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Mer 'Rouge, La., Dec. 22.-Bodies of
two men blown from the bottom of
Lake La Fourche early today by u'n- .
identified dynamitors were lying at an i
.undertaking establishment here ,to
night, while military men stood guard
'pending the arrival 'of additional i
troopms from Alexandria and 'New Or
leans, ordered here today by the adju- t
tant general.
The bodies, badly mutilated and
bound with wire, were believed 'by the I
authorities to be those of 'Watt Ilan- I
iels and-Thomuas Richards, members of I
a party of flve prominent Mer Rouge I
citizens, who were kidnapped last Au
gust by white robed and hooded men
anld who have been -mnishing since and
then the object of three days' raking
of the lakes, of Morehouse parish by t
(National Guardsmen, federal agents t
and professional divers.
Authorities 'here state they are sat- -
isfied the bodies -were the ones sought.
Relitives and close friends of missing
men viewed .the bodies during the day
and tonight and it was reported bits
of clothing of the men were recogniz
ed. Tho coroner announced tonight
an inquest nwould be held over the bod
is, probably .tomorrow. The arrival of
the attorney general of the state and ]
two prominent pathologists of New
Orleans is awaited.
'It was not known tonight whether i
the Inquest would be 'held here or at
Bastrop, the parish seat.
In the absence of official informa
tion the next move on the Iart'of-tbe
state was not known here, but it nwas
he consensus of opinion the inquest
would .be followed by the arrest of at
least 20 .persons, alleged ringleaders
of the August mob. The names of these N
men will 'be presented to the military
or civil authorities by the four depart
ment of justice agents, who for four
months have beeni conducting secret '
investigations, it was stated here.
Martial Law .Expected
Me' Rouge citizens expressed them
selves tonight as believing martial law
will be declared
Everything was quiet and peaceful
on the surface here tonight bilt those
informed are authority for statements
that there is an underlying feeling of
Some resistance is expected twhen
the state's warrants calling for arrest
of a1 nm of men believed to have
been the ringleaders of the hooded
men are served, it was indicated here.
The presec of an additional body of
6tate troops, it was believed, however,
.will serve as a precaution against a
prohr1b1e outbreak.
mnest of justice working under the di
rection of the governor are saidl to
have a p~artiall list of members of th;' -
kidnappers. fiany names were obtain
ed soveral months ago wvhen the In
vestigators rep~orted an attempt was
made (luring the night 'by a group of
men to reach a spot on 'La Fouche lake ~
guard(ed as the probable resting place t
of the 'bodies.''
The opinion Is advanced that these'
-same men returned in the dead 'hours e
of last night and placed the charges e
of dynamite that -wrecked a -part of the
-bank near the eastern ferry landing ,
and released the decapitated, 'wire j
bound bodies from the weight that for d
four month~s had held .thqtn to the hot- *t
torn Qf the lake. 'DiVers spent tho af- t
te'rnoon try-ing .to locate, ,the rusty c
wagpn -wheels thmat were piissod from (
the 'banks df the lake simultaneously .j
with the disappoance of the men, said
-to be the only nising Jink in 'the
chain- of evidence -the0 fnvestigatorst
had submitted to the govetnor as their
uolhtion of the mnystery.
While ia Fouche was-being bla~td
'what was believed as a decoy of eight
or ten men were active in 'Lake Coo
per, 20 miles awiy, drainrg the fire of
- the state guards and byringinig the en
-tire military compan fro ir Rouge .4
to the:4amks of Ahe fra)(e,
'The iIttargv'~aptain 'anouhced the
? t6 n1atprs. W41e not redthoflibl'e or
1' -' b lqatin~ let night aff' a se0roh Is
i~n~~' ayit lentity hosoe respon.
;lx Deaths Attributed to Bootleg
aNew York, 'Dec. 26.-Eight deaths
vere attributed today to drinking
)oisonous liquor over 'Christmas. A
core or more of victims were con
Ined 'to hospitals.
