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T. F. GRENEKER, Errons sc
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C- " r- i "S%A ti
~- t
THURSDAY, DEC. 25, 1884. tE
--- fi
The Herald is in the highest respect a Fami- 14
ly Newspaper, devoted to the mnateial in
terests of tbe peopl( of this County -nd tihe
State. it circulates extensively. :-< as a c
Advertising medimmn of ers unrivaled ad
vantaites. or Terma. a"e nrst pe. b
With this issue the HERALD and NEWS t
closes its 20th volume. The past year S
has been one of unprecedented strain. e
With each year since the close of the
war the times seem to have grown har
der. Each year the cry was this has
been the hardest that we have passed
through, but the hope was univer.ally i
expressed that the next would be better.
This hope however has not been realized,
alas, far from it. Worse and worse has
it grown, until now we can truthfully t
say that the year 1884 has clapped the
climax. But it has not been so bad as it a
might have been. We have much to be
thankful for. We have had food and
raiment, but very little money. In fact
money has never been scarcer, and we t
have the bitter prospect of commencing
the New Year with the lightest of pock- 1
ets, our wallets look literally as if an
elephant had tramped upon them. Alas c
that it should be so. The hope is enter
tained by some persons that a boom will
be given to business next Spring, but we
are not of those who have this hope, we i
do not look for a happy change until the
fall. This is a long time to wait, but
that we must wait and possess our souls e
in patience is a foregone conclusion. r
We must wait. Soumetime a eh:age
will come, and what a happy change it
will be. We are lost in contemplating r
it. It will indeed be a happy time when I
we can put our hands into our pockets
and pull out a big dollar that we can
call our own, one that we can spend as
our inelination invites. 1
The HERALD and NEws has felt the
stringency this year as it has never felt t
it before, it has indeed been from hand i
to mouth with us, and more frequeutly
the mouth has been diseppointel. %ve
are content though, for others have been
in the same boat, and have had to pad- t
dIe as hard as we have. We hoi that 1
our readers appreiate the fact, and that
such of these as are able will help u< by
their subseriptions to work oat the next.
year, and keep us i?-m getting on a lee
shore. In the hope that the niext year
will not be as hard aa the past, we trust
that this will be to one and all a merryr
and happy Christmas.
The appropriations for the UTniver-t
sihy, Citadel and Columbia CanalI
have been made. The institutions
move ou unmolested- and the work
on the Columbia Canal continues.
Strange to say, the Legislature re
fnses a small aid to the State Mili
tia. We see no use of pretending to
keep up a Militnry Department in
the State unless the State is willing t
to give at least a small appropriation
to help keep the organization to- t
Bishop W. F. Dickerson, of' the t
A. M. E. church, died in Columbia2
20th inst., aged 40 years. im was
probably the most learned man of
his race in his chuioh In this con
try. He na a member of the Ecij.
pnenical Couii, which met in Lun
don, and was elected a IMshLop at.'
ihe age of 35.
Ben. Butler hats sold his granite '
house in Washingtoni to John Cae
sells for $75,000. It it said the old
anis a Rittle prt'se'd for funds since
his fun in tha- emaign forth Pres
M,.r. JefTerson paiiwt. health i s. -
to be deehl~ ' very tat
Mnt. Srn:.umCE:: I carne to this a~
House pledgedl to an ec'romical it'
miststration of the rffa:' s ot the ~
State, and to the prot ection of tihe ,
people against mooois and I 1t
have endeavored to bie consistent. I 1
han" stood here and voted solitarv n
and nlkne against giving fiten.
thousand dollars of the p;eople's j
money to the'Mairine and River Phos- ti
phiate~Company. I h.ave seen a bill a1
to protect the people against water
ing the bonded indebtedness of rail-.
roads defeated. I have seen four- e,
teen thoiand dollars voted to the ti
military..eompanies. whilst the claims 'a
ordisabled soldiers have been rejec- d
ted. I have used my best effc:ts, P
without effect, to prevent an appro. tI
priation of twenty thousand dollars ei
to the Cit-adel Academyn. an institu- I'
tion unknown to the Constitution of P
this State, and made a part of the
University contrary to that Consti- I
tution, and now I am called upon to
vote for an appropriation of fifteen
thousand dollars to that University e
of Columbia. I call your attention
to that section of the Constitution ~
under which that institution claims
its existence. Better for the South si
Carolina College that it had never
been changed to aUniversity. The oldf in
time honored institution, was dear to ' o
the people of this State, and when the
hange took place, much of its glory, ti
epre.Now, you will see, by re- i{
ferngt thelaws of this Siate, that ia
Sthe,number o~ the professors in the
Uirorgy is limited to ten. and i
their paj to an amount not ceceed-! I
ng two thousand dollars eatch. This|$'
umtuematoIiiit the snora
mn to an amount not exceeding
-entv thousand dollars, and that
nount has already been given to a
called brauch, the Citadel. This I
ouse is in a dilemma, to give any
ing to the College at Columbia, the
)propriatioin to the Citadel must be
considered. and that amount must
divided between the Citadel and
.o College at Columbia. B(t just
,re another lifficulty stares is im
e face. The College is dividing
ith Claflin University" the sum aris
Z from the interest on the _,.gricul
ral Land Scrip Bonds amountirg
over one hundred and ninety
ousand dollars. and yielding an in
,rest of over eleven thousand. So
-om the share of the College, ten
iousand dollars, you must take at
-ast five thousand dollars; and I
-ish to say just here, that the agri
altural community of this State has
een unjustly del>rived of a fund
iven by Congress for the specific
urpose of establishing an Ag ricul
iral College. In proof of what 1
ay, Georgia, Mississippi and Texas.
