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.e . . ~ * * ' ' *
* LOa and Personal Mention *
* * * * * * * * * * * * *
Alr. and ml's. .I. N. Druniond, and
little daughter, of Welford, are visit
ing relativs here this week.
Alrs. W. Joel .Smitlh has returned to
her home in Abbeville after visiting
hier parents, lir. an Msi 4. iles
ir. 4Hugh Sampe , of Greensboro, N.
C., will opend I the Thanksgiving holl
days 'vith Mr. and lrs. Carl Barlks
Mirs. Lid to Fullef' left Tuesday for
Rock '11111 where nhe will spend
Thanksgiving with her sister, Mrs. TL.
I). Pitts.
Mr. and Prti. Joln 11olt loft Tuesday
for Knoxville, 'Tenn., where they will
visit their daughter, Mrs. W. It.
Itichey, .r.
Mrs. Kate Carlisle has returned to
her home in Spartanhurg after a visit
of several days to her sisters, the
.lisses lloland.
IMrs. Jack l)avIs and her daughter,
Kitty, of Clinton, returned home
Thursday after a visit of a few days
to -Mrs. D. A, 'Davis.
Mlisses Virginia Sullivan and Mar
garet Dunlap will spend Thanksgiving
in Columbia with the former's sister,
.\rs. ID. 13. Coocr.
Miss Mary Ro.or who is a student
at Greenville Woman's College spent
the week-end home twith her Inprents,
Air. and Mrs. C. II. Roper.
Miss 'Lucia Harksdale returned last
week from Wastithington 'D. C., where
she attended the triennial sessions of
the Order of 10astern IStar.
miss qlihrlotte McGowan is spending
the Thanksgiving holidays with her
sister Miss Rosa 'McGowan at Brenau
College, Gainesville, Georgia.
Miss Katherine Iicks and Miss Dell
Montgomery attended the Caffney-Lau
rens football gave in Gaffney Friday,
remaining over for the week-end.
- John Thomas 'Wilkes, who is a stu
(lent at the University of North Caro
lina, is spending Thanksgiving with his
parents Mr. and Mrs. 1li. !l. Wilkes.
The lev. W. H1. K. Pendleton, of the
Church of the Advent, Spartanburg,
conducted services at the Church of
the Ijpiphany here Sunday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fleming, Mr.,
and Mrn. Frank Caine, Mr. and Mrs.
Cecil Roper and Mrs. J. 0. C. i'leming
attended the performance of the
"Lasses"- White minstrels 'i Green
ville Tbhrsday night.
Miss Gladys Roper, who is a student
at Coker College spent the week-end
home with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
31. (L. 'Iboper. Miss Roper came from
Columbi. where she attended the an
niuti medting of the College 'Press As
Mr. and Mrs. Joe 'Phinney, 'Miss Lilla
Todd, Miss Rosa Gray, John Lake, Ben
Sullivan, 1111 'Lake, Oscar Henderson,
Claude Babb, Tom Eastenby, Pack
Childress ind T). J. -H1. ;Powe were
among those who attended the per
formance of Tangerine in Greenville
Friday night.
Talks to Woman's Auxiliary
Mrs. 'W, P. Cornell of Columbia, gave
an interesting talk before the muem
b'rs of the Womans Auxiliary of the
Episcopa.l Church Monday afternoon.
She gave an initerplretationi of the aims
and work accomnpished by the Auxil
iary, illustratIng her talk 'by her ex
per'ienes at the recent church con
fercnce at Portland, Oregon.
* * * 8* * * * * e * * * *
* *.
* *
S* * * * 9'** * * * * *
Grain .reevils can be prevented In
corn to a great extent by field select
ing the seed corn. If a man does not'h
Ing else exceptL selecting the ears that
have a good tight shuck on the ear
and the end of the ear completely cov
ered up, it will mean a great deal to
ward the control. All the ears next
senison will not be completely covered
but a larger -perconin:ge will have
shucks over the ends. If the seledtion
Is done. each year for several years, it
wvill not be long 'before every oar will
have a tight-fItting shuck and one
that covers the end completely.
It Is recommended to use Carboni
Blisulphide .In stored grain for the
wveevil control. sIf you' are bothered
'with the weevils and awish to control
them drop me a card and X will send
you the desired informatione.
)ooperatlve Lifnii Or Jer
All thdse wishing to byy lime should
see, your county agent and lace frour
order for lime. In this way'youm can
go thd lime at cost. A car load is
tty-khree tons. It Is too lat..to buy
')hi'oi' fall' Alfalfa sowing but the
,ui rig Atfalfa can 'be limed this win2
tivitf the farm work isn't pushing,
Cottntyr Agent,
that's the .name of the best
r~~iA n over written for inidifes
ti "O i~~ ch distress. Gitaranteed
by'Ur: frtg C0,
Enfertalus it Cards
ir.J. D). 8Smith entertained fat ani
enljoyablIVecard 1.,arly Thursday after
Iloon. Pfight tables 0191Uridge and For
ty-Two were played amid decorations
of autumn leaves, ferns and enry san
theiimums. Ited and yellow candles
completed the colorful effect. .After a
delightful series of games a lsalad
Colirse with coffee was served.
