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T. F. GREN EKEIR, E;7I9r:tS.
R. l2. GRENEKER, Sr.. 5
THURSDAY, DEC. 4. 184.
The tral is in the highest resnpet a Fani
ly Newpaper. <1evoted to the miate:la m.
ftrevts of the p-ple of this County :u.d the
State. It eire:altex n awlI :e ant
A1vertising mneeiiu:n otfrers unrirale,? :
y:Wita,es. For Term-. see rdrst mflL':.
A com:hiss:ol h h'ben al>pOinttid
to;revise the tax laws of the State
and said commission will report to
the present Legislatnre. We await
with interest their report and the ac
tion of; the Legislature in reference
to the same. It will require wise and
judicious legislation to meet the re
quirements of the situation without
resulting in hardships to the tax-pay
ers. The Governor recommends that
the ame of making returns and col
lecting taxes be changed. Great
trouble and iicouvelnience and fre
quent mistakes occur from the fact
that we are one year behind in the
paying of taxes. To overcome this
will require an extra levy or the col
lection of two years ax in one year,
either of which would be very hard
upon the taxpayer in the present
condition of the country resulting
from the short crops of the last few
years. The treasurer ought not to
be required to open his books before
the first of October and be required
to keep them open until the 15th of
November of each year.
The Comptroller General estimates
that there are 2,000,000 acres of land
in the State not upon the tax books
at all, and as a consequence no tax
is paid upon it at all. It is also esti
mated that the total taxable prope:ty
in the State is abou?t 51m;XtflR)UC0
while the tax book, sl,ow that only
$150,000.00 are ass ssed. This es
timate shows that nearly half the
taxable property in the State escapes
taxation altogether. This should not
be. The burden of taxation should
be equally borne oy all the pt operty
owners. In addition to this the ine
quality with which the property is as
sessed makes the burden bear une
qually. It is a fact that some per.
sons give it. their property at its full
value, while others assess it at half
or less. These are only some of the
evils, and their adjustment. if adjus
ted at all by legislation, will require
judicious action by our Legislature.
A bill has been introduced in the
present Legislature providing for hie
redistricting of the Judical Circuit s
of the State and the creation of two
new Judicial Circu s. and conse
quently the election of two new ('ir
cuit Judges. Some measuore Es need
ed to bring about u tr.ore speedy
tral of issues. P'ersons who are
forced to c-arry cases into the c-ourts
have frequently tu suffer great in
convenienCe and ex~penlse from long
waiting on account of the slowneCss
with wnlich the~ judicial machinery
moves, and the conbuenjiIt de'ay of
justice. 'I he doecets ig all the coui
ties are cro-wded and more cases arec
put on each court than are di-sposedI
of as a rule. It seems to us it would
be out of the quetion to require
more work from our preser.t jud(ges
than they now perform. anid o.f course
to perform more work the number
will have to be increased.
But there ig anothe'r want~ fel' in
this mastter which the er-estion of two
more judgc-< with twp additional cir
cuits will not Supply. la the e-vent
of the sickness of one of the juidges.
the judicial machinery of a w h
county or circuit should not he stOl)
ped. It not only works injury to
httiat', but the accusedi are en
titled to a speedy tria!. It fregnent
ly happenr, that they hav to
lie injail awaiting a h:eang as
long as their sentence wol4uld be, ini
case they are guilty if they could
obtain a 5pe edy triisl, Simple justice
demandls that they shouldI be speedli
iy tried guilty- o- innocent. In o:.r
county we have had no criminal
court since June and will have none
till next spring. owing to the sick
ness of Judge Presley -at the time of
our regule-r term. Some rovi~sion
*should be made to supply this want.
While legislating on this subject
we think it wouid be a good idea to
hae our judges elected for life or
durig good behavior. Then select
the bet and purest men in the State.
and then lift them as it were, above
the necessity or even possibility of
stooping to meddle with politics a
A State Bar Association will be
formed in Columbia during this or
net week. Such an Association has
lon been needed M-r. Be-net hga
been instrumnetal in gin this de
sirable ma~ties well adi~et way.--a
w-c-onaty whiat he o,ught to he pt-r; ea
' LIu n.,e I 14 Uh ot e::Ou .U*' N'
W: reoice to say that the day set
apart by the President as one of
thanksgiving and prayer was oh
s(rvetl in a manner reflecting credit
on our citizens, and in a way which
s:owed that they rightly appreciated
the miercics anti the blessin.:s and
the inca:cul:e1v t enefits b^stowed
ulpon then by an all-wise cre:itor. Of
much that has calle I for grief in
other sections of the country we in
i this community have been spared.
We are thankful for this. The gen
ral health has been good-we thank
God for that. As an entire people
we have great cause for tihanksgiving
in the e'e tiou which has helped us.
The land ot God was in that. like the
children of Israel we have been led
out of the wilderness, and out of
the bondage of Radicalismn-how
great the cause for thanksgiving here;
we are thankfu. blessed be the name
of God. An! Li:t this community
and thz- whole country rightly ob
served the day gives us cause for
deep thankfulness.
