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T. F G1}FIl . l Ti)ITOI :s.
R. H. GRIENEKEiR. Sr.. r
E. H. AULL, A.- > NT -
THURSDAY, DEC. 11. 18.4.
The Heral't is in the highest respcet a Fami
ly Newspaper. devoted to the material in
terests of the peopie of this County and the
State. It circulates extensively. and as an
Advcrtisirg medium otrers univaled ad
vantases. For Terms. see first page.
The report of the Superintendcnt
of the city Graded schois of Colum
bia, contains much vauable informa
tion on the subject of Graded schools.
The schools were run for seven
months as free schools, the State ap
propriation being supplemented by a
local levy of one mill cn the proper
ty in the city of Columhia. We
have advocated and will continue to
advocate the establishment of such a
system in our city. It would do
more for the material upbuilding of
our town than anything else. The
great educational wanc of our com
munity and of the whole State is for
good and efficient Common schools.
As the question of cost is the first
one to be considered in every under
taking we copy the following from
Superintendent Johnson's report of
the cost in Columbia:
"The total cost of tuition for the
1,493 children enrolled in our schools
was $7145.45 for seven months, or
$1,020.7S for one month. and for nine
months or a full school years tuition
at the same rates. 5.1S7.02. Under
any other svstem of educating that
number of children the cost to the
people of Columbia would have been
at least $26,217.00. The Graded
schools, therefore, have given to Col
umbia as good a system of instruc
tion as any other at a saving of 17,
029.98. But besides i;eing a rent
saving to Columbia, I do not. think
that it is too much to say in this con
nection that the establishimnt of the
Graded schools has contributed ma
terially to the u;Uuiiding of the city
during the past year, that it was the
main~eause of the activity in building
in the city which has been so marked
during the spring and summer months
Man'y people have come to the city
to avail themsel ves of the edu -ation al
opportunities for their chihhten of
fered by the Graded zchools, thus
increasi~ng the demand for houses
and in consequence rents have gone
up, property has enhanced in value,
and buil(ing has become active to
supply the demand."
If the system has proven such an
advantage to Columbia, why should
it not work equal good for us. It is
all that we need to make our educa
tional system complete.
Col. M,cKissick, of Union. spoke
as follows on the bill to increase the
judicial circuits of the State:
Even if the two additional circuits
were created, where cctid the Judges
be. obtained? We have no lawyers
in the State. fA sensation.] We
would have to draft them. [L aughter.]
Then where wou solicitors be pro.
cured? [ Laughter.] There is great
difficulty in this State, even now
in getting persons to take the Feder
al offices which will soon be vacant
[Laughter.] Where, then, can we
expect to find persons willing to be
eected Jludges and solicitors? I
think upon the whole, that the mat
ter had better be postponed.
The bill introduced, looking to a
change in our judicial circuits and
the creation of two additional ones
and the election of two additional
judges, has all been postponed to the
next session. Some of our exchanges,
that have been nominating judges for
the new circuits to be created, will
ind themselves a little premature as
it is yet in doubt as to whether we
will have such a law passed, and then
if those counties should be left in the
old circuits. they would be counted
out. But nothing like being in time.
The fee bill introduced by Dr.
Pope regulating the at:orney fees in
Mastrs references passed the H ouse
The bill, as passed by the IIo'use, al
lows no fees to lawyers in references
t all. We are glad to state that all
three of our represe:ntatives voted
solidly for the bill. The great abuse
f the former law will now be
checked and the cost of settling u:p
estates very much curtailed. It will
also do away with much of the delay.
consequent upon the great number of
President Arthur recommends in
his message that Gen. U. S. G rant be
granted a pension. A bill has alreadyv
been introduced in Congress to grant
tis pension. We have no very sc
ions objections to allowing C eneral
Orant a pension, yet we do not see
hat he is especially in need of one.
Ee has already a trust fund the inter
son which giv-es him a handsome
All the cases against the~ U. S.
Narshals in the U7. S. Cou:s have
en postponed to the Spring term
M ih i bem held in Charlestnn in
i:.hop McTyiere will preside at
the Ipproaehng session of the Sonth ?Qt
Carolina .onfirence. lt
The inauguration ceremonies of
G Dv. Thompson took place last
Thursday. in the Hall of Representa
tives. in
We hn.pi: the Legis:tre w il:
adjourn until some provision is made
for the early completion of the state
House. (e
Senator Wade HIaupton was re tj
elected U. S. Senator on T uesday.
ITwo coored Republicans voted for d
Whipper in the Senate, and the mem- d
bers from Beaufort in the House vo
ted for Smalls.
From the New- and Courier. h:
TheiN Rev. .1. . Sligh, the w'n-iato>r f
from Newbrrr. wai, born in Newherry
County on De-euber :1. 35.. le wa :1
a student at the Academy at Lexington, \
and afterwards at Newberry College.
