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T. F. GRENEKER, 1".iTO11.
THURSDAY, DEC. 18, 1884.
The Herald is in the highest respect a Fami
ly Newspaper, devoted to the material in
terests of the people of this County and the
State. It circulates extensively. and as an
Advertising medimn offers unrivalled ad
vantages. For Terms. see first page.
The question that seems the most
perplexing, and the one most difficult
of solution to the editors and news
paper correspondents of this coun
try in regard to the new administra
tion which begins in March next, is
the question of the mistress of the
White House. The average editor
can very easily fix up the Cabinet
and the foreigu appointments. All
these things have been settled by
him with very little difficulty.
Whether it has yet. occurred to him
that Mr. Cleveland will desire to
have a say in these appointments,
we are not competent to say. At
any rate the matter is settled so far
as the newspaper men are concerned.
and to their apparent satisfaction.
But the perplexing question which
cannot be so easily settled by them
is who shall be the lady of the
White House-the top and leader of
Washington society for the next four
years. It is a great misfortune that
Mr. Cleveland is a bachelor. If it
has not occurred to these men who are
so troubled about the matte-r, it
might be well to suggest that Mr.
Cleveland can settle this question
best for himself, and it would per
haps be best to leave it entirely to
"An Ohio business man who has
been traveling throagh the South
says: ' Mississippi and Alabama are
covered with mortgages from one
end to the other, an.l they are both
practically owned by the merchants
of New Orleans. The planters of
those States have a custom of ruort
-aging their crops before they are
grown. The erops fail. and they se
cure their notes by a mortgag' on
their plantations. They grow deep
or and deeper in debt, and the re
sult is that their estates have fallen
into the hands of their New Orleans
brokers. Land is very cheap in Ala
bauia and Mississippi now. Somet
good timbered pro.pe.ty can be got
ten as low as 50 ce tt anae.'
We fear that the above has muc'
of the tiuth in it. and that it is .cre
or less tine of other places. Hlow
as lung for the day when our people
at large aball fio.l thei.' way out of
the rats if- poverty, and whc ii the
filet.crowned- seasons, wel!-dirt etedj
labor andi nise economnies, many yield
themn the amount .f prosperity so
essential to their p ioe and hiappi
P?rof. James Wood- ow, D. D., of'
the Presby tertab 't isological Semi
nary in Columbia, on account of his
views on evolution, heas been, removed
from the Seminary. A m'eeting of
the Board of Directors was held in!
Columbia last week, tand1 resolutions
were paaRedjrequesting his resigna
tion. ThisLse declined to do. where
upon the Board declared the ei&dr
vacant, immediately following this
action, Professors C. R, Hemnphill,
D. D., and H1. E. isoggs, D. D., both
handed in their resignations to take
effect January 1, 35 leaving no Pro
fessors in the Seminary but Dr. Gi
radeaa. What will be the outcome
of this actioni of the Directoi'b it is
diffcult to foreshadow. Much sympa
thy is felt for Dr, Woodrow and he
has a strong following in his church.
Prof. GrifBith, of the Limestone
Institute', na. purchased the Gaff'ney
Caolia troiw its late venerable
proprietor, Mr. E. It. Bi'ittos. whose
health has for some timie been de
cining, owing to a stroke of paralysis, i
We wish Mr. GrifBith success in his
new venture and hope that Mr.
Brtton may yet be spared to spend
his departing days in peace.
It is said that the valuable dis
covery has been inacle that a little
annato put in butter will give it a
rich yellow color. An exchange
rises to make the sage observation
that there is another substance whbich,
if put in butter, would give it a simi-I
lar color, but that nobody seems to
think of using if.. It is cream.1
An election has been ordered in
the city of Columbia on the subject
of license or to license, to be held on
27th instant.
Orangeburg had a $25,000 fire on
Saturday. 13th Inst.
lie Thanta Ris Paper.
u. Fditorj--I wa indoced bey rpading your.a
gdpaper to tv Dr. Barter's Iron Tpnlo for
biHlty,lvi aivorder and1 scrofula. 'n d fLes a
bttles have ouo a, Argept my t'hle.
Jo. C.nfog.s.-Ex. L?e.. '-m.
otion Is what it wants. That will ;ai;e
itslid; we mea Dr. BulP's Cough Syrup. It
1as entered the lists and come out far ahead.
In the ranks or leg4;imete household Temeedies I
stenrefogg nd ols. rt B if
By Our Special.
The past week has ftrni-hed time for
variety of entertainmnenmts, a- well as
vtrk for the profe-.sio::a!, hu-inesmY:
m(1 le;.islator=. Gus w.ili:u; api:,:d
t th.~ Oper. House in ,::s !ew ,Ia.v
Capmt. .\hher;' fo'lowi,g thi- was the to
night spectacular dlr:m:a -The Romauy
yt,' the Catholie Fair. a German by
he Columbia Club, the exeursion to t
;harleston, al a i numher of smaller c
tttractions. The couedy in whiem Gus a
Yilliamis appeared as Capt. Mishier was
icii and attractive. I can comnteud
titm antd little B,-ssie. (who had been left
tt his state-roinm by unknown hands.
tnd cared for as his child,) to the read
-rs of the HERALD.