Mere intellectual education is not
the panacea for all ills that one might
suppose. We long since cane to the
conclusion that the highly educated
intelligent man is no better morally
than the n:an whose mind has re
cieved but little knowledge of letters.
The intellectrLal edlucation quickens
and enlarges the muind, so that the
man la rus to know his own value in
the world and is not so liable to be
come the dupe of others. In other
words he becomes better able to take
care of himself and is more worthy
to be a freeman. But so far fron
being a better man he may be a
worse one in consequence of his in
tellectual training and culture.
1)r. John Ellis of New York, him
selt' a New Englander. in his essay
on the causes, of the decline of the
descendants of the Puritans, .gives
some terrible facts in regard to the
eifects of culture, so called. upon tie
morals of the women of New Eng
laml. HIe says that the practice 4i
fot:tichie prevaiits to an atr1iing ex
telnt amtong"-t the educated. refincd
and -ultureiI' women or' that see
tion, who ought in the caise of un
ture to be mothers. It comes, he
thinks. as a lesult of the refining
process of intellectual training with
out the corresponding process of
high moral and religious educa
tion. The result then of intel
lectuial and esthetic traiining, with
out the moral and religious, would
appear to be to -!raie men and wo
men devils instead of angels.
Let the friends of education pon
der this subject well, and let aHi well
wishers to humanity look to it.
We talke from the KeR rind Coi'rier
the followi tg y'oi s's of the Legi-lative
priceediu:-. So far little has~ been dune
oth--r thio the t):-gan :'tti.mi and .it ro,
dumct ion of bid.]s We select only some
of thle umost imlptr:aiit bil-:
1v S nitor L, it:'i; B:p to rep;eal
t:e ;igricult nra! lien ]cw, :unl to abolish
1. us on erop-.
1W Senator Smnythe: Bi to' pe- uit a
creditor to attack a fraiudulerit deed of
his debtor wi hIut first obtaini: g juidg
meuit :gast him; bill to re'qdire assign
ment- if ztmrtgs of rea! estate to he
recorld: 1.1i to incorporate the Mason
Cotton (.i-: Company.
Mr. 1c'Crady' jia:1ueed aL bill to
am--nd the regi-t: ation law. Te? pro-.
vhosaebri-1e ::t- foilowis: When the
booiks of vegist rationt~ a raai openied
the suipervsor of registraitioi i. anmor,
iedl anid dir ected t1o is-ue certiic::c of
1ertitri to ,ue{h' t ersons~ who -have
n rot yet reg sh red, buit who we're noeie
hel aS- tI' ep, etild to reiter, but
faiedi to0 di SO inI '82. Tfhe ap)pi.ca1st
Iis iequzired to make oath of the fac:s in
regard' to ba lla a.d to -'ati f the
tie to r'i-n- in y . The bill al,o
sel tor'e- tO c i' r :mem ev of tii- comiil
"t'Cmu ory. Tt proVh.!e fo t' e .appoinzt
s i ix d: LCl 1n.td of tirItt iy-) befor*e
tihe ~.X'et'i n'.1poin he. g appiomitd the
oth up oiu..c.t or tei retn fOr..~
"'eiF :ii ~e:'e. 'ihe um agr of.WQ eC'e-.
ui1 ri t ii hir areeptanie, or the rea,otis
for I li - r -il :o -terve. In b oth 1:.
t:tee a. 1i>ena l' i prvidedl for their
fa ilurIe to 'e. The bill uias r. ferred
to the ju d te'tary lIonilit *e
Mr. (IeCa!y also iintroJuLlQd a bill
w ich 1t' :ier mch needetd arid wh iebt
wii! n:er t the api- oval of all who are
connected withtStte mailhiti.Iti
the' Staite - i:-'ty of r:ank il t)e tiIlitary3
..rice PCf te 5' ate. With t his view t:.u
tiee < I major-generIl is ::bohliIhed a n
ranii'k-e only . a- a iiga" dir-gei.er.. lI
: a: '.i:: ab v i ! thg-' other c,ottee, ex
Aniother~ bi;.1 i:roduced bit!hy Mr. Me-.
hrd wl e of -p-' :id interest to The
tt ' h g .i.* oh'P'' m e r Taft.i i- I
I:~t d 't a - rei i*i:. 0': eas of prciuu:r
elcton m Ii i ~ s~mhi in i trn it
the law in preval . I Ct0 i X-- Yoirk
to1 the mn:esof politi.. il pate h
night t he teir agr o f i a letio
cer iieto 'tiruuln ie urna:e
lawsof he Sate Ti [i Ill propse-'
make he aare of the rI'-a comni
Governor Thompson's m1e.a.e i,
very lengthy, and our sp::ce will only
perMit of a brief synopsis Of it
The publie dh 1t tadls aboutt
same as last year. Tue whole t'st.ima
ted debt is $6 522.270-02. as f,!!,ws :
Consols (value) -,464.56. 77. 1?e
fwinc R:daand Sok.35.5.
-i. A griciltural ('ollege -crip. 191.
800. Bonis amt toc4 k still tnfundied
under the Act of 1873. and amend
lents thereto. amounting. principal
and interest, to about $415.356.96.
