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A~ wo"~ Jo Oshp A ~**~,'
%N W i-N' N ' '~~ A.
0 '"K Ai jv'i %\* I,- % igU~\
It meals % bS % ae at:si suposing the
ol'p of I'Lan Oounly at ,\.0'00W halos. it is
eas' to Net lha: t hat epresents a .hortl
-k' A'O No\\i *2441,it'k would
go a long w ax in paying debts and mak
ang trade goodX.
We shesi have loarned by this time
not ho have eoantt ed on ' cents for ,ot
'm. C0'10'n lZrower1s' 00on\0ntion will
do no hwrin buIt wit do not bI'lioe on ill
esL i :1 a 1eat tikAi of g-ed, The
uhh 1 hat no organivatin wil ev
U:i 1u Wanies to unite and stek to
h- >.ae i on law and t he pre set
nS -.at pivailing ic this se -
'z isue twe pablished an ar
1 h 0w peple h IIed a Georgia
' 'ea' a , g-. "I. wiIch oveu-s this
Iic'n wo ralSokd one year what wv
0'.d t ust the next -- now we USO
0e yea- what \t\ exect to,malke the
H; \E'
It ua. for- this stenoaee that we pit
ei I he a rl 1t'le. We hope evey'1 man
ii I: prt' endas to farm'n read this article
ali pndered t his sotenIet'. Ths is i
thw ke ito the ituationl. and one ra
va of a t dhepressed cond it ion of ag ri
."hare in this sevt ion. As long as our
T (01ea .1 continue to 001nsIllut on'e 0aW
wha! thMy expoct to make the next the
t't)IIjIton is nk; going t,o help ou1r
tue'cial iw hon t hey bIuy at
at11i hig porcvinges I what
t'\peet to ni.ake said what they
I have made the Year befort we
tag'.ng to have the Cry of haird tilnes
and m rox body is ?oi nag to be blue and
cZ. pon1'ient. \hat the farmers in this
c at'*ry want to do i: to raise one year
What th Vex pet to coaUSUIo the next.
I U ' \ c-\ ir -tat hey will tieve tio
T'cre i. one "hing of whieih every
O,Wrmur ou;ht to he10 0on Vinaced. and that
i "hat ahe farmer1110 enmot buy rations
a.: I o'se food on lienls and at lien
IriOes .tk cXpeet to pay for it growing
a at :'llis a poun11d. Thenl why
cot:nae try ing to do what he knows
he c.annot do.
TOe plan of speuing the crop before
it i-- wade is going to keep the farmer
who follows it in straitend eirtulistain
. ' a his no.e to t h1e grindstone as
lonz a' he keeps it up. The only way
to becone independent is to quit this
plata and the sooner it is done the bet
tor for tbe eoauntr'Y.
Go to work now with the beginning
f the next year and strive to raise
whalit ioua ill naeed te noxt and not
det end ona ge ttinga it faroan tihe mnerehant
on li:en and youa wjila sootn be indepen
d n as yoau shoubl be. There is no ne
sa y or' retas-on in waiting to see what
yourt tleid lahor is 72Linag to do.
In t~ he t'Lourt'e of a speec i.n O. hi1o M r.
llryana asaid:
" \\'hay dL th li'epu'Itblicains claim ere-'
d. t for t he rise in wheat and negleet to
e:a imta eit for a rise in su ga r, du e to
the faect thatt the stugar' trust muade thle
snarat seitle in the 1)lingley hilly"'
'1ft the Repblica tan party ri:,ed the
price of wheat, whyv didt it lower the
ti Lu of L'orn and cot tona?"
Thait's what we wtant to know diown
hetre . Thae Retpuibbeaans dot not fanev'
t a.'se tonundrt1l'umns. - Augtusta Lhron
Y et we not iced that one reason as
sig,~ned by Mlat k iilanna for the eltose
y ate inl Ohlio atnd theo smtall Republi'an
mlajoiity was t he proUsperity of the
That, mayi be aill r'ight. in Ohio, but
oertaintly Ithe prtomised prosperity and
revival of business has not struclk tis in
ta his sect ion of the country. The fall ini
te price of cotton has made btusiness
somewhat staagnant, hut out' people will
be eqjual to the enmergency anrd with
faices to the front will move forward.