She is the only girl I love, in
She is the only girl 1 prize, tib
She is the darling of my heart,
My pretty little bright blue-eyes." ,It
He captured the hearts of his audience st
by letting in the light upon the teiner st
b~eart hid under the breast of a strony s
nu. "'The Romany Rye" was much it
pnjoved and deserves worthy Uention. si
yhe German was a success. The ex- w
enrsioa was the exciting event of the ii,
week. Charleston had made large prep- at
trations for a huge Cleveland and Hen- A
dricks political dernonu.tral ion, and were in
waiting for the people and legislators to ct
come and unite with them in their jubi- si
lee. S. C. It. R. put the fare for the I
trip at $3.-5. Numbers were making at
realy to go, when the A. C. Line put pi
out bills "fare to Charleston and returi', tj
$2.00.' Cutting continue<d until it b,
reached the low price of 50 vents. The
townt was wild. A legislator would say to
"I will be awny u:t ii 'morrow mo:"n'. w
Please tell mv landlord." Cl-rks in ti
the offices would rih in and say "Lcok p'
after my desk. I'm going to Charles- fi
ton,"' until the city was almost deserted. c(
All report that the trip anid the enter- p
taintuent given by tie city of Charles- d
ton was nmagnitieett in the highest de- d
gree. The meeting at Military Hall and b
banquet following was in keeping with o
the already far-famed generous hospital
ity of the City by the Sea. After they o
had demonstrated to their hearts' cou- h
tent, they were called aside to the i:ter- F
esting part of the prograinme, TiuE Co- s
LATIoN. The best sweets and Yubstlwdiuls w
that could be had of the markets were e
there, from the hands of experienced I
epicurians. The provision was bounti- p
ful. When the hosts had gathered v
around the festive board and welcomed
by the Master of Ceremonies, Hon.J. A. tl
Enslow, the interesting part was begun. n
&ren gentlemen outside of the city of p
Charleston were called upon and re- it
sponded with appropriate remarks. n
Newberry was honored by having two fi
of her representatives, Messrs. Sampson F
Pope and 0. L. Schunipert, of the num- s
ber who were selected to respond. This b
was indeed a high compliment, consid- ti
ering the large number of merubers j
present. Our neighbors. Messrs. Hemp- c
bill, of Abbeville, Simpson of Laurens, d
and McKissiek, of Union, were also in- is
cluded in th:s number. mm
Messrs. C. H. Suber, Geo. Johm:sto;e,
E. H. Aull, Geo. S. Mower, 0. E. Her- e
bert, Geo. B. Cromer, W. H. Hunt and
John B. Jones w%ere at the meeting held t
in this city to orgenize a Bar Associat ion. it
An organization was affected with Ex
Gov. A. G. M:tgrath. President, W. C.
Benet Secretary. J, Q. Mar-hall Treas
urer, and a Vice-President in each of
the eight Judicial Circuits; also a Cou
selor in each Circuit. Maj. Suher is
Vice-President in the 7th, and Hon. "
Wi. Munro of Union, Counselor. They "
have appointed their first annual meet
ing to be held in this city during the C
coming year.
An election has been ordeted to be y
held on the '27th iu-t.. on the l'ceinse
question. Those in favor of no0 license a
have a tremendous amioruit Cf labor to I
perfo:m ini ordier to n' iut.
A Japanese Tea Party for the 12enetit
of the "'Colmunbia Flying Artiilery," tbe- 11
gins this eveuing to erutinu- until Thulrrs
day evening, when it will close with a i
military hop. s
The B3oard of Directors of the Theolo- r:
gical Setnry were canlled together on
Wednesday (twelve of the thirteen nuem.. c
bers being present, of whenu .tive were h~
new int nmbers,) for the purtpose of set- 1:
tling : he p;ositionl of the Senrinary in ref- I
erene,-~ 10 Evolutioni. A maljority of the b
Board disapproving the tea, hing of Evo d
lt urn as taught by Dr. Woodrow, passed
ars soltution asking his resignaitioni. This ti
he delined to do for reasons given, ni
w hei eur.on the Board, by resolution, re- tl
moved h.ni fromi tihe Chair of the Per- tl
kius Professor.hip of Yatural Science d
in co:mueetionr with Revelation. Rev. W. ni
E. Bo.g-, D. D., and Rev. C. R. Hemp- eC
hill, procfessors, teundered their resigna
tion to take etieet. Jun.e :0, 1885. T1heir eC
resgations were accepted. and the ni
Board adljourned to meet in this city in
January, 1885, to till the vacanit irofes- a
sorships, 10
Mr. B. P. Aughrtry; the father of Thos.
B. and C. F. Aughtry, died in ti city n:
on the evening of the 11th inst. Mr. se
Aughtry was an honorable citizen of a
Newberry County, anrd will be a great y
los to the commninity in whihe lived.
Cnpt. J. Y. AlcFall and Mr. B. J. Rartpage tl
were in the City on the 15th,
Tbe Daily Register went off half-cocked on ro
the Cen.,us giiu now before the liouse. Ii g
bnarged tt;e N. erery or State wi:b r:eing up It
Job, that wou:d give him thre power to Farmr
aut the Cenr,as appoinorrenits In the differnent 1
Counties of the State and thtut it would be am
great wasite of mneiy to h .ve the work done 3
s it would be under Ii Is supervison. Th is was L.
i most njust uttaick, Tire Secrtry of' State k~
inew nothing of the $ill autil thieRegister puMb- g
ihed Its mnrifesto. HIe hais bad nothing c
waever to do with it, aind to abow 3 o how
badly the Rtegist>r mis'.ed it. thre power of
ppoitmienrt ls aul vested ini the Governer (..s
tt has always b'eeni and .be Seretry has y
otng to do but to airranrge the work done iby a
|be onusrs takers afte-r the w~ork Is tinished by 5
The J.erislatprro has paied to the third Read-.
in number of bhlls. mostly local, The House
'efeated the J3ill of Dr. P'ope, "To limIt the fl
utaountr of Bonded indebteduess of iiro:r.l, p<
row builaing or be8reacfter to be buiilt." Dr. gj
~ope explarined the purposo of tihe Bitt, whirh
'as to prevent Rairoards wartering threir Stock ,
md thuen forcinrg the People to pay freights to
eet the Interest out their extravagant Bonded
It was ai good bill and deserved bet ter tree:
ent fromin thbe R-.presenta:Ives of the People,
han a defeant by a vote of Sti ro 48. 1
Tbe Senate Bill to Repeal the Lied law a:i- a
lefeted by a vote of 15 to 14. et
The debate was very excithr ingid much ini. mf
erest was felt as to the result Another effort la~
ii be made ,o Rtepeatl this law, before rfle to
ession clo-ea. Mr. Sligh spoke eloquently iii y(
avtr of the Repeal. 1
The Appropriation Bill was up for discusiou
n the ll"ue oun Monday'. The S14 000 recozr.
