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Lumber ! Lumber!
50,000 feet of good Lumber for sale.
4t Ron'T M0<RM.tN
Lessons in vcval MusKic.
Miss Aileen Broaddlus,of the Boston
Training School of Music, after July
15th, will give private or ciass essons
in Instrunieni tl and Vocal .lMusic, nlso
on the Violin. Pupils solicited. For
terms apply to Mrs. J. H. M. Rull. _t
A New Wagon Bridge over the River
At Dyson's has just been conpleted
by the Richmond and Danville Sys
tem by finishing the abutments on
both sides of the Saluda. It is a heavy
and substantial bridge and will be of
incalculable benefit to the dwellers on
both sides of the Saluda. Newberry
will also be beveritted.
Don't fail to call on S. B. Jones when
you want Ice. ly.
Call on Smith & Wearn while you
can get choice goods. They are sell
ing them cheap for the cash. Dis
count on all cash purchases 15 to 25
per cent. E f.
To purchase farm lands in New berry
County for cash, or to exchange town
lots, or house and lots, for lands. Pur
chases made now and possession taken
n December.
Street Improvements.
The Town Council is widening Friend
street from Nance to Caldwell. The
cost will be $574-$500 to Dr. John R.
Thompsor for the strip ten feet wide
and $75 for moving back and repairing
the houses.
Council decided last Thursday to ex
tend Cornelia street through to Vincent
The Ladies.
. The pleasant effect and perfect safety
.with which ladies may use the Cali
fornia liquid laxative Syrup of Figs,
under all conditions, makes it their
favorite remedy. To get the true and
genuine article, look for the name of
the. California Fig Syrup Co., printed
near the bottom of the package.
An elegant line Furnishing Goods
and Neck Wear, at JAMIESON'S.
Silk Arrasene, Embroidery and Etch
ing Silk, Artist's Tube Oil Paints and
a select line of Picture Frames for sale
at Salter's Photograph Gallery. It.
The Leslie Bicycle Club.
-The young gentlemen in our town
some twelve or thirteen-who sport the
bicycle, have formed a club to be known
as "the Leslie Bicyle Club," with Mr.
John W. Taylor president, and Mr. M.
L. Spearman secretary and treasurer.
Now no doubt we shall see the wheels
go round in greater number and with
greater rapidity. The next thing is a
bicycle racing ground with an enclo
sure and seating capacity for the ladies
to witness the running.
A big lot of work Pants for 51) cents
worth 75 cents, at JAMIESON's.
Mason's Fruit Jars, half gallons,
quarts and pints. Also extra rub
bars.for same.
For sale cheap at
1y. Drug Store.
Be sure to call on Jones when you
-. want best Ice at lowest price. Iy.
-- Use the three Spirittine Remedies
Nature's own rededies. A pure extract
of the certar and pine tree. Testimonials
will confirm the astonishing results
- obtained in cases of LaGrippe and
Influenza. Try it and be convinced of
its merits. Manufactured only by Spirit
*tine Chemical Co., Wilmington, N. C.
Sold by Dr. WV. E.- Pelham.
A Bargain.
For sale-a seven room cottage with
- well of water and all necessary im
Provements. Desirably located in t he
viYlla'ge of Helena. Price $450. For
further information apply at The
Herald and News office. tf
-"Picture Frames, Albums ann. Easels
Just received another fine assortment
of Picture Frames at Salters' Photo
graph Giallery.
-Shoes. Shoes, Shoes
. Zeigler's well known Shoes. J. Faust
-4 M Son's Shoes. All solid as a silver dol
lar at MowER's. tf
-The spring is here and so is tile In
stallmnent man with Furniture, Baby
Carriages, Trunks, etc., which are of
fer'ed on small monthly or weekly pay
mkents. Stoneware and flour pots also
on hand. Cash not refused.
The Installment Man,
tf. Main st., Newberry, S. C.
Harris' Litlhia W~ater will sav-e yon
Sfrom fever spell of sickness this Sprine.
For sale by Robertson & Gilder and W.
E. Pelham. N t f
A certain cure for Diarrhoa,
Dysentery and all other diseases
of the Stomach and Bowels. 25
cents a bottle at Robertson &
Gilder's Drug Store.
Barbecue and speakingr at Watts' on 15th.
There will be a barbecue at WVatts'
-on Friday, the 15th instaut, at which
time Tillman and Sheptpard are ex
pected. Excursion rates fronm New
berry, over the C. N. & L., 50' cents for
the round trip. The train will stop at
the grounds, near Sligh's, thIree miles
below Prosperity. The county candi
dats are also expected.
There is more Catarrb in this section
of the country than all other diseases
put together, and until thle last few
years was supposed lo be incurable.
For a great many years doct(gs pro
pounced it a local disease, and pre
scribed local remedies, and by con
* stantly failing to cure with local treat
ment, pronounced it incurable. Science
has proveni catarrh to be a constitution
ali disease, and therefore requires con
sttutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh
Cure, manufactured by F. J. Cheney &
*Co., Toledo, Ohio, is the only consti
tutional cure on the market. It is
taken internally in doses from 10 drops
to a teaspoonful. It acts directly on
the blood and mutcous surfaces of the
system. They oti'er one hundred dol
Jars for any case it fails to cure. Send
for circulars and testi mo nials.
