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Cor roted every Tuesday and Friday
by Summe ? Bros.
M oat... .................. ...... 6 (47.
Shoulders ........................... Ic.
Haws.................................. I OR 121c.
Best Lard ............. ......... 100.
Best Molasses, new crop...... 500.
Good Molasses..................... [email protected]
Corn ......................... ....... 656.
M eal ...... ................... 600.
UIy................................ . - 900.
W heat Bran........................ $1.10.
Ist Patent Flour.................. $5.00.
2ud Best Flour.................... $4.50.
Strait Flour........................ $4.25.
Good Ordinary Flour...........3 Sk 00.
Sugar .......... ...... ..... ......... 1 70.
Rico.................................... [email protected] 100.
o c................................ IkO20c.
Cotton seed meal, per saok... $1.00.
B.lo Hulls, por cwt......... 30c.
tiountry Produce!
Butter, por b ... .......... [email protected]
Eggs, per dozen ............. 10c.
Chickens, each................. [email protected]
Poas, por bushel....... ..... 60C.
Corn, per bushel................. 55o.
Oats, por bushel.................. 35c.
Sweet potatoes .................5 40o.
Turkeys, per lb ......... 6 8C.
Fodder, per cwt ....... ....'i5 90c.
eteilest's Arnica talve.
'T"he best Salve in the world for Cuts,
Brulite.-, Mores, Ulcers, -Salt Rheum,
Fver Hores, Tetter, Chapped Hands,
('hiLhiniio, Corns, and all Skii Erup
tif.nr, ind toomitively eures Piles, or no
piy requirt-d. It la guaranteed it) give
p14rf1..t 41t isfaction or money rerunded.
Price 25 cents per box. For sale by
It. hertisn & Glider and W. E. Pelhamu.
%iore rcir ]tent.
The store now occupied by Dr. Young
will be for rent oil Soptemnber I.t. For
IIIt,iculars apply to
3U.t& f 1%l us. I. L. PAYSING51R.
1iareell' Anmal 'Cie.
Wedreslay wits the occasion of Col.
V. .1 1I'wll-coll's antiual barbei at the
Coats' p1tco just ahove Helona. It was
anotlit of tiose..odwecribable, enjov
alit f(t,ts which can only he p-cpart (I
b)y .La.s D1111uthr., the chief caterer,
aind served a la Bishop and I'u-cell,
with It sor sauce. There were present
.10 ol. 5'0 of Col. Purcell's frienl't who
qpeIt tbe day in a sociable nanner and
who unanimously voted Col. Purcell
the Prince of good fellows. It was cer
tiinly a treat, to be one of the Colonel's
nests and it is -'III wish that, he will
live long adin(l per anLd enjoy m11aly
more just like i".
Win your hattles :gninst,' ismnVo by iet-ing
rmpy. (Onn Mi Nut1ti Coiali Cure pwo. uces
mmeiatrul. When itkvin enrly it pre
%t , c co sim tion. A md in iter si: s 11
11ur,18sh0 prompt relt"rf. W. E. P10n1.in.
vionstiria o,,Lton weigher's Assotstin .
The Potmaria Cotton Grower's Asso
clation will hold an election Saturday
morning at 10 a. Iml., 27 inst., to ulect a
cotton weigher, ollicers and anI execu
Live committeo.
J. C. CH ALMEns,
A ug. 18.
The Chief lurgess of Milesburg, P n , say.
mWitv It, e 4iarly Risers tre the b 't, Wht
lie ever used i, ise 6iiily trini fort yeart
of house kceoping. Tney euro constipaition
uslck hilnduch ns.d stoaichi and liver troub
les Simall Lu s.z L ut, great In results. W. E
When in need of good Vinegars
Syrups &c., don't fail to call on uis.
,fJos. T. H-utchison & Co.
Deauthu of Dona Workmns.
D)on Workman, son of Mr. H-ugi
Workman, who lives near' Hopewel
church, died at eIght, o'clock Sat,urda;
night and wats buried at, H-opewelL Sun
dlay atfternooni.
