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Eb~e Ebbertiser
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Payable in Advance
Published by F
Laurens. S. C.
advertising Iates on Application.
9bituaries and Cards of Thanks: Ono
Cent a Word.
Eatered at the postofilce at Laurens,
;. C., as second class mail matter.
VOL,. 314, NO. 1-1 12 PAGES
LAltENS. S. C.. NOV. 22, 1922 I
WilY AN lEi )1 'AT ION?
Someoixdy is constantly finding
om(0iething wrong with our system of
edleatiol. The latest critic to get in
tle limelig ht is Thomas Edison, who
calie oit a few days ago in an Intier
view declaring that I college edtlca- I
tion anIlls a iman 1-o work. lie said
tle collego gradualtes do not like to
t dily work, but tvant to become o
high ollicials as sooln 'hm they land a s
.job. Il i ae t i t c oeges ia colsid- r
vrable rap. 1)r. lIen iry Van Dyke, not
ed preacher, author mid educator of
linceetoni I iversity. ctine out a few
lays later ill defense of the colleges.
lie said. speaking ot Mr. IEdisol:i
"He is right in saying that ont1 col- .
leges aenot v.hat they shoulid he' t
id D)r. \'an i )yll, "but he is d(ad
wrollg in thinking that Ie colId make
tihem so. h'le very things that he 1
blamkes inl themi are best and most I
loiilful. Thl' Oject of a cotll eg vdll
tation is 1o0to ) tionabil a man to muak1e
a livitig, blt to teath himl) how to tn
-lge aid ei inich his isental andI moral i
life, to) l morve of a man, to be a real
person antd not a cog ill a Iachine of
industry (r trade."
" iT I tou~le with I-dison's idlea 0f
tedu1icationi i.; that he merely walis la- s
bor tiatt le canl use il l iess. Til e
(01 leges. at lea sI miiost Of them, want I
soliething littel. inii who ca'.n use1
their ililids intelligently. and syII-!
;Iathetically .witi the largir 1 pl.:osei V
of makiniiid."
While wv are inclined to agree with
.\ltr. Eddisoi that the usual college grad
iute is not a promising candidate for t
laborii s work, still the reply ofI' ,r. II
Van I)yke strikes such a high kyynote i
that it imight he read and pondered ov- c
tI. very decply by illort of our ediua- s
lolls. s
Althougihi Dr. Van )yke speaks sin- j
terely wil., he says that the object t
of a college education i not to en
ible a m an to make it living, it iust p
he admitted that tile itain arg ument n1
advanceed by Colleges in their appeals M
for supp)or1t, both to the state and 1i- p
vatv illdividuials, is on ite grtound t
that a college education aids the stul- n
dents inl oVoieliming the obstacles of c
life, referring to business obstacles,
and that a college education will pave 4
Ihe way to financial indtpendence. ni
Such arguments have been advanced AI
so muhi110, that it las come to he gen- g
cialy) :itee)te( that the Itin idea of ni
anIt education is to i:mtk e mloliey. With n
this In view all kinds of frills have it
b'1 n.:1dd1etd to soliool antI tcol lege cours1
sto t-he tdetrienlt of the min lid eat
of cl tu rt. Olr schotols antI (01llers hi
aire rap~jidly becoing tra inlhig : hois;'~ i
oba rntter. pi
It is not surprtiingtii tt schotls andt (I
l'dl(e'es aret so tenti the targets of 5
when~l they have allowvetdie min ohl
.hpts tof thir Lihors to be mirepire- hi
sn ted. T[here Is hartd ly a col logo n
president or0) a co Illegt professor Iin
8out'h I areliina who woald ainit that C
he. is toiling :away with the younig boys yi
anid girls beflore him with the' idlea of I
u:iinr them a tinaiteal adlvantage over' v
I he irI tle; forth inaite brothtr s andt sis
'-,yet 'moneiiy-miakinlg is mad th1 le 3
m a i incetiv e til t'very side. for ani A
edcat ion.