He was at the latter place when the war
broke out and in conseq1uenCe wa nre- t
ventel from graduating. Ie served one t
year in Co. D. 1:kh South Carolina r.gi- J.
ment. but oil accomllit 01 failing health .a:
was =cent hom:le. lie has nlati in tiu ry
Litlierali ministrV for about tweity-ne (t'
year-. and has ?erved one chureb for di
twent' ears. He i. a preacher (f con- .i
siderabjle force. and his iniluence in the le
Synod is :Ilwavs felt. For several years
h has been' slcesully eng1a1ed in
farming. and as a buriness man he 1har
been (tiiscsful. IIe i a very good a
speaker. He is diligent, persevering, C
and earnrst in whatever he undertakes. h:
IIe has served two terms in the State
Legi-lature. antd his elevation to the o
Se-nate hesneaks the eonfliden1Ce the pee- er
ple of his native county have in his abili- el
tv to care for their ii rests. te
who headed the ticket in the Democratic n
primary election in Newberry County-. a
was born in Newberry. October15,1Sa.
lie studied medicine Lnd was graduated l g
from .Te!lir.on Medical College at Pihila- .,1
deliia on March A, ~ le was a -
oir(onl in the Con1.-derat" ::rmy :and at
the close was brigare stir eon of Sorrel' -
Geor'gia b>riga-le. He piractiocd l.di(c th
for ten vears and. lil health havin, (1
failed, he sim(ied Ia\:- in the "li(e of <h,
Col. Simneoii Fadr at Newberry. aId was
admitted to practice in Apri 1S.
Upon hi.s udmtl!Stiol to the Bar he ;fo"'!
tI a partnership with Col- Fair. Ile
practiced law for ten ear . wii'n lie
again resum ed1 the prace:e 01tilememe.
which ho i:s eon! tinned to thle pre-ent ii
time. Iiz ability as alawyecar w a a_
marked. a:i4l lie took a hiih -tand it the t
B:ar. From 187 to 1lz" lIe wa; a r''!
tent. of Texas. IHe wa one of ti tr;t
wio advocatel the ,iraighmitt mnove
ment in thi- S-ite in 1Si. IHe is a zood
aIi:d forcible speaker. vig?ilanit and active,
and v. ill m1ak- a good legi. ator.
OSBO1tNE L. SCitMI'EnT, Er. fl
tli secoti mani on1l the lerislatve tik- iti
et at thi' primary e'lection. a1s horn in
Newherr County on Jtli I 1I.-. Ie
had beea t stuident in New\"berry College to
for four- rear . At the reakinr ot of i:
the war lie entered the armyi in thei li
sp'ring oi 18G2 ain a mnember of the Quit- e
and made a gallant soldier. He' receivede
everai wounds. andxu is somtilneW tr oL- a t
h!ed with them-n nowy. HIe used erutes st
for one vear and sixc mothIs afrer the "
war. Ie re-ntered Newberry College tl:
anid was ai memtber of the senuior elass 1i
wh-len the institution was moved to Wal- si
halla. -in 18/8 he went to Europe and s!
was a student of the Univer;ity of Co- th
penhagen until lS?1l,ihe lie returned w'
to South Carolina and at once comn- m
menced the study of law, IIe was ad- D
mitt-d to the Biar in l8-2, and has since ih
nracticed his profession at tile Newherry IL
Iar. Hie is a tine speaker anid a lawyer bt
of marked ability, iIe was elected cap- as
tain of the Newberry Riflecs in 18T(0, and
holds the position now. lie was tip
pointed lieutenant-colonel on HIagood's T
staiff iwas a muembter of the State Con
vention that t:ominatedl Cod. II. S.
Thompson for Governor in 187.'. Hei
has always been appointed one of thle Cl
speakers in the county campaigns, and( tii
has ren.dered most eflective services to t~
the party.
W. D.- 1{A DY, ti
the other member from Newberry Coun- en
ty, was horn in Newberry, near MIabin- h
toin, April 20. 1841. IIe was educated pi
under Geni. Stephen D). Lee, at an acad- se
emv near Asheville, N. C. Hie was a t
le-k in Spartainhurg from 1852 to 1801,.
when lie entered the Confederate Army-i
a:: a member of the Spartan Ridles, 5th a
South Carolina infantry. In 1SG2 he or
was made sergeant-major of the regi- ev
met. After the battles around Richi
mond lie was piromioted to adjiutant of i
the 5th regiment. ini whie-h position he ~
servedl till Lee's surrender. lie hias go
been a delegate to nearly every Coutyit -r
Conention'held in Newvberry sine the nie
war. Hie represented the: county in the hi
State Conventions of 1S70 and 1SS2, and by
the Congressional Convention in 1878. c
He was president of every County Con- ru
vention (luring the capin f18~78t
and 1SS0. lie was elected t wo years ago w,
to represent Newvberry County inl the sh
Legislature, and his re-election is the i
highest endorsement of his course by tIt
the people of his native county. _The ce
three members of the House firom New- 01
berry are men of fine appearance a nil
ability, and will douibtless meet the- full te:
expetations of their constituents. te
Bly Our Special. di
Dr. J1. L. Curry, the General Agent of se
of the Pea:body 'Fund. by invitation aid
dresed the members of the Legislature.
The visitors and citizens of Columnia
on Thuirwiay evening the 4th inst.. in M
thec haihl of the House~ o f Retpreseut-ir
tive- on th lbi- d-t of Edunation. Thle s
hall wvas tilled. every ::-at and aill of the
available Staninig .space beinig occuie d ~
with intelliget, appreciative li5tenere.
