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'***w* * * * * * * *
GRA C~Ii~OURT.l IiEiLRAIiOS N011'1-18~
j* * * * * * * * **4
The Young Vomnan's .\issionary so
ciety of Cray Couirt hldI anl jinte.rest
ing service during prayer week. This
body of younhg vollelI is. doing finve
'vork under the Spielendi guidince of
Alrs. Festuts Curry.
On SImd-Iy eveling the church ros -
trtim was ai 4scel of bealuty. Tall pine
trees and low growing scrubbery llade
(lhe view truly Arcadian. Two 1pretty
tableautx were given From 1'vanigeline.
For it is II that bealtitifl poem that
laongfellow in his immitable way tells
us the history of the Freich people
now living down in 41oisi4na. Into
the history of their nigration is .wov
en thh: beautiful love story. An of
fering was taken for these .poor
French People down in LouisIana.- An
other interesting nunmber of the pro
grain was given by .ll-. Festus Curry.
Mrs. Curry was dressed as a trained
nirse and .beauttfitlly told of the work
or the missionary hospital down anoni
tle IFrench people of Louisina. Sev
eraIl otheri nIun-bers were giveni during
0he ev41t ng, interesttig readings in
terspersed by songs.
One 411' the best things eyer given
Inin Gray Coiut was a pageant writ
trt, by Mr. Watts, Baptist astor at
Lairens. The pageant was bealtiful
ly rendered in the .liaptist church by
yoing people frot Friendshi). We
swant thei to come again When their
coming is better advertised.
- On Tuesday afternoon a, Frances
Villard memorial service wAs held at
.the Methodist church. Miss Allie Babb
gave a fine report of the annuttl W. C.
T11. U1. meeting held at Newberry. The
Gray Court union received the beau
tiful state banner presen-ted to the un
ion makfing the greatest gain in mem
bership during'\ the year.
On Suhday afternoon Miss Hood pre
sented to the chapter of the Junior
League, Mission 'Study Book, "The
Handinapped Winners". Miss Hood is
.a teacher in the Gray Court-Owings
school. The children of the league
. were held sipellbound as she told them
these two true stories of PhylIs 'Wheat
ley and; Paul -Laurens 'Dunbar. Miss
-flood is indeed a wonderful story-tell
ei and the children want her to come
again and 'tell them one of these true
On next Sunday, Nov. -26, at. 1:30
o'clock Miss Mar-le Vatighn -will tell
the children the story "Hi-low the streets
were paved 'with. leather'."
This interisting, little hook,""fan
diOapped Winners," was written by a
young woman of North Carolina.
* *4* * * * * * * * * *' * *
* * * * * *' * * * * a * **
Riddles Old Field, Nov. 20.-The peo
ple of this community have been busy
sowing grain l'or the past few weeks.
Tlose on the sick list are .\Mrs. John
Bron, IMrs. James Godfrey and Mrs.
Amnbrose i-lolcomibe. We hope for them
a speedy recovery.
V -We miss t wo of our boys of this
'onuinunity, '.r Wilkes Riddle and
Sami Green who have recently left for
the navy.
Mr. Marvin IRhodes and his mother,
Mrs. J. B. -Rhodes, .were the guests of
the latter's dlauighter,' Mrs. S. J. Burn's
Misses IHester :Britton, Mary -and
Janio Garrett wvere .the week-enid
guesta of Misses Maude and Rosa Rid
Mrs. -Willie Martin and little daugh
ter Vara, have 'been visiting Mrs. Mat'
tlin's lparnts in Oseenville.
Little 'Miss Lou NettIQ Holcotmbe was
the guest of Miss IMargardt Rhodes
.one night last wveok./
.Miss Louise :Iutnam spent Wedlnes
dlay night with ,her friend Miss Cora
Lee Riddle.
Miss Marie Tinsley was the wveelf
eii guest of her sister, Mrs. W. F'. Ir'
yin, n&i t aiurean.
