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. Local and Personal MentIoni
Mr. IW. C. -fflitcliell, of MlouLtville,
was a visitor in the city Alonday.
.\ib5s-LIouise' Snith, of Wintlh rop col
lege, 'caie home for the week-end.
lr. and Mis. Clyde Franks left
Iolnday for a visit of a few days in
WVash ingtoti.
.\liss Ititth IHunter, of Pr''osperity was
the Week-r1it giest of Dr. and Nis.
It. l"'. littghes.
-irs. 111. S. Ilackwell and t.4. . E.
Copeland spin t last Vednesday in
it rta nburg.
-\\. ii. I$al is in Carlington
where shle is visiting het. <hilghter,
!ls. Chiles Calhoun.
-lr .and( Mrs. I"'arl WVi!.tm, of, Gas
totnia. have re iitrnled ho011e after a visit
of a few days t.o 'lMrs. Ii' A. .Davis.
*AIms Rebeeca Clai'ke, of i Hen derson
vilIe, N. C., spent ilie week-end with
herI paren-mts. All'. and 1.\It's. C. AI. Clarke.
\ Jrx. 1. ). Sitllii van, of 'ash's De 'ot,
is ielrating from a recent ilness
at the hoiie of her father. Judge It. C.
\Va t(s.
Alr. Clyde T. Franks, \\who is with the
Pederal 1-a141d Bank inl Iluibia,
.tpent thIle week-end at home With his
'.t\s. Roy C. Hitog. of Columbia, has
been Spending several days in the city
withl her tother, Mr's. iLaura .l. Pias
:Alirs. J. . Jofinson has returInld to
Imp home iII -Spartan burg after a visit
to Mrs. laskoll Sandersand Miss Josie
Miss Toccoa Gray, who is attendig
Convere svent the week-end in the
city with Ier .parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.
itial Gray.
.\Ir. Ambrose FEasterby, student at
Clemson, spent the week-end in the
city with his mother, Mrs. Laura
Mrs. Has-kell Sanders, Mrs. R. E.
Copeland and Mrs. Sue Anderson mo
tored to Greenville Friday where they
s*"ent the *day.
'.lrs. EIdgar. A. l3rown, of Barnwell,
with her little daughter', Emily, came
Titesday night tor a visit of several
weeks to her' father, MI. Pd. Sit
Al iss Dell Atonl tgoimery, wilo is a
stutdent at LiI1estonle, spent the oweek
end in' the city with ler parents, ir.
and .5irs. J. F. Miontgomery on 'lEast
Maitn street.
A.\i'. and BAirs. Mac Irby and little
daughter, l-lelen, Mrs. Nannie M. Irby
and .lrs. Clara FEvans left Sunday by
motor for a. few days visit to Cheraw
and Marion.
Mrs. J. 1). Watts, regent of the Henry
-Laurens chailter, ). A. ft., left Tues
day .afternoon by niotor for Spartan
wburg, to attend t-he state convention of
the D./A. r.
'Mrs. Carter -Price. of ainrnwell; for
merly Miss Lucy AlcPhail of this c'ity,
arrived Tuesday night for a visit of
teii days to her parents, Mr. and 'Mrs.
.W. H. McP-hall,
- Miss Agnes Medlock, teacher of Do
*mestic Science at 'Wintifrop college,
- s'ent the wveek-end in the city withi
her' sister', Miss Ethel 'Medloek, teacher
in the local schools.
.Mi'. Thos. C. Holt, who hasi been in
the veter'an's hospital foi' several
mon this, tias sifllciently r'eoveredl to
-be dismissed fronm fut'theri treatment
a lnd Ls no~w at home.
Mrt. ETirle Caine, ot' Chicago, Is
sp~eiiding a few% (lays in tthe city with
his mother, Mt's. 'Rosa I. Caine, who
has been qite sick for several wveeks.
Miss Lois Fultei' hios returned to
Columbia coll:'e aftei' a visit to liei'
lparients. >She had the hionor' of being
elected - ti'easuriei' of the Fi'esliman
class of more that) One' hdindi'c'd stu
dIenti s.
MIiss Arrah Holt, who is teaching in
A bbeyi lie; "and Misses Kat herl'ne and
3lariion Blolt. .who ai' students'at Lime-.
stoine, seent-'the wreek--end in 2the city
with their .parenfts, Mr'. and .Nri'.. ..
4Vari'ren Blol t.
