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Wednesday Club Meeting
The Wednesday Club will 'meet Wed
nesday af ernoon at 3:30 at the home
of Mrs. P. A. Simpson.
Mrs. M. L. Copeland, Sec.
Entertains Bridge Club
'Mrs,:W, 'D. Ferguson was a delight
ful hostess to her Bridge Club Satur
day morning at her home on Main
street. Chrysanthemums and dahlias
in assorted colors were used to dec
orate the rooms in which the six ta
'bles were set. After an interesting
series of games deicious refreshments
consisting of a salad and sweet course
with coffee was served. Besides the
members of the club Mrs. Ferguson en
tertained an extra table in honor of
airs. Charles 'Fleming.
Bridge-Luncheon for Bride
Complimenting Mrs. Charles Flem
ing, Mrs. Carl Barksdale entertained
at a small bridge-luncheon Tuesday
'morning. The Thanksgiving season
was apparent in all the decorations,
baskets of autumn leaves being used
on the two tables and the favors be
ing Thaiiksgiving turkeys. After a
spirited esries of games, the hostess
served a delicious four course lunch
eon. Mrs. Fleming was presented ,with
a beautiful madeira centerpiece as a
sonvenir of the morning.
0 00
Entertains at Forty-Two
'Mrs. WM. '1. Gibson entertained most
delightfully at a Forty-Two party of
nine tables Friday afternoon. A color
schemp of red was prettily carried out
by using. masses of salvia for the
floral decorations. After the game a
salad course was served in red apple
,cuops, which Avere garnished with whip
pod cream and phvrria, -while a spi'ig
of salvia decorated -each' plate. -The
hostess rwas assisted in serving by
Mrs. 11. D. Gray, Mrs. Edgar Barksdale
and Miss Sarah Katherine Barksdale.
Meeting of Bible Class
The Woman's Bible Class of the
First Methodist church will hold a
special business meeting Wednesday
evening after prayer meeting at the
church. Mtuch important 'work for the
coming conference year will -be plan
ned. All members are urged to' be
Mrs. M. D. Gibson, President.
Dinner for College Girls
.Mrs. J. C. Owings was hostess at a
very enjoyable dinner party Saturday
night in honor of her daughter, Miss
tMary O'wings who with l4er friends
Misses Doris and Octavia 'Jeffries, Bar
bara Sullivan, Margaret Wickliss and
Martha White, was home for the week
end from Anderson college. Yellow
chrysantbemums graced the table and
chrysanthemums of various shades
were used for .decorations throughout
the house. A delicious four course
dinner whs served after 'which the
gnests adjourned to the living-room
where they enjoyed a social evening.
Several -'out..f-town' gnest's. attended
the affair including Clif Stone, of An
derson, Jake ilasor, of Cross 'H~il'l and
Lester Myers aji'd 'Roy Owings, of Ches
* Jordan-Meruggs '
The following account from tho
*Spartanburg Herald of the wedding
of ,Miss Ma'ry Jordan to William Mar
*vin Scruggs of Spartanburg,' will, be
* read 4*lth g~reat .Interest '.by their
many friends in Laurens. Mrs.
Serugge glas'- been a frefquent visitor
'here at hue home of -Mr. and Mrs. R.
GL. Wolff and Mr. Sertaggs lived hero for
several years as , boy.
A wedding of 'siniple 'beauty was
that of 'Miss. Mary 'Jordafi anid Mr.
W~illiamn Marvin So1tiggg whiph ' 6c
cur'red. at 6 o'lcC yeeterday '4t the
IiQme of the bride's; parents, Mr:'ad
Mrs.(Rfalph Jordan oil West LbeIdte t.
As the gqedtse ssemib1l4a ~t~
prograyn Was 'eniNyd, MrN. '.:Q
wood singing ''Beaat~e and z,'i
18. (apfian of jn adecpntidbitt ng
She wore a smart traveling suit of
navy Poiret .twill, with 'blouse and hat
corresponding shade, and her bridal
bouquet was of bride roses, vatliy
lilies and ferns.
She was met at the altar my the
groom and his 'best man LMr, William
Rev. W. L. Ball of the First Bap
tist church Lnerformed the ceremony
before an altar of rich ferns and
white chrysanthemums. On each side
fou\ brass candlesticks held cathedral
candles and the mantels were also
lecorated with these in crystal candle
Immediately following the ceremony
'he relative6 and close friends who
liad gathered for the ceremony re
nained for an infornu reception. Mr.
nd LMrs. Jordan, -Mr. and Mrs. John
3cruggs oparents 'of the groom and
NIrs. Kate Switzer, grandmother of the
)ride were in the receiving, line with
he bride and groom, and Mr. and Mrs.
It. B. Sims received in the front hall.
In the .living room the owedding gifts
egre placed, among them being a
iandsome chest of flat silver gift of
.he bride's grandomther, Mrs. Ka'to
3witzer. Receiving in here were Mr.
ind Mrs. D. 'D. 'Little and Mr. and
irs. V. P. Patterson. -
Mr. and LMrs. Robert Taylor and
ir. and ;Mrs. R. L, Wolff of Laurens
Invited guests into the dining room,
6yhere receiving and serving lees,
-akes and bonbons were Mr. and Mrs.
1. C. Blackwood, aMrs. 11H, E. Chapman,
.Irs. W. W .Holland, Miss 'Pearl Keen
in and Miss Nancy Scruggs.
