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Thousands of Them Are Now .On'
Their Way Mousit.
Asheville Citizen .
Migratory birds are au thelf- way
South again and may be ob'erved stop
ping to feed and to rest. A few ducks
have been noticed passiJg over York
Ville, and occasionally, a plhalaux
of wil geese, flying so high that their
"honk," *'honk," barely audible, is
The marking of migratory water
fowl, which has been practiced by the I
collaborators of the liological Survey, t
United Statcs Department of/Agricul
ture, has given evidence that it will be
a most Interesting and important in- I
vestigation. Although the iwork has I
been in progress for only two years it
has had notable results, it is announc
ed. Ducks and other birds, the move- I
ment of which are 'being studied by
this method, are caught, mainly by the
use of special tralps, light aluminum
bands are. placed on one leg and the
captives are released, says a depart
iental report. Each band bears a se
rial number and the legend "3iol. 1
Survey, Wash., 1). C."
In the .Washington oflice of the' Bio
logical'Survey these canded birds are I
card indexed, so that when a hunter
bags a duck 'bearing a band and re
Ports its capture, by referring to the t
card 'file the route covered by the bird
in question can be ascertained. Wlhen 1
such records are received the hunter I
is advised where the birdNwas ban(led, J
while ,te person who -attached the (
hand is informed where the bird fell. t
Duringifall shooting seasons for the
last few years a large number of mal- t
lards and black ducks, with a few f
American, because the species also
w ters in small numbers in the Gulf
region, and it is to that area that the
more northern 't irds might be expect
ed to go. g. - '4
"The return record of ducks of oth
er species, banded near Toronto, have I
afforded valuable data relative to their
migration," the report continues. "The <
lake where the banding was done, (
Lake Scugog, is surrounded by marsh- (
es and thus offers excellent opportuni- (
ties for the ducks to feed and rest 4
before starting the long flight to the (
South. The trappings and banding
were carried on continuously through
the' gutumn, so that by the time the
big'southward movement began sev
eral hundred birds had !been marked.
At this time the season was open from
the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Alexico,
and the migrating birds had to run a
veritable gauntlet of sportsmen. A
large number of return records were
therefore received.
'4in tracing the route of these birds I
it seemed apparent that the mallards I
and 'black ducks travelqd together and I
their course from 'Lake Scugog was
southwesmward along the shores of
Lake EFrie by way of the St. Clair flats.
Here the route divided, the majority
continuing toward the Southwest, I
cross-country to the Ohio river, thence
td thze iississippi valley, where many I
of them $pent the winter.
"The second group that -parted from i
their fellows in. the vicinity of Lake '
Erie took a southeasterly route, cross
ing the Allephenies and reaching t~e I
Atlantic coast by way of Chesapeake I
and Delaware- Boys. It is interesting i
that, although 'both of tliese kinds of
ducks arc present and the black duck
is 'plentiful along the coast of New
TJakes Drastic Steps to Prevent Delays
in Executions.
Columbia, Nov. 3.-4ranting a netw
trial to Cliff illawklns, of Greenville,
whlo has twice had sentence af. deat/h
passed upon him for the murder of
W~illiam Morgan in 1920, the upr'emie
Court of Soyth Carolina today handed
down a decision making drastic
changes in the procedure to be follow
ed in capital cases in the future, with
a viewv to preventing unneces'aary de
lays in execution.
The order provides that, after the
Supreme Court hals once affirmed a
death sentence of the lower courts,
the dlefendant cannot obtain the bene
fit of a motion for a new trial on the
gr'oum~d of after-discovered evidecnce,
the only course then open, exc(1pt with
the consent of the State Supreme
Court. If there 'be n'o sitting of-that
court between the days if sentencing
*and the date sot for the electrocition,
the '1efendant must secure from ,the
Governor a temporary reprieve to giv~e
*him 9pportunity to present 'his case to
the court. The granting of the re
prieve is optional -with the Chief Eoi
ecutive. Heretofore, /circuit judges
have granted a ner trial on the ground
of additional evidence, after thge $41
*premne Court had sustained a sentence
of c4eath.
Hawkins was flrst sen tencE d. to die
- n O'ftobe' 1, 19 by thf,"tonr~ of,
attorneys per'fed otice of an ii tent to
General fesslons at Greenvll Itls
angeal .bdh; act in autpm alaly
Judge T. J. Mauldin And made .a .mo
lion for a new trial on the ground of
lowly discovered evidence. JudgO
dauldin refused to grant the motion
saying :he was without Jurisdiction, as
he motion was made in chambers, but
ranted a stay of execution. Iawkins
kppealed fron this order, but later
bandoled the appeal, and his attor
keYs appeared before Judge Mauldin
n open court, and there renewed their
notion for a new trial, This time, it,
vas granted. The State of Sout-h Car
>lina appealeid from this decision, and
t was this al)peal which was decided
odhy by tihe Siprene Court.
