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Eje aibbertser
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Laurens,. 8. 0.
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Cent a Word.
Entered at the postofice at Laurens,
g. C., as second class mail matter.
VOL. 38, NO. 21 12 PA GE S
I Al'tiFNS. S. C., DEC. 6, 1l-!2
Te census blreau's. report of cot
tonl ginned in this state rin)or to No
vember I it ft iscloses ilte interestin t
fact that hile counties -had ginned to,
lial date 1(ore bales than were gin
ined to the Samllie date last year. This
fact is interesting in that these inie31(
counties -*(ere all in the lower pa rt
1f, tle state where tihe boll weevil first
began to make Iiis r1avages. The counil -
lies 'Ire Aliken, Allendale. Hlaimberg, I
Iarnwell, Beaufort, Colleton, I)orches
Ier, llampton andl .asper. These
cotislltis are evidently beginning to
"come ba'k" in cotton raising, though
very slowly -for evel with tie increas
ed yield the total is very smnall. A be
inninig, however, is what conilts.
They hav (emonstrated that lrogress
van be made against the weevil even
tlougli he imiight not -be exterminated.
lFy next year the ta)les should begin
to tun in this County.
* * t
This week is being obseved $ill ov
er the United States as E0ducational
Week. The special celebraJ0on is be
ing pronoted by the national 'Bureau
of IEducation, In cooperation with the
Anmerican I egion and the National
IEducational Association.
South Carol'ina is participathing in
the celebration. Leaders in education
in tle state are attempting to focus
the attelition of its citizens oil the
need of education as an instrinnent of t
progress and prosperity.
South Carolina ranks very low
ailoig other states of tile uni ion in il
literacy. Tihe southern states coin
pare very unfavorably with other
states of the union in the same respect. t
To promote educational progress In
the state and southern states coilnpari
Sois are being made with olier states
as to the amounts expended per capita
for education. The comparisons rep
resent a serious reflection on u1s in outr
educational endeavors. It is safe to
say that the low standing of southern
states in .illiteracy Is due to lack of
education aliong the nlegrocs.
Accepting 'the argulent of our edum
cators that prosperity goes hand in
haIY1d with ed.ucation, .It is a logical
conclusion that, tile coll.parat.tive pov
orty of the south is due to its unedu
cated population. . -
Thq.jlrgest'proplrtionl of tile unle(u
cated in .the south and that -portion of
Its po'pulatl'on on whichl Its wealth
largely,. dleipends,. its' laboping chI(s0,. is
- composed mostly of conoreot .people,
It is an unescapatble (clctlIion thati
if we are to overcome the4'iucational
obustacle to progress anti prosp~erity,
all -classes of the popu)laition must be
educated or the goal at which we aimI
WJil he m1issedl. -
A reu ular pcommilun ientlon of Laurenis
Lodge No. 260, A. F. .I'., will be held
F'riday hight, Decc. Sth, at 7:30 o'clock.
All meomber5 are' urgedC~ to atttendo.
* Ii. iL. Clardy, W. .\l.
W. L. Taylor, *Sec.
.iTALIhS 1" liX01)WS
14)1. Js Opposed to Moie.
The State, Tuesday.
{Citizetis of South Carolina *who keep
even indifferently in touch with what
Is happening within tihe conifines of
the conmnonwealt'h, persons1 who are
at all aware of what Is taking place
know full well that many negroes are
.leaving The state. .Scenes arountd small
railroaotstations, glimpses into the
coaches>)n trains reservedi for nlegroes
~nd desejted cabins,,trough tile coun
(ry dIstricts, all ear'ry their messago
--- mes4ge so clear and so direot'that
Ven'te wafarirg jpn may read,
P4To knpw that n'eroes are, leaving
ndto Attempt to aarive at some tiee..
4nite flgre as to thie nuniber that
dave alrgad~y deopartI,Ol are,, powpyer,
oey; different matters. Any man
h~io trasv01a nlach over the state will
dami tie inquirer ,tl)at he sees many
ig .O 'tlis migration-the flight
s'hrac4before theQ ravages of a tiny
septJjpont ,definite 'flgpres .are dir
et c~lgq 1rocurn.>
~ sh effort to ascertain wvith som'e
'egree oit precision the number that
eft 'Buth *Oarlin& -Wittiin rthe
Astyar: W. .D~ Opi fpelle, 'f~ifhg9p og
~'aW Me ist "ipIscopal
~~4W I~t i ina~ as asked,
e ~ ad W
ship of approximately 70,000 members.
"During the past year, I estimate
that from 5,000 to 8,000 negroes-have
left our chureh in South Carolina,"
he said. "Some churches are prac
tically (epopulated--only two or three
imembers ieuainlng. It might be re
marked that our collections have not
fallen off very much, this being due
probably to the redoubled efforts
which have been put forth by those
who have remained.