The boy wais aL fine, p)romnising youth
anod his death is greatly regr:et.ted
I?riends of the parents here expjres
great sympathy for them in their af
iliction.-Lauirens Advertiser.
and all liver' andi stomneh troubles catn b.
quick'y cured by utsing tho(sn famnous litt.i
1.1ll.. knt w e s)oWit.t.'s Little En, ty Ri.era
'Thl v are- nletisant t.o takeo and n* ver' gript
W. E Peliham.
A t Joseph 'T. Hutchison & Co , yo
will find t.ho lowest p)rices of all. 1
cakes of good T1oilet SOap at only 23c
10 cakes of good Laundry Soap at 2-h
b)est Lump Starch at only 5c p)oun(
best Key Soda at only 24c pC nd; goo
Green Coffee 10c p)onnd or 11 pound
for *1.00; 10 pouinds Standard granilulae
D)easthl of Miss Iloor.
Miss Rhoda Boozer, daughter of 1:
J. J. Boozer, died at Clinton last, Wet
nesday night after a long illness. M h
Boozer was a young woman of rar
(Christian character and was great,i
loved andI( admlireId in her' commnfltit:
T he radiance of her heautifuil life wi
long be remembered by those whl
knew her'. Great, symp~atby is felt it
heri relatives in their diistress.-Lai
I-uns Advei'tiser, 17.
(Chs nmI hib n's Clolie, Cholera uno
I)', rrh(oent Jteiuedy always u.ffor<
m npt relhli-f. For sale by W. E. Pe
Itinlk DeoWit,W Witch Hazo,.l i4a vs la (I
e(ist praittion ni thle mar'ket to niles
VrllpJohniI C Dun ,0 of Whooling W. V
TiirI 'd you wvill think the same, It ali
du1 0 mOui i, and all skin diseases. ' E Pt
sant to Take I
4 Cheap to Buy
ives you an appet
ph ens you, and regula
Aivcr. Only 35c. p
Manufactured and f
1Robertson & Gildlei
Miss Helen Jones Is visiting at Kl
Mrs, It. G. Hoof Is visiting relatives
at Peak.
Prof. W. 1. Wallace Is at Glenn
Dr. James mclIntosh has returned
from Glenn springs.
Mr. A. S. Wells has been elected to
teach the 1clena school.
Miss Louise Moses, of Sunter, is vis
iting Miss Mario Wterber.
Miss Thirya Schumport gave a piels
ant social to her friends last evening.
Mrs. M4ggio L. Tarrant, of Cords
Ville, S. C, is visiting relatives in tbe
Several of the lately enlisted sold iers
have been spending the past few days
in the city.
M s. Wilkerson, of Charleston, Is on a
visit to her piarents, Mr. and Mrs. W.
C. Mz'ggett.
NJ is. Joseph i Ie Watt Is v isi in11g rela
tives in NOVwbL-rIy Coullnty.-lau InIs
Adveitiser, 170h.
Mis Alina Wessinlger, of Nowberry,
is visWini relatives heIe this week.
Chapiti News. 17th.
Gco. '. Setse, of Newberry, came
down Sal ut.0ty to visit his pavents.
Chapin , 17th.
Mr ;. Notmiint, or the News and
Courier, ts inl the City yesterday and
paid us ia ensant visit.
Capt. ( ver Cleveland Todd had the
Friend NAe Guar1,ds out yesterday
afternoon i dress parade.
Rev. C. . T. Fisher, of l'Iizabetlh
College, ipreahel in the Lutheran
church ne Sunday morninig.
Dr. I. C. mes is at ('ross Hill this
week on1 p 'essional bIsiiess, Next
week he wi .isiL Cokesbury.
MrS. E'. S- cNeill and childiren, iof
GrIemnwood], v1siting hlev pm.tl-ltz
Nit. and MVs i. M. Kinard.
George Sit ind family, of Newber
ry, arve visiLit rolatives t aLr Spring
i1111 this weel Chpln News, 17th.
if you ate )emocratic voter get
your name on uh roll five days he
fore the clecti Don't neglect, this.
NI iss Ella Si10i.r has ret.urned home
fro New berry v here she has beeli
vb:iinlg for- hmime.-Chapinl News,
h -firm of Lvell & Speers has
ben issolved i utual consent. M r.
I II will con te the business at the
old s4nd.
Ti N.;wherr and Pomaria meeL
ings Wxt weeklill wiid Up the coun
ty c. .LpaigNi m inqg. Then for the
still huts.
