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Local and Special.
Church Notices.
BAPTIST-Rev. C. P. Scott, pastor. preaching
next Sunday at 11 a. in. aid 7:15 p. in. Sun
day school at 4:30 p. in.. Mr. .1 B. Carwile,
Superintendent. Prayer meeting Wednesday
at 7:15 p. m.
LUTHERAN- -- - - pastor.
Preaching next Sunday by the. pas:or, at 11
a. m. and - p. in. Sunday school at 3:30 p.
in, Mr. George B. Croner, superintendent.
Prayer meeting Wednesday at 7:15 p. in.
METHoDIsT-fev. J. L. Stokes. past or.
Preaching by the pas:or at 11 a. in. and 7:15
p. m. Sunday school at 4 p. in.. Jlr. John W.
Chapman, Superinten<dent. Prayer meeting
at 7:15 p.m.
A. R. PRESBYTERIAN-Rev. E. P. McClintock.
pastor. Service next Sunday by the pastor
at 11 a.im. Sunday school at 9:30 a. i., Mr M.
A. Carlisle, Superintendent. Prayer ineeting
Wednesday at 7:15 p. :i. Mi-sionary Sociriy
Wednesday at it p. mr., Mrs. C. MIower, Presi
dent. W. C. T. U. Tuesday at 5 p. in., Mrs. C.
Mower. Presidlent.
EPisCOPAL-Rev. W. U. fanckel, rector.
Service by the rector every third Sind-y at,
11 a. in. and 4:30 p. m Lay reading by Mr. N.
B. Mazyck at 11 a. w.
PREsBYTERIAN-Rev. J. S. Cozby pastor.
Preaching by the pastor at 11 a. in. and 7:15
p. m. Sunday school at 3.30 p. in., 31r. W. E
eiham, Superi.itendent. Prayer meeting
Wednesday at 7 15 p. in.
Helena Happenings.
The reading circle will noet at Dr.
Welch's next Friday night.
Mr. Arthur Kibler having recovered
from his illness, the school children
may expect books next Monday.
Turnip Seed! Turnip Seed!! for sale
cheap at Robertson's Drug Store, oppo
site the Post Ottice. 6-30-t.
A large supply of school books juis
received at Hunt's Bookstore. 9-22
Hunt's Bookstore keeps the largest stock
of small and family bibles, gospel hymns
and all kinds of song books in the city.
Give them your order. 9-22
)et+portes & Edmunds.
We invite attention to the fAll an
nouncement of Desportes & Edmunds.
of Columbia, to be found in another col
umn. They run a large dry goods es
tablishment and are prepared to till all
orders in their line with promptness
and in the best and late-t styles of
g ,ods.
Shoe Shop Broken Open.
- The shoe shop of Peter Simmons was
- broken open on Tuesday night by priz
ing the doors, and all of his best tools,
a gold -watch and chain, several pairs of
boots and shoes left there for repair,
and some jewelry in a trunk in the shop
taken away. Some persons live under
the shop, but as Simmons naually works
there late at night the noise did not at
tract them as anything unusual. Sim
mons was in the shop until 11 o'clock
Tuesday night. The watch was in a
vest pocket hanging against the wall.
No clue to the guilty party or parties.
Watch and Pray.
I watch the market so that I may get
tihe benefit of the best goods at the low
-est market price, and pray my customers
to continue to patronize me, and the
public to come and examine my well se
lected stock of Wat ches, Clocks, Bronzes,
Jewelry, Diamonds, Silver and Plated
Ware, Table and Pocket Cutlery, Pebble
.Eyeglasses and Spectacles, and Gold
Headed Walking Canes, all of which I
have selected myself. ..
Special attention is give?n to watch re
pairing, having an experience of 23
years. Outside orders solicited and
promptly attended to.
9-8-3t. Practical Watchmaker.
The Texas Ponies' 3ake a Run.
On last Snnday muorninig Messrs. 0. P.
Saxon, Gary Coleman and J. S. Noland
got the pair of Texas po:iies and a dou
ble buggy for a trip to the country.
They went to Dr. Gilder's to get Mr. J
P. Pant, who wvas to accompany them.
While waiting for him the ponies con
cluded to move on, and they went. The
lines broke and Messrs. Coleman, No
land and Saxon jumped from the bugry,
unhurt, and the buggy was run agaP st
j ~ a treie, when the ponies broke loose and
after running :.e-erly all over town with
the buggy pole wer' captured at Hel
ena. Possibly they had started for
Texas. Outside of slight damiage to the
buggy nothing was hurt..
