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R. H. GR ENEKER, Sr.. c T '
R. II. GtEN:EKR:t, J., Loca? oitor.
The Herald it in the highest respect a Fami
ly Newipaper. devoted to the materiml in
terests of the people of this County and the
State. It circulates extensively, and as an
Advertising medium offers unrivalled ad
vantages. For Terms, see tirst page.
Watchman, what of the night ? We
have heard some friends express
rather gloomy forebodings in regard
to the situation just now. They say
that if Cleveland is elec' d there
will a great row and civil war, for the
Republicans will feel sure tha.t there
has not been a fair vote, especially
in the Southern States, which they
think, ought to give a Republican
majority. Others of our friends with
whom we have conversed think there
is a probability of the Republicans
carrying some election districts of
this State if not all, so that in the
event of Blaine's election the whole
State may ultimately be lost to the
Democratic party. We do not be
lieve there is any danger of a civil
war if Cleveland should be elected,
nor do we thing that this State can
ever he lost to Democratic party with
out a dreadful state of supineness on
the part of the white people. Let
every voter rally to the polls and do
his duty in all respects and all will
be well.
If there should be 'a civil war,
however, we beg that the boys will
keep the peace until we shuffle off this
mortal coil.
Will be in session in less than two
months and we propose to tell them
before they assemble, and also after
they meet, what they ought to do and
what they ought not to do. The Lien
Law, appropriations for schools. the
University, the Citadel Acidemy,
Factories, and all the various and
varied matters of public interest will
be discussed-by us for the b4nefit of
our legislators, and of our readers.
Is it not probo.Ne that the heated
term just p)assed was caused by the
great heat of the political contest and~
that the frost and ice of the 16th was
in consequence of the Ohio election
just before ? If Blaine is elected we
feai- there will b.e 'a very cold winter.,
"The place to fight the battlecs of
the South is in Washington and not
in our State capitals. If the. Repub-.
licans ever get the Presidency and
control both branches of Congress
they will so remodel our election
laws that home rule will be an im
possibility in every State South of
Mason 'and Dixon'~s Line.'--G. D
"If' the Democrats of this State,
who have irade me their candidate.
will ratify. teir nomination at tile
polls. I piedge mfyself that D. T.1
.Corbin aill bev-er ie Governor of
South Carolina. . * D. T. Cor.
bin has brought, more. gr'ief. to the
men and sorrow and suffering to the'
women of. south Carolina than auv
other carpet bagger that ev.cr dese
crated her soi."-H. S. Thon'$san.
Has Professor WVoodrow put his
foot in it on the subject of evolution?
We very much fear that he has. not
as badly. houer, we hope, as the
individual we one i;r'srd of who die
clared tat he never could open I.is
mouth ont any subject whthout puttin.g
his foot Iin It.
We are glad to see from the miu-.
utes of the Mouth Carolina Synod
of the Associate Reformed Presby
terian Church that Frskine Co)llege
is in a !lourising condition. Th'e
College is a credit anzd an honor to
th;at old substautial dentomina:l'on of
The mthdOists have but i'nst
p!aced'4 the'ir seal 111on1 its centennial
y-ear. Its hjstory i~s closed, only to
be opened inl the b ook of everlasting
remembrance, and. from all the
records its vatrious inter..'ts present
a favorable view.
While Talkog With Friendcs He Fell Aaleep'
r and Passed Away Without a Struggle.
.;special Dispatch; to The Rtegisterd
SrarTasmU,o. S. t.. October 20.-Col. Johu
Ht Ev'ins. Representative of this 1)istrict in
i. cngrers. died this mioren:;; at 11.15 o'c!oek.
For a long time he has'been suffering~ from
iright's disease, complicatedi with; heart st. c
tions. He d'id r:ct hope to rPever but theen
camne mcre sutddenlyt than was expected. wh 1''
talking 'with f'riecha he ft 11 :t.etp L. si pti2.'C
nobt mren Carc!i:;a ha eer pr.xluced.
B3. F. Perry"e learned s.ddress deltvered' e,
fore Pendittton Farmewr- society 9th Octobtr.
18t4. will be puhbshed in zlhe Novc-ebe isnu'
of the Cotton Plant. This address refers to
many of' the promne;;nt fami!les of old Pen.1
dieton, and everv familyv of the Piedmovt sec
tion and, the wtica: sae aboudt i ad it. wa
Chavcelrbedr- rece;. d .:: orde: for 2 0 copies
containing Goverr.or Perry's adur'ess. This pa
per from the pen of so tii. guished an author
should especially be read by the farmers of the.
State. The subseription price ut the Cotton
P!ant is only sixty cents a year. A ddress Cot,
C no Plailt. Afion. S. C. I
Che Contcst Come3 Do-4n Practically to New tv
York-The Ci3n_s in that State Largely in P
Frnr of Cle-l-n:1 an. I:di<ating His ai
Flcct-oa in i ovember. D
hila,udl l: i iie (I:idepe mlent), October 16.
'What of Nov uiber ? is the ques
ion that both liepublicans and Dem
)crats are soberly asking themselves.
When the October field is surveyed, O
t is secn that the Republicans have l,
saved their always reliabrle Republi
au State of Ohi~o in a national con
est, by a reduced majority on the 0
argest vote ever cast, and that tie i
Democrats have saved their lately
eliable Democratic State by the
argest majority ever given agaivst
he combined Republican-Greenback 1
vote. The October battle, therefore,
3ecides nothing beyond the odds T
)f prestige with the Democrats.
It may now be regarded as reas
3nably certain that the following v
2ained States will. vote as classified : rE
iab:na . . .. . . 10 Colorado. 3
trkansas . . . . . .Illiis .