*Mr'. and Mrs. A..W. -Rhodes and lit
le son, A. -'W., Jr.. also MlishFEthiel
Stoddlard(, were shioppling in Lauren~s
Mr. andl Mrs.2 John Burns 'yore shop
tping in Laiurens &'atur'day.
'Mr. and- Mrs. .Henry Cannady and
two little daidghter's 'were the week
end gucsts of Mr's. Coungdy's pronts,
Mr'. and Gir's. J. R. Owens.
Sir. and Mrs. Egbert Riddle and
daughter' were in ,'Lauireni Saturday.'
'There 'was a party 'givlit the home
t( M-r. P'. A. giddle Saturday night
~ijk was very' inuh elio3fd .by SIl
te young -people of- thsis..comtaunity.
)Mr. A,.- 1W. ide~ atiad familywoe
t be guests of' h1h. brother', Mrs J. D),
h~Jodes, at G*ray. Oourt Surnday night.
~Strengthdy~ your stomah 'aund hate
*,r {tiiige~toni; M~-ONa is guarant
Intife itufCo te do ifof " e
.1r1s. F'elton ReNVIHch Wash41ingtonl With
inieliflon (If Obnilning Sent iII Sen
nit(. Too O1ld to F1iht Hard.
WValiiigtoni, N.Y.. W8.-31rs. W. 11.
'Felton, hPpointed senator front Geor
n, pending Clecti(oi of a successor
to tie late ?.oniiator 'Watson, arrived -
hlere today with the announced iliten
(fion of obtailing a seat in the senate if y
possible so as. to "blaze the road for i
the womanhood of America." She add- t
ed, however, .that she was too old to
miake an aggressive .ight for the p1laCe
to which Walter F. George, was elect
ed oil November 7. d
Mr. Georg iwas obtaining his cer
tiflcate of, eLction today at Atlanta 1
and exipected to arrive here Monday in a
thie for the convening of the senate.
lIe has- announced his willingness to
I)erniit L irs. Felton to ocCdpy the seat ti
for a single day, if that could be done s
legally. She (Ars. Felton be sworn, r
she would be the 'ilrst woman to sit 11
in the United States senate. a
The problem that would 'be present:- 1
ed should Mrs. Felton present a claim
to the seat was discussed today at a
conference between Vice 'President
Coolidge and Senator Curtis, of Kan
sas, chairman of the senate rules com
niittee. They hoped to reach a definite
declsion before night.
Before entering the conference,
Vice-4President C-oolidge, in reply to
a question as to what lie would o
should sirs. Fe'ton present a claim,
said lie ivould "greet her its an old
filend." Hie declined to amplify this
statement. %
Mrs. Felton, owho is 87 years old,
made the 780 mile trip to her home in
Catersville, Ga., unaccompanied. She
was fatigued after her Journey and
spc:nt the day quietly at her room in
a hotel here. She would not discuss
fin detail her plans other than to make
clear her intention to present a claim
for the place to which she' was ap
pointed byV Governor Hlardwick imme
diately after the close of the last ses
sion of the senate.
After the conference with the vice
President, senators said the seating of
Mrs. Felton would depend on whether
objection was offered 'by an individual
senator. Should objection be made,
Mr. Coolidge, it was explained, swould
be prepared to following the ruling of
former Vice-President Marshall in a
similar case. Mr. Marshall held that
former Senator Christie (Benet -of
South Carolina, appoint('d to succeed
the late Senator Tillman, ceased to be
a senator -with the election of his suc
IRtepublican senators said they
would not object to Mrs. Felton taking
her seat.
$100,000 Askeil a4 Pajy for Care Ghenu
Late 1t. L. Abney, Attorney. t
Columbia, Nov. 19.-The complaint r
in i suit for $100,000 brought by -Alm. I
Lillie S. Hllcase, wife of former gdv-.
er'nor Cole L. Blease, againkt The en
tate of the late i130njainii L.-Abiney, has l
been snerved upon Stephen 'Elliott, of'j
Columbia,' attorney in fact of .John 'fR.