ach having a University, have never
leless taken this fund given by
ongress and have each established
n Agricultural College, separate
nd distinct from their Universities.
Mr. Sligh said that as the people of
fis State were strietly an agricultural
eopie, and as this Bill proposed to do
omething that would be either for or
gainst ar,icultture, that he regarded it
e most important measure now beiore
bie General Assembly.
It has been called the poor man's law.
at if there ever was a law which con
rihuted to make the poor poorer, it is
he Lien Law. The tendency of this
tw is to make farmers, white and col
red, sacritice everything- else to tle rais
n of cotton. It prevents diversity u1
rops and thereby impoverishes the soil.
'he benefits of the small grain croi at
Lot Consist alone in the grin :hat is
:athered, but by resting the soil. vege
able matter is added to it. anld this is all
am11ortant to successful cotton raising.
nd the improvement of the land. The
.ien Law to a great measure excludes
his. and thereby does not only ipll)oV
rish the land, but virtually cuts oa' stoe
aising (the raising of stoek) and ti
unking of homue fertilizers. Smll graim
.1 the grasses Illean plenty of stock. air
eli fed stoek means rich manure. and
ich manure meairs rich lahnd. and ri:
l( ieans lrge, crops. anld large erops
leau plenty to eat and wear. with a
omlllortable home arnd mnoneV to expelnd
a the education of children. If the far
aes of this State do n.t change their
lode of far,uing (auimany of them1 caln
lot as long as they give iie s that co.-t
rom 20 to .0 per Ceeut. per annum)
hev cannot colpete witil the great west
u the growihg of cotton will therciore
>e driven out of the market. The only
va that we can lake tile cotton crop a
rotitable one is to inprove our lands,
.id to raise on one acre what it now
ikes three acres to produce, and the on
v way to do this is to cheapeu credit, or
my for ca-h by mnaking cotton :1 surplhs
rop antid rvinrg more attentioll to grail
ud grasses and stoek raislig andi iini
roving the soil. No man can by direct
reias follow for any~ considerable tmie
he growing~ of cottonl to tile exclusior, ol
ther important crops under the. Li:en
aw with its heavy per cent, aind make
But another evil arising from this law~
that it is driving from the State the
rhite aud colored population. If onrly
he worthless of the former class would
eave, it would make no difference, butl
he very best class of the colored people
.re leaving and now we hear of miany
hites also going. And unlder existing
ircumstances this is not strange. The
oor farmers are discouraged-they go
.bout with down-cast countenanices.
)ther States in whrich there are railroads
d public lands gladly receive them. It
vi never be any better, but will gel
rorse and wos just so long as bad
op years and high pr-ices for credit con
inues If I had my way, but this I can
tt have, I would leave this law as it is
or a year or two, and have every farmer
o practice the strictest economy, and so
egulate the system of advances made on
credit that would be safe to the mer
hnt aind thereby give cheap credit tc
he people.
This law, open to abuses, is wrong hr
very possible aspect. It not only in
res the~ 1or marn, but eneCourages dis
onesry. 'It may put monley into the.
ox-kets of lar- e land owners for a short
ite, but whde money conmes into
reir pockets from their rents ini cot
rm, their lands are being ruined,
ti their State is becoming depopulated.
he law-making power of any State
ouldi 5ee to it thlat no0 law is e2nancted
rat encourages dlishonlesty. I declare
ivself ill f-nvor of a State Constitutional
:rvntionl inr order to wipe out tihe
[ometead Law, which is just as had hn
iy oinrion' as thre Lien Law. And if the
etinng of the Landlord's Lien keepr
flv Senartor from voting for tihe repeal
h"e 1echiant's Lien, thou I say, let
re w,hole of it bre wiped( out.
