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* Local ta'd Personal Mention *
* ** * * * * * * *~ . * ,
Mr. Jc. .\lcPherson, of Charlotte,
spent Thanksgiving with relatives near'
the city. .
Miss Lila Poy, of .\onroe, N. C., Is
visiting her sister, Mrs. lubert Fan
Mr. W. E'. Sbeinn has returned to
Augusta, Oa., after a few days' visit
to friends i'ear G ray KCourt.
Mr. di. W. lolcombe, of Townville,
spent a few hours in the city Friday
wvith his niece, -Mrs. Carl flrmIlett.
Mrs. B. L. Jones returned home
Sunday after spending the' Thnksgiv
ing holidays in Raleigh, N. C.
Mr. J. iM. Wilsgn, of Fayetteville, N.
C., spent the week-end with relatives
near the city.
Robert Aiken returend to, Davidson
college 'Monday after a visit of a week
to his 'mother, Mrs. 'i. K. Aiken.
'Mrs. (A. H. Sanders and her sons,
Haskell, spent Thanksgiving with rel
atives in Spartanburg.
Mrs. T. I. Swygert, of Columbia and
her infant daughter hre the guests of
Mr. and Mrs. .Brooks Swygert.
Mrs. A, Huff returned Monday after
a visit of a week to -her daughter, Mrs.
H. 40. Cartledge, in Augusta, Ga.
Miss Lillie Miller, who is teaching
in the "Laurcns schools, spent the
Trhanksgiving holidays in Abbeville,
Antrevilleband (t.Ae West. .
Martin Teague, who is studying at
Davidson 'college, spent Thankigiving
with his parents, D and CM'rs. J. H.
Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Gray, of Gast6nia,
and Miss Wil Lou Gray,. of Columbia,
'were the Thanksgiving g ests of Mr.
and Mrs. W. L. Gray.
Miss Jennie'Wright,' who is a stu
dent of Converse, spent Thanksgiving
Day with her parents, LN'r. and Mrs.
George Wrighit. ,
Mrs. George Balle, accompanied by
:ier dhildren, spent the Thanksgiving
holidays in Newberry with her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. John Goggins.
Mrs. John Kellett, of Fountain Inn,
and Mrs. Alice Sloari, of Anderson,
Spent Thanksgiving with Mr. and Mrs.
F. P. McGowan.
MNr. George E. Miller, of Hartsville,
- is visiting his mother, Mrs. a.\ V. Mil
ler. .le is recuperating friom a seri
ous illness.
CGliss Rebecca Clarke was one of Mr.
T. A. Snyder's guests for the Thanhs
giving holidays at CamI Way Back,
Ceda Mouhtain,'N. C.
Mrs. James L. Guthrie, of Atlanta,
Ga., -is a viaitor this week al. the home
df her, parents, Mr. and ]Irs. 13. B.
Goodman, on South Harper street..
MT.. and Mrs. Tom Switzei 'and
their daughter, Kath-rinc, of Spritan
burg, spent the vee!t-end wito Mrs.
C.' R. ,Bishop.
Judie R. C. \Vatts returned home
Siturday 'atter attending- the .fail ses
sion of the Supreme Couirt fn Colum
Mrs. John F. Bolt returned home yes
terday af tei-, a viist of a''week with
Sapt, and Mrs. W. 'R. 'Richey,. Jr., in
Knoxville, Tenn.
*Mr. W. Ed. Hawkins, of Spartanburg,
.formler - milagei' of the Laurebs Mill
store, was a visitor In the city yes
's. Austin Perry, of Columbia, has
"returned1 home after spending several
days with AirfI. J. Fincher Davis near.
the city.
MissiMargaret Lakey wby,o.is a s'tu'
dent at. Coker College, spent .the
Thaz'klsgiving holidays with her par
Sents, Mr. and Mrs. T. .D. Lake..
RTey, J. 1W. Watts, 'Mr. C. B. B3o,bo and
'Mr. M. J. Owings left Monday to at
tend the Baptist Convention vi Roeck
IllI. They wvill return on Saturday.
Mr. end Mrs. W. -mlH. MoPhail have
left for a month's stay in Davenport,
Florida,. where air. MePhail has 're
chtly purchased 'a large orange grove,
'Mrs. WV. ID. Ferguson and Mrs.4. D.