nity? y
S--\ LA.E WIi ['PR
I tid i~s Than11 o iheylI y I s og nit-j
Ioua lie peopl ofil 1..05n ntyi: i
lor 7'llr ltoyaI sap. 011 oif the' noinee;;( tl
lI ei'ry gratifying to rteei such~l h
lj :Oi'ot I 10(1 sure lth't Ithere 0
n:' mo're than mere historic andic sonl- n
i'2m atal ir'.on.; for the tnnhimity of' i
Demtoct:uiIc tconivie IIns in th;e oeu thx
an !in iril part~elIar pait of it. The~i 0!
pci elet of tho' Demoe~tri'tie party. b',lh c
domtitc and inlternaltiinll, ar1e oh'
rre'i t ecanlomie valule to the peopile of tl
.1. .1. M(lSWAIN. V
--............----- ...1
Card of' TJimnks , h
I wVi 1 t xtendt my1' hearttfelt, thatnkn
to a11 our1 neigh~bors and fr "nd's for it
thlir man!iy kinidnesses to) u1: difi it 1 el(
sleknessi~l' andh deathI of my3 deart' er, el c
M~rs. Mari tha [lerbert. May God's d 'ce
es(t, blesstings rest10t uponteac pd cy- ('p
011 , ...
(.\:as) d yi It i~n V
"Of course the chances are. that 8
)me other bug will come along, just
3 the Pink boll worm is following in
ie wake of the 'boll weevil, but
lore are at least signs that substan
al relief may come from the one
est which has done more to hamper s
1e South's cotton crop than any- 1
ling that has ever developed.
"hVe are gratified to know that the e
triners of Washington county will
ceive several thousand dollars moro
>r their cotton erop this year than Y
icy did last year, and we hope that
10 same conditions prevail in pro
ortion all over the state It would
teani a greater degree of prosperity C
Ian we had counted upon.'
What the News has to sa inl re
itrd to other pests that have afflict
I agriculture passing is -perhaps true, I
tit there is no sign that the boll wee- L
11 is going to pass and we have an
Iea that he is with 1ts forever, cor- I
dinly for aS long a time as cotton 1
planted in the 'South.
Thi weevil entered Texas many
ears ago aid is still there, although 1
le'very hot summers 0Ind very cold .
inters in that state cuts down his
ivages to a great extent and then, too,
exas rainfall is less than ours and
ke weevil thrives most in a section C
itli n high percentage of' rainfall.
ver since the weevil entered L)ouisi
na and I.\lississipipi he has been bad
id there is no lessoning of his rav- i
,es unless the farners combat him
itlh every known selentille remedy.
>tton cal be ia ised in the delta of
ti Mississij)pp as it was before the
c(Viil wlen tiere is high fertiliza
on, rapid workIng, poisoning, etc.
'1111 tNhere is a very -wet slumller' we
I hot bld ieve that it is Iossible any- I
hiere to inake anything like a normal I
Tei Ch roni cle believos that it is pos- I
ih!e witi a very (Iry sitmmer to make
ttoi witihiit poisoning,. hutt it is not
Ife to try it. There have heen soine
>iod yields 1 made in this section with
it poisoning this yeai' but these shots
ere favorcd with less rain than oth
*s anti tle t'armers who made these
iad yielO. without poison ing would
've ima1idei' much .moVre with poisoning.
Now as for the holl weevil passing,
tci'e is no hope for it. We regret t
tat a paper like the '.lacon News
ould encourage such an idea. 'We do
'it know the exact reason why Wash
gton county made nearly 1,000 balos
ore than last year but it was prob
Aly die to more intelligent farming
hich includes poisoning, high foe- I
lization, raild cultiyation ete., plu'
least fairly favorable wrathe .
We would advise our fartners not. to
thrown off their guard by any such a
ought as the passing of the 1 boll'
oevil, bul to prepare to light 'lim to
e limit and niake cotton in spite
him. d
*' * * * * * * * * * *' * * I
lionor lloll of Y'oungs School **
* * * * * * * * * * a* * *
'Ninth G1rade--Mattie Ituth M~anly,
yrtle Sutton.
b0lghth (rade- --PIauily Abjercrombaie.