I kiow to repeal tis in will caire~
COmpl -alut with somre peop)le, but'. in
iio yeaii -he very rm;en wL:) how op
oe ~it.-i- rpea.l will hh0.-+ you. :rmd 1ife
'olii. We' hav.- tried then Lien ILtw
'r 18~i~ yearai we atre becominig pourer
vey year ; norw le utry to do without
>r a few ya.r. and th*en if we find it
oes not wv.rk well. it can be restored to
re '-Staut Book. At every Session of
d'' L...laure. we are told that thme
ounty i to detitute thn-at the farmers
re oo oorto repreal this law. In the
arm of x leaven.~ uben shall we be inl a
ouditinu~l 'or- its repe:d y We have b)eern
ying~ to prepare tor it for .seveniteenr
ears andi still thme erv: is miade that the
outry is inl no condition to repeal the
,Len La.Let mue tell yout tha:t we
ever wnil be ready until we learnr to be
ouom.ical. and so long as farmermree
rtall forced to pay surch hi;gh pirti
>imake tih- cotton ero the leadtiung,
id in mny inistancees, the only crop.
re 1lan muit be rep)eal at somne time,
San -airly period ill the future. for if it
not done Soumthl Caroiinau i ruined for
ver, Will there ever he a better tinme
rar now?I All tire nlecessitie5 of life are
ow cheaper than ever before and it
C>s seem thrat it is the ve ry t ue to re
al it, No one dare deiny that if this
.w had ne ver beeni ini foree in this State,
Le people would be onie hundred per
-. beneIr off thrani threy now are. Rte
:al thne hiw, eurt oIY this right arm. or
:uck ount the eye, aind my wor-d for it.
:sperty will soonl conme to bless the.
.mers aind all tihe p)eople of South Caro
In a long article rel,r:ing to rho B. B. 1a , o
at city, says:
Te Bliood Brirnm Comipany ,tartedi one year
:o wrrl e109.0 but to-day the business~ c.n
>t be bomi ini for Sf>0,000.00
The dmnand. anrd thre saisaiion given is
id to be without ai paralle!, as its action. is
ono:ned wornderfu!.
We are gl..d to Onrounce that e dru::gt
ye already a,-c'ted asupply. and we hope
.r reders wi;! surpply themseives at once
[t is said to be thre only speedy and perma
a blood poison remnedy offeredi, giving en.
e sa:isacion is all cases before one be,ttle
a heenin u,.ed. Fjri.-d~o D)iseq. Eid:a'y
c, n1:i.:, senrordam. C..tarrh, cad U'Ieers and
a D.eart, try onle botin ot 1i. B. B.
ro:rthe ast:ronumerr 1. biCO pi-edicri.
wor d would go to smshl :his yea-, bin: tis
uld not deter pelne f.urm seepiug on hamnd
. Unn's Cough b S rup, thne grat hor.selhoM
nauy or eonnara irnd id5. i
I-r I cr:t:d :a n Ne\ws. i
'I i t :'" 11" . i !or t! ." . .: av. ": t
!'t: it I" ; .\ ic h u: i :::d
ii o. . e:
L ,t :i,. :
:1 'i : r"-" ,r ' -.r .'!r . t:,o .::le
li:: i:i .-? r,'.w'::- w tl!t -t:,
I.1 I. -:l.l-:t. , : "lntmv ..- w t h
II. rti'te ..-:- . i : l ll - -
. '1t!1: :1r t ' .r":. " :.. 1 .
.: li !:t+ t b v;i:L-. --' :: . . :,
:t on . u 1: :. i ,t .
,,b li-t -- i t l '':'p itr : -t'
.:; Xt!: .iiitiit'iit .i":t"R o .i"
i n her' wls w -e .l-v:.. t"t I.te
t'--;:: i<t- lrt:.:ine d.tvt,
L it i.k ow: i i " ." i t'aiII
l-r, i,t.: : i)i t,f ;::. ,i b
:: !1: .i i , ii:. ' : ' - :it'-, : . "f
Ti :J" t +ni y- , 1:. I' : .
1101: i. a"!,t?. LutL' wc:jiI
.1 "iii'
1 hl "! - v . ! 11::1 . 'reh
-.j1 r : :."ii :m-: ; l: u - t
_1 .-:4 it It-:- . tl i: ::t - 1 1!I al ne .,
l :e ilmaghli t, - S:ILlite!: li : ' e :0
1. b e l . hl w : t n-- e
'1 t' o:lt i 't, I .:: !: ' -t : r.:
Live h1" '-el:.e- i i,lIt:t:it
: , b e e:; tvoi .. of v.: l: >r ' . in, -
Tfih is :t: e wca that' ooe n ise.
.elia.ev . w ' l.
W _il i :v r tl -nt renew.
'1 : .?; t toI )j:. on i e : . : . i':e "
O"1J "itir, C*e.t',
l e .1 j.:(1 i.iy ay'titlm'
Trotin;; ~ ~ ~ ~ : :J,in eliotn
F or beli .-. I h.el :~::
Li r:d u I't1;; :: J.n,! Mty.(I:;
At.urht. 1e: "1 ur. -:t:! E ,:h" .t an : Clii
Th 06 i r 4y ht-. ' ii \ViaK,ti:
1. bli ve, L lif d, a\ve- Jt 1 '! iid J.
..,.. "!t.. !":i .! D s r t ' . 'i' I Ct'r 'u\r'..'
