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The Auditqr's oflice will be open
from the 1st day of January to the
20th of February, 1923, to mnake re
turns of all personal property for taxa
For the convenience of taxpayers
the Auditor or his deputy will attend
the following named ,places to receive
retu'ns for said year to wit:
Youngs rownship
Janford, Monday, Jan 22.
J. D. Ftewart's, Monday, Jan. 22.
Jno. It. Cook's, Monday, Jan. 22.
Pleasaint mound, ruesday, Jan. 23.
Mrs. W. P. !Harris. Wednesday, Jan. 24.
)ial 'T'ownship
L. ). Arnstrong's, Monday, Jan. 22.
Gray Court, T1usday, Jn. 30.
OwirS Station, Wednc;day, Jan, 31.
Fel). 1.
L. A. ''lhomipson Store, Thursday, Feb.
Gray Court, Tuesday, Jan 10.
SuliIvan Townshii)
T. '. Wood's, Tuesday, Jan. 23.
Princeton, Wednesdiay, Jan. 24.
Tunibling Shoals, ihursday, Jan. 25.
Waterlou 'Township
Jerry C. Martin's Store, LMonday, Jan.
W. (. Thompson's, Monday, Jan. 22.
W:'terloo Town. Friday, Feb. 2.
Cross Hill Towiship
Cross Hiill ''own, Monday, Jan. 29.
Hlunter Township
Clinton, Alonday. Jan. 22.
Clinton Cot4on Mili, Tuesday, Jan. 23.
1Lydia Cotton Miii, Wednesday, Jan. 24.
G(ol ~ "Ille, Thu rsday, Jan. 25.
Alot. tville, Priday, Jan. 2. -
Jacksq Township)
Renno. Saturday, Jan. 27.
S. W. i)ean, Saturday, Jan. 27.
Please iake note that fite api))oilt
nents will be filled just as advertised
and please come ou-t and make re
turns. One may usually makes the
whole round and some may not under
Stand the notice this time, as -I have
divided up the territory in the several
All male citizens bebween the ages of
21 and 60 years on tile 1st of January
except tho.se who are incapable of
earning a sopport from being ialmed
or from other causes, are deemed
polls, Confederatc veterans excepted.
Also all male citizens between the
ages of 21 to 55 are liable to a road tax
of $1..50 andi are required to make dur
ing the tinie above specifled their re
turn of the same to the Auditor, and
shall pay to the County Treasurer at
tile same time other taxes are paid in
l of working thw road, school trus
i, -, students and minister. are ex-,
empt from road tax.
All taxpayers are required to give
township and number of school dis
tricts: also state wkether vroperty is
situated in town or country.
After tlie 20th of February 50 per
cent penalt will be attached for fail
ire to make returns on personal pro
J1 .W. T110MNPSON.
21-td 'ounty Auditor.
To Stop -a Cough Quick
cough medicine which stops the cough by
healing the inflamed and irritated tissues.
SALVE for Chest Colds, Head Colds and
Croup is enclosed with every bottle of
should be rubbed on the chest and throat
of children suffering from a Cold or Croup.
The healing effect of Hayes' Healing Honey in
side the throat combined with the healing effect of
Grove's O-Pen-Trate Salve through the pores of
the skin soon stops a cough.
Both remedies are packed In one carton and the
cost of the combined treatment Is 35c.
Just ask your druggist for HAYES'
e4Msmall dosage
brings quick relief to scratchy,
irritated throats. Cough eases,
phlegm clesrs away, inflamed
tissues are soothed. Now--be
fore a slight cough becomes a
serious ailment-break It up with
-a syrup for coughs&colds
Try a sack of new
flour from the mill.
There is none bet
We Deliver It.
"TE Little New Year" is a
very eager youngster. i1e
pops into view overnight; in
fact, one second's difference is
the margin between his being
nothing at all ani then appear
Ing as something very definite
to reckon with. From the min.
ute he claps his eyes on you, he
belongs; he is your "Little New
Year" and you've got to decide
pretty quickly what to do with
him. There is no possible way
of escaping * this parenthood.
le's goltig to stick to you like
a burr for 305 days, every niun
ute, every hour. It's really quite
Are you going to bring up the
'Ittle fellow on underdone resolu
Are you going to make him a
present of malnutrition by feed
ing him on irregular meals of
Are you going to ruin his char
acter (and maybe your own) by
rows and rows of pleasant fibs
to prevent a feeling of discom
fort about his growing up into a
harumn-scarum boy? Like liuman
children, lie needs watching and
gui(ling and discipline. You'll
never have the opportunity of
"raising" this particular lad
again. le will slip from your
fingers on the night of December
31-your "Little New Year"
grown into whatever nianliood
you've permitted him.