rended by the Commrittee for the Miuitary wa
ie first to be attacked; rifter conrsidere abie di,
ussion, in r.lbich Mr. Schiumpert plead effecte
vely for tbe appropriation arid ini fauct deliver ted
re best argument in favorof the uppropria:ir'n
h.t was made, tne amount was t.owed by
vote, 83 to 21. ThIn wva' the tiet effort of
dr. Sebumpert. and it reflected mucht credit 3
rpon imi az' a main of great persuasive rind
urgumenturrive powers. Mr. Pope vo:ed on h
e other side,. .I
The appropriation for the Ciadet a' d U. ni,
ersity ars usual, elicited a cousiderable uutm
cr, both in favor of' and in opposition to the
*ppropriaion. MIesrs. Hem phill, Pope. op:c
osed the appropriation. Messrs. Spencer. re
uimon ton aind Y~oumuu. favocd' its result.
rote resulted i;i ' vor of appropriation 62-45.
hr. Pope spoke very earnes:ly ini or.posiion to di<
be Bill but was foi .d to yijeld with the an
inority- at
A cotncurrent Resoclu Ion was adlopted be the
ouse asking arn aippropriartion of $7,000O for o
ire b'eginning of' the work on and lookinug to 5
be ompleticn of the 8:uaue -t e,
i am glad to say :hatu Senator Sligh's bheruih til
as improvod considerably sinrce the begin- COl
iig of the Session. He was advi-ed by his wi
hysian to refrain iromn -peaingu. as it would m
e calculated to effeet lii, bealth on account an,
f the hite trornWh aith his~ throat, but while he LI
Ssomewhart canutiorus as to his exertions ow. eu.r
:ngtotht advice, he is moving steadily no:
uy and is doing v-nabile'service on Comi- wa
i:;ecs at;d an mbp floor of t b. Biotpe. Histr
fort to repeal tbh i law wilt pomppare fay-. wh
raibly with any miade c-n either side, Hie is pre
lly alive to every r'esponsibility devolving
!eting of the Agricultural and Me
chanical Association.
l':h( sto(kh)lders of th( N )eb1rry
triitutraI aud MIeh:mica! Associa:i
-t i:: ii:( (' n:t llt,tte 1,: E un:ilay th:.
tli :1-t ., n ".-ora':we w.:bi the call
tak. in t ( Po -i-.-ration the .- b.il"tt ot:
20111 1 ::tif-t- oi [li A --(,tiat io; lti : d t)
-et twe'tVe direc'(tir f'oIr the' en:-uing
-o vear. Dfr. Jl:c-e dicInitosih wa:
lled to tite chair. ii.e rol l a c1l
Id I170 share"s were rep) 1t:l in lr -
The( (e;re:iart::i?ted that. the( (!."b: of
\ socia:itil ai:er layi:ng nl t; ui U"
:?ionl; is inl romll nmbrtAC
Two reolution- had ieen oUir(. t
e last ine'ting and acti)l 1)o them
Is the ma11in object of the present meet
. 1st. A resolution to (iscon:tiuue
e Assoi:uio:, sell the property and
ty the debt, and prerrate the retm:,in
-r at:o:tg the -tockholders. 2d. A sub
itllte for that to the eif'et that thei
ockholders be :-sessedI ote l.1lar 11e:
are:, and inl tiis way me-et the debt- tf
e association,. There beini, about!a
ares the as1estment if paid would
ipe ont the debt. This plan of op1era:1
iIl was objected to :is uneOt:Stit u1 liitonil
id unpractical, and the creditor of the
ssociation being n illitig to wait for t he
oney borrow"e(1 until anothtr Fair
>uld be held, after onsidrble disCls
on! tile substitute and the ori:inal rt
tions were almost unanimou-ly tabl'-d,
id another Fair dt"termite(d upon. E -
essions of opinion as to the atdviahili
of conItilimancfe were I:ade by a numllll
r of the mnembe:.en present.
Y. J. Pop". E-q., said 0 ha:t he htplel
see the Fairs (onit:tie', that he feit it
ould be a dark nkilit for the Agrietl
tral inter(e"ts of N wLerry if t his cnt-r
rise were to 1:ign ish1 11nto death. II,
it that. the two bad crop ears ii s:e
Lssion explaiiied the linancial delicit at
resent. lie saitd that. if Ihere was a
isp ositionl on the part of the farmers to
iscottiiut:e he would be inl favor of it.
uit he did not h:"lieve they were inl favor
f (isco: titntiuanCC.
Dr. J. Wni. Folk said lie was decidedly
pposed to closing ip. le had not
card a single farmer say In- wanted this
'iir to 5101). I for no other reasot. we
ould conttinute for the .ake of the dear
-omen and their scaled fruits, presery s,
Col. T. W. Holloway said he was op
o-ed to a discontinuance and would
ote to conltinle.
Mr. Alan Johnstone said that he
lought that a suflicient trial had been
lade of the enterprise to show that the
i-opie would not take sutliientt interest
1 it to make it a success. He said the
Ioney borrowed would have to be re
itided and in order to have" another
'air SomlUe improvements were necessary.
tails and stables would have to be
uilt. lie felt it was no use to ,o fur
'ier with the enterpris:", but if the ina
irity so ruled he would do what he
uuld for it. He did not attribute the
eliciency to hort. crops. butit to a hick of
tere.-t on the part of the farmer ele
lent of the cou:ity.
