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Local and Special.
):Ih1broidery Patterns, Stamped, at
A hrge supply of school books just
recciV(1 at Caiston & HIunt's. 9-22
Secretatries of societics call on J. W.
Chapiman for Record Books. 9-8
Handsome t'hot o. and Autograph Al- 1
bums at Chapnti's. 2-17-tf
Spleimdid lot of Blank Books at J. W.
Chnpnall's, and Chetap too. 9-8
011 ron, taken from the jail cells, as
good a: new, for sale cheap by
3-.tf. J. S. RUSSELL.
Full line Selhool Books just from the
puliisheirs at, (laptan's book store. 1
Soil at puil iisier ' prices. 9-8
Ca:it :t &z Iltint will give you the very
low a-t figuire; n text books. Don't buy
til you ei tiwn. 9-22
. No rcnt, no clerk hire enables me to
sell at, hot tr,t pri:ces.
. 1 0 J. S. RUSSELL.
A 1::re upiply of glass ware and
einel"r:twae vheap at
3 -10 i iJ. S. R USSELL'S.
-;t & (oonay Parlor Matches,
Ct's p,+ l 'Tniea, .Mason's Blacking,
:i .,il'. iing Powders, Choice
N. ( . Syruh, New Mackerel,
Lard. Stir, l'i', etc. A new lot of
1)q uo I I itl Shoes at
9.-18a i ... RUSSELL'S.
J1. W. 1.hp0m( enil please the most
ecor::aitcl hi, er ui Boks and Station
ery. 'Try bim.' 9-8
('i"iie, c ;mptua Cathartic Pills
ant Ow r F:an:i!y MS'dicines at
irg: r. . S. RUSSELL'S.
1+ 11 ;th b," composition and ex
ereie b.h a el.et tuemlorantdums and
atecuttn: ho'o!. all kinds, call on Cas
tonu 10' 9-22
('a>u l& unt keep the largest stock
of sr.ri -1 uni 1.uily b ilbles, gospel hymns
natl :! ;it:l of Snillg books in the city.
Give ;i+"tem yom-" orter. 9-22
(lit I. o en~ r:, laiIsone assort
Inet v+.rv chep rtl at Rlobertson's Drug
Sturn ol,'i wie it 'i P tillCe.
T'ih.tuli.t lin'" of Christmas pres
en % I etil in this market are to
he fo.cil :it 1,hirt-on's I)rug Store op
., 1l': It"1 ' w book-"l-e Fel#
L,o\e With lli. Wio," at.
L...'vca talvo. a
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i.e, 1: a', s tt I(t, lim , Fever Sores, Tot
te''r, utalioll tI:,inIi, 4:h1lnihtlsnn, Corns, and n
all 'Ik in -.iulpt ions, niI por,tivoly cures piles, w
or tou 1ay i In Ii I.+ It 1i guaiait dtot to givo w
t rfe t .t:n!-:til n, or linoney rofunotld.
l'r i,",, 01 X. Iro . For male by Coflol
& l.yni. 7-14.
iii yu, w-i : W riling Desk, Work
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Serl+ lI:uo, ('a:nit ('use, or any kind of L
Toy )Itok or tutlard work call on Cas- is
to ;: I+ut.. g.
'om) (on.-' t~Ime all!!. Indebted to us t
aiml I:y Ill.; v.e need money; no more ti
creit until von settle with
1*-2 81. l'i-.iit01-: & JOHNSON. wi
501z. ( hioce Axes for sale at low~- lt
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st)cks :1111 ;,1m-ral hardP(ware for sale
chtea; pi io a It hi byt':OPL~ES&
1 2- '.-:h. JOIINSON.
....~ -- d
Ifil u u' h .ihol boo)(ks, slates, school "
3amg, 'sihootl saioner111'y, &c., at rock ii
bottom pric4e , .all on1 ('aston & HIunt, s.
1'rel t It nu a oryt eriiie will behel on
Frid1ay mi1 ::a at. 11 o'clockC(.1?The b
L4or's super'uill he4 (clebrated on i
SluIly at 1t ti. ml.