D. Curry began hy sayo?ig that 0in a
greeting was nt4 oin acounit (if anytinur
in himiilelf butt. in respiet to oni:e whio ha d in
imade the~ mno-t munitiix-'nt gif t to the So uth vi
for Educaition that ever had been givi-ni
hr- any one mian. Hie expressed gratiti
ation'at th~e advance Education haid
made in South Carolina. Paid hih trib
ute to outr distiniguisheid Ed:ucators of the( Se
pa:s tid said he could -e- umtei thadt wi
proised success for the causie of Edi- ti
cation itn thle South. Hie emphiz 'ed tihe ci
staeent. -thiat thi Stat-- ow'ed it to the r
children, to give them suchi mor al tram-ip
ing and instruction as~ wxouid idevlop an
thir powers :and ma:ke of themi vailuable co
iet iui wi-meni." lIe id t it asan
sat fact that niett 'i e c~rime
-oaitted wva byx the- . ignoant i:era
el2 Iof the -onnuniry. Hitt re-markih
were verv xiuix es~tive. v:iainbde :ain m
eeyv xu-ite'd > ihe tOub.ie. auienceii al
an1 occas in. li:s ecioit 1for 1le oxveinig da
cmoi 1ed, atmong othe. Go. TIhmp- Pa
so. t-Go cvernor Shepprid. SpeXaker Pi.
ISion- Supt-Educaition Cowxxard and W
te Coimitees of the lous a~.nd Senate. W
Tle Inatugural Ceremn of F ridayr. the Ce
5th a i-xi ver impress5ive. A one o'clock. :m
Ithe hour uiiLed by the .Joint Assemblx. thb
Go. ThounnsonI . escorted hr Chlief Jus
tie Simpso-. .intice 01ofI ~theSpreme i
Democratie Lece.r.l Cleg o ouh ti :
Carolina. MayxorC Court ney of Charlei -ton, p'
and Rhett of Columbia. precedead by the pu
Senate, the SergeanXt-at-arms' of the Seni
.ate r~ n o th ord or gru.te nd the 'a
s-: . Il-:r l e., r ' 'Ia' " 3
a1il . h 1 .i: 1 iim. '- :. %i
.l' et a I r i :- .for :iw f. -:. . -
-t (" al ie ' tr it . ( 1:. :t.. 'o l .. : I f.
y 1 .(I . r l : ' l .. . 'i a ll . I ll
li'l ipr :i:ii :i . of ..o rI: " .n:':.::i - i
*4. ~~I(!1.l 1tr ' -l .l/t tt 11)
aoi,. l i : n eaIr!u eI v- t . . .,
cet rit e hi'4I rt n11 bri :nzinL' --jL':th II
* o ,nn a o Ievnu h'o' --I 1
i:. "h1 IIrd 0nh r :i, in (ii p1.
"e I' .'lllf(i :lt 1 1 ": ii' N :i . :1 1 'Itt:I'1 1:1"
I 1 :t n 1 o t ::- 1' a e- i l -
voliy credUita le to (.ihe 1 oe: .: . Eli
("IhIardlli:im.' :b ta t i ::l all :lc i h e
I. a C r sl: l n .l:t (t l M r . , :e -til i l ll 'I I ~
1'1. On W l : t: . :-y1 - i :1 i l i
l::u e: t al, b o le ," e C-.. :~!1 r i IC
L. : i. : clan-n : 1 e '\1:m.
t1 I 1t :1.'tiL. ;i'.: jiIL i . (I:I t: (':I
fil'\ii: a e )-l _tl t 1 .: "i- ii th
Sth D.on :':-t l ::e L,;: "1 7 :n1 1 i
r i. W . 11 . t J .tO
-:t :: wa t l i y t ti C . .ll :. 1 -
n:1e t o. ar h o: ahn t
Theor io of : i l0- l' ! "- -i: i
.veias a1t' plan:u ttIrIke \n Sturd:t
,e t I'm .111 l. to ': e h :1 i r
r'til t e is. '1' T ll' TLS ngt i: -
It i lti with ie i or ;li-' 1:11 h .
The !- LagI,la: t ris movin.e ri.:lli a \'
Chimas an tuIke. Awon il oI h
aL' mmV rl bloo.V i :: .\1:I} ' tt I.i
1i"( 11(01 ;lk !' t S C:s: :I t t tl(: ;
on the haIll- ;1 o If te 1enat (and.
onIe.. T t -ilry
Th .'1.1 o. .'.(,IL - \\"o:;: 1 l j" -
the A jtnIiOL iall liet or i - n: : ' ,.
l t . I : 1 r i II .LI iI
1II'l 11l( h X.' I a l l .._ 111(, I 1 r li .. 1"'1 t
Ci;ay grond and'ev gon into, wi:fr
Thel t lh e t1i1? of the! SIilat" :111n :
-h : (r .tl ot that >' om1 t ne tir
lty nd <lot the n i T5- L ian :.:',
o .tlt ) (Ifln't t h ro i ndt1 te w i 1 fer
neh.l Tio- ar t tr eP i. -
i'!( C (,ll "1 10 Ili iX i i(! siai' 1111tIl .
11 (nw te he:,nt .1 o1" wnlitu
UllroeltiO. They enii. ' Iv e ::wo .lri: in
'. . vrr the :n m f thet. w r .1111 t
.\t w illatcon"tinu inf : 1,' anl!:ti: imp i: ' t
ofto i I 1i:-v : an( d otlt! i1t ( I rvI.