A mong. the'- 'Winthr'ol girls who
splent tliedeok-end at homo wer'ot iss
'Is Troccott r'y, Eleano' 'Millr,tou
fse Smlti'agud Eva Taylor.. Miss~dh'y
br'ouit i md' a hr guest Miss5 Mflj
di'od Bolton 'of areiwpod.
Mrs. Vijn ddldpr retuitied to thd
city Suinday afteri; s'peniding seve'ra
\weeks in New York. pregr daughter,
C.,. arrived the siume' day- (9 ,spend,
sonme tiuine here with :tMr. *ahd" Mrd
Gelder and Mr. and Mrs. S, P. lhteu'.
Friends of AMr. J. -M. ,Wiggins,Arblo
I. as hurt .in an automobile accideit in
N ~orth 3~arolina' several months 'ago,
Will 'be sorry to letgrn tht I-e is'alh
don1 ned to his home after having got
ten otg on the etreets foi' some time.
eO still suff~rs considerable pafn, '
; "X(sse Harit Hughes, 6arah 1plisa
* Wygert, Jennle Wr~ght andl fni
':;.ouf Washingten, *hio ate all Mtdy
ing. at converse Colleges spent' the
Arinstice iDay holiay at home in 7/au
'~'np .M iWaslidgton 'bfought thyree
i'20t With her iseo0 iuoy. Alen,'
ErinEst Iasterby, Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Caine, and, Messrs. Albert Todd. Frank
McCravy, 1. C. Ilarksdale, J. 'Wells
Todd, ames'C. l'odd, J. McD. Moore
George N. Wright,,iI. W. Gasque, Thos.
C. '131It, Ben Sullivan, Jr., Oscar i'eu
dersoln, aIety Beiinett, ac Irby, .1.
- I1arney, Ots S-Iluff and 13111 Lake.
For Novemiberii ride
.1lonoring t)l iss; Aladie ,\ae Jessee,
a bridO-elect, .\ls. Frank Reid eniter
ta in ed at. a nine tabie card pa rty
Thur-sday afterinoon. Pour i tables of
Forty-''wo and live of liridge were
'Played ain( a colorful setting of yel
16w lhrysanthemums. After an hoiur
of eioyable playing, (he hostess serv
(Id a delicious salad Course and a1
sweet coulse. TIhe guest of holor
W" - then presented with a lovely ao
pliue( breakfast cloth of yellow Inmen.
0 0 0
Weddintui it Wie(rloo
'Waterloo, Nov. I. I-On last S1unday
afte rnoonl, .r. Joe W. Saxon, of near
here, Ilotorid k) C ross i Ill and ca I
rfc(l .iss '%au( I)avis, daughter of .\lr.
N. W. Davis, to ILaurens and 'were
quietly married. Rev. J. A. .Martin
peroried the Ceremony. Mr. Saxon Is
a successful ypung farmer of this
place an( he and his lovely bride are
at home receiving congratulations. \e
all join in wishing them imany happy
an( proisperous years.
.0 00
DInner for College Girls
Jionoring Miss Ilmninie Lou Washing
ton, wvho was home for the -holiday
from Converse college, and her guests,
tllisses Caroline Cowan, Lucy Allen
and Maiy White, 'Miss Olynthia Iones
entertained at a lovely dinner Friday
night. Covers for six'Couples Were
laid at three small and one large table,
all of which were decorated with ewhite
daisies and silver candlesticks. A de
licious six course dinner was served,
aifter which tile guests repaired to the
Fleming reception.
0 00
Smal11l Boys (.'ive lteelil
C. '. Squires, Jr., Johnny Franks I
and Janles Dunklin, three of tile piano
pupils of Aliss Hattie Gray, gave, a I
most delightful recital a- the hoie of
their tdacher Saturday iorniing, the
parents of the 'performers and a few i
friends being present. Considering the
fact that the boys .had' .been studying t
music only flvc months they Showed v
remarkable talent and musical kvowl- c
edge. 'Besides the pipano selections C. r
T. Squires, Jr., and Johnny Franks de
lighted their audience with a vocai se- a
lection. .After .the recital, -Miss Gray I
served chocolate and cake. a
000 O
Meeting of Wednesday ('lub
Mrs. Robert Roper was the delight- V
ful'lostess to the Wednesday Club at
its anniversary -meeting on Wednesday
afternoon. Mrs. 'Roper's home was
beOautiftilly decoraftedl for the occasion
with yellow and white chlrysdnthe- a
miltmls,' placed in tall vases ab1oult tileT
two rooms in aiwhich the clb was en
tertined. 'rhe speaker for theC occa- j
s10on was iDr. George A. Wauchope,
hlead of tile departmient of linglishl at
the1 University of Souith Carolina0 wihot
gave a miost interesting and instrue
tive talk on Literary Amlerien. lie
ebief('ly dlisced the Americanlzdtion
or tile solidifying force, and tile Re
gionizatlin of Amnei'ican literature, 11
lustrat ing 1his points with original
maps1). At thle coincluision of' tile meet -
ing tile hostess serv'ed a dleliciouls salad
course wilth coffee.