F. J. CH ENEY & ('O., Tloledo, 0.
SiSold by Druggists, 75e.
. When in need of a nIice pair of Har d
Sewed Shoes, go to Jamniesona's and buy
the Lilly Bracket Shoe-the most comt
SServi1e in the L:uthr::i lhreb
next Sunday at l1 a. n. and Ve-per
ser:ices at ;.;:., p. m11.
1r. Chris. iu'f takes the cake. 'it
wit ilemlonade. IHe <irank one gallon
of iced lemionade at one stand inaat the
j ieni:i at Mr. W. P. Harri-' on Satur
day, the 2nd inst.
A game of base ball will be 1layed
this :,ternoon iat 4 '(lock ueit the
Faetrc y and Town nir-" Iln the grounis
near tbe factory.
The cotton mill shut down on io
(ay to repair the bi eilgile. A 1ew
piston ih put in and the eyllilder has
been bo'.d out by Mr. TWalisen, al ex
pert ri1echa:ie selt to N ew berry by the I
Harris Engine Co. of Providence, I.
It i< a splendii p:ece of wtork. The
mill wilt p robably : tart 1p:g1 i to
Notw ithstanding the conditi' af
the we-ttha-r, the tm.eet ing at lo!y's
Ferry andc the soinof Courllt a p)rty.
goo! iulbii:er of CXClisil:nistS WenL tO
Charieston yesterday, and aiong themt
two of I', elplllote"s of this ofilc.
Mr. Gret:eker. Jr., and Mr. tius Ful
ler. \We wi the v t a ,leasan ''u,
ing aind ai s:ife hnn~iewar-i" b.)lli:d :ill.
Mi-s Annie Cargill, of Colmu,
Ga.. is visiting Miss Lizze (enn.
Master Childe Harold Lake is home
from Laurens.
Mr. J. 0. Peoples ba- gone off on his
summer trip to Waynesville, N. C.
Mr. F. J. Russell paid a visit to
Donalds last week.
Mrs. Minnie Koon and Miss Della
Riser were on a visit to friends here
the early part of the week.
Mr. Thos. E. Jackson left yesterday
to take the Asheville, Charleston and
Augusta route for the Union News Co.
Mr. and Mrs. E. Brown and daughters
Virginia and Lucille, of Charleston,
are on a visit to Mr. Jos. Brown and
Mrs. F. A. Schumpert and Mrs. J. C.
Hunter have gone to Harris' Lithia
Miss Mollie Barre has returned fromt
a visit to relatives at Denmark.
Masters Lawsou and Forest Goggans,
of Newberry, have returned from a
visit to their aunts, Mrs. Herbert and
Mrs. Dantzler. at Orangeburg.
The Sessions Court.
The Court of General S -sions met
on Monday, 11th. His Honor, James
Aldrich, Judge presiding, and Solicitor
Schumpert were present.
Sixt"en members of the Grand Jury
answered to their names. His Honor
made a full and mc :t excellent charge
to the Grand Jury. He instilled soie
wholesome fear in wit nesses and others
when be announced that if any had to
be called more than onee he would send
them to jail where they would be when
wan ted.
The State vs. B. V. Watkins, mur
der, not guilty.
Charlie Gary, housebreaking; no bill.
The State vs. Jacob L. Dominick,
malicious injury to real property; true
The Stat vs. Geo. Scott, murder.
The State vs. Jas. Kenner and Frank
Morries, housebreaking. Kenner plead
guilty; sentenced to eighteen mot,ths
in the penitentiary. Morries was tried
by jury and found not guilty.
Jailes Tally, assault and battery
with intent to kill; not guilty.
Jake Brown, housebreaking and lar
eny; plead guilty; eight?en months
in the penitentiary.
Sam Stephens, assault and battery
with intent to kill; guilty; fined $2OO
or fifteen months in the penitentiary.
McDuffie St >nle, arson; admitted to
Dave Bozeman, assault and bat tery
with jnt .ut to kill; four nionthis in the
Win. Green wood, selling seed cotton
between su ndown and sunrise; guilty;
$5 fine or thirty days in county jail.
Anna Tribble, infanticide; guilty. 1
Amanda Workman, murder. Trial in
progress as The Herald and News goes
to press.
This is Turnip Season.
We change our ad. this
week and talk Turnip
Seed. Just received a
fresh supply of cele
brated seed. These seed
are pure and reliable,
sure to give satisfaction.
We have a good variety
from which you can
chose. If you want a
good crop of Turnips,
try our seed. We buy
direct from the Phila
delphia Farms from re
liable growers, so you
run no risk in getting
none but fresh seed.
Come, and select from
our list, at
The Central Drug Store.
They Waited on Him.
it has been reported that Hon. John
W. Scott was gi)mg to be a candidate
for the House, though lhe wze not the
choice of the caucus.
So on Monday a commllittee,con1sisting
of Dr. S. Pope, D)r. W. EC. Lake, P. 11.
Koon and J.A..Riser, wvaited upon Mr.