Delaware ...... 3 Iowa.......13 fi
Eloriia.........4 Kasas......9 w
aeurgia .....1 . Mai .. . .16 p.
[ndiaua..... 15 Massachusetts.14 !at
L-ana . . . . S Nebraska ... ..>
K y S Ohio .......2 .
isi.sipi . . . ....9 Oregon........L
itrou !.. . . .. 1 I'eiinSylvalia. 30
eis Jsr. . .... 9 Rhode Island . 4 f
.orth Carolina. .i Vermont
south Carolina ... 9
reinessee ... . 12 C
Texas .........13
Virginia ....... 12
West Virgillia . . . .
Total........ 17 o otal..... 143 b
A few 'of the States named will bei1
,lass ed as debatable, but we reg~ard t
Indiana as no more doubtful for the cL
Democrats than Illinois is for the
RepuKlicanas and New .Jerse is no
more debatabic than is Massac.u- :
hetts. It is within the range of pus.
sibility that Indiana and New Jer- ti
Pev might be carried by the Repub 1)
lcans -Rand that Illinois and .Massa
hsetts might be carried by the
Democrats, but neither is now at all e
:robable. The following are the
really debatable States in which both "
paties will make exhaustive battleR: i
California..... $ New York .i .n tc
iConneticn ... 0
Michigan ai . . . 13 a -C
Nevada ......... Total ..........c e
\ew. Hampshire . r o s
Of the 201 electoral xots necessa
ry to elect. Clerelrnd as resonabl
assured 177 and Blaino 143. The ad
cition of New York to the Cleveland
vote would give him 213, or 12 more
tham the requisite majority but if he C
loses New York he must secure 2i
r.el from tale ther dot' Statest P
antatiwuldmae exhastimveobatle:.i
caifrnir. New York to. .w..l3be
crano.cryConnecticut and isosn.. 1c
New Hampshire . 4 thmretana
eve hae1 floral sother Sttess
ry to elect doubtfln. a eaoal
Asrdu7 Omnu Blann4.Thad
dition O ewBYor to th CLL-n ti
netihapn the isioniy ou f the a
lose this orihe pristhcue 21.
owing frm'the otemrot-tuSats, o
and what would are pmosetipobabyle. a
Addilngew Yorktee t Bline'sm143
votes,o itiouldtlearviole22 shall of
rn lecatin but thicsweepoi tha woulir
carryew Yrk to laeine woul be l'ng
~tecoran te.i carrvonecticut and
Newt Hapshtite -th moe hotan at
enchane the same fter Sotte
eserioas toubfle.nCiaoo
-o !Uo BY THEL REiANsp2u IN u1 o
CmCbo ct~aob ne Yo.I co
eningup the sdCureriio oft the a
ob llison S.lect io a b.ndo tei ap-r
poinUt mntgs odeput Ceni!td SttNew
marshalsNe an eputy' Osherimefst the
T~ eestis mrning pr ticin the fol-er
sa:oN~wYs iy. 10 fte-rgnizedt ye~2sster
dai wha Tlthesly aret ~ plae to syle a i
vigsis:c tommitt~s ee.itg ise cmpoe
ofi detmined en,i wouare rpesoled. a
hiato In ntimidaftion ortiolecrsalcy
rll aout! the Ca go pofls.Thi
order. aela t provoke n fbgh them-e
selv e rnorto inle in Oo.an as 1ong .
nt thaoet C ia erewlyl oy b u e.t fo
aliy u-oing exrc rmapi attemted byss C
resi-t t a ndm ifny hi mocratil is lc
shot to seea tofi ht the shootero It New
kersogh intnst Crthneta wil
ohaEsn . eeit wavs a ocal cont of.
nt'iee oituattoin~ Newv York. F Jr
Col-. Elorn s.e rt a nd In g som t e e-tre
Yoi-k! and t New sy ort hsoe tietpasih
hasleent speakin lintreksi aicWO< in edppe
pus few ot i~ts ilb roi 47th tor M2i tret-i.
hesir is qiel an cosreative opula peake.
hi tlrts in behal :tofi te Ntonasl Demiocrat cy-I
eil fdoubtls-ae.b tingood l ef e r~i~ tsst m
Ceot. eI hasvno beens east dow by t re - ~
deutoisi tpoi o t nw that Cleveland wub lce.Tef!
owing e.t trat fo a P.pia 'eterti.f atol
Keit tok a(getle.tuaithi c aoity owillive thes
maew Yornte byea of-g howea the tn Nw
'or.k appears s th rg sot Caoina the cta.
es :usd flia5 ony
'The result ofl t he s crn in:O i s no more l a
tha is expec~ted. It wa locaer-cotet e
ten the~ pres.d pBoainelo anytge thevoe o
hs pa:rt. Th eh n th- is te i l ti c
utlte dayi-tr of H eeio. New' ork. New Jr
rosp scbhi teir Yorid thatnd upitysi
eletfrl voes. Shedik is a powerptin Indi
at:a, Ita n ld t b e tori. vh o no
her . a e eda cosunde of lusi woliich. di
te fr.Our oeenbu tha wil bexpre han time,
iio~seto byclulcas wuho n Idlev.tehwithdthe
Derbnorheeen lare d boad tieul
oan who sn a)sin tor ! k-no ta Cleveland
udc~ aj Lihr douab! ht uumboer. gisThere
an wi! coms te ickst oundy,bcs notde
Ne ork ity.ith or meeaoerityofive dhoe;s
to md tht.sis i nt tb ,he willJa anyon
iasA acway hait largrse ajor. in- tre conn
Fron Our Special Correpondtent.
