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Mt. Olive, Dec. I l.-Dr. C. C. Brown t
said in a sermon once that there are
four personalities in each one of us:
1. The person the world knows.
2. The one our intimate friends
know. f
. The one we ourselves know. C
I. The one God knows. 9
Our notion is that the person in outr
make i) which the world knows is not a
apt to (1o us nuch harm since he is the %
one who receives most of the criti
cism and inuch of the abuse. We are
not likely to be lead astray by criti- s
cism. The one our friends know is a t
more or loss dangerous -haracter, be
calls.- he is liable som .'il OS to be in
fluirnced by w rong' advie . (,ilr frierids
a -r inter.-ested in us id '! entice
us> to do a wrong thinking it might
he to 4our1. financial or teniioral in
trest. W\*hile he is a mlore nearly real
persoll than the iirst s'.ill our friends
Io not see( as' clearly as a disinterested
partv night. "Bewar of your friends."
is no bad advice. 1ut th mo.. 1 t10 e'.
and the most daigeious of 'll is tI
t0o 'we 0urselves know. There is but
little reality about him lie is all
puffed up and prold. The (omm111 unity
andil( the world at lar;e would be inl a
bad way without hi'm. lIe is tie 10Most
important of all. Al.1.. :l1 I'he evi's
that befall mankind arv demt ed and
distributed by him. lie is wis. and a
great inventor. lie ecs n.) faults in
himself, never criticves, and seldom
conitisses. The one God knows Is a
reality. lie is without cover or hiding
place, yet difilcult to be seen. Only
God's magnifying glass will enlable us
to see him, so little is he. -Ile may
be great, he may be worthless, only
God knows.
According to the daily newspapers
an old time slavery negro, .lollie Wil
iams, died in Columbia last Friday.
She must have beeii over a hundred
years old as it was said she remem
bered iafayette's visit to Columbia in
1S25; and aided in decorating the hall
in which the great Frenchman wa4 to
speak. These old time darkies, like
the old Confederate soldiers, are
rapidly .passing away. Two years ago
when we came to this place, there
lived on the hill just across a deep
ravine an aged colored couple, 'Jom
and Charity Sullivan. In their young
days oack in the fifties and sixties they
were slaves. Tom could tell many lit
tle incidents that occurred over on
Todd's Quarter where he was reared,.
for he belonged to the late Samuel
Todd, of Laturens. IlEarly this year
these old people moved to Waterloo
where in a few weeks Tom died and in
a very few months 'was followed by
Charity. Very few of these old time
colored servants are found among the
lawless class and seldom have they
tried to lead their race astray. No
doubt there are a few White peoople
still living today who canl remember
many kind wordsl I and pleasing dleedls
of "Black Mlammy," and~ how soothing
were the 01ld time lullabies as she sat
and1( rocked them to sleep. .\any of
the children of those days, it Is said,
would ir at her stayi at homtie .w ith Autil
lbuida than go) visit inig w ithi their own|
Iiarenits. We\. wonder~ somietimes,
whet her t hest faitl oldi1 1( servan ts
have received just and merilted treat
ilenlt fromu t he whiten.
Gray Court, -Dee, I11.--One of thie
most enjoye.ble rook parties of thle
winter was the one given 'by Miss Allie
Habb, in honor of Miss (Hitchcock, of
C(ol umbia, last Ttuesday eveinig. Th'e
lower -Iloor was thrown together andt
beautiftully decorated with ferns, cut
flowers and many Christmas dlecora
tions. Three tables were decorated to
rep~resent three seasons of the year.
The cards were made to corresplond
and were handed to the guests by Mrs.
W. T. Pace. The 'partners were
changed every fifteen mlinutes, thus
making the game more Interesting. At
ter several gamnes were played a die
licious4 sweet course was served. The
'hostess 'was assistecd by Mrs. Pace.
Music from the Edison added much en
*joyment to the evening, being played
by Mr, W. <D. Owens. Those who en
joyed the evening were Misses Eva
SheH, 112orothy "West, Claude Gray,
Margie Ropp, IAurie and Gladys Gray
and iMiss Hitchcock; Dr, Mor'gan,
Mesers. Carroll Gray, Shaw and Eu
gn Johnslon anl .Dr. atnd Mrs. W. T.