J. Y. Culbreath said lie wanted the
terpri-e togo on1. What he subscribed'
as m .re a gift to the Agricultural in
!rest of the county thau an investment,
nd if sold now the property would not
ring mlore thai 4 cents on the dollar.
[ad not mu<de sufficient trial of it to tell
hether it u otld be a sue: ess or not.
M. A. Carlisle, E-q., said that de did
ot wtait to see the Society die.
Mr. J. R. Spearmian. Sr.. tli:t ::e
as in favor of godng on if it .:unk the
hole property.
Mr. T. V. Wicker said he wa( inl favor
f contiinting.
Mr. Antoine Btnzh:trdt said lie was
eartily in favor of going on with the
Mr. J. -B. Campbell said that he never
tticipated this Fair dying ot. Jabipa
e''pie were in favor of conitinuinlg it.
Mr. H. C. Moseley said if we all1 put
tr htoulder5 to the wheiel and shove up,
;will be a suess5.
Mr. Albert Gibsoni was in favor of try
ig it one yeair more, ato if it p:-ov. d
elf-sustainintg wve m-u-t go- on, amil it
or, stop.
Rev. J. C. Boyd sai.l lhe was in faivor
t co: itiuig the crit:y. He sail lhe
ad been reminded thait itn ruing by :an
itelligenut fatrmet thatt this w ats thte een
:.ia y eatr of agricult u re, and it wonhld
e hiad to ha t an agri.-uiturat inlstitut.in
ion the t-enttennial year.
Geo. S. Mower, Esq., sai<d be desire d
>oi iontie one Veart mtore ini ordler to
take a ipecite le~st of the setiiment of
teCon t:yv. Its success de-pendls upotn
te Interest the farmers t ake in it. He
isired it under-stood that the ntext fair
otild he to test the senitmuentt of thle
:2ty on tthe ' dub.ieet, an:d If it was p::.
otnizedl stufleient iy to miake it a finani
ial sues('y it wvouhd be c-otinued, if
01 woul sellh out and stop.
B.;th resolutions were tabled anid It
-as decided to hold one miore fair at
Mr, Ahi4n J1ohnstonte, thu- only g:entle
;tnn who spoke iagaiist t -nninune,
id, silee the vote ga g to forward, 1e4
Sietermine the soiey shall go eu: tua
'ork for it su'wtess.
Tfhe ehi-etioni of tw.elv:. &ietorsi for
ie next two years was "goie inito. A
otion was made to i\'eteet the old dIi
etorsq, but wa wit hdrawin becaus~e
mne of thema refuisedl to se-rve-. Thet fol..
wving gentlemen were thenu ele&ted di.
Ailan Johinstone,xJolmn R1. Spettaranr.,
ongshore. IR. T. C. hlunter, T. WV. lo!
way,v D. W. Bar-re, P. C. Stithl. Ge.
.Mowecr, Jatmes McIntosh. J. T,. P.
TLhte idirectors select their own officera.,
TPhe matter of raising additial.-tock
as referredh to the- direc-torn-, Thew mo.
yv borrowed thies year to miee-t the enrii
nt extpenses wiil be carried against the
sociation until another y-ear.
Sin3ce the Stockho-der-s have deter
ine-d to hold another Fair, we hope the
topIe of the Counity will go to work and!
iow that Newberry-i Co~unty cani su;p?
>rt a County- Fair.
For- the Ifi- r tu: an uNwa,
Mzsas. Eotrrot:s; In the fl:-giater of the
abit,ist. I notice alocatl headled; the "Way of
friausgesor." It seerns the-re ta a mtistake
ther in the Regisier's re-porter or his info)r
et. Ott Wedttesday last I sawe Peter WI I.
tins. colorcd, who w:as si-nt fromt Newvberry
the P'enitentiary itt 1877 for the term of fout
ars for Grand Lirety and made h:is escape
bi:e ait work otn tile G. & A R. iR.. on the
zh Oct.. 1877. lHe hlad not been scen in
twh'eriy as I know of un:ii Wedtiesday Iast
te saw him. I knew tha4t he had e.<eaped
id thit thete wats a reward off'ered for him. I
Id John Hi. Chappell about it unrd the told tme
let Supt. Lidpscomrb k-now aboutt it. I did
- wire atid 'ext day he ien't mec the descr ip
anl of the im.m tie watuted and saili in htis de
rip:foti that he had beeni setnt there for tour
ars tor Gr:n.d L.are-ny and that onie man
- the s-ame namte sent for otie year frott this
unty for the same offense bu been pardoned,
. the man he wanted had tout bieen pazidoit d,
it once arrested the nitan and wiren Supt.
pscomb. lHe never answeted tme. At tuit:ht
tired him ag in sayitng that I was certaini
4l the rightt thDan sd .oldi him I would be
enue;St day. I went and Supt. Lipscomnb
:eived rte man I carried and said he was the
tn he wvan ted, and said he esc-aped from the
uk-s on the G. & A. iR. Ri. Williams said he
1. Supt. Lipscomnb told me to call next day
d he would settle with me I went up towtn
d text day between 11 and 1 o'clock. I
tebed the Penitentiary and Supt. Lipscomnb
lered bis clerk to settle with rps-reward
5, expenses 5S 55 in full. I went up town
d did nct know Willijams was pardoned ou.
about night when I reached the traSin to
te home, Supt. LipsLcmb said be bad been
utiing Williams~ for sev-en years. He gave
a descr-iptiotn 'f una th'er eseaped cotnVict
d atke-d me to iap:ue tim. sittee suptr.
)--mbe d.--sies the rerurn ' hai. iewar d .
i-e W:hi;i.mE tw 'ppeus to te p'atdo, ed. [ do
Sknow tt;at I shall troulb!e abont ii 'or be
.y be pardone4. anld tlie reward may be
nted return~ed and I do not care to hiave the
ab-e for aethieg: I :hiok i get tile one
se descripdoun I htaue, but wi niot at
sen t troubte about it.