Ir.o:.:a or m..e a rLi 0
ustoir.i tl A. .l.4Nt!;:grof tchairman, rqet
is sn lth I ta eet itnfihes toar tl
tofi foarh of iwhel' fo herystircudayof
th :detn hoiyt chrc ill bet held ite a
ch'eni !:n 4'ilcnage on '','utsday, July ryn J
Ii .~ al i neik a. ('ani. Jis .MeaI
'1'h e 11t e . ihI,WtscmiIgd'v
Theii At ta :11 udi ste At ererv tof s
kort in the evnth Cciteckixeeso thlet
termll I for Newhyirryssei forh hst gonavy r
Julvt :u 1lt~ th N oveinb. The wa Act l
low' s t I he- rcuilude,a the las accorm.J
to er :10) tl <lier 'le reorli oause nxt
not.' requir the itif l''ven tion sof ga jury t
'l'heia irin a C pt . Jas.Y. It M call, it
Iu Ith-re a sof 'cur wad cong owns
town hen at lte alte atonr of 0.
hi lof 3ti it tIe an fllon ethel s.ne- f
teo Iteps andCSli brokldh t is follonwy:
know a s the 1. (ahink bont fo the870
th(uig.I (>r. Jae ws. sent, for and fore
him llt' he relil 1(psile Hce s oest'1s
We opi'r be11ii ble repott In 800 acres
acree toa the. injtyis , so10e0. a
Thed lmk adrer iO ates Mater Wn
andttt wihdlrwn. excet). efllwn:
In the case of~ Witc adLIkf, Etate i
vs.d v. . Maye, 10 acres as I.souber
ton Geo. G.LueWa for $050t.
i Lafaedtteat t terwite, et,uL24 aEls Mc
Fal, ln At ' Thes place was divie fo
inet the trIsand4zit sotlt Coas, ols
230 (re t~o P~jiO. Clrkl Smntfret th,70;
Coutlti vs. lll, 100 ac8reps tfo P .
W'Qaneroggt, 55.
'Ibl s od y if s aei 0 ce
VhIlIa the Happy Hours away.
Among the festivities of the Christmas
olidays none contributed more to the
n jment of the young people of the
ity than the "Calico Ball" iven by the
istletoe Dancing Club at the Crotwell
Iotel on Wednesday evening, December
9th 1880, and the supper in the hotel
uilding prepared by mine host Blease.
L'hose who were so fortunate as to be
nresent speak of the supper in the very
sighest terms of praise. We are indebted
o two of the ladies present for a de
cription of the costumes and the names
f those present, which we would give
mut for want of time and sbace after it
vas furnished. Among those present
vere: Mrs. Holbrook, Mrs. Raven Ma
howes, Mrs. 11. Samuels, Mrs. Scholtz,
tirs. Robert Lyons Mrs. Mazyck Mrs.
K. M. Evans, and Misses Alma Verber,
namle Holbrook, Helen Wardlaw, Cor
iolia Coppock, Iula Jones, Leah Foot,
knnie Meggetr, Laura and-Clara Blease,
Kathalie and Sue Mazyck, Kittle Ma
ryck, Fannie Wardlaw, the Misses Sim
nons, Talu Garmany, Helen Hodges
Carrie Izlar and Miss Murchison. The
gentlemen were: Messrs. D. A. P. Jor
dan, Lambert W. Jones, Drs. Gilder
and Belcher, John B. Jones, Jack Chap
poll, Ed. Scholtz, Albert Lyons, E. M.
and H. II. Evans, J. W., M.. Simmons,
J. P. Fant, Clarence, Hunter, James
Kennerly, S. A. Evins T. W. Smith
Mordecal Foot, S. J. ecOaughrin and
Douglass Davenport. The costumes
were Splendidly gotten up, and from the
description furnished us we withhold
comparisons as they were all good and
we fear that we might give the young
ladies too much the advantage of the
young men to specify. Suflice It to say
that all were pleased and wish for an
other occasion with such pleasures at
tending it.
On Friday -evening there was an im
promp tu German at the NEwnERuY
HorErL, where a small company, con
sisting of Mr. and1 Mrs. E. M. Evans,
Misses Carrie Izlar, Emma Hale, Annie
Murchison Cornelia Cop pock, Laura
and Clara Blease, IIelen Wardlaw and
hula Jones and Messrs. S. J. McCaugh
rin, L. 1V. and J. B. Jones, T. D. Lake,
S. A. Evins, J. P. Pint, Jack Chappell,
Dr. Belcher and Mr. James Kennerly
danced until the old year had passet
away and welcomed the now. We wit
nessed a portion of the German, whiel
was led by Mr. S. J. McCaughrin aml
Mrs. E. M. Evans, and would have beet
present at the Crotwell Hotel but for as
unwelcome invitation to partake. o
"printer's ple" at the ofilce about th
same hour.