The elections of Ohio and West Vii
nia have been tle topic for the p:-t
cek. Predittions a; to the re-ult in u;
io ip to the day of election, of t hi ty
o, noted t w(et y-three, give at avre:-ge
urality for the RIphublieann of 1o,;.
id nine a,i aveirge ilt:ualit for the
etc(,erats of :, -. Mr. C. (r,:wer4"h r
-edieled12 1:00 1l.-ppl .i:an 1 lWhich i;
;t i"arest. to the ,tlicial, ii._:, Prof. /
. B. J-hnson, (at. W. K. Bachman.
.. Gonzles, C. M Me.JoI:kin and 0
ipt. 11. T. Thoipso each put the
nralty at 10,i)it. the next neare?t. This
eviden e of wha.t was aiticipate<l here. T
ur Iope was to bring the plirality be
v that of *October %S0, (when it was .
,0I5) and if possible as low a, S,000,
hich wou ld have been a sutbtantial
etory for our party. The result. how
-er, is far from discouragitig. con
derin the old; we had to contend
ith. '1'he presence of Blaine and Lo
mi ; the untlimited use of "Boodle ; n,
eputy Marshals ; the colonization of
ittrs ; and the Fe ceral otliceh,ltler, ho
ere sent into the State to do their dirty
ork. makes their plurality dearly got.
he Democrats have organized for the
ovember light in Ohio-are determined
carry the State or make the Repub
ais spel another million. West.
i- ''s Democratic mnajtority will of
ach ,,h. The message sent ycio on I
e 15th was the best estim:ate givei on i"
at d:ty as you will notice by coampari P
an. tiI
Colhnbia is now e; jo"yin the benc
derived from a Co:ton Compress.
hich enables our cotton inerehants to I:
tv a higher price, ship at a lower rate er
id to get a throtigh Bill of L:tdhin to er
1 parts of Eur,pe. B If..r, it \\:t- ne- ly
s-ary to comlpres in Cha:le- t+, re- of
ad there and take CItarle..'. Bill of w
ading for shipnrtt.
There are alrl.dy three ('anibiat's -
r Clerk of the Stnate, Mr. lu!,h L.
atrlev of Spartaubur_". Mr. Y:tes Stiow
m of Berkle- :tud the 1 resent Clerk,
ol. T. Stobo Farrow.
The I)noeratie meeting on the tih
as well attendtdl. Tellirg remarks f
ere inade by Genl. Yoiinans, Col. lIas- 1i
ilh, Senator Bitler. Congressmnan I)ib- S
e l others. They urged the De- S
oDraev to stand shoulder to shoulder I
their efforts to overthrow Corrill;
Dn in the Federal Government ad to
ive out the corrupt tools placed in the
evenue auil Post oflice AhDpartmentsw
sow discord among ouiloplt--Sonniiut
)Cttne ..
Chairman Brayton uh : is tecoliing
;ted for his imth-pt-,:e has just re
irned from Washiigtoti where he has
"en to re(:eive orders. lhe tells his A
maehmen atnd po:r blinded colored V
)tt-rs that their fit ure salvation de- p
nds on the election of 3aine and Lo- vr
- and that they imust elect the Re
iblican-Electoral Ticket. The colored
:cr:e ought to know by this time that
Blaine was elected it could do them
o good. They have beeti told this for
- years .:2nd vet every time a Republi
n ticket is elected tthl. Whit' ai- ti
ls get. more and more of the few ofi- h
as in the gift of the President. Bray- I(
at not being satisfied with the lot he u,
as arotnd hint has taken in MeLune, t
lki's and their crew to help hin kick
It the few colored mnii lft.
MIr. and Mrs.. M. A. Carlisle were in (1
e city on the 15th inst.
Miss Gii-si'" Diekert pa-:_ed through
olumbia on the 16th otn her wav home
> see her father, 1)r. 1). O. Dicker.t, who
as reported quite ill by wire to Iagers
>wn,. Md., wvhere she was atteniding
:ool. -
Mr. J. B. O'Neill Holloway was in
ue city on business otn the 1(th.
Our. frietnd S. B. Fowles was here on~
aturday returning from the mottmtains ]
f N. C. where he ha; been for a rest.
[e is much imiproved. I
Mtr. Geo. S. Mower aittemried at meet- n;
ig of .the Democratmtie E xeentive Comi- 6
littee .ii tits City:un thet eveninigof thme ti
The new btiibling on. the groundls of "
[te State Agrielturalanr1 Mechatnical I
Oiety, .is ;of miagn ificent proportions,
ttractive in. appearanmee,. cornmiouts in v
;s arranugemenits tpid* viLhal ai creit to
[e State, as well as those w'ho have~ had F
m charge its ~onstruiction. Trlei
rmphaint of thec3mntrdetor ha"i-og filed
a cornplte a portioni of hme work inside
ecording to the :speeiti :n n, which
ae given rise to somte critc-m, but it is h
oped that thde matter will.-be amienbly
djttsted. .
To-night (the 21st), is the timte fixed
y Tammnuy Hall for the Ratitienti<t
I the. National Demoiicrautic Ticket.~
Thirty-tve thiousando menti ha ve beena
nrolled t>mareb ins the pro'cession, mior'e
ban half of whom wlill be uttiformed."'
[on. Tho5. A. Hendricks, S'intbr B:;y~
rd, Senator. Butler and oithiers ar' e. i
eeted to. addres. the meeting. This
'th- tha'endorsemnet already given byv
be -business mten. thle other farti itns
i th -patry in New York City. I oget heei e
ht ht largo Indjeendent R'pn~i:tt
ote shouldi convince. the most skepltien i
tat New Yotk. .t.ate will g'v at least
,0e0 miioity for Clevelandl..