Yours respectfully,
ton 1A, 104. WMZM 11 RTL'AS1R
Fokr 11:.: 1tlra~ :t:,t _Net. Z
I: is w1: -pere t ha! a !ea :-year p::r"y i, 'o
e ."(d( :tt m!e c:i-e of the i:-;-ent tn inth:, "het:.
;u -nn :rd yt- old, r one. of o:-:n. - i
,: an bu -. -i,b r " : un 1.;1te
tfram e- g a vo thIrr:er io
hi ; .: . At tb:s junc i :e- !iw eb I:: :-t
riuo d o.:. eveu:fu! tear to u, u: Nea-"trry, wet :
htd al. : i : w ,
, -a:i : .- :an l ! e.'-a.: e .p.- r:e': : . :: lb i .: i: ,
m e mi. la i t in! -,te 1m i.tm : : 7r m
. ~ ~ ~ It? C:, h,i n d iig a :yd ! r(- a:.,l e., ;t !
aiilSm, wou!d 1:0: he'ordina:i:t' jb : t I
Ui, d1"ar f:-ee:l-, hav wre r.ov bt . rev. r-e" ,:t i
be eavem:Ten t, cn,,_r, i s y:+r. t ('::-e' : -I .
ioeiir and1 iti:e apo: tie ;>r. ed e nce ,f
God ? Mlit we ti ,d .if ui, youti, m
die-.ed .i ,l, aitl a,pori:ne d C. a:,
give' ui ,o:r min:, t > ('r,i" !e'r!'c'-- h ,t
wh"! :;t k i.1 - b!s or c :.-.
The iu" :ecr::: n" < " !:, a:nl ':r ,::d "r 'li:h-m! u:
the ove.:"i a::,: vut::_," :u ottt-u pe-"iea u:' :::1,
st;. t 1'; inv I I!t Ihe( illore'.v i-: s of the
pre.-en t-ee -,ii, :n:d give i, t1ood for ''ernt
andt :::.xin, solitaue:' . U.': 1)I1'.
(G(UI:Y'S LADY'S lioOK 7')r .aiiari i theI
Piz- ,,r~ry nuiner: cottriag "MJ d,moi
Aeetl's M t.quer.de, It pretty ruanefc i1 the
pen of M: :: E. Blral!ey, who won the 1tO
H : i ,! ri-.-I i l ih I1)ceem,er c-rn ,
tillian. T(-c .-e ti u if' the M :zieis a
renarkably' aIlrete' oi.e. It con(uin-i some
ve-ry useful di.-igts tort Curi.aun:sreec ornla
men:s, t:;ce:hr wi i,:rnteive artie s rs'"n- ;!
eetrni:s the."r I:1',ufac'ture, :ai, givling a)nli' [
new it'e-i :blot h~ ilay decor:aionr. Tho-e
who w:,h :o b,:iilu.fv teir ho:ne,. lcring the
ol!d!y' easin, :atii evirty co!tlr:ec that ha
Chiri-itmt~ nok onl ii.inti, will fti,d (;(dey's ,
al: of help andI su:;es:lous. The p,ublishters I
!::we ailO es.:ed every .v;beri r ;n
buyer (if' the J::.U ary t(!:tibi'r w lh a h-:miitl: .
imported Chritnas e:d, au they oiler as a
preuium for iSJ. u line en.raving o "leep
Ing." 13esidles the u-tal attrt::ve fe;ires, S I
the January tnher contatiin; the o14enin
-chapters of a new seriai -ud er Gr.y Side-."
"Lreeing of the Weird." a:l "The S-ory Ot
an ElIpeni-nr," both reach, in this i,ue,an
ab,orbing chliax, and there are more elever
short sturies than usual. Among them w.
o-:ce: "La.ve's Afteiglow." by F 0 11.:
"Jack's Plan," liv Mary .i:rie; anid "Miss
Fo-." by. 1-:ily Frances ll::z:ard. ' Lutic
Forget-:ue.nia" Is a palthi:tc:c -:tch tr,,ui re:ti"d l
life tit wit touech mamy he:irts. Godey's ji
ml,es a beter s?howing than ever this monthl.
It is evidently the deiernna.tion ofemake e B u nwn
publishlers to) make the Book tie foremostina
the field. and they are rapidly succeedling. for of
the verdict of both the pre-s aid public.is. af<
that the Magazine has few competitors and no m<
eqals. in
The lessons on Dressmaking and Cooking,
together ttitb the recipes. and full size cut pa- l
per patterns each monthi, are a:oue worth the Ot
price (2.00) of this Magazine. Published by J
U. Iaulenbeek & Co., Philadelphia, Pa. (11
Painful ilcers. nt
My mother, who is alol:t seventy-fiV' years ti
old. atil a rtesilent of i:ooly Count.y. hal xu V
ul:eiratel ankle wilel give her g, (alt 11;1itn
and troubt e. It b(ea:io. .Va;:g ilred to a tiar- 111
1u1 <i"g:C , an.1 .' .evy it1ip'iratiot of kno n .or :a
t:! ,4su .-4 :ei1,dirs ta(i.etd to brin' reli,"f.
Pl-ysieians prescribt a1. but to no avail. After 1
Si imolnth, i.ut suiting 1 iti:du:ed her 10 try S. S. th
S. On" hott;e h.1 the rinlarkabie effect of
produeing a pet feet cure, -nd there has been
no retnrn of the disease P. 1i. - 1L.MPLEI.
Of th'- Soul Ii Ga. Conference.
3iacon, (da., Ju y a, ]s. it.. _
S ~
Cancer for Many Years.
A fami:y servant has leen siiicted for many
veas with a canc.r on t"er nose, was tr('a:ed
iy soeic of the best pi siciaus, and the ohi
ri-mel:it"s usel without be"eltt. F'inally we
2av her Swlift's Specitie, i' -he has been
(otuptetely cured.