The 'all or a PI'rouiIsg Young Mnu
One of the on dits of our thrivin
sister city Prosperity, during the mont
of November last, was the talk of th
approaching marriage of Mr. J. T. Jolu
ston, a favorite clerk in the employ
the firm of Wheeler &_Moseley, and or
of Prosperity's most charming your
ladies. About the first of Decembe
just before the day fixed. f y
marriage, di(i Coh"left Prosperity,
le"ilt letter stating that as he I
3s without the means to support c
wife he had decided to go away, or in
ords the substance of the above, and
t until his arrest at Palatka, Fla.,
as anything positively known of his
hereabouts. We find in the Augusta
hronicle of the 31st tilt:
"IIAVE MY MAN."--''he following 1
legram explains itself :
PALATKA, FLA.,--Newt leggie, Au
ista, Ga.: Have caught my man.
cave for home to-night; J. T. Johnston
the thief ; he sold the horse and bug
V to a man at Folkston. Charlton conn
r, Ga. E. A. IIEoGI. j
And in the Chroiiele of the 1st in- j
Some weeks ago an intelligentlooking,
ell dressed young fellow called at the
a1ble of IIeggie Bros., and hired a
arso and buggy, statinug that lhe had to
sit a certain p)oint ini South Carolina
Squickly as8 possible. :Nothinig muclh
as thought of the matter until the time
amned for li return had come and gone.
.fter a p)ainiful period of waiting and
atchinug for the turnout, it was finally
milzedl thait a robbery hiad been perpe
atced. The IIeggie Bros.,. however,
Id not retire and mourn their loss, but,
lth nhot iceable enterprise and determ
ed suiccess, began at once a thorough
estem of search for thec runaway. Thmeir~
Tforts, as was antielp)ated, were sue
3ssfuli, the entire outfit was secured.
lie thie'f's name is Johnson, his home
3log at Yorkvyllce, S. C. iIe sold the
arse and buggy at Folkston, Ga.. for
100 and wheni captured at Palatka,
Ia., had only $50 left. When ques
onied as to what had impelled himn to
mmit the dleed, lie said ihe was about
get into a difficulty at hionme, which
misedl hima to leave t here, and that on1
rrlying in Aug us: a lhe was out of' funds
id stole the horse and buggy to make
Dodl his escape. In e'xplaniat.ion of "the
'ouble" at home, Johnson stated that
a was engagedl to be married and de
redl to break it 0e1'. On being ques
onied as to what point of destinatoion lhe
as making for~, hie replied that lie left
>r no partleular' point, wishing only to
et as far away from home as possible.
ohnison is now in the enstody of Mr.
[eggie at his room and developments
re anxiously awaited1."
We regret to have to give this iufor
iation to our readers about a young
hain so wvell connected and wvho, we have
eeni informed, stood wvell in the store
lihere lie clerked, but as a news fur
lalher it falls to our lot to present the
ark as well ais the bright sidle of life.
,et this serve a warning to the young
ien of our county.
mIe Cold Wave.
Tihe signal service predicted a cold
rave on Friday evening, the alst ult.
)n Saturday it began to grow cold. On
tatulrday night it began to freeze. Sun
lay morning the thermometer registered
8 degrees above zero, on Monday morn
ng 12 and T'uesday mIorinig 10 above
ero. TIhie weather predietionls for South
Jarolina on TuIesday mnornling were:
i'air-warmer. It has beeni suggested
hlat Lieuit. Greeley has beeni too nemis
lhe North p)ole to make suitable weather
>redietionls for the South. The first
nessage sent out by him was: to "hloist
old weather signals; the thermometer
vIll fall fifteen to twenty dlegrees with
n the nlext 24 to 30 hours."
Th'ie signal service on 'Wednesday
norinmg predicted snow or rain. It be
gan sleeting at7 a. mn. and snowing at 10
'elock, which is failing rap,idly as we go
;0 pr"ess.
A Well D>eserved Pronmot ion.'
Some six weeks aoour friend Geo. P.
Meoredith, who had beon one of the pas
ionger conductors on the (3. & G. K1.
For the past two and a half years, was
muspended for having neglected to send
bho orders required by the compavny to
bhe office at Clumbia in regard to his
brain, which was delayed at the 84 mile
poet until 11 o'clock at night. Capt. Ei. S.
Motte was appointed to fill the position
benmorarly, which appointment has re
eybenmade >ermnent. We eon
gratulate Capt. Mott on is promotion.
Dapt. Meredith was sus >onded for thirty
lays and Is now conduotor on the freight,
mae vnnant by.Cant~ Iotn.
rho Now County OMteers.
The newly-cleeted County Commis
dloners went into office on the 29th uilt.