Abney, 'Newv York, wvho-wivth 'his sister, C
Mrs hualunter, of Atlanta, Is the
iiyrincfpal 'lienoflciary of the estate,
It was.$tatedl tonight by D. W. Rtobin
son, attorney for Mrs. Blease.
TPho late B. 'L. Abney, for years di
vision counsel for the Southern Rlail
way, left an estate valued at ap- 'i
proximately $75i0,000 at bis - dekth
which occurred November 11, 1921,
at the home of the formner Governor
and Mrs. Blease. In her compllaint
IMrs. Blease alleges that he promised
during his life time to (pay her and re- t
member her in his uwill for her care
o1f 'him during his residence in her
heme, wvhich, it Is stated began while
L.\lr. Blease was governor and contin-t
ued until Mr. Abney's death last year.
In the complaint it is alleged that
"the plaintiff at,tho request of the
sanme Benjamin L. A'bney, deceased,
rendered and furnished to hint. con
4tftnt arduous and exacting:a.ttontion, Ii
dae labor aryd service" and "that the
flecondent pronmised and agreed con
stantly renewing and. repeating said
prJoniises b~hd a'greemnent from time to
timrd't me to Day and compe~nsate
plaintiff for such service, the lega'iind
morl' obligation of wpilch tho cqast'a'nt-,
ly Nogjhie and hfilyhilufuind ap
Althoutgh no inventory of , the cs
tate of'g he late air. Abney t hben
made ,public, kt Is estirfated in finan*
clal and lekal pire es here to~the gWrtht
approxi mptely 4760,000. Other the j
few smnal . bequests tho 'whoee t
frees 'to the deeased's brother, J6hn'
RI. Abney, an attorney of New Yoris,
ang,~his sistei', Mrs. ftaa Hiuntor, of
Atilinta, Gogrgia,
Oster Sig'por at'oplar''
bjri~veont asseoiad1on ;*11 ~a&
:oyster suipper, ato pies, caintai aidc
++ + + +++ 4 + ++ + +
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lid .\irs. Ballard 'of Peterstown, W.
a., an1d a prominOnt attorney of \fuil
n, W. Va. le attended the Universi
of -West Virginia and is also a grad
ate of the 'Washington and Lee law
"hool. During the recent world war
e served as a captain in the seventh
After December .1st, -Mr. and Mirs.
allard will occupy their new home
'hich has Just .been completed in Mul
1ns, -W. Va. I
Among the out-of-town guests for
ne wedding were Mliss Irma F(loyd,
tatesboro, (1a.; *irs. Carter Price,
arnwell; Mr. Joe W. Dingess, Hlunt
igton, W. Va.; Mrs. Roy ii. Taylor
nd Mr. Walter, Guest of Anderson
Ir*. T. 1. Swygert, Columbia.
Reception for Mrs. ('harles Flemtingx
A large and beautiful reception ,was
Iven by Mrs. Joe Iliinney and Mrs.
'leming Jones Saturday afternoon
'om) four to five o'clock in honor of
Irs. Charles Fleming at the home of
irs. Fleming Jones.
A color scheme of yetlow was used,
profusion of' chrysanthemums being
laced about the rooms, and yellow
ipers in candelabra carrying out the
ame color note.
The receiving line was coliposed of
Irs. Phinney, lMrs. Jones, Mrs. Charles
'leming, 'Mrs. J. 0. C. Fleming, Mrs.
'rank Caine, Mrs. T. 'D. Tiake and 'Mrs.
ecil Roper. Assisting wer;e Mrs. J.
V. Todd, Jr., IMrs. W. ID. Ferguson,
Irs. Robert (R6er, 'Mrs. L. G. Balle,
irs. Henry Franks, Mrs. J. C. Todd,
irs. C. T. Squires and Misses Rekah
tichards, Lilla Todd, Brucie Owings
nid Olynthia Joles.