:e-.C l-.i , or. vn meet
:We:r OViu j+iu:". C) I 1. :u , _ "iii I. " lI- i
i. Ii F't' -t. t ': .r aio .ce n to m. . e
L.. e !I k.:il J hin ,i- :l t r:t m: tt .1 :t ru . "
3: C. we.i s t ho:y hymnl'l 'tot. e C e- i
u: r.t .i vi T on'i' /o ".)P ;; U :1t !
Wh ": a . itsl! i. r.t i it.td
'Ti : steya ht ntsst
CAl) .t\ ,: . t:it ('. . C "r im-n.
- - -l M i I'.r tyi NOXIitu a'. 1 10 - 1
. . '- l,i -.it"i ' A .1 J1r s' iut r~ eiC i
\ -i' ;. 11- titt. T: _. 1 CI. . -
(" 4 1ith )o i i.1:1;ll i ,.-:..i. ; 1..:"e
l1'.iuifl :v. i :r i :ti , :.. 6 Cr -?:11, +i
\t:i :o : 1I- i LC
u . Ilt: g M t F' -2 .. (' -'. ' ' . -
I -l':l)li"i': a!.:-- .13.3 '' ::t" : . (\ i:br ts-il
I" i::t 4 :C . Pi (i1. J
.hA Al1'"i\' .ex t:g .: svl G G -
-,g AC -it,:-f l - i 1 i; .' c il: - ".: :"
1i 1 .:dit't y" . iz . : ':: 'iS iLto '
PI.. nt " I :.) i 1-w 't G ri
i (:e?t-.1:1: 1' I:-' : _ I U (!i'l. " I- i 1
b y ,...... r t. . i: ' _i"","1P e .on;
-UL 1. C > iAl -.\ J cr:hstu .1 E Con ;
ai:ng, : - ei't : C;.emrtd :ri. : t . J' C ai
liti;: C hiamp:tw- Ci Mii don o C
J i.cL- ,; n.!. , 3 ai C'ria-f!jio c
*lc ilr ,W 1r.) Io. J GenwoyC., J
ai tIit i.r.: i, U; .U b U-. '. N ortem ieus t'
.1vi1 Ci-t." CJ En D0-1. I; MeI:oyi3
A n, .\lu r; ': i.desvi l . L i 'i!<s; ler:
ngi0 1h:'d0 . W LIlOL' .\ri .r ib W l:'. Zi l
iqui.. i A Dt!row a ; K;nrOi4u . i; - it:dtnall:.'-u.
jtY. A M;.o isca PrLfcr. vii.t3 J iLL'Uttn
Ftlo ce D. tiu CoIfi'.~ i:: tws . i E:L,. F I
S. 1n - Columtnbet :a I) :---' 1':. - ' i stor
: ii'nJo-, I! "o i r :ekson; - ia:. OnI4iup-e i.
I i i..s Lowe D r ci . W JackOn
lack Cree .il.s:e, tole .nti olyi In -
Suzih: Baci Rivr to besuMile-1; t o r;e
.iwo1.1-' U.. L.tDlti/-i' ; JohnLon'.ilaT -
r.irlart.L W ,a lJ R W ite r.,
:cat-her . '-1 i &n ry to B rl & W4. Koler
.ee nle R, P : -art ; trenville Ccuit A W
".w ""'c'- 1,OvilC .~ U Mann ; or th reen
reek, J Atawy ArX.,rsn. Jh 'S Wbaitg
rdro circuit. ' Can Wettt' at deron
D Fri.)on IT owuv1 ille. :c. ~ he supp!e.! byi
- rd!Ela1;.on onea ityA1 au.rs Wah:
.. - J 't' C Dav.; ili imto Fem;V Co!!ee, 6
its&12. W :igh tan; Ctea - .' A i C a.lke nrit
nti. J Lv ~tiok. s, Jc PrL ce.it ju:: i pieyn
tsicain Tor pio0r 0,se a><
"k C
On1 Thurdy., th Ja,ary :. :,:r. t le
tI F' r.mmiiu.::r, wil awar th --
Dec. 17h .l I t. Clerk. Ii
I u
THE t.thee
ll l
A.\.s'r::nen of (hr:Aim::S :va o oin r to
.t. j im a. .: :u : t l lC . i s ,11 r "P
Try r:inpr1iace froma: two* for ive
Come and see themn.
"- - W AL ! - tl. 1 :, ,i . 1)
jill 10s? Atti';ilivc.
Tome d t Ras. m
fu'1e i0I useml
The MoPst Su'perb,'1
The Most Tasteful, i:n
r*. - 1 tai
i lle 3! tt AU imli'Cct,he
t h.