Mr. 1. B. Workman was elected Chair
nan of the Board and Mr. Geo. B. Cro
mer was elected Clerk. Mr. Goggans,
who has so acceptably filled the position
for the past four years, was not a can
didate for re-election. Mr. T. B. Leit
zey was re-elected Keeper of the Poor
House, and Dr. J. K. Gilder was re
elected Physician to the Poor House and
Mr. Silas Johnstone has been reap
pointed Master and his appointment was
confirmed by the Senate.
Probate Judge Fellers and School
Commissioner Sale are their own sue
The above named officers have filed
their bonds as follows:
P. B. Workman-Thos R. Workman,
P. C. Smith, L. W. Floyd.
Jno. J. Kiuard-D. B. Wise, J. Law
son Wise, J. C. Counts, D. Q. Wilson,
Jno. C. Neel, Jas. W. Wicker.
S. B. Aull-Wm. B. Aull, Allen G.
Wise, J. Glenn Rikard.
Silas Johnstone-R. L. McCaughrin,
A.. M. Bowers, Wm. Langford.
J. B. Fellers-G. F. Long, 1.11. Folk,
Thos. V. Wicker. J. L. Sease.
G. G. Sale-R. L. McCaughrin, J. N.
Martin, M. A. Carlisle.
New Year Changes.
Messrs. John F. Wheeler and James
M. Wilson have opened a bar room in
the store lately occupied by Mr. A. J.
Mr. A. T. Sproles has moved into the
building where O'Donnell's saloon was
Mr. MeD. Metts has moved into the
Kinard house opposite Judge Fellers'.
Mr. W. P. HIouseal has moved intc
the lialfacre house near Mr. Silas John
Mr. Thos. M. Lake has moved into th4
house vacated by Mr. W. P. Houseal.
Pe INOl nal.
Miss Jennie Gordon returned to Co
lumbia on the 31st ultimo.
Capt. A. P. Pifer has returned frot
a business trip to Union, S. C.
Mr. John W. Earheardt spent severe
jlays at Clinton, Laurens county. lat
f Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Burton will lea'
L for their home near Dobeyville, Arkat
sas, to-morrow.
Uncle Mark Boyd was in town durir
the holidays looking unusually well ft
a man of his age.
e Miss Annie Greneker has returned
i her school duties at Kinard's after spoi
of ing the holidays at home.
e Jasper Miller, of Columbia, one of ti
g largest cotton buyers in the State, w
, in the city on the 31st ilt.
- .. . - ..1-w r1 alltlitiledr_
Messrs. W. B. McDani'I and A. I.
fonteith, of Columbia, were In the city
n1 business last week.
Messrs. Jas. K. P. Goggans and
lichard 1i. Wearn went up to Green
ille on business on Saturday. *
Mr. T. B. Greneker returned to the
ity by the sea last Monday after a
leasant visit to Helena and Prosperity.
Rev. J. Calhoun Counts was in the
ity on the 31st en route for his new
ioec in Lanrens county on the "North
4aurens" Circuit.
Dr. L. D. Whitson, representing the
ewelry and music house of Capt. U. N.
tichbourg, of Columbia, was in the city
mn the 31st ultimo.
Messrs. F. B. Lane, S. J. McCaughrin
nd J. P. F"ant and the Misses Metts andl
liss Matt.ie McCaughrin were sleigh
idling this afternoon.
President Holland ret urned on Satur
lay from Virginia, accompanied by his
ister-in-law Miss Hattie Bittle, who
viii make her home in Newberry.
Mr. Fred. Werber, Jr., after a stay of
few weeks with relatives In our city
is returned to Washington. D. C., to
mzter upon his duties In the Fifth Aud
tor's otile.
Mr. C. hi. Mayhewv, of Hlamuter &
slayhvew, Uolumbia, S. C., is in the city
olieiting orders for Sign Painting.
spcimnens of the wvork may be seen Fn
hie signs of Dr. Pelhami, Eduard Scholtz
md1( the HERALD AND NEwS.
Rev. J. L. Stokes and family reached
ewberry Oin Friday last and are cozily
Ixed up at the parsonage. He preached
t the Methodist church in the morning
md at nzight. We extend to him a
icarty welcome.
Our former townsman, Henry T. Fel
ers, whocuow makes his home in Atlan
n, Ga., was in the cIty on Friday and
Battrday of last week, lie is looking
emarkable well and says he is doing
bvell at Atlanta. He desertes all the
mIecess he may attain.
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence D. Wicker and
ir. and Mrs. Charlie Chappell, accom
panied by Mrs. Chas. Douglass, Misses
Kirkiand and Glass and Mr. J. S. Swy
zert and family, reached Newberry on
Friday, the 31st lilt., and went to the
residence of Mr. Thos. V. Wicker where
they with other friends enjoyed a boun
tiful collation which hlad been prepared
for them.