So't and inqUired if the report was
true. Mr. Scott assured thema tbat lie
thought lie would run. They thien
warned him ag'ainst such a rash Atep
and told him tic did not hav'e the en
dorsement of the people and wvould
surely be beaten. They were his friends
and did not want to see himt sacrifice
By whom this commnittee w:" atp
pointed we know nlot. Wec have nto
u'omIfent to make; wve ouiy state tihe
act. We had thought, however, thlat
this was a free coun try anid every imn
we at liberty to exercise his owvn pla
ure iu suchl miitters.
Mr. Scott announces islfS us a
eandidate tis week.
An elegant line Oxfords for Ladies,
M isses and Children, at
1y 0. M. JAMiE-S'oNs.
Every one who has tried the "Tar
Leel Ctieese" recommend it as being
:he linest cheese ever brought to the
ity. Leave your order for some, at
iv McINTrosiE'M.
FIC bargains ini Shoes, go to
l y J AMIEsoN. I.
Highest cf all in Leavening Powc
A STI:ANG-; 1)t lT1x:.!t:ANCE.
1ir... i:obb Lt-avce. Hn:: i! in n Dark aid
:any Night.
Mrs. JBettie ;>blb, wife of V. II.
Bubb, I. - : ir :n s('llewhat delentedl
for two ycars. On last Sunday night
siC left her ho:w: about 10 o'clok,
(lurinlg a i:eavy rain. "he was ;int
nuii--s til : Uct 1 a. m:. Searclh was :uade.:
The 1neighbo' S :were no i!ied? anld all en
r.;e in tht s!arci. No ciue could be t
;ount! all dac-iam_ tayu L. Y1e terdayV 1
rliorcing tht I u :t was ren1ew:ei by l
ullyV one hum:itreui ali liity neighbors,i
white and 1i1aclk. A conidu(tor on one t
of the a:aterial trains reported *vester- i
day "hat at h a. ni.. on Monday li.
pa.-ed a w,olianl at the Saluda rbl ge
and at I o'clock he saw the sate
Woiuha pass Ninety-Six. H is deserip
tioi of the woman ceellied to be very
accurate. Telegrau:s weresent up the
road and it was learned! that thesamice
won11 h:l pas-ed through Green -
wood and speit the xxngit aot two
tiil,es above that place.
Alr. Ihbb too! stoCe maeni's clothes:
viti her, and the wom:ani sen onl the
railrroad was d'rested in nien's clothes.
Mr. Bobb and .Joln -Neel went to
zo-rdges yesterday to identify the wo- r
niall. T'hev teiegrpit)hed frot 1)(- 'j
nald's, where they overtook her, that it e
was Mrs. Bobb.
Speech by L. D. Childs of Columbia -
Executive, Co.nmittee Appo-ntrd. {
The Prohibition Convention was
held in the Court House last Satur
Arthur Kibler was elected cha0:-:nan a
and W. F. Wright Secretary, names t
were enrolled.
The following committee was ap
pointed to nominate an executive coim
inittee of live: E. M. Evans, E. C. l
Jones, D. B. Wheeler. J. C. Neel, and I
B. F. Cannon. e
The con mittee reported the following ,
and they were elect( d: Arthur Kib'er, 1
B. F. Cannon, O. N. Rountree, W. A.
Counts and Job L. Hughey.
On motion of Rev. W. W. Daniel IJ
the exe.utive committee was increasedr
to eleven-one from each township and
the committee, by townships, now
stands as follows:
Township No. 1-Arthur Kibler. s
Township No. 2-B. F. Cannon. a
Township No. .3-W. B. Oxner. t
Township No. 4-M. A. Renwick. s
Township No. 5-0. N. Rountree. '
Townshi1 No. 6-W. D. Senn.
Township No. 7-J. R. Irwin.
Township No. S-I. H. Boulware. t
Townshily-No. 9-F. V. Capers. I
Township No. 10-W. A. Counts. d
Township No. 11-J. L. Iughey.
On motion of the convention, Rev. s
W. W. Daniel delivered a short tolk
Dn the subject of prohibition, showing t
the deleterious effects of the traflic in fi
whiskey. He said what is morally u
wrong is politically wrong, and pro- e
eeeded to show the moral wrong of the fl
whiskey business. 0
A recess was taken until the arrival 11
>f the train upon which Mr. Childs n1
was expected to come. The; conven- c
tion aeassembled and listened to an lu
interesting and earnest talk by Mr. P
Childs. It was a strong plea for pro- iC
bibition, and was listened to with
much interest by those who were i
present, and there was a good atten'l- I
Ince. C
A splerdid line Children's Suits sell- r
ng at cot at Jamiesoni's. Suits for x
93.50 to $4.51; regular price $65.00 to y
13 p
Blotches Old Sores, Ulcers and all A~
skin eruptions cured by P. P. P., the v
;reatest olood purifier of the age. n
County Sucnday-sehool Convention, []
The Executive Committee of the
Cotuty Sunday-school Convention met rt
a the oflice of Geo. B. Cromer, Esq., it
m last Friday afternoon at five o'cloet-, p
~o fix a time and form a programme n
?or the approaching mueeting. Mem- is
iers p)resent: Geo. B. Cromer, John 5. c:
arwile and C. F. B3oyd. The place is
t New Chapel Church, and the time ii
ippointedi is Tihursday and Friday, the n
d and 4th of August, and belowv is the
)rog'rammfe. [[tight here we earnestly tl
~equtest ea.ch speaker to be present P;
it the session of the convention. The t<
yitizens of the Newv Chapel comn- ni
:.unity are noted for their hospitality, 0:
And they are expecting a full conven- tU
:ion. Now, brethren, let us not dis- P
ippoxint these good people. It is the ir
jesire of the executive committee that e(
.very Suniday-school in the county S
should be represented at the nieeting.
