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The Laurens advertiser. (Laurens, S.C.) 1885-1973, December 06, 1922, Image 3

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(tieide o 1 4 onilltioIt I C etIei to1
be Slade, 1' I rat Se',ios eo 4-onejresis
ia 1,1111 i Lo 1.1i 4'reidil. Shippirig
Hill IU t'oune I p Id' Ed).
I it ,re o i )4' :i II Ie.l1ier01
I l) .#r'' at if% wil IIie(' l bIII i t o i i I jf
I I it t h Ce i u11 l ;.' I it-g rf 1 11. e it a. i
1111.t+ he fiftahf w )-h1P i u flife f" 1 .1
d ~ 14 -
I:, to I, l tI I I . 41 )o )I I 1 C1 i I-, I. III
I Iti hutIy1nn b for it I, th t isi itc I inI
14 1 it4' I - J ei w'i . 1 i )IJE 1b4 1 ' lflu e u ilt- ;ic
11 1 111 1- hoi I Aealu 11i 1 dei ri- T e-I cI j I
I' ebilar ev-lon wsicllcCads'2 lw l tlcnoone'i
1'1br l 111- only b l t w tryn Irtitd
in e 111( he iu', hicio or isiite~ of thei
in ,i I Ie t I a I I I I ' ! b 4 it f l e pI
1;ul d' I ienIt If a jint 'rt0 iiarn,2 li' 11 .1
t I h W it'- on lanId itt ify the
'4- iu tn I .i i ai t 141 i';.M itoN oa ti e
GIb?1,4fgp conyeIs ha;:s fonivened anjeileha
ite eubhilie, i*n iwiioe 11n*tih. at p~o:ni
b 'elrmat lon of at 1e1:t. por t ion
fi ! 14)11t lle itttlor i by vo ItIn, in Jill rt y
caucuin ulte ysvtterday to tbandon comn
[UAtly tihe' lyer wnti-ncar hi bill
o:wilmt which thll, I)emiocrati had riin
(4-vm fu tll II y 11 Illu tr i ed f1.44 eo v t I Elu Ya .
at34%%11or Cle'Ierwood of Althibama, the
'fen"Uocreatic )aeaer' wai informedt to
du.v of tho de'inion or the utopublican
un4a to -i0r0il --ith proitnhmi male dur.
lu: (hi t fl4teI tr ie,-t It t)e knowlc tbti
ite 'Debocruati would offor so further
<ObMt tueetion.
?l~oro4'tnt among the nomination to
lie taken up in that ofA .1' r;ft 1lutler' of
frlljiqnecote), (4 4MI nA 14,c1ia1te$ .uiceLI' Of
t1La 112&premlie court mceutlling Wlit WIPII4aW
it. tay. 'Rome oppokIion tO coniri1am.
(tLo of 'Mr. luteIr hifam been* exprestie4
but Renattorn T(el-oier an4d Nohcnen of
Mtlanieota have teaid they expected no
gmitll difliculty inanmclhi cu ia te oni.
nation received it unuanitnouly lavorn
jle report from) th jiudiciary commit
tie .affer intuiiiry to the objection.
ituiredan or other nombc itions Ii
cluding large number of potmantmern
and army utuotions i- r expectedt to
be ap)proveil by the iEnee without ole
l.i*elt ion. "Tijto n omination of Walter
(00hen8, negro of New O-rn to be
comptroller of iatoai tit Ne'w Or
l. nt-u.1, Inl expeted4'i 4) !I to fl l ee in e (of
tits opponliion ofr the Iamlilninna and
ne've'ral1i other nauitheirin gelutorn.
flepuli'leln iledieru had planned to
have tile 11111p in. bill, pnned lit
week" by ti he bonie, reported to the
1444n111te tW1mor -ow'v , 'hut th1,e1 I)ematic It 1
titu tir prev e tdii re'fet-enee of thl
legintati4onl to rotum1 itteeo. lit ks ex
plocteid to I rev oertfe'd TuI'eday uind
leadeiru chin to ltak it up Wednewday.
Out 111ie oF( whatever n minntiont
t.roi conifircined ootetrrow, the aeeom
tihimenti of tlhe 'enate and tliet ex
tra -wittilon i re, ew. ite only legih it.
Sion pann d 1uu'e i it c hill to proiiit 11
logiil ,ale. mallt'iteture and weatr ol
miitce, y decorneioine and at manure tc
allowi Amuriecateu JntIe iltney to te
A4dm~inidtratot leI aecrn atttemptede t(
(4bta4in enalcte n let oft thce Lirarhlu
Ioan bilel bItut 'I )em2ior'tn a 22s an Pr'ogren'i
alve'r aTopuliennea iee'cihl ned to il) I
by seteding' tbile bac to) 'ommtitt(et. Tihe
Now G
No. 1aOld Sta
t a h I~j lui t loo I i) 114. , Ia.I.
