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Jons, Dec. 2. were very sorry
a ha 1r of the recenit death of lt. Co
liilubus 'Ilarper, of .lolnen Path. lie
wa> our warm1 friilnd and his familily
: ,ur tn(lerest. syntipatlhy.
\!v-;. J. B. Workinant~ recettily. called
toa t W. W . .Jones. Sr., and1i her
2i dIter. .\lrs. (. . (Ga la .
4i!e it Pi. Al.\att lson ill lookiig OV1r
: 0: , ofilh- old I ier of his Ilmenited
:dA .lud Gabrieli Mattisoni, foun(1
anl ,.h(I lan( grant giveil in i t t I
.: to Cratin .1lnes.
A.teaml plati at Ware Shoals is
and the operatives
f l tilne
.W. T. .lones w ihea Io haive some
l u ;i\r a tnledI aIdII 1o1ud prefer to get
I who Vwill haul1 the Stock to
Mir. Wesley Xlorvison, of Alderson.
vis:It'd his parenls, Hlt an11 rs..J. 1".
-Rlorrisoni Last week.
Th i of M r. W. C. Manley
wil, e leasedl to learnl that he is inl
1Ispind(I health and pits inl full time
hir he Warle Sho: Is compl)antY.
The n1:1tny frienils of Mrs. W. Torvnes
.11oIIes si : he plea.Isoe to Ieia. that sh14
has retvered fromt a recent severe
i I Iite.
lots tI Mr. and 'Mrlus. Jimmie il).
-I Ickw elI. Nov. 28th, a daughter.
.1)1. W. T. Jones is deply gratefll
it) Al :)I hi: frien ds, white and colored,
fr kild1 favoru.
Wall er .id lranlk Jonle. have Wired
in a on Ilstur(. and will operate a
StOck frm.
Thuksgiviug was appropriately ob
served by omr people.
We symnpathize with the family of
\lts. Ros.t I. Caine, of baurens who
recently ltassed uway.
,.Xr.s. ,. I. Graham and son, James
and daughter, Laura, spet Thanks
iving in Coinmhia with the former's
-L.,teri, Mrs. dM. 1. Martin and Mrs. G.
W. Jenkin:j.
We recently 'net the following
.friends: Wright and 'Brooks Simms, of
Waterloo; Dr. D. W. Youngblood of
Troy; 44. 'P. rApsoomb, of Ninety Six;
iBud Mc1oliough and Mr. Callahan, of
T(onea 'Path; Thos, OU)oell and Warren
CooPer, of Owingsville; Rt. G. Arm
%itrong, of Gray Court, and our cousin
iFleming sanith, of Waterloo.
Loos (Leat TLedgers. Etc.
Adrertier Printing Co,
A Beautiful Line For
Stationery Is the
"Write" Gift
L. B. Blackwell
Opposite Post Office'
Lauren., S. C.
Orverhtaul motor '.. ....$16.00
O)verhauli roar axle .. .. 4.50
Ro?~placo% quniversa'l joint,. . 2.50
(Grind valves, clean carbon 2.50 T
ReO~line trajnjnission . . . . 2.00
Inslt l itonrns , 4.00 C
Trighteni 1 con. rod . . . . 1.50
Tlighten all 4 con., rods .. 3.00
iReobush Vront axle .. .. 1.75
Ovedihaul genrator . . ,,. 1.25
All Work Guaranteed
Send U. Your Next
Repair Job
1,1r Stink by German Subis Carred
Ainmniiltion hitt No Troops.
New York, )ec. 3.-The Cunaird liner
lAtsitanaia, stink by a1 (erinan snita
rine ii 1915, off thi h1rish coast, car
'ied Ii'itherl i g ns. troops nor e!xlilo
izes. blit <i(I itrry .5,1 eases of aii
littinitioll, thi' ollicial reiport of Ilit ve(s
e'( cairgo, mad(. Iublic by In (dley
11I ''ilM.\alotte, collector. of' 1he port at
lit Oimt, s11W, aCtit9lg to a1 copy
iglitel story in 'l'he New York WorlId.
