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The Quick,
Sure Soap Maker
-the choice of thousands of wo
men for making pure soap quickly
-easily. Use waste grease, wa
ter and Red Devil Lye-that's
all. Easy, successful recipes for
hard and floating soaps on the
can label. Insist upon the gen
uine-pure, strong, lasting.
Ask fcr it by name at your grocer's
-3 ) liI bId
The Quinine That Does Not Affecl
the Head
Because of its tonic and laxative ef
(Tablets) can be taken by anyone
without causing nervousness or ring
Ing in the head. E. W. OROVE'S Big
pature on box. 20c.
Renew your health
by purifying your
system with
a ota s
The purified and refined
calomel tablets that are free
"rom nUsea and danger.
No nalts ncc-ssary, as
Calotabs act like calomel
and salta combined. De
mand the genuine in 10c
and 35c packages, bearing
above trade-mark.
Insist on Bayer Package
Unless you see the name "Blayer" or
Dpackage or on tablet you are not get
tig the genuine Bayer product pro
ecribed by physicians ove. twcow.y-tw<
years and -proved safe by n'ill!.;tn foi
Colds IlIeadache
Toothaohe Zimbago
t~rache (Rheumatism
Neuralgia Pain, ?ain
-Accept only "Bfayer" -package whici
.contains proper directions. Handy box
es of twelve tablets cost few cents
Druggists also sell bottles of 24'ant
100. Aspirin is the trade mark o1
Bayer Mantifacture of 'Monoaceticacid
ester of Salicylicacid.
Try a sack of new
flour from the mill.
There is none bet
We Deliver It. ,
By a Man Who Evidently Has
Studied the Subject.
Some Few Facts May Have Been Qven.
looked, But in General it Witi 1e
Found Pretty Comprehensive.
"Rain," said the msp,who presidgq
over the fortunes of the all-night
luncb room, "is a phenomenon fadilliai
to all of us from our early yetitvs.
Scientists telt us that rain Is the mol
ture which makes the clouds before it
is condensed into rain drops by com
Ing into contact with colder air edir
rents, and that is very interesting.
"There are certain othej interesting
facts convected with. rain. I hIAve
spent much time in collecting theim.
Rain can be confidently expected to
? lI on the Fourth of July, on the 17th
6f March, on the dates of weddings,
open-air prize fights, and inaugurafions
of thqPresidents, when it sometinds
appears frozen and Is then cuUed
snow. It can be looked for with as
surance on other occasions too nu
merous to mention qnd it comes fre
quently in defiance of all known ruies.
"Thore are certain cities in this
country which support a gine called
baseball," lie continued. "In these
Cities rain is famous principally be
chuse it produces what are known as
double-headers, an arrangement rnuch
io favor among certain admirers of the
"In the days before c0ildren were
Geprived of the pleasure of risking
their lives with fireviorks in celebrk
tion of the signing of the Declaration
of Independence each Fourth of July,
rain was halled with delight on that
anniversary by certain nervouts men
and women. It exerted a dampening
influence on the dangers of the day,
tended to reduce the noise of the oc
casion and made it almost impossible
to set roofs on fire with skyrockets
and powder cracliers.
"But today alnost the only persogs
who welcome rain are the husbands
and fathers of the land, who seek
excuses for accompanying their wives
and children to places of 6o-called
amusement and who, 'by some strange
superstition, regard a holiday as a
period in which to rest. Rain is 9a
pecially unwelcome on days like the
Fourth of July to the people whose
profts depend on the assembling of
thousands of patriotie celebrators in
the open air.
"Aside from holidays, rain is deemed
a valuable stock in trade by farmers,
gardeners, the manufacturers of rub
bers, raincoats and umbrellas. House
wives usually object to it, because in
all the centuries of civilisation thre
male members of families have never
learned the real use of the mat at the
front door with 'Welcome' wiritten
on It.
"Rain is sometimeq, but not often,
useful as an Inspiration to poets, a'
vertisement illustrators and peop 9
with bad tempers. The las't class often
waxes really eloquent when the gentle
drops fall from the clouds.
"He told me that he had just been
presented with something from over
the border that rendered him immune
to the ills attendant upon rain, called
me a crass materialist and went out,
thinking of violets, I guess, because
he forgot to pay for his coffee."
