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* (Carried over from last week) *
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Lanford, Nov. 13.-Last week was
one of unusual sadness caused by the
death of three of our numbers, Monday
the death of Mrs. Mary Ann Parson,
whose death We mentioned last week;
Friday the death of Mrs. Sallie Lan
ford and Saturday the death of Mrs.
I.lartha Iterbert. All were women of
advanced years an(i had been in de
clining health for sone time. While
.their deaths were expected It was a
shock to tbeir friends \and loved ones
and caused sorrow in the community.
:Mrs. Sallie Lanford was the wife of
.Mr. A. MXl Lanford. Besides her hus
band she is survived,by two sons, three
daughters and several grandchildren
and two great-grandlchildren. 'The
funeral services were conducted by
Rev. Ray Anderson, of Laurens, in a
ist imressive way. Interment was
in the Baptist cemetery.
Grove's Tasteless chill Tonic restores
Energy and Vitality by Purifying and
Enriching the Blood. When you feel its
strengthening, invigorating effect, see how
it brings color to the cheeks and how
it improves the appetite, you will then
appreciate Its true tonic value.
Grove's Tasteless chill Tonic Is simply
Ihon and Quinine suspended in syrup. So
pleasant even children like it. The blood
needs QUININE to Purify it and IRON to
Enrich it. Destroys Malarial germs and
Grip germs by its Strengthening. Invigor.
ating' Effect. Oc.
Biloxi, Miss.-"I had, for a year or
more, nervous indigestion, or some form
of stomach trouble," says Mrs. Alonzo
Ford, 1117 Clay Street, this city. ."The
water I drank at that time seemed to
constipate me. I would suffer until I got
so nervous I wanted to get down on the
floor and roll. I felt like I could tear
my clothes.
"Every night, and night after night, I
had to take something for a laxative, and
it had to be kept up nightly. My side
wotdd pain. I looked awful. My skin
was sallow and seemed spotted. I would
look at my hands and arms, and the flesh
looked lifeless.
"I happened to get a Birthday Almanac,
so I told my husband I would try the
Black-Draught, which I did. I took a
few big doses. I felt much better. My
liver acted well. I made a good, warm
teanad drank it that way. Soon I found
An Und,
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high-grade mnateriale
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priced battery you oai
Sizes to fit all cars,
Laurens Storai
s West La
'Mrs. Parson, was buried Tuesday in
the Baptist cemetery, the funeral ser
vices 'being conducted by Dr. Graves
:L. Knight, dean of the faculty of An
derson college, assisted -by Rev. 1. N.
Kennedy, of ?rn, Mr. C. B. lsobo, of
Laurens, atd 'Mr. B. 'L. Barnett, of
Spartanbujrg. TheQ funeral was at
tended by a large family connection
of the deceased.
Mrs. Martha Ilerbert was buried
Sunday afternoon 'by the side of her
brother, the late IW. 11. Harman in the
Methodist cemetery, the funeral ser
vices being conducted at the home by
tRev. C. B. Prince, of Enoree. She Is
survived by one sister, Miss Fannie
Harmon, i!th whom sh. made her
home, and several neices and nephews.
The floral offerings of these funerals
consisted of a great profusion of
handsome tributes - coming from
friends as a mark of esteem to the
memory of their loved dead.
Mr. Toy. A. 'Drumniond and family,
of Laurens, Mr. -1-. T. Higgins and
family, of Buffalo; Miss Carrye 'Lou
Higgins, of Arkwright; and Mliss Mary
4Higgins, of 'Limestone college, spent
-Sunday 'with '.ir. and Qirs. J. S. Hi ig
Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Williams, Mrs.
J. M. Fleming and Mrs. Ethel 'Lanford
were shopping In Laurens Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Palmer Thomas, of
Spartanburg, visited Mr. and Mrs. J.
R. Franks last Sunday.
Mr. J. T. Thomas, of Gastonia, N. C.,
spent several days last week with his
father, Mr. W. A. Thomas, who is still
very sick.
1r. and :Irs. 11. C. Garrett and baby,
Rlachel, were guests of MIr. and Mrs.
Julius Tood, last Sunday.
that nervous, tight feeling was going, as
was the pain in my side. I found I did not
have to take it every night. Soon , after
a few weeks, I could leave it off for a
week or so, and I did not suffer with
constipation... I gained flesh. I have a
good color, and believe it was a stubborn
liver, and that Black-Draught did the
"I went to my mother's (Mrs. Deeters)
one day, and she wasn't well at all. . . I
told her we'd try Black-Draught. We
did, and now she keeps It to take after
eating. It certainly helped her, and we
neither will be withotit it In our homes,
It is so simple, and the dose can be
regilated as the case may be. We use
small doses after meals for indigestion,
and larger doses for headache or bad
Thedford's Black-Draught, liver med
icine is for sale everywhere. 1 84
Sr priced
Other elzes at
. si htly higher
e Battery Co.
ur'ens St.
Distinguished Frencl Statesmuau Comes
to Win the Sympathy of America for
Ris Countrymen. Ieceived with
Hionors Upon ills Arrival ,Here.
New York City, 'Nov. 18.-Georges
Clemenceau today again set foot on
American soiL
The war premier of France, who
left this country more than half a cen
tury ago as a young medical student,
returned in ripe old age with many
years of stormy statesmanship) behind
him, to winl for his countrymen the
sympathy of America.
The Tiger came as a private citi
zen, but to no potentate could have
been extended a more stately wel
come than was accorded when he was
taken from the steamship in the har
bor and landed on the'historic Battery
The Tiger found thousands of peo
ple waiting for him on the tip of -Man
liattan island. There were cheers
,when lie steiped ashore and then, I
headed by the police department band,
Al. Clenieiiceau and the committee
which lad gone down the bay to wel
come him started upi liroadway for his
official reception at City iHall.