.Of the eight persons who died, two
Yore women. A Brooklyn woman was
rrested as the seller of whiskey
vhich caused the death of one of the
'While police records show that yes
erday was the "dryest" Christmas
+0w York ever slent, six deaths were
Itributed 'by police to bootleg liquor.
Lutopsles will 'be performed on the
>odies of the six-five men and one
voman--today. All of the bodies were
aken to the morgue pending the medi
al examination.
Throat of prohibition authorities to
nake the city as dry aver the holi
lays as the 18th amendment conten
>lated for the whole year had its ef
ect so far as public drinking was con
erned, police -reported.
For the first time ivithin the ieni
'ry of oldest attaches of the West
lde court not a defendant 'brought
o -bar there on a charge of intoxica
Bellevue hospital reported that only
welve persons suffering from alcohol
sin were treated there yesterday.
"hat is the lowest number for Christ
nas day in the history of the institu
Minor raids were made by prohibi
ion agents liquor being confiscated in
everal of the places visited,
leventy-one Diamond Rings Stolen
From Show 'Window.
New York, Dec. 23.-Descending
rom an autoombile into 'the midst of
he throng-' of- holiday -shoppers on
Jipper Broadway, three men .tonight
mashed 'the 'wfidow of a Jewelry
tore with a brick wrapped In towels
.nd escaped with 71 diamond -rings
rhich 'they 'snatched from trays In
lie display window. The .rings were
alued at -$10,000.
The robbery was carried out with
he .utmost daring. .Parking their ex
ensive looking car in the line of au
omobiles which stood at the curb, two
f the 'bandits fashionably attired,
trolled nochalantly towards the jew
lor's display window, leaving a third
ompanion at the wheel.
A dozen persons 'were inspecting
lie Jewels behind the glass, when one
if the new arrivals quietly drew from
nder his arm what -appeared to be a
arcel--the brick wrapped in towels.
Wfore any of the pedestrians realized
ihat was happening the )arcel was
urled at the ;window, shattering the
hick platb glass and making the gems
eadily 'accessible .through the jagged
Gathering up two trays containing
he 71 valuable rings, the 'bandit pair
auickly withdrew to the curb, climbed
nte .their car and disappeared into
lhe streams of t'latllc along the bril
lantly lighted thoroughfare,
Two customers and eight clerks
,ere in the store wvhen .the robbery
occurred. 'roe late, however, to frus
rate -the .robbery or enabbe the .police
o 'prevent their escape, the clerks gave
ho alarm.
hiefly on the ferry' landing 'where p~
'hart indicated the p~odies of 'the miss
ng men most likely wvere hidden, it
,as declared tile guilty men 'keared the
'odies would be eventtially' located aiid
ecided to recover ~them anid -remove
hem to another 'burial .place in the in
erior. The ,dynamiters evidently be
amne frightened or failed to find their
guarry and ran away, the story goes.
E ferrynman who 'heard' thd'lasts re
orted .tle finding'tQi~s merking.
With thie arrival of additinal state
roops tomorrovd the athushil in -'4
arish' 'will be more thlatu 206~ 'men.
'he troops have a large, complemm~it
naehine guns.
It is generally believed open 'hear
ng 'will 'be instItuted following the
nticipated arrests.
'All pers'ons will 'be free to come Into
his court 'of justice 'undeir the 'Louisl
da lawsi And tell irhat' they ilow of
he casee
AP~oninent 'persons -in .Misissippi
ind &ylcansi~s, ao psIl ioulsiaia,
ire btlie1de by t le 'ae~ as havitg
iaoan inabers of the 'hooded mob. Ar
|The Spir
N Yk e 2. on e
ug - oca ieru r utwisy
)7 k
4 I.4
1ant e Ocean liners Rocked Lke
Cocklesholls. Worst in Years.
Now York, Dec. 26-vioent temp
ests of the sort known only' to sea
soned mariners of the uorta Atlantic,
against the howling power of which
hugeocean liner are butto frWesy
c6ekleshslgls, havq ragod through the
p~ast wveek threatening smaller vessels
with destruction, wrecking steamers'
dock equipment, driving fast liners
out of their usual lanes and striking
terror to the hearts of hundreds of
passengers, according to wireless re
ivorts today.