:t"!:Ce ver ahe w h toirt <t wilr
-talst.::o (rth- coin-y afihca yar
.th i o. inn do nitlhin:::lt P
t Fn i or le l 1aI 111:1 hI i -.
i...:ener am:t the( we':nl'en p)Int h1. 1(1
r.\\' :i T artilley., ws 1at the clea, ces.
er .lar eS tO 1: he red ,-e(1. The(
t"a Of a (erii e nl p:aitjtl bmt and 1:e3
mtih011 , wy 10 it wi 1i e1-ver' Itt. 1 1 h :at
mf talk of tho - !'wrearn:ttr. ylmini!
realize that a m:n an live f'rn
if in the Ciulntry. hat t it O t: Whit to
ed raes here re of cose,l nou apT
ston o5 anonth:n woo-1rdi.50 th crd:,t 1
~pecte<l to1 comnite to tevetr.v im1a 'n
>tlat pub li eneI o ale chatry 'ihey L
in< hand befrlk ad apper o~ Tink
evkwthat yo uav So tZ come <:1awnU ih -
~tci e a.v or ao will loe i o rhen the I1I'
me ofIk te wle hfl hold.in a eh-rk-ti
Oti t: itIrett or.: t he z~ni k iele) t i t h
e'rotectriyornt gien us by1: oure, chliefs, weC
onuchav a arel Cime noft. We :kCtfhave'
> one posentlfo k~bindpccan lik 111te S
r. Ctarry 1ae r ti:ct IfloIu V wll tIle IL.to
okoou tht a<l thmerey pof~ thre
I ilture for anelp,c whesih, TIs, ill
I: s gke nros ored she on caiscoralyar
;the plecto.faDr catcJrs(C
Forthr i h theninfrerion ofwh. I)
HrE eopl AD31havNbSTRATION AND So-h
e eECtio.nto s:Nroctate iicda'couthe
compete Ad nthe ehke n of1. Ho .iti li, r
eeand to l the tho ighSC oIL in the lif1 af to
e s ofA eme n ,ol is1conceded b1&1 all, tele l..0
icse whot otirny opposiIed im i:eren pOeLI .1
her tIelt by o'rl r.onsidra b: m:mher,.11 lIIreat
Ixetyas to owl thelI Iin comen adin i-ftrl o
To t isntellen poton tile hite andIo
ord aces, :here ae, of11 coe, no appre o- -l
ioens of tne chawnge reandi thrSel rights,l
l ion Ib Soureoi Suhern Stae,wlc es :
e odition sflte ctred >opwhi! reml;inf
del rtanatte nigtaeo oer s aol cit:zIe.
e trnoe lateda t is cit I sircl be ! )
rerte save obyr anth.e ithe con:1ta:Inon
ortlk th e inaugr.ited, dispe torXr tt eat :h
gr hrashlny topll thuti hac Iinhtodrve
10 tuhe aufo mesuecud o bei wcomiisb0gd
i'hc thg re Isnt 1 ieplcan,II Senate an te
traidah' repuba la mioIrfIiy of the hoe .
nprtkno th aty thAia geo'e te
it , thie bnd coloed the noocareefor alarm
-the lketo. faD tortcPeiet
Bu nthr Xis th uninf'rCormertin of ithe D
lr people th aveI beenh tauah byd 11o'- h
pt rld rn to believ tilha t(ipon t evet. of1
e) e ll e n oa tDemoc rati Pid entlI tey
oul be imeia:ely 1 Crce1 1 tate of2
inerytile tim~IS Cls, 1:1 (a n henv ~I'
v ilt do tinsoele pr.acest, lltbliv :bat al
at suhlel heSltZ the e ris ia R(t
tlsseon phit men,1 thus oI beivs (er:,whom
div whate the wiLave th pbe asmes powr r
'r. Both of thm :otr onaore equll ao, y
rib! ms:token. oilu:icr in theirpX rI Uni- -
tI Sasi for ll time :oI come a tIng ofhe m
t. CXIti foode by00 the hllUiht sae of
nde. cr theagrowing fand" prosperou cn- Iu
1io of th Sobern Itts h ich no r ;) th e I
je the' ihmarcw of novrt * "on as1 the '
ed tthernanu by th SI an..i', w i 'd ve
:c ,te on the colored' manas el
to C th narir 'lli a e "'er . we tit
:a!.: Indt'1 waU the peure oe-rne 'of i'te o d -
i,an by e Ltiefs, :at LeOeu:hman ~rtaE L
: '' 1 : .;- . n .ment i:o i . i:- .: it
. : ',-:::1 .r: . Lot' uc idi:'.u.e nir
("o t l i . --!' th1.:t rcur CItizen-i:ifl a i. .be
.:: '- :. . !: s n , . c :
;. - : ; d ti ei .. :: w 'e; : r l ,i:'" r
a th inarov meso-' wir -e: :1:
.l t"!1 ": l :l: _ : i, c :!, :1 D e::i: :) : s .7 ,'": :.:
N:: o: ( '.;.I is u :e- i .r :ir m s
l,v 1 ... - . 4
ur vo'4.- :n'' e'' 11ro: o!' :nrt 4:n.e :n
::'. : n r .hl:e i: -a - . I: - -
ira .c e he 41j '. Is :e a: r '
a.i: :i v :r .: in u ::. u (e :1 i)i. .
? I !. c' ..::ni:y ; .e::n ex 1:1! , ::1 .