Forty'-three tickets w ere sold at this.
epot last Satuirtday o naegi-oes return
ig to Prosperity. They had comec up]
Spay their taxes. .
Mem~ory 1s the ire:i-ury of reason. the regis
- of c'onNielnc, ead the counil ch::mher of
iou;Zh, t>a-): whait is mtemorv it ou :t.i.on. 4
ndl jtudgmente ? I' s mLhere !ist thit convintea
'f-nut we e in-t ger .at'ej through the winter i
ihout Dr. Is''gui Sy'mspT
Do not atlow worms to chieat your ci!Jrrn
t of their' !king. Shrriner's Indian Vet mifage 'I
lt destrioy these mniserble' psts and givc the
tic fellows newv armors tor the b itile oh life.
or sale by Dr. S: F. Fant. .
The health and B'nu:ty of chitldr. n enn be
sored hy giving them Shiriner'.. hndian
ermifi;e -o ttljthe worms~ that darkeii their
ymplexion. For snihe by-'Dr.8 S . Fant.
15reeschita$h it-red permatnnhy by Brewer's
ung Restorer.
Carriage .Patitig by A. E. Potter.
A!h person, mebcted :o the undersigned
t orte or aic'ot m tar mrtake ;ettlemn t by
*v. .5:b, 18.1, :efter whichi all unpaid note'se
ud accounts will be placed in the hands of' a
ri oiEorney for cM!!ection. 1
oct 163 Bi. H. C'LINI'. .
A Card.
All persons indehted to the firtm- ~
ante of FANT & McWIIIRTER,
ihr by niote, mtorrgagm or atccounit,
m.g;t come arnd cettle the samte by thie
fteth of November next Tlhose
iing to do so. the elaimti will be
iven t.o an attorney .for collectiont. a; a:
-et.must close up oltr mlatters. ii
O.IH. P. FANT& f
Oct 9 41 4t
(eligious. Meoral, Miscella- ~
neous and.G0(d Books.
..OU .....(. D
00K STORE, offers a certaini portion of her o
ock~ of Books at such paces as a
Cannoct Fail to Imrev' sale. ji
A good Blork is t oed friet d; it never
pa:cs your word, and is alwar'e ready to
ford you pleature; it ee be riad and re
a, and never palis on the taste.
We shmp!v desire to be rid or t ese book,.P
Tnhr:k of r. 8: hook for .0'd
S ' 1 " " 50
4 " 5c " " 25.
" " 20 " " 10.
" " othierlBooks at .
.11/persoi/s ildrfbted to /
l de1 igm'd, i ?.si settle i/
??j/(' |)!! ('/' I)('foi'( IIIc 201
)/'i///li('I'" r/''I Uf%Iri'f'I
!'!'rI(0//. / r/0,1 || /rl / /I| |
j'/"'1/r,'d''tIl i// i|l'c F L
Oct 3: :t
&rm: T 02 Momt M. Cert"oc. DI!cEASLD
Cutice is hereby given to all creditors
res M. Coppock, decetased. to present ti
ims properly .roveu, to the undersigned i
,diatelv: all i bo are in :aivwi,e iudelbted to
ne are roquested to settle at once, as an ea:
tlemeut of his estate is dosited.
o 4:-5t. Fxccutor
We t- 1.\ t 4) 1 I 111t17 to .lal(lll '
We dlesire to iiilnunce to the citize
Nelwbe:rv :tli u.tlrlrounllg Co,lutit
at we Ih:1C loa:Ited a MAR BLE YA
tie 'T own of New herrv. ilawl are pi
rei to fit:-i.h all kiiwls of
tiir-t lasstyle a:nd 20 per cenit chlea
thiat le ,ane ci:a of work iltias hit
to bteen =ol<d iii N ewb erryt l:onegltti
wve re leet ftly olieit a Iitberal shl:
their prtronage. Oi:e hhck norl
>t of Crot well Hotel.
Oct : If MILLEl & IIOOF.
Ni-wil":.ILv, S. C.. Oct '2. 1"1.
A Large and Varied Stock of
ingle and Double-Barr
And Guln Material,
bieb we propose. to sell at greal
reduced prices for the.next
30 dys,
lo f,il stock of JARDW A HE
;ry Low Prices at .
ess Call And Set-iS0
ur Acounts w ith
Oct 30 433
All -per-on; hulitic" <lctl1and4 agalit
I: estate f. I.nrlry Ioftt dlecea=ed
ral)V notiied to present the -.une
teil its the law r4 (juires to o1r at t
V Y. J. Pop. ol or before thc fi
c of Decembv'r iixt.
All prsons in anVwie inl(bte<l to I
tate of Uen .y Kootn te easel. are
we w.ed to inaL paylmet to the ii
geld or to c"oti-ilit with the 1mdi(
rnced at :1 e::rly <lav with referenec
ill indlebte(llle1s.
A, excetor of the lnat will d_,
enlry Koon (lCelcse.
Newvberry. S. C., October 22, ISS t.
Notice i- hereby given that the follot'
me1d pers.ons are hce2y appointedl Manta3
r their repctvevo:in.: Precinetrs, -o corn
e O Electo he hebd on iuesday: Noven
b 1884, fori Presiden ti:d EI"e:or- und Congi
amIirm this: he 3;d S . Di.iriec:
No. 1-N'eaaherr-E 31.F Ev:ms. Chas
irce,l. C. C. McWhirter.
\o.- Gibson',--Ros A. Giboson, Wtn
crdt,P. 1. c-lili.