Flock to Cities
":Most of the negroes who have left
le state have gone to New York and
'h icago, and the counties from which
he migration has been heaviest are
Xbbeville, Greenwooi and McCormick.
n somlie sections, %wh-eIre the boll wee- 1
ii has boon particularly destructive, I
he treatment giveni the tenants has I
een harsh. Even the chickons and
le cabbages in the gardens have -been I
aken from tenants so that there has
ween actually distress; in the lower I
ci rt of Abbeville an(d t he upper part
)f Edgelield countries the distress has
ween acute. Where harsh treatment J
ias bven given tenants they are leav
ng; where there has been a disposi- I
ion to be lenient, the tenants are c
ta ying.
'Tells of linsinig
"Another factor Ithat has had much
nIMluince in this migration are the let
ers that have come back from tile
nen and women who have gone North.
'hey are glowing and tell what. the
vriters make---not wiat they save.
"I went to tNew York to see just
low things were with these people. I
>elieve I had rather stay here in the
bouth, under the present conditions
han tinder the conditions which 1 Ir
cund as regards housing. The people
vere packed in the houses, sonetimes
wo or three families living in one e
oom. The crowded conditions were
Riod. It is true that the,!) caln make
niore ioney there, but they can save
nore here and have more, too-have
nore room and space I mean.
"if tenants who have had a bad t
-'ar of it beCause of the weevil are' 1,
hown some cOnside0.ratlonl, if the
Vhite people -will let them know that
hey Ithe white) are kindly disposed
owards them, I believe the exodus
Vill be checked. Right now it. is in I
till swing, they are leaving by the
arload There is no cotton to pick,
>r not 111much, winter is coming onl, and
iey aire leaving.
"The Ku Klux Klan. too, is a factor
n this migration. The negroes are
tiaid of it and it is a menace to a
settling down' among them.
Would Hold 3eetlntis
"I have instructed ministers to make
lpeeches to tir congregations
Lgailst this .migration. I ai opposed
0 it.
"If meetings Were 110.1d In every
ounty, at aWhlich -both -whites and n1e
,roes would make addresRes, I be
ieve the tide would be stemmed. if
he white people would let .the negro
enants know that they will be lenient
vith them Ill this time of trial and
hat they will give them considera
Ion, the effect wvould be quickly felt.
"In tIDilion an~d jn Kingstree speech
aH were mhde, in iwhich .there was cui
lenced thle most kindly feeling for'
hose tenants who wer'e hard hit by,
he weevil, andl such actionl will tend
0 check this exoduts. Where the ne
12ro tenanlt believes ,that tihe whlite
andclord is a r'eal friend the tenant4
vili not leave."
'hishop Chappelle said few if any of
he n)egr'oes who hadl gone North had
F00M1 TenrAYyvRA. po
Pdithhal log fruc
met returned though he intimated t
hat he was of the ophi -n that some
night return after Christmas.
There are a few players on the a
,creen 'who have, during careers cov
'ring many years sought artistic sue
,ss rathe' than personal poplarity.
hlouse Peters is one.
le has willingly played any tY)e of 1)
ole which gave him opportunities . It
eal work of a lasting kind, not con
idering 'hether or not the part i1
vould make hii more popuilar or less r
vith -the public. . Characterizations 2
eauitIfully drawn may, neveitlieless, V
e detrimental to a star's popularity, $1
f the .figure portrayed is not a likable C
The artist is inpervious to the pub
ic's likes or dislikes if he is sincere.
PCeers is sincere; he seeks nothing h
ut ihe fullest expression of his abil- 0
In "I luman IIcarts," the Universal
ewel attraction at the Princess
'heat re Thrsday and Friday, Ptters I
aNa role which is fully sympathetic, 01
no' in which every one twill like to .
ce him in. lie poi'trays Toni Logan,
lacksmith hero of the old plna of -the
anie niune from which the pictiure was
dapted, a man too honest it heart to r
et along with a worldly-wise wonan.
To Cure a Cold in One Day ,
tops the Cou and Headache and works off the
old. E. W. GROVE'S signature on each box. 30a a
No Worms In a Healthy Child Ig
All children troubled with Worms have an un. t(
ealthy col'r, whlch indicates poor, blood. and sa i
Ale. there Is more or I ess stomach distuiansce.
rly for two or three wcnks,will enrich the blood,. i
nprove thodigestion. and actns a generalStrength- i
ing Tonic to the whole system. Nature will then
iro voff or dispel the worms,and theChIld willbe
k -e ect health. Plent voat to take. 60o per bottle. C4
All Executors, Administrators, at
muardians and 'I'rustees are notilled at
hat. the time for making their annual 01
eturns runs from January 1st to ta
0. 0. TIIO.PSON, di
'--it-A Probate Judge. st
* - - S &
* s s s * * i ii
A rare o)porttillty D
to V4
rent (
The caine Hlole
'Place -containing A
4 1.2 acres, more or less
An Ideal home hq
S wtiqall iimprovemnents.
