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The Laurens advertiser. (Laurens, S.C.) 1885-1973, November 22, 1922, Image 10

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

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Oh, were you ne'er a
you'll never drain aga
now in happy dreams
the reach of, competit
" "odSal " piue thread Silk Hose, t hree
sea ni effeot inl blaek. an(d la'd at only 98e.
They'e relly- wot 1.50,land the cheaper
Sil1k " se, Setuam al back, at 45e. I adies'
I I ose IO'. Ladie' Iisle Hlose with svaun
at baek tor 15(-. Ladies' good quality I isle
llo)se. with sean at back. f'or 29h-. I:L-iis'
''lhisv Kniit Silk Lisle llose foi 45 . Iha
dies' heller qualitv Silk Ilose witi vlocks.
for 9Se.. Ladies' ''lold Seal'' lrand Piu'e
Threa4,4d Silk Ilo(se. with seamt at back, f'or
98c. Ladlies' "Oakbrook'' pure thread %-,,ilk
Il[ose f4or $1.95. Chilrel 's voind(Ital uIlit ,y
Hoste lor' 10 , 12 1-2-. and l5v. 1oys'
hevav vy-r1ibbd Host inl black anld cor-dovan,.
Ifmr 15(, and 20v. Children's. Wool --,porl
I I4)s4. l oe :ilor .1( an 59c. Infi1anlts' lose. golod
(Iiality foru 10c. 1Ladies' Wool Sporl Ilos'
-5., 0 and1 (;)e.
Int foUlblihher -Pails at 25)(. .len 's
Hlll' s I l 1s *or 5. 10,, 15e, 20es 25v and 35v.
.\l' s hc:avy\ eIev Ie lose at 10c.
Whit e Quil,; s and (,())I ntlerpantes :it 1Se,
$1.25. $1.59 111d siZe Slx900 at $1.95. WhiteI
)iiui Spits, extVa hI r1'2e size Six90 a1
.\f('s 'nio .H101 uits at 98e.
Meii's ribbed Shtits anld I )'a wers at 65e'.
.\ i''s fIece''d :Sir t.s an 1HIl)r'awer's at 50c.
Iiadies' ibbeJd Vetsts4 and Paints' at 39e.
I anli's' I ~nion Hiis at 85e, 98e, $1.25.
I adies' -heavy fl eei'd V'esls and- Pants
nl 75e.
Itu aant 's I Ind(ershtir'ts at 25e.
* lufat'si K(it Wrapper PI)1iS 25e.
C (hildrein's Unioin Stits at 35cle. 4~.-5.
(Girls' Uniiion Suilts friotni 4.9' to 95c.
Ilors' I ntioii 'iits~ friom 419e to 95c.
Boy' eeced liined ('fiitn suits at 49e
Inscribed on-a stone tablet
blood of the American Rev
their ability as shoe maker
'Men at -
C Wif
drinker and did you n
,in. Gone like a happ
only can they fird go(
ion, comparison or nio
.\lln's Pants inl bilue Stripes, extra qual
ity: wrth $5.00, at. $2.45.
Alen's Wool Pants in grey and black
tIripes: worth $4.50, at $3.45.
.\a'en's Iigh .gra'de Wool Pants. bIIe cash
Imeiv, <bark st ripes, worth $5.00, at $3.95.
1o ,s (' orduroy Pnnts at 79e.
Extra quality Navy Blue Paus 98e.
.$1.25 and $1.45.
.\eii's Khaki Pants ..... .... .... ..95e
MeIn haki Palts .... .... .... ..1 .00
.\len's Pants ....9..............$1.95
Men'is Rants .... .... .... .... .. 1.45
llen 's Pants ..................$2.45
Mlen's Paits .... .... .... .... ..$2.75
.len's Paits .... .... .... .. .... $3.45
.\Men's Pants. wort.h $5.00, at......$3.95
\iln 's Panlt-s, extra size .. $1.95 and $3.45.
.ln 's Pants. extra size .... .... ..$4.95
* aby Shole..s at. 49e, 95e, 1$1.5 $1.45.
(hib I ren I I iker '' Shoes, flat bottom,
I hi-k so-s, at $1.45, $1.65 and $1.98.
Ali-slN' anld Ch iblpire.'s Shoes at $1.35,
$1.48, $1.79, $1.98. $2.25, $2.35, $2.65, $2.75
an d $2.95.
lk:d( is' havy \\'ork Shoes at $1.98. $2.15.
$2.5, e$2.65, $3.25, and $3.48.
i:Idi(s' Dress.Shoes at $1.98, $2.65, $2.98,
$8. U), $:-,.75 ', V.9-5 and *4.95.
1,die s' olle-st rap Puinps, 111 solid leather
;Jkd sizes 2 1-2 to 5 at $1.45.
J adifas' Oxf ords, brogie style, perfobra t
ed loo In blaik and brown. At $2-.5
Lad ies' Oxfords at $2.95, $3.95 aund $4.25.
Aan'S Scout Shoes at $1.89 and $1.98.
Al1ns lleavy Shoes $2.35, $2.65, $2.95,
, $3.25, $:3.65, $3.75, $3.95 and $4.95.
Alv' r) Shoes at $2.50.
'Alen'is betteri grade [Dress Shoes at $2.65,
.$2.98, $3.25. $3.75, $3.95, $4.25 and $4.95.
Boys' TIan Blrogue 'Shoes, J)prorated toe,
a3t $2.98.
- at $3.75.
Come to Collinsi' De'pa'rment 'tore for
'.S. A emy Shoes with solt, ilexile soles,
he six-dIollalr kind, '~mson last, ait $4.95.
.IDuring I he waril-w'ide war lUele Sam
bonaght jnst this kind for Ithe soldier 'boys,