Tle cases of iani ilitiniton, tile re
)ort statedi, were carriedI by spweial
rtiinission titier riligs ot thle de
l)itiell ll t of ('o l lit) 'l'ee ill fore sin e
Tle %lalont rotoort tihe nlewspa
I'r sayS, wvas made to Secretary of
l'reasiiry, MvAloo. It was (late(d .itune
1, 1. , adl( wi called for after tile
erman reply of Maiy 2 to President
Xilson's first Lbusitlania niote of 'lay
I3, hlad set up lie contention that the
ASitLlia, hai been armned and that her
'apid silking was due, not to the tor
>t'do but to the eXplosion of ainmuni
ion. it was this rel)ort to which
P'resident Wilson, in his second note
)f Jline 9, referrel, 'Wlien he said:
"F'ortInately, there aire ma1itt"i's Col
-erning which tle government of tlie
Vn ited States is inl a position to give
le imperial (erimnan governIiment of
cials information."
Mr. Malone sai it' had letermiiine(d
O give out the text of tihe report be
ise of still insistent appeals to him
ror information regartling its contents.
"'Th'ese appeals," lie ex plaine(,
,colle not oiilv froimi the tnlt(ed States
ut from abroad; for instance, from
such organizations as the Central com
inittee for E1stablishing the Causes of
the War."
When Senator Laollette's attitude
Loward the war was under investiga
lion the treasury department was call
ad on for the original of this report.
t replied that it had been turned over
to the state department, The state de
partment held that the report had
become a state paper and was there
Lore secret.
"So it has never been possible for
the public to know Just what the re
port contained. For this reason and
because of the constant appeals to me
for information regarding it, I have de
cided to make it public."
The report states that when the
Lusitania sailed from New York on
May 1, 1915, on her last trip to Eng
land, she did not have any guns of any
calibre or description on any deck,
mounted or unmounted, masked or un
Affidavits by various government In
spectors 'were affixed to the report in
.It stated further that the Lusita
aia did not -hare Canadian troops or
troops of - any nationality on ",board.
SToreover, the Lusitania carried no
troup or groups, no tbody or organiza
ion of passengers as such, with or
without uniforms; and if any individ
.tai reservists of any nationality sailed
in the 'Lusitanla on this trip, they did
oas individuals, tpaying their own
assage and receiving their own in
lividual tickets.
'Referring to the question of the
resence of explosives on ' the liner,
he report says the ammunition set
orth asn part of the cargo did not eon
ain explosives within the interpreta
Ion of the statutes and regulations as
nterpreted by the department of comn
nerce in the ruling previously quoted.
More thanx 1,000 lives wore lost in
luding over 100 Americans when the
ausitania went down off Kinsale Head,
reland, six days after ahe had left
Jew York.
Mmngeburg Man to Begin Sentence.
Three L~ives Taken.
Orangdburg, Nov. 27.-Announce
ient that Carlos Corbitt, convicted
ant May of manslaughter for killing
fugh Fanning, would be taken to the
tate penitentiary tomorrow to begin
crying 18 years in -prison appiarontly
rings to an end one of the most not
ble legal 'fights in the history of this
ounty. For two years Corbitt has
:>ught -for 'his liberty three times ap
earing before the court of general
essioni here and the supreme court'
ncee passing on his case.
Announcement was made today that
heriff K. I'ulton 'Dukes tomorrow
nould take Corbitt to prison.
Cormbitt in Mlarch, 1924), became in
olved in an altercation in front of his
onle near S3alley with Bryan 8alley,
ulian Cooper, -Hugh Fanning and
ones Salley. The 'first three wore
illed and Jones ISalley 'blindpd,. Cor
4tt contended that the fou'r meti were
catoxicated pad that on d previous visit
o \his 'home that rqight had built a
re close to'outbuildings and endan
ered them.., Retursing ad he was, ex
lnguiqlng tihe dire, ho claimed, the
aen .Adva*ced on/hmnk tzad'4e #peged
of a stalled automobile, and killed
tile 111011 without cause.
Peeling ran high for a time in this
sect ion. Corbitt wats llrst tried in
September, 1920, for the killing of
Hryan Salley and was acquitted. In
January. 1921, Ie was arraigned for
the killing of .1lugh F4ananing but the
deellse Inl a 1 dem1urrer contended that.
the three deaths resulted froi the
samne net and that Cobt t shou t
he tried again after being acquitted
in one case. Jludge Shipp u pheld the
demurter but the suipreme courtt held
that ti e (I a 11hs x r. seIara te acts and
remliaidell Corbitt for further trial.