The debts of the counties. cities and
towns have b)eenl decreased in the last
four years at least l.200.(00. a sure
indication of the progress ani ,ros
perity. of the State. The interest on
the State :lebt has been regularly ain
protllptly met.:1<( valid claiiiisprompt
ly settled, estab:isling the eredit of
the Staiw beyolld question. and p 1o
duling colnfidlence in her ability :ani
willingness to neet her obligatinIS,
and plat-ing iher bond.s at a pr(ininl
in the market. The attention of the
General Assembly is called to that
portion of the Comnptroller-G eneral's
Report which refers to the year.which
was lost in the collection of taxes, in
consequence of whiclh loans have to
be obtained from the banks in order
to meet the necessities of the goveru
inent. The pressure in the money
market during the last suummer forced
the Comptroller-Genlcral to suspeud
for a time the issuing of warrants to
all charitable institutions and gene
ral claimants. coipeilling them to
(iiscount their ci :mills and thus entail
ing upon thcmn losses which should
properly belong to the State.
It is estimated that it will require
) 2.195 to m;eet the ordinary e:gei
ses of tie government for the tiscal
year 184-5. and $391,337 to pay the
intere-t on the public debt. The phos
phate royalty should yield $150,000,
and there will be in the treasury an
estimated surplus of $124,255, leav
ing but +489.7G to be raised by tax
ation, and requiring a levy of 3
mills. This amount will probably be
increased by appropriations not in
eluded in the estinate for c'rrent ex
pelses. but the rat"- of taxation need
not exceed that of last year. Amount
of property returned for taxation in
Real Estate - - S87,5.;.5:1
'erson:d Property 16.904.7(5
Railroadul Proprty 15.2:3,3G6
Total - - - - 149.727.609
A loss oi 81.(:t15 on return oh
l :. P':-rson:al property havigt fuil
el oil $1.:;45,2:;4. while real estate
has gained $428.1:17, and railroad pro
perty $35.402. The increase in real
estate is altogethcr in cities al
towns. 'That in country having fallen
off $90,000. Rleal es:ate is assessed
at G8 per cent of its value and per
sonal property about one-third The
Comptroller-General esti mates thait
there are 2 000,000 acres of land in
the State not upon the tax-books. The
v-alume of taxable property of the State
may fairly be e-timated at 25,0,
000 instead of $150,00'0,000. as as
There are $956.292 *geres of land
nomninaly in the custody of the Sink
ing Fund Commission representing a
valuation of $2.503331 upon which
there are due the State atccumuated
taxes and penalties amounting to
$313,866. Vi hen it is remembered
that not one acre of this land pays
taxes, and that it is nominally in
posession of the State. while the
ownW er neaini undisturbed in the en.
joyment of the revenues th,erecfromn,
on t he sui jE'ct is appjareuit.
The. re.por, of the Comuptroller-Gen
en I is referred to. It is recormmend
ed tha' theC timne pf taking returns and
collecting taxes be changed.
PUBLIc CIicooLs.
The Report of the Superittendent
of Education sl.ows raarked improve
ment in the general conidition of the
public schools. There were enrole
during the last year 84,028 whit. and
101.5)l col'red pupiis, making a to
tal of 185.dil9. an inc-rease of 12,5241
pupils over last year This enroll
ment is found to be 65 per~l cent of
the total sc-hool pon!a ttion ; z.' per
cent of the white. 5i6 i-bD pe~ ct-nt of
:be coloredi chiiFrn were eirolled.
inmber of schOools. :..13. Toital ail
ble school fund for 1.882 3 ; w uni .
9..7.27. 'lTe en..etdent fL 'P in ;4 p
mg.vi guder *erin~ a O'et,.:- . the~n
port public sch ool2- is recoina'tiaieli
One .) the pre'ning wants~'1 1in
school system is foir g~od igh schiolS.
IThe onily plan suggetd by-nt whict:
such sei.ools canl be ;iippliesi is p
supplement the St4at scihoul tas byv
local levies.
Ttis~ includes the (lafilin U n iver-ii v
Ctadeli Aea(de-iny of Char-nleston, and
;he S.;uth Caruoling (C) ("v -t Coue
bIa As to all these iO~ lntne Thomp.
son earnedytA r:coimrmende that sueh
tJpproIp:iitionis he im-'e'- n- ma be
nec-e'sary. 0o maintanin thir useful:
nets In Ti p)rou.Z;te't :i irew
their efiieiene.t
T Ihe Dit'eetifs !6;r 'me insttitutin
fo r th.e olh i ng appfhroiinitios
wIhich tie Gove rnor recommnds
viz For ti te support of the isi
ton.n t10.l0) fo-r repa'rs. '-50t; for
compti andi urnihin Fe Wing..
orted de-partnwnt.*i 'V500. Th li (vern
or recai&l'umend th speed~'I"y comp!e
tin of the Columbiua canal. als~o th;e
completion of the State House. Ftsi
mates froini the arebitet show tha't it
will c-st $738-'.475 to compliete the
builingl.- It is lhso recommiended
t..at a-n appmprigion fo' taking tha
census. a-s isi pro.-ided1~ i rtcle I 1,.
sect'iuon 4 of the Cot;ittion s.mde.