, ii ie 1 i . :lcl :h'r.t -.' Is C 1:e i : :t,th
s n te t: - v. ":t !:e. n. :h :::h:- ?'T i e i
p:) o i.: n 1 e 1tt u p r:ant to tha -o4
ou h n- C: n(-r . w o m:ln;.!! , a:I I :
-ic s f. r . r .:' '.\ . :: l : i
r. r cc [1" Si:lj) ' i 1";) ' ' '1 t1 :i C(i
i :f! 1C . 4.. . " 1': , .. l" . :12j:t: .C il,,i ri
r1. L--.! n ! Ir:!'. h :'t ; e d to ti tth(
-1:e t " :; h b we :li .e, .m :h:. e :r, iIn'
It h : 4' :, i : r or :1. : dtr.o :'' o
:: in e :er: v:4 y p :l t r. Lt u b!
in t;:, L tu o .vet ce4 '. '4 41:41
..:,: :c7:.4 ,
e' ithl :I1p:l of:: p : ' r.i in rLl':t '. te
cV'' (r., i!f co i i( :'e rh" .''c-l ch tl.v 1 .: :
:! t ' ebi4r4! ' : :. _ :1 r:1 " di:::t'. :- l It
. 4r.' .(i (" "i! ,: : ".4' ' , .: l:,f :C l[
1 - ... st (:; l ri : r :- m : :
.)r tu:1:1 te:n ::nt ; r:. : ' r n
Vi'!!j' r"i' : .4 ce, fors l lh"i ' a!! ' tba'.
r , . -.a i::: r1 m . -. ate h 11r
iI r to 11 m LK S
. :.. . : m t:hi 4n . L t h
Mr. J-: v.. . -1 tr y.i j, k
-.,.....d.u .:: r :: i- : h inc :::-: 1 nC th m
-::(. Mey ::e -1 1 Ob;; Ie ST:.01 :: :
- !' 1 ca ore I >i', : p ai i' ::: t :: It
in1 1s;th at ::!. Ii I: bei ltIr ,
Mre has : .Rahi v,
i :l:.i, ", . 3::: o ' ~.o :-:!!; ei.: .':we. i:
i111.: 444\;.:h- 1ine t :at it. .14f-llee :d 144
Si!! br~ilir be, for. allC tat d a!! tha'
ve taken, I mure4ee:4nuy
'it| y . 4' ' pl, "?Il 4j'ik, ( S1.,
EL" i" OCUTiS4'NIST1.)""~S
etA]m Iofnd5 t.ceatlSct
C- ' :l -i r- - rerlhorf. :
- ) A14IC 1:,4!- 1:- l 5(4<- (-irel 1 b
T1T'. 1 :ni: 4. ~ . .lE t.IC|-y j44 Cin o ao
rr..p-1s,W'ti r..C'Sat..:. ir .n a. A.
ti:ew Lad- Pf: The pcrat Tob'acc n
dot'-c 1 0 i Cbts.l by CiS al 14::;its. -a
la't wra:il of Pettu. W~ i.Chie de
etool. Defendant.
Co Ri o elief.
Pnv rlnn to theC Creta herer hdrtin
CC,TS,Iwill sell at eblC.iI. S. C. 'i
fea tin CJ.tr nexts all ta rV- 0
lair" ind:lv River Ja:vlr "The, Lyle
:::."t bo nded(1 byo 1:m tor erl M 'be
4.ging1CC tol the tow of eryRCwhrd-"4
TER'0 ('1 h'.. 1L.( On l):44thd in' l as!
4. the hail:mEte o anedi ofaone a
:o yars, wthz. ntert. fo dy
eM. Theei prio.nC tol be enrec
::' tohpa hon -t of the p rcad
Ortlng of u.adt prmse Purchaser m4Ia:
rty front tre bd' of calh, band tpa
Neh--rry,'aC' (C . 1 0, 5l1 ayih ot D tc. 18i
J. D 'nhir Mae.c1.Ms ai
4e'. 14,' .4 I i sel 4l t 1 public1 outer.
bfor te ot Ios an Saedayrn"
e 114 ist Monday414 in1 .Jauary l183, a]
4t lo1:t of lntd know aitt'1 the: Maybht
Cl StteC 01' C05 44 ounty fresid con
:re00 ohr lei ad hmld aby lands o
'1 IT aring1tonstree.
TERAs. 0he pOurhae C wOINe-r
neincSh. n o Leur the alane(t t
ret from the day of al. ybon an
:n:uranceuo theTmlaings on the' (ai
Ma ter' oilice. 10Dc, 5.S.
5TT V ( U' .'-it 11 C.\()L!N A.
IN TIlL CO L~ ,4T Oi C(i J3i Oc (N
Te:c:2 C. 101 :in:;ln Joseph I. Garce.