No.a -Maybnuoni-D A Tilomas, Di
l'nderson, J. F. Oner.
No. 3-Giy m ph' A. Y. Glymph, F
ew ine, Morman Rnff.
No. 4-Cromer's-John T. Dunecan, Clay
brams:J. J. Suber.
No. .5-Jalapa--F. -Z. Wilson, R G. T
c, George Glasg'oa.
No. 6--Longr.hore'-P. B Wnrkcman.
. JLeder, J. G Pie.ler.
Nb 7-Wi'i.:ns'-J. R. Irwin, Jas. Lir
>s.; G. Jenkins.
No. S-Deaud FJll-J. P. Blair, D. B. W<
.W . Stewart.
.No. 0-Pro-rperity-Wmn A .Mosekt, A
No. 10--Jolly Street-Henry Stone, J
Noa. 11---Pomarla-Ed R . Ilipp', II. C.
b-hube,ar. Luther B. Enrghe'
No. 11-Walton-J. B. Crooks, .
f dmain, Jnn D. F.argl .
The abocve Maners of Election are reqn
-to qua lify and call fQr boxes, poll lit
:rnetions &e ., at the offiee of Goggans & I
ert oan or before Sitturday. November
58fr . - D.O..HERBER
Commisoners of Eeron' f.. Membl,
~ongre4?s ad Pruer-ideaical Et-ctors.
Yanagers ofElecti
To be Hie/el .Noombr 4tk. 1 884.1
1. Goverger and Linnatenant Governor.
. the tatsate offieers. 3. Circuit Sot'cl
.fttekt.ator. 5a. Ma<mlbes o, f the !!a0Us
er,eeaa1i ves. (I, County Ortice'r. 7Cor
tionaal amencdmelnt relating to Finaance,
No.1, Newberry, Chas. A. Bo'wtnan. Thol
h.s W. IlIutchisaon 'L', W.Cr
No. 3. Maybinlton. W. V. Lls i.Co
.B. Whit.ney.
No. 4, Crooneu ', T. F. RIay, F. N. Cahnee,
No. 5.Jutpa. D. Waitt r Blarre. W.' C. SI
No.( d. Lnhot-e's,~c W. P. Johnson. 11
olden, H. I B.oan.
No y, iloi a Si ore. W. A. Ili i. T. 0..iI<
av, A rthu r Simnktin'.
No. )on toa fll, L. W. Long, JamaesR. IDa
m. Simo' Bicckh-y.
No. 9, Prospert.y.t .T.1 Wm. BowerU. P.
armoa. J. LawoWiso .
No. t6. Jtoilt Afre(. G. 'I -ingley, J. J. G
No. t . WVctoon's. J. L i.u'the.. T. M'a. tie
Bl. Hteller.
No. I t. Pomuaria, P. AL Derick, W. F. ti
athn .J. Craooks
'f hec forego'ing tranin ers i hve btaotpp
I this dlayX .eI s<verl ard! v:ill.
a'ir numbI.er chaiman. alnd tuc chahri
ill comae to Newberry C. U.. hcetore the dai
ecion, to be .sworn ani *e further inst
on s.
Chairmau of P. ar d of CommlTis'ioner
Jnao. P.. .Jone.
Creditor's Notice.
the creditors of Lu-a C. Lark, decca
e reqi.~ dI 7o r?nlder in on oath :andr et
Ih thaeir eh:tme tbefo>e me on or before
Oct 10 42 3 Master for Newberry Con
Dancing E chool.
Prof. Berger. thaunkful for former pal
e, informo has p. :rons and the pualtc
eral. that he will re open hi; D.ine
:oo!. on Fridav. thle 17:I inst. Ta:ere
o Day and Nicht Cfas-e. Alt the
aCes a.i|i be tauaght, all-o Baliet Dant
d the varitus waysto Wa hz1l. To. I
ad waltzer anowada'..one mitnt kr.caw
igintl waIrs, theC Ghhde, the trodern w
Id hCw to rever-c in'each of them. For1
ulas. npply at Newb2rry ITotel
Oct 18 tt'.
Ca of) Qk Wood Wa ted. Matkct p
d fair staight roundl wood. Apply at
o pee. Oc t 1
To Rent.
My House ..nd Lot near the Newtberry
re. Trms re'asble. Apply tator.ce.
amet i .JUNm EnCAmtA?
Democ:ats Rally.
The Democratic ExceutiveC,mm;tiee have
deterrnined upon a Ci:nvas' of the Ct,
ant:d hIve nrr.m:rel meeting< for thec d'i-cas
sion of the .-ue of the d y a: the ib :
places :
Long-hlo , trei 'ue- y. :. _1st. -t.
Cromecr's - Ien'-,:a -- utl,9
M. ), iner . ' cliiw I Gd
Pom:: .b
P!1rospteri:v. a-nr" y. - ,
The vo:rs ..f the C,a,tr a. - -
tend lm: m leting 1 ,. . ln . : t.
lon. Wti" t'. iener. i am..mt:i rt:n: r
P:-esid nial'ec'i~n from th1 !!,:
I01). J. A. SL4, I). ' Pc. U.
pert, E'q., Ilout. N I) IL:ib
nil spea. on h ie of w I..y
By o:u- r of :he Ex: utiv .u: .
j ~JAS. 1. P'. ti'GG(.1NS,
W . 11. IINT, Jr , hi .: ,
Secretary I
Annual Meeting.
m- Not icc is hereby .r VenI th:ct otn '1 ue>d: y,
he Ncvmbecr 4th, next, he C yCom miv (ii
-1y ic)ner will hv,ld their tnnu: meetini,nn l
all per-;: b ldling bills, accJut,ta or de
mtan is:.f awy kind against the C:.tyI. n:ot
here!ofm,e prteented, are rcquired tio epo,it
the name with the Clerk on u: hfore the 1,t
day of Nven' c r next.