' IE 'O A I . ci . e :'l''
PLEAS. (ha
m-a tO h U:-r- 1theo
Sp.T a e .haste el,ei 1
rv*, all andi~ .*igu:u th:a. id:u'at ion 01 p
in -at itate a:h binO in teI Couty
tud Stte. afore.aid. co.n ing si -x hun
lrdt andi ? fort-th r andl threer-gnarter
eres, nmore a or le. bounded by the
bunla of John Daily. Jose'ph C'aldwevll.1
it : One l, in en-h. and the b:lance e
) a credit of twelve mionlths w:tn in
rst from the ay of .,ale; theT credit
ptinA to OF eenred by the bon A.s of th
purchases and mortgages of the l:ds -o
T'ihe foregoin- tract of land will be
aoldl in two or anoro Irireels : plats to be
axhbid on the day of 4-ale.
SILAS JOliNSTONE. :aster. E.
oatter's otliee 10th of Dec. 1t84.
50, 11-3:.
COUTY:O'.F'x i." N WBERRY. e
PLlAS. a0
Frdri k il D11 oiniek rs 3.' Mat\"
K1-ibr. by
B order of the Court ei dted 1II
No1mber. 184. I will .Ol" ah pal'c out
rv, before the Court HIois a' Ce wb:rry P
:i the st wiavon ile fn Jo \auary, 1 5',- all 0 a
hat trict of !:ao s:ia(ed in th C'ounty "
untl State af..r'e.::id, contaiinng tidty- ix
it-e. Ore or h-s, and:111 en: by he
tads of J:m. Al:n Kiler, IIarrdion
Cannon, IutLeir Ni iard,. adhm. of :
redrie'i Dmnie.k.
TERMS "is. S
SIL As JOli NSTrONE, M:aster.
M!aster's oillee, in, Dec. 3S84- 3:.
Notice is hierebya. g~ai1 that an xm
nation of co..'r,-d applieante fr te
yti 'tin:tts wvill hlw h''3d at the" a:n-:i PAn"e
)a Thuday the :st da ci.i J'nuary 'IS '
aO that an exiamin:t'iont of wh'ite :anili-.
-ts for to:wer ' tli 'tes-. be
beld oan Friu:y t hr :lnad Cday of Ja :ut r '
All perse- ; e-! a:r t Ct:th h the
ublia .schools at.ra.-.d io pr'-.en t .h'm.
t?ivC.s for e'x-mination it this~ *:., a
io ohr ar-xamoi:mtint' wi be hel beor
31u1v. 18S3. CE UtG ~E . S.U.F.
am. M. Gordorn e: iii. alinlst Wmi. V. LYlc5, G
A dm'r of Abram Gordon, decas''t:..
3v order of the Court hceiu d .-e 1-7th
ove:;r, 1SS4, t will sel ::t pui 'a-cry
nn the Cjirt Iou'e at Netwha v ", i.a :1: -.
irst Monday in .hiat:ny, 185,~ :ul.0' a'-rtama
ato laid, 1ying~ be:ng :n al..:.. th.. r-y
>ui:tv and. Saaue aorcreraid, (en: :he'a =>: a' - * e
on al a.l bich .toruma Gor:ion **re' .:. a; cl
.n ::1ia tw'o ::nudred nud.xt-:: ::res, ,
aore or le . :ad boa:n.!Cd by) tye!.ad
he :ads ut' W :-" i l:rd-.d e:- , n
T L:.s: ThI: pam-~a a ' 1'' 4
nd : ~crei.h ' :da n e . pai ab.le ini *ne n : t ao
-ar with in.er.: from the d1. er ., by h
ioid rad janorty ge' 'r the 9*a*:i.
Me a:er's Ofihx, 10th Dee. 1581. j 50-r
( y . G i.t ia n d Ot. D- te n-!:'ia, .
:.\ li: "oatia O.adt Ji' a .I l'|'
i''0 .1 i d 'A tc w '? a r- r I al ' '
wl~l aell at New ber Cor Hou W .''on
anen. Sa.,lei:..f t:ie Ius
d Lt in te Tona a f Naberry, o
d al M. L' a*~ ai na . is " tid .t:
>Iu j"a-ere'C.'more co- '.andl bhm'ia b.
.amay Geor John.,oje, N'G- C-A
3e.wm iin ndi . by Je .tn . ). o
b<- 1' ol iiaing.a A i-i i ,a-. O . 7.
O n t ir o 1b b1 w o a i r, a.~
a. to .' t..-ee by or t ia - -
S-e Pr.' o' Newb.erry County,.
ri t -b.-r * .ci:a- r to pay' all cuashi. -4
>ua:r:o pay' for all p:ipers. N
J. B. FE LLERS, 3.?P. N. C.
A.r-:~ 1.1 1ns4. 51i 30
Ti: OF SO Ti . A UL L.A
03DION l'LEA s.
aMoe P 1uzi:ar't and E
ory P.IB:zha:rt.
V : ' 1f ite C.':;rt Iin-rcill. (i.;td
5. tnd wr'. i " , t' :i!l , ': e( to ti. .
=i ir.:?r.. at poliiir i t''ry. befor i
U ; Ir o. 1 40 - i 1 .: r . :1 t il
".,ul anv in .I: uary . ? ->. :all :
:: ntr : i u tin 11' f l.a:t? iii th1
uIt an.d S;a:e a re i'. fortn r"tiy
l,i',l.(", _? M ::r. E . si:zhlar:i. t.e
i i .:e' ludr:' - i T:-1 A:-r-.
