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At the annual meeting of the Lau
rens Business 'League, hold after the
banquet at tlie' Laurens 'Hotel last
Tuesday,\evgning, Mr. Geo, M.. Wright
and the entire board of directors of
the past year were re-elected for the
ensuing year upon a motion from the
floor offere'i -by W. L. Graz. -'The di
rectors are L. -G. Balle, W. 0. Lancas
ter, E. 'D. 19ae'orby,, Alison Lee, R. R.
Nickels and S. M. Wilkes. At a sub
sequent meeting of the directors W. R.
Mc(Cuei and M. .. Smith were re-elect.
ed secretary/and recording sec'etary
Besides the ahnual election of of
fBers, the. meeting was featured by
the 'presence of the entire foot-ball
-sqquad of the iLaurens -high.sichool as
guests of the league, With the squad
was Stpt. -.1 'W. Gasque, Coach Re.
and'Manager iWinro. Called 'tipon at
the "talking hour" of the banquet,
Supt. Gasque expressed the thanks of
the 'team for the invitation to' the ban
quot and reviewel the record of the
s0ason, 'pointing out that the team had
won four out of eight games, and
scoring two touchdowns againqt Gaff
ney, one of the strongest high school
teams in the state. Regardless of its
recorti in scoring however, foid Mr.
Gasque, the team had played .a clean
game ,and had followed his injunction
''that it were .bettqr to do down play
ing a clean game than. to win and
have -Its name besmirched." Later in
thq evening.Coach Estes awarded th'
following insigna 'to various members
of the'squad: Cresent, 'laurice' Glenn;
Star, Duckett Young, Lawrence Kilgo,
Jaines Templeton, Ralph Crisi,' Carl
ThmQnlpson and 'Richard - Counts; "L",
Jerry Win-go, -Harold Hudgens, Rus
sell (urns,' George Wright, Lithius
Tidwell. Just before the close of the
meeting IDr. J. Ill, Teague made a vig
orous appeal for flnancir) 'huport of
the team next year.
. W. 1j. -GraY read a letter froil a com
mitte from the Clinton Chamber of
Commerce suggesting a joint meeting
..of committees from both commercial
bodies to discuss plans looking toward
the completion of highways in the
county, which had been included in the
stato highway system, including the
proposed Calhoun Highway rupning
through the county from Renno
th'ough Clinton, Cross Hill and
Mlountville to ,the proposed Puckett's
Forry. bridge, and the remnants ofthe
HnoreeAlaurens to Waterloo and
Greenwood road as .yet uncompleted.
A committee of nine was appofild to
meet with the Clinton committee last
Wednesday afternoon. After going ov
er the matter, the joint committee do
cided 'to await further -action until a
*nmeeting could be held with the chief
of t-he state highway department and
a, committee from Greenwvood county:
'Pires. Gee. M. Wrigitt was na-med in
arresoluto~n as a'delegate to the state
higsw'ay convqntion in Columbia Mon
day. -
A n'otion by Mr. Gray that a comn
mittee on new industries be- aipoint
ed )y the 'presidekt andsan ain~eument
by Dr. Ferguson .that the committee be'
,made -permanent were adopted tinani
In reporting .fpr -the cOilnIitt(ge .on
*marketing, Mr.. W. 0. L.anegetdr .aid
that'4le was 'endeavoripg to. securb. $rI
vate individuals to un'dertilfe the 4u'u
nees of (hAndtng' countyi prO4tletS.