Jotis HILL, Praggi-it.
.Thlolup-aon, Ga.. .tug. 16.I1sSI
T'rati e 11 ioo(d ianm Skin Diaeua-es mai'ed
fte. Di
It. TaE SwIf"'T SPECIFIC CO., mlan(ts, Ga he
The mysterious origin of man has been par- of
thally disclosed lby the Indianapro:s Citizen,.
who toundl an infaiit in a til-piullate 1.0hp ohf
a tree. It is to lie remie:abered there :snut hing
miysterlous about Dr. fi's Cou:ch Syrup; a 5:L
few~ doses will cur.' your cough or cold. it.m
.- in
Cures Congh'. Coldls. oarseness, Croup, Asthma,
f tip neievesLd condrntive
- prsnhs infdvanedstagsof ,.
' PA. te- eAse.PMrce & cs. C<ol
Pripn. aTeGio MDr,1. nL
szn&tPtiTere :-at- aco wit:
Lidot!-1'tCO A uns- Ocd bn a Crirce, ed
( t'miio-ae, nih
NotielesxamnaofJhn. ri
YOti'r, ~ rb-s Bltcnmore, Md. U. .-A.
lChw LanCs PilugOT!hel aret Tobsac pAm.. it
Nol ticeI 13 h of tExaminf ations. c.~
:l unn ofilored it O) wh applicat fo .ace.
c,I:stt rttlee ertificateos will ehldathnalie
held on 1Frbiy the~ tind day of Jantuaryv
Al personis desiring' to teach ini the
jimblic schiool.iatre urgod to presenst them
.tolves for exaititori ait this time,C a.s14
no other exmntin zation will lie held beforle
,Jula 185. GEORGE G. SA?LE,
Chuzirlman CounIty Boaird efExamines, lN, C. In
.Anlr'r ot' Abram Gordio,l decens~ed.
Bly ordes- of the Court hierein daftd 17thi
November, iSSI, I weill sell at pulict outcry
hieioe thw Court Uou-e att Nen-berry, on :hie s.
finrt Monday in Janumaiy, 1885, all! that ciertain'
tracet otf landl, hlying being and situate hn tihe
County and Sitle afore.i d, (being the planta..
lion on n~ hieb1 Abr3amt Gordoo li vetd and died) -
coint -ining two huondredl nnd sixty--ei.ht acres,
more or' le.ss, and bounde I be hrygcr Iver and D(
fthe |ands of Win. E. Iude. de-ceased, and be
oth ens :th~
Te:it: '[he purchaecr wl:l he requbed to th~
pay one4.'urth the purebase naoncy iun cush,
and secure 'i.e balance, pay-able in one and two
year, with in.ere-t from the daiy of'sale. lbya
bot:d and mortgage Ii 1he rremli.ee. 'taij
M,ster's Offio. 10th Dic. 1S84. 50--3t. Jon
..-* T.
Cynthia Mower, as Administratrix of lu
th~e Per'xsonal Estaite of Latvin:a N. Pa4
ar:d V. Gist and Ot her-. Detfendaints. tRW
Compslaint to &ll Lad to A i<l in Po.t.t or
oft D'ebt.s awlfr1d if
Ini'1 coformity with the order' lheri,
I will sell at Newberry' Court Hlous, onS
Sale Day in Janiuary nexi. or the first
con veinient Salediav thie[rln fte'r, the Hous
antd Lot in the Tfownt of Newberrv, of
which Mrs. L,avinia N. Gist tdied seized
of atn aere,0 more or less. anid bo'unded by
lots of Mris. Fannie N. Baxter, Burr ,J.
Ramage. George Jolhustonle, Mrs. C. A.
Bowvman and1( by Johnstonie i'Wreet, on '
the following te'rmt, to-wit; j
One th:ird ca11"h, b:Il:uio 01n a edi.lt of .m
'::ser. .11(d 34ort'ga;:i oif -the premt.ie ; am
4e dlweinu41 t".3 eisitred for two t40on- 131t
uad d. diar andIIP policyV a.s-lined l the ho1.1
hudge oIf Proate~L of Newberry' QIonatY,C
tith le-ave to purchaser to p:av all ca n. Fri
LTnrehaser to pay for aill p;ver.a. - .
. B. FELER, .v p Noe
eeting of the County
3oard of Ex'itniners.
0:;i':- i" h rr\y :\ven :h.t A
tr : . \1':li :-- : i:h
C:;: rm.ml: o Board. ;
I ti . ' ts <iUUc.
e ll .i tISt Si i b
b et. M o st AU i u e,
The i\10st Su;perb,
The Most Tasteful,
The Most ;huired,
-and the
Must Prlesen1talte
.'i 1. uIlrji1: I! % . '('$C'/'J.1
t CO IE Ll ) PE';T TY A: CO'S.
'.11MON PL:AS.
hert II. Wright v Wm. If. Eddy.
et a.
n orler of the" (Cw?rt h'rcin c:tt:1
ii Nv; mb)r .TSS!. I w\.. ---' a: il'li
oItCrV. l)iI-t tite Cour Ilol' at
wherr. oil the ti;St MondIlav in .aln
, 15. all that Tract or Piatiiation
Land situate in the Conty an-I S:ae
>resaitl.contaittimt One Hundred Acres
ire or less, and now bounded by lnds
the possession of Mrs. Sallie E. Ki
rd. Mrs. Marth: A. W. Chalmers and
IEn:ts : The purcl::.t". will be re
ired to pay in ca-zh ont-third of the
.-cha=e money. atni secure theP bal:ance
vablte in one :nl two var-. with in
et t t.herteon fromn the q;y of sale. by
ud at' nd mrtgagec of t be pre mises. Thei
rchaser failing to coiply with the
e. the p--ope:-:y will he re-sold at his
k, on the first contV\enielt sale dlay, on
same terms as s!tt forth above.
Ster's Office, Master.