;-Y Gr:r of ;/. (.,iurt Ye t K'n. d i'):il
*No 'tu' )-: 1'' , I w" -i..l :.- .bit - n:'(ry- ott
S3 .l in .it
t ire: in : C:!n t .::1 '::c : : i. (ot:lnit
!;t 11: il a .ired~a r : no;e' :)i.r ied :::C hou},Ii:ded 1
(.i: .::,.. ..a 1.-, !:: : l .l o. . lieawse . on
i a I.e.: : 1 - i ' o f .W ii. ,:0 i o
T.h: o 1 .?l .1,:1i n.:n: 1 ep:rel'..wr nL i.i he. rt(::: i t)
S-,- tie-'::.:. lof th.e ;" i..-h e t:n~tey inl es Ii,
:::1I -e.:ur. :1:e ::.::"r p:: ble in :we('v .
mnlt . ,-i-h in t..:e fr:: t: ii: -_ .::y Vf :ti, byL
bon'i ':.1:n r:.p'-- ie- -->i. avi:h
le xve to pi:::" h h l nc i)tep
c:_('r :o 'a 1:"t:r nece("t'-:in ;::71r"
.1::,,_r' 1 ::i . 1)::: l> e., t\7t. ")'- Jt
T.tT. )F " C'" T ii1" C 1, i(N.
IN T111- Co)LC:i.'Fr'IO
I:,);. V. i cir an:i T .:)'. M. Ia. e, Ex'ots
v z. \Va ler V. tt irs.
Niov':t be:':. : 1, !"I l '! :i , 1i)!>he I,t:ry", be-.
. C , :t NeLwbrry, un the
e. t ,1: ,: i . a , 'a . , 1 ' h t : . e :
n,1TSIi e ' . in ti , C i y a: lc'l! S ca t :i>c
,"i.l, CUOM O-,n: three iluin!re.I :tiwt ev ttle:n
)r , '.>-e o . e rr, .1 by in P 1
di t . -I n 1r:t .( r,' tui t (':- .'m -
T c::,i ': Th Tui c w' i be r -trdi
p:-1 1n-:i oV s)Ibe urca' :noney' inA
:.vi l uine t. ba . c ; oa :L. in tw'el et i
ii th. L ith interer t rn ' thie i.1;" o!' 1}-by
l1,a 1d 111, inor:";;.e t-i the prtm iss
Si l.iS .iU: .-i't \Ni:, -1l:1 t er
I:ister'_.<>i.ice 10t:i Dl c. 15 l. 5 -3t.n
sT..T1:. Ii S0-Till CAR1"OLiN\A
:Cre.;l'Y'i O' o'EW r''er f .-uN
Ali:a M.N cis. v". (: on L. Fiellers et al
pc'rai :-e|a;: c.: 'q
yv or.e:-.- i of Court ea date h June.c e r te
in ml::.l r, I= ', A'l that lut of .re 1.1i Slu-iLc i0
tie tow! o 1':re:.eri:y, in S:.ta e :tlrtl Coulnlty
: iSt r e e t o f :iid ! T o w n , : :m , :i n n u ti s e v e u ) 1Vti1'i
feer, wlit Ii:."cen ne::" oft dri;, on (:Ah -JId!,
:,:;d houln-led, hv. ilo:; o n . G. DeW\\ait an'!
.tvid Kil, Lr, -formrni, a r by : ter.r!
o'.vner' 1:v .a 1i DhLe, Jr. ~
p)::y ce.h1:lf uf ::I: pur;'h:i.e :.:)ney' in ea ,
::'d secure the b:l:uICe, p I :ir e at -elve
m1oint , 1i:i: interest Iiiereotl'om tile 1l:ly of
s:ie, h it iord : rt . :ge o!' the pretoi,es,
aid a Polic of ins:lr:ic on rh:: iildin:s.
3Iaster's O ic:, 10 r Dec., IS I. 50 -:t:
C11)I; 'iec i O ,' L\I 1'e I' iS1 \r
Aleno!a oi,J.' C D'1 ' -'.:ardt andE
(r,: PI1'. I-nzIiirdt.
t') :.'i r I tli ,,ti ': t c-I i , +:t iea
:ii tme uo1 r. bI! I n: il l-ae to the
hi.ther.nilder. :; publiite,ry bteOre
hii Cur:1110u:-" at Neber ,1 i:w
:irst 50n:lay" in J:uary. 015. all ::,
ITract UIr Pl:rlltationl of L.:.:l ill th2,
C,"u,nty and1 :atl a : a i orml -rly
10 tr'per:v of Mr., E. i:aart.,):
t.Ti::iu, OeF IIUndr'l :COi TuI A-_.
1UU ur le.i. and :.ij<,inilg lam i of D.
1. Whle:lr, J. C. 1L:iaere, land , for
_. -f. 'izzr. . dhe c- r a 1.. n ml t' e
-m0 ms:vcn Th. 1SS-:. I will be ateque-1
toe ecu re. ther.r'bfbdan a lieuCutI'cica
upoLn sticrop te dow c'': i S lande
Slaste's:IcC(Otc1clll '~'Iic 1cae
Robrt Hr. W:righ:t v. WmCl.]. H. Eddy,
~ '~~'s ''Forpcwre. ) re
By ojirdeo incio-theu zhri c afted
~ ~lie o e nhny -foli i;e the r l11 iceea
Naeahlein. on theantilsto vond ' it anu
f Laud titru:ce incc te Cunt a:1 :ae.
in~c t poss gsion of thMr. Sali/. Ki-.
Tstie th :ioI~t The l purch: '-r c wllibatre
tiest onrono the day of:ui0uieu sale, by'c. 1
thie samUe termi. aiS set forth ablove.
Emline A. Bradley vs. Peter R-.clel
sperger. et al.