We would call u. an the superintend- 'w
ints to see that delegates are elected Ul
:hat will attend. Blank reports have ri
:>en sent out by the secretary, and we Il
~rust that they will be filled out and n
-eturned promptly. If any superin- a
endent in the county fails to receive n
he blanks, he will phease notify the
tecretary at once. C. F. BOYD, 01
Secretary. h1
Txhursday, Augcust 3d: Mornig session
le,vOoil exercises at 10 a. rn. s.axxing roll. p
)ry'anizaction. Music. Welcome Address by ii
,.ice:iey (annon. Reponse by --. 3Musie- 1i
ropic-Punetuali Ly ini the Sounu'ay-schiooli. its
umportacnce ancd the best ine.ancs cif scuring e
t. To be o;pecned by itev. U. G. Phtiilips acnn
Lraf. E. 0. Counxts. 3c1 csic. Intermcissioni. (
Afterncooxn Sessxon-lieorts of Sun day
chools. 31usic. Topic--rce C;aims of tice e!
sucnday-'(lco uoon (lie Conzregation. To a
Ie opecned biy \' . -K. Sligh, anid .J:ns. Y. Cui- ,l
- eth,Estl.(1 usic. fopie--Aggres,ive Sux- '
xay-acoooi \'. ork. To be ope.-xil by Rev. G. A.
Wr ight acnd i'no!. Fraxnk 1-vans. 31uxsic. Quer'y p
Ltox. .1isccxelns b)usinles. Ad,jourcnient. d
Friday. Au:;ust -Ithc: Devotional exercises.
ropie--ja Lesson,. its place icn the Suncday
chool. To be opened by Revs. 0. ... Roun c- ii
ree and J. w. Blanton. Mlusic Topic-Nor- si
nal .'le-thods. To be opened by leer. Walter J.
iterbert anxd C. L. Fcke. Esi. Mlusic. Inter
A ftern:coon Se.sion- 31csic. Tp!<*(--The tt
'hildrenc acid 31 issionls. Toi be opened by eer.
r. W. 31cClure acid 31. A. Carlisle. Esq. .Icusic.b
*uer'e I!o.. Adiurnc:cnen t.
..o.,:. Icu:e i: .Joni N . CAnIwn.L-:, a
. F. ItY v. .JoIN wV. (H At'1M AN'
d. s. IBoozce:. Executive C'onr
Harris' Lithia Water will cure any
malarial diseases, Dropsy, Sick Head
cche, Cuonstipation, diseases arising ~
rom poisoned blood, (ravel. Forsale.
iv Robertson & Gilder and W. E. Pel- i
cain. X
Ctotthinz: clothinc!'
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liose ocu t bcalace of spring goods. Will I.
~ell ait a big discount. If you have dle
err-:1 buying y our Spring Suit now is
urtimie. 0. M. .JA MIFS(N.
lIf you wani t Ice at anyv time cahi on
.Jonest'. n7
Sih& Wearn are 'losing out their
~toCk at a disecount. There is no hum- 0l
.ug about it. Reacd their advertie- t
ment. tf.
Bucklen's Armica salve.
Thic't -Salve icn the world for Cuts, Sores,
Btruci,es, C-ieercsa;i tc eu. Fever Sures,T'et- e
er, chapped 1 lanids, Chliilbincs. (:orcns acid
Sil skicn Ecupt ions, acnd poisit ively cucres
:i les or' no ;ay requ ir.'d. It is guarancteed to
cive pe'rftct 'sautisfaction. or' coiney refun xdedl 1
-rice >ents ne box. F"or sale by Robert- I
soc a Uider. ji
r .--Latest U3. S. Gov't Report.
l::;ui.ar Mtee itn -Full Alt trnwance-('.,100
C:a:lip,aizn to Opiwa Auzn+t ': at New -
r,wrry-Mr. S1i.: e-i; n: a,.:n
li. 11. I Ete E et!
Tie ('roUntV ExeclUtive ConnTitti -
tne* on Mofidav in the oflice of Tria
I uistiwe ravi,ii. There wasa very ful
itendance. only twt ir three mnemb:
-ein. abent. After the roll cali an
ie rladint11 of the m3inutes : i!r. Caid we?l
epo ted for the e)rotmittee to arrang
)u:c"ts and timels for the camipai,i
nett in1ZS. T1 e report as adlop)ted make
he follo ving a;ppointments of time
ind ulact"s for those meletitins in thi
cverad 1ownships:
\0. 1-Newherry, August -.
o. 2 -Tjh,s. WN. I\eitt's, Autguit :,.
\o. :;-Mt. I leaC:t, A uguist
\o. 4- (roier's -t,)re, Augutt 9.
C4.i - IJaIlpt, Augu-t 1i.
No Lnhr'stor.., AutiLtst 1l
Co. ~-Willia:ms' Sture, A ugu-t 1N.
. -ltopia, Auust 17.
Co. i-o-Y oung's Ur))ve , ugut .