We have just received a mammoth
supply of School Books and School sup~
pis. Call and examine our prices be
fore purchasing elsewhere.
Blank Books, Blank Books.
The largest line ever brought to this
city. The mercliants are requested to
call and examine them.
S.-cure tile shadow ere the substance
Such pretty weather get your picture
madle.---Saler. 8-11-1f.
New S4ehedule on the Laureuns Rail
The new schedule on the Laurens
Railroad, of which the HERALD AND
NEWS gave an intimastion three weeks
ago, has been arranged by the Rlichmond
and Danville authorities, and is pub.
lished below. It is a step in the rightl
direction, and will greatly benefit thei
travelling public. The schedtule goes
itnto effect Sunday, September 2~>th,
and Newberry will have two passenger
trains a day to Columbia, in addition t<
the local freight which carries passen.
gers. Our citizens~ will have the oppor
tunity of spending a day conveniently
at the capital. The schedule is as fol
Leave Laurens .. .......6.42 a. m.
Leave Newberry.........44 a. m.
Arrive Columbia. . .10.52 a. mn.
Leave Columbia.........5.43 p. m.
Arrive Newberry...7.42 p. mI.
Leave Newberry.........4 p. mn.
Arrive Laurens.........0.4 p. m.
Open from 1st of September, a nev
boarding house On College Street ; build
ing new, rooms comtifortable and wel
furnished, good water, healthy location
convenient alike to college, postoftice
chuurches and business. Table su pplie<
with best the market affords. Term;
reasonable. Apply early before bes
rooms are taken. A. J. SPROLES.
Vilews or Newberry.
Mr. J. Z. Salter has completed man:
beautiful views of the city which h14
no0W has for sale. He also has a few pie
tures of the base ball game at Greenwoo<
left. His views of New berry are beauti
- full. >~ ti.
Art Chenilles and Arasenes at J. WV
Chapman's. 3-16-ti.
Every person should have a Bible, an<
now is tue time to buy a tine Bible cheap
Call and examine ouir stock.
Various and All About.
Cotton is selling at 8.85.
See notice to creditors in another col
Mr. Wn. Johnson is building ain ad
dition to his residence.
1r. John 0. Peoples is improving his
place by adding to his house.
.H. H. Blease, Jr., Esq., has been re
tained to defend Jos. Weitz.
We invite attention to the card of Mr.
W. W. Ipark in another column.
Mr. T. F. Tarrant's new house on
College street is nearing completion.
Ontr Prosperity correspondent gives a
full account of the killing of James Sad
The Newb'rry Male Academy opened
Monday wxith an attendance of 18 the
first dar.
The weather ias been exceedingly
hot for the past few dat s. Rain needed
very much.
Mrs. Campsern has moved imto the
brick hou=e on Helena street lately oe
cupied by E. H. Aull.
The farmers are paying up their liens
right along; the merchants say better
than usual up to this time.
Mr. J.R. Green shipped for. P.& T. C.
Pool a car load of tire brick from New
berry to Asheville yesterday.
Bishop Howe will be in Newberry, and
will hold service in the Episcopal church,
on Tuesday evening, 23d inst.
Those desiring to teach in- the public
schools are invited to note the notice of
examiners in another column.
County Treasurer A. H. Wheeler pub
lishes a tax notice in this issue. He will
begin his rounds on 15th October.
Mr. C. C. Davis has commenced work
on Mr. J. W. Coppock's house, on his
lot in front of the Presbyterian church.
Mr. J:"s e McFall has received the ap
pointment from the Baptist church to
the free scholarship in Newberry Col
The street sprinkler will start out to
day again. Mr. J. R. Green has mac'e
arrangements to use water from the
railroad tank.
Mr. T. M. L-ike is making prepara
tions to build a new house on College
street, on the vacant lot next to his
present residence. Shoekley, Bros. have
the contract.
Mr. C. C. Davis is adding a couple of
new rooms to the Gist house which has
been bought by Mr. B. M. Dennis, and
will be occupied by Mr. Dennis as soon
as the repairs are completed.
The concert for the benefit of the
Newberry Cornet Band will be given in
the opera houe, 30th Sept. Programme
will be published next week.
If you want a present of any kind go
or send vour order to
9-2 HuT's Boo STORE.