Last. .lay he was p)1t on trial for I
killing Finlilnig and coivicted of man
Habitual Constipation Cured
in 14 to 21 Days
"LAX-FOS WITH PEPSIN" is a specially
prepared Syrup Tonic-Luxative for iabitudi
Constipation. It relieves promptly and
should be taken regularly for 14 to 21 days
to induce regular action. It Stimulates and
Regulates. Very Pleasant to Take.% 60c
per bottle.
The hooks of the County Treasurer
willl he upein for the colliedon of
1:axes for the fiscal year, 1922, at the
S Tol
Prices at I
I have a lai
Furniture, etc.
close out. I ha:
money than thp
move these Iarg
I have the best li
Men's Dress Sho,
Men's Work Shoi
I carry a full lint
I can fit old and
road track on South Ha
Flour, self rising or pla
Sugay, by the 100 poub
Maxws1I House Coffee,
7 Cakes Gold Band Soi
Best grade rice, per pc
I will sell you a
$10.00 a pair for $5.00.
King Bee Leathe
$15.00 Laprobes
See our Double J
I have a full 11
sold for $25.00 now $14
Chairs, machines
Good Mattresses
If you buyt a suft
I have a full a
Stoves at $25.00 aind $1
Treasurer's oflice f rom No-ember 16th
to December 31, 1922. After De4cmbor
31 One Per cent will .be added. Mter
January 31st, tWo per cent will tbe
added, and after Feb. 28th, seven per
cent will 'be added until the -l'th day
of larch, 1923, wihen the books -will
be closed.
All persons owning property in
More than ono township aro requested
to call for. receipts in each of the
several townships in which the prop
erty is located. This is important, as
additional cost and penalty may be at
All able-bodied male citizens .be
twv vv! e the :ges of twenty-one (21) and
siXty (60) years of age are liable to
pa1 yi oll tax of $1.00, except old sol
diers, who are exempt at fifty (60)
years of age. Connutation Road Tax
$1.50 in lieu of road duty. All able
bodied mon between the ages of 21
and 55 are liable to road duty except
those in military service, school
tirustees, school teachers, ministers,
and,( students. Dog Tax $1.25, which
must )he paid not later than January
31. 1923.
The tax levy is as follows:
State Tax 7.. ..... 11ml
Ordinary County Tax .. mills
Road and Bridge. ..4% mills
.iroa.. Bond.. 7% mills
1101(11101(1..........4%.. mills
ItRoad Bond . . . . . 11,mil
'ast Indebtedness .1. .. .. . m. % ill
Ja.iI Bonlds .. .. . . . .%m,
Constitutional School Tax .. 3 mills
Total State and County Tax 26 mills
Special Schools Laurens TIit nsh1i)
L1aurens City .. .. .. .. ..13% mills
Trinity Ridge No. 1 .. .. 16% mills
1y Two Stores
to Be
ge stock of Shoes, 4
at both stores in La
we too much stock <
goods. Beginning
e stocks.
no of Shoes in the country a
es: $15.00 Shoes for $5.00; $
Bs: $8.00 Shoes for $3.60 an<
a of Billiken Shoes for enildr
young either in Sunday or E
rper Street.
ds, per pound
per pound.