C.ei I-. i : l ia . iis dor
:; f ".i . tn eaSe . er
. ti n i. , de I .e ' i. ": i1 . : ;rl.
e:r ' ti:, r'-ut- b- _oe o:i: : i:' li :'1
u th<-rip- h. gin I(444I\ said4 l4ad
111:1 (1t-it l +1 ' U4IZ i O ! .11 1:111tLcre
.1 (1' 1 SOUTi CAROLINA-- ')i 'TY o
.r. I. Wright v Wmi.l. H.Eddyn.
et al.
.L ( t'rec'losure.
\ ti n) tem ,r 3881. I w"ill Sell a.thub
mr b;rV ,- ."fore the ntCo rtile . t
;:t":rr. ->n t he ti:- it)illl day ii "Jatult
. 45,a thai Tract or 'la;l:ati..nl
"ndI :.t ac inl t!tt- C,)o tty and ti::C
re'-:tid.conlt::linig On " m tdred Acres
ri or l ans. : n ow b.)intd by' laua .
the o1s .: i"nu of Ir.. S:tllie E. hi
-l, Mrs=. MlVrtha A W. Chlalu-lrs andU
l1i". is 1:' The h. sr w ill be re
retd to 11.y in c' h oixc-tlidr.. of tih
se11i t'1( i):1 1.11(e.
1:);, 1in 4" an.", 1W ) year..: with in
; ': r .im the day of Sale- 1y
1i a- r t "::e o .!'f thep ese. The
re:., 1':r :.'iling' to a:Ieiiil wm tel'
:i: pir i ' lie 1i-iere- :ld at hos
1 . onih- A i. con! nien ":dw dany, V11
- i' a : t.r1u :.S . f.th abi ve16''.
14-..! 4 V f Iie -I i,. I: 8e r.
C11 1 ()F .E l " it
!1 T - E,iCI.RT' UL CO2.Ii1O
Ma.-e A. B:'a1L.-y v<. Peter R:odel
BC ovllr of the C'im-t het"r1inl (att'd 4,
e '., 4:1, xi" 4 e: at: p:tlic oitrry
ai. th:e Cou);ri Ilo(:; :leo llhe iir-t Mon
l' in tJ':::"r ! , hour. a:d lot
Lind of witi.I hiichlardl B:'adleydi,
.: :t i ,:,11,.. >.e i i h- -l towa of
w ll:--; :. Ii Coll;'t r TrOl 1 (lde ay 0
'. byh ;' 1, v.'r4 c.::t.40' z:inig io aes .t
ire o le..:ua hou: -d b ":: ow 'l
...S, .. .] tit, p h: ..11 C:L :'.' :I. Pin"
L,J. . Tho,,SON: M A.a
P. Plai:a.p.. 34:-n. 1m-liine' A. liU- J
F. e lk i:'e:.;i aeig. -i u
:ht:t i of' a: -e Ci nrt :hii :ot. nd ilit
. :.. 1i- to -Illo t cert
t nder thllrt"I. 1O
1-s :,t- lnire:itai.r w ill b:' e
iret1 to pay o:. -irl in ca-h. a:nd se
re the :lance c): pOrayeetabtl in twelve
milthls. t.wi" h inte:int .from dlay of1k
l,". bybow I wth::pproved byureie, anic
no:':::;'' o: the pren:ie.. The par
:Ls-r to pov fl,r ;mn:'r-,
SILAS 1 .O STONE, 3Ia nster. -
Sla=tr'so ",iice, 0, DkC. 1K-4. 3:-.
P. Char -,thl Admr againfsAdew b.
K4 nd444g44re 4.nd Jo. p. Ha:ir.so o
3e rderCL~l of143 the Court .herein C0awd 1ih
dembr,~ 18 L4, I Jwill N,ellat pube oucry,
Fr Curt: Ho.at NewbIerr,o heY
resid r nd in;4 the4 corprat liit of4 the'i
tIr b4 John'ton, byji 444' CS aon, and.... by
Bouk44:h~(t Fer3 Road41.. ,
1k4'1)L: The purcha r" berquiredt to
4 one-h:44. of 'be pure44.44.e mener44'~ :ni c'ah,
d to ' senr th bame p:yN in' one and F.
4atr44 me4 1m De. 81 5' 0 -3t.