Bill Pads, Letter Pade, &c., &c., at J.
W. Chapman's. 3-16-tf.
Go to J. W. Chapman's for School
Books. -3-164fi.
Go to Hunt's Book Store and examine
their new Oxford Bibles.
Mr. W. M. Wilson has gone'to Charles
Mr. Geo B. McCrary, of Clinton, is
in town.
J. F. J. Caldwell, Esq., hlas gone~ to
Mrs. J. S. Pinkushon has returneild to
Mrs. Jas. A. Colield has returned from
Mr. J. P. Pool returned from Ashe
vile yesterday.
Mrs. W. UI. Hlunt, Jr., is visiting rela
tives in Laurens.
Mr. W. F. O'Neall has returned from
a visit to Fairfield.
Mr. Jno. W. Earheardt has returned
from another visit to Clinton.
Mrs. 0. L. Schumpert returned on
last Thursday from Asheville.
Miss Leah Foot has returned from a
visit to her brother in A tlanta.
Mr. D. C. Flynn, of Union, was in
town the early part of the week.
Mr. Wilson Glover, of Charleston, has
come to Newberry to buy cotton.
Col. R. A. Thompson, of WaIhalla,
has been in town during the week.
Miss Lizzie Glenn and Miss Annie
Cargill went to Laurens on yesterday.
Maj. L. W. C. Blalock has entered the
cotton market and is buying right along.
Mrs. T. J. Meerary and Miss Fannie
Johnstone returned onMonday from Sen
Messrs. G. A. Langford and J. D.
Smith leave for Kentucky next Satur
Maj. B. F. Ferguson, of Laurens, was
in the city on business the early part of
the week.
Mr. T. Q. Boozer hlas gone to Georgia
to try the efficacy of the electric well on
his rheumatism.
Miss Landrumn, of Johnston, is in
charge of the millinery department at
Mr. W. T. Tfarrant's.
Mrs. G. WV. Holland and Mrs. A. P.
Piler have gone to New York and other
points North on a visit.
Dr. W. E. Pelham has retu'rned from
Asheville anld is now in chlarge of his
large drug business hlere.
Mrs. T. C. Pool is still improving and
it is thoughlt she will be able to come
home in about two weeks.
Mrs. A. P. .Johnistone, of Anderson,
who has been visiting Mr. Silas John
stone's family, has been quite sick.
Mr. T. F. Harmon goes to Spartanburg
to-morrow to attend the meeting of tile
Holiness Association now in session
-Rev. C. P. Scott awd Col. J. R. Leav
1ell left on Monday for Laurens, to at
tend a meeting of the Reedy River B:tp
tist Association as delegates from New
berry Baptist church.
Dr. J. Ward Pelham, who has been in
charge of Pelhanm's (rug store here, left
for Philadelphia on Monday to attend
the Jefferson Medical College. He
joined Gov. Richardson's party in Co.
lumbia and will be present at the cen
-tennial this week. He was appointed a
Imember of the Governor's staff with the
-rank of Lieut-Col.
Advice to Mothers.
IDr. Biggers' Huckl-berry Coda
should always be used for childrer
teething. It soothes tile child, soften
the gums, allays all pain, cures wmc
colic, and is the best remedy for the
bowels. Try it.
Cotton 8.85. Seven Hundred Bales thi
Season. The High School. A His
. tory of the Wonderful Well. A
Trip to Georgetown. The
Killing of James Sadler.
We are at home again and at our poi
of duty.
Picking, ginning, and selling, are bein
pressed very vigorouisly.
Potatoes. turnips. peas, and late cotto
are needing rain very badly.
Number of bales of cotton sold to dat
Monday evening. 70. Price paid, 8.85.
Prosperity High School has increase
rapidly. This school is as its name in
plies, a High School in the strictest sens(
The staple is opening too rapid for t:
picking. The crop will show up shor
Some farmers say their individual crol
will be shorter than that of last year.