ttiary,~ n-ows tha t it i not only self
-u,dii u i d . nt h -
Yoi1neet It rli ile under ciremn.-t:ii.
v-, of pecu'i tr t"neo:1ragrement. yet <
peculiar respo'i-ibilty. At th:" close of
:1 hea"tel ! n ii-lc at t he ef.
feet-- : chIn; ' 4 i h FN haed:ral :141:nu1n.
lr:::o1. onr :1'peoph- n' luoing fonv"ar:
wi:lt bri::h-en'edtl h e : bh re .--w-,:
t" : ". " t in "h 1 --:riie ttf f:, - itln i:-'I
lI o s :1,1 witI1 11l-( elie"1 :tl'elC:il f4l4
:htt t\"v"ri m--11t of 4111r f::thter,. A l
I (i 1I!ntt) :t i:ivedtl a Ini it r -s -<
1,rt,. I t v f\' r tel n tt . Wi Il:t :i-t
!p, hope tit:, so fir taut our F--dl ri:t
t"itlnst"l" areoicerM1?ti. fVtr1 pl--'ire w;ll i
fO r t!or ? e -e'.e::Ci: . :l 1 'he wl :il't
on: le t,". It ;It- Fet-ral :Iimtinis
t r Ition, how'"ever ilm)orrtalti. i. ipli:i
cal b)eari::g. cann:ot int:zure tht.- in:eru:a
ald don'.y-ti' w"elfatre of a S;att. Tlt
ori mltill:ate, essential and unliver-a
inte""-. of :rp.pl4 w11 bie eitrute
to younr : .at tl he"nt"tftrthl oly\ ino r
frulv.1 ) lmlort" ietl, :l thu;c with :ir1"_ei
re-piliyr than here"tofor(". whli!e thl
e".-e- 4f lh. Stan- :nd of the v.hole cou1
ti- will hN jll.:(d1 iore than lv"r w !?1
fatxit)un :md1 I(,peful suli(-it:I:h- to y"ttl
prt,-ding-: a tl to the tt:luftliug of tt
dcimtst i(" poli:-y. 1Dnler I t e u codit ion
alike :ttl-:p:(ciu.is :ul(l vritii-:1. let 11, Th:m11
G:d amll Wak- t"on:age. and let us p'edg
To (.::,it tc:i4"' in every brlanch of T4
t::.:lt' Io, (ri ielt o 1. c--rt to all oil:
peole ih" I,lessiigs of prOtctio:, pea
and;! ll.-pl)erity.
Fort the Herald ud News.
I would have writ ten sootier but pipe
s c:ree with ne, especially the kil.
which has the tigutlres 1 &i 1) e. C
stamiwde(1 11po1 it. and e:)-hiers namue.
will st: t :,2y ten\\ i -:'y n : 21 l " :
-elbe:iied and highly I op::l:a co:netli:a
0l.(ee waited Ipol L physician with
quest to be cured of n eu"rp:ow'er:i
mlc:nhl hv. " GO,"' al\ i-t d tiI in:edlic a
genutlem:li. 'o to the thea!tre an1d w\ it
ne,: thi !comti-. perfortnune of .''
"_la; ," replied hli= l:ielt:". '"f a1: n 1,:I
comI11e(1iaIi. I imiake oi.her- ierrv, hu
n hile i hey are lnughting at..tl:e -allit . o
1mly vit, toul own hur. is as t:ultun'Vetl ::
a -toe. Amid tie 1gl ter oi dI:li;h:l
edl mutltittttie-, I remaint tht, mno= s:l
and :m:1'. rable of be"ing myseif." II,
trule to 1th gwxI tri'nce' of all worbllin,:
is this pit Ore of the co::(diatt's he"art
Ie w:s a".hyporire inl bi pleasantries
So are all gay" sin11aerS. Their eyes 1flsh
their I'p- -mile. their tonigues tte
sp'lrklinlg .ists, hat their hearts sileitl1
,ighi ov"er :1 con-ciolt5 vaeuity which thel
rvlinly implore the world to ill:. Thei
co(nst-lnce "; tin". themi for de;tradinl
spiritual c"alacitis epable of graslpin
the i0 inlite to the Dead Sea of senl-uality"
:a:d for en:1-1 iin, anway eternal life at the
li1dhiing of bodtlily appt1 iteS :and ias-ionz
Bllt i! \ain do(.s th soul sigh :12n4 th<
("o,nscience sting. The sinmer will hla\v<
his dt"ligihts. lie hi 11e 16 iIei'y. H
diantces, sin :-, jests. his mlerry l1
rings Itog111 2''h thiir. ar and iIhi' comp12h:a1
ills ill sil. in'1""Ii;g thi. iilk h ii)ppy
h'liy w.ill not be"lieve his la'uthII lik<
the"its is,-epnl.-brl:I, :11( ;ih:refo:'e the(
elnv hi 1 h1111 flictAY. 10. tot, iI hi
turl"l. is dee.':ived by the Imerr"ilmlt"1ul. )
li- (ompatnon, nd nI!l' i e'a" tiiemil. Thin:
ali 1n2 :, A iall,h. ail a!e d: Cive:d,il
are hyip, terit-'in their ,inf'll pi aa,
tries. Stirt nt, theI.a ri t reder, frotl
this image of your wa:. The fauiti
int 1 1t" tirrow. hut inl tl ebaracter
So ay t "Iuni<t". 'The tnest ill-ft ature(
p-:so:b is Willil to ,:ant upon hiS- Owl
fate in lthe gla, and surely you n\tii
be t qually ready to behold your mora
features, e=pweially at. the hand of :
frieud holds the mirror, and the mlotiv<t
w1h:eb prompts him1 to hold it is the high
If heI reveals the stranige features Si:
1ha4 wrought upoin you), it i4 only to lea0t'
you1 to one who 1has powve: to, obliteratr.