0 0 0
Reception Postponed
The receptioni to havC been given
yesterday afternoon 'by Mrs. William
Gelder and Mrs. E. 1P. Minter in honor
of rs. 'Hugh Sanmforl 1was postponed
to the same hours Friday afternoon on
account of the death or -Mrs. Rosa 1.
ing's Dauglters to Iteet
The King's Daughters will meet Fri
day afternoon at th.ree o'clock in the
Rest Room. All members are urged to
be present.
Bible Classes to Entertain
The two adult illible classes of the
First Methodiat church 'will entertain
the other members of the church at
a social "get-together" meeting at the
church Tuesday night at 7:30 o'clock.
The entertainment -planned includes
musical selections and readings by
members of the congregation. Light
refreshments will be served. A general
welcome and a good time is pr9mised
to all those who attend.
0 0 0
Engagement Announced
The following announcement of the
engagement of Mr. James Connor Ow
ens to Miss Margaret Schuessler, of
Roanoke Alabama, will be read with
great Interest by the many friends of
-Mr. Owens in Laurens. -He is the son
or -Mr. and :Mrs. C. L. Owens. He is a
graduate of Clemson and Is now teach
ing school in Anniston, Alabama.
Mr. and Mrs. Major Schuessler, of
Roanoke, Ala,, announce the engage
ment of their daughter, Margaret, to
James Connor Owens, formerly of Lau
rens, now of Anniston, Ala., the mar
riage to take -place the latter part of
Forty-'lwo Club
Miss Brucle Owings entertained her
Forty-Two club and several guests, at
a delightful party Wednesday after
noon. Eight tables were placed amid
a setting of colorful autumn flowers.
After an hour of enjoyalble play, the
hostess, assisted by her sister, Mrs.
Nim q3. Sullivan, of Anderson, served
a delicious salad and sweet course.
0 0 0
Brldge-Lunclheon for Bride
Complimenting Mrs, Charles -Flem
ing, Miss Ulla Todd entertained at a
bridgeuncheon Friday moirning at
her home on tlain street. The room in
which the six tables were placed was
decorated with potted plants and ferns.
AMter an interesting series of games a
delicious hot luncheon nwas -served.
Mrs. Fleming wvas then presented with
two (lain ty hand made handkerchiefs.
Party for Epwortha League
The Epworth League of tnle kfirst
Methodist church gave a most enjoy
able party Thursday evening at the
home of Mrs. 10. C. Wogre. Games 'were
playe~d for sonme time and refreshments
consisting of candy and fruits were
served. The party was greatly enjoyed
by all piresent.
Entertins For Dr. Black
Dr. W. 'D. 'Ferguson wvas host at a
dol.ighti'ul stag dinner Friday night in
honor of Dr. H. R. Black. 'Covers were
laid for nine, the guests including all
the ' physicians of the city. A dhell
cious turkey dinner was enjoyed by all
U. D. C. Meetinig
The. .J. B. lKershawv chapter, U.' D. C.,
will meet at the home of Mirs. George
M. Wright on Tuesday afternoon at
3:30 o'clock.
* * * * * * * * *, * * * *
* 1W. 31. U. TO MFET *
* *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
- Quartei'ly meeting of the Third Divi
sion tobo Ielb Dec. 2, wyith Cross.H1il1
church:' The following program will
be carrjed. out:
Welcome and Response.
Enrollhhent of Deolegates4.
F'ulfilling. the Royal Law-Rev. W. L.
NMdd and Val)uo. of State 'Missions
The .Y W.. A.. and 0. A. Hlour---Mrs.
J. D. -W. Watts..
Our Mission -Work in South China
IMiss Lo~ra Clement, Kong Moon, 'China.
gchOes F'rom tl e State WV. M.. U. Con
Mitts tra Olehent of Kong Moon,
China, will 'be the honor' guest. 'Din-.
iter willibe serived by the ;W. M1. U. of
tiho Cross Hil111church. A good'delega
tjon is ex.:iected from all the church
On nd ,visitors are invited'
a Ccorgc Fitzmau rice production
uese4.oatt th6e novet.
"Peter lbbetson"
At Princes 'hursilay alnd Friday
It Is Believed 11is Confirmation Will
Prove IIIIpossible in .enate.
Washington, Nov. 22.--The Ipresident
has named a negro to federal oflc iII
the south. Today he nominated Wal
ter L. Cohen to be comptroller of cus
toms in Now Orleans.
COohen is the negro Republican boss
of New Orleans, While in Washing
ton Governor Parker of Louisiana pro
tested against the appointment ofr
Cohen and informed the president that
the appointment would accentuate the
Ku Klux Klan situation in Louisiana.
By naming the negro, the president
has precipitated what promises to be
as merry a row as has featured con-i
gress since Theodore Roosevelt named
negroes to serve in the South. Since
the Roosevelt day Republicans had
quietly aballdoned all effort to award
political p1lms to SoutlIernI negroes
Intil i the action of the president re
s1)ecting Cohen.