Our wonderful mineral well ! We hai
frequently been asked why we do n<
"write up" the mineral well. The reader
of the HERALD AND NEws will remembe
that on several occasions we have notice
the well most favorably-as much so a
we thought the demands of the case r<
quired. We have always contended the
there are some medicinal properties int
water, but in the absence of a chemica
analysis. it is absolutely impossible to de
termine what these properties are, <
what ills are relieved by the use of th
water. That it is not a panacea for a
the ills that humanity is heir to, is eviden
to every thinking mind. Persons hav
and are still using it with very benefici
results. This well was dug in the fall c
'72, during our administration and unde
our supervision. When the digger
"struck" water they immediately di
covered a peculiarity in the odor that the
were not accustomed to in reaching wate
and upon tasting the water declared the
it was unfit for use. However the we
was completed, but owing to the unpal;
tableness of the water, it was not use
and the fixtures around it were allowe
to decay, until recently when it has bee
fixed up, and brought prominently b
fore the public. The digging of the we
was just after the great fire of July '7
when every business house, save one, we
burned, and financial ruin was starin
every one in the face-not a dollar i
treasury and no means to raise any--hen<
no analysis could be made, althoug
several chemists were consulted, but ti
prices asked were " too much to thir
about it at the time. A sample of tb
water was sent to the State chemist i
June last. Col. A P. Butler has bee
asked when the analysis may be expecte
His reply is, "That all fertilizers must b
analized first, then stones, mineral
waters, etc." If ever the analysis is mad
and we presume that it will be; then, an
not until then, we will have something i
a tangible shape to give the public, the
this correspondent will only be glad i
"write up" the well, and tell its wonderfi
curative powers from "Dan to Beersheba
On last Thursday, September 8th,
tragedy was enacted in the usually qui,
section of country known as Jolly StreE
James Sadler, an ex-penitentiary convi,
(white), was jhot and instantly killed I
Mr. Jos. W. Werts, a gentleman of his
respectability. The following testimor
as developed at the inquisition furnish<
us with the facts in the case :
Dave Cannon (colored) sworn, saii
"James Saddler told me yesterday evenit
to tell Joe Werts that he had been talkir
about him (Sadler) and tell him G
d-n him, I'm going to meet him son
night and cut his d-n heart out of hir
I delivered the message to Mr. JoeWerts
John Singley (white), sworn, saii
"Yesterdlay evening James Sadler se:
for me to come to see him. I went. Sa
ler said to me, if you and Dr. Werts ax
Joe Werts and others don't quit talkir
about me I'Ll have revenge out of you al)
Dr. D. H. Werts testified that he hi
examined the body of James Sadle
found gun shot wound in left side bek
the arm-wound made by buck shot
probed the wound about twelve inches
found the shot had passed through t:
heart. He also testified as to the dange
ous character of Sadler, that he (Sadl<
had threatened his own (Werts') life, a:
that he (Sadler) had threatened to we
lay his son Joseph in the night and c
him to pieces.
Jos. W. Werts' statement : "I ha
known Sadler for a good while, nos
had any personal difficulty with him un
yesterday. Dave Cannon told me ti
Saddler said he was going to cut me i
Yesterday I had business. beyond Sadle
house. I had to haul wood to fire t
engine to gin cotton. The road leadi
past Saddler's house is the only one
could go to get the wood. I tried
avoid a difficulty, but was prepared to<
fend myself. As I neared Sadler's hot
I saw him walk towards the road. I si
good morning. He said stop. I halt,
He asked me if I had got the word i
he was going to cut me up. Now is
good a time as any and I am going to
it now, approaching me as he spoke w
an oplen knife in one hand and a stick
the other, swearing that he would cut:
to pieces. I grasped my gun (a doul
barrell shot gun) and tola him to st
He continued to advance, and when wit]
about ten feet of me I shot him.
reeled and Ishot again. I did not hit h
the last shot. My life was in immin4
danger and I shot in self defense."
The coroner's jury returned a verdict
justifiable homicide. Mr. Werts gave 1
in the amount of $1.500.
Saddler served a term in the penitenti
for house breaking. The sheriff of Ne
berry County has now a warrant in
possession for Sadler for assault and ba
tery with attempt to kill. He eviden
was a dangerous man, but now he s
neither molest nor hurt any one.
Our visit to Georgetown was indeed
very pleasant one. Leaving here at 2
we were spIed into the City by the Sea
9.45. \Wspent the night in the gre
old historic, eyclonic, earthquake city.