-1111 Iilfi, atI is Will Iamm by~t~ 01fo ~.q'
ljoin5A a~t 011iat. LI'tti I I;Ia lk-Ii'0
Jain 1111im"0-I-d I to fit- lIt
will ; il-4- ..1I 11 11i oit oI'tk. I t;i cv I ( I
I I'sI V1III ja~a1bI11 tlst! (1istis,it iL'ii
IjAiiill bill, I l 3,ls:oiaIattitslis. hsow,
ho4 .1 , 1s4;s 15'-(Ilto 541.11 1 :~jIIe
PI'' Vl*Vf,8 IN
1airkist Iiurlss fill. P014 Week.
Ne'% w 4rlfs:,nat, 1)ec. .1. 'PrIcesmoe
mi'iii, Iisn votttol Isalit, weitk, wean Riot
4" Ifle! atid tIE, mirhcet bad tfil(t~iIlig of
Ii'vlonairy feellitir being itt all tlimom
11a1ifir Il( )n* Its E of t lie prece-sdi I ta
wet-1i iIoII. Tf1 ii tpitearted to be! dtu
to) li 1(10 atlu of tilt 1Iau- ilterentli
aaoris Ilims to ne1w nelIIiuv.. Now airera-.1
I Iois oil oitl ier idde worn stot (-Isiriled
out ,agegrtaivoly, ol* ou a large ,tCIC.
itisi Inl mj)mlig a'estoctfi, the znstrktt katd
imiueb of Il )'oar-and twUi At tWe
Ioweost tho tradliar zuntli weire 73t t~o
144 pis t ndter the (lsIoS of the pro
moding wfuek 'with January off to 24.40
cenft*, a p)Otm34. Tho VOwe~ mhuowtxi Qq9
1osiliv ofI 70 to 76 p*ti4A~, January clue
ing att 24-G4, Taking M~e Hat Into von
pi~dera* lea, fluctulations Well( iWithin
I'lim ot 484 to I0l DOW&tt. .1a~ the "pot
dopartaiwnt prloce lost 13,1 00luti onl 4
middling which eWocid'at 'O% Thiti
wtek a& y0LA5 ago~ middlkg chomed at4
TPhe holiday Thursday broke trading
tip ((sl1)tderatbl)' and littor t he holidaLy
til. dI:i~ntt dion ailollg lutt t ritders U&p
1pit 114(1 to bie to Woik oil ponding glin
nuug figuacs;, Not it tow markot W.t
*(I-Atoil'resd t a t I(itftier ghintig Ag
ttrva, will,, (lilt 110 wititng ttudo
woul0 d Isi oftrongettl tii 'ever01 becuio
of, t t gIlilmvriuvilt'mIL ,us1Iita etthiut ' of
It'e erop V. leliR thlit yvar, will be imllie
oni 5I,(emllht 1:1. . rI vate crisls eni
lilitels of 15 014 t'ivo vartied( 'oiildt'rithly,
tilt. i11 911-It II-im It 49318,0011 l'mll ing
htsatte'i,. Wli1i (114 tl,, V lwet WItS 11.6, 5,000
hutlt'i fit !,00) le'lifl( weyt'ght fil I' lt ea
t-tithisatei In runsn hil;t )5le-i m('ait I zig
le& .4I)ot dep)11irttile-it wilm (III itt Iho
mildc tut11KVU th lmOe remtilt otf 111111
#.(I AlI-11g. iittli ute: 01111 btcuse of.1110
lnch- of denmnd. A.count" f'rom i l1
ef4'nterli, r'c4'lvuo lilil', were, mixedi,
$olt111t 1 11011 weri sld to bo o'oli
oil gilged'tl Iown sd tile I'iitl of IIIit% WI'tiI
New 'i Jzlanid Isotila wo're wiring thtt
hin Iti. minl t wouild ttalrt n)ight ifto
(I isii eornflug wook; il I on tht' colti
nteit of l-1mrople 0 410 oid to -be work
ill! to capanelty for the m~ost ItalLIt. -but,
ItiN('E ,.NDFIEW DIAINfti ,Ali,
iroiher of Former ng Conitantine
Eape'n wih III Life ,6fter Being Tried
on Chairge' of lifu'sing to Attaek the
Enemiy in flattle of Sangarius.
Ath n,, i-. $. - Prin(. Andrew, '
irother of foreIa'r King Cons tan tine,
an beeon bented by a military court
or banilai nint for life! and deprlva- I
lon of bla rank. ie, will not uuffer v
'tuail degradation.
The. judgment of the court finda that
'rince Andrew refueod to obey ordern
1i it presilenlce of the oienmy and
'IoVe( lilts armny corpsi ii another di
1-r-iln, but conildern that In view of
l lack of experience in commanding
arjt i maie of fighting troopH, and
t, conditions in which ho wan placetd
yl icition of the, genalties provided
iy lttfw would not bo' Juntiliable.