In the dining room lrs T. N. Parks
ale and Miss Wille Jones poured
offee while .Misses Martha and Vir
inia Barksdale, Laura Vance Jones,
"loise Miller, HIarriet Todd and Ada
)wings served fruit cake, sandwiches
nd mints.
Throughout the afternoon Mrs. M. L.
toper and Miss Frances Davis furn
Ihed beautiful music.
About a hundred and fifty guests
ailed during the afternoon.
* * * * 'p* ** * * * * *
*b * * * * * * * * * * a *
Ei'kom, Nov. 20.-We are glad to re
ort the health of oiur community very
,ood at present. There has been- a line
rop' of potatoes made in this section.
The -ldies missionary society met at
he home of "Mrs. Mattie Pitts ,and had
(iiiting. There were about lifteen
>esent and they had a pleasant lay.
We were glad to have the B. Y. P. I.
ociety of ILaurenns with us. The prio
rlami awas real good and all present en
oyed it very'3 much,
Mr. llly Cooper 'and children,
,lissos Bertha and 'Lonie Cooper, ily
diae Phillits; and 'Laurence Culbertson
'ecentdly attended a singing at 'Beth
ehem church.
Miss 1Dvelyn Cuibertsoli spent the
irmiistie holidays wvith homnefolks.
she was accompuanied home by her
riend, Miss Collins, of iullens.
On last Friday morning a trio of our
~irls who hofd responsible positions
~t Ware Shoals, decided, as they wvere
ff duty for the week-end, rather thani
vait until that night for an auto that
hey would hike it, so they did, anld
nado the tr'i1 from tlkIr boarding
lace, a mile oi; two this side of Ware
hoals in about two hours,. and said
-hey were not very tired.
lirs. (J{. $. IWallace, 31r. andi Mrs. J.
N'. Fowler and Mr, and Mrs. 'W. '. CuI
oertson, spent Saturday w ith -their'
ieter', Mrs. Jennie (Hamilton.
'Mrs. -Mattie' Burts, and children
pent the week-end wvithi her parents,
ftr. and -Mrs. I,. C,. Culbertson.
i~r.' and Mr's. Frank Abercroniibie
,iited IDr. and Mi's. J. 0. Cooper Sun
lay afternoon.
[,hitr~ins People 'Shouljj Heed .its
.Nave' you a 'sharp pain' or' a. dull
iecho aeross the smalL-of your 'back?
D)o you realize that it's oftei) a timely
dgfl Qf ' kidney aknese / Prom pt
.reatcopk.nt is a saf ar ~ainst more
s9riptig kidney trb, .. Use Dean's
K~idndy'Pills. 'Prolit a Laurens r'es
dent's experience.
Mrs. Ada 'Laurens, 532 (10. Main St.,
says 4:My kidneys gave Ipe a great
:Jla of trouble.' ~orninigs I felt tired
mut and had littl energy to begin mny
1'i/s worke~ gi heads felt Theavy anid
peculiav' al4 'thofo Maa:,diuR zelhe
&#irpss ' y 'lidifys *'W~hn I sto6ped
b1k htit soe relft|' My kid ne as
Midt act n1igh~ t aojffelY agisede
#4k Mfa~ the11 Mtou ble,
Why Take a Chance?
The Risk Is Too Great!
A T the reasonable rates we offer for Automobile In
surance of every kind you can well afford to avoid.
With increasing number of cars on the streets and coun
try roads today and the greater number of new drivers in the field a
man is foolish not to have his automobile and himself properly covered
by reliable insura*nce.
The numerous thefts of cars and tires, the hazard of col
lision, smash-ups on uncertain roads, the danger of fires and accidents
---all these are fully protected by our policies. Phone for one of our
men to explain such Insurance to you.
The United Agency
Phone 409 Laurens National Bank Building
I 9
Hasmoe tolr r
quarters to better
serve You
Will now pay only half the
rent they formerly did,
which will 'enable
them to sell
at lower
their new hoine

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