63 a. in., sharp, -we boarded the stear
Planter and wve were off for Georgeto'
When off the b'ar the sea became v
boisterous. The vessel labored heai
against a "dead head wind" a "
Easter," the seas ran high, wave las]
upon wave until all seemed one gi
seething cauldron ; .the Planter r
proudly rides the top of a great wave
the next instant ehe plunged into
trough of the sea 'dich threatens to
gxilf us~ al her +iinbers creak, she re
she staggers .(na rights herself again.
a man wan'ts to~ feel how small and I
utterly insigniaat, and how inSmii
~ ~ - -.
powerless he is, let him be placed in uld
Ocean, far from land during a storm. A
s grand time to contemplate the Omnipo
tence of Diety. Man may battle with
man, and with all other elements, but all
these vanish into nothing beside the fury
of the winds and the waves. How futile
it seems, that Alexander, King of Mace
, donia, should have commanded the waters
of the Pamphilian Sea to recede from him.
? After a stormy passage we arrived in
safety, at South Island, at 3 p. m., and at
once proceeded to the residence of our old
friend Dr. J. Wm. Folk. The Dr. was
not at home but his genial, hospitable
wife and little ones (five) were at home,
and we were happy. The Dr. soon came
in loaded down with rice birds. No one
who has not eaten the rice birds, can form
any idea how delicious they are. We
e spent just a week with the Dr., and his
t. family, and we have never spent a week so
's pleasantly from home. The Dr. and his
good wife vie with each other in their
e efforts to make you happy. We fished,
t oystered, shrimped, and crabbed, all the
u time, and such delicious eating-crabs,
r shrimps, oysters, and fish, that we almost
d went into ecstacies, notwithstanding there
a were plenty of interludes by the Santee
mosquitoes. This is a very fine country
t for fish and game. Fish at any and all
e seasons, ducks in their time, turkeys in
d their time, and 'deer in. their time, and
- numerous flocks of marsh hens and other
r edible birds. One day we rode to the rice
e plantations on the Santee. We would
Lil like to'give a description of these fields,
t and the rice culture but both time and
, space forbid. These plantations are very
a large. One planter has 1,500 acres of rice
>f in one body, just think of it, 1,500 acres
r which will average forty bushels to the
acre. This plantation will make a net
- profit of at least $20,000. It is an expen
y sive crop, costing on an average $20 per
r, acre to prepare, cultivate and harvest.
Lt Bird minding alone costs $12 per acre.
L1 Sometimes the whole crop is lost by over
- flows. Dr. Folk is the happiest man we
, have ever met. He has every good thing
d he can wish, and the beautiful part is that
n he is not selfish in his happiness, he has a
way of imparting it to others. He has not
a I even in the midst of all these good things,
neglected his education. He can say
tops'l, mains'l, buckra, and ona very plain
g ly, in fact he speaks the rice field dialect
n fluently. Soon the time came for us to
a part. Oh how short it was ; but the fates
h had decreed, and we obeyed. There
1e was only one thing wanting to make me
k completely happy, and that was to have
ie all the little boys and girls in Newberry
n with me "to gather up the shells on the
n sea shore." Pleasant memories of a pleas.
L ant visit, to a very pleasant family on
South Island,will ever linger in our breast.
We may have something to say of the fish
law and its operations in Georgetown
d County after awhile. YUBE. .
n If you wish school books, slates, school
o bags, school stationery, &c., at rock
ilbottom prices, call at Hunt's Bookstore.
Student's Bibles for sale at Chapman's.
t. Highly Pleased with the New Super
at intendent-Fourishing Sabbath
h -
yiHealth gobod at present and operatives
in good spirits.
Some of the operatives are leaving
here, while new osnes are coming in.
gThe nickel party on last Saturday
night, I am informed, proved a success
d -for the benefit of the chureh.
eAll the operatives seem to be carried
away with our new superintendent. We
ncan clearly notice the improvement in
the goods already.
tThe Baptist Sabbath school stands at
present with one hundred and forty
Ld seven members; general attendance
from sixty to seventy.
nMrs. Riser paid our part of ,town a
visit last week and I am sure she was
r, amply paid, for I saw.quite a number ol
the girls ini her store on Saturday eve
ning buying hats, etc.