Thiet trial of tihe prince cloned laist
tighJit after numeroiun witnennien had
Pen eenxamine and .:lea.n for clemency
uad been made for the defenne. The
idictment nset forth that in the ad
'ance on the Hangarius river, Prince
kndrew commanding the aecond army
orpH, refused to obey an order to at
ack the enemy.
Royalty liad a bad time in the final
t.ag.eH of the Inquiry. The prosecutor
iwelt onl tho dindvantage of employ
ng princefi in high positionas In the
riy. Vio pointed out that their Wnflu
mee was pernicious not only in Greece
out in all count-riae and cited camen
vhere they had been responstble for
n.litary 4iaMer. In thin connection
w alluded to the toinner German
:rown prince.
Andrew bore up well throughout
e .trial, at was touch &ad go rwhether
W ;would escape with his life an the
harge on which he wan convicted in
)Unhj4ha1ble, under the Greek code, by
The (prosocutor asserted that Prince
Androw was unuble to realize the re
iponelbilitien of his position and con
iwquently could not be treated an a
real general .who fled before the one
rny aftr disobuying the orders of his
The prince patiently lIntened to
thene unploasant remarks and when
aked at the clone of the proceedinga
whether he had anything to-nay, re
plied that he had not, An usnal in
court martial the pritioner left the
court before delivery of the verdict
and hin counsel, Nicholas iMmaskinon,
displaye(d vialblo anxiety as to
whether he had caved hin royal cli
e'III head. PrInce Andrew's wife,
who watn Princens Alice of llattenberg,
also was greatly worried; oho ha
cpent aleeplean night since his arrival
and arrived in Athena only a few day
ago. She had beon allowed to vin t
him Several times.
The courts deliberations on the ver'.
diet lasted nearly three hours and
the sentence, deprivation of rank and
life banishment came an a relief iwhen
the worst was feared. During the
course of the trial interest increasc4
and when the verdict was delivered
the hiouse of parliament 'was crowded
to full capacity.
On the witness stand Prince An..
drew told the .president of the court,
that according to bia order the second
army before attacking had to await
intruictiona from the third army corps,
:the Laur
:lothing, Dry Goods
Complete, ar
VlhICL did not arrive.
Colonel Sariynin tesUtfied that In
tead of attacking the iecond army
orI, replied that an attack to tht
iorth wasi imipoilible owing to thi
trong enemy defenses, whereupon tht
oninander in chief ordered the chie
f utaff of the second corps replaced
arlynni declared that If Andrew had
arried out the order the battle o:
angariua would probably have been
ion. IN added that the price threat
ned to resiign if the commander in
hier innlted upon blaH orders beinh
G(jeneral Plaopoulai admitted the rea.
on 1.he prince Wial not dinissied fron
We are tryi
a larger store ar
We are tryi
ues than ever bx
Our Mr. Ja<
ing for mercham
The success
the pan; it is bui
We thank I
making it so.
dies' Ready-to.
Shoes, see what
to buy and we i
ens and4
and Notions Now'
id Save Money'
q,s. C.
... .I: .m me.
his command was that he was the
king's -brother.
* * * * * * 0 * * * * * *
* Fleming School Honor Rol *
Ninth Grado-Ruth Rhodes, Annie
Helle Tumblin.
Seventh (Irade-lunter' Robertson,
Frances Tumblin, -Mildred Cooper.
Fifth Grade--Ethel Rhodes, Bertie
Tumblin, Thelma Hazel, Martha Pow
Fourth Grade-Mary Tumblin.
I Third Grade--.Nivia Owens, J. P.
ng to serve you beti
kd adding more sales
ng to give you bette
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the people of Laurer
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Wear, Men's and
Cohen's have; you
kre glad to show yov
e Store of Better i
H. Terry's Old Stand
While These Great 5
No. 2,
First Grade-Alvin Hazel, Allen
Powers, Mary Ethel Powers, Edna
Hudson, Mary Lou Rhodes, Lee Weath
ers, Arthur Weathers, Raymond Rob
ertson, Ruth Sumerel.
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etcP,c t!hc Cough and Headache end works off the
Cold. E. W. GROVE'S signature on each box. 3c
No Vorms In a Healthy. Child
All ai .j ui troubled with worms have an un
healthy cokr, which Indicates poor blood, and as
rule, there Is more or I ess stomach distRbanoce.
uly for twoorthree weekswl enich te blood.
Improve the digestion. and act ass generalStrength
ening Took to the whole system. -Nature will then
trwoffloiselI the worms. ail tib Child willbe
Am 'rf~thekh.Pleat lot to take. 6Cc pezbottla
ter by moving to
r and greater val
lew York search
at low prices.
ot a mere flash in
ad honest service.
is and vicinity for
a Dry Goods, La
Boys' Clothing,
are not obligated
i at all times.
d Stores
~tocks are
On Public Sqnark

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