Th'iis is no tame for croaking and eroak
P'' thae laist two or three weekse we
havte beent soa buasy in thle job depart ment
in outr olliee t hat we have been late in
getting to paress with The IIerald and
News, iad on Friday did not get any
of our mnail otT on theo itp train. We
shall tindteavor' to avoid this ini future.
A pulientlon ini the Registei' a few
day's ag~o shows that 1the or'iginal pack
age houses aret eating ta hole in the
businiiess of thle di1spensary. Comm Is
5102ne1 Vance 1has $20,000J to turn intlo
thle schotol fund from 1the praofits of the
dis5pensatry, and expects to have $25,
tit0 more In D)ocember'. The figures
show, however, the proll ta for the
tmoth of Oet-ohee aro short by over
$4i3,000 of what, they were In the same
mloth of 189ts.
Since last May the total profits have
tiamounted to $11l2,600,
llow's Thtst
We otfer One 11ins1tred Dollare' rewa'd for
ny c)3 ase of (!ata.rh that Canniot be cured by
I tait' 4.tart("hI Curo.
-' J. OIl ENE'Y & CO . Toledo, O
We, thle undltertilgned have kniown F'. J,
Uh oy for the juMt15 years,~ antd be leve t im
perfo hytonoQrAale tan at 'butsinesa tranisac
tIonatSt fitt niylYt.e to carry out any
obligattotis rDmad by theIr Itim.
W'st & Truax, Whmoeale )rtuggtsts,
WValding, Ktnnanl & AMarvItieo,O
WVhoIeAata tant 8, 'k 'a do, 0
- 1alP'i (ala; rh Cure Is takena t ailiy. act- I
int dIr Otlynpon thes b'ond andt mlulonsi *u r
fan 3s Of the st- Ii. TestimonIals sent, free
Prioe 70. Deor ot tle, hold by altl dratgat. '
The-apo~itmnt of Mr. W. ,1. Craig
managor of th t'C. & W. I ,
NN u of %tl'vaways will h veid with
*%kx.A Nbms-kIIv%iy tho mlanly fritendo
of tis gnthsan,Therlvis nio young1
YaA %hn to busines world of Aigwtt's
wn ho is,. moro univoroilly
14VAA kVtIl1s a Ahi Alaet' in gt
.Onv amd tes.g.e of Iihe pu blie,
\ ut all the morv ptiNkkk of hi
tu t lt n s rla'o he l' ena
%VN\A %At ,'.e t liA \ . A', Ia ill h
oly of ,\iuta arm l'th mos foriv.
tt 1\n th m a inew t 4 M , tI'ss,
uhls ineie1tsnd the pui\(' of .\u
b h vaI ht' I . ill o N erate
in the ubuihiing of the ,ityv's variedl
\' hate not tht pleasuret of a per
sNal enitnewillh Mr. C'raig, butl
ourl rolalltionsw t him I hrou I corres
xNdolnce hA\ve always foundi him very
ploasailt and pioilpt and we joill ouir
'ngratula;t ions on his prolmotion.
That WoWN1 --NbrIelon.'
'Ir. .ditor: The terms "robol" and
"rebllin" ae bineexten'siNoelv dlis
iussted in yOo' oiuiuns; you w i doubt
le.ss permit t expression of an opin
ion whi'h dksenlts, in a ilsrl, from
ft, views, l,akenl by yoklrsolf, "It, k.
1 .' and your i'osperity -rrespondt.
The wxriltr thinks that ietst terms,
as appled' to the late war. are radit"A
y filo alnd lOllght to be ASOhlttely d is.
00untenlan0ed by t he people of 1te
In ie It! Irst plae, I ho Sout h did not
robel. the sltStatement of the Fdlitor to
the t rill-ary notwithstallnding. Nwboe
lioll leesst'arily prsppstlll)s 11th idea
of aI51 uperior power1, or' aut1hority .