themi! anld to c'over1 you with div'in<
Ibeauty; tolliUiwocalil i1thevaun
wVolund;. and nx 1h4 cnI create at calm
SWee(t smlliel. upon1 your lips which shal1
be the true 1islex of your' feelinxgs
Cive, thetre fore. your1 hand1(, your heart
your' serIious. attenitlo:, 'and I will r'easo:
with you conxcerninIg -the tings wii
mtake for' your peace. You haive chosei
tile world. The th1igs .0f this- life an
yourli glory, your delIigh t, your su premil
thloughts, all lcn t('r on the th]ing~s wh ied
'are s(en. You'l are devoted to the world
veaL (eba2ined( to it :: thle corpse4( 01 Hecto
xvras bound to the4 c.haiot of Achiilles 01
the plain2 0f Tr'ioy. You1 aIre at oc it
adireriti and its C [ntive for4 tol whom2f y
-141 yo,uselve 5ervxams S 0 ubey. 1;i.
sterv:.tS vt' aro. Permit mie to' s'hzox
you4 your 1 cho -en1 dety~ in hi~ triue char
aCter' t'Yonder' on the bauk of at streain
is a 1L2uIe child. He is inIten1tly watchIin;
the14 Spilshing w'aters' as th:ey playfuhl
rn-li over the pebblles :Inll roIcks.. o
140 i:Whoes at 4omleth!aIg in the stream
Now he runs al'eng the bak eag'r13
wattilulg an,1 object which is Iloaiting'
there. Uow earnlest he is. Ilow weari'
with his long piursu it. Yet o1war1d, (2n
wor td, still be descends the brook. No'.
I thich as often eludes his touch, Br
the dlay w~anles, Night mnanties till
eairth. .with gloom. The child stope
looks r'ound1 awl weeps bltter'ly. Th'i
scullne is strange to his eyeS. 11e ha;
in his ardlor of his pursuit, wan12dere'd fa.
fromf hiome. Now thiat- nliLZht haI.s comt
child been SeekinIg all day13? He saw
br'iighit bubtble on the clear waters, spar'
hi. Heo pursuned it.~- It ciluded ii
gr4-p, ye still decoyed him dlownf ti
si t:un. He' ;ou:ght the wxorthless thi;
w1ih all1 th.y earne(stniess of his y'ounIl
I eart,i', inl1:s1ga iL anxd wxas lost. Behok
4in the~ thi1i an imal:ge of yourlse.lf. Se<
1 1% h! islfortune11 ai lggure0 4of your1 ow I
rul. For w'orthh a4,tnd lt; a- the~
hb1bl is thle wVorld you 54eek. 'Y'0t
en1thul.iagin in int. purisuit is madni.t
.way:~ fiu:ti God4, ti44e soul's tr'u6 home
a::d hlurries you. towxard the region o;
c ri . :s n, 141 orro'4w : land death. "TIiit
w..rhi passe5th aw.xay axnd the~ lust thereof,'
1, an1 inScripi ion written'2 with the4 penlci
of the Alm iih1y over' thle a:rtlhway'o
t he' v.0oi , 'he poet has1 SUnIg that1
''This world I. iii a fleetIing .4b1.r
The <:mt!eCs 44rjoy, th.e 011ar. of1 woe,
"--<4 too., has1 te-t itied to tlhe sai2(n :iYect
i 4.4a...- 'tria mom:mi -It i awhiel
W-ry tv. ju-tu a; rr ir enoug tol- I'e1i
'ix lok. 'n 2; rap.ery of line 011tOt :
Iii 4e.!. pr'- lOrl. 11(1?ly 2 I in1th Vtls
of tIn t. i -oI 1 t1:4 ,1~. "!i V. d 1311 at h14
-ery r. l- a:hi Suih tlhe' nIt o rt'
i 1l'1ur ;'2 heii i binx is: "'pecin. de
i'nl ho.:spon TiW:e-e telt 'oiis yloi
now tind 14iat di)iclt LYto believ. Front'4
the' gay dreo: flatnd of tyour'xIl. y th tb<
fo.li.n' f a x 1 ::0'V l.ee bty. Yo:
'Iunn''t vale-, CLas:4fully eli1 wih 'ree
im .g -igig 'irs warlin d2 l
ill.(hUt lu.
a i%i-t" ttt:l wii1 lear ;t iv iI ileree-e
]:.1'."aid a ttn:t:t of l:nd 'r>tanlltlng
shta.l :::ai., I: to nli-;v cow sels "
A\I>i:v J. r.
t b
C"a('rrs Courh4. Co:d. It.r-new. Cronp, Asthma,
L'ronm:hiti.s. wh:ouulin; "C.''h. Ineil:nt Consumlp -
ti"n.IIn:1 reirv... c"~n.umptlve
in: advanced r4-1tag6.- Of
the di-case. Price: et. Can
." tiu:,. 'Th: Gemr:inr Lir. l:a:i's
- ( C""r,; :;Arnp. i:: s.,ld or.ly In
cf I h :' -tr . na twrs our
re ist.r< - :c -.:arks to wit:
Aiu:: ic-. i ' i rci,", ul:rd- - f
~Tt' EO M r 1." : A. ''.:.. f, C.. Solo
1rep's, i:ttinore, aid., U. S. A.