Relentless gales, playing havoc with
the schedules of the large steanship
companies, described yesterday by of
hcers of the Cedric, the Zeeland and
the United States, twhich arrived so
eral days late after weathering the
worst stors In their history, still are
whipping the wvatcrs of the Atlantic
to fury.
Theo Manchuria andl La Savoie re0
ported today that they would arrive on
Thursday, two days late. The N lag
ara, d(,~ todhay rep~orted shte will try i
to fight her way to port tomorrow.
The Caronia reported from Halifax
that she had been forced to put in
there. The Mount Carroi is die here
and the President Monroe in Loidon
tomorrow both far behind schedule.
Veterans of scares of storms wvho
guided liners into port yesterday
said they had never' before seen the
treacherous north Atlantic in such a
protracted hurricane mood as during
the last fortnight.
Captain Metcalfo of the Cedric said
ho was forced to slow his ship to five
knots by a blow only rivalled by one
that ho had seen a score of years ago
in the Indian ocean. The crow was
in oil allins thronghout .the trip; pas
sengers were confined below decks
which -were awash every day.
Charged with Making -Home Brew at
North Carolinma St~te Cellege.
'Raleigh, 'Dec. 21.--Resignations of
four ipstruetors at North Carolina
State' College of agriculture and en
ginoering here have 'been requested as
4i resnlt of charges that 'they made
'4home. brew" In their rdoms Dr. W.
C.. Riddickc, president of the Institu
tion announced today.
The .president did not give any fur..
their details, excepts to confirm re
pOrts 'that the action followedl an in
Vestigation by students who conducted
a private investigation. T1he names
of the :Instructore whiogere . said to
have ifed their resignations as re
queeted, 'wore given as de V. )3usbe,
T. B. tParkes, 0. 13. eugkner ftnd -J,
*N6 fufther action .is contemplated,
It~ras id.
t of 1923 Q
T St .... S
-.2 ,N ._.;:.
example totem rakF fords
yWatrdayg to rnig.adh lahpn
aley forate maurdeastMaf i
busing partndr Jhn C. Arlnette.rn
Jeffored tvet tos death cudany
remaining composed until the end. He
made D.1 last mninute confessions and
dlid not even mention the crime for
which hie was paying with Is life.
Thle Twenty-third Psalmn, as a prayer,
were this last words on earth. -
The condemned man was '.brought
Into the death phiamber at 10:13
o'clock. As hec'entered a deep hush
fell over the crowd. Jeffords looked
around the little death chamber and
spoke to thle crowd, "Good mornhng,
gentlemen," hie said, as hie walked to
thle death chair. At 10:17 o'clock the
current swas turned on and at 10: 18 1-2
o'clock It -wits switched off. Physt
clans began to examine thle bodly and
at 10:22 Dr. Rt. T. Jennings, prison
Physicianl, pronounced him dlead. A f
ter tihe electrocution thle body was re
moved .to anl outer room and later In
the morning -was delivered to anl un
dei'taking establishimen to prep~are for
buil h aiy.to hreo h
Eal n h or3g'esrs ea
togahe i rot.f.h.pisn. n
Roetrtsutead t deatenary ri-ndtoyh
Jeffrdsn tod CtainRoerssha
he Sateha Satfary.go iht'rs
andaingbdn heias feelnaryn-.
iAst oataein woert bced riealy
ininge thedat sarrant, enongdwithah
xme otou them,"ak Jeffordsc
nothielsey.tnoingicatd theatethen-rd
tyer .aathingurde lashe May o
do ford 'went Jefords aeth cap--ly
madno lsett miut confessontandn
(lidsoa effet m ent th on crime fo
hich hedy Ever ying wsithe rispie
weep his Bible and sonmeafrut."Gv
The frcodeboye , man toad theocgh
ino Te derath letters atr 10:n
o'sclok. Asd heentked tat tee bush
fuell over t c ro.hefr. Alofokes
arouthe ittledehm chear ndh
m1Ok ornenwdg.od onig
genlemn. Shor ci, as the walkedi to
ditelhath death chirarran7o'lokthad
berent redwdased naa.th 10:18ne .
clnmean to kewxamnth abouy the
muer electrotin thFrdank Brwn
(CU te nPg ~t.