Darlingtopi left Saturday. on a tip to
New Yoik and( -will be gone about ten
-Miss Lois Fuller, who is a student
at' Columbia College, sipent the ThaW s
givhtng 'holidays at home..wlith' herp
'Miss Annie Stewar't, who is teaching
in the . graded school, apent the'
Thanksgvings holidaya at her iomid
isn thld Sullivan speiAThanks
giving a4h~icora ecllege wi 'hef sis
ters, i es 1tajnalie and' aifniBullI.
mMrs. JP. ge.Nai~r~ r Aikcen,A Jigre
tuu'ned lo- heu' hime" after. - l tt
the'-Misaqs Ud!land, ... ' - i.L
~'r. an) Mrs.di~dgard 'Mc~rady ,and
Slitte 4gighter, of Gl'eenville, spenut
Thafiksgfiving with Mrn and Mrs.-'T. 1)
JDaringt1. *
* ng at .~ icora gollege, In Columbia
*w~s at h. e with her parents 'Mr. 'nd
Ji'rs. J. J.,Adam~s for the Thaliksgiving'
frierid, Jack Folk, spent the Thanks
giving holiday5 with his parents; Mr.
and Mrs, W. L. Gray.
Mrs. Itichard Rodgers, of Roanoke,
Va., has been visiting Mrs, Joe ?hirt
ney and Miss Rebecca Lake during the
Thanksgiving holidays and leaves to
day to visit -relatives In Asheville, N.
Dr. and Mrs.. Terrell and children, or
Canon, Ga., Mr. and Mrs. B. C. Young
and children, a'd Mrs. B. F. Moore, of
Anderson, spent Thanksgiving In the
city as the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Carl
Mrs. J. S. Bennett attended the dcdi
catory exercises of the Fine Arts
building at .Greenville last nweek. Three
Laurens girls, Missps Plora Bennett,
E"ula -Burnt and Mltry Roper, took
prominent parts in the exercises.
Mrs. Jante Boyd, who has ju'st coin
pleted a course of nursing at a hos
pital at Chattanooga, Tenn., left Thurs
day for Clinton after a visit of sev
eral days to 'Mr. and is, y. P, Mc
Dr. and Mrs. C. P. Vincent are
spending a short time at the home of
Dr. Vincent's father at Estill. . Dr.
Vincent has not been in good health
for the past few weeks and has been
forced to take a rest from his prac
tice. Tlis n4any friends hope that
he will regain hi's accustomed strength
very shortly.
ecepltion by Mrs. Gelder alid Mrs.
Conphueerti'ng Mrs. Hugh Sanford,
of Mocksville, 'N. C., Mrs. E. P. Minter
and Mrs. William Gelder were hostess
es at a large and brilliant reception
Friday afternoon' at the home of Mrs.
Gelder on Main street
The house. was beautifully decbrated
for the occasion .with ferns' and chrys
anthemums,. different colors being us
ed in the seleral rooms. In the draw
ing>Ioom there was an abundance of
pink ch rysanthemumns, the same color
note being carried -out In the pink.
shaded candles. In the living room,
various bokfred autumn flowers were
in evidence with red candles. I the
dining-room a color scheme of pink
and green was carried- out.
Greeting the guests at the door was
Miss Bessie Sitgreavts and assisting
in the hall were 'irs. Eugene Hudgens
and Miss Sadie Sullivan. Introducing
to the receiving line 'was Mrs. J. H.
Teague. The receiving line -was com
p6sed of Mrs. Minter, Mrs. Gelder, Mrs.
Sanford, Mrs. 'Chailes F1'ming, Mrs.
Cecil Iopgr, and Mirs. C. T. Squires.
Assisting in this room was Mrs. Rice
Miss i9ssie Todd diraoted the guests
to the living-room where 'Mrs. Toth
Barksdale was receiving. Showing the
4ay 'to tlie klining-rbom were Mrs.
Henry Franks and/'Mrs. 0. T; Latimer.
tutting green and pink ice cream
and cake at a fbeautifull mppointed
table were. Mrs. W. H. 1iil, ap d 04r.