Jiert An~d expressed the',opinion that
'titis was 'a very invitinialdd foV'lSuch
n H~gre'l .ah the loinMbant
6 i ~ otet ,matters Z 'a 'vdptino
conuy d4(01t410, to be prekent it .thao
no ejt;4Iettiig in Jariuar%
-A Jien 80 00)
"A, l; .aloat " audevleo shoW1
tont$.4 the "hit bf the seaso"'W1
bhe 5IE ift p4ege~hot R~ue $~
o eni aefgber
Benchoit's 5 and 10 cents store,
bulging with holiday goods was seri
ously damaged by fire Monday even
ing a short time after the store had
been closed for the day A bright glow
was first seen in the rear end of the
second floor by parties on the opposqe
side of tle square. Within a few min
utes the fire truck was on th6 scene
and for over ap hour the fire depart
ment and oiunteer assistants batkied
against the smoke and flames in-an en
deavor o save the buldi ng and con
tents. account of the -dense vol
ume of moke the fire lighters found
difficilty in locatfing the flames and it
was not intil a hole had' -been cut inl
the roof in the rear end of the storb
was it possible to bring the ifr'e under
absolute edbjection. While it. was
found that the flames had 'been con
fined largely to the rear end of the
second floor, the entire store was dam
taged "by water and.smoke. When the
flpmes twere finally subdued and the
smoke -had cleared away, a deep pool
of water was still settled on the see
ond floor and dripping to the first
floor bepeath.
The .exact origin of the fire is in
knownm. Mr. Benchoff said yesterday
that the stqre was closed abouit the
usual hour, around s'ix o'clock. Tn the
afternoon an oil stove had .been burn
ing on the qecond floor, but this was
extinguished about five o'clock and
shoWo4 no signs of an explosion af
ter 'the fire, 4 Jire was left in the
'stove on tie first floor in the ear of the
buildin Ind this was found till -burn
Ing:. vpen the firemen entered the
'bulIdityK, The chimney flue from this
stove rmIts up' through the second
floor and ha an dieningfd afiothe'
stove in the small reserve stock room
where the first glow \of flames was
seen. It is -possible that sparks from
.the itove beneath went up the flue and
escaped through this hole, igniting
some .,of the inflmnmable 'Christmas
go, s nearby. This was I the only
theorg that Mr. Benchoff pduld think'
of yefidrday as to, the fire's origin.
B. Benchoff said yesterday that it
pwas difficult to arrive at a definite es
timate of his loss. Most of his stock,
ibeing of flimsy materials and of light
colors was easily damaged by water
and smoke oven though they were not
reached by the flames. A conservative
estimiate,of tke amount of stock Jcar
ried, he said, would be around $?23,
000.. Insurance was. carried in the
amount 'of - $15,000.
Mr. Glenchoff said that he expected
the fire adjusters to arrive either t'o
day or tomorrow and that he hoped
for du immediate settlqoont, in which
case he would opev, again in time to
serv( the Christmas trade.
The abuilding is a -part of the late
J. 0. C. 'Fleming estate and belongs
to hiq daughter, Mrs. F. H. Caine. Oon
Aiderable damage was done to the in
terior a'Jd roof -by flames,-end fird
meirworkinit to' save the building and
PrOf'.'/Iibrson to Give..RItistrated Lee
tore on "Rad1o" at Ne~h.
'r'le Laurens County Treachers' As
sociation will held 'its rgutlar meet'
.lug in the court house ozr tturday,
Deceinber. 16th 'at 11 o'clkk,J M1sa
Annie fD.-Hatton, of the Olintkmscools,
will lead theslisotasesio stj'thmette
in tihe internmediate d~4nt. The
priinary' teachers. will 4~';Readirg"
ag' theit' subject for geneqtOA discus
elob.' Miss lPitts,'- of ' 'ho 'Clinton'
schools 'will! talk on "First <rec~
M~thods,";' iise McS*.ain, of O~lim
tojg 'scools, on '!Seedh prade ~e'
Odsd and .Mis 'Putmii~ ,f'4V'tiiff~
on "Third: Gra4e *dki'e '' Ng'eA igh'
~oiol"'group of~ teaoh illMiicusp
"U~nglish," led by Oupt~t . ea#1
The discussion will be badod on the
's ntof the stibjdat ini the thanua
df~tte high 'sbhool insDector.~
80~3 A. M. 1prof. A. C. Caf~at,
he e't 1 departgymit of Phyucosof
hli( euity of Souti Cariina,, 1l
oitaM eir
dortidgh t 'h
Rtev. Weston Bruner, D. D., fastor of
Tabernacle Baptist Church in Ra
leigh, N. C., Accepts (atll to Local
Church. '
At a congregational meeting held at
the First Baptist'church after the
morning service .Sunday a call was
unanimously extended t 'Dr. Weston
Bruner, pastor of the Tabernacle ,Bap
tist church of Raleigh, N. C. By a tel
egram sent to Mr, C. .R. Roper yester
day, .Dr. (Bruner accepted the call and
will arrive some time in January to
take up his new duties.