Dovernor of Loulslaia C'harges Former
Municipal Chief with Murder In Con
nectlont rivith lIlnapigs.- Ring
Leader of Squad of Dynanilters
Bastrop, La., Dec, 26.-The second
irrest in connection with the more
house kidnaping of last August was
nmade late today when Dr. E. M. Mte
Koln, until a few month, ago mayor
f Miler Rouge, was taken in custody
It Baltimore at the requ( ' of Gover
inor Parker, who charged niim with
inurder. The physician was taking a
post graduate course at John I lop
The former mayor is expected to
reach here within a few days to join
i former deputy sheriff who is now
being held on a similar charge in the
13astrop jail.
While the arrest was being made
t detachment of national guard was
reconnoitering along Lake La Four
,he for evidence to lead to the arrest
if dynami ters responsible for the
blasting of a ferry landing last week
when the bodies of two men, believ
>d to have been tortured and mur
Jered -by masked and robed men, were
blown from the bottom of the lake.
Th company also nyas to act as a
body guard for the sheriff who was
.o make arrests In the event lifi sus
ecions justiged them.
Adjutant General on Scene
(During the day Adjutant General
roombs sudednly called 'back from
Washington by the governor, arriv
3d in 'Morchouse to direct the opera
.ions of the three companies of state
rtoops encamped here and at Mcr
It was .persistently reported during
he day that .all preparations had
icen made to call out two additional
state companies if conditions war
Soldiers are on guard duty at the
jail here. and encampednin the heart
f Mer Rouge where the situation is
;uch that the governor does not want
,o leave the townspeople to them
lelves In the fear there will be blood
'hed because of the friction among
chin following tile August event.
dany of the populace are armed.
Tile iilitary also was at the dis
>osal of the civil authorities to take
n custody any membeys of the hood
!d mob whose identity are known to
.he state authorities, according to
)epartment of Justice men.
Attorney General Coco stated that
it least six or seven more arrests
vill be made before the open hear
ig January 5..
Ring Leader Einown
It is reported that the, number of
irrests will be Increased as the iden
.ity of the dynamiters is established.
lederal agents declare they have tile
lame of the ring 'leader and his ar
est is Imminent.
Attorney General Coco Is expected
o arrive at 'New Orleans tomorrow
ni *preparation for the conference
here Thursday at whlich time plans
or tile hearing will b)e -outlined andl
he reports of thle coroner's5 jury that
:ondulcted tihe inlquest over tihe head
ess bodies of Watts Daniels and
P'homnas Richards will be discussed.
Arrest is Surprise
Citizens were gathering onl the corn
lrs tonight discussing tile arrest of
wo of their former lawv officials. The
irrest of the man who hlad been their
nayor until 'he resigned last August
ame as a complete surprise. Dr. tMc
>in was b)ornf and grew to manhood at
Mopnroe and -later' moved to Melr 'Rouge
vhere lhe wvas a practicing physician.
Elis friends induced him to make the
race for mlayor and during his incum
bency 'he fearlessly upheld the law
Ind attempted to rid the community
t nmoonshiners -and othler law-b~reak
Ilrs, <it wvas said.
On August 2 'he r'eported assassins
fired two loads of shot into his movy
nag automobile, as lhe was answering
Ssick call. He later received ipersist
nt warnings to leave the community
und he did so. This event led to tile
tragedy of the 24th in tihe theory of
bhe state.
.First 'Prisoner Sullen
T. J'. Burnett, arrested last 'Satur
lay, is denied v'isitors except under
rtilitary surveil-lance.' Today he .grew
lullen, restless and repeatedly gripped
the Iron 'bars In which he is enclosed.