The Methodist congregation organized
ea Sabbath school here on Sunday, the
r- 11th inst., with thirty-nine members.
r) J. H. Chappell was appointed superin.
id tendent by Rev. Stokes and Joseph Buf~
y-fington secretary.
tI am inclined to believe that every.
thing over this side will now move
ye smoothly along and that the day will
er yet dawn when this part of town will
lbe noted for piety and good works. Ii
at takes time to do anything.
p.The Baptist and Methodist denomina
s tions here are doing very well, but not
he as well as they should; for while thE
agpeople of God are worshiping in the
Schapel, we find the devil over on th4
tohill "going about as a roaring lioni seek
-ing whom he may devour," carrying or
Be a frolic. Such has been the case re
id cently. An OPERATIVE.
ta "Oil Paintings," "Steel Engravings,'
"Chromos," "Panel Pictures" and Pie
as ture Easels" at
*th -___ __
in Contract Awarded.
ne The finance committee of the Colum
>le bia, Newberry and Laurens Railroa<
)p. held a meeting last night and openel
Lin the bids for the masonry of the pier
le and abutments of the bridge to be bul
im across Broad River. There were bu
>nt three bids and the contract was awarde<
to the lowest bidder, Mr. C. D. Lang
of horne of Richmond, Va. The bid wai
ail for payment in cash, and the price to be
paid is $7 per cubic yard,which will maki
ery the cost between $21,000 and $25,000
w- there being about 3,000 yards to be laid
&i Work will be commenced as soon as th<
at- contractor can start.-Register, 14!h.
ilThe Gahiia Academy Falubition
On last Thursday night was largel:
aattended, and those who were presen
pronounce the entertainment a success
atThe music was furnished by Messrs. V
at. Belcher, C. E. Hunter and D. Q~
AtWilson. The entertainment consiste<
rof charades, dialogues and speeches b;
the scholars. Miiss Helen Hodges ha
~'been the teacher during the past yeai
.ry and after a short vacation will tak
rcharge of the school again.
ied The Reputation
eat Of Pelham's Chill Remedy is not cor
ow fined to Newberry. It has been sent t
md New York, Tennessee, Louisigna, Mis
asissippi, Kentucky, North Carolina an
en- great worth as a chill cure. Everybod
els. in Newberry is fully aware of its wor
H derful value. It is put up this yeari
50 cent bottles, as well as $1 size.
It not only breaks th chills but pr4
ely vents a return of t hieous disease.
The Farmers Busy Harvesting the
Crops-The Closing Exercises of St.
Paul's Academy-An Enjoyable
Cotton continues to open rapidly.
The weather turned off very war
again the latter part of the week.
We notice some of our farmers ha'
commenced gathering corn.
Mrs. Sallie Kinard, of the Ridge Ro:
section, was visiting relatives and frienc
in this community last week.
During the past two or three wee
the weather has been fine for gatherii
cotton and also for gathering fodd
from late planting of corn and tl
farmers in this section have been busi
engaged in both.
We were sorry indeed to learn of t
shooting affair that occurred in the Jol
Street section on last Thursday betwe
Joseph Werts and James Sadler. '
learn the above named persons ha
a difficulty concerning a hog which dif
culty resulted in Sadler's death on In
Thursday. We learn Sadler was of
bad character and very hard to get
long with.
Last Thursday your correspende
had the pleasure of attending the picn
and school exhibition of Mr. G. .
Mill's school at St. Paul's chuich. (
our arrival we found a large numb
already assembled at the academy
witnes. these most delightful exercise
At ten o'clock the scholars gatherc
near the church where they we
marched by their teacher to the acaden
building singing as they marched alon
the sweet song, "We'll work till Jes
comes." The academy building w;
nicely decorated with cedar and eve
greens which at a short distance p
forth a nice appearance. After the schc
exercises were through Silas Johnstor
Esq., of Newberry being present res
an excellent selection on "going into t
ark" which amused the audience ve
much. Geo. B. Cromer, E=q., of Ne
berry, being present also followed wi
a short discourse, after which dinn
was next thing in order and in ten
fifteen minutes the table was filled wi
all that heart and hand could wish bei,
enough for all, and some to carry hom
After dinner was over the audience r
assembled in the academy and an e
oellent speech was delivered by Scho
Commissioner G. G. Sale, on educatio
which was followed by anotherinteres
ing- address by Geo. B. Cromer, Esq
his address also bearing principally up(
education. Silas Johnatone was the
called on and read another excelle
selection which amused the audien
considerably. We can not close wit
out complimenting the excellent mu:
that was furnished for the occasion 1
Messrs. Andrew P. Boland, Adam At
and J. A. Kinard. Thus ended anoth
enjoyable occasion and everybody pre
ent seemed to -enjoy themselves. O
how we always enjoy such occasions.
The Culvert.