ThIe is not a d0inition of lt' word
given by a sinlgle reputable lexicogla
ph or fiom I ith t h is idea is absent. To
speak of "rebelling against a wrong'
is it'rely a distorion of "FIglish, as
slit' is spoko." If there was a rebel=
lion. it was neceloss.arily against sollc
authority. No such authority could
have existed, herause t St.atos themll
sl v w er sovereign anld Slprlmt".
Thl'O WA liws. I uptrior power over. thil
fromll which *thIley, could rebel. If the
oorroetness of 11his proposilion is ques.
lionetd, the writer stands plreparlei to
prove it.
Il tile seond Ilaet , tilt ttril " robt-l
ionl" ttes, ordinarily, carry with it the
idlea of reproacb; espocially, thle un11ue
eessfuil rebollit'n. From his hist ori-al
OxaIplts. "It. %1. 11. " has tvideintly eon
fused thle termus "robollionl" and "reVv0
in1tiOnl." ThO 10xicograpiers do no,
give them as at ill Syllolloiloos. Inl
tile majority of easts it is tlo rvolu
tion --the unsucessfui robollion--thatt
live-s ill history.
I t i s t rue tha Iwt e vn our 11 o wn SouIIthern I i
I'voille someziites list, the tor-1n "rebol
lion," Oben sptaking of tihe litto War,
but lilt y simply lse it. its an expression
lised byN. others. aid with i colscious
308s of ite falsity of tlt' expressioni.
llut we eanl nlot ayord to Ise .it, evenl
in this way. The itru ith of history, and
ur11 dty' to om- fathters, will tnot lpermlit
it. Ini thet facet of thiis huisftry, "'11. O.
ruth i Oil' somet'iesi hrts worse than flte
tion,'' Is untwor'thy Of a Soufteiinor anid
Chiarlofttesville', Vai., Nov'. 6I, 1897.
Low er No. 1) Newu..
Mr. Bare tltVV'itt left htere for his
formiier hlomet ini 1loida WVedneosday.
Ilet has been In our midstIt about tonl
Theo Mo tntielio schuool istart'ed last
M'tondtay mioriniig with Iiir. Joe fluttr,
agr'aduate of ('lemison Ctollege, as
M iss Cor'a Domiinic'k has been oleeted
teatcher of O'Neail sch'lool.
Cotton piekinlg is 'ibonit 0or and
tnorlybodly is preparing for' the State
1"air next week.
Mr*. A. B. andit C. S. Nichols havo
Oeh purcheiased a no0W bicycle.
Therae is a gr'eat deal of stealinig go
ing Onl diown this way13 this fall.
1 'raye'r-mleteting will ho hold at Mr!u
Z. E. Atmick's on the afternioonu of thie
second Sui nday at 2i o'clock.
Meitssr's. '1. W.~ and J. C. Deninis have
and cottoni stoleni from their fields.
Mr. Geoorgo Minick Is hiaulinig lum
>or' with whit'h to buildt himn a dwellimg
11ouse ini tho St. Luiko's commlunity.
Mrli. S. C. Mtiniek, wtho has boon very
1ll with typhidt fever, is gr'adulally imi
Conference will ho hold at Zion next
Saturday and Sunday.
Mr.. J. Croightoni Domilnick wyill give
a pir(Idar-pickinlg next I"riday night.
TheO dauIghlter of Mr'. Calvin Amiok, of
tho Macedonia sect-ion, visited Mr. J. E.
Aiok's familily last Saturday niight
ntid Sunday. EE~ HlAv.
Nov. 4th, 18971.
A Clevter Tiok.
It certainly looks like It,. but there Is
really no trIck about, it. Anybodly can)
Iry it whvio has ItLme Back and WVeak
Kidneys, MalarIa or' nervous troubles.