Dr. Bruner is well known and hig -
-ly thought of not only in North Caro
lina and his native state of Kentucky,
but throughout the entire South. For
more than sevqn years he was in.
charge of the Evangelistic (DepaltnMent
of the Home Missions Board of the
Southkrn Baptist convention. He has
been for the last six years pastor of
the Tabernacle church at Raleigh, a
church that numbers 'between 1,400.
and -1,i00 in its congregation.
-Dr. [email protected] was called to fll the va
cancy caused by the resignation of the
Rev. .. (H. Templeman, who left to
fill a pastorate at Elizabeth City, N.
C., early in October. In the interim,
the Rev. J. CWash Watts has eAtpplied
tho.,Baptist church before sailing for
foreign fields.
To Petition Legislaturo to Make Ap.
propriatilon for' County. Physeian
and County *ursb.
At a meeting of the executive com
mittee of the 'Laurens '0hapter of the
Red Cross, Tuesday morning it was
decided to endeavor to secure an 49
iropriation, from the -ledislaturo 'to
carry on the health pork of the Red
Cross for Tie comisng year. At present
the Red Cross has not enougin funds
to continue'the woik. After the de.
parture of the county nurse, Miss Gos
pett whQse resignation 'g akes .effect in
January, the work wil The abandoned
unless state aid is given.
'The Red Cross hopes for an appro
priation that. will give then a "health
unit" consisting of At county physicitr
and. nurse. In that case the funds of
the Red Cross can be used in individ
ual and special casca for; clinics, home
service work, and iwork among dis
abled'isoldlers.' For the last year the
county nurse -was supported by the
Red iCross . and . anti-tuberculosis
league, with funds that these organ
izations had already on hand. Accord
ing to the statement of -one of the
menbers of the committee, Newberry
county vith an organization ng larger
than that of Laurens has a unit con
sisting or coitnty -physician, nurse and
home-dtmonstrator under state con
trol, and it is thegofore 'hoped htit
IIA4urens. will be given ,the s'sne ajid.
To date, the Red Crogs in their re
cent drive have secured over 100 mem
-berships of a dollar each, and it is
hoped to raise this number to 500 be
fore the drive .closes. One-half of this
sum goes to national headqiuartery' for
relief work, and the other lIfalf is the
only money that the local chapter' se
cures to carry on their health 'work.
The annual dIrive foi' selling Red
Cross anti-tuberculosis etanips is now
o.n under .the leadership of Mr, R. T.
Wilson, chairman of the Laurens chap
ter of the anti-tuberculosis league. The
'Red, Cross ,and the Anti.-T)jherculosis
league are entirel'y separate organiza
tions but are. united- for the purpose
of selling these stathps..
Bishop Fliuley Hero
$iihop K. 6- Finleyr of the Diocese
ok 'IUer south Carolina 'was in the
etL fr, an afternoon and evening ad
n the Episcopal church on Wed
it , Dec. 6; riis subject at 'both
nl gs ,pertained to Stewardship as
a'lplied spirituafly and materially by
pr#ressed Chriita'n imen.' d yvomen.
H(Ionso, gave detailed and firsthand
'i'n itionl of the ~great-, Forward'
ignin-~fovemnent of the I~piscopal
')j in 'both .domektio and 'foreign
f1 p ah4dan account og some pf the
g4tfying results of the xudemant to
dat.f Bishop 'Finl1ey was thie guest of
Mr. and Mrs, .N. C, iliglies while in
the city. ' 2
Ministerial Stidept 'to' Pieachl
The 'l. C. TI. A 1fes '11I partici'
pate in tihe iristsilaion, o t te Rev.