IHiyomnei's germ-killing iedlication is
he only sensible and safe way of
reating catarrh Goes right to th
plot. Breathed through the nose and
nouth. GQuaranteed satisfaction W)'
noney refun(ledv. Sold by Iaurenms
)rug Co.
Big stocks of Merchandise at both
Rtores...Laurens and Oteenwood Must
le Sod...is what the Law 6ays.
1atio of Loss From Weevil Over 50
Per Cent in This County.
A total of 11,409 bales of cotton of
he 1922 crop had been 'ginned in
,aurens county through October 18,
Ls compared with 23,401. for the samne
>eriod last year, according to a report
ist made public by the Bureau of the
,ensus of the (Department of' Agricul
u re.
Following is the ginning ilgures for
he entire state as of October 18, and
or 'the same period last year
County 1922 1 21
Obbeville.4,991 1. ....
kiken ...... ...11,489 11,202
lelidale ........5,231 3,879
knderson .. .. .. ..6 ' 43,315
3anberg ..' .. ..4,995 3,307
3arnwell ..........265 7,286
3erkeley .. .. .. ....262 506
allhoun .. ,...4 3,853
3herokee .. ....7,786 8,81
Yhester .........12,251 15,706
%hesterfield .. .. ...11,543 14,836
'larendon ........3,016 6,608
,olleton ..2283 1,152
)arlington .... .... 5 15,183
Jillon ..11.743 23,456
)orchester.1,489 1,126
Edgefteld.3,762 5,32 5 .
iairfield .. .. .. ...3,975 6,222
Plorence .........4,112 14995
xreenville ..... 19,5 5 5 24,542
Ireetnwood.3,049 8,707
lampton ..........2,002 2,371
lorry.. ..242 1,709
Fauper......,.. ..1,326 55
Kershaw .......8,363 8,41
...ancaster.......,785 8,7101
.................W1402 23,401'
.... . . 10,66 14,6
xngton 3.... .,727 5,963
deCorilck.......704 301-56
arion . .2,482 8,15
arlboro.526,684 31,949
,;ewlferry......6,105 11,678
)cone4 .. .. ...8,305 12,759
)rangeburg... .10,231 14,111
11ns.......,43 14,811
~aua......3,3 6,168
2utr......,98 14,1528
Jafon . -..8;6427 9158
~Villamabrg...... 1,7343 23,496
ok.......15, /21,26
[h tt....33, 493,222
To Stopa4,o12 14.995
~ke HA~r 19A555 HONE,542
~ugh elci whicstop thecouh07
SAcaster. Ches Cods Hea C,785 s8,71
Aurj1ienc.s.. wih. vey.tleo
xigton be ..be ..techsndtra
Tharioln. efe. of ..e'Hain oe n
)coee ..oat..bh.. wi.. ehein feto
Boatanrgde a., pake inoec.o n h
Justliasbur d. ug. to.HAES
..rk.. ....:.
.ll.Ot.her .. .. .
. i',02 2 ,0
. 0,6 46
. ,2 ,5
. 9 0 ,5
. ,4 2 . ,6
. . 6,54 3,94
. , 5 1,7
. 835 2,5
. . 1 ,23-1 14,11
. . 8834 2,81
-s -;X - -- - -
.~ :.:~$.$25 $30 $35
-- -Comfort - ear Guarantee
SOvercoat ---anyody can pick a good looking
coat but few men know rea quality.
Come in here some day and let us show you Styleplus
Overcoats-not only good looking but so good in quality
that the makers put the Styleplus label in every oneanda
printed guarantee in the pocket-that saves you trouble
in hunting the right garment, it relieves you of worry
about wearing a poor one.
Style--certainly; look for yourself---stylish collars that are also real
storm collars, yoke backs or plain backs--Raglan sleeves, kimono
sleeves; plain sleeves---cuffs or no cuffs--belts all around, half belts or
no belts. , Every coat roomy and comfortable.
Good-looking, long wearing, all-wool fabrics, with fancy plaid backs
or plain.
Thiloring that keeps the style and makes you proud of your coat al
Stick to the Styleplus known label---you are never going to regret it.
Laurene, S. C.
- - - - . - - - - . - ~ . - . . ~ - . ~ . ... - - . ...... . . . . . . . . . .
4~~X AC+,
-4 . - - -aomaer semz -4- - = sez z an amsam-r a ms
1- din, -pr House. . . . .N vb.
'~4~~~aid Opra ouse, Novem ber 1

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