Rev. J1- Al. [im-y after spending
severaiays witli.elatives and friends
ret.urni to his bio in New Liberia,
La , y4erday. i
Tihe punty ea paign 'medting was
held a olly Stret yesterdny. A bout
200 pet 8 attend I the meeting which
wis unbltful.
The tton mill closed down this
week lte our1 se of making -
proveIiros oni the m)ndaltion o)f some1
of the 'hiner'y.
The imissionje s of Public WorkM
(lid noihd an cel-ion for' Superin
t.endal te., yeste day. It was post
poned a few days.
IM r. .. i0sidy h as tret,urned f rom a
few d1 stay aIt the Jailapa mineral
sprlingile feclk greatly benefited as
t he retof his visit.
IThejill be a lawni part,y at Lit,tle
Mounti school house Mlonday eve.,
*I Augu4 h. The iLdies Aid Society
w ill fi h refreshmti s.
IMres . Stack, whot has been vis
iting t,isses Riser', left, .hie first of
the we rher. homie at 10lhoree, S.
.The ibers of 1(1ngs Creek chiurchi I
'will m4i Monday, the 22nd Inst,, I
for th<1rposo of eleaning oilY the
graveyt, Every one should ho pres
'lent. I
rThe Jjinry' Club of the Fiarimers'
Int,Lituu 1 meet, in tie court, house
ion the Mondlay in Sept,embier.I
Those i" \,ed will lea'tse reCmemliber
Candidi Ma11'feld and McMahian
got Into a utf on the stand at, An
der'son Tuy. Only an cehange of,
.blows wo' ssedh l'ore thtey weret
e TIhe unIioiivices ill be held Sun- j
y day night in8 Preo ytecrian church,
i. and thte sorg will JO p)reachned by '
il Rev. C. L. TI. ar, f Elizabet.h Col
o loge, Charlotg. .
ir' MIss Mary F- r, of Newberry,
1- came over Sal1a ,0 makce I visit to
Miss Beorta U1h. Ili-ses F"air and
Pero left, .Tutiy o visit friends in
d LanctertSO.-.Cl\i Seporter, 18.
IsWe see from >ltimbia Register
of yester'day af , 1 t,hat Company
0 was to be swoI)ysterday. T1h is is
n the c'ompanliy of 1 our townsmian,
-Mr . J. McCa' fi, will he the Cap
Summers, who lur two weeks tgo~
for a t,rip on I wheels, reCturned
Wed nesdlay alfLti,g po011ins In
Georgia and Noitrolina. They re
port ia lelasant ti
Filtzhugh L~ek on Cuba (so0d(1
by Mr. W. II. r) will not be de
livered until Syber' 1st,, as the
,will was so shob~ book is being I
S brough t down toi Subscrib'nowv
while you cuan h at $25~0. After ~
September 1st It ' $j.
'The Lan gford i g, next door t,o
I J. 8. Rusl,hslengt,hened and t
Iwill be remodeledt mproved In oth- I
or respect,. when~ I b.. occupe
by Mr. J. H. West as a furniture store.
The building now occupied by Mr.
West will be used by Dr. Young as a
drug store.
Tho excursion, run by a colmuittoo
if colored people, loft, Newberry yes
terdity about four hours behind time
with six.coaches-about three of which
would have comfortably seated all on
board. One coach contained a few
whites who took advantage of the
Cheap riates.
Private J. C. N icliolson, of Com pany
B, Ibt, S. (,. V., w ho0 haRS been in the
division hospital at Chieckamauga sick
with typhodl fever, is 01) a 11n1ih'e fur
lough to recuperate utnd is in the cit.y.
He will visit, his hiomeo in Saluda Coun
ty an(] join his coinpany afterwards in
Teaelvvr Watel
A flist-grade teacher for St. Paul's
School, School District No. 34. Appli-.
cants will please send i their appiien
t,ions to either of the undersigned tis
tees on or before August 27t.
Iltl'ions will please Illeet, att sellool
house on the above date i t,he after
n oon at, 3 o'clock.
W. H. KI.lnim,
Pomaria, S. C., August 2, 1898.
1 0. nt R.
Monday evening, 15th instant, a tribe
of Improved Order of te!d Men was In
stituted in Newberry by Ar. H1. C.