-C L:"'e- Pit^-''he ^reat Tobacco AL- E
dot:- riec 10 Cts.-'"ld by all Drugglsts.
O t :1 . (iil
I do not believe it wil he wise
or jiditcious to pass wi legislation
at th.s tim - looking to the repeal of
the Lien Law. In the present state of
the country our farmers are most
obligel tc have some system of
credit. No doubt the law is abused, a
but -iv credit syst-m will bte abusa(d.
b i-s re'peal it will driv"- the sial
farmer with no property other than
his labor to sim 'ti.in.~ eIS,. To rIpeal
it, we cannot stt" where the l nefits
will come in. We bt lit_ve the far
mers are ende: vorin, to chanze their b
modlC of farming and a'' e(ndeavor
ing to r:Lle heir o-.,n si; plies a
homl, and by so doing We liope.they
will soon become independent of the
Lier. Law, and then they will repeal
it by their own aits to all interests
and purposes.
The Edgefield C(hnm'tidle appears
again after having passed through a
seccnd fire, It will now be published
ait Johnstone ir1-c:an"d of Edgefield
Court House as :or,ieri '
IIe 'h:anks IHis Paper.
Yr V"litor:- I wn' ii;.:e:-I.i b" re.tiiig your
g:aod tiplr";r to tr-: l>r. 11ter' 1ron t IToic 'or
di-hiilty. liver. i : " r :la :1 .d tltree l(
butt:':s 'have cured like c;et :ny thii;s. I
Jos. C. Dog.:s.-E x. 1)ee. t lu1- I(
WIi:':tii A. ALA.. tep:t 2s. N"-'. 6 bout ;x
y :ar.. :t;;n i :.e. umie :1 ti!t:i.e with :I '.1-y .i+-:
.r,--:a le zk)n ' di u.ai'. with I r dry ,eres
:tn.l m:nyl} crnit -41 t it.1le' ona mly Iinee, hanads
:aml :ulil:"!(r Tlh- sor o . m lt tfnier I:Lt riut
a l.e ne:irly t n incia de-;. and le c:.iCerou1S
: arance of one- he sorr" e:ir my eye
niartnedi :11e v vy n:iel 1 t: ica tlt ki: d. of
trew'ien"t. bunt ouind nnlthi': thlt "e m in 1t
alrec:. the ,:i-entx"". I tlially deciel d to try M. S.
S. on advice .t phv-.ie an.. and in a -hor timne
tlIi scabs dropped from the sorrs ana 1-t my
skin smooth ai:d well. I con-iler S. . the
gr.i--t blood uted:c'ine mnte. anid ti- 011nV
thin g.o that will cre lie dis(ease with wh ch I
was- afflicted. I tinlk umy troilewa ii he rI.~ie
.suilt or a terrible iatt:iek of onia-iria, fever, con.. t
Itracted while hermnln in t.be Tali,pooa river V
Swamiip. I e:Ia he0 foundl at. my ote. in thel enrt~ o
hon) e at W< tiimp!:ii. You esa iefer to in.
J. L. E H ot E.-. D6p. .Sherlfr lihn ore Co.,Ah.
Tr.eati,e on Illood atnd Skiii Diseases- io:iled
TsE SwWpr SPEmtv Co., DrawerS A -unta.
Ga. Dee.-4-1t
('car Wild1e' nlew hio'k. "-Imp)retlio , of (0
AIrIrical" will he eaiglrly readl b. all '-hoas- I
slt tomke the pe's trip :,o dcCIiedly
Ip!easant. his i:..pre-,.l i of D.-. Jtuirs C<.u&h
syrn: i.< a matter of little conserinetce. us the
po wboe limie ableudy pror.Oiunceil it the remuedy
for cough: iand cold.- par escellence.
IThe E-eletic for Decenmber
-Comprises a varied and .at ik-i.gtaW0- of? C:>n
tenms. Amn gthe sri.-eipe! nricles nli? be
foui the to] lowing: "t h .:les i -nh-"' l.y Al
by ThelCIve,'' by Liidy Verney. ".4 imocr-acy (?
by .tOmiIl i-ss Il I owell "'-U ri 1 1n ' isch
tneiinl.'''-To iFtic or t.he so id:iil" b3 Caipt.