Co. 10-Jolly Street, Augu.-t 24.
o. 11-\icker's (ampigtrut;d, Au
It will be sieen tnit ther are threi
neetirngs each week b)"giniing or
nuesday, ex-ept the week which in
Iides the Statt campaign meeting a
,ewbe rry on Au,rust Is. That weel
here are only two nteetin-s. The
neitin_s were put to)gtther this wa3
.t the suggestion of Mr. Sligh who ex
,is to be a candidate, for lie said hi
bought it. woniii be better for the can
lidat:'s a,td give them more titue a'
Mir. Sligh the, announcedct that Mr
sibler was present and wished to makt
request of the contittee in refernetii
o prohibition.
On ,.otion of Capt. Folk, Mr. Kiblei
as permitted to make his statement
Mr. Kibier felt obliged for the privi
age, and siiply desired to request it
tchalf of the prohibitionists, that th(
o itttee appoint one iatiager al
ach box who favored prohibition
hey did not care whether lie was foi
heppard or Tilltan. The State Ex
cutive Comnittee had recognized pro
tibition and t hey felt encot r tged t<
take the request.
Mr. Capers moved that the requesl
e granted.
Mr. Sligh thought the coitinitte(
bould first decide whether they would
gree to the contract enteredi into be
ween Sheppard and Tillman on thi
ubject of managers. Anid Mr. Caper:
Ithdrew his motion.
Mr. Sligh said he didn't know
lhether he was familiar with
ie agreement or not and asked Mr.
Iunt to state the agreement, which he
Mr. Folk moved that we adopt the
.igestion or request of the candidates.
Mr, Caldwell: "I would just say
ese few words. It seems to me such a
tir proposition that the committee will
ot refuse it. We arebrotrhes ini uter
t,brothers in blood and brothers in the
irture of our country, and this is the
nly thing that will prevent censure
ereafter. Every difficulty will be re
ioved. Everything conrs before this
)mllittre and if there is any irregu
rity this committee can make the
roper corrections. It is sound polit
al wisdom to adopt this suggestion."
Mr. Capers: "The question comes up,
it necessary for us to act on this now?
r we postpone this matter all the
unty papers will have the agreement
its week, and all the members could
ad and study over and think about
Mr. Sligh: "I agree with Mr. Capers.
is net absolutely necessary to ap
int managers at this meeting, and if
is adoptea whom will we appoint?
fter the thing hoes on awhile men
ill be pronouncned in their views and(
e can better select managers."
Mr. Slighi then moved to postpone
ie matter to a future meeting.
Mr. Hunt: "I haven't a copy of the
iles, but it is my understanding that
is imperative that managers be ap
inted at this meeting. I feel very
tuch in favor of nostponing, but there
no way around it except to take a r:
It was Bund that the rules made it
nprtv oapitmngr at this
Mr.liut: Itis noterthing whe
er we will adopt the request of Shep
ard and Trillmnan. If we agree to-day
>adopt the stuggestion we can act
tore intelligently in the appointment
tnanagers, if we know w~ eare to have
vo managers. I feel sure it is my
urpose to have honest men, and I
tove, so far as this county is concern
1, that wve adopt the suggestion of
henpard and Tillmnan.''
Mr. Capers: "I think we had bietter
ait and confer. I read in Th'e State
is morning-a paper I don't often
ad-that it advises that they wait in
ich!and in the matter of appoint.
ents, and I think we had better wait
ittle. Men ought to.read the agr
a ut and digest it."
The Herald and News, man here
Iered to procure the agreement which
e did andi it was read from the R.egis
r. It is as follows:
AInKEN, S. C., .July 6.-The next
riary will be as fair as both sides can
take it, as will be seen from the fol
aing agreement ent t'red into by the
mdidates of the two factions:
We, the undersigned candidates for
overnor, hereby request the Demo
atic Executive Commnittee of each
nd every Counity in the State to so
ive the Board of Managers (includ
ig the clerks of each botardl) of the
ri marvelections to tie held on the 30th
a of August, 1S92, as to give each
(the factions of the D)emocratic p)arty
Sthe State equal representation on
tid board. Atnd we further request
at each factioni shall have the right
>recommflendl two men from each club
the Democratic Executive Commit
e of each County; and that the same
e appoint' -d tipon the Board of Mani
ers for the club for which they cre
B3. R. Ti ,.MN.
.J. C. SmitcIAm>.
Mr. Hunt: ''We all know here to-day
het her this request is fair. We all
noiw whether or not we can endorse
.Every muan lhere knuows ini his heart
hetber this thting is wrong or not.
e are all men htere who have worked
>gther before, anid will act together
hen the heat and smoke of this camui
aign is over. Each faction here to-day
m act 'ogether. It is no secret as to
-hiehi faction I belong, and that it is
the minority in this committee. We
re at the mtercy of the miajo'rity. I
lieve there has always been absolute
tirness ini the primaries in this county.
it 18S8 the executive commuittee per~
itted the two candlidates for the Sen
e to suggest a mainager each for each
f the precincts. We ought to decide
us question to-day, so that each fac
on can act intelligently in the ap
ointment of managers at the adjournt
I nmeeting. WVe don't know whether
-e are to be treated fairly or not, be
iuse there seems to be some dloubt."