Seventh Grade--Alvin WilIhams.
FIfth Grade-.fary Cox,
('ard of Trhanks
W'e wish to extend~ thbanks for the i.
.any3 indnesses shown us ini the
path of our fathier, .\ir.J.. 'C. Stone.
ay* God's richest blessqings rest up- [
1each and eivery onle.
Thel ,aur enis t:riuig Cod. Pmys the cis t ~
a trial by refundJ pg 'your money if c
yomei falls to rel :v that cough or
>ld you have. ,
I) in't do tll your ('htrist mas Mhop- T
tg itil you se0e 01l1 aSsortment of j
its andI deliciouis home-made can
"P.. We will b e glad to have you look
thm vh~ ether(' you buyi~ or niot. -.\lra.
mi at .Mosele~y &. Itoilind (old stand, I.
'St to Jienehoff's. h 9-'tt-p~d a
('indics-FIreshi homie-miade candy ni
r you L'bristmias 0ats. .I am now t:
akiniig the most del iciouis ol cand (ies o
i Liihe hiolidays. 1Ijt. me have you r a
d1e1. One-half hlOunld boxes,- 0ne
)1nd boxesa, I wo iound iboxes, andic five n
mlndl .hC)Os. Wafer muiits a specialty.
ms. -W. F:. Meng, *Ahonu 175. 10li.5t.. ii
'i''esimlss Not lee.---All ipersonls ar ic
irehby wairnedi aga inist httinlg otr0 th- h
-wise Ttrespiassinig otn our lands nea 1
atta Mills. Violators oif t.is noti(ce d
ill lie pro~secutted to the fullest. e '
(us lhla illll J. TI. Blaokely, WV. A. ~
Trespasin:s No~tle!WAll lper1iions ate -
~reby waraned against huintintg or othI
lnulty of :.'csecutlcn. .\. L,. an'd J.
Maha'ffoy. , 0I
Widowe'r Desir'es Early imtgrt',
'udies bectr'eeen 115 and( 4( 5 005as witl
id learn, more. W~ho will be tihe dirst
i' 'to write? Address "A. P. .A." caro~
:ui'ens Advortiser', foaurens, S. C.
- - 10-2(
Strayedl-Colhli litchl,' color' saible
td wvhlte. $5.00 reward. Notify C, P.
'Jnstr'ong, Fpunittain Inn.. 10-l1t-l d
ot' $ale-4Pnii' blaocku~ maire 'mnulcaI
o~r 8 yea19 old, wveigh 1,000 poundlr I
6b, or more.' R. 'A, Wruight, Clinton
'liay lo-Ift iurey
P ea1o ofrx feds ttult. stock.
(Continued from Page One) tl
onger a fool iproof crop. With the ti
>resent standard of liivng on the faris ti
nt South Carolina the farmers may p
cot be able to hold their labor, lie said. t)
[his question of holding labor, he 11
aid. was as inportant as that of con
rolling the weevil. fi
Th fundamental basis for growing r
otton under boll weevil conditions, f(
te said, was a fertile soil, and the tl
mportance of building ip) the soil by tl
1ilmus erolts was emiphasized. lie men- p
ioned also other money croips, siceh n
,s tobacco, truck, soy beans and pea- t[
tuts. In speaking of the progiess the
tate is making in diversilication lie g
tIntioned that 11,000 carloads of per- e
sable rops shippied out of tle low i
ountry last year; ten creameries are v
ow being operated, lie said, there be- i1
tig one within 60 miles of every farm t,
1 tile state; two packing houses are is
eing maintained and potato curing
ouses, too, are operating. Hie thet) yl
A)(d of the remarkable increases in tl
ield Per acre made in tice state it w
ats, eton and corn and ill cocncliu- r.