-De Comeni. "*Di ortzis " ::0 po:i. "'.- wspa
pers an'i *-..:15. . (l.ethe," by Proci. J1 I2. S
''G.::!zc's bre:ti.s."' "(;Ues r I- lhiwer-." - cor:n,
the Tyr-ant.'' '- ole 1.10 rh ie's Intk-e:Il latiu
-ce,'I' --o the4 MW:'.ing or- hioks "I--itau
su::imiers," "itu Ires...-and W:lg- s," - : h- l'op- o
ult1 liiof Europe54 ill . D. *2 0,''1':1 , i r.( M A
and oMisce1ln rr usual:y lull, ala.. ctlm- use
itemsl (at :eat i:utere:,t In the' g neiLl reniler. ,
The tmber iq a w hole is tery. i..teru-I.ing.
Slnd closes one of the beet. viumcl -ll of i e 4*
r-ier, 4)1 thisl old ui:id Iterling mountly The niext a
at bi-autiful steeCIl .e -a: ihr wli-Ih [ha i v-.
tiC is e 'le buf '
- l'ubliuhr-ed1by E. -(. Pl'-ton. i IRou-! s'et
New Yk.Tr .. .ryer ige'I
As a.rili-tropl forete,lls a to mn. so ' a
detrloyingl viri, -ill tI e bln0-i. whlich e be1
-'ettraiz*d 111nt elxpe:ld only- by Ilir.1 Ihute'5
Jrc-u Toz:ic. 1ec. 4 :m.
AX nice pail- of match herae inll br-I
th;rs iand 5 yeuars old, $. C. raised.
1I good (4ow andI calf. 1 tine sow and eight
pi:.a. For de eription and prices apJply ~
to J, 8.J. SUBER,A<rt..
Giymphvil. 8.C
D)e. 4'-1l.
- i1,lned, and at! PAT ENT RTCSENKs a'te:aded
to for MODER A1ITE FEs.
44ir oIl.ee l' oppot- th U. s. P? ", tflee. r
a' d w'e can cit tiu ih':en. in le's time t han.
thllse r.emfoved liom) WA CHING(10N. I
:4nfd MOi)FL lIR D eA WING. We- -t iae as
to p stenltability iree of chiare; ll an w make I (
W te ; efer, here- to the Po-tmonter, th - -uir-. nt
Mocney Order Div., and to otilcal.. oft'-.e l' S.
Psc:e nt Oftieu. F.-Ir ci-cu'ar. advice tor-t' nd
re ferenees to 'metuscl c;i.-nts in your own 61 te
or oiut v. w rite 10
C. A. SNOW & C0.,
oi4 usite Pat n i4 mee. Wasihin;1it.ll l'
Dee 4.si-tr.
A -ortmnenit of Clhristmias. 111nd n:hIer -
ICard.Il. of t he blno n-t~l. de*f-i. ove t
b.eforle puir chi-$td, are to be lelent he -
Comr:e and .i stheu Ii.ii
Sale of Personal Property.
lt 3?1ali WV. Daie' pier(&, 0:1 3lioid.y,
the 15:h day ." D -limber.
2 tlor--, 1 Waii.o: :r.nd IarneO-.,
Anid - -veral othe r ee of fame'
V ' uIo Hos, tlWs i'2 - .a 4%
L ot- i w I u I.t 41'f hmAeIu'n
b's K! -n ( I'e I'.,l'.w dow
Funded Indeptedness
All lersons holding County B(nd, are
ql'ues *d to pre('elt the -ann for pro
, te::yment to the ('obnty Commi -
oner: onI or twfor Tnueiar t we 16th.
s d.-;.S. K. P'. Gi)(;G.\NS.
Iec .::. ,-4 . ('LE.
Poor House and Farm to
The Ior 1ot -te and the F:1:-m1t 1elol:r
Ig tlheret. v ill b:- h- :o the lowest hid
er by the ( .-unty Co::n1i+,iowner: 01
'uesia. the :--d. inst. Sealed id1t1 cat
I. h:t ii in the l:1itimn'" to the Con
lissionter. or to ilhir ('Ierk.
.1:As. K. P'. GOG;GAN S.
Dee. 4. 1881.-3'. CLE:u.
\ AU(..1,):1FJ A l "," SA L"
I will Sell on "all:dtay inl J-umt:::rV. het
>re( I (_'our"t Idc lII-n . ill the' T'own of
iewb.rry, the ol:owing taluabl. prop
rty, uptiely:
L Flour and Grist Mill
.'hire.e H.ujlred :and( Thirty
Five Acres of Land,
he Piester 11ill and L al,
situated on Bush river
If not sold before by Private Sale. the
hove property will be soldl (n the day
lentiolil. AULL BROS.
Nov . 2' h-ir
CoLt'rMI. & GaEE:NT"ILL1; I . I..
('nln'ia. S. C., 25th Nov.. ISS1.
'Tho A-imtl M-cling of the S:oek
olde(rs of thI<( ('tampany" wvill b Lel at
It. oiliv. of the PreSidenit inl thi, City.
n ThurI'- 'T aV. he fourth (ay of DCeCem:1
:-r, at 1 ~'elovk. a. :1.
JNO. CR.IG, Sreretarv.
'ersonal Property.
I w-ill stll on Timr-dav, the 18th <h yt
f Ieentber. :t the O'Ne:al place. One
nid a ha:f miles from N ewbe"rv.