- 00 o
ilecep~ilon for Mr. nuld Mrs. ('hins. F'.
The spacious home of Mrs. J1. 0. C.
Fleming was thle scene of a large and
brillianlt recepion Fri day night, gIven
by Mrs.leniing in hr.onor 'of heor 501n
and daughter--in-jawv,,Mr. aid' .lrs;
Charles Eloming, wll oe mariried in'
.Roinon'e,'V~a.,NQvetriber* ist. Tile on
tireQ low,4/" floor' of 4p house wva
clirfown 49eii for th(' 0'e siol and lay
ishly,Acecorate' w;ith yeloav and white
chii'i/nthemin tf# greep~ felis anud othl a
er .dttif plants lb fthe .living room1
*epeto Izl ~and) lilar? ,j yellow
wvhite chrypanthntung decorated the ~
dining. ronh Anl-oiftee rohi.
The guestfedore rebeidil at (he
front- donrdfMr. and 'irs. J . Toild,
Mr. Charles Hughes and Mdis's 'Rth
H~untetpt Prosperity, and from there
were ,lntgodneed to 'the receiving line
'by i',i phd, Mrs. Joe Phinney.. Tho re
ceiving line was composed 'ot Mrs. J.
O, C. Fleming, Mr4 and Mrs.' Charles
Flenging, Mr. and Mrs. .Frank - Cainq. d
and Mr.1 atiid rad eoll Roper, Th
brie .*ore a handsbnie. goet of gold
bi'odaded thetl'elobtjtrimned in rai
bowi chiffon Eltin gold nlippers an i
Dtoebfli the ls to dh libt ary
Mere 'l!r and Sir . Flemizf Joples, an
reivelt here gere'Mis. :n. ~~4~
conducted to the dining-room by Mrs. 41
A. ). Cray and Mrs. J. R1. llis. The
dining table was beautiful with Its
reliny lace cover and decorations of
white chrysanthemums in silver' vases
aid silver candlestricks. Cutting green
anld white ice croam an( angel cake
were Mirs. . 1, Flemg and Mrs.
Crewvell Fleming. 'while those receiv
ing wer'e I )r. and. Mi's. R. l'. iHughes,
.\isS Bessie Todd .and '.\liss Irene Ray.
Mi- 4es I lla Todd, L.largaret Dunlap,
Rose Gray and Iekab IRichards helped
serve, whiif Misses I sinua Vance Jones
andi( iarriet ''oddi andI Rolfe li ughes
!m"'zoed gl.''on -lilt] whilv 11in111 and
roii the dining-room the guests
were shown into the coffee room by
Miss Olyn thlIa J ones. lier14' the Rev.
T. I-. Squires and .lrs. Squires. .\ir. and
M1rs. (*art- Barksdale and~ .\liss \\illie
lones polried coffee.
I' 1c ii. Io .'ie
The fpilowiltg account in tile lHoa
Ioke Time), of the wedding of Mr.
11harlies Fleming to ;.\liss i'dith AIlrie
Bain es, will he read wiiti great inter
'St n urn .\It*. anld Mrs. Peleming'.
lre i1nk0nu' ithir hme erle .w itll thirm.
nother. Ali.'.s. J. (). . F e ig
Palni. En'lelish ivy andl large has
<Ots of white chrysanthemums der-o
'sed the atar of the Calvary ap
ist church yeste(rIhy aft(erIoonl at 5
)'clock for one of the iettiest IarI
'lages of tle altiuimn11 season when .\l Iss
rlith I.Marie Hariles, (laughter of )r.
Ind Mrs. Henry Cooper H3aI'nes, was
inited in marriage to Mi. Charles
*ranklin Fleming, son of .3i's. J. 0. C.
i'leming, of L'aurenls, S. it"./
'Wile tile guests were -being seated
irs. Claude (Guerrant presided at the
>rgan and rendered "hnIlaby, from
locelyn," and just before the entrance
>f tle -bridal l#rty, lr. Ilarry NasI
lang "Until" and "For. You Alone."