Let's send him out a fine,
sturdy fellow I
(@. 10212, Western Newspaper Union.)
Custom of Oriental Countrie Is te
Give Special Performances in
the Play Houses.
1T IE Oriental nethods of greeting
the New Year difTer greatly froi;
ours. In %Japan, as weil as in othei
Oriental countries, special perform.
ances are given In the theaters.
In the temples and shrines prlest
and attendants entertain the peoplt
vith special dances. The Kagura, o
Sacred Dance With Music, is the fi
vor-Ite, for while it is being given
prayers are offered for the continued
happiness of the nation during th
coming year. This very old dance 1i
performed by young girls, while th(
priests are the musicians. All are iK
appropriate costume.
Arnother ceremonial, which has beer
handed do)wn for centuries, is the Shu.
SAi, or Dance of the Ancestral Sane.
tuary. Thi!s is gIven within the palace
by the imperial family on January 3.
and it celebrates the founding of th(
imperial house, centuries ago.
S* i* * * * * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
La1nford, Dec. 25.-T1s bealutifu1tl
Christmas day we surely wish every
body a happy Clristmas and -a most
prosperouis New Year.
We are glad to See such pileasantl
weather andl with all of our boys and
girls at home farom school they .arc
making the twelk in ring with theil
merry songs, horns, wvhistles, and thec
many toys that Santa brought them.
Thxe schocol chiildren gave a most d~e
hiigitful Christmas entertainment Fri
day eveninug. Especially dlid the pri
mary entertainment delight tihe audi
ence ini their funny costumes andl their
cunning little voices in song and verse.
It was a very sad occasion for the in
termediate room 'as they hind to bid
adieu to their miuch loved teacher,'Miss
Jennie (Werts, who is to 1be married on
Docembor 28th to .Mr. J. 0. 'Marshall.
And they w-ill have to face a new teach
or for the beginning of the year, buti
we have a good sot of children and
they always love their teacher.
'Mr. and Mrs. 'Marion 'Bryson spent
the week-end with Mr. andh Mrs. S. A.
Mr. T. A. D~rummond and family of
L.auirens, spent Christmas day with
Mr. Frank D~rummond at the old home,
Miss Grace DeShieolds is at home
from Lander collage to spend the hall
days. . . 4 1 .'
Mr. Paul Cooper, the principal of
Poplar Springs school is spending the
holidays 'with homne folks.
-Mr. and~ afirs. S, A. Cox and little
Amarillys spent several (lays in Green
ville wIth their son, Frank Cox, hast
Misses Pauline and Margaret Wal
drop, Mattie Belle and Bonnie Cox, An
nie Mao Patterson and Eleanor Drum
mond were guests of Mliss L1l111Ma
Cox on Christmas day.
Prof. Paul Knox left Saturday *morn
ing to spend the holidays -with 'bds
parentsi in Abbeville.
Miss Carrye Lou Higgins, of Ark
wright school, is spending the week
with her parents, iMr. and Mrs. J. S.
Mr. 3. 1). Johnson Is spending the
holidays at Arcadia with his sons, Mr,
0. W. and J. V. Johnson.
Mr4. M. G. (Pa trs4 and daughterA
Spgr tanbur~g, ar en~eding 4he 91
'will soon move into the neat little
Bomar cottage in the beginning of the
Mr. and 1 H. C. Garrett spent
'Christmas day with Mr. J. D. Williains
and family.
Mrs. Irby Crow is very sick at pres
ent with flu.
Mr. W. A. Thomas is still a very sick
man, although resting easier than Ie
has been.
Card of Thanks
We wish to thank our many friends
and neighbors for their kindness to us
in our sorrow When our1 dear boy .was
Mr. and -Mrs. C. (1E. Estes.
No Worms in a Healthy Child
All children troubled with Worms have an u
healthy coIr, which Indicates poor blood, and as a
rule, there Is more or I ess stomach disturbance.
larlt for two or three wc!ks.will enrich the blood.
improve the digestion' and actas a generalStrength
ening Tonic to the whole system. Nature will then
throw off or dispel the worms, and theChild willbo
in 'rfcct health. Plearqot to take. 60o per bottle.
Naturally al
left. Remnants
If you want
this week.
One lot of f
Poriet Twill Drer
Silk and Poiret 7
All this season's
ues to $25.00,
For This
The majorit3
are for the Miss
One lot of
Blanklets that a
pair in beautiful
gray and tan and
One lot of re
Goods. This lot<
printed Marquise
39c a yard.