ion .s : "We have merely scrathelud 'T
i ih, ..arface. South Carolina is no ti
lace for gloom. We have a great:w
eople, a wonierful climate and soil E
n1d a reputation to sustain." 1 a
R. 1. .anning in a shoct s-peeeh said a
e knew cotton could be growa sue- a
esst tci ly uncider weevil conditions and
A1ld of his owvnc expel lence in tile c
latter. Ie had to redliee t1e acrenge
1 seV(n or1 eight acres to the family. w
e sa id. ih itressed tle need of conl- ti
entr ating oi a defiite prC cog rain Sc) \
[cat difo cnt agencies inmight not 1i(- d
w differnc* t inetihods of attack. w
To Iteach linnk afid File
')I. ilaiev Jordan of tie Americac'
ott ali I. ociatioin was presencte(l and .i
id, aincionig other ticings: "'le ention eN
rop i- destcoycd eatec year after .A :.
.1. if all ir faricner.; would i vclean
Siir lields inl .iay and .111o I t ere I
-iilid to. lo migrationl of thme inseet. w
"'h mak e a light awaincst tie weeviI e
teCsfc!. e got to reach the g
ank and ficce--the cne who are be- h
wien tlie plow handles." Next year,
e sa1Id, the American Cottonl associ:I- t
oi was planning to put on icc each tl
dlinty one or two experimental fa rmcc; w
1i that every fac'mier eIst, of Lit. .lis- c
issippi could see with his own eyes ic
Ist hcow to conidluct the war againsti
t weevil.
"We inmust ceaClch every farmer. 0c1 1,
(opli wanlt to grow cotton-tiere has ti
ot been miuchc reduction icn Itereage. lat
7e have got to go Jeyond iewspatper
ublicity and let every farmer know b<
cat ie must cut his acreage adi wei
cust shOW hcimi how to coIdluet his W
"i my couity in Georgia 60 per ot
:nt of the cotton growers have
coved away in to years. ProtI St. *
latthews where I now live, the cotlton *
rowers are mnoviig away. 'l'hcey know *
othinig 1but cotton growing and -we
iuist let thetm knw how t) grow
Successfully in 1921."
Tells of Negr'oes I~enfvinc
I. . Guilon of Lutgoff sa Id that fromi
is own farmcc 28 famcilies had1( mcovecd
rcrth of I itimoce Withlin thlie past
tar or' two and that. others werte pred
arincg to leavYe. lie sa id it wasi hardh
go baick tc) thce pre-wari wagce acnd m
tic n0 one butt cot toil growers were' (I
raing it. a
lie then.'i spoke of .thIe cdancgr of a ~
trge acreage whilie thce bl)l weevil
cionneei thce sta 1)1.
I). L. Scmcith, of Col leton, outmiline cd
:mdi tlonc ini hcis county and (said hcis; ci
eople wvere cnot dhiscour agedc ciespite' -
ie hoss br;ought aboutl by th wee
Ii, 'rThejii H l ee'i ilt Not Piniig.*
uigusta Chronicle.
Thec MaIc(nc Newvs pcincts cci ed itorl
I, underc~ lthe capltion,' "Is the [Boll
'ccvii Passitng?" T1o start with Thie
brcon Icle wishes to state ccimphatical -
'1 liat thie boll weevil is niot plassinlg ci
iti is itere to stay, and with tihis state- at
lenct ,we will qcuote fromc lThe News cc
Ert: Xi
"'Tce ginrlc Is' reporc t for' Wash icng
cc counaty showsc that a lmcost ),,000( ft
ore hales of cotton hcave been ccair(dm
that couinty cdiiri'ng the pacst tseasconc
ccin for ist yceer , althcotugh a smcaller
realge wVas pianited,.p
"Onc -Oiere 18, 1921 , thIe nctmb er oh
ikcs ginlned ~lilO3 am ciuC) .1o :U26 andcc
c the sam ce . hty this ycar th numbcci cer
as 4A19 'which, to) he act-urcatg, is anW
crease of 'x83 Iw
'"We arie att10) tohl thcat the farmic--I
'si '-f Wa';hitoni ecuimiy used little C
"TPhei i '.ut Pin hats beguin to arise Joini
10 cminds of a numberi of studencts of
Iriccultua conditioens It the boll wee- L
I Is not. peznscing aw ay. Tis has been
0lc isitocy of ailmovst every wesHt iniat
isc :afflicted atgriculituri' In the past. ta
either in tho~ sfld nor' the orcharL
'a there any groait ncumlber of inhcet
comIcs tha t inaide inroadsa on otir
'ops a generation aigo. Sooner ore lt
, .by a wide provialonc of natitro a
a8t which othierwike~ would egoric tui. 71
ri'lai ruin encounaters a arturi o O
40 ~yenfiroly., ~
o a lot of' pigs 7 rweeks old. Z. H.