Pinckney, of Polzer, Great, Sachem of
the Grand Lodge of South Carolina.
The name of the lodge is Bergell
T'ribe, No 2.1, It is a rule of the order
to name the local lodges, or tribes as
t,hey are called, in honor of the old
Indian Chlefs formerly living nearest
the locality where these new tribes are
The following are the cha'te' Meml
bors of Ikorgell Tribe, No. 21: 0. Klett
n", H. 11. EVan11S. .Johl Al Taylor. Ir1a
113101', MI. 1K. 'I'MU, G. 11. Boozer,
Lt. A. Adamns, E0. N. MceGuitnn, John
Henderson, J. S. Gilliani, J. M. Guinin,
S. L. Price, Robert .1ohnt1so1, S. .f.
johnson, Mike Barton, John Cook, 13.
J. Spurlark, A. 11. Browney, J. C.
3amnple, S. G. Carter,tJ. T. HuLceh ison,
Gl. Ej. WilSOn. D. P. Ward. P. J. Vos-,
V. im. 11ll, J. I). Bedenbaugh, C. D.
'Tidwell, A. II. 3lense, .1. II. Hair.
The following iollicers wure elected
LO fill t.he first term: .1. 11. [Iair, Pro
phet; 0. Klettner, Sachem; P. J. Voss,
Senior Sagamnore; C. 13. Tid well, .1 iln
ior Sagatmore; It. A. Adais, Chief of
Records; J. MJ. Guinn, Wamllip)m Keep
KAr; . H. L'vans, Right, hiantp; John
M. Taylor, Left Sanup; M'. N. Me
J1uinn, John Cook, G. 13. Boozer, Ira
'aylor, Warriors; J. S. (illiam, J. C.
-ample, M. Uq. Tanner, G E. WiNllson,
13raves; .1. 1). Bedenbaugh, S. .1. Jol n
;on1, uards of Wlirwatn.---Oh,4erver
Meets Your Neo-di.
When you feel tired, langtuid, nerv
)us and are troubled with pimples and
3ruptions, you will find Hood's Sarsa
>arila exactly ieets youir needs. It
>nriflies and enriclhes the blood and ;i- I
>arts to it the qualities needed to lone
he nerves and nourish t,be whole sys
em. It, cures all blood hunmors.
H-ooD's PILLS cure sick h. adache,
iai s aa, biliousness and all Iiver' ills.
?r ice 25 cents.
L'lhe Exp.ctest Visit ..,f ILiOal A tlrant,
D). ii., of P'h11n.de1pit, P'ennm.
Bishop Abram Gr'ant., D. D)., B3ishop
>f the 7t,h i'lpiseop)al District, of the A.
H'. E. church, of this State, wvill visit
his towvn on the 28th inst., to look at
ils churches in this cointy. Bi3hop~
3rant is thle leading bishop of his det
1ominat,ion, he has traveled extensive
y both inl this counft,ry and abroad, lee
uring and p)reach ing, Te wvill preach
,t Mliller's Chapel, A. M. 10. church, at
I a. mn. anai 8.30 p mn. on Sunday,
8th. The friends ar'e invited
o hear' him. Seats will he provided
or' visit,ors.
Messrs. IEcksfor'd and Sharp have r*e
urned to their homes in Atlanta after
plenoant, visit to relatives andi friends
ni the cit,y.
Al r. Mars, of GJreenwood, after' spend
ng sonmc t,ime with Mr. Ler'oy Hollo1
vay, returined home yesterday muchlO to
he regret of his many friends here.
The young people (of Chappells en
oyed a very pleasant sociab)le at the
esidence of Mr. A. P. Coleman last
Thursday evening.
Mliss Alma Spearmnan after a pileas
nit visit to Mrls. A. 1P. Coleman red
uirned to her home ini Anderson last,
v'eek. We are sorry to have you leave
diss Alma andit hope) you will come
ga in.
There wvill be anl entertainmnent giveni
'y Mviiss ICthel Reid at lier' beanti
oh home, Wildwood, in honlor of her1
harming guest-, Miss LillIe Kiugh, of
Miiss Scurry lafter spending several
ays with friends in Ninety-Six, re
urned0( home Satulrday.
QuIto a crowd of young pleople at
(lnded a big baptiz/ing at, Good 110p)
tat