A. D. Gray, w
M. -.. Garlington, . te
I-51-pd 'xecutors. M
. Farms T
Small and Large
Good farms at
a rental to yield- you b
a handsome profit. te
See at once. 1
M. '.- Garlinigton,.
1-5t-pd Executors. 15
lFor Rlent-A good farm at 'lad dn
Wanted--Bicycle for child 7 years C
~ld. Must be N anrga in. Address P.*
). Box 356, '1 durans. 21 -it-c n
Tresphass Notice-No tres pass ing, IL
mnmting or otherwise grazing on my .p
andls. Violators will be' punisihed to
till extent of law. S. >La. Mioore, WVa- p)
- - d
ClieMaryac f
S pIc~GMAckLhoF
Hides Wanted-Bring your hides and
.ir to C. D. Moseley at Fleming Bros.
tore. Will pay market price.
For. Sale-Registered Berkshire
oars, 'brood Aows and pigs, J. 'McC.
arksdale. '21-1t-pd
11ang(d--Second hand cream sel1
rator In good condition. Miss Julia
vby. 21-It
For Sale Within 10 Days-Sow, 8
'eeks old pigs, 3 cows, barred rock
oultry, wagon, fodder, corn, peas,
ity. A. C. \Vhittle, Gray Court.
Wlauted To Jient.--A I-horse farm
i ,aurens or adjoining counties. Cash
mnt paid in advance. .J, V.. Farrar,
ouitville, S. C. 21-lt-lpd
Hoofing-Just received carload of 5
galvanized sheet iron roofing at
;.00 per squai-e. iLaurens liardsware
mipn.l) 21-it-pld
0n liand--Plenty of galvanized
>ofing at Laurens Hardware Com
iny. 21-it-pd
TIrespass Notlee-All persons are
,'eby- warned against hunting or
herwise trespassing 11pon my lands.
lolators of this notice will .be prose
Ited to the fullest extent of the laiw.
. W. Sanders. 21- t-pid
Trespass Notice-All persons are
reby warned against hunting or
herwise trespassing upon ily lands.
Iolators of this notice will be prose
ite'd to the fullest extent of the law.
rs. .1. Finchr Davis. . 21-1-p(
Lost-Rtim and tire, 34x-I 1-2. Lost
I roaId between lAalirens and J. 1). W.
"atfs. indor please return to Lau
m11s Music Co. 21-1 t-pd.
Sa ve (Ons-Attachment for Ford
irs that will give your Ford around
irty per cent more mileage per gal-:
in of gasoline and more power to the
otor. It Is the Strausky Vaporizer
id decarbonizer. I have tested the
ticle and get 25 miles on gallon of
asoline. Am practically certain I
1(d never gotten more than seven
,en miles per gallon before. The price
oily, $4.0,0 and I will refund money
anyone who tries it and\s not sat
fled. it cannot harm your notdir.
T. Simpson, at Passenger Station.
Fresh Sausage--We will have fresh
)untry sausaage every Friday and
aiturday. 25 cents per pound. Ow
gs & Owings. 15-tf
Moiey to Lonn-On imuproved farm
id city property for a period of years
seven per cent interest. Bomar,
shorne & 'Brown, Attorneys, Spar
nburg, S. C. 34-tf
Loans on R1eal Estate--Funds ime
ately available at six per cent. In
trances companies, Joint Stock Land
ank. Federal Land Bank and other
u11rces. Apply to S3impson, Coolper
Babb, Attorneys. 4-tf
l'arms 'For Rent-I have several
rms18 foi renit'at fourth of t'he crop at
!asoifble cotton rent. ). K0. Todd.
Ilemstltclhig-Ioc .per yard on all
aterial, silk thread furnished. Sil
Ir and gold cording a specialty. Work
)ne while you wait, buttons of seven
zes covered. Mrs. J. M. Wiggins,
)uth 'llargej street, telephone 395, /
Trespass Notice-All persotis are
rebY warned against hunting or oth
'wise t.renlMjssing on our lands near
atts Mills. Violators of. this notice
ill be prosecuted to the fillest ex
fit of the law. .-. L. and W. T. Senn,
iss Ella Bell, J,, T. .l3akely, W. A.