'Insley, -14turens, Rt. 5. 19-2 ,-pd
Tires-See us for Red Top Fisk
'ires. 'bity Vulcanizing Station, J.- F.
Iith, Mgr. ' 19-5t
Wanted-A farm of 15 -or 20 acres
ear Clinton or Spartanburg. Good
ind inid dwelling f 3 or 4 rooms de
ired. Address, Mrs. lildred Farrar,
jountviiie, S. C. 19-2t-pd
Notle--A report has been circulat
d that I have no license to practice
ptonetry. This is not true. I am
censed and .belong to the State and
.merican Optical associatiozs, and if
on want your eyes examined correct
y*, comiie to, W. Solo.pon, graduate
qptomletrist, L.aurens. 19-1t
Trespass Notlee-All persons are
ereby warned against hunting or oth
rwise trespassing upon our lands.
'olators of this notice 1will he prase
tved to the fullest oxtent of the law.
1r. anid aNirs. U. P1. Wilson. 19.-l--ipd
6 Per Cent. Money--Under Bankers
teserve System 6 per cent loans may
c secured onl city or farm property,
buy, build, improve or pay indebted
(Ss. Bankers Reserve Deposit Co.,
1-1is California Street, Denver, Colo
ado. , 9-St
!'or itent--A'good three horse farm
ri high state of cultivation near Lis
oil church. Good dwelling, two ten
nt houses, good pastures, close to
ehool. Apply to J. 1,. Young, Ware
hoals. 19-11t-p(
To Our Patrons-:We wL1sh to notify
on that beginning Dec. 1, wVe expect
: take over the personal management a
f ilillerest 'Dairy We also wish t
otify you that our cqws have been
'uhbercular Tested by the govgrnment
ppohited ilspec-tor, and that we wJll
ontinue the delivery ,of pure wvhole
iilk in sterilized bo4tles iUdrning-and
fternoon. We thank y(ti for the fav
rs siowi to us in.the.paat, and will
lpreciate your' continued .good will
lid patronage. After Dec. ), please
hone your orders ta 4-1- and they
,-ill receive prompt and cadrteous at
ition. H-. C. i'leming, Laura al.
'lminlg. % 19-1t-pd
Waniiited-llickory logs, cut 8, 10 and
2 feet long. lighest cash price, P. 0.
I. cars your station. Write, phone or
cc P. 11. Caine. 19-5t
Flour-We have a big stock of fresh
'lout on hlid, and can sell you as
heap as we can buy at wV holesale now.
Ii. Sullivan, Laurens, & C. 19-Itnp
Sow (rain-Buy your Woods' Seed
'heat and Fulghuni and Appler Seed
uats frim J. I. Sullivan, Laurens, S. C.