0 Dec.. 1884-3t . $7.50.
elne A. Bradley v-. Peter R )Ael
sperg:', et al.
By order of the Court herein dated
c.. 1t 1. I will s,ll at pthlic o:utry 1
fore the Court 1Io":se,t:n the first Mon
1 in Janusr\. 198., th, house and lot
land of wiih Richard Bt"adlley died,
zed and.t po .ee,1 in the tow.n .of
2vberry, aid County amii State afore
d the said lot containing two acres,
Ire or less. and bounded by Cahhvwell
et and 1ots of Charles Cannon. Pink
ne-, J. R. Tlhompsonl and M. A. Car-1
le and other-.
?he 'lain:tity, Mrs. Emelinc A. Brad
.has a. life inter.st in eighty-six hun
idths of an acre in this lot, an.d it is
Sposed in this sale to sell also ~tic re
tinder theeii.
ERMS: The^urchaser will b: re
ire d to payi one-rtird in ca:-h. a td se
e the b:danc:e payvab'.e inl twelve
mth.~ wih inter.st from d:y oif
e, by hond1( with approvedl -ure'ie-. an d
noige of the pren:ises. The pur
aser to par~ for p::;:r -
fsotbie. :0. Dec. 1854. :t
Lomnas V. Wleker and Thomas M. Lake
is Executors of Henry Ko.,:. dle'd
~laintitYs againit Richa:rd (. Sondliey
ad others, Defendants.
Complainit for Relief.
Lnrsuanit to the decree of the Hon1. B.
Pr~esley als P're.-idig J:udge he'ein, I
11 sell ;tt Newh)erry C. II., S. C. on~
.eday in Janary.i next a t public (lnt
r ll and gligla.r that pliantation of.
i. =ituat.e an)d being itn the Coluityl
d Stt. af.oresi.ld . 1)ontdailug piN lhun
d ad 1fory-three auwl three-rillarter
t-e-, mo1re ir ie...= bouded byv the
als~ of .J0im2 Danily .' eph Cilweill,
s. 3. C. (alweli. )r. T. C. Jirown
d1 other-, on the following term:s--.o
r: (hie half in ctai h,rl the halince
a credit of twelve mnojurbs with in
-es tfom the day of salec; i]he credit
ron to be eured hy the hiorub: of the
rehsrs and I mortgages of the* lainds so
l'e foregoig tract of land wvill be
d in two or monro pa:rcels ; plats to be
hibhitedl on the dayt~ of sale.
sasters ofmee 10th of D)ec. 1u44.
50, 11--3t.
.Moot tnan; et ali.
.W?ie' ..
Border of the Court here i. d:u ed 1
e,, 1884, I will sell at public octory
rOe the Co;urt lIonne on S-i.kaYt 011
tir*st Monda:1y in Jatinay 1i%.3, all1
tt lot of land. known as the Nfayhin
l4eice, in the town of NewberIry,
El . State and County. aforesaid.cn
iidug thirty-onie acres and four-tenths,
j;i or Jes and bountlded by li:mda of
o. S Fair, Estate of Jrames M. Basie.tr,
S. Moormani. D. M. Ward. W. LI.
'Mkrt, James Gauntt, F. Werber, 5r,,
'I arringtoni Street.
'ERMS. The purcha-ser will be re
V'-(d to pa onte-thirdl of the pulrchase5
a er ini cash, and to secnre tie bj:lagee
o b'le in oe andr two years with im
es t from then dayo sal~e, by bond :and
rigage of the premise... and a poh<i-y
*uramce of th bu liilinigs out thec said
a:sters o0ice, 10 Dec.. *34, ST.
.ee~riek IT. Dominick rg )N:rtha NI.
y order of the Courtherein daite-1110
f!e. M4 [ will sell at public .out
*before tit Court Ho:: at .\e whrry
b 1e tirst M'on;day in Jantuary. ]'-; II
t tract of t4id sittuatedi in te County
I St:ate afor e:aid. containing .tifty-si
, ore or less. and botunded by
ds of .Juo. Ad:11n Eibler, H& n
mo0. Lutht,y Iiinardi, and brids of
drick Donr daet
'ERMS ea:.
dC n MMO \e v l) P( B v )Paz itr it a ,! Em
or;- P. B:z-Iv, r" .
1C S n ti:. I'1 , I : llt 1". -l! to 1.11
'Ihll bi: r o :R OFil O MM-r, eOre
le (C..i:-t Hon--: ;t : u : r, ,ril the,
r.t nM. iay i le .Jo. r,"tl 1 . Fall, s thai
raet t-r l1:11t:1tion (:f l.t;:il in iit '
1: r oper: : .iIlry E. oie1 .hrdt eI .:
. 4 i l r J. C. li la:r. : i n iu or1
er!"t of Jot Ji').ihn-:t'o (-, ehcia"-ed', o;
11. i zz :rd t.he I. :: ti r. Iii
Tins: Thew:I i;iIi~ eeowil biame eqire of
IAecr ::i r-tr be bo:: an:i prene
p o th Crop- ti. b-' !rw., ni: )::i la d-.
101 "1',., (?f t( t i i5l' .)II:
llen M. Nie1>ls vs. Sitneo L. Fellers etal
1': or.il-r if l C.nrt he re da red ;=h June.
N'. I Lr, .8"i. I ia p lie iurv, le' .i-r 0te
")e i1,, -e ::: - hay ry o: the tirst :o a yi
J tinn.i y, i .5, All thit hot of :nd ri te I.
ise : ew o: ' ,:"ri:y, in S a r and Couny
ii . tt:.- r ! a :on ; or ',rly !et of' Main
he :ti,I Town, ::1. , and on1: inng e ive -
-l!, ::'th c l",eel, inlvl "-(f drllip , u e:ich si-!e,
tid !.,ltt :ed. by : " 1 o' Geo. G. l11W :lt 11t14
tt';d K-br:,t, Co. in -r";, tuti bly :0t for:derly
wn lt: .. W i li i. :15. u - . . i nl_t:, .Jr.