SFine Young 3lules.
3 Brood Mares.
1 Good Family oI re.(George')
BIg.gy and lIarnecs.
('ow- and IltogS.
Witliol EX:arlltin, Ilipl<tinent. on e
traw ('ltr, oltc (,ill. one. (.orll iller.
nt Diste [arrow. Mne Thomas' S:nooth
IL.larrow. two ('oitou B'lantErs. lot of
oru. Foddeicr. Oats. Straw\. ('otiti n ~d.
Pers,honl a F lritur. oniting of Pr oper e
>t of Wthumt Iovi-ttd. Mrbile-top
tr4n'-easet m:d Wah-.on. a nic:"
lt of Silve"r Plate, Kitchen Furniturte.
u( 1al co')ler arti le t.
'Iern= Conasl
_Nov. 20 dilk
Personal Property.
The Exeentors of the last will and
'aC al day if Trectme. et.drn
Te lg hor of sae 0theorthin
'ata o PI'lentrios fCLrdandk.
ae;ore o rnd Resienc o th e fonl n
~Tuelthe ded' frePlc omoedP
:fn.0 ce,mr rls,i he
--ao lso
The4 sligh Trac i tuag t n l thet
|owt of HellerCre. 0!Cle Sre
prp oe trIlesp tLrt ollteg ln par
1nsedoby te 1 sdence fo Joh .
---and wllbeoi andafero-- 5t
Si ae of Laveierl!..r orat lss upo
heh bthe;re is acuildng, sitnati thle
pose fhe J Noehrr Collee at pbre
int occupied as a reldenc by W.rrnW.o
.The wilr tbe and ate the 15th
ift bmd;ries ofty aCal S ey ofth
lic a o Y.J.B:n Pofsq, Newberry,C
Fityo Shar*es of thes Capidtal Stock of
-al Society.
Ont the ad day of December next, at
:e lalte reiden1ce of the0 aiud IIonry'
:on. deceaeft;,l between the hours of
*. (10) A. 31. anld foir P. M.. the per-i
,nl propelrty of the de'cealsedl coi'5i
I. of 16 Muk-A Cattle, Cottol,'Cottonl
'' Hous;ehold and Kitchen Furni:mv'.
TEnisl3I: Pnreha-er- oft Land-. w'll he
guiird to pay on: 1third in c:ash, thet
alneio in; two equal in.--tahnlentsi pay
Tle in oneI anid two years, credlit portion
be seced by mnortgaze of tlhepreml
eS, itereUSt at Oevt'n perr 4'ent, with!
a' privilege of paying the whlel ill ca:1h.
rehasers to piay for all nlecessary pa
Tihe pers~o.:aLi pr'oper'ty will be s.ded for
Nov. x. 1884-1. 4t. E xecutors.
All p)ersonaZ hlinfg dem'iandl again<t
- etate of ilI'iry Koon! deea~1s'd are'~
erby notiitedl to presenut thle Rfame at
-ee te~s thet law r'equires't to ouri attor
v Y. J1. Pople on or before the first
a of D)ecembh"'erext.
.'.i pe'rsons in n wlitse- inIlebtOed to the
one of IIenry )(oo' ude'ease'd, are re
Ssted to make paymenit to the' under
n:edl or to c~on1ult with I1th nder'
.I at an1 early day13 with refettrence to
AY' execu1tors elf the laist will &c. of
arv 1(0on de:'ea.ed.
.:P . Wakint, as5 F,xettor &C., of
Will aml Watkinls, deceased.
i 17 against Mary' Watkins and!
other-. Defendatnts.
Sper'o::0 havilng dem-mds aigainst
-e' hereby requlired t rendier and c-tab.
i :i.e -am:r befoe,i thili con1!' 0: or he.
l. i- Il.-Min 1v of DJlc.-mber ne411 x1.1
s.aerry C. i. Nov. ia tsS.--e i.
.. tr.oeeini-d a' thearoy o
A pply. 1 C L O') :~ S.1i iI.
DO. 'T DELI Y. B U7 0fE AT' 17 0. CE ._.VD TYHEE
We announce to our Friends and' the
Public generally, that our Stock of q
is now ready for their inspection, at
greatly reduced prices, and we feel no
hesitancy in saying that we are better
prepared than ever to hold the front
rank, (as we have always done), fo
8PEiO10FS11&9NTH ET FITT 1 0.:
Strouse and Bros. Fine Clothking*
Famous GCincinati Clothing
known i to all the Trade, as the leading
goods for Fine Retail Trade,
The Best ChiId's Suit in
S. C. for $2.5.
Immense Piles of Goods Closed Out at *
Going to New York as&we-did, late
in the beason, and by buying in coni
nection with J. S. Cloud -& Coq,of Spar
tanburg, we closed out large lots of
Goods for less than the cost to make
them up. We propose to divide profits
with our friends, and
In all Styles &Prices,
Having- struck a Bicg Bonanza in
Shoes, we ean sell ait Wholesale Prices
and then make our profit. Don't delay,
tor when these are gone we can get no
more at the price. SH OES AT_
And Leaders of Fashions aiid Low Prices,

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