Superintendent Talcot came to Ne
berry last Thursday in his special car
look after the culvert. It is now thong
the railroad will take the culvert o
and put a bridge across the creek. V
do not think it is necessary to have tl
bed of the creek any deeper. All th
is needed is to let the water pass throus
so as not to overflow the land above ti
railroad. A bridge will effect this.
While you are in Newberry call
the Photograph Gallery or Hunt's Bo<
Store and see Salter's permanent e
larged pictures, linished in ink with tl
wonderful air brush. tf
Mrs. 'A hitman, of Kinards, died
the 10th September, 1887, aged about
Bennie Jerome, the 2-year-oid son
Mr. Daniel Dehart, of Ebenezer, di
September 8th.
Mr. Kemper Kibler, of the St. Phil
section, died Sunday, September 101
aged about 24 years. He leaves a w
and two children.
Advertised Aetters.
List of letters unclaimed and advertli
sept.13. 1s.
Copic, F. N. Parker, Danger Phi
Cannon, John lRice, A. D. (3)
Cannon, Oscar Ro,binson, Julia
Douglass, J. B. lswedenberg, Ann
Gourdine, Caroline Sanders, S. W.
Gourdine, Elizabeth Sadler, G. W.~
German, John Scott, Bibert
Baywood, Hannah Snleton, Ella
Jackson, susie Seks, Mary
James, Eebecca Wllace, Alfe
Little attle Wicker, Wm M
McLane, Miss L. M. (3)Woody, Manuel
Wicker. Belton.
Persons calling for these letters will pIe
say that they were advertised.
E. S. HE~RBERT, P. 3
'Bad Bowels.
The very expression implies suil
ing. Every mother knows the anxi
over this sickness, but every mot
does not know that Dr. Biggers' Huel
berry Cordial will regulate and cure
bowel troubles.
That is to say your lungs. Also
your breathing machinery. Very w
derful machinery it is. Not only
large air-passages, but the thousands
little tubes and cavities leading fr
When these are clogged and cho.
with matter which ought not to be the
your lungs cannot half do their wc
And what they do, they cannot do w
Call it cold, cough, croup, pnieumou
Icatarrh, consumption or any of the ft
ily of throat and nose and head
lung obstructions, are bad. All oui
to be got rid of. There is just one s
way to get rid of them, That is to t:
Boschee's Germatn Syrup, which:
druggist will sell you at 75 cents a bot
Eveni if everything else has failed y
you may depend upon this for certait
scott's Emulsion of Pure Cod Liver Oil 1
For Lunq TrouNles and Wasting Di.,ea
Dit. J. SIMONACD, New Orl-ans, I
says: "Scott's Emulsion is the tir
preparation of the kind. In affecti
of the lungs and other wasting disea.
we may consider it our most relis
Sagent. In a perfectly elegant and aga
able form ." 9-8-4
IBy Jacob B. Fellers, Probate Jut
WHEREAS, David Hipp hath made
to me to gtant him Letters of Admi
tration of the estate and effects of H
well H. Counts, deceased:
These are, therefore, to cite and
monish all and singular the kindred
creditors of the said Hartwell H. Con
deceased, that they be and appear
fore me, in the Court of Probate, to
held at Newberry Gourt House on
S20th day of September inst., after pu
Scation hereof, at 11 o'clock in the f
Snoon, to show cause, if any they h:
~why the said Administration should
be granted.
aGiven under my Hand this 5th
of September, Anno Domini 1887.
-' -~~~>~-K
Doors, Sash, Blinds;
Brackcts, Balustcrs, Posts, oi1S, Etc.
Lumber, Laths, Shingles, Lime, Ce
m ment, and Builders' Materials of all
kinds on hand.
re Newberry, S. C,
Mrs. S. A. Riser & Co.
er are now receiving a full line of
Dre Goods, Dlbbons, Dress Trimmings, Etc.
n The Latest Styles of
- Call early and make your selection
before the goods are picked.
a MRs. S. A. RISER & CO.
Dying of all kinds done at short notice.
as of every description, fresh every day.
r- The PUREST CANDY ever offered to
at the citizens of Newberry--made from
nothing but the highest grades Sugar.
All flavors.
e, Ham Sandwiches 5 cents.
id Ice Cream 10 cents.
ie Wedding Cakes a specialty.
ry 4-21 W. H. PATTON.
Located in the centre of the city.
a Special attention given to the wants
m and comforts of commercial travellers
nt and the transient trade.
h- Patronage Solicited.