Pr-ovidence Journal.
Do We Laugh In Dreams?
Why do we have no sense of humor
while we are dreaming? And why do
we take almost everything as a mat
ter of course?
In our waking moments we should
be surprised if a fat Chinese guest
were to swim like a goldfish through
the dinIng room where Lloyd George
is gratefully eating a mud jie
brought in by a little gIrl whose hair
is done up in eight pigtails, and a
tailor is applying an immense flatIron
to thle coat which its owner is wearing
while he is smoking a saxophone, and
a swarthy man is chopping up books
and cording them in the center of the
Perhaps we do laugh while we
dream, and then forget that we
Reigious Freedom Under Bolshevism.
'The baptizing of children will not
be allowed in Russia in the future.
The supreme council of the church,
which is under Soviet control, is elabo
ratinlg a new church law dealing with
baptism. In this the age of baptism
Is fined at eighteen, and the consent
of the person concerned must be ob
tained in writing and fied with the
Seeing is Betieving.
Jane, age four, had just come in
from tour hours in the sand pile and
was having a prolonged session in the
bathroom with htir mother.
"Jane, your hands are simply
frights," exclaimed mother, consIder
ing the possible use of a scrub brush.
"But, mnother," retorted Jane, "you
ought to see my knees; they're more
frightened than my hands."
British L.egacy L~aw Shift.
A change in the English law is pro
posed by which ths freehold property
of a man who dies without .lehvia a
w$l may'be divided among all his chil
dren. .As the law is at .present the
prepeijy goes to his eldest don.
Grant apeg Taff.
With the exceptiof(of General Grant,
hlp~, eupled th aot ohl1y tor a brief
- o~di d .~d~sa atin
People of Tristan da Cunha No
Longer Isolated.
installation of Wireless Telegraphy
Will End Seoluulon Which They
Seem to Have Enjoyed.
Tristan da Ounha is the general
name for a group of three small vol
canic Islands belonging to Great"Brit-L
ain situated in the South Atlantic
about 2000 miles west of the Cape of
Good Hope and about 4,000 miles
nortneast of Oape Horn. Tristan, the
largest ond northernmost island, has
an area of 16 square miles, is circular
In forAP, about seven miles in diatne
ter, and has a volcanic cone (7,640
feet), usually capped with snow, in
the center. It soinetimes happens
that Tristai da Cunha remains six
months, ten months, a year without
receiving news from any part of the
world, says the Philadelphia Inquirer.
The islands were discovered in 1506
by the Portuguese AdgiiraI Tristan
(or more correctly Tristao) de Cunha,
after whom they are named, during a
voyage to India, but it was not until
the Nineteenth century that the
Islands were permanently inhabited.
One dWs an American named Lambert,
"late of Salem, MAass., mariner and cit
izen thereof," landed in Tristan and
decla.red himself sovetelga and sole
possessor of the group (which he re
naiped Islands of Refreshment.)
"I have made up my mind," he
wrote, "to prepare fpr myself and my
family a home where I shall be able
to live without the difficulties that
have constantly troubled me, and to
procure for us a property that will in
sure us forever the measure of living
and preserve us from common misfor
Jonathan Lambert had many imita
tors. le artived in 1810. In 1816
the Island had already counted 72 14
habftants. It counted 80 in 1860, and
100 in 1908. According to the latest
news, Tristan population has it
creased to 180 persono, men, women
and children, and . . . pastor in
cluded. Incidentally Lambert's sov
ereignty was short-ltved, as he was.
drowned in May, 1820, while out fish
Tristan da Ounha has no history.
It knows neither industry nor com
merce, nor war. It has' no neighbors
who envy it. There is no government.
The people manage their affairs
without any laws, the project once en
tertained of providing them with a
formal constitution being deemed un
Nothing, or nearly nothing, would
be known about the customs of these
Robinsons if, in 108, an advertise
ment in a London paper had not sig
nalized the sad condition of those pco
pie living even outside of religion i
Thereupon an Anglican pastor, Rev.
Mr. Barrow, decided to go there with
his wife and a servant. It took themi
six months from Southampton to reach
the island. They remained there three
years, and Mrs. Barrow has left an
excellent narrative of their visit.