Rev. J. L. Stokes, who has serve d the
Met hodists of Bennettesville as preacher
in charge of the station, for the last two
years, moves to-morrow to his newv field
of labor Newberry. In the ccennomy of
te church these changes must occur,
and our p)eople submit without a word.
JHe carries with him our best wvishes,
with the hope that Newberry will take
good care of him.-Marlboro Democrat,
Deccmbcr 29/6.
Mr. J. R. Mathewes has returned from
a prosplective business trip to Atlanta,
Ga., and Monltgomlery andl Birmingham,
Ala. Hie sp)eaks glowigly of the busi
ness opportunities at Birmingham. The
printer made us say last week that Mrs.
J. R. Mathewes had gone to Atlanta,
when we inltended it for Mr. M. Mrs.
M. was at tihe Crotwell, enjoying the
pleasuIres of the occasion.
Children Starving to D)eath
Oin acco-int of thleir inabiiity to digest
foodI, will find a most marvellous food1
and remnedy in Scott's Emnulsion. Very
palatable anid easily digested. D r. S.
WV. Cohen of Waco, Texas, says: "I
hlave uIsed your Emulsion in Infantile
wvastling. It nlot only restores wasted
tissues, but gives strenlgthi, and in
cicases tihe appe)tite. 1-it.
The Verdict Unaninmous
W. D. Sult, D)rugglet. flippus.LInd., testifies:
"1 eanl recommiend ElootrienIitters as the
very best remnedy. Every bottle sold has
given relenovery ease. One man took six
bottos,andwas cnred of ithonmal)ti of 0
veard' standing." Abraham liare, -drugglet
mnedicino I have ever hlandledi in my '0 year
experience, is Electric Bitters." Thbusands of
othoio have added their testimony, so that
11h0 verdict is ulnanimvous that Electrio IliUtte
do euro all diseases ot tjeh Liver. Kidneys or
Blood. Only a l,af delat*a bottle at Ofild
Sunday was one of the tooldest di
of the season.
*The young folks had a pleasant so
at Mr. Burr F. Goggans' Tuesday e
Mr. Goo. S. Mower has. bought
house and lot of Mr. 0. A. Bowman
a residence.
A large and orderly crowd was
town on last Monday. The prinel
attraction was the sale of lands by
Mr. P. M. Derrick is our authori
agent at Pomaria, S. C. Orders for
HERALD AND NEWS and renewals i
be left with him.
Mr. and Mrs. U. A. Bowman, 3
Ewart, and Mr. and Mru. W.
E wart will move to the place form
owned by Mrs. Bynum, near the cit
Mr. R. H. Greneker, Jr., has accey
a permanent situation on the Luthe
Visitor, which is now printed at thel
flce of the HERALD AND NEWS.
We invite your attention to the ad
visement of Mr. L. R. Marshall in
other column. We have tested
Queen cofl'ee pot and consider it
best in use.
The office of the Lutheran Visitor
been moved from the Observer ofM
the oflice of the HERALD AND N
where the Visitor will be publi
Mr. Thos. M. Lake had a small sat
with $50 in it taken out of his bedroon
Tuesday evening while he was arran
his furniture at the Houseal place. I
not been found when we last heard
At the meeting of the W. C. T. U
the Band of Hope on Tuesday afters
Mrs. C. Mower, the President, prese
- the children with two hundred and
wire baskets filled with fruit, cak<
candy. ..Quite an acceptable and s
A dance at the Newberry i
twistilleation by music at Mr. D. I
_ Kibler's; a tea social at the Crc
Hotel, and several small parties
among the pleasures with whil
young people bid adieu to the ON
welcomed the new year.
1 Judge Fraser came up on the
t uit, and held Court for one day 1
sign a number of orders which
signed at the December term of (
'e his commission having expired 1
lhe signed them. He has since be(
elected and a new commission foi
g years issued.
)r The daily News and Courier, th
day News and the HERALD AND
will be delivered to subscribers I
d- city for twenty-five cents a week.
daily every day on the arrival of
train, the Sunday on Monday on
tIe rival of the down freight at 8.30 o
as a. m., and the HERALD AND NEw
Wednesday of edch week. We w
-- " ! pnisih the Sunday News to those
L. 0'1I o :" -o have been gettti
3ubscribers n , '-* rwi'
Weekly News an&tdilbrTxl
[IEBALD AND NEWS If they prefer
We will send the HERALD AND NEw
and the Weekly News and Courier
twenty cents per month and the HE
ALD AND NEWS, the Weekly News a
Courier and the Sunday News for twe
by-five cents per month.