June 1st, 1887.
ie We have never resorted to "B. B."
nor envied the reputation of L. L. P.,
ebut we do say that we are now opening a
For Spring and Summer,
Embracing the
~Latest .Approved Novelties of
ofthe Season, with all the
edStaple Styles in Shape
and Fabric.
sPlease remember what we say. Nc
ie one can discount our prices without sui,
On hand, over five hundred
~d different samples of pieCe
goods, from four first class
Tailoring firms,
from which we solicit orders for Specia
Suits or Single Garments. Satisfactior
guaranteed, or no sale.
9-22-cf Mollohon Row.
:f DllilONDS, W ATH lES
oJewelry, Clocks,
SPocket and Table Cutlery
i-Watch Reparinrg a Specialty
keNewberry, S. C.1
Read what is said of it :
rit "I shall gladly recommend its intr<
duction everywhere."
!es. HON. A. COWARD,
,aEx. Supt. Eilucation.
est "It will give me pleasure to recoir
yns mend its use by teachers."
ble E x. Supt. Education and Ex. Gov. S. C
'ee- "When school opens I shall make c<
-pious use of the volume."
- REY. S. LANDER, D. D.,
[A, Pres. Williamston Female College.
"It should be in the hands of all teaci
gers." PRoF. R. MASDVS
suit "The moral tone which appearsi
is- the work is especially worthy of coni
art- mendation."
REV. W. M. GRIER, D. D..
ad- Pres. Erskine College.
nd "Short Quotations" will be found<
ct, inestimable value to teachers, minister
be- lawyers and others. Persons wantir
be selections for
re- will find this the book for which the
ve, have been looking. It will be sent pos
not paid on receipt of 15 cents. Get a cor
of it, examine it and introduce it in1
day your school. Special terms to schoo
and dealers. Address
3.W. L~. BELL, Publisher.
- 9-1la Columbia, SL C.
Is3IT:L & s~
announce that
We say without hesitation that we are l
wants in the way
and G-ent's Furni:
than any house in the up country. We
handle first-class goods at the lowest prices
and guarantee satisfaction in every case.
' trllse & Bros.' Perfect-Fittil[ Ci1afthin.
for Gents, Ladies, Misses and Children.
In addition to these we carry a first
class line of MEDIUM AND CHEAP
13. H. Cline's Old Stand, -
Beg to announce the return of Mr. Ed
and that they are now showing the skiri
day, by solid columns in regular line of b;
will be sold at ten per cent. above cost to
In full cognplement, for Ladies, Gen
and full assortment of KID GLOVES.
For the inhabitants of the United
SHOES a specialty for Gents, Ladies, Chi
We have a large stock, which must
months, our senior partner retiring for
"Columbia Mills." Respectfu
It has been talked thatwe
and Castings at 'vero
ofgosjust ascheap.
Water Coolers,
Toilet Setts,
Ice Cream Fr<
Good Tobacco Five Cents per Plug
Don't forget
Ladies, why suffer in the laundry
Why have your wearing apparel
a machine that will wash and ble;
rubbing. It is a .perfect woi
We make a specialty of all work
Guttering, Zinc and Sheet Iron w,
Repairs on hand and ordered when
Newberry, S, 0., May 9th, 1887
Our Sto<
we were never
our fri:
~$25 Cash and Balance Novemba
gon a Piano.
- $10 Cash adBa ance Novembe>
an Organ.
- Delivered; freight free, to youri
i5 days test trial and freight bol
1 Write for circulars.
N. W
L. A. AWKTYh, Agent, Newberry
rEAUJN, .. .
etter prepared to supply "5
)ES, H A.
thing Goods
by Giving Usa
l "The Newrry
munds from the great.a
nish line of their PAL;
LTS; to be followed, day
close. =.:
GS at 15 to 75c.
tlemen and Children
:s, sHio
States and Canada!
ldren and Infants.
be closed out in the nex
the purpose of buil
sell our stock of
Tobacco and
-Twenty Plugs fo
room when we hae
rent all that sufferi~
torn to pieces? W
ach clothing without
rder. Call and see it.
in the line of Rd
ork, repairing, &c.
ever desire:1. Satisfan
scoTT & BR1W
ek of
i, and
able to ofr
JR. &
er .st, at spot cash p
1st, at spot cash prices;
earest depot.
h ways, if not satisfa

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