Eifthe' esby tii4c'vh e ?4aiiety Six
n4et Sh1ay mess~ing. The' pulbit of
Agrees to Co-operate -with Farm Dem
onstrator In Securing Car of Cal
cumi1 Arsenate for botton iDusting.
At a conference yesterday afternoon
between C. L. Vaughan, county farm
demo strator, and directors 'of the
Laf'ens Business ILeague, plans were
definitely-formulated to secure at least
a carload of calcium arsenate for the
Use of Laurens county farmels next
year. Mr. Vaughan explained that the
price of calcium arsenate was rapidly
rising and that it was important for
the welfare of 'Laurens county farm
ers that at least a carload of this in
secticide be definitely procured before
the price goes so high as to work an
Additional hardship.
Under the plan agreed upon at the
ieoting yesterday afternoon the Busi
iess League assumed responsflhility
for the major .portion of the cost-of the
Car. The individual user of the calcium
4rsenate is to make a first payment of
our cente per pound for as much as
he wishes to order.' Upon the arrival
f the shipment in the sprlig of the
7ear, he 'will then pay down the rest.
he price ,delivered here will - be
round 17 dr 18 cents,..
Mr. Vaughan stated that the. pre
Ilminary- order must be pfaced at
dnce. Therefore, he urges all he
fftrmers of the county who wish to
thke advantage of this plan to see him
at once. The smallest amount to be
bontracted for is CO2 .pounds.
Those unable to come to Laurens to
make arrangements in persoh may
bend their checks to W. It. McCuen,
Secretary of the Business League, who
will look after the matter. Those send
ing chec)s, hiowevdr, -are -reminded
that 200 pounds is the, minimum
amount sold and that the calcium ar
senate comes only in 200 pound sacks
which will not be broken.
Admits Entering Lanford-8mith Store
at Waterloo . but Denies iBurning
Golding Store.
J3ish Williams, colored, now .being
held in the county jail in connection
wigl the burglary of the :Lanforl
Smith 'itore and tile burning of the
Golding store at 'Waterloo last Wed
nesday night, has . confessed to the
burglary, according to Sheriff Reid,
but denies any knowledge of the fire
which destroyed the store of' E'. V.
iolding shortly fler the Lanford
Smith burglary wts committed. None
of the articles recovered from him or
which were found to have been sold by
him between Waterloo and Coronaca
in Gfeenwood county have been iden
tiled as coming out of ' the bprned
The iLanford-Smith store was enter
od some time 'Wednesday night.' After
midnight the same oight the ware
house, grist mill and general merchan
(ilse store of ID. V. Golding next door
were destroyed by fire. The fire 'was
supposed to have been of incendiary
or accidental origin. The -burglary
and fire happening on the same night
lead to the belief that one party w'as
guilty of both. Bish Williams was ar'
res~i by a. constable. at Coronaca'the
morning after the fire. HeI had somie
of the loot of thos burglary ill his pos
session and admitted selling some of
it to negroes along the road tihe hight
before Questioned by lSherftY Reid
who went to Coronaca to ghesk him ini
charge, he denied any. knowledge .of
the Golding lire.
Two ether negroes, Jime5 Harris
and Charlie Calhoung arrestoi Thurms
dlay- 'morning after alighting from a1
freight car in the railroad yard here
'were released after no evidence was i
found connecting them with either of4
the -crimes.
3(rs. Hettle Austin Dead
Mr's. 'ettie A1:stin, .wife of tlie late
WI. F. Austin, 'died Suhday muorning
at the home of 'Mr. and Mrs. W. H.
Leemani, Cress 'Hill. Mrs, Auistip had
been ill for about a week. She 'was the
only siurviving''member of the 'fargo
family'of the late Rev. W. .A. 'Me~wain.
Mr's.' Austin wasw 83 years of age. She
was a devoted<memuber of the Presby
terian chiurch and itdok great interest
in the Bun~day Schogl and' nisesioni
work., She had no children biut'ls sur
vived "by a' large connection of nices
anid nephews.