To Clo
White and ec
the lot also.
Onel~lot bo:
pants/ivalues to
I We cannot
you want to bu
this week.
Notice is hereby' iven that the next
annual Meeting of the County Board
>f Commissioners of Laureis County,
-1. C., will be holden at Laurens Court
use, S. C., at the-Supervisor's office
)n Thursday after the first Monday of
Fanuary, 1922, being the 4th day of
he month, at the hour of ton o'clock
nt the forenoon.
All persons holding claims or do
iands of any kind against the County,
lot previously presented to the Board,
tre hereby notified sand required to
lie same with the Clerk of the Board
)it or before the first day of January,
;o that they may be ordered to be paid
it the annual meeting, as provided by
Done at Laurens, S. C., December
Ith, 1922:
J. D. .NOCK,
I-4t Clerk.
itate of South ('aroliln,
County of Laurels,
City of Laurens.
An ordinance to levy an annual tax
ipoi the taxable property within the
:orporato limits of the City of Laiu
rens, to raiso supplies to defray bond
)f All C
Eter our holiday rus]
and one of a kind 4
bargains in all kinc
ifty ladies' all-wool
ses, and dresses of
Lwill combinations.
merchandise. Val
Week Only
r of these dresses
)f sixteen to twenty.
Nashua Woodnap
re worth $5.00 a
plaids of blue, pink,
large sizes,
a Pair
mnants of Curtain
onsists of beautiful
tte, worth 35c and
se Out at
.ru materials are in
ys' all-wool knee
2.00 at
a Pair
mention all the odd
y the biggest barga
ed dndebtedness of the said City of
Laurens, for the fiscal year commenc
ing January 1st, 1923, and to pay past
indebtedness of said city, and also to
levy and collect a sufficient amount
to pay the interest upon the bonded
Indebtedness of the said city for the
year 1923, and to raise a sinking fund
for the payment of same.
BE IT OIDMN'IDD, by the City
Council of the City of Laurens:
Sec. 1. That a tax of Ono and 95-100
Dollars on every one :hundred dollars
worth of property, real and perosual
not exempt by law from taxation with
in the corporate limits of the City of
Liaurens, be and the same is hereby
levied for corporate purposes to de
fray the public expenses of the City
of Laurens for the fiscal year, con
mencing January 1st, 1923, and to
meet other indebtedness as has been
contracted by said city for corporate
purposes; That an additional levy of
fifty-:lve (55) cents on every one hun
dred dollars worth of the assessed
value of all property, real and per
sonal not exempt from taxation, sit
uated within the corporate limits of
the City of Laurens, be and the same
is hereby levied, to meet the interest
accruing on the bonded indebtedness
of the City of Laurens during the fis
as Clei
)dd Lot
[1 a good pMany odd
>f all kinds of merc
Is of merchandise, c
Ladies' Lisle S
2 Pair f
Fine quality lN
Fine quality Paj
19c a
(The 25c
Fine quality 0
15c a
One lot of rema
in Pongee colors ar
a yard piece of goo
Fie19c a
Fiefor boys' bl<
dozens of other use
All Underwear
undershirts, fleece,
. 39c e
Ilots as they are so
sins of the year, e
cal year 1923 and to create a sinking
fund to be 'used in aid of retirement
and payment of said bonds, and the
excess, if any, shall ibe used by the
City Council for other corporate pur
Sec. 2. That the Clerk of the said
City shall enter levies and assessments
upon the 'books of the said OiLy and re
ceivo said taxes, That the said taxes
heroin -levied shall be paid to the said
City Clerk in lawful money of the
United States on or before the 1st day
of March A. *D. 1923 and any person,
firm or corporation failing to pay said
taxes twhen due shall be liable to the
penalty of 15 per contum of the tax
so lovied, and also cost of issuing
execution and collection as now pro
vided 'by law for the failure to -pay the
general County and State taxes.
Done and ratiflct) by the City Coun
cil of the City of Laurons and the cor
porate seal of -the said City ofLau
rens hereto aftixed this the 15th (lay
of December A. 'D. 1923, and in the
One Hundrod and Forty-Seventh year
of the 'overeignty and Independence
of the United States of America.
Attest: Mayor.
City Clerk.
[s and ends are
ome to our store
tockings, seamed
or 25c
[ainsook for this
ama Checks
itings for Gowns
nents of Soisette
dwhite. A 3Oc
cis at
>uses, . shirts and
reduced, men's
ined and ribbed,
hutnerous. If
une to Cohen's.

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