Dr, and Mirs. W, ',i Vace entertained
tor their sister Miss Hitchcock on last
We4 ~4P vening with a~ rook party.
Wb*dz t guests had rived rook
was og f~~.or some time, whien a
salad coit ith hot chocolate Wats
served by the hostes~S, assidted by Miiss
FaGhell, 'thofe e~sent were lases
-',uri an4 Oladyn ri'y,'dIude 4etah~
_0l;@e p Aolle gabb,*41
Notice of Stockholders .Meeting
Resolved by the Board of Directors
r United Agency, of Laurens, S. C.:
Ist. That subject to the approval
f stockholders of this corporation, an
ncrease of its capital stock to Twen
y-five rhotsand ($25,000.00) Dollars
hereby determined upon.
2nd. That a meeting of the stock
,olders of this company is hereby
alled for the 16th day of January, A
). 1923, at ten o'clock A. M, at the
ullice of the corupany, Laurens, S. C.
rr the purpose of considering said in.
rease of capital stock. -
3rd. That nptice or saidi meeting be
iven to the s(ockholders by the See
utary of this corporation by the pub
cation of this resolution at least once
week for four successive weeks pre
ious to the date iixed for said stock
olders meeting in the Advertiser, a
neekl ewspaper published at I2au
S. C.. and by Itmailing a copy of
ame to each stockholder at least
lilty days before Said date.
Only IC
We Sironlgly reConuilnen
is used bv millionls. We ha
i0k .... .... .... $1.20,
\Voo Iat .... .... .... ..
bisle at .... ....,.... ...
We also have t lbig Iiil(
Sovks rnd Ihose, lt popula
The mlost popular of all gi
Wve have these ill reguh11
See the new t hinigs inl .lags
to .... .... .... ....
Sweaters for ]
and Ch
to get.
Lad.uies' Swaes.. .
Newv arr'ivals in Cjoats .1u:
.1 iupecil priCes fori lhe
b1.1ndsom11e Coats ........
ther CoatIs at...... .... .
Silk Dresses .........$9
WooI Dresses .... .... ..
A good line of IFuri Neekpi
If you are( doing anfy ki
of yarn.
Special Xma
T wo easies ,just arrived
s'peciall in1 32-inch Standat
10 yards, solid bl'ue for.
8 yards fancy for ... ...
As Far-a
I hereby certify that the ab vo reso
lutions were duly passed at iieeting
of the Board of Directors of the United
Agency, 'Jaurens, S. C., on the 12th
(ay of 'December, 1922.
L. G. BAIAEj1-,
22-It President.
Piles Cured in 6 to 14 Days
Druggists refund money If PAZO OINTMENT fails
to cure Itching. Blind. Bleeding or Protruding
Piles. Instantly relieves Itching Piles. and you
can get restful sleep after frst applcation. W.
The Auditor's office will be opei
from the' 1st day of January to the
20th of February, 1923, to -make re
turns of all personal property for taxa
For the convenience of taxpayers
the Auditor or his deputy will attend
mne following named oplaces to reecive
returns for said year to wit:
Toungs Township
More Sh
Come to Minte
.1 this lile of losiery. [t
,e a good stock of this for
$1.50, $1.95, $2.50, $2.85
.. .... $1.35 and $1.95
. ... . .... .... ...50c
of' Children's 3-4 Wool
fs for Xmas
ft's is llandkeirehiefs.
I 'irisst mas boxes
75c, $1.00, $1.50 per box
at $1.00, $1.50, $3.00
.... .... .... ... .$5.00
W4en, Women
. .. .. ... . 98o i'o $5.00
. $2.98, $5.00 t o $9.50
S for1 W\ool Ilikets.
.. .... ..$9.50 and1( $9.75
... .. ...........$7.50
.... .... .........$1.49
It re'civedl, and1( being sold
[ 'hristmaus trade.
$24.75, $29.75 and $34.75
.$9.95, $14.75 and $19.75.