Oin th,e sn day, N)venber -th, the Coi
ni-ionrs wiil award a contracr for placinW
ts a tin root iin the County Jail to the lowest
. bidder tterrfor. .1 AS. 1'. (.OGGA. NS.
D) Oct 7 M -1 4 1:ri;
- - ..
Land for Sale.
A TRACT of LAND, cou:ntainit,
p- Seventy-"een (77) A(tt, tioret"t tr les ,
hi- bottu1,ld byN i:ltsi: of Dr)'. G. V. t;ltu.
it- Edgitar ligi. :iid the W i!-,,nt Pla- i. is
re ollerol for -alv. It i= we'l!tt, ict!,
1i- tart ly 1 <:earctl alti Sts -t"I tibie (,! hiigh
ctltivation. TIhl-re i. icnider:ta ' "rtd
wtold cnl it. A hargai: uni be ial.
Apply to
1i-tLo ar-A NEws OFFICE.
se1' is tf
Intereste(1 i:1 I hdes. Furs. Woo.
' Roots, F'eathers. Beeswax. L'Itter.
j Cheese, lEg;s. Dried Frn:t. Poultry.
I lay and Produce generally, to sen<i
for our Price Currents. Pro:npt re
turns on all consigiiinents.
R. L. Wi liams & Co.,
at General Com.nission, Merchani-,
I cFi (E.I I) wI i.rJ.m -T.,
- New York.
Oct 1t IV
it Dou'iyo
r.t . We;:, now I h.v -1 full S:ek'i G l ,
-in l they must be sold.
I wil -l! goad Flour at .~30 pet. b.,rrel.
12 pounds Suger for $1.
re- 2 phigs Tobaccu for 51 00
I .iave a very die' seicted stoct of Ci
.- ar.-'tveral nt' branlds. I han' the ati:
to indi'Cktevehm-l and II lridx C igars, 'crc ti:w
Sweet C:aperel and Nec: Nickel Cigar-.
Larae st;c. of Ca n G--ods, viz., Sanlmn,
I5 Cents I.er can Pr ILun. Ton:e fr
Iwy, Ch icken, l)uck, Game, 1^ef. &. ikCut
d en,ed Milk I--. h _et Oyster.. F..neh and"
Ameri icn Surdine i. Cani PeailcS, Tl:na oes,
Corn, &c. Sien !.1 lot Pick !ea, Prepa'redl
-Horse Raidtsh, -rv tine Worccste; hire
Sauce oni draugihi, o sell by thie gallor y ,
-, pint. half lit. &c.
Pure Cider Vine'gnr Some of the c heat
Roasted Coffee, 1- eTh Cocoant:ts, 0r:tmys,
.,Leonn, Apples. .
W16preignl: !; the ver-y bestig c - Weed
.e A ifew good Gior-s
e..A new stock cc Crccery atnd G'as are
just~ openerl.
S Large sinock of' PIitin-1id F:-ncr C:itlie-s.
Cabb.age and P..'.:tows.
HTable- and Pocket Cu:lery. Tabce andc Tea
idWaxshbboards 15ec &c.. &c.
For Cash or Co:mtry Prodjuce. .t the Lile
II. Cheapc Store of . 1U. H. LOVELACE.
Oct 16 tf
-on --------- - -
A Good T 'act of L'anid
n For Sale.
li, I otier for sa I TR ACT1 of LTAND)
ris 'onittininh 3 7 ACRE. ying oni
tlw~ pu:bliictoa ';l-lin' froni N'ewbert
lIen rv to IALlrens, i iles niorth of New
berry C. H1.I nearly tone-hing the
1. B ud'ens Iiailro1.-I at. h-ne point. Tii
. is onet of the ib.-t pl:caitatitin in the
uper pucrtion of t he Co'inty; wvell
p. a<lapted to gre ing cotton, corn and
small grain. TI c ie is uponm thece' aCt
cs-- good <h.velling 1. --ce of 6 renin=. Al good
in- frame-. teniant Ii c'es ton<h other (cut
1cr- buildinigs. A . et ite ver-y well eni
1s closeid. Ancy o: < - .c:rts ofucha.lt(i-iing
' will aply to u: .:! C:eS5 meU att Kinard'Is
T.I 0. 1 ill t:il -pt:r -in - i s!ini g ~
of lIhe plan -at an: ims T.-rmn very rc':
.onaible. W. W. Sl~ .\l.\E-IR.
Oct 1G 42 7
foire rhat timr-, I '! -c-Il I Newh-ci v C-.
tor. H-..;ce, S:ale Di'e -. Novembe-r. Tec IIna
st i n ed a-dsv:.tdv (27.5) Accre, . 1 .-20 c
m),c in l wo in:tF.. --m - of alct 15i:i e:-. tihe
other of abhoui 12-5. The lindi li- -cc in ot
E. sides of Miid Cre- - . and hats pimi fioe hwc.
hiS. Rc :iil, and] hlI . rf I Joh iani cch HenryV
WNhieeler. aid Icii b-~ . c-ci
j aild iwio yc.nti-whin -Iricim dcy of .Uac',
cred~lit p irtion tc) -.cc- r--l byv bandic and a
iP. morign.y of ihe i. nn -i.
i~li. Oci 10.$. W. GALLMAN.
