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White and lied Rfusshu, French, Chl- t
itese and ,Jap are sill Involved.
Jeking, ;Dec. &-rhe first round of
the international .railwaylstruggle has
begun with the convening of the board
of directors of the Chinese Eastern
Railway. The claimants to ownership
are "White" Russia, backed by Franse, I
the Soviet and the independent Chang
Tso-lin backed by Japan. The princi
pal referee is an American, John F.
Stevens, who, as -chief of the Interal
]ied Technical Board, has foughtn des
perately to secure fair play and the
honest utilization of the railroad rev
enue. The stake is the controlling
link between the Far East and Europe
and, Incidentally, the main artery to
First fruits have thus far been
borne oir by -the '"Wbite" Russian
group, who, by virtue. qf a managing
,direetor appointed by them and a Chi
nese Vresildent whom they inanged to
.place on the pedestal witbout power,
now control :the -railway administra
tion -and funds. They have also
strengthened itbeir :position by making
a 'tlrough traffic agreessent with the
Japanese 'roMb 'whereby Dair4f se
'cures preferential 'rates, whicb, it is
believed, will elindinate other (Northern
Chinese and Siberian -poarts, 4ncluding
Vladivestdik. U U
This was Ibittetly -opposed 'by the
foylet, as well as by -China. Stevens
virtually ;acused the 4rectors of sell
in* out to.Javan for the laitt'a' poliut
'caievppot. .Me also attacked the
ellcy of the 'managing 4lrector, i Oi
trduinEff, as -wasteftl and 4eliberately
detrimental to the 'best tat~reets e the
road. It is openly -alleged that Ous
brounmoff received a fee of 300,000 yen
from Japan -for negotlating the trat
-fic agreement.
'The line has been :a -source .t coM
tinual ;intrigue since its' construetlon
and, wille .strategically located, has
!been jMn :at a loss, due 'to the -absorb
Ing political interestan wfhih are at
tached. The means by *hich the
"White PuesIans have kept 0ontrel, al
-though deprived of both 'itadelal :and
government support, is in 4tsdlf an
amazing .history of aerobatical dipro
matic :Intrigue.
'The original purpose of the road
rwaa to promote the'(Russian economic
Invasion onf the East. Construetioil
was begun in 1896, when a iconcessien
was wrung from the Chinese govern
ment, the Trans-Siberian railr6ad
wan extended thereby southeast 'to
This week
not already
leave your il
boys' weara
our Greenii
the good peope.c
and adjoining count
liberal patronage
three years we hav
our store in Jfaureni
circumstances were
we could remain he
3orth Arthur and northeast to Vladi- G
rostok. The stock of the company wvas
eld by the 'Russo-Asiatic bank, but
he money was advancedby the Rus- D
ian government, which took in return
lebenture bonds and reserved a cer
ain interest in the management.
After the (Russo-Japanese war Ja
)an securel the southern half of the
Inc and has since then always looked 1w
Kith greedy eyes upon the remaining J1
ialf. Inasmuch as the line also pro- P
ides, for the policint )f the areas b
:raversed, for the public utilities of P
most of the cities touched, and, in ad- 81
lition, maintains schools and special n
settlement its ownership amounts 7
practicallyto the possession of an u- 8
portant part. of Siberia, including many 11
thousand squares miles of rich terri
The Russian collapse in 1917 gave 8
Japan her chance, but she was blocked a
by the Interallied Technical Board, I
which was created for the punpose of $
maintaining the 'Russian railroads. Its t
activity unfortunately was limited to I
the Chinese Eastern railroad. John d
V. Stevens, the American engineer, c
was maMe chairman of the board, 'I
while Japan, being only one of several l
members, lost her coveted control. C
In 1920, with the rise of the So- I
viets, China claimed the right to all E
Russian properties within her terri- I
tory and -proceeded to take over the
Chinese 10astern Railroad. But the 4
stock was held by the Russo-Asiatic a
B0ank, nrhose headquarters had been I
moved to Paris and whose stock Is t
now 60 percent French owned. Thus t
Prance stood China off, and there was i
a compromise which ceded half of the i
control to China. With the Ttebncal
Board under Stevens still active and i
a c4mplicated array of claims, and 1
counter-clains arising out of troop I
transportation charges, unpaid conce- I
slon priveleges, the situation became I
and is chaotic.
But the Russians have taken the ig.
gressive and have held the whip hand t
by keeping in their managing director, 1
Oustroumoff, and by isolating the 1
Chinese .president, Dr. C. C. Wang, In
the audit board, where be has much
"lace" and no oower.
China, however, wants the road and
means to have it. he is determined
ly challenging ~ the power of the
"White" Russians.
The Quinine That Does NOt Affet
the Head
Because 'of its tonic and laxative ef-I
(Tahlets) an be taken by 'anyoUe
without causing nervousness oer rig
Ing in the head. l. W. GOROE'S sig
wure on box. 0f.