95, $15.95, $19.95 $24.95 A hand
.$9.95, $15.95 and1( $19.95 for t i
1Q0eeS alt )oipula r' )il:-, a
$10.00, $15.00 a nd $25.00 ui e L
Yarn! ~ . Packag
titt ing we have ai full l ine.
rs Bargains! Style
ror~ tihe holidays. This is'a P1
d 25c. Cloth, in mill ends. Phoeni,
... .... .......... 1:00 Wilson
.. .... .... .... .. .00 Wilson
s Pdssible Shop js tIh
Lanford, Monday, Jan 22.
J. D. iStewart's, Monday, Jan. 22.
Jno. 1B. Cook's, Lionday, Jan. 22.
Pleasant Mound, Tuesday, Jan. 23.
.Mrs. W. P. Harris, Wednesday, Jan...24.
Dial Township
L. 1). Armstrong' Monday, Jan. 22.
Gray ~Court, Tue4f. Jan. 30.
Owings Station, Wednesday, Jan. 31.
Feb. 1.
1,..A. Thompson Store, Thursday, Feb.
Gray Court, Tuesday, Jan 30.
- Sullivan Township
T. T11. Wood's, Tuesday, Jan, 23.
Princeton, Wednesday, Jan. 24.
Tumbling Shoals, Thursday, Jan. 25.
. Waterloo Township
Jerry C. 'Martin's Store, alonday, Jan.
W. C. Thompson's, Monday, Jan. 22.
Waterloo Town, Friday, Feb. 2.
Cross 'Hill Township
Cross 11111 Town, Monday, Jan. 29.
Hunter Township
Clinton, Monday, Jan. 22.
Dpping Da
r Company For
the Whole Fai
* .*
meline of new Neckwear 'jus9t ar
e Christmnas trade at .. . .500, 75c
Iandkerehiefs in ,boxes .... .. 750
nen Ilandkerchiefsg for... ..
3or'der Hlandkerchiefs -for . .....
'Ilandkerchiefs, 3 for ... .-... .
fen's and Men's Overcoats, made
Pips and others at .... . .$25.00
oenix and WiIson Bros.1
Silk~'oelks.. . ....... . ....75o
Bros. Silk'Soeks .. . ..50o, 750
Brok. Lisle Soks ......... ..
~ o~'Don t
Clinton Cotton Mill, Tuesday, Jan. 23
Lydia (3otton 'Mill, Weduesday, Jan. 24
Goldville,- Thrsday, Jan. 25.
Mountville, Fiday, Jan. 26.
. Jacks Township
Renno, 'Saturday, Jan. 27.
6. WV. 'Dexn, Saturday, Jan. 27.
. Pleas' -ke note that the appoint
ments i ( be filled just as advertisei
and blease come out and make re
turns. One may ustially makes thi
whole'round and'some may not under
stand the notice this time, as I hav
divided up the territory in the severa
I All male citizens between the ages o
21 and 69 years on the 1st of Januar
except thone who are incapable -o
earning a support from being malitnei
.or from other causes, are deemei
polls, Confederate veterans excepted.
Also all male citizens between th
ages of 21-1o 55 are liable to a road.ta:
of $1.50 and ire required to make dur
ing the time abovyp- specifled their re
turn of the same to the Auditor, an
ys Until (
- Practical Gift
avdW yntmkic
anIVd Mens.00
.n ..00 frCrsms
See thk .....
to boo Men's flcickle ets..
Men's Belt Bitekles at
sind $100B
anid $1.00 Meon's Bath Rlobesoi
. .. .450 mneit jist( received
. shall 'pay to .the County Treasurer at
. the same time other taxes are paid in
lieu of working the road, school trus
tees, students 41)d ministers are ex
ompt fron road tax.
All taxpayers are required to give
township and nunber of school di(s
- tricts; also Rtate whether protierty is
I situated in town or country. -
- After the 20th of FJeebruar 50 per
cent penalty will .be attacheI( for fail
tire to make returns oil personal pro
3 perty.
.21-td County Auditor.
r Removepoisonousm.war
~I ~ -for constip at/on
- , -an
~oung Men's Suits'
boy ht pr'esent of a nice Huit
. $19.75, $25.00 to $35.00
Siist . .. . $10.00 to $12.98
. . .. .. $1.50 to $3.00
. .. .. . .4.00 to $5.00
IBelt Buckles
. . . . ..0, 75o and 91.00.
...... . .:60 and ;1.0
h Robs
akec a good presenrt. New .hip
-, -

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