. .P. Cli dies. M-nt'r.. vs. JTohnc U. Croeks
tl. I,-.1 others.
ctz, ty order Iof thi Court litrein,c tcd 3rd
Junie 1S5. I will '- i:t pildiet outry, before
con, the Court llouse -t Newben-T on the firi't
Monday in Nov-.:hor 1 1 ihat tract of
it- landic. late 1.he proc .2r'y o.f Tho-'n:ii- - 'ck
old in thie inty n3 ate - toe-.-' conctain
nuncc moreo r lc -nd ' c ciierth and 'c htm:ed.
y of by3 11ro:cci Iiier ; th-. Abf-iord' R -rry, lit
tic' i.ci:0I no. Icat'lyith property ofi Johni A.
( rook's is'-te bi iy hl:id:: form'erly' ow-ned by
stacte of Capt. - . ce andc c h::unds of
: of tlt:iry ciu r cc -c iiedc b' n pla it heireof
mcadle 2elh .in:.r isl and recor ccl in the
1tet'-cr'-s ofiec- 10" Ne-wherryi in l.cok ii. I3.
'J i.'.-The p: h ;c-r wtil h- c. , iredc to
-- p:Iy in ca--i'ns-- ..' the~ puc!iii nie tcc:c-3
andc to: -eeiure th Iad0-ntc-. p.cyal-: a i t welv'e
mionthsi wict luiti :rui Ircnd:y of i d., by a
M,~ -L & JOHN3Tc. Materci.
Execut or's Notice.
2- All pe rso:ns hov .:g cla ims againsitt the Es
bite of M icjahl T Eppce, decca,ed, are h ere
byv notitle to ru- ci ron aucoi.nr if their de
timands duly atte, u, atd th.ose junleb:ed to
-on- said es!t( a:c, t -, e piaymlent to) the under
in wird-" . K EPPS,
incg - ..UMAS L. 1U. EPPS.
l Sip' -28 39 3* Executors
ew''. - - --.
3chool Notice.
in l Newhuerri C<-.s Ty :W, Iby (i'd--: (f the~
>ar- BoardI cf Sebioo! Examtiner , iiir bc ized :o
open the free pub ec scitools in their respee
tive' distrIcts, an Ie10:h day oc Nov.emcetr,
- 1881. J1 C. W!cYD,
Cc.ii Boat:c of Ex :a:cCs.
Spc Notice.
bo e ifoire the first d '. of NoVcmt>e2r. Accoun ts
I-unpidc af.er tha - :an - wiiu be ph:c-d nl ui
foi'coaiee'iion. .IlEODOIHE.sPEI!L
.Ont li 4
IN THIE 'OU RT )F ' >.ifON.
i. G . I -' i :"t" . Th'Ill,:n :t . . I,Ormi atn
Ii n :tl 'r 1-' I !- ( t,ill", '. 1 "r 'I'i (':1. 1'(Il
, J . 11 . I I _1iii ":tt hi(' (ut
V. h1il;' ti:e (':t r o Ii- 1tt N: w -
>rry, nI !!- li r- 3Ion1 :yC iln N '.:ni
r. 1" 1.: L " . . -illow In ' 1 a't:it". I ,
>r,.e:: (1 tile (e'fl:n a uit. int Wh 1: - . -
S:ndI Sat' io:~:.!d :
A ll ;hait I,::!.o;; io r t ra Ii: f' " in -:1!I
-it t tedl in the ' "unty:alll Si:sti :iiir.
::id. ennItain,in._' "Twn: I li,rIl :m.:'
Ii el . irm-. o -t'r". :11 :!t" ?::t i'it
.& Ib i :land iii 4Ir.. A. W . lle. Mt ..
,1 n n 1 thi c hil e 1(oMr 1 . I
.ii l al t hat4'O hous :ni oiTI i( S.iithe
I:tl_ t' li 4i'iI* t x "I'iilt
l.e.3. E. Ch'b. Souith. I)r.Jan
MIlto-hIi 1y t Bii'!tary te.o aiid by
'Ntret leading to the ol vi(l:l:e grae
Tr .Te:ch. of lwth1
:ation1 tra:1:t w\ill be1 r'.'p:;I-" tO i;:1 rrU"
halt1 1 pu : ' lio:it-y in cai lh. :0:i1 to
I.'li.nI- !!n%-1 b:th t:l) e , :yabh 1 t t wlv
onth win th. inter. t from, , aiI fsae
h'i'e rc l r of the t1-w\ I niot, will
bi) l to p:ty n t il11 1 h!
pur' "ch wtnI,:e in ca? h.al to .,e re
ith alance paabl. at twl" Imo:ths
with httr,-t fr0.m the ty of s:lle. by
bi)tu1 an.i mort-ra;.o, and p l:yof in
.rana,- OI the! 41pr i s.
Masa-lr'- l),lit", Ma-t"'r.
S ():".. -I i ::
SE'I'i F St ; T1 H1 C. \i:tL.INA.
(N :TY 1t' --W!.I:I;Y.
IN TiI C T ) i COi .)
Mart:11 .1i Y u:!,, Ex'-r,. " N:4mt.ni: iI .
ing. , Ix., .< W1 ' . T i bwr: . .\ :in'r . 4):
r deri of :h Court heicrceia, di tedl 7 une
1S p, W: t "I; at I::t l . y, i:-.ore :h:
CStn t Houa' , at New berry", o:u II.e airt Mun
!a\" in Non twi1er. 1861, ali th.-it Tr t o
LA'al, ;nowi ;s thO i'r '11ace, i'L :h c
lija Tr'1ibb:, is the C utts au-! Sta:e
a foress id, e.i::"iinlg Onellf t:'iu :, J 1.d"if:
Avire, mare I. :., :E:I o,nPnl i by Li;tle
l .ir at:' h1 Lid hand of \ :.sh:ti l: at 0 1,
Cn 1Jhu-:O::, 1I. R. ri:ng.: : n : C Ot:. '41.