L.ohiengrin's Bridal Choris - was
)layed as the wedling party entered
lie church, and during the ceremony
'Traumnerere" was softly lendered.
The imp, ressive ring11 C O ceeony Was
wifoimied bty .Dr. Richard S. Owens,
iastoir of' Calvary Baptist church.
The ushfc's wvere four broilers of tle
iride, Meossrs. Raymiiolid, Richard,
Frances and Albert Barnes.
Mrs. I icha:rd liogers, .r., ,w'as the
linatron of Ihonor.
She was handsomely gownied in a
irocaded silver lace dess over black
atin mlade with basque and long.
Iraped skirt. She wore a picture hat
nd carried red roses.
Little VlrgLinia Barnes, a sister of
ie bride. was the cvhiarning flowerI
Ir-. She wvas; dressel illn a flesh-col
red georgette frock, and scattered q
ose petals ill the aisle. I
Stuart Barnes, of Rock Hill, S. C..
cousin or tle' bride, was the ring
carer. He wore a white middy stilt
nd carried the ring concealed in a
'hite chrysanlthemum.
The bride- entered with her father,
iho gave heri in marriage.
The 'bride, who is a lQvely -brunette,
as modishly attired in a Hawaiian
Ilue coat suit, of velour delalne, wIth
lue fox trimings, and she caried
shower bouquet of Opheclia r'oses and~
Allies of the Valley.
The gr'oomi had as his best man, Mr.
~rank Caine, of Laur'ens, S. C., his
At (lie conclusion of' the' ieremiiony
lie bida p(.1arty left 'the church to the
t'ains of -Menidelssv'nni's Wedldinig
Mi's. Flemling wvas a stuident of Ilol
ns College and Mr. Fleming was edu
atedl at D)avidsqin College, 'in Xoi'thI
The out-of-town guests foi' the w'ed
lig were MrIs. K. -C. Unrnest' antI son,
tewarit, oft Rock Hlli1, S. C.; M1r. and
Ir's. Gleoi'ge liarnes, of -Washington. D.~
Mr. and Mi's. P. B. Biai'ies, of l'in
n, S. C.: Mr. andh M~rs. A. C. Goiod
'ini, or Greensbor'o, N. C.; Mi's. J1. 0.
*IFleminag, of Laurens, 'S. C.; i'r. and
fr's. Fi'anik Caine, or La~ur'ens, S. C.:
!Fr. and~iMi-s. Cecil R~oller, oif Laurtens,
. C. -
Af'ter a Nor'thcern tr'il), Mr. and Mr's.
'leing will reside in :Laurens, S. C.
C'ardi of Thanks,
We wish to thank our' many fr'iendls
ad neighbor's for theli' kindness durii
ig the nickness and (loath of our dear
iothei'. Also for the many beauitiful
owers. M~ay God's i'ichest blessings
list upon them all.
rer'- Children:
tldcdie, Blea and Willie Mai'tin,
YJs, Tobie Cochran,
Mrs. Joe O'dell,
-Mi's. Tillnan O'dell.
Mr's. 1h'nest Nevos.
lng's -Daughters to Serve Dhin r
The Ring's Daughters will ser've a
hjner at Tei'ry's'old store on Thui's
A'y frdi o1te o'clock on. ,
98sfng Sult Uhappe~ l [email protected] 6, RI. A. ~
A reogul%' convocation of
- Rising Surn Cbapter, No. 6,
R. A M. w11 be held on
At 7:80 o'cloc),. Inbi~
~l ;A~ t
Cohen's Department Store
The Most Value Per Dollar
Upholstered Furniture
Made In Grand Rapids
Three Pieces $212.50
Mahogany frames, upholstered in blue and solid silk
velour, padded with fine moss and high grade felt, spring
edges and spring cushions of a special construction, giv
ing the utmost in luxury and service. See this suite in
our window, then come inside and take A stroll through
our display floors where you will see the largest, most
complete and lowest price line of fine house furnishings
to be found in the State and remember we are always
glad tQ have you look.
15~~6 A fcaa v u a
S Still Going 0
The crowds that attended the sale
last week showed that they were,
well pleased wi.ththe bargains. They
continue to come.
Do Not Postpone
Too Long

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