Ne mean lie can ouru himself right
away by takinig ElectrIc Bitters. Tis
nedicine tonies up the whole system,
anuta e- a stImulant to the Liver anid
Odneys, il oodi puriIer anid nerve
tiei. It cures, Constipaltioni, H eadacuhie
1ainting Spell, Sleepjessness and Mel.
nehaly. It Is pure ly veget*,le. a mild
laxatIve, and restores the system to its
satural vigor. Try Electric Bllters and
lI conlvinced that they are a mIracle
orker Every bottle guaranteed.
'nly 50o. a bottle at Robertson & GIl.
er's Drug Store.
Eigt csesMen's, Boy's and Chil
rens at ~ndCaps. All new and
heap, just received at, A. C. Jones.fttf
(.. T W, liollwle in W.olumht
uakiig 1-ady for the Sta,k bat,
Mr, M. it hL'ml1tV, who wIP seveiv
ly hurt *otn timo agl), is improving.
Mr. W. 1 Motea oponled school at
'itral Academy londy. 'l hough a
rough day ho h1ad a gmd begilning.
Mr. I.. A. Sheoly has eommenued
work on his dwelling houw, Mr. S. .1.
Williamsnt is also h hno g a iing
Oh, W, A, Ithn and &etrier & 0,
ha\e had1 hll hhn ing l"V0s pit on ihl eir
tiores. Store to follow
Mr. .X, A 1 .iviniz.tonl has ol his
store hose and lot to Mir. 1, \\'
K ilnard, w h \ ill o'ln up someik, I imle
this winter %ir nwxt ,.pring,1
MIem*se, A . , ,.. Ai 1, .1,. ,1. IIipp \\', 1'.
ilation Ad .\ F, itser left la. Tues
da\ for N alh e i. Ttvie'l . W '-skire helnt.
Tlhey reto I S .mlly .ate an11d %011nd.
lhey r'lpoNrt a grand i timw.
Tlhe P'milaria U'to \\il at ,lld teic
State Vair, They wil leaI'.I her'
Frklay 1h.Teare bN.okiod for
part of the tham batt to 1w folught
Ihere. \v' o hIt our bo*hts on 'm.
('( f ewa,y 'r: nth
VPh cof ik-it'.N 1oL A IdrV q 11ront
.i. MAEI.N
14ed1ar av 141i or t Aleit
W .\RM 1: -- -
W.AuHO'2: \\ M. ,1011NSIN.
\\'.\ ) 41: .l1. W . \\'\*TIls.
WA\I N: .1. Mt. TAY\'1R.N
Il l, D\'AF. NS IStEI-'.tY NO\1
priunr eleeti ro
JN. WI. F.AUI\.'D'I' I., HERE-u~
e nated as aandeiato for alvr
uarf tI'ity of Nwein the pi
racetion pO
tb d mn ato nrtl fo A ldea enr
iW1ard infrom rthe 2o n rima1 11 ry
el)tion. \'ITH isHER1Y O.l
. na1td asill l al didalte fo tho ale
- 't nte aw.addteih p
V'01- A 'I IA i NV U11N.
ioching prhloimaylll o foromla Bsha'c
Fo lr aplyto- t rei -bat
of (N). I . Winal KEI%IS Il V.: dY
i noinated t-, lantkdite for Aler
mlianl fron the lrt i day coming pri
llay olectioi.
forbidden to hulint. tish or trosaSS
InI anly manr on tho Col. La. P. Millor
p retl prha by me.
Violators will1he praoseenltod to th full
extenit of the la1w.
A. 11. ollN.
Not)ied Aplication thr Fita Novsmbar,
- i that iwill apply o tohe 1trobate
Coshuti. f Iowberr iCunty fore e-r
mlinstrator of thet lat will( sablis tst
fme tf Jon Adm and agai,, de-l
esaed, on o'buothe 10th da3'cebf
)897, a 189'7oc . m
J ov 189 AM OLN.
Amineistrator, tc., Pandii agaqninst
day . HensIon1 by law, Defndts.pul
passnd therakn theu 8t.hr.Novebr
b897,rallheredihoof ofethebestat89of
JoshaA.Henon, ecese, arom'.