Te8&rvices alt Oray Court ,'
TeLauareds 'Layman's League will,
con4ts6t thr sprvices next eunday.gt.. 2
ternoon et 38 o'clodk at the Dorrob 1
$16,000 FIRE
Waterloo, Dec. 7.-JLast night aboul
Dne o'clock fire was located in thc
warehouse of E. V. Golding and with
a wind blowing in the direction of lis
store, the blaze soon enveloped h
handsome brick store and conpletely
destroyed it, Mr. Gqlding suffers t
loss of something over $16,000.00 with
Dnly $5,000 insurance. His corn mill
was also destroyed, which was just i
the rear of the store building,
He has been in the mercantile busi.
aess for a number of years and haa
x handsome trade. His faithfulness tc
luty, his kind and generous dealings
with his fellowman, and his ability tc
2arry on the business have won him
x very popular list of customers. He
:arried a large stock of general mer
%handise, fu'rniture, hardware, auto
xccessories, etc.
;ome time prior to the burning a
)urglar entered the store of Lanford
3mith Co., another large general mer
andise store, and carried away about
75.b0 in cash besides a number of ar
Joles of clothing. The burglar en
ered by means of breaking the glass
n the front door and it is supposed
hat the thief accidently set fire to the
vurehouse after he had gone there to
nspect his booty. A number of articles
lave been found near thq store.
"omnittees Appointed to Sell Chrisf
mas Seals Startifig Thursday Morn.
At a meeting yesterday afternoon of
tbout thirty ladies and gentlemen in
srested in the sale of Christmas seals,
)ians wre laid to sell Laurens' quota
>f Christmas seals before the holidays.
['he seals, as is already well known,
Lre sold.by the Anti-Tuberculqsis as
ociation and the proededs are used in
he care of tubercular patients and in
lie spread of anti-tubercular informa
Ion in the state.
The actual campaign f6r* the sale
s to begin Thursday morning. Com
nittees have been appointed for vari
ms sections of. the city, as follows:
On Main street, Misses lHattie Gray
Lnd Sadie Sullivan; Mrs. L. 0. Balle,
diss Francis Davis, and others to be
Public Square, Mrs. B. C. Crisp; Mrs.
. C. Hughes, Miss Sarah 'Dorroh.
South Harper street, -Mrs. William
solomon, U1rs. E. C. Wolff, Mrs. J. J.
dams, Mrs. Toni Henderson.
North 'Harper, Iri. C. P. Itoper,
dias 1% illie Jones, Mrs. lamp Uunter.
Laurens and Church streets, Mrs. L.
3. Blackwell and Mlrs. Warren Bolt.
1ul'livan street, Mrs. M. D. Gibson
tnd Mrs. J. D. Watts.
Irby Avenue and Jones street, Miss
'Tancy Sitgreaves, Mrs. Geo. S. Mc
3ravy andl Mrs. Lane Mionroe.,
Laurenis and Hampton streets, Mrs.
h. D. 'Childress and others to be se
Mr. Ralph T. Wilson is chairman of
.he committee.
'. R. Richey, of Local Bar, to Pre
side at Speeial Term of Court in
WN. R. Richoy, Esq., member of the
ocal bar, wvas appointed by Governor
-harvey to .preside over' the ~regular
erm of' common pleals court which
~onvened at Beaufort 'Monday .morn
ng, December 11th, andl an exitra ses
ion beginning next Monday, Decem
>er 18th. The appointment was made
ipon the recommendation of the chici
ustico of the supreme court, Eugene
?rank B. Patnam, Brother of Arthmur
Putsna, Clerk in Local Post Wffiee.
'Fr nly Boyce Putnam mehtloned in
iews~ dispatches Sunday morning as
oeribttly wounded in an A. C. L. rail
'oad wreck near 'Charleston saturday
nording, was a native of this ciounty
m-d ik well knownin thiis' city. fIj is
brother of Mr. Arthur, Putnam, postal
ilerk in the local post office.