Yames Sullivan.- The table was cov
ered with a handsome cluny-lace cover
and was -graced .with a huge bowl of
pink and white chrysanthemums, with
ferns forming a tracery oer the ta
:be. Palo green shaded candles com
pleted ' the effect. Assisting in this
room were -Mrs. Athert Dial Mg J,
ID. Watts, Mrs. George Wright, 4end
Mrs. 4ames iDunklin. A 'bevy of youung
gi'rls, Misses iEoise Clardy, Eloise Mil
ler, Janie Holmes (Dlavis and Laurn
Hludgens, served salted almond and
'pink and yellow mints. At .the igunch
b~dwh in the hall Misses Lilla Todd,
Martha f narksdale, Haite Gray and
Frances 'Davis } dispensed delicious
fruit punch. ,
Over three hundred guests called
during the afternoon.
-U. D. 0. Meeting
The regular monthly meeting .of the
Jos. B. K~ershe~w Chapter, U. D. C. ,was
held yesterday afternoon at the homne
of Mrs. Geo. M. .Wright. The mneeting
wvas featured 'by a literary program
lead by M~rs. Iti 0. Hiters. Descr'ip
tions of, Maryle~nd and Arijansas' were
read by .4r. A.1li Mah.gfey and Mrs..]
J. H. Tekgue.' A delighetful musical
program was rendered lby Mi's. J. H.
Boyd, -$is . H. W .Aiket'-and Mrs. W.
F. Chanma . ~Mrs.- M1,b.. Repog~4vas
eiedted "delegati to thy stati conven
tion Netinf'in)Ijreen~odd.uls week.
After:.the ragsiar hsindas nyeeting, de
licious refreshments were serve1.
- M ~n~ of D?. A. R~.:
-~The (He*b (14it s cl1 "e A.
~,wi3 meet #1;p#' &nb~ton ad3g:80
o' )k , h o Mfss y biha
'-~;-. ..'&rs. .' N-. dIlardy 4E.
Deathi $ AufJnfant- -
/aterloo, E ~4.. Ist io Jalues Wis
tay Dayis, tl~o one year ol1i sof of-Mr.
11 %. died ab ut naeSatudisy and
Wad blttred fri t e 'Waterloo edmetery
hun4g. Xie funei'ataervice -as jeld
Ii(1tt rdtidig~t chitroh. and wad con7j
duedNN , * G laley, OsttO, i
No one in Laurens who suffers back
ache, headaches, or distressing urinary
ills can afford to ignore this Laurens
man's twice-told story. It is confirmed
testimony that no Laurbns resldent
can doubt.
-R. J. Franks, 733 Alill St., gave the
following statement November 23,
1914: "The first symptom of kidney
trouble I noticed was backache. When
I stooped a sharp pain paught me in
the small of my back and I could hard
ly straighten again. 'My kidneys act
ed too frequently and the secretions
burned in .passage. I had dizzy spells
and nearly toppled over sometimesl
when walking along the street. There
was a sediment like brick dust in the
kidney secretioiz. I read about Doan's
Kidney 'Pills and bought some at the
Powe Drug Co. Doan's completely
cured me of the trouble."
Oi January 23, 192.2 Mr. Franksi
said: '11oan's Kidney Pills cured me
of a bad spell with my kidneys an(
whenever 'i feel any tpain in my back
Doan's quickly rid me of the trouble.
I give 'Doan's Kidney Pills the credit
for the good condition of my kidneys,
at my age."
COc, at all dealers. Foster-1Mbprn
Co., Mfrs., Buffalo, N. Y.
Meeting of Wednesday ('lb
The Wednesday Club will meet this
afteronon at 3:30 o'clock with Alru.
C. T. Squires.
It Is logical that pouring drugs in
to the stomach will not cure catarrh
In the head. Hyomei, medicated air,
reaches the seat of the disease. Guar
anteed by Laurens Drug Co.
Your Christmas
is an answer to yot
point, regarding th4
other way is great
would be our candi<
of furniture,, even t
hundreds of odd no
considered as.smar
any scheme of hom
Prices will stand rig
as they have been i
It is only natural that
furnishing of your hoi
you see in the homes
that of your own. An
*nishing of your home s
Chosen at randloln from our.
ex'tensive display of' Li
..br'apy TVables, is this one,
oblonlg, and in the Queen
A'oie #tyle. ,Jt is of solid1
construct ion, finished hiajd
Sool~y' in bro~~n idlogany
and efrets, sa highly stik
1'ing appearance. F'rom a
* display of TiibrAr'y Tables,
p'jriced at $25.00.