'Life is a strange avenue Of trees and tc
Christmas has passed. Its hours a
n file in the Great Record. In sor
homes orange blossoms have be
wreathed; in others the mournful c
press has been bedewed with tears.
we travel oii s..d vacantly gaze into I
great unknown what joyit. brings i
soul to realize that "God knows -besi
We mourn to-day over our loved or
whlo wouldl not come to earthf ai al,a
though the dlspensatla~ns of ovicler
seem dark. Christ still says: "What
do thou knowest not, but thou sh
know hereafter."
Rev. Hlugginis has been called to
other field, lie carries with him I
love of old Bethel. Rev. Elkin v
serve as pastor for this year. He v
receive a cordial welcome.
Nothing of importance to write 0x0<
that our farmers' club is living and a
lve, also that our school is overfiowim
J. A. L
Mr. Charlie Chappell and Miss Bm
die Cook were married at the residex
of Mr. Jos. Cook, on Wednesday, 1
cember 29th, 1886, by the Rev. J. LE
Caini; and at the same place, byt.he sa
minister, Mr. Laurence D. Wicker a
Miss Genia Cook.
Mr. anid Mrs. Alonzo BI. Cannon d
on tihe 29th nIt., the former in the mo,
ing and the latter in the evening. TI
both had1( the measles and took a relap
They were buried in the same grave.
Advertised JLetterw,
Januryf5, 18s7
Bufnorud, Miss Eleanor Grant. J. C. (2)
R oll. Mrs. Willie Kibler, Mrs. Lou ella
Can wjolI, Joe Moore, Mi. C.
Cob , ire,s.. A . Moore. Miss Mary
Dre. Joe - hlis aid
Grkenbay Peter 8. R oThnas
Woodard, Mrs.
Persons calling. for these letters llt ple
say that they were advertised.
E.8.H ER BERT ..
whiat True Merit Will l.
The unprecedented sale of Boscilie
German Syrup within a few years
astonished the world, It is with
doutbt time safest and best remedy e
dscovered for the speedy and effect
cure of Coughs, Colds and the seve1
Lung t,roubies. It acts pn ahi entli
diff'erent prineiple from the usual
scriptions given by physicians, am
(dees not dry tip a cough and leavd
disease still In the system, fbut on
contrary remove theC cause' of
trouble, heals th~ parts affected
leaves them in a purely healthy coi
tion. A bottle kept in the house for
whein the (diseases make theli' ap
ance, ill save doctor's bills and-a I
spell of serious illnes9. A trial Whll.
vi nc you of these faete. It is positi1
sold by all druggists and general des
in the laud. Price, 75 etc., large'
ties. 10-40.-la-o0
Excitement in Tetas.
Greet excitement has been etused is
vicinity of P'aris. Texas, by the remark
recovery of Mr. J. E. Corloy, who was so I
less hie could h not turn in bed, or raiss
head ; eo fybody sidtte wa5 yii of
Disovery was sent 1w. Finding r4l,is
bought a large bottle and a box olDi. El
New LioPilli; by the time hie had taken
boxos of Pills and two bottles ot the Dig
ase w..ll a had gainedi
Raise Rt epsr raxee Hors JDows a
With .o n ny available crops,
ial sppl feu sts 't n A l ited Sup
.Pyo xgild, genial
rlimsate soe r- should not
,he Sonthern farmere r 'smore stock ?
tr Why shoald o, mle; r a horse ever.
be brought fT9 tbe .nrth side of the
in Ohio river? Wy should hyndreds
psi of tons of better and olenergarlne
the fnoM the North be $old in the South
every year t Why work: o rselves.
aed to raise cnotto to buy horses, mules,
the bacon, flour, lard Meal, glucose or
My starch syrup Then every one of these
except the olucose, which -ean be
- supplanted bj srghano syrup,. can
- be raised at om without the slight.
