distinct :ballots, as fol
vows: One ballot for Representatives
n Congress; and one ballot for Gov
wrnor, Lieutenant Governor, State of
leers, Circuic Soli!tors, menibers of
.he House of Rei.' Akentatives, State
3enator, 'county officers, and one 'bal
ot for all Constitutional anmadments
md special questions, eaot of three
said boxes to be appro-priatoly la
)olled; which ballots shall be of plain
white. paper and of such width and
ength as to contain the names of the
)fiicers and questior or questions to
)e voted for or upon, clear and even
:ut, .vithout - -ornauent, designation,
nutilation, symbol or mark of any
cind whatsoever, except the name or
iancs of bhe person or persons voted
Gr and the office to which such per
ion or persons are intended to bo'chos
mn, and all special questions which
tame or names, office or officers, ques
ion or questions shall 'be written or
)rinted or partly written or partly
Lprinted tiereon in black ink; and
kuch bAllot shall be so folded as to
:onceal the name or nan n, question
ir questions thereon, an(d so folded,
;hall 'be deposited in a box to- be con
itructed, kept and disposed of -as here
n .provided by law, and no MAllot of
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teelthy-colordfwhich indicates poor blood, and as a
u there is-nore or-I ess stogpach disturanco.
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arly for two or-three. weeki, will enrich the blood.
npirovethedigestionand actasageneralStrength
ning Tonic to tie whole system. Nature will then
hr40 off or dispel the worms, and the0hild willbo
u rfect health. Plearznt to take. 60o perbottle.
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otpisn prnduc the supy
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and finishing touches,
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hold shape.
Stylish' othes. Bear
; Na lonally famous clothe
clothel ?7u'enteed ce
You get them all in St
any other description found in either
of said boxes shall 'bo counted. -
On all special questions the ballot
shall state the question, or questions,
and shall thereafter have the words
"Yes" and "No" Inserted so that the
Voted may indicate his vote by strik
ing out one or tho other 6f such words
on said ballot, the word not so strick
en out to be counted.
Before the hour flxed for opening
the polls, Alanagers and Clerks must
take and subscribe the Constitutional
oath. The Chairman of the Board of
Managers can administer the oath to
the other members and to the Clerk;
a Notary Public may administer the
oath to the Chairman. Tile -Managers
elect their Chairman and Clerk.
'Polls at each voting place must b"
opened at 7 o'clock a. in, and closed at
4 o'clock p. m. except in the City ot
Charleston, where they shall be opei4
ed at 7 a. i. and closed at 6 p. i.
The Managers have the )poVer to fill
a vacancy, an(l if none of the Man
agers attend the citizens can appoit
from among the qualifled voters, the
Managers, who, after being sworn, can
conduct the election.
At the close of the election, the :\lan.
agers and Clerk must proceed public
ly to open the ballot boxes and count
t-he ballots therein, and continue With
out adjournment until the same is
completed, and make a statement of
the result for each oilee and sign the
same. Within three days threafter,
the Chairman of the Board, or some
one designated by the Board, must de
liver to the Commissioners of Elce
tion the poll list, the boxes contaih
Ing the 'ballots and written statements
of the results of the election.
At the said election qualified cloc
tors will vote upon the adoption or re
jection of amendments to the State
Constitution, as provided in tle fol
lowing Joint Resolutions:
A Joint Resolution to Amend Article
J of the Constitution so as to Author
ize the Town of Greer to Assess Abut
ting Property for Permanent Improve
ments. .
A Joint Resolution to Amend Sec
tion 5 of Article XVI! of the Constitu
tion Empowering the General Assem
bly to 'Regulato the Printing for the
A Joint Resolution to Amend See
tion 5, Articlo X, of the Constitution
Relating to the Ilmit of the Bonded
Debt of School districts, by Adding
a Proviso Thereto as to the Due West
School District No. 38, Abbeville Com
A Joint -Resolution to Amend Sec
tion 7, of Article VIII and Section 5,
of Article X of tihe Constitution, so as
to 1Dxempt the City of Beaufort From
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ithority. But there's
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ry Styleplus garment.
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by- hand, that make
the body contours and
itifully made clothes.
s. Moderately priced
replus. We have them
the Provisions Thereof.
A Joint (Resolution to Amend Para-I.
graph 5, Article X of the Constitutioni
Relating to Bonded Indebtedness of
Counties, Townships, School Districts,
etc., by Adding a Proviso as to the
County of Beaufort.
A Joint Resolution to Provose an
Amendment to Article X of the Con
stituton .by Adding Thereto a 1-oction!
to be Known as Section 13-A, Empow -
Abutting Property for Permanent Im-1
irovement of Highways. The proviI
sions of said Section shall apply only
to Beaufort County.
A Joint Resolution to Amend Scc
tions 5 and 6. Article X, of the Con
stitution, Relating to the Limit of the
Honded Debt of Townships, by Adding
a Proviso Thereto as to the Townsh Ip
of Christ Church Parish, Charlest on
County, S. C., as now Constituted '11m
bracing in Area of Enid Township the
Town of Mount Plcasant, S.