4.4T444jOUTH C LI A.~ 4
1 4) 4-4. 0. ]
Tene:: ' C.. 4ou -.: 'n J4-:44',Se a H u. Gc
Forectoe4I'44 " . ec,mre'
ember . 18.4.. 4.14, will (e44 ate pu bo ry, our
et in C one ad Sta Saore P'ld c ainingr
e )a ure "04-ee mor1 4r lessI, :md14 bounded0f
theNo;hbyla:d- o .o S.A e thek.jf, on
E 4.s 4. 4444 f . I'. i 1to'n 41nd on
4th- rud.\n by "1 lands "OC ofL ..uranht
"14a44s: the pe ert will e q:re-so
j . *ek- ibe 1.4 :n t.: , ;Ot'Ctab:-e 51id4y 041v
.IA .O{N .C E 14Xft? - .
ve 4 ., - : -.. li) d Dc. 16 a.,. ) 5:i-3t. -
WT1 .'OFlo S.11-Ti.4. CA1 O111'.-Nj
11T1 OI NE HE3'
F.G.ew.r andis iGr.s. t om,til
y-C iL dc mdTiry
Yi~.r 2lr I ,s dLe.d
.t t -1on 4y : "Jan '.::y 1655,aThe U ne tnd
, n bo::::ded y loti1s' on Newberry i
t ar.onsg,M . imn,uth;an Dr~C .
rom te l:, orWs.e,4 by) bond m or.g
h hv o TeicaOer faln SMt.m
uvith te!d,tepoet i!h esl
flflhiIJI" 'JE.
AT THE ------
u Jul~
07 D[EiY, BUT' CO7E .1T OXCE .2t'D TXEE
%e announce to our Friends and the
Public generally, that our Stock of
.s now ready for their inspection, at
reatly reduced prices, and we feel no
esitaney in saying that we are better
repared than ever to hold the front
mnk, (as we have always done), for
trouse an d Bros. Fine Clthing
Famouis Cincinnati Clothing
nown to all the Trade, as the leading ~
goods for Fine Retail Trade, L
[he Best Child's Suit ini
S. C. for $2.50.
annense Piles of Goods Closed Out at
Going~ to New York as we did, late
ithe beason, and by buying in o.6i
~etion with J. S. Cloud & Co., of Spar
:auburg, we closed out large lots of
oods for less than the cost i& make
1em up. Wye pro pose to divide profits
ith our! friends, and
n all tyles& Prices,
Having struck a Big Bonanza in
hoes, we can sell at Wholesale Prices
ad then make our profit. Don't delay,
r when these are gone .we can get no
ore at the price. .SH OES AL
And Leaders of Fashions~ and Low Pries
'1'Il, a:d of Trad1e invited a;,(1 lot
hos:piabr nttler,ai:(1 . a rgC lo::r
of ii. :;ihe p--il1 rzo:zW n ld;g h
mel:ube r of the Iio:,c aind &"u:.
their A;inual B i::( et (i th".. ,thilt.
Thec Annal ii --'_ th:g i' Y th'- Alu:1::
Association of tQ. Sou:ih Carolinta C ol
i:"e and i tIver-ity took >l1, a::l :he
A'nnu: Oratio,n Waz (" liter""d in. ,
H :ll of :hI: 11i!n-e o le r e ta .
i'r".:. C. W tduar' Ilt -OIl of th!, :
foi " 1 1i-..) t -ive'ity. forim rly a :::1
:-e of ti :-a:e am a Grad::at.e of
South Carolina College, on the vening
01 the 1-: LiP.t.
The Senate refused to conirl the p
pon!!tn1w"!!t of MI. W. T. Fair S:up)ervior
of Registration.
Ihe Gov,-rn:for l:-s app,oilttal A. II.
Wheeler, Treasurer: W. W. I)1"1-i":.l,
AudIiior: J. Rt. Leavell, J,nry Chnilll
sio:w r: A. ii. K >hn. Superv(-or " f - te:-'
tratli, atih:e UN!o:TI 11 Ju-ticce:
John S. Fair, 11. II. Blea-e, J. S. Red.
R. S. I)av'iio, Jhn B. C'amlpbil.
Wirr"ii G. I'terson. V. W. Wallace. J.
B. O'Neal Holloway, John L. Elpes.
Levi Schumpert an,l C. P. I)kceit. for
Newb-rry County, all of which h:ave
been -, conlirme b.,_y the Senate.
The Tax Levy for N w berry is lixe:d(
at 12 uIil.
at1.'uii.Col. T. J. 4ip) omb:wa r':e-(e."_et(,l
I Supt. of the Penitentiary on Saturiay
last. fOr ano:her terI if tw:o vt l t 1
the followingDir<.et (.r.: N. W. Br.lk,r
of Eiigelield and Geo. A. Shi''1) o.f
IRiehlaid, tor two years. A. I. DaI1
of F airileid, for the mi l -xpired t(.r1il1 of
Ilon. T. V. Voowarli, lnd John S.
Sitt, of Marion, for iunt of Ilon .J W.
Wilial.so:1. 11r. B. II. M. -. of l1
\waV- plAced(l in n)m1Inl:itin io: S:p "ri
tend:a:t of the Pteni tmia r\" .:ta:-t Col.