i est diMcultyt Why play into the
'ed hands of middlemen, rgllroads,
ran banke speoatatbri, etc., to bay noth
of- ipg bf the d4eendence upon the un
steady, arelisble laprers- n i our
ver- midst? Top say- cotton is'always
an salable, al*ays brings cash. So
the does Arst4elase buttet, so does a good
mule et boas#. .Jersey butter finds
'has ready sal4 simply beoa'ise it'is good
ie to butter. The owners of suoi stock
aws make better in a basiness-like way;
ihed they ha o d milk.houses and
et vrope at n ts for cooling and
ehe eeping Oit ; water power 6r some
other meehenieat device for churn
C 1 ing. They 40 . iot lose patience in
rrom cool weethet and pour hot Water in
the churm; they know;that slow chti n
and lug makes the most and the best
iooa butter. Thef .know that large feeds
usted of ootton reed -poil butter, Sand- they
an feed something else. If all of our
weet farmers hsndled their milk and but
ter io lib manner, Northern butter
otel; would sood, be driven out of the
Y. T. market. I ' the olden time,-the lit
twell tle surplus butter on our farms was
were garded as a trifle,:and little atten
and tion given it. Hence, we have fal
len into carless ways and methode
80th -let us oba*ge them. Let every
o re' farmer strange to make butter foi
Were market--handle it properly, make it:
ort, quality good sand its appearance at
m re. tractive and be will alwiys find read;
four sale at good rtees.--- eri Cu
tivator J .December.
3 Sun
The Lwis f. 8bastep,the only surviving son o
e u- the ge war sserstory, Is visiting in Waab
'lk,ingtea for the Mvb tmas in seyeral years. Mr
o nBtantes Yves a0 MerAb Min, where he hia
ia large sock fr* in the delightful par
of ou region vhIek etoada er the wtern an
of our northeartf the0094, He is a youn
h a,lehe . stature than h
fhlathes, bt s . bim very much in fa(
S-,4-1 a -e lives a quio
as. (- ' ,p petitics a0 he WOUI
at unsnltfal lif, .. eaid I
a prai,rjs irs. '
ad A cousin of Charles Diekens, 'lke'
n- be living is New l eek uder very straitonett
cInumstances, Rbeolutply refuses to sell valu
able autograph frtters et the great novelist,
though hanme price, have been offered by s
Gerald MasweU is the stege name.of a son
w. et Miss Brad4e , the seUh0, who is a mem
ber et Wfises :arrets's eompany. io is
Svery eleves, Md gmtse t. become a good I
e *tr.
en Richard . Davi., wh'is coming to the t
y- tront as a writr t stotMries for childron, is
mIad to Inherit his liternry talenti from his
he mother, Rebe.en Harding Davi.a * c
he N. Gesned Is being pheby his friends t
." for a chair among the Fot mmortals, hut
s he does not hinunpit eovet tehonor, and it is
d even doubtful'if he would eept It .
e* . PatW=he4 iam takes his noon
I day beneh . a' restaurant, where ho
Sgets asmug et asEt and.s pleee of apple pie ~
n- Gle. Uent Devw ph was en io bond' of ..
he hi.s e-in-law, W. ?Goold,.the defaulting &
'l Portland easpde haspaid the P90,000 he was
il responshte essO
It is mst eam.4-tssa Ribella stil elings
t to tep opeiai vba 1som. day again bo
sC- eate *D6ien5e s5Pa
fg. 9eerstaery a r4 esiders .James. Russoli e
Lowell 4#6SSWflnr.t poie English now <
Ex-Bameter sse3tng neive- put a 1
farthdag *,os e se,and doe. not<
d. bnow.ise U0
ce Ma Wyalin o sedd ite be wprth someo
Ko- Na, Muem Ulist in a Prtostant
ad xvy & p p ha is'cornet rudthe
, Da,y. Wekfj' du8nday Editions.
SAn Eg itt-pa i.wpa por, issued
eve Jednesday.
A tsta UPas Waght and Itueetng
as t enteae the leaum,dpvu to the hour or going
Faylttet, Hon;asohold
Finassetet gnd Oonsercial,
Politiest, Peetical,
5"a HtiVnevege $sd gditorial
las hers.enWte e a4 ehe streAee br trained
al O,tgee .,t4 sdgeihed 4erican and
rees' et dUa es a a canada,
the NE *OLL. 1. QN YEAR.
idi. ****ta **'seaw aevdeaafr seance
tnue d'san* es*vaaees's.
elyTm SAn,v 5p esataiae atth a.n t he day Io
er ..'"ueeI" "'rn 3We.l'fea...n bys
oelee amasadable -sae
r taI4, jaeeh een .the
te 9tesal adase aissuaty runl
*ey 7irnuM of TUt 94t.Y PMA 1o tlSCRIBEllS.
__ saar tlasaye etes r . o. 7.0o
4. 3rsiway atl PMrk Pisea, New Yori.