.. aaerquested to preutn etables bi
myr hae, theirdamand am instan said
sesao nrbfore thos h ilge h daccof
hae No chre897. b md ulr
saticysae ro mae.verscrip
t ro eeb oied and mutgv:Nmh requcres,
ltionrk,u cater ofemaind, ox i
rotya to lraks, pteiepo, sconor
beforc hen 5towsn of Diber,v897
m Jt. oNO,ml M.icHUMPstityT,n
tldont.ll wheuperdeiired
Xm ad r. sae. Iuer aan cntet rel
donco of si. many1) lettersek on inqhury
day, parvembe, that 18may7b al t ofcc
sawlell thse whlonil giverty acon
seite deanld dosessed,tionsiwhtin ofe
Househod must gioNmbrn are,
lockein, charnco land e, prly oodm
Muls To ards, p ortos, 7chools,
ch0uches and town, Mowrind impro:
2 wo-Horse taoe, and ir ogtnt.
Cofluamia, utns. ant,proa
Mrs.J. . .r erCh, ei
day,tovber 18 87, Ait,ror.oe
the dread of the cotton grower,
can be prevented. Triala at
Experiment Stations and the
experience of leading grower
prove positively that '
is the only reinedy.6
ve will be 'glad to vcnd, fme of charge,
initemsting andt useh'ul pamuphlets which1 tmeat
ofthe Ilatl In detail.
and ..
Fitted to the
And Prescriptions filled on
short notice.
Eduard Scholtz,
Watchmaker and Optician.
Wati. ly
BuilIrs of Nwborirv and Vicily
Consualt. their Inter.st by writing to the
Fot l1I1CEA ON
Or anythhiig inl Yellow P-ino.
Saltisfactionl Guairanteed.
BY llDnitOF T1'iI'. COURT
h3eindi, dated 29th da y of Otbr
1897, I will sell alt public outory, on
Tuosday, the~ 16th day of N ovember',
1897, at t.he resiece of Blenjamiln F.
Cannon, in Trownship) No. 2, in the
County~ of Newberry, R. C., all of tho
P SI It L l , >f ee'ty CxcoI 'Im os ini
non1 dci slOeed and p)ossessed.
Adminis11 trat,rix.
New Dre:
I am showing as pi
rics as can be found a
we exhibiting attractis
terns, but we are sellinj
- - - LOWER
than similar things al
want a phare of your bL.
We have a fe
last season thai
out at half price.
that. ly.
Fine Whiskeys,
All Grades Choarer thari
Save Money and Get th:
Send in YV
Particular Attention
\ OF
Low Prices
UIArd t1m howleri howl no more
Wheni they reaoth 0. Klotuor's stor*o.
I With pri-emIes lotev than t.hoi' "pile,"
A frown Is ohagotd Into a% smile.
Peopl0 c'"Ou Illre tind plank down
old timo pricom but ti-o g1eatly plena.
ed when they bear the eliuk of retur.
1ing "'Change."
No wundor our competitors
ondeavor to eonipoto wkth us.
We, Ihowever, cnipoto with
11On1e but, excel t.hlei all by
4avii1g 111oloy to eVory 01110
that. trades with us.
OUn 11111'TeCI,mll s.L
1.000 bxes hh1moing, $U t-.o per box, to.
1,0t0) boxs blaiking, pei tiox, I o.
l.jit0.q lbs. Arm It. Soda kgw) pr lb. *-3.
:t' watte buekots (woori) eaoh, l .
1,"I0 1itspoeders. per pail., .
Noto. our winldows illtistrate th
limmenso rib t!kling bargains itt.
await all who buy thol' goods from
T4 air and o quar O WealNo.
"For salo by
L. C. aCWJE5,
Originator and Leader of New St viles
and Pric'. Main street, NewherrY, S.
C. Teru : S,oT,r CASIL.
y W.. Hodges, B'sq., Probate Judge.
W I ER EAS.Angusm . . Selieek
hath imado stilt to me to grant
him Letters of Ad11miniration of the
Estate and efrects of Mary A. E.
8ebeek, deceased:
These are, thlerefore, to ellte andt ad
moisih all anid singular the kinmd red
amid credlitorsm of t he said Mary A. 10.