Mr. Slighv: "I have no speech. If
y friend MIr. Hunt) knows my senti
ents lhe knows that I want fairness.
e talked the matter over this morn
g and the opinioni is that the request
a fair one. We are going to adopt
is5 request. I believe that our sidei
liug to do anythinig that is fair,
ec don't intend to do anything else.
o man is more willing to do the
r thing than I am. I have alway5
ne the fair thintg, and exposed
ie wronlg-doinig it, even if I had
,9 d ao O on thle stumTp. Look at
?ae state this morning. I 'm told that
am publishedl as a ?'hiid party man.
is fal-e, and if Mr. Keitt was here I
>ud prove it by him that I oppose the
birdl party. Yet .stiil some dirty fel.
,w as gone andl published it that I
i a TIhirdI party mani fromt some re
ark I have made. I have made an
pecial enort to quell this very Third
arty idea.
t committee in 115t met to aI)ppiint
- anagers they made it a point to see to
it tiat every man who was appointed
was a,ainst me. In my country the
:ttis were appointed.'
1i r. Smith,who was a ineniber of the
(ol committee, undertook to interrupt
'Ir. Sligh to say that he ;Sligh) had
t managers, but MIr. Sligh
was talking about the general election
io s.-.rns and not the primary.
r i;h-h, continuing, "We want to
be fair and we intend to be fair. We
will be particular to get good mncii, and
there is not a uian that deplores this
thing more than I do. The Edgefield
niee:ing was a disgrace. I don't say
iere who is responsible for it."
'Mr Hunt: "I will say just here that
athe executive coruimtittee had absc
lutely nothing to do with appointing
rmanagers of ei betion for the general
ieetiont. 'T'hat was the business of the
coliissioners of election."
Mlr. Sli-h: "I will theni excuse the
executive conmnitt_c but not the con
atissioners of election. It the commit
tee to-diay were to refuse this request
I would not excuse them. But all
tliese things will come up on the
1r. Caldwell then ofl'ered the fol
lowing resolution which was adopted:
"Resolved, 1st. That the Executive
Committee of the Democratic party of
-Newberry County hereby adopt the
suggestion of the Democratic candi
i dates for Governor, that there be an
equal division of the several boards of
managers for the primary election be
tween supporters of the respective can
didates, and hereby decide to carry
that arrangement into effect.
"Resolved, 2nd. That the said com
mittee take recess until 6th day of Au
gust at which time the appointment
of managers for the primary election
will be made in conformity with the
said suggestion and the foregoing reso
Mr. Capers then moved that one of
the managers or the clerk shall be in
favor of prohibition and it was adopted.
The rules adopted by the State ex
ecutive committee were then read and
adopted as the rules to govern the
election in this county. The Herald
and News has already published these
rules but will publish them again next
The question of club rolls and mem
bersbip in clubs being necessary to
vote,were discussed but no definite ac
tion taken. It seems to be the opinion
that membership in clubs should not
be required zs an essential to voting,
and Mr. Sligh offered a resolution to
that effect but withdrew it, to await
action by the State committee.
It was adopted as the sense of the
committee that under the Constitntion
Trial Justices are to be elected and at the
next meeting arrangenents are to be
made as to judicial districts, &c. Mr.
Caldwell voted against this as he op
poses the election of Trial Justices.
Mr. Sligh tendered his resignation as
chairman, which was accepted, and
offered the name of Mr. G. A. Mills as
the member from his club. The club
had not acted but he felt sure it would
elect Mr. Mills.
Mr. Hunt nominated Capt. H. H.
Folk as chairman.
Mr. Bedenbaugh nominated Mr. H.
H. Blease.
Mr. Folk asked to withdraw his
name and Mr. Blease was elected.
On motion the committee then took
a recess to August 6.
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TilE WLE.'LTIH 4)- TIlE co'31".
The Total A.eseed Value of'the 1'roperty
of the County S4.133,895-Not Much
Increaie the Past Year-A 1J
* iilt d Statement from
the Auditor',
The Herall and News has for sev
eral years annually published a stat -
ment showiig the assessed value of the
personal pronerty of the county by
townships. '.That table for the last
.=sessment, .vhich has just been com
pleted by the auditor, is published to
day. It is taken from the abstract in
the auditor's office and is correct. The
figures fron the abstract of last year
are also givei. The table is given here.
- I
I\INu )er.
N .+= 1N, _ 1 alue.r
_______1____-INumber. C
Z Numbe.
- -ale
I J"J.i. .+ - tii .-:" alue.
S _t X- Number.
-, - + value.
- '1. .. .,-v Value. -
a- alue.
- : . Number.
.A..Z C -aue"
v. i Va lu e .
:! J J Jt Jt J - fi a__________
1- Township.
Ja f ----i., - .-J 1
--- J,alue.J,
- Number. o
- Number.
-4- -Value
~~ Number.