For Itent-A two horse farm known
s the J. A. Fowler place near War
ior Creek church. See .me at Lan
ord. Miss Ca':rie C. Fowler. 17--lit-pd
lIides--'We buy hides at new market
pposite J, 1. Sullivin store. Will pay.
hle higliest market pricec. W. R. Hayes
last Main street. 16-5t-pd
Good Gulf'Gns-Call at Gulf Filling
itation and have your car filled with
:as with the "pe" in it. 1.6-5t
Volton Need-I' am paying top pric
s for cotton seed. Meal hnd hulls for
le or exchange. Meal guaranteed .07
Ver ceit, pure and clean. John L. Fin
cy. Moore Bros. store. 16-5t
Fresh fniisage-We will have fresh
ountry sausaage every Friday and
Aturday. 25 cents per pound. Ow
rigs & Owings. 15-tf
n4 city property for a period of years
t seven J)er cent Interest. omar,
'sborne & Brown,. Attorneys, Spar
xnburg, S. C. 34-tf
Loans on Real Estate--Funds imme
lately available at six per cent. In
rances companies, Joint Stock Lahd
ank, Federal IALnd Bank and other
Dorces. Apply to. Simpson, Cootper
Babb. .Attorneys. 4-tf
Farms For Itentr-$evoral farms
ear good schools to rent to iparties,
ither white or colored; with their
wn stock, J. P. Grny, Woodruff.
Caibbage lanits-I-Early Jersey Wake
old and Charleston .Wakefield, twenty
ents per hundred. Miss Willie Jones,
lorth rHarper street. 18-1t
Boarders-- I anm now ready to take
oairders at the former Templeton
oarding house next to graded school
rounds(1, .226 'West Laurens St. Mrs.
'oy A. D~riummond. '18-2t-pd
Farmus For hlent--I have several
temis for rent at fourth of the crop at
ejisonable cotton rent. D. 10. Todd.
TIrespass Notle--All isons a ye
ereb~y wvarned agaInst hunting or' othi
niwiso trespassling upon01 01ur lands. Vi
lators of this notice will be prosecut
d to the full extent of the law. Mrs.
0 . C. Fleming andui Children. 18-2t
Hlemstltchung'--l0c .per yard on all
inter'ial, silk thread furnished. Sil
er anud gold cordling a specialty. WVork
one while you ,wait, buttons of sevent
izes covered. Mr's. J. M. Wiggins,
outh 'Harper str'eet, telephone 3195.
For Sale--l00 spring htchi Barred
ockc p~ulle(t at $1.00 each. The lay
ig kind. H. C. Fleming. l 8-2t-,p
Tak~le notice that on the 22nd (lay of
lecomber, .1922, I ,will render a final
ecount .of' my acts aund doings as 'Ad
lnistrator of the estate of J.')D. 'Mar
ni deceased, in thie ollicoeof the Judge
f Probate of Laurens county, at 11
'clock a. m. andu On the, same (day
'ill aply for a final discharge from
iy trust as Administr'atr,.
Any peon1~i inidebted to "said estate
notified :and roqcuiredl to maike iay
icnit 0on -tat datte- and all -personsl
avingt claims; agaist' said estate will
resent them on or before raid dlate;
uily' proven or' be forever bar'ed.
ov. 22, 1922. 19f--5t-A
Dr. T. L. Tijmmermnan
Laurens, South Qarolina
Oglesby Market
We beg to announce the opening of our new
market. We will handle the best grades of
meat of all kinds at reasonable prices.
Prompt Deliveries
Oglesby's Market
Next Door to Old Robinson Hotel
A Tire' Bargain
30x3 1-2 at
The Best Buy on the Market
We also have a lot 'of casings ranging in
price from
$7.00 to $17.00
Sizes from 30x3 to 34x4
Says. Telegram from L. T. Batson
In New'York, to Local Store
Here Is How It Reads
New York, Nov. 20, 1922.
Mrg. R. H. Benchoff,
Care Batson's, Laurens, S. C.
Sell your morchandise in stock regardless
of price, even below cost. Am malking
tremendous big purchases here now at
very low prices and had to pay cash to do
so. Never b'ought goods so cheap before
as bought now.
In response to the above tele
gram, we are marking down goods
still further.
Everything in the store goes at
a sacrifice-,Dresses, Suits, Coats,
Het; Hose and all.

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