R B order of the Court hterein1 da'ted 1,
Dce~., 1881, I will sell at pulic ouct.:ry
beore the Court ITo!se,c)n the fir.-t Mout
dyv in Janutarv. 1555. thie house and lot
-of :incd of whi'h Richiard Bradley died,
sei,ed anid possessed,. in the tocw' ni 01
Nwcrry, and County and State afore
said, the saicd lot containinlg two acres,
more or les's. and bounded by Cabiwcll
stret. atnd hit-- of Charles Cannot. Piuk
Jones. J. R. Thomipson and 31. A. Car
lile am 1 o)thers'.
The Plaintif. Mrs. Emneline A. Brad
ev, hats a life intere.st in eighty -six hin
dredthts of an acre in tis lot. andcc it is
p.roposed~ in this saie to sell als o the re
mainder therein.
STi.:1cis: The piurchae wi'~ill be reC
qirecd to pay onecu-tird' in 'eah and se
eure~c the bialanice pay.abe m twelve
months. with interest firom duty of
sale, hrV hcoud with appr1)toled ture.e , anid
a mnort~ugge ot the premiseC ..e par
chser to pay for papers
Master's o:liee, 10, Dec. 1584. :it.
Tomais V. Widker and Thomas M. L.ake
a- E xecutor,~ of Henryc K on. clce'c..
P la'ini'T aga~ :u.in-t Richard C'. Suindley
andc o tier-. Defendatst.
Comprlaint for Relief.
Puri 1Wunt tcc the'ck erC oif the HTon. P>.
C .* rslce a- Pr,'sidiin. JTudcge her'ieiu. I
will ,ell at Newhcerryv C. HI.. S. ('- on
,i.dax nc JIauary neX, at plci~c ut
Iai!. -imanti a:nl beingu in the' Countyi\
dIred 'ind 101.rty-rece and lirec-cnuarter
M. M. C. Caldwell. Dr. T. C. Brown
nd others. oni the following terms--to
wxit :i Oe "alf in'' cah antd the balance
ouacredi of twe'lve months wxith in
terstfrm he. day' of sale; the eic'dit
portain TO be secured~ by the bondch or the
uurha er Ind mortae of the lands so
Thec.c.' fore g tract o land c will be
"oc' in two) or'more pac'"els ; pclats to be
exhiibiltd ont thte da oi ccl .'
SLS .JOIIN 'TONE L aister.
jr., .-"fore 1th rn nI) loe. 184.
iio. G. De . t ag a!nst :t's.S. Moor man, et al.
By orde"r n; i! C."urt herein. iated C-th
\uvember, 1S 1. 1 ni:l -ell at public cutery,
t re i: eC :- :: ::t Newt,erry. on the
irst o in .T:'mir" I.5, TIe House and
.o: in :e town ot 'ewe' :, State anl C)un
or re-:i.i". c fo e pi: ing Tw : u .er , tore or
.::i . ' : :e by !.;- of thei ewerry Ncs 'rreCir
:at : :ir:. - M . I"t Ci:rtr;. S u ! l)r.
J as.:IMet:",,t:: t," 1;oun:t!r.v ti'...:r:1 uW :!<on
Strt Ie:iino to the old vi age grv iardt.)
I:::ms: The t(ariinas,r w1!i be required to
pay onc-thini C::,!,. :0:11 sceure the bal.ance,
pSiable t te.elve :". :h wi:h i nterest i.here'
n fom *&!the y oisale, by bond a.a, mortgage
of the re ise od, ar:.1 a Polie- of Ii uratnce
of the hou-e.:. The purchaser itiing to com!
ply with: the :-.the pronerty wiil be- re--old
at bi<; ri-k. (in the Iirst co e i en"pt sa!e-days, on
the 3::e trnact :i)s,ve -et f,!"th.
i L...JOIINS ftxF., 31:s ter.
11aste::'s t itice, 1Hith Dec., 1SSI. 50-3t
E. P. Ch:itmer-. Ado:'r, tg.int Andrew J.
K i! "; r ian..-. '. H1air.
l:. order of the (nutrt herein dated 14th
Nuvemler. i6S1, I will sell at public outcry,
hie>ri" the Court on-e at Newberry, on the
fir,t M.ulav in .J:::iary. 1S,5. that parcel or
ph intatt,ini ht,t" l,. si:uate in County and Statc
a!~resai d.:n! in h'" corporate lim its of the
t.,'n (f' New "cry, conta:nine Sixry-seven
ae're1 n,1 a hilt. more or t-s",- and bounded
by Ian(!s 'orn, riy owned by .Tohn Elmore,
(now Living.ton.) the c,tate of Cian
eelior .1i, .oihin-tore, by Cob Cannon, and by
the Boi<ni:ht Ferry R:oad.
Ti.:.:: he purchaser will be required to
p::: oe-h:it o the purchase money in cash,
and to -ee:rre the raihee, payable in one and
two ye::s, with inter est l'roi lay of sale, by
bon n tiorig:nge of the prem ises -o sold.
The p :cii i-e: ta"y ;,ay the whole in cash, if
h:e dJres.;
SILAS. JO iiNSrONE, Maztcr.
:,Iabtel'., u!liee, 10:th Dcc., ISSIt. 5')-3t
Wm. M. Gor+'on et ai, a,ninst Wim. V. Lyle?,
Adm'r of Abram Gordon, deceased.