.Reports" from Charleston- yesterday
Vere to the effect that Mr, Putnam was
osting well. Indications are that he
Charleston, Ive.. 9.-Isaac A. Ed
wards of Sumter, ag'ed 24 years, is
dead; F. Seth W. -Scruggs of Green
ville and F. 4B. aPutnam, also of Green
Ville, are very seriously injured -and
al)out 25 others, mostly passengers,
were Injured in a rear-end collision
betiween passenfger trains on'the At
lantic 'Coat Line railroad ft lfanahan,
a flag station, 12 miles fre .Chprles
ton, this morning about 7 e cIock. I
While attention was being given to
a hot box, -trein No. 52, Ciarlfston to
Greenville, at the station* tr4hn' No.
80, second section, Ch .eqton to
Washington, running, it ts5Asd At 40
miles an hour, trashed ity ~the tpol
Pullman at the tail of tta.iN -G
causing the PLiNan to telescope the
wooden day codcbes ahe#4t of it, the
smoking conhpartnent ibeitig, a fearful
wreck. Foggy conditions*, sa to
have caused lDngineer W. 4, '1*ilias
of Florence to overrun slgnal. *Ie
escaped *ith injuries by loading
from the running board fqrward of
his cab.
Edwards was in the smoker of the
day coach, being Injured Internally.
lie died in a local hospital at about
10:30 o'clock. His body his been tak
en to Sumter for interment. Scruggs,
a mail clerk, was seriously injured in
ternally. iPutnam, express messenger,
received a fracture of the skull and
his cgndition is grave.
'Besides Messrs. Scruggs and Put
nan, the list of injured includes: W.
M. Smith, Florence, ongineer train,
second section, No. 80, injuries to
bick and lower abdomen ; I. J. Tal
]on, Charleston, mail clerk, contusion
on left 'hip; Samuel B. Whaley. Port -
Terminals, left arm crushed at shoul
der; J. E. Gamble, sheriff of Claren
don county, bruises; .W. A. Williams,
Charleston, engineer, train No. Z2, in
juries to back and body.
The- less seriously injured are re
ported to be: J. W. Gerard, Charles
ton, baggagemaster; J. C. Ficken,
Charleston, Pullman conductor; J. M.
Legare, Charleston, fireman; Mrs. R.
G. 'Causey, Pinopoli; Mrs. C. G. Ter
rell and Miss Catherine Terrell, Char
leston; Norman E' Cato, Ridge Spring;
Archdeason 8D0. iL. Backerville, Char
leston; 3lrs. J. M. Kelly, Charleston;
L. Horovitz, 1onneau; Hayes 1Miller,
Charleston; Richard Small, (loncks
Corner; Caesar Palmer, Bonneau;
Dora 'P. A Iston, Charleston, and W. I.
Willard, Charleston.
But for the steel Pullman at the
tail of train No. 52 It is conceded by
railroad men that the results of the
collision .would have been much worse.
This coaneh caught the brunt of the
imlact. Its forward Impulse tore in
to the (lay coach ahead, wiping out the
smoking compartment. Trucks on 'all
the cars on train No. 52 were
wrenched off or badly dlamaged.
'Second sction of No. 80 was inade
up of exp~ress cars and Pullman sleep
ing ears which were being deadheaded
to Washington, It Is said that the
flagman for -trairn No, 52 -went back,
but that ,the engineman on train No,
8E) dId not see his lantern. It is alsh
aid that the engineman did not see
the automatic signals because of theo
The collision being on -a double
track, service was not interrupted.
Cars on the rear of train No. 80 es
calpedl damage altogether and have
gone for'ward in service.
Meeting of Winthrop Daughters
Miss Pearl Clardy and Mrs. Earl
Owvens were hostesses Wednesday af
tornogn to an enjoyable meeting of
the Winthrop Dautghters, given at the
home of Miss Clardy in honor of IMiss
Leila Russell, president. of the ,Win
throp Alumnae Association. The us
ual businesa was taken up, after which
Miss Russell gave a short talk on Win
thropi news and gossip. At a social
half ,hour after the meeting the host
esses served a salad course followed
by coffee.
Box Supper at Central
,There will bye a 'box supper .at Cen
tral school -riday night, Dec. 15, giv
en~ by. the School Itarovetneti asso..

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