: ... -Value. -
Thetotl ssese value ofpr
Ioa rpet h prJmesetyeri
sessment wa includedlte ulwu
>f Nwery b whihmier a
edThsathe total assess ent~ pin
onal poprt he reent y8,25, as
with3' thes tanhan lastociar.onst
appahretly looks lik thelreasbeeof
a4,7 fcrehe ct in the assen.oers
aTher. But aio-n la ersasi
teassessment of mherchatinise btan
irase $i hous en tgoods. o
Thereaion w:ee asstotal deras er oft
boresa Ia .i deasen ae incvlulo 4,-5
ed thiso ar tnree toa 9mes b~t Ra
decreas oin vale ofe13,n5 There5 asd
beenralyae a tot al icrease nte ub. of
eattle7 ofr th7an cintylu in the730.s
There has e as tot~al decrease inh
thmer seenadot of 15nds, utand
ineaue i135 houshere areoaso 2dg
hores, a th lastcres n ee ins a~,3
datotal iete of 00 es os mul aese butn
decrae f RIvau1,440. G Tee a
Ttle av.9 cand inese value of cattle.
number3 of sheep, and goats, of 1itt eamor
lesthan the eahlast er iThr ws ax
otaly of1.7es hogs, ae aed 'rat in
vae ofl ,44.1ea.Thlwfie
the verge alledegl al5.0ea ofortl
the purp>.se of taxation. The average
amesed value of each horse is $5?.G:,
nd of ea::h mule .31;. 'N.
Any one who desires can me.ke the
calulaion Lay townships from the ta
bles. He can see in what township 3
there has been an increase or decreas'e.
The value of cows falls a little below.
tesardo 1.:), as o fixed by orw
For Senator.
nounced as a candidate for the
nomination for the State Senate in the
Democratic Primary this year. He
will abide the result of the primary.
For House of Representatives.
as a candidate for the House of
Representatives and nledge myself to
abide the result of tu.. nrimary elec
tion. JOHN W. SCOTT.
a candida.e for a seat in the House
of Representatives, subject to the Dem
ocratic primary.
nominated for the Legislature,
and is pledged to abide the result of the
primary. MANY Fr. Exns.
as a candidate for e'ectio. o the
lower branch of the (General Assembly
rt the approaching Democratic prima
ry, and will abide the result of the
same. JNO. C. WILSON.
announced as a candidate for the
House of Representatives, subject to
the result of the Democratic priaary.
For School Commissioner.
is presented to the Democratic
voters of Newberry County for School
Commissioner. Mr. Keitt is a most
3ompetent teacher and in hearty syni
pathy with the people in their efforts
to elevate their children. He will abide
the decision of the primary.
Sannounced as a candidate for
the nomination for the office of School
ommissioner, subject to the Demo
:ratic Primary.
as a candidate for the nomination
For Clerk of the Court at the ensuing
primary election, and pledge myself to
abide the result of said primary.
inated for Clerk of Court of New
_erry County, subject to the primary.
as a candidate for Sheriff of New
)rry County-subject to the Demo
:ratic Primary Election.
as a candidate for the nomination
>f Sheriff at the approaching primary
lection, and pledge myself to abide by
;he result of said primary.
hereby nominated for Sheriff for
be people of Newberry County, and
will abide the result of the primary.
by nominated as a suitable candi
late for Sheriff at the approaching pri
nary election, and is pledged to abide
he result of said primary election.
hereby announced as a candidate
or Sheriff, subject to the result of the
irimary election.
sef as a candidate for Sheriff, sub
ect to the primary. WM. A. HILL.
as a Candidate for County Comn
nissioner at the approaching Primary
~lection and pledge myself to abide
be result of said primary
Lv.nominated as a candidate for.
Jounty Commissioner at the approach
ng Democratic primary, and is pledged
:o abide the result of the saine.
1as a candidate for County Conmmis
ioner of New berry County, and will
tbide the result of the Democratic pri
nary.T. B. L EITZSEY.
. announced as a candidate for
.ounty Commissioner at the approach
ug primary, and is pledged to abide the
-esit of the sarre.
i. by announced as a 2andidate
or County Commissioner, and we
>ledge him to abide the result of the
D.emocratic primaries.
j. nounced as a candidate for re
~lecticn to the office of County Corn
nissioner, and is pledged to abide the
)rimary election.
'J.by announced as a candidate for
he office of County Commissioner,
yledged to abide the result of the pri--_
nary election.
announced as a candidate for Coun
y Commissioner, subject to the result
f the Democratic primary.
as a Candidate for County .Com
nissioner, subject to the primary
~lection, the result of which I am
>ledged to abide.
as a candidate for County Commis
loner of New berry County, subject to
he primary election.
1. setd as a suitable rnan for
he office of Trial Justice at Ne;vberry,
ubject to the Democratic primary. He
s a lawyer by profession and is well
1ualified to discharge the duties of the
here"y an nounred' as a candidate
or Auditor subject to t he Democratic
'ri mrv.
announced as a candidate for the
iomination of Auditor of Ne:wberry
ounty, subject to the resultof theDem
cratic p)rimary.
as a candidate for the nomination
f County Treasurer, and pledge my
elf to abide the result of the Demo
ratic primary. C. F. ROYD.
as a candidate for the nomination
r the office of Coroner at the ensuing
>rinmary election, and pledge myself to
bide the result of said primary.
..a nnounced as a can didate for Cor
nuer at the ap)proaching Demiocratic
rimary, and will abide the result of
he same.
asa Canimdat~e for the nomnination
or Coroner of Newberry County, and
ledge myself to abide the result of the
)enmocratic Primary.
Jamieson's is the place to buy your
'lothinog cheap IYv
" :mor ill:nan in his own return, ever
w ic i iere has been so much said.