Li:)ic.imb, ad siel of hli- entl:iiasm-n
Supp)'rtCrs ciaill.-d", ill i:t bo o ted, the
eveni:ig befre h Electiol, th at he dI(
sixty-uine votes Iledged to hi11 mn the
Heu-e, which woui have In:d'." Itu i
1,.rmlidabile compl):t"tor for i.e Co!.; hea,
when the vo was gi ven it. sotI
o:ii,'::?iy, (3 for Lip-cownb and -> for
MI ier
I p'se to i'iforil you that we lave
"Ia-l r:It Winte heat IL her .Ie 101.a
aV .' LLOtt..I!c i. !'r j::: h i antd..,
IL'It , rO P cIu -' Simmee Fio!a)"
a O't' Sto1rI- I Y11rW :it(t (So
N'jt:?-Easter wi ::i1 at the a1ine thee, t"
buine Is pr' gre:ing- in: reb a :ut e t
thain-Chrisana1 G:,md, U: (ta:a of i
mnakilied to s t "art on his .\n:
'oun-It little heart-:tr' heang anxion i
ir and1( ho?"efnlie for hii- "omni:,gt;
nlien a:nd.unaiden':-are t ur::i:eg the ir 1--art
an1 tvies to praise a::d rio: e l l
aroaching aniVcr.-ary of the ?
hli:eC. Fthlite1s an m1101thles IPs Win
for the illrable inr.i- o :i the
clo-i!!, year and go forward with grate~ n"
fl h:-:! t tji ien te:' i'p-: t'le- O -o l : :c.
po i)i it 01 I! 1 Iof '-a t et \t I l
tha the ar,w ay k,-p(: h - P of i l::t, a I
dexe. to"ha,:leer Ui i;,ital.e- ta 11r
ihey\" have t thet of I4.
1 t(::.l r t:> ea":1- ,;l ever1y re a1ller o
the lthe !:: :lp '}(?.t!f o.": !!t0\' O tt
wi,lb(s for a mlerry\' ita r
tit <Joy mlay abodlnn.- in the l,lli T
arud ellithe F ezivre BWards and iit.."iJes
of all.
On the o:t imporant tar s] n hieh
have been co'lidlred bt G
Assembly, our: Re:e lretative Ve(lop as .
follows: 1t
A ppropri:riOnl of 615,() )( f ,r hl; C'1lum11-r
bi:t C :na!.3l r. P,"; e a1 d ?ii'.11upert l'
voted Aye.and S:gh::d 1 r,l. vot-d NoJ
On the a1): u:>ri:tio! of - in"r I" .
Oiiiitiarv, ML r-. S' p :d 1-altn it
vote<i.ad nprtA .
On the appr o i:Con1~ of s75,0 0 frIthe~ '
begnnin of thel ork i tile StL lar-er
Slig voted No; Soebunvert Ayume:t r
Nowas nohe~ 1:en.ree:t
Jvote Ave, opetWi bN M.Po.at o
Onl" the Cen4,a11 iCl :.f itase COIIlth -
Houte. lMI..l votedA,t was dhefe-ataI
ithe eate. thr. Snite votin o. Ltt
Ong htheUry ili, e legati:C on votedIXCI1
On:' the Bll- toincrie ase Paossenger Rates T
on aou beRaile Rod bn thei Stae,IIar
was not pesen t. eS,liILId1l
whzins'g th >in t o -ag cnotn i o
bandeedmine the ~inmte f heSat
Thnatic AsylumIfor the purpo.-e of id- .
a orrwhetherthere are o:t hooe who .h
The Uboue wmat aou trnine Dieow bto-c
freoett cearrance titan is gev;IIIy Lyoucd- I
m aiie aod LelLilt vWicI bte utttutd I
among"aliLLlass: .
In oma caseit m a ewit.rmI '1. U.me'lu
w icCIL reVly0 b .- no fu uI. n : a t i
O.,I I L a::the v. : Un wI :tho :-... lIbu
ON n her3 1 excit..d I '1:nd until j-ai u i stlla
: lt:;;::I ::. Lit d IJ a pe-it I~ t uu::. .
be l.'IL ti . ..II
T )i.-:sec afeIh l : haveCLi be u .' ry :fi lo I
a 1nd % grivou, a:a l n-- liee .r c e ': t! :o hen
in Ld a u: ULIL-I more tbnorm I tcord:i of thel nIi,
luic s L de::ia!t. ..oll 'et .&n man ..:: .di ,
pv .e'i andl snet . ri. O xy... ( !:t u i:it. c -:..'be
sp e vad ee:::i:: Ie -y Ie U -e ofl U. c -r ' :
l. w f; ch priun AtL n , WI e I.s W-P. -for:na
ti., tehrouan thled w: th s es:rwte a
: ch. uint - h ra; i v .t i ly a rou hid 5n f.:. i
-ubjce. 15iiie a:t1ou:.; Id:ntus iOi- tx
r ea;e, d cann ti.be o i nced t' th i error.
cn at bm w.e p amde h::t Ith lh' hony
1-'n and lOt' O~tt '1' that eeaios: = h l t'il ny
only Iah a Idte .IjI' h i ll ch-e tre fraud'. 1 herl .

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