In this way it was lesaxned that those
recluses, even if they did not consider
themselves very happy, seemed to fear
that they would be even less happy if
they deserted this island., In 1006
the majority for the second time re
fused to desert the island, though of
fered allotments of land in Cape Col
But an incident has just occurred
that will upset their life. A catie
from Rio de Janeiro tells of the ar
rival on the island of a new pastor
who brought with him a wireless ap-.
paratus. Henceforth Tristan da Oginha.
may know everything.
Too Busy to Get Up.
Pleasant dreams have a feeling of
dissatisfacetion with cold, everyday
facts. The contrast between the ro
mance of unfettered imagination and
the world as it is frequently proves
distressing, remarks the Portland Ore
Two young bank clerks room togeth
er. One of them awoke and began
preparing for the day, but hesitated te
arouse the other-he slept with such
a pleasant smile. Finally the ordeal
could Dot be postponed any longer and
the sleeper was subjected to a rude
series of: shakes..
"G'way, I cae't get up yet. I must
go back to sleep," was the drowsy pro
"But it's tomorrow morning, we got
to be at work in halt an hour."
"You go--leave me alone I I'm bi
cycle riding with a pretty girl and
she ismjust giving me her address, so I
can call. And I lost my bat and I
have to go back to sleep and find it."
Te Aid Ribbon industry.
The ribbon manufacturers - e the
United States are organising a "Make
It' of Ribbon" campaign in e rder to
further thie interests of the tzkdustry,
which represents an investmept of
$20,000,000 aud an annual busln9su of
Geod Mixers.
"Your fecent attitude has been
s howat ponderous and alpot," ?*
2*4the solicitous fried.
. m~es have ebsnged," tfepied -)n.
~tov,'.orghum, ,"In politics ;tih 'good
Ixer' has gone out of Atte~ aiong
i4tU'the bartender,"
There is no line of bt
baker. He is a contributo
ideal, home-loving man b
ness man, acquires a liki
a similar business interes
just share of patronage.
MORAL:-.-No wron
Home Baker."
Advertiser Printing
Printers and Publishers
Read The Advertiser and Keep
Up With the Home News
Wells Clardy Co.
Two Big Stores
Dry Goods, Clothing, Shoes,
J. C. Burns & Co.
Home of
More Goods for Same Money,
Same Goods for Less Money
Laurens Coca Cola
Bottling Co.
Quench the Thirst With' a Bottle
.of Delicious Coca Cola
Buy it By the Crate
Quality high .-Prices Low
On the Square
R. W. Willis
lurnitur. of AU rinds
Musical Instmument
We Zawit. Tou Inspection
Laurens Drug Ci.
Pure Drugs, T!oilot' Arises,
"The senlI stor"
fttziture,#oe 0tea,
3V B1T2Ingero~ QI
isiness more necessar y to a <
r to the town's physical and
elieves in co-operation with
ig and taste for his producto
t and co-operation. The
g without a remedy. '-In
Powe Drug Company
Drugs and Medicines of AU Etud
Victrolas and Victor Records
Peoples Loan &
sn slomorencsay oa
Ieer inr cop eratoneit
1 a cooeati on The
Pome Friure Coo.n
Victroa anitors Ocors
er-omples oan &unhr
W. . HOUGHPrsien
Wiliamol mon
Sol iof Sa re
HWe uritur ne Co.
or Stover us .. c
Whaeroug Ctothn Coll
Soth e a'sf Sqore
Warto Clothsn-- g.
ommunity than its home
financial existence. The
fellow citizen and busi
, and exacts of his famiy
home baker deserves his
the future support your
The Princess Theatre
Not Only 'or Amusement But for
Diversion After Business Houn
A. L. Mahaffey
Ask for Our -Pullman Loaf
L. B. Blackweli
Printer and 5tationet~
J. C. Shell & Company
The ramily Grecer
Choice Vegetables in Seson
Jones-Taylor Hardware C.
Hardware Agr~icultral Imuple..
ments, Mill Supplies, Paints,
Ol~S, Varnishes, Sporting Gooas.
5 & 10 Cents Store
Davis-Rioper Co.
Department Store
rLaurena t trQulp
L rea ge4~o

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