Absolutely Pur
This powder never v arieS, mlavl
purity,. strength. and wholOCS01notna Mb
oconomuical than the OrdItinar"y kind d/10 c
not be 301<1 in comnpetition wfth1 the tni
of low test, short woilght aIllln or phosp
powder. Sold only in caien. 1tOY1 BAI ta
POWDlil Co.. 10(1 Wal st.. N. Y. 11.1r -
Some years ago my mother's hc th:;,
bogan to decline ; nel Volts prostrtlH
ensued. She had iio relit:h for food an
without; strength of course sho -could,
not walk witiout 'exlperil:ci ug ai a
fatigue. We tted the ord0inry remn> *,fl
dies, but without any permlanc1nt(''<'R71
stilts. Stimulhtis would refresh
the time bein-;, but did not bil
ip the system. We heard of Swi
Specific and Its toic efl'ects. We"..
sectlred sevei al packnges of the dry:
form-the powered roots and herbs-+"
and after uwing romle half dozen paek
ages Iny mother has regg"im (1 her health'
anid strength. She l iore like her for"
mer relf than she has been for years.
She Owes her pi CSent vigorous h(alth to
Swift's Specific. It is the best1 onio
ever hecard of. -
Auburn, M: itie, Nov. 1.5, 1880
'I'reatiso on Blood and Skin Diseases
mailed free.
'hl; SwIwT S1'IECm"IC Co., Drawer 8,
Atlanta, Ga. 1-G-1t.
New Advcrttisecents.
"Queon" Coffee Pot.
50 or mole 11141 III Newberry County
who now h ar;dly miriai:igie to live (aln do"
S well selling the "Quteeli" Coflee Pot. I
k will sell the "Ri;ht" for Newberry
County at, a bargain. For lirtictlars
g address mec at Coluilbia, S. C., P. O.
Box, 37.
d -
Vt o wii >niino d~j) 'Oi)iii.nttofl- ' "'
f tho 1fiuA 1.1 AND NEws, and guarantee
ctisction to ll u bo favor us with thoir
atronago. A. U. JON ES.
Newhberr'y, S3. C., Jan. 5th, 1887.
hssolubon o Partnership.
The Partnership hlerctoforo c.xistiug be.
iveen A. i, Jonet; and W. 3. 3rown as
roprietors o. them Nnwberry1 IERATD AND
IEws is thins (.1)y dim!olved by mutual ~
onisent. A/r. W. S. Browna retiring from
Ldo firm. A. (5. JlONES',
WV. S. BInowN. 4
D)ono att Nov berry S. (5., on December
I aIssiume all the liabililmes of the firm of
E. .0. Jones & (Jo., to December 9th 1880,
nd will continuel the lmtblientioni of the
December lath, -188J.
By JTaeob B. F'e(ere~, P' irobte. .Judge.
WV;l:EAS. III oo I' m a it R i f lath
ade 'suit. to tme to granlt himu Letters
I .Admtiini:t rat int (4f the dere.liet, Pstate *
nd( (WtsCt of Mrs. .Jeatn-tte A. Rafl', de..*
eased. i
These are, thetrefo4re, to cite anld ad
noilsh all and sing~ular the kIndhredl and1
redlitorSof thle said Mr is. Jeaunette A Rtiff
lecealsedl, tihat lIhey be anid atppear' be
OreC mei, int thle Court of Proatie, to be
Celd ait Ne'wberry Uort IUtitse ont the
,welftht dlay o( .Jani'y neCxt.~ after public11
ttlin hereof, att 11 o'clock!in the fore~
ioon, to shiow enuhse~, if any they have,
vhty the sahl1 Adhinistr:- i:on1)1 should not
)O gratnted.
Given und1(er my HLand tis 28th day
)f Dcemberltf Anna D)ontini 18S0.
,J. 1.1 FELILEItS, .1. P. N.C.
12-52-2t .. ~ .~._
is44 a .mpit. iliunt reieLdy fo
Co,mmption, niud l 111ton
of the 'T'iROAT1 nnsd CHEST.
It h. beedn u.nade and 1elI for mny yents, ad
nooed. but a trbil to convin4c0 you of its virtu,o.
For salo by anl d rum:ht4. Price, t% c onitai a bottle. ~
12-7-1-2-9-1I0-1 i12-cotw
Islhrlehv*given(l to ExeenCtors01, AdmTin- t
flitnefarles, that.T'I'esday and WVedntes
dry of each welk dunring thte months of
Jaliuary and Febrnur, 1887, are .set
Fipairt for' exaiinllg and fling their Anu
If 52 J.~ B. FELER~LlS, .J.P.NC
can learn the exact cdst
of any proposed line
advertising in Americaw~
papers by addressig
Geo. P. RowellC
Nowspaper Adverti,ipu;Aui ~
10OSpruoce~~:' '
Bend 10Oo.

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