The dining room decorations were
f white dhrysanthcmums, and lighted
apers, the central decoration of the
lining table being bride roses and
'Mr. and Mrs. Icruggs left during, the
vening for a trip to Jacksonville,
Pla., and on their return will be with
he -bride's parents on Lee street.
iMrs. IScruggs though a South Caro
inten by birth, has untill the past trwo:
rears resided in Bay City, _ecxgas,
where she was educated, spending one
Fear specializing in music at the Bel
on Musical conservatory,
Mr. Scruggs after his graduation
rrom 'Hastoc school entered business
ind now holds the position as assist
nt suervisor yof the demurrage 'bu
reau of the Son'thern Railway.
o 0 0 - 1
An autumn wedding & much 'beau
y' centering the cordial interest of a
tost of friends was tha of Miss
Naudie May Jessee and Mr. Sherman
Flart Ballard, which was solemnized
t the home of the bride's parents,
%ir. and Mrs, E. G. Jessee on Wednes
lay afternoon at fou' o'clock.
In the presence of relatives and a
ow close friends, the Impressive
words of the ring ceremony were spok
n by Rev. C. T. Squires, pastor of the
irst Presbyterian church of 'Laurens.
An exquisite arrangement of white
.nd green was used -in the ceremony
room.'' A white Aisle markedthe path
for the wedding party from the en,
trance door to the improvised altar
wnich was formed 'by handsome ferns
nad paimp,. in the 'back of which was
in arch of white tulle anid ivy, stud
led with 'burning white tapers which
ast a soft glow over the scene.
Tall pedest-al baskety filled ' with
nowy white chrysanthemums com
pleted the beautiful scene.
In the hall the columns and stair
way werp entwined in white wvith
braces of ivy. 'Ferns and chrysanthe
raums'.were used in abundance adding
charming touch to the already beau-'
tiful effect. ~
A preliminary musical program was
rendered -by M~iss !Rekah Richards at.
the piano and iMrs. 8lement 'Latimer,
who sang "I Lo You Truly" a'nd
'Until". LSrrd. Latimer was becomig'
ly gowned in black satin and lace with
a corsage of 'Parm~ violets, -
The notes of Mohengrin's Bridal.
Chorus announced the' approach of the
wedding party. ~e 'bride was attend
ed 'by Mrs. Oart r 'Price, of Barnwgil,
~s lidt d~nme and 1y.3iss Zrma Fl~oyd,
of "ottealboiro, Ga as her *maid of
'rs. Price w4s 4sdsone i a'1beaus
tiful goWn of 'boIo 14ce 'and georgebIe
combined. .Slie 'ioral hatof beige
pahnmelvet l'ith mcecssolfes to match
ad nairried att ariwb tige of orchid
*'Is WloYd ~.w s l4t 4tve ii
ajit 14s11ii ptl o~e of:$vvs1s
n *-de ofe
-- T emoeras imurm
The groom was attended by his best
-man Mr. Joe AW,' Dingess, of Hunting
ton, W. Va.
The brile andI groom entered to
gether. The bride presented a beauti
ful -figure in a becoming afternoon
gown of blue matalesse, made with
graceful drapery which hung from
shoulder to the floor. A heavy twist of
silver used at the low owaist-line added
a striking touch to her costume. -Her
hat was of matching shade of velvet,
lnished with a heavy silver ornament
and silver lace draped in Spanish e'f
We Are
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purchases and the prices are
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Suirts for boys wilth short pant
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All' kji~ls of. nice Linens-'
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nice sheer Handkerchief birn
color you want.
$1.35.per Y
fect. Her Wiowers were an exquisite
bouquet of orchids, in natural tint,
with lily of the valley.
The ceremony was followed by an
informal reception to the guests pres
ent. A charming color effect of green
and white was also carried out in the
dIning room. The table had for it3
central decoration a silver bowl filled
with white bridal roses and ferns, sil
ticr candlesticks holding white tapers,
and bon-bon dishes filled with green
and white mints were placed at inter- i
vals. Mesdames Fred Blackmon and .
k Eni
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auxens' Best Store'
rom Bolt received inl this room. 'Miss
as Iula. Walker and Mildred Franks
served white cream In tho center of
3ach slIco being a green heart, with
white cakes, Iced with green.
In the living room a color motif of
vollow was carried out. Here the nun
3rous :handsome gifts were on display.
Fellow chrysantheiums and ferns
were used in profusion.
The 'bride and groom left shortly af
ter for a wedding trip to New York
md other Points east, the bride wear
ng a modish going-away gown of dark
d S Pe
Some Special I
ration This We
ke best -quality.- New Dress
ler Yd. Poiret Wil
one for you.
rels Spec
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ach tine Dre"es.
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r Corn
u-Quality Made It S
blue tricotino made with a rwide, circu
tar skirt draped low at the two sides,
with a trimming of Jade and gold, with
iarnionizing accessories.
Mrs. Ballard, as Miss Jessee, ha8 en
loyed an unlimited popularity, tpossess
Ing an attractive personality and a
lisposition of unusual quality. She is
I graduate of 'Brenau college and it is
with genuine regret her friends give
ler up to another state.
Mr.:Ballard is a son of the late W. H1.
(Continued on Last Page 'T'his Section)
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