A Joint Resolution to Amend -
tion 5, Article X, of the Constitution
Relating to Limit of the Bonded Debt
of School Districts by Adding a U ro
viso Thereto, as to School District No.
10. Cherokee County.
A Joint Resolution to Amend See
lion 5, Article X of tie Constitulion
Relating to the Limit of the Bonded
Debt of School iDistricts by Adding a
Proviso Thereto as to the Sehool Dix.
1ric, of the City of ilorence in Flor
enco County, South Carolia.
A Joint *Resolut ion to Amend See
tion 'I Article VIITI of the Constitution.
Relating to Municipal Bonded Indebt
edness, by Adding a Proviso Thercio
as to the City of Georgetown.
A Joint Resolution to Amend See
tion 6 of Article - XI of the Constitu
lion Relating to the Formation of
School Dtricts, Etc., by adding a Pro
viso as to Certain School Districts in
Pickens County.
A Joint Resolution to Amend Seo
lion VII of Article VII, and Section
V of Article X of the Constitution so
as to 1Pcnipt the City of Spartanhurg
from the Provisions Thereof.
A Joint Resolution to Amend See
tion 7, Article VIii, and Gection 6, Ar
ticle X, of the Constitution, no as to
ixempt tho City of Union from the
Provisions Thereof.
Election Managers
'Tie following Manigers of Election
have been appointed to hold the elev
tion at the various precincts in tih
said County:
Laurens--O. P. -uff, E. 0. Ander- m,
H1. D. Gray.
Lauren% Mill--Joe Avery, Jim Tew:h;
C. B. Adams.
Watts Mills-If. .'. senn, 1-am11 Hill,
Riehaard Corbin.
Ora----W. Nl. McClintovi<, .1. T,. Coo
looe fo th I
There's no endt h vr
ris-al le eet hns o
laes tens -th paierfar
/evtv a.Sot n o
muhi dmn ti /l.M
Th quecret hn o l
Per, J. M. Wallace.
ILanfOrd1-J. WN. Lanford, J. S. Hig
gins, C. ID. Cox.
I'leasant Ton'nd-L-E. 11. Garrett, C.
19. Burlette, J. Gw. It. Martin.
Yoingi- .. II. Abercrombie C. It.
3obo, A. It. Murtin.
Grays-.. 14. Vineri, F , li.
;re', W. It. Bailey.
Stewart'.. B1iore --(". C. Jones, -1,an.
rens N. Cook, N. .1. Sloan.
Cook's Store-J. 1. K'ooh, It. 11. Gatr
rett, W. N. Stephens.
Thompson's Storc- . W. Gillilnd,
Ii. A. Thomipon, E. Lee Na:.
Ow infH- V. 0. IHunt, 1L. B. Stod
dard, .\. ft. Iunter.
Gray Court. J. W. Well:, A. C.
Shell, A\. 1. Whittle.
Dials P-A. .M. llllams. J10. \V. Sim
mnslIq, 1". ). I Irris.
Woodville- I a s'kell G1 ray, Panl
Jabb, J. C. Malhaffey.
hilIoh1--J. L. I'ower, J. It. Wofi, M.
W. Armistr-ong.
lic kory Tavern- J. W. Kelleit, Todd
Knight, W. .1. Abf'reromite.
P'rineon01---T. -1. Fre'emanl, \V. 11.
Mon rov, G(o, 1". Taylor.
P'la8e Sprii-.1J. 11. Simmions, Mu
gIln- 10. Simp111on. WV. BA. Davis.
Daiel Stor--0. T. O'Dell, 11. 1).
21a'ltin, -M. 1). Alitchell.
Ikoni-- J. C. 'TeJ)i I, G. (". 111i,
W,. WN. (u betson.
Tin T, p -A. W. Ii , 1 ' . 1Iliner,
John Anlderson.
ML. Il'%.'mitl- U. a:ri m 3 Moore, It.
P. Cha.'mait, C. :. Finley.
Vi;erloo- -J. I I. WhArt on, -J. M.
Pncaree, JT. Fr:mk Anlerson.
Cros lil -01A. Al Hll, It. F'. Mcc'(ow
an, J. 11. Nance.
Alount ville --M. 13. 'risp, S. J. Rasor,
R. C. Watts.
lIlpeOwell ITI. 11. Workman, M. A.
Cannon, L. 1,. Young.
Lydla t11111-0. P. Wrenn, It. Y. Cope
hil, J1. 1H. Stewvart,
Clinton-..l. Will Dillard, T. ".
Miam 1. C. 0.1,lan(d.
Clinton Mill--F. A. Cedest, J. II,
VhHfiimlre, R. J. MceCrary.
Gobiville-Jan. L. Browning, MJ . 40,
lam, Watis Stowart.
Henno----.F. It. Arlair, MI. D. MAlam, A.
W". Coelandf.
n -. L. Donnon, S. T. Clark,
Thn M;? * r at a"ci precinet,
ned an , aive e teed to dele
.:I. Ili I nmb r to slecure
bi; 'lh ;sfor Iho lOi at
Ch*k-f ( ourt's oftlice.
. M. WX,\SON,
A. C. (VING8,
h r i l 1 C
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