Scheek, dleeasedI, that they be amnd aip
pear tbefore me, in the Ciou rt of Pro
hatte, to he held at Ne-wberry Cumri
TIonse, en the 15th (lay of Nov.. next,
after puIblicattion) hlereof, at It o'clock
in the forenooni, to show cause, if any
they have, why t he said Admin istra
ti(on shiould not be granited.
G1iven under may hmand this the 29lth
day of October, A nno1 D)omin I 189'i.
W. W. H lODG ES,
.1. P'. N. C.
3$ Goods.
-etty line of Dress Fab
nywhere. Not only are
~e and desirable Pat
g at
re, sold elsewhere; we
w patterns from
:we are Closing
for business,
NEIIEllY, 3. (1.
Wines and Beer
at 0. P. Houses ! You
a Best by Buying of Usi!
our Order.
Paid to Mail Orders.
And we know that tit
cotton at 50 a pound, we lif
theu to the coro.. The man that
to do our part by cutting deop into
will buy as uany goods fromr us as
anywhero olso. Now road overy line
2000 yards of the hest Caile- at 4e. 5' Ot11ing
1000 yards (it good etnio at sJo. II 01CgA 4l) 0u
7o V oti Flaonnel at tr i wy1 rstt!(.1lle
t4 44(l j,tI ostd 10(,.
0 s I o 12o ilb e ' It ie.
8 " " 614). 4.' "tao o1 .
o ~ 14 UJ.*,AtI 1 6 25c.
dPai1 Jea it Id, 8A .. 400eat 111ek drem) goods all grades and
,A1o Pant Jfans woolIlied,j.3aa' 2-5 1)0r 4ent, (pf the present prices.
Ited itlannllt at your own p ac. *ytilt 1hobtilHeo the gq)od-i to appre
elate thioir value.
We igure that this country is illed with a thrifty industrious people
that must h1tavo somo goods if they cain buy thlem right, andI we have con
0luded to accoimodat.o thomll in that rogard far mlloro than they expected
"A0 C2atI $l2c rM 1,1010 I) ~~ o"9o18 haud Fewed $1.75.
I0$1 2hl dNO Dres" Shoes at $1.
5 " ' 50
$1 IXadtea DoIngola Bu ttoln Shoes at . b s w 1
$. " " " ..82.25.
u$2 5tall(I aawe>ogoaelhad ewted $.7,
- "akt a1.50ct.
LWo havo at big lot of MItisses an1 ad11Cpsa1,ac1sat5 cns
tup; fihpij goods-, arenmeh beJ(low the110 re0 -gularis.
Our Stock of Clothing i1 Qt
.'h ree-four(lhs of
the prico askid for tle sane goads elsewhere. We have Men's wool Suits,
leani ice'3 goods at s. to p9.,- that you cannot duplicate anywhero.
Youths suits with long iants, cont and vest to fit a boy from 12 to 19 years
at $2.7i' to t,. Those goods tre wortlh fron $1 to 83.50 more than we soll
them for.
We havo Chii-ronl's snits froin to 15 yers. Knoe pants at any pric
you want tfhem and at te nci ti) dollu of what it cost to nmake them.
Our goods were all bought by our houses for
cash from manufacturers and jobbers that have
failed in business, consequently the above
prices can only be had at
Next Door to Pelham's Drug Store.
To call in anid examine my line
of goods. I have a nice and well
selected stock of strictly high
grade Chamber Suits in Walnut
andOak ~ ul line of med4fK
and cheap Furniture. Will sell
very close for cash.
t. 'Y Main Street, New berry, S. C.
Harrs Lithia Carbonated
If' takeii after' ach Mieal will calre the Worst Case ofdgeston
w a wh tt e(larna ). lovaga, of Chlestor, S. C., has to say of the
I haive usned liarris Liithaia Wator wiAthe fot ecletria h
I have boon,1 able to get may p)atronas to drino asuflxcilent reunit dwhly.
l'ho0 carbonated h a o equal in gastrio disturbae uhIt isuaniy daelly.
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