L E 3 : Iue p::.ebta r wilt )". m:iii, to
.y on-e-iill If tie Irchl e money in ca'lh,
n -ilcru:,! the bi d :e:, p v:ible i t twelve
sn:hy. w.tl initere<r herei from the da" of
At!, l,v hr. d ";,,i Inrl"1'.;g e of the p,rem)i=e.,
fid al !'u:., i ":IitO ral.Ce (il tiw htilit: _ .
SIL AS .i Oi1VNS1'4)NE, :ster.
Mas',<niu1: M e.18. r03
'L EA S.
i'eo G.: U. I'ol .iist Joseph H. Goree.
F orec1osure.
By ord.r of tbe Court here'n. d.ited 10th
or'emnb(er, 18i. I wilt .ell nt put+li- o utcry, on
he :irst .1.udy in Janary, 1885, all that
r--et in Conty and State u!ores(id, co t:aning
)nte Hu'dred are-, mote or le-s,:and bounded
eu t:e North1 by lay!d- o! Jnu. S. Renwick, on
he E r t bri,y 1 .u-i: i,f Ii. C wi' i.,n, und on
auhand .'e.; by" b::utl:lt L.an"a E. KC:ight.
Tk:;:xs: fie pur"e,.t.er will be r(quired to
ray one-hall' of I he punrch -1e inoney in Ieh,
-1 .ecure. the b i:iae, p.iy:ble inl icwelve
no tll., wi:I i -t1 Irol l it day of "a.1e. hv
at a id! mor . .,--f 'ui-h e .-m it- -old, (with
e.,V, itol the w tva,le Widl in cabi.) the pur- -
as: r to p.ty' fo'r ii(eces'si' papers.
a;ll. JOR NSrmONE Miasa-i..
Alater's (7Ike.', t).h ii 0-., 1S31 50 -3t *
iA'i': oF soU l CAI'OLINA.
P G. De-'.:lt agin,t !hs.S Monrnan,e nl..
F ure ciflosa,-. r
By order of ite Court herein, datd 29'h
covemiser, 184. I wilt el at public outcry,
)tfbre the Court lou-e at 'Newberry. on the
t i1' May li January.ISS15, The House and
ot in tbe ownl of New berry, State and Coun.
y adraidl, conirniig Two :aeres, more or
ess, ::id iouded by los of the Niewberry Cir
:uit P?:rsoln:g.-, M . E. Cutgreb. South; anld Dr.
fas. 3S.etlatan by i;uund.uy.:., --u,d (Wileont
re(;e a+ liin, the l i-t (k v iac;e grave rd . i)
TEn:i-': The purchasr will iV'Yt"gnired in
si a-e -ir euih, . li see iin hai l tii -c,j
ny'ale at t SivOm-Th, wih ntrestIher,
a E. reuse Clde.":'id a PxieLrr of thu.:.e
Iy ith thel .fe:h *propty tir Cbck de- t
,e: i , .l ot il.e r.,: couei,-st 'al.-d. Farn~
be(sne:i n~e ibai-t fr ;'l.
S'l~i:i :. t th-JOL.iNLt ti.ti hl1tr.ii
ill sse:t Nie, 13.4 ke. 88., . C.0-3t
iTAT OFiyinJ: iOUT CARO?~ :l LIN A.o
.. P., Citrrnere, -8 A dm'r, m-t Ar dn:w J
Kih~eimgore ad .io. S.iIi ai.dr~
.'.etor.- boto Courtivl :erei forni'td 4:
Ikvernbr.g to8 I i ,ell ,r pubberou e:ir,]
.efon- iahei Couri:1. il:iat -.ary, othe
ieith -4.w tic .Tonar. 183-2, tor pce nor
,!':rr vir~ hwnt, .inuat Co :-ruy o-ae
i.ed ihe :rei. corpih o:are utsurte
:n raboi of theiv colli.clla Xsev~nd
eres alah,of. .reW ir es, P!adr bonded
v- h nds in.r rut iwne hvtt .brhio F.pme, a
t.io b Lirr :::-t. -. the il at of han-S4
ePor b.Jh--tO-. and F;b aron t.ob
he11 Poni-l or 11110 iP rcFxrx.co
r~te:. t: o ce wiJih t1 th.- reuie idto
.: bye- f th C tyCpu--e , - One- onb
wj-ve -r.l. wth in:erest. Seun - bod ce,an
oi jl:nld jIrge t f. l'utinC moitea Cn-d
SlLiOWi o o eilearox. arr
ate' O!c.4 , 1.hD., C88. 5K-3
-;ia E. rr. thic aoloin exetraIe ope
K a wl of Pattd W.is Chil de
'':nCmapJide(fo areief.ity
F'ir.ven to tes f derea dr hee
bi Ll cintiin 580l acre d mrol&nd
. iatid"iad R!vrsh rnd''Ter Ly E
i .:et." bounded by ban1 forerl bae- h
TRMS4'~ p0(p-i' S il. One tohrd on th h
To Reers it nt. fromday of
Niawe. 'y h eF.ed eit.ntobseud
Applye ho. o the urcase & nd a
m.rtag of remss ucae a
-~ ~ - =a. 7"ttl
o a
n r r
OiaVy OPnisay illlhat wearbtter
PinE g.
LL U4 &nl SMT
OSV'T DEH.1 7, B T COfi5T O.WJ, 'A . TfE
Ve announce to our Friends and. th
Public generally that our Stock of
NEW ~O~~'
now ready for their iszction,. t
reatly reduced prices, and we #eel no
esitanc in saying that iwe are better
repared than aer to.I14 tneront
ink a have prile c forr
Andw toale~Taderso,,sli asRe ieaig
oo fEL FiSneW JULDetTd3,

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