Hlis 'battery of attorneys spent several
hours with him.
The friends- of Mrs. Willianri Solomon
will Ibe sorry to lean that she Is con
fined rto her beone 'on account' of sick
.JOllN VAUIGiN, 40, D)11, SAM
Greenville, Dec. 23.-John Vaughn,
age -10, is dead, imunel Vaughn, 35,
his brother, is in a er:itical condition
from a fracture' of the spine, and Be
Tumlin, age about 30, is severely
bruised after a car in which the three
were traveling, left the road at "dead
man's curve," about one mile north of
Fountain Inn, on the Greenville-Lau
roils highway, jumping a creek and
turning turtle. The accident occurred
alout ( o'clock yesterday afternoon.
All three men were residents of
Laurens county, living somie two miles
south of Fountain Inn, John Vaugl i
'was the only one of tihe three who Was
married. He is survived iy his wife.
The men were in a Briscoe touring
car ,and were making the trip from
Greenville back to Laurens county,
their home. "Dead man's curve" is a
sharp turn to the right just as a bridge
which spans McBee branch, about six
feet wide.
Curve SeemIngly nITseen
According to the story told of the
accident to Mayor Anderson of Foull
tailn 11111, by tourists who were iime
diately behind the ill-fated car, the
Briscoe was traveling at a very rapid
rate of speed. They said the driver
seemed not to see the curve in the
road. The car plunged through the
sparse shrubbery on the right side
of the road. It struck a slight rise on'
the high bank of the creek and jumped
*to the opposite bank, a distance of
about eight feet.
The car landed on the -south bank
right side up but struck a big rock
and quickly turned completely over.:
It landed upside down with all three
men pinned beneath it. The tourists'
car iwas .the first machine to come near
the scene of the accident. The occu
palits of the car quickly alighted and
turned the over-turned car back on
its wheels and pulled the unfortunate
men from beneath it.
Neck Was Broken
.lohn Vaughn's neck was 'broken. Ife
died almost instantly.. Sam Vaughn,
when the car was turned from his
body, was in the throes of agony, suf
fering from a broken back. .\lr. Tumlin
sustained severe bruises and mior
lacerations, but was able to walk and
his injuries are not serious.
Whichi one of the men was driving
is not known. Mr. Tumtilini, sooni after
be was taken to Foulitain Inn, Iwent to
his home just oult.side of the city and
had little opportliunity to talk of tihe ac
ildent. I was reported in Fountaill
Inn that Mr. Tumlin was at tile ieel.
Condition is ('l riCil
Mr. Vaughli's body w~as taken to
Arthiur Cannon's undioert aking parlores.
Sam Vaughmi was ruishied to the City
hospital h,cre in Mr. Cannon's emer
gency ambullance. 'le wvas badly bruis
edI ando was almost crulshed in time ac
eident. Reports from his bedside early
this mioirning showv that his condition
is very critical,
'Mihen :flayor Ander'son was in
formed of the affair' lie immediately
notified Sheriff Rector. The (ireenville
sheriff stated that lhe 'would 'be there
immediately to investigate the occur
rcelC .bui the Fountain Inn mayor as
cured him that it was entirely an ac
cident and that he had conducted all
the investigation necessary.
'IDead man's curve" h-as been the
scene of a number of fatal accidents.
No Arrests Made on Account Of
Christmas Disturbances During Hol.
"The Christmas holidays have been
the quietest duiring my career as a
-peace officer, said Sheriff Reid Tiues
day afteirnoon. Up to, that hour, ac
cording to the sheriff, no arrests had
been anade for Christmas disorders
and everything still seemed quiet and
sergne. The only arrest of any kind
made since last Friday, be said, was
that of a small negro boy for carrying
concealed weapons and this could not
*be called a Christmas offense as such
arrests are made from time to time,
The same reports of quiet and tian
quility also come from the city police
officers. The holidays so far, accord
ing to them, have' been devoid of
rowdyism, *Wh kcey 'has 'been very
little in evidono

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