See our display
Rugs, Woolank
Sleeks, Candl Stic
Notice Is hereby given that the next
Annual Meeting of the County Board
of Comminissioners of Laurens County,
S. C., will be holden at Iliaurens Court
House, 6. C., at the 'Supervisor's oflice
on Thursday after the first -Monday of
January, 1922, being the -ith day of
the month, at the hour of ten o'clock
in the forenoon.
All )ersons holding claims or de
lands of any kind against the County,
not previously presented to the Board,
are hereby notilled and re<quired to
file same with the Clerk of the Board
on or before the first day of January,
so that they may be ordered to be paid
at the annual mneeting, as provided )y
Done at laurens, S. C., l)eceiber
ath, 11922.
J. 1). '.\ IOC K,
21 - t Clerk.
To Stop a Cough Quick
cough medicine which stops the cough by
healing the inflamed and irritated tissues.
SALVE for Chest Colds, Head Colds and
Croup is enclosed with every bottle of
should be rubbed on the chest and throat
of children suffering from a Cold or Croup,
The healing effect of Hayc"' Healing Honey In
aide the throat combined with Lhe healing effect of
Grove's o-Pen-Trato Salvh thruugh the pores of
the skin soon stops a cough,
Both remedies are packed in one earton and the
cost of the com~bined treatmeait Is 35c.
Just ask your druggist for HAYES'
RD li
ITS or
Gift List! Doesn't i
ir problem. Just a consi
advisability of -furnitur
er economy and practit
cI suggestion that you in
bough a few. The rans
velties and conservativ
t and appropriate; in goo
ie decoration.
rid comparison; they're ji
dl year.
you pride yourself 'in the
uie. Unconsciously, what
of others is compared to
d that you may do the fur
uch as has long Lgeen desir
Wing Back Tap
Davenpog t, Chai
and Rocker
A r'eal value is the most trut
T1he thr'ee.pieces hat'e full spi
seait cuishions. They are cove
-lonig wearing tapestry--fuill
tain its appearance after yeai
str'uction not only adds mater
-also exceptionally comiforaubk
of Hand Painted F'ancy
sts, Table Cove, Flos
ke, .an'd hundreds of othe
We wi'4h to notify you that. begilning lee. 1, wve expeet
to take over t'he personal mllanlagenent of
We also Wish to not iy you that our1. COWN have been
b)y the government appointed Fluspec tor, and that We wiHI
continue the delivery of PUITlf WHIOLIE AllL in
\l oring and A\fternoon101.
We thalnk yol for the favor1s showI to its ill tlie pas, add
will appeciate yourP coitinuted g od wilH and pat.Ironage. A
ter Deceiber 1, please jihone your orders to 444 and they
will receive prompt and eour'teous attention.
H. C. Fleming Laura B. Fleming
t offer many perplexities? Yes, there
deration of all facts, from an unbiased view
5 gifts, will tend to point out, that in no
:ability to be attained. For this reason it
clude in your 'Gift" list some small pieces
re in selection is wide and varied; we have
e pieces of furniture which can be rightly
d taste and which will fit harmoniously into
ist as reasonable during the holiday season
ed, we suggest that you take advantage of holiday
offerings. In this advertisement guy; limited
number of practical offerings are featured. 0th
era are now to be seen iii our windows and in the
estry Suite
hifuil wiuy to .desenho this suite. Ceti n ihypie
ing~ ~ostruetion-and remnovable t-nta.Widiwe1
r'ed .'tb.. ggdgrade of heavy, golyi~~ePes1l
asurance that tihe suite will re- ~IPI1~~, lltid~
8 of wear.. The wing bank con- a ehdinClna n
ially trt~he, ~pcearance but it is ohrpro t~ei 3m
~ i i th~Qee Ani-Genucsinrjed noed rim
Chiae setio$11.75
Chia,.CutGlis nd Cotery, Nso elpied
r Lmp, abe atnsplenid giftcerse
proportionedta anti-dust~
ylte. rie.nwfor.m
meit elio at $175
Chna, utGlssan Pttry Nvetis

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