TErs.-T::e ;,archlt:r ille :::o u;rui rd to
p:ly t: c:a.h orm :: of th!: iuhT ,,e mom"y,
and to Secure the Inheo , :ir:l in ttlin
mon'h.Ai, wish 1ii:ere f.Toin the d ofl'. ' e ,
by a bo:t ;i a m : t ".: :f G . r e; .
Master, S meKie.lt Master.
9Oct 1654413
STATE (,F O1.,'H CA:';1.LiNA
IN l!EPROATE('i1i:r.
Th:-(, <Ltr. .o L: ti ia t.:;i-t.
.oa- t a:' lt"h e r b' y r l u iitr,",i t1 1 rq :r
dei" i:1 ': wath t d i a t h ffli-lh their
("'aim-: t a- lit o:d Ilr (';d Cun1 in Ito
: ofr Cvnthi. . er ta,('t:a admirCi-t!m
i ri'. . of s: eo er: :d(0 rf. :.ist
!harIri V. G;.i'. it :;l in tii (A t,
( l ;- t fo t;1 tifte"i 1:t h tl:t If O -
tObecr. ,1 r a t rt<litr,r-:l en. i,i!iti
iren oInforcin;' tei' coll("e:ivn of tieir
clain' Xtex(C"pt in :aiid ea. A
1. B. FEL LE RS.
Sept. IS--4t. 1.J.'., N. C.
Mein I. Daive.nport, Latff aJcaiurs
Wiam . Dorrceh and~ i JonS. ivtii, e
Tuho witihe thote Exc ut of Joh4% n G.l is
a.pt . :n,of ,ed. of1 w o;4e il i, a rpe
nwl~-11 the euors, lTeer t. Daveport,
Iie:i.n hienport,i Joh n G.'1Dave npori,
ISobat C. DSu avnport. thra 1h n D' of
ptAmycr W8. !,Jn hmW :vno
p->r, Lona MCleL Jora, .., D. Cd.
his this day ofedSinthemofile of84 h
S. It- c;yor ora.e t esiicm
days catern sice henf ecu,lver-f
the day of .'rnc n othvierndis. fil
a'wr'rhe on antwiti h imeaorc
thv-11 hIle Court h eo ed aed -!.Je,
To81 th De'enrant-,AmeW real, JohnaC.fli
zu th Slgh kaepot.il.1e G. D.:vnot
M~eviafrea, DavenorLouia clue
actn o. 1.- ich Dwelvling isae coy,
wa:i- d n.he Afcer'. ofe Cr fthe said
Coundt to Commdn heldab, t New Lberry Coutr
4Houe n h CounDeat y A. Nobrrin. the
sate of Southi CarohUn'ca~, n 11hdy fl
Seac ptembe, 8 inn0 (5) n Hn
(ItCI nn Fif Plaoi ntif'~s iAtteorneys~, l
hounde by lnhewbey, C. Ha. S. C.
This0 11th dI'ay o Septmber 1884.t'iiCetlt
g'O :d1; ,ite land ohrs. C)'t 11
PaQil. I i lrt omn t1.ief.' '
ISi,i aI wiii se beior theCurt Huse,a
Newblerry, fio th is ota nNvmbr,
1881 T, tS'ib4 1u'cry th$8a0e: 1e ) Ei
zTAeth Slgh desed,TiL h COLNAd
tteaorNTid OF folN WBPf.
tainingi (11 Onel'r Hmxoreds iad Forty-one,
andfrs One-tidv Aire. more r les, and41)'
este of hlp ligh,deead and be v rac
TriI:il .c No 2, cani n 4)Oe Coun-y
adr!ed aFftyr-ourl Acrndsmore orf -ess,cnd
ofs Phlipr o Sic., dc:t:sb~ ed nt l anf
.\nE !an She c ai!-40 ey. 1 'tae
I N.tret~ thes Iw.o in:c of hl ~ ind x
iml m be e -teed d o'i l e 't'e le'1 ihe
TI::c. 1-The iptca'er will e cquied:
topay oe-thir of t e 'u-ch:e n o: r in
eut4a to sece e b::lae, p yable te12
wmths, with interest fromt the dy of ?aXlby
byn hand hnlmortae of the prm
Ma~st' Offic, Whe -r.
OcDt. 14 41380
rand Opening
CIO of
We announce to our Friends and the
Public generally, that our Stock of
is now ready for their inspection, and
we feel no hesitancy in saying that we
are better prepared than ever to hold
the front rank, (as we have always
done), for
Ntrouse and Bros. Fine Clothing
Fanous inchiniat Clothing
kno wv n to all the Trade, as the leading
goods for Fine Retail Trade,
The Best Child's Suit in
S. C. for $2.50.
Immense Piles of Goods Closed Out at
Going to New York as we did, late
in the Season, and by buying in con
nection withJ. S. Cloud & Co., of Spar-.
tanbuirg, we closed out large lots of.
Goods for less than the cost to make
them up. We propose tb divide profits.
with our friends, and.
In all Styles & Prices,
Having -struck a Big Bonanza
Shoes, we can sell at Wholesale Pric
and then make our profit. Don't del
ior when these are gone we can get
more at the price. SH OES A L
And Leaders of Fashions and Low Prices,
Odngto or i reasng usin. i Co ~ bn Planta:ions in Edgeflgd
house building wo are comnpelled to o38 ACRES,

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