R11obert Woods Bliss, assistannt sec
retary of state, welcomed the former
premier to America In behalf of Presi
dent Harding and invited him to visit
the president at Washington. Cleien
ceau accepted expressing his delight.
Complimented by tile committee on
the healthy apearance he presented,
M. Clemenceau replied lightly:
" Iam growing younger every day.
In fifty years, I think I'll be a ba-by."
Robert Condon, a meiber of the
national executive committee ot 'the
American Legion, then welcomed the
former premier "as a man who more
than any other exemplifles the spirit
in which we carried on the awar."
Shaking hands, the Tiger replied:
"You're the man I like to see. It's
the thoughts of you men that count."
Before landing the Tiger announced
he intended this afternoon to attend
the performance of Mephistopheles at
the Metropolitan opera house where lie
will deliver his first lecture in America
next .Tuesday night. Ills chief pur
pose in attending the opera will be to
get a line oii the acoustics of the
house. lie explained he was anxious
for alf his audience to hear him, but
that lie could not scream.
The Tiger seemed bewildered when
lie saw the army of newspaper report
ers photographers and -movie ien,
more than 75 strong, ,which had come
down the harbor to greet .him. He met
a broadside of questions with the
statement that lie was prepared to re
spond with a certain number of "yeses"
and an equal number of "noes," which
the reporters could distribute in their
copy as thvy saw fit.
Confetti and ticker tape rained on
the Tiger as lie moved pl) Broadway.
At City Hall which he said he weli re
membered, he was received by acting
imayo.r~li Amray l lulbert awho haiilel
hinm as "t he amost disti nguished citi
zen of' them great sister republic.
"The jpede of the twvo nat'ions be
lieved then, ais they helieve now, that
self govern iment is .the natural govern
ment of mankind,'' said Mr. liul-bert.
"To thme maintenance and defense of
that priinciple, you have devoted 'a long
life time service char'acterized b~y thme
dlisplay of unusual couirage, keen fore
sight, masterly ability and dynamic
Gleorge W. Wickersham introduced
the Tiger' as one of the greatest citi
zens in the world.
, M. Cl1emenceau, responding to the
wvelcome, said:
"For lIfty yearzs I have abeen mixed
ujp with the most important political
crises in 'France. I have seoon my coun
try invadgd twice during my life time.
I .do not want to see a third invasion
before my genth.
"~We wt-ll disperse our' army when
it can beshown that swo are safe fromn
this invasion."
(He explained that lie came in no
mission and that his visit was Per
sonal. At first, he said, he vowed lie
would hot come to America because he
was .toe old. But when he heard his
country criticized he decided to conic,
he said.
"IWo were calledI m1litaistic andl
imperialistic," he said. ".If there's a
man who is not militaristic It ,,is I."
M., Clemenceau said ho read while
in France an article by a great English
ci'itic criticizing France and America
and' declared that this made his re
solvo "t'o defezpd America against any
H4e said that France did not know
'what ivas going on in Americananid
America did not know .what was going
on in F'rance and he wished to make
t e Doseition or 'France clear "'na a free
man epokking to free asen."
Thme 'Qulinon That Does Not Affect
Bledanse et its tonic anid laxative' et
Take notice that on the 19th day of
December, 1922 I will render, a -final
account of my acts and doings as 10xe
cutor of the estate of Ophelia F. pow
101r deceased, in the office of the Judge
of Probate of Laurens counuty, at 11
o'clock, a. Im. and on the same day
will aI)ly for a final discharge from
mily trust as lxecutor.
Any person indebted to salb' !state is
The packag
Your taste c
The sales pi
Over 7 billio
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(The 1923
Ths Is the loWesti
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added equipment.
and greatly increas
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service stations.
PRICES of the nea
and more expens1h
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hood; vacuum feed as
*tank onall models;
lamps with legal lensea
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models have plate
regulated winJaow.s t
tires, sun visor, wirids
dash lht. The Seda,
withe uto trunk on r<
* See the
notified and required to make .payment
on that date; and all persons having
claims against said estate will present
themu on or before said date, duly prov
en or be forever barred.
Nov. 15, 1922. 18-5t-A
Engraved Invitations and Cards
Advertiser Printing Company
suggests it.
onfirms it.
ove it.
n sold yearly
Utility Coupe
>riced closed car on the market
tvely by concerns equipping fleet
:ssional and general use Where a
nient are desired.
n still further improved by mor<
een still further increased by engi
d facilities.
offered on a flat, rate basis by
v line remain the same in spite
e construction, which have grea
ye Features *Prices f. o.
sign with high
drear gasoline Two Passeng<
(rum type head Five Passeng<
.Curtains open
niodels. Closed Two'Passeng<
l1ass Ternstedt. Four Passeng
raigh t side cord
hileld wiper and Five Passeng
tette is equipped Light Delivei
se retnarkable catr Study the specif
ing Compares With Che'
"abitual Constipation Cured
in 14 to 21 Days
"LAX-FOS WIH PEPSIN" is a specially.
prepared Syrup 'Ionic-Lixative for 11a bitual
Constipation. It relieves promptly but
should be taken regularly for 14 to 21 days
to induce regular action. It Stimulates and
Regulate3 Very Pleasant to Take. 60c
per bottle.
Convenient package
-lassin e-wrapped.
for Economical Transponwalsu
with Fisher Body,
s for salesmen, and
single seat and extra
artistic design and
neering refinements
10,000 dealers and
>f added equipment
tly increased value.
b. Flint,1Wich.
:r Roadster p510
'rTouring -^ 525
:r Utility Coup6 680
er Sedanette 850
T Sedan 860
y Truck-- . 510

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