10Very Southern senator appeared in
(ignant when discussing the n'ppoint
ielit today. Conirnation is regardiled!
as imllpossible1 inasmnuch as Senators
Ranisdell and Broussard announced to
iight thtt they would declare 11 the io
gro 1ersn011ally obIox ius to them.
* 4 * 4, ~ * * * * * *' * *
* 'ea turiig -10lsie Fergiusoni anid
* Wallace 'Reld.
Wec and 25e
The first episode of
* Featuring Ruth Roland. A sp-- *
* cial school matinee Saturday *
fro1l iI to 2 o'clock--5c.
* ReL-ular Shows l0e and 20c *
COM ING N1,X T W1010 ,3K*
A story the whole World loves. *
4, ' * * 4 * * *, * *C *, * * *
Former LaureiIs Boy Placed at Held
of Newest and Flinest Chain of DrudgI
Stores in Phliladelplia.
Old acquaintances here of Mr. 13. '1.
Ualle, brother of Mr. 4j. G. Balle, of
the Palmetto 'Bank, will be interested
in Ils recent advancement as nmanager
of one of the new chain of 10vans drug
stores in Philadelphia. Mr Balle has I
beei manager* of another one of the
chain for a number of years and upon
the recent completion of the largest
and finest of the chain lie was put in
charge. The following items taken
Ips Built
Of all prech
gifts, the Flo
should be ine!
gitfor the h
Floor Lamps
eral from t'
Snewest styles, in a gorgeou,
Christmas gifts; also popula
dy for lighting.
)ffer a Wide Choice
beading Lamps in the newest <
is are now grouped convenic
for your inspection. Our sp
holiday display features, n
with hand wrought
stands with parchr
shades, gaily dec<
_____ed. Prices ri
-from $3.90
Lj~ wards to$1
E. H. WILl
I roma tle Philladelphlia 1 imIlier tells of
thIs recent change:
It.has taken George I. Evans just
forty-six years to get back homie. A
long tim'e, You 'will say, to journey
from Chestnut. near Broad down to
Chestnut near 10eventh and return.
Yes, almost seventeen thousand dlays
to go t-hose three crowded city blocks
and hlome again. ,11ut Mr. evatns was I
So )busy all alolig the way, I venture to
guess, tle time seems short after all.
Ilowever. here he is hack to tihe very
spot where le hega I his ext raordinary
It must he a pround satisfactioi for
this ceaseless toIleir'to complete that
.iuriley and to open liIs sixth Phil adel
pia store In the very spot. where lie,
as a lad, began to work in a drug
store to learI the business. Nor was
that any royal route.
The hoy evanis was glad to start at
$2 a 'week, to work about double the
"California Fig Syrup" is
Child's Best Laxative
-urry mother! 1ven a cross, sick
child loves the "fruity" taste of
"California Fig Syrup" and it never
falls to open the bowels. A teaspoon
ful today may 1prevent a sick child to
morrow. It constipated, hilious, fever
ish, fretful, has Cold, colic, or if
stomach Is sour, tongue coated, breath
bad, remember u good cleansing of the
Floor Lan
Delightful Chr
'us items available for Chri
or Lamp, after due considei
uded in your shopping list,
ome. A very select assortm<
has just lately been received.
e shipment are here reprod
3 array of colorings evidera
r values. They are equipped
in Readilag and Ta
rea- Table Lamps may
ntly to further home
ian junction with the
iron Reading Lamps yo
lent display of Table ]
~ngeforemo'st creative c
up- plated finish. Sha
).50, of styles and coloi
$4.25 upwards.
(ES & CO]
regulation h1ours1 of tody and then to
sleop in the store at 'iilit.
Whenl Ohe aini'bitious' yountg manl
E'vans openeCd hi s first store' as pro
prietor a g(nelatlo10 Iogo -Ils capital
was mainlly grit. IDoing Iearly all thjle
work himself, his *first. 10ut11h'. receilp s
were such that any ole of his sLo(!s
today could drop the sum as small
change from a day's incolm. and
scarcely miss it in t ie co oim 'f shili.
'vhenl you drop into this new s tor.
YOU 1111Y see what I ,believe is the hlnest.
specilen of brown marbidh,0 in the city.
The grain is so t.r1u ' -o miliht be
lieve it artieticial, but it'isn't.
Mr. 13. I. 1,alle, who for thirty years
has been with the Evans business, will
now move uptown to be mianager of the
new store---one of those red-blooded
Carolinians, old neighbor of President
William A. Law, of the 'Penn Mutual,
hoth of whoI came NorthI to zrow up
with the coultry.
little bowels is oftel all that is neces
sa ry.
Ask Your druggist for genuine "Call
fornia 'Fig Syrup" which has directions
for babies and children of all ages
printed on bottle. Mother! You must
say "Califoi-nia" or you may get an
imitation fig syrup.
ips Make
istmas Gifts
'ation $ .00
asa 1
Sev- AND'
mad n $19.00
ble Lamps.
be rightly considered'
beautification; in con
Thowing of Floor and
ai should now .see the
damps, gathered from
enters. Many in electro
des in a wide variety.
'se. Pr ices rne from

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