.ng O0
ses Sai
is your last che
low prices, we h
taken advantag
:mainess and coii
bles for the nex
rood store as eai
f i~rensLet I
es for their,
during the
e operated
, and wish
rsuch t1 tw I
r. J. W. Payne Says le Has the Best
Toggenburgs East of the Rocky
Dr. J, W. -Payne of Epworth, Green
ood county milk goat breeder, has
*st reedived by express, ten very fine
ire bred registered Swiss Toggen
irg milk goats from one of the most
rominent 'breeders in California, the
ate in which two-thirds of all the
ilk goats in America are found.
hese goats are from some of the best
.ock of America, some of them be
ig descendants of world record ant
ials, and related to a -part of the fa
kous herd of 72 head bought last
pring by a group of Chicago million
ire for $2-4,945.00. Dr. Payne values
its lot of does at from $1,500.00 to
Z,000.00 and the express charges on
iem from San Fra-ncisco.were $235.00.
'hey were in transit seven or eight
ays, but seemed to be in splendid
cndition after such a long journey.
'his shipment with what he already
ad on hand, makes the Greenwood
ounty breeder's herd the finest and
trgest herd of pure bred registered
iwiss Toggenburgs southeast of the
tocky Mfounthins ,it is believed.
'Dr. 1Payng' has done much to intro
uoe these valuable animals in this
ection of the country where they have
eon so little known and as a result,
he. masses are being educated as to
he rbal value of their milk as *a ideal
ood for babies, invalids, convales
ents, old people who are III nouriab
d, tubercular and pellagra vat.t,
64 well as thoso who wish to etay
rell. "This milk Is the most perfect
y balanced easily digested and assim
lated food known is being far richer
n iron, calcium, phosphates and vita.
nines than that of the cow," *Dr.
Payne says, "and one of the most im.
ortant features to be considered is
'he fact that the Swiss milk goat if
'he cleanest and healthiest domestkc
inimal In the world and immune fron
tho dreaded disease, tuberculosis.
"They are thoroughly domesticated
very affectionate, fond of children
make the nicest kind of pets; and ca
be kept on a city or village lot to sup
ply a famIly with this superior mill
at a very nominal cost," declares -Dr
Payne, "and while the price may a
first seem prohibitive, after one own!
one awhile and becomes tboroughl;
attached dto her and knows the rev
value of her milk, the price doesn'
seem to be bad after all." He and hi
mnce to buy g<
ave marked om
e of this sale t(
ne and buy eve
L six months to
-ly next week. i
51othing Keep
These Last
family use the milk altogether in pre
terence to cow's milk, and he states
that his goats would be priceless if he
could not buy any more, as he never
expects to be without a real milk goat
as long as he lives.
lie expects an excoptionally fine
crop of spring kids from his herd. le
is also flooded iwith calls for stock
from people in all neighboring states
as well as a few from the Nortwest.
While Dr. Payne at fIlrst intented tc
breed -purebred only, he is now prepar
ing to raise grades to supply the de
mand for utility stock at moderatt
Visitors are always welcome at Dr
Payne's goat farm, which is locate(
about ten miles south of Greenwoo
and hh takes pleasure in showing ii
herd, as owell as answering any ques.
tions one may ask concerning it.
car values-mmol
made in their cl
Service Departm
Speedster .
Coach . .
Sedan .0 1
F. 0. B. Lau
>od, dependabi
ir goods to clos
Ssupply your i
rything you are
come. All un
LS they can be j
You From Att
Closing Days
,NS, S. C.
A happy occasion on Thanksgiving
Day was the reunion of the descend
ants of the late Mr. and Mrs. G. W. L.
Teague, held at the hospitable home of
Mr. and Mrs. U. Y. Hellams, near
A bountiful dinner was spread on
the long table in the dining room, con..
sisting of hash, Irish potatoes, turkey,
dressing, gravy, cranberries, pickles,
fruit salad, macaroni-pie loaf bread,
coffee, custards, cake and everything
that Is neded to complete a Thanks
giving dinner.
Those present were Mr. and Mrs.
1 0. Y. 'Hlellans and family, Mrs. J. J.
Graff, Camp IAustis, Va., Mr. and Mirs.
- J. 0. Teague and family of Woodruff,
Mr. and Mrs. G. 0. Teague and family
ESSEX lead the woi
tor cars with the stre
kassis, with a supp13
11705 Tot
11755 Cal
11805 Cog
$2495 F
e winter merch
e out this stock.
rinter needs it w
a going to need
.sold goods will
>acked up.
WE i
boys' e
____ ___ ___us, in
~ CO lia.
of lAturens, Mir. anid Mrs. A. F.
Teagute and hainily of Iaurens and Nir.
and 'Mrs. Pat Todd, of Barksdale.
After doing justice to the laden ta
ble, the crowd lingered until late in
the afternoon in pleasant conversation
and joking. The only thing to nar the
happiness of the occasion was th. ab
sence of some of the relatives.
We hope to have many more such
happy reunions and that all the fami
lies will be present.
"One Present."
Engraved Invitations and Cards
Advertiser Printing Compan.v
Moebowels 'grilW I
biovey "ever griye
IsD. - r co ? o
-ld today in motor
ngth of Gibralter
r of parts in our
iring . $1195
. . $1295
tch . $1395
'. 0. B. Laurens
e Sale
andise at the
If you have
ill pay you to
in men's and
be moved to
in. need -of men's and
lothing to come to see
Greenwood, where we
the largest exclusive
and boys' store in the
State of South Carn..

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