und........ -
Other Groceri
2 3-4 wagon for $75.00 or
ir Collars that sold for $146.0'
only $5.00. $4.00 Riding Bi
Anes, Wagon Harness and B
no of Furniture at Waterlo
Sand anything you need in h
that sold for $15.00 and $16
Ieient amount of Furniture I
tock of Stoves both at Wat
t Either the Lann4
Prospect No. 2 .. .. mills
Laurens 'No. 3 . .. . . m . ills
Watt8 (Mills No. 7........ 8 mills
Bailey No. 4 ............7 mills
Copeland, Plemiing No. 5 .. .. 13 mills
Oak Grove No. 6 .......... 6 mills
OraNo.'12 .............14% mills
Special Schools Youngs Township
Ebenezer-Patton .. .. . . ... mills
Friendship No. 2.......... 8 mills
Warrior Creek-R. Old Field . . 8 mils
Bethel No. 4............11% mi s
Gray's No. 5 ............ 17 mills
Central No. 6 .. ............ mills
Youngs No. 7............ 16 mills
Lanford No. 10 .......... 13 mxills
Fountain inn No. 31 ......24 mills
Special Schools Dials Twnship
Greenpond No. 1.. .. .. ..... 8 ills
1-iden 'No. 2 .. ........ .. 2% m lls
Shiloh No. 3 ............ 12 inlls
New hIarmony No. 4 ........4 mills
Gray Court-Owings No. 5 .. 20/ nills
Barksdale No. 6 Consolidated 16 mills
Dials Church No. 7 ........8 mills
Merna -No. .. ........... 12 mills
Fountain Inn No. :113...... 24 mills
Special Schools Sullhian Township
Princeton No. 1 .......... 17 mills
Mt. Bethel No. 2 ..... 8 mills
Poplar Springs No. 3 ......17 mills
Brewerton No. 7 .......... 8 mills
M orna No. 8 ............ 12 mills
Hickory Tavern No. 17 .. .. 14 mills
Local R. I'. Bondu . .. .. 3 mills
Snecial Schools Waterloo Township
Mt. Gallaghor No. 1 ......12 mills
Bethlehem No. 2 ...... ..... 4mills
Ekom No. 3 ............17 mills
Center Point No. 4... ......14 mills
Oakville No. 5 ..9.......... 8 mills
Mt. Pleasant -No. 6......... 12 mills
Mt. Olive No. 7 ........'.15 muills
at Laurens. and
aroceries, Wagons,
urens and Waterlo<
on hand and would
today, I am offerin
nd am going to Bell some of
10.00 Shoeb for $4.00.
I $6.00 Shoes for $2.50.
en. Shoes that sold for $6.04
veryday Shoes. See my stot
8s in Proportion
r 2 1-2 horse wagon for $65
%, now $4.00.
'idles now $2.00.
uggy Harness.
> that I am nearly giving aw
ouse furnishing.
,00 tlow $5.00.
will deliver same in fny true
erloo and Laurens. $65.00 S
mns or Waterloo S
Waterloo Town No. 14 . 8 mills
Special Schools Cross H111 Towiisip
Cross '11ill No. 1 . . .. 2 mills
Cross Hill No. 2 .8 mills
Wade No. 3 . 6 mills
Old0 .onutvillo No. 6 . 10 mills
Cross J1111 Town No. 13 .. .. 15 mills
Speelal Sclhools Hunter TonV1shlp
Lisbon No. 1 ............ 12 mAil0
Rock No. 2 ............ 8 mills
Hock Bridge No. 3.6........ mills
Wadsworth No. 4 ........ 8 mills
itleederville (part of No. 4) .. 13 mills
Clinton No. 5 ......... 20% mills
Goldville No. 6 .. ............'Imills
Kinards No. V) (part of No. 6) 8 inills
Rolfrast No. 7 .. .. ... .... ..5 mills
-lurricane No. 15. . ...... 6 mills
Alouniville No. 16 .......11% mills
SSpet-h-1 sehe~ols Jacks TowhIT41p
Shady Grove No. 2, ........7 mIlls
Rtenno No. 3... 8 mlls'
Hat ton No. 4 ............3 mnills
O'dell School No. 6 .. ....8 mills
Garlington No. 7 .......... 3 mIlls
Hur ricane No. 15........ 6 mills
Specian1 Schools SellyuJetown IToviship
Long Branch No. 1 . . . . . . . . 8 mills1.
llyrd's-Musgrove No. 2 ......8 inill.
Langston No. .. ......... 3 mills
Sandy Springs No. 1. .. .. .. .. 4 mills
Lanford No. 10 . .. .. .. .. 13 mills
Ora No. 12 .......... 14% mIlls
Proper attention will be given those
who -wish to pay their taxes 1hrough
the 'mall -by cheek, money order ,etc.
Persons sending in lists of names
to be taken off are requested to send
them early and give the -township of
each, as the Treasurer is very busy
dirring the month of December.
County Treasurer.
Leather Collars,
that I wish to
rather have the
g low prices to
), I will offer for $3.00.
k just Scross the rail
-- - ---.-$7.50
- -------------35
--- --- --.......5
- - ---------.5
3, ETC.
.00. Bridles that I got
ay. Wash Stands that
k to your home.
toves at $85.00; $45.00

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