The fi:ures are interestingr, and will
sh,ow ho)w property has been valued for
the purposes of taxation.
TIre has been no return nor assess
n:ent of real estate this year. Still
there has been a slight increase, owing
to improvenents.
The following will show the increase:
In 1s92 the total assessed val
ue of real estate is............2,G41,225
In 1:-9i it wa ........................ 2,617.295
An i:e:'ease of......................$ 2%930
The total assemed value of the taxa
ble property of the co:nty for 1S92is:
Real estate........................ 2,641,225
Personal property.................. 1,492,670
Tot al .................................$4,133,S95
'ihe total decrease in the penalty for
non-return is about $17,C}: less than it
was 1;s year.
P'ints from Pinetop.
Over in Pinetop it is all anti-either
anti-Tillmau or anti-Sheppard.
Ned Brown says Pinetop is near
Chapin. Now Ned didn't know.
From the list of candidates in The
Herald and News I weave the follow
.,. M. Johns T one
Thos. W. Ke I tt
Jio. C. Wi L son
Cole L Blease
M. M Buford
Win. A Hill
Juo. N Bass
J. Mari 0 n Lindsay
J. J. Kina R d
Geo. S Mower
BenjZiin H alfacre
H. H. E vans
L. P Miller
.1. C. P erry
Geo. B. A ull
I R by D. Shockley
C. F. Boy D
J. Y ancy Floyd
Th 0 s. Sease
Nathan H. B U knight
W. W. R iser
J. H. Smith
Rob E rt T. Caldwell
T. B. L eitzsey
M. H. Li V ingston
J. Monro E Wicker
J. A. S ugh
D W. Kinard
J. Ch E sley Dominick
Wallace C Cromer
F. W. H I ggins
Jno. M. Kinar D
Frank E Maybin
Some folks kick up so much dust;
they strain at thousands of gnats and
swallow hundreds of camels.
If you don't want to ride on Sunday
trains, you needn't; if you don't want
to take your mail from the postoftice
on Sunday, you needn't.
Because you refuse to ride on the
Sunday train and then turn round and
hitch un your hard worked horse to a
Sunday buggy, doesn't make you a
better Christian than your neighbor
who sees that matter in a different 1
It is as much of a sin to get some one
to tell the news as it is to read it your
self. "-The receiver is as bad as the
It is simply a question of conscience.
"Evil be to him who evil thinks."
If you are a member of a certain
hurch, and that church says it is a
sin to dance, etc., thea it is a sin to
violate your solemn obligation.
People should be governed by con
scier.ce and judgment, and not by sen
iment and hypocricy. I dzpise false.
Some folks will not go to the post
flice on the Sabbath, but will acceptI
nvitatio~ns to big dinners on that holy
ay; and, while feasting on rich dishes
prepared on Sunday, w bisper into each
thers' willing ears the Saturday night
misdeeds of their wicked friends.
I suspect there are very few real
ChristiaLns left. The most of them are.
one or yet to come.
Sometimes it is the biggest liar who
coidemrns a neighbor for playing a 4
social game of euchre; or the most prc- )
fane man who talks the loudest of an-1
ther's moderate drinking--and so on
through the catalogue.
There are many things that are not
sinful at which some people hold up
heir eyes in holy horror-and then sin
more g:aringly themselves.
It seems to me that a man who will
ot ride on the train or read a news
paper on Sunday should be a pure
:an in all other respects. His Sundayi
meals should be cooked on Saturday.
With the exception of attending all
he services of his church, or "going
bout doing good," he should stay at
ome on that day and remember to
keep it holy in more ways than one.
It is a good thing to be a Christian
n the high conception ofT the word. .
A Christian is one who is genuinely
modest, unassuming and unaffected;
aturally sensible; seeing and doing
he right consistenitly; not proud and
vain and haughty; caring not for show
and effect; but kind and good; forget
ing and forgiving; and t2nder, loving,
en tIe and tr ue. NEEDLE. t
Stockholders' Meetin;g.
The Stockholders of the Cott:n Seed
il Mill held a meeting on the 6th in
tant and elected J. 0. Peoples chair
man and M. L. Spearman secretary.
The Board of Directors was re- -
lected. The Board will meet on the
2th instant for the purpr of electing
he president and see:eetary, treasurer
and manager.
The secretary submitted his report I
which was read and adopted. The re
port shows the Newberry Cotton Seed
il Mill and Fertilizer Company in a
prosperous condition.
- --
Both the method and results when
Syrup of' Figs is taken; it is pleasant
and refreshing to the taste, and acts
gently yet promptly on the Kidneys,
Liver and Bowels, cleanses the sys- -
temn effectually, dispels colds, head
aches and fevers and cures habitual e
constipation. Syrup of Figs is the
oly remedy of its kind ever pro
ucied, leasing to the taste and ac
:eptabls to the stomach, prompt inj
its action and truly beneficial in its I
effects, prepared only from the most
healthy and agreeable substances, ites
many excellent qualities commend it
to all and have made it the most
popular remedy known.
Svrup of Figs is for sale in 50c I
ad $1 bottles by all leading drug
gists. Any reliable druggist who -
iay not have it on hand will pro
ure it promptly for any one who
wishes to try it. Do not accept any

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