)peland. 19-3t-pd
Tires--See us f'r Red Top Fisk
Ires. City Vulcarizing Statio'n, J. F.
nith,. igr. . .- - . .19-t
6' Per Cent Money--Under B'Rnkers
eserve Systen 6 per cent' loans may
secured on city or farm property,
luy, build, improve.or pay. indebted
ass.' Bankers Reserve Deposit' Co.,
48 California Street, De'utver, 'Cole
Wanted-Hickory logA, cut 8, 10 and
feet long. Highest cash 'price, F. 0.
care your'station.- Write, phone or
e F'. 'H. Caine. . r . - 19-5t
.Cabbage Plants-lEarly Jersey Wake
sld '20 cents per hundred. McDaniel
ulcanizing JPlant. 20-tf
Stea Pleating-Seven kinds, button
eaking, different sizes, pinking. Mr's.
idle Watkins, at Davls-1loper Comn
any. 20-5t-pd
Don't do- all your Christmas Shop
ng until ygsee our af'sortment of
fts -and delicious home-made can
es. We will 1b0 glad to have you look
themi whqther you buy or' not. Open
ecember' hth. Mr's. T. P. Kendrick
rid Mrs. 10. 0. Anderson at Mloseley &
olanld 01(1 stand, nex. 'to Benchoff's.
Fars 11 For Ren I-Several fat'mp
~ar goodi schools to rent to iparties,
thler , white or colored, with their
wn stock. J1. P. Gray, Woodruff.
Simpson, Cooper Br. Babb
..ttornleva at Law..
Will Practice in all' SttW Ceurts
rompt'- Attention Miven All Blusness
C. E. Kennedy & Son
Funeral Directors,
Motor Equipment
L.AURENS, -, --8
tturenes South aroia
Pies Cured in 6 to 14 Days
Druglstircfund money if PAZO OINTlaNTI*Us
to cure Itching. Blind Bleeding or Protruding
Pies Instently relieves Itchint Pilop, and q
can et re eep after first applicaion.
Terracing : Leveling
Gray Court, S. C.
Take notice that on the 19th day e!
December, 1922 I will render a fina
Accoult of my acts and doings as Exe.
utor of the datate of Ophelia F. 'Fow.
er deceasedin the office of the Judg(
Af Probate of -L.aurens counuty, at 11
'clock, a. in. and on the same day
wvill apiDy for a final discharge fron
my trust as Executor.
Any person indebted to said estate if
iot,ifled and required to make .paymen
n that date; and all i)ersons having
Alaims against said estate will preseni
he1cm on or before said (late, duly prov
mi or be forever barred.
v. 15, 922. Executor.
Can You
Answer Thes
\These questio
matters of Christi;
answered by any<
tered the Bible.
1. What is sin?
2. What is the
tween "sins
3. What is red
4. What is san<
5. What is just
6. What is preo
7. What is sah,
8. In what resr
of heaven di
Answers to these
others which every C1
miliar with are answe
"There is none tc
The Most Appropria
Oirders Taken f6r.
"I Don't Se
It All Goes
About once or twi
wife wonder "whe
You may be making
seem not to be getti
Maybe it is a lacl
"take in and pay t
The first step in sysi
each week's pay,i
brought to our banki
count, Then, youI v
S this. "
: of-lookirig ahead to
all goes to.".. Youn~
as a basis of creatin
the next monthi
/ That's how fortunes
Laurens Na
Take notice that on the 22nd day of
December, 1922, I *ill render a flil
account of my acts and doings as Ad
ministrator of the estate of J. E, Mar
tin deceased, in -the office of the Judge
of Probate of Laurens county, at 11
o'clock a. m.. and on the same day
will apply for a final discharge frbm
my trust as Administrator.
Any person indebted to said estate
Is notified and required to make pay
ment on 'that date; and all persons
having claims against said estate will
Present them on or before said date,
duly proven or be forever barred.
H. -E. .MAR1TLN,
Nov. 22, 1922. 19-5t-A
Grove's Tasteless chill Tonic restores
Energy and Vitality by Purifying and
Enriching the Blood. When you feel Its
strengthenipg, invigorating effect, see hoW
it brings color to the cheeks and how
it impfoves the appetite, you will then
appreciate its true tonic value.
Gro e's Tasteless chill Tonic is simply
Iron 'and Quinine suspended In syrup. So
pleasant even children like it. The blood
needs QUININE to Purify it and IRON to
Enrich it. Destroys Malarial germs and
Grlp germs by its Strefigthening, Invigor
ating Effect. 60c.
e Questions?
ns deal with vital
mn life, and can be
)ne who has mas
Biblica! distinction be-.
and "sin"?
ect does the kingdom
ffer from the church?
questions and to many,
iristian ought to be fa
red in
.compare with it."
te Gift for Christmas
brtmas Delivery by
e 377- -
e Where
ce a week you and your
re all the money goes."~
more than ever but you
ng anywhere.
of system. You simply
em is to see that out of
~here Js a certain amount
and put in a checking ac
14i plan and look otut for
3 is bound to come a day
the other items and the
',you swi4 see. "where' It
cancelled checks are used
'g a household budget for

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