I' or:er of the Court herein dated 17th
No-e:?ber, 1SS1, I :il sell at public out'ry
before the Court Iou-e it Newberry, on the
first Miiday in .at.r:myi, 155, all that certain
tract of iand, lyin i.ni; and situate in the
County and State arires ci'l, (ieinig the pL:inta
tion on which Abram Gordonr lived and died)
cort:iining two hundred ani sixty-eight acres,
more or less: nd bol !ed by Tyger River and
tie lands of Win. E. [ardy. deceased, and
TI;:is: The pirc;a,er will Ie required to
p;iy one-1',.rth thle purch:ase m.oney in cash,
and .euire the bai:tic. p:abl1,e in one arn ! two
years, n;rh i e:et 1r011 Tire day ol sale, by
boil and m,rt;g.re a the nreni-es.
M-ster's (Mice, 10th Dcc. 1584. 50-3t.
Funded Indeptedness
All p:"rsontS hol:dii_ (:iny Bon:1i are
r'girrnested to ll;-iatnt tlh" .-ai for pro
rart pynrtwtrit it) the Co:try Commtti"
riotnrs on or b:"iore Ti:: -day tire 10tht,
inst. JAS. K. P. GOGGANS.
Dec. :, 1SS4.-2t. CLERK.
Poor House and Farm to
Thre Poor Hourse anid tire Farmrr belong~
irngi thrt' will bie let to tire lowest bid
der't by tire County Coiminissioniers on
TuetI..'. thre re3d, inst. Settled bid5 can
be hratnded in thre meantime to the Comn
missioners or to their Clerk.
Dee. 4, iS4.-3t. CLERK.
I will selil on Sale-day in January, be
f're thre Co'urt Hlouse, in the Tow.~n of
Newxbertv, tihe following valuable prop
erty3, rlaluely:
A Flour and Grist Mill
Three IHundred and Thirty
Five Aeres of Land!,
the Piester Mill and Land,
situated on Bush river.
If niot sold befxore by Private Sale, the
abiove pronerty will be sold otn the day
merntioned'1. ~ AULL BROS.
Nov. 20t b-Ct.
T will sell on Thulrn'iiny. thre 18th day
ef December. at thre O'Neal placee. one
:.da halfimiles fi'rm Newberry,
S Finre Younrg Mules,
:3 Brood Marres.
1Good F:unirty Hiore.(George)
( ow.v and HTog.
Wagonmr. 1Fatrmngn' Imnplemntt. one
Sr'aw Cutter. one Gin, one Corn Sheller.
:w1 Disc liarrtow.. ine lTomas' Smfooth
inrg Harrow. Two'. Cot-tn Planiters. lot of
('orn. Fodder Oats St raw.. C'ottoni Seed.
!!ousc'-hold Furnrr ire, conrsistIu; of a litre
!<t of Warlnutt Bedsteads, Marble-top
I res'inIZ-i'ees anrd Wash-stanrds, a nice
lot~ of ilver Plate. Kiteretn Furniture.
a nti marry other articles.
'Terrms Cash.
Nov. 20 4t
To Rent.
The Hall over Cloud &' Smith's Cloth
inr'Stor'e, oenpied as the armory fotr
N:'wbeirry Rifles. is to renrt.
Apply'to 'CLOUD & SNITHI.
Nov fi tf
'Esort'ment of Christmas and other
a d.ot the hant d-omest des-igns ev.er
per purhased, are to be seenr at the
They range in price from two for five
c'nrts and upw.ar'd.
Camne atnd see themi.
Sale of Personal Property.
I will sei,. by authrority v'ested in rme,
:tliMhu W. D)avis' place, oin Monday,
-1->th day of December,
2 IIor'ses, I Wagon and Harness,
Arid sever'al other articles of farmer's
Dec 4 2* S. A. HIUNTER.
.9Doz. Can Tomnatoes, fresh from
l'Packinrz House, at ler.s i1gures than
er' an! at in Newi5erry'.
Lot new Ma:ekeral, intst from Bloston.
IT>ia, Kits anrd Quartrer BThs., loiv. down
itt price.
New Peanruts, fresh r'oasto.i every
White Win.e an~d Apple Vinegar, for
a cheap- hx
41Cm"b 4 -0 K:V , rcItlLC
N' C11SQ
Popuialr,LowFPrice CoigHu
hOTS tlme.
We announce to our Friends and the
Public generally, that our Stock of
is now ready for their inspection, at
greatly reduced prices, and we feel no
hesitancy in saying that we are better
prepared than ever to hold the front
rank, (as we' have always done), for
Strouse and Bros. Fine Clothking
Famous Gincinnati Clothing
known to all the Trade, as the leadin~g
goods for Fine Retail Trade,
The Best Child's Suit in
S. C. for $2.5O.
Immense Piles of Goods Closed Out at
Going~ to New York as we did, late
in the beason, and by buying in con
nectionwith J. S. Cloud & Co., of Spar
tanburo-, we closed out large lots of
Goods for less than the cost to make
them up. We propose to divide profits
with our friends, and
Ini all Styles &Pricos
Having struck a Big Bonanza in
Shoes, we can sell at Wholesale Pie
and then make our profit. Don't delay,
ir when these are gone we can get no
more at the price. SH OES AL
Iw sAmsoNDAN.
Anid Letder8s of Fashions~ and Low Prices,

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