and~ hie al1ways b~uys thle best. Lower grade
"1(o1ne (G uard '', reguilar' rain, roek and
wear3 1 resistersP, at. $3.65. '" A rmny De)fianice''
sotd ad :G 1ibraltar, .Mlunsona last rockrei
lrIs with I wo soles withi but1 a1 sinigle thought.
all solidl leather, pri3ce $2.98 at Collins' De..
partment Store. 'Lowver grades at $2.35.
Plow Shoes $1.89 and $1.98. All solid rock
in a suburb of Boston are ti
olution." The Bostonians, bi
s is unquestionaple. .For oni
ever drain the joyous
y dream, like a - fairy
d "booze." TODAY, I
.hing more substantial
Boys' Suits, sizes 3 to 7, at $1.95.
Boys' Suit-s at $4.45.
Boys' 'Suits, with 'two pairs of pants.
sizes 7 to 17, at from $4.95 to $6.95.
Boys' 'Serge Suits 21t $7.9 and $8.95.
, a-en 's -Suits at $7.50, $7.95, $9.95, $11.95,
$12.95, $13.95, $14.95, $15.95, $16.95,
J$18.95, $19.95, $23.95 and $24.95.
MCI's Overcoats from $4.95 to $17.95.
Boys' Overcoats at $3.9.5.
Boys' Caps from 25c to 95e.
ten 's CIaS froim 35v to 95(.
.\Nn's 1 Hats from 75v Io $3.35.
You'll have to visit (,Ol,.t1INS' D)E
P-ARTIMEN ' S'PORtE, as I have .iust
bought, in large size and1( regulars, the en
tire pr~oductt of a big Pants Faetory at such
a 'big discount L can sell '.Meun's -and Boys'
'Panrs at less -tha'n regular wholesale pr1ices.
.lyn's K huaki-Kolored P1ants at . only 95e..
Bel ter qiuality at $1.00.
Ladie's' lDresses in colors~ of' solid navy
blue, at $2.95. Ladies' Wo(>i Serge Dress:
es at $4.98..
Crib Bllaunkets for children at 23e. (;5e,
7511'and 98e. Nap Blankiets in imtaionj
woo) for $2.45.
Hill fine Suiting, fast. color, at 29e.
iese historic 'words: o"On ti
owever, of today are inore n
y $2.95 you can buy Heavy'
contents of that *up
phantom flown, 'and.
however, you can find
and at prices below
.\jpronI (lingl n.III. last colors at 10e.
Dress Oin;ghlains, at 10e. -
lIed Ticking at 7e, 15e, 20. and 2)!.
Serg's, browi, bIlue -and 'black, at 49e.
44 inch all wool Serge at. 95c.
50 inch ill wool Serve at $1.25.
44 inch all wool Poiret Twill at *1.95.
Canton Crepe, blue, black and brown $2.95.
Crepe%.de-Chine, 40 inceis wide at $1.39.
Buty-Chyne at 69C.
Past color Dress Ginghams at 11)e.
:32 inmh :Dress Ginghims at 1-5e.
32 inch Lad Lassie at 25c. -
Outling, good quality, at, 15e.
36 inch Outing at 162-3e.
IBlue Shirting at 15e.
Best Oheviots at. 18e.
:36 inch Aladras at 29c.
'Soisette inl tan and white at 29e.
10-4 imported Linen 1Sheeting at $2.39.
"The perfect till) fabrie, ''Ramny-bin, in
1os, greeI., brown, white and lavender 25e.
il Cloth in white and colorsl at 25e.
L4adies' 'Tiweed -Sport Skirts at. $2.95.
Ladies' Wool Plaid Skirts at $3.95.
badies' Wool Serge 'Skirts at $2.75.
Ladies' Coat Sn its at, $9.Q5, j11.95 and
Ladies' Coat. Suits, all wool Tricotinie,
sizes I, 50, 52 at $22.95.
Ladies' all wool Serge Dresses at .$4.95.
la(dies' Coats -at $3.98, $4.95, $6.95, $7.95,
$8.95, $9.95, $12.95, $16.95, $19.95 and
Ldies' Bolivia Coats ait $21.95.
IMen s tine Wool Ilants, extra size, ler
lin)gbonie stripes 'in .blue and1( brlown'. worth
$45.00, ait $3.95.
IHoys' -Sweaters at 75e. -.\len's mixed
wool sweaters at $1.65. Men 's Wool
Sweauters $2.98. Ladies' :Sweaters at 98o,
$1d.25~, $1.65, $2.98, $3.45, $3.69 and $3.95.
Children 's-Sweaters at 75e, 98e, *1.25,
$1.95,. $2.45, and $2.95.
White Wool Flannel at 29c, 35e, 49e, 63c,
S5e and 98c. Red-Flannel at 39c, 49e and
85c. White Flatnne'l, Silk and Wool, 27.
inich, at 85e. Rubber~ Pants 25e.
Collins' -nmi~tehlessi, .. unapproachable,
leko-ot prices dIraw like lodlestone,
ePowds5 fromi every quarter.
Cotton Blanket's, doubledJ at $1.75 p~air',
$.95 pairi and~ $1 .98' pail or largest size
. built. North Carolina WVool 'lBbyikets. All
7 radcs 'inlly 25 per centt ofi' .other prices.
Cotton Blankets for eraudles. Cri'b Blankets
from 25rup.
ii. spot was shed the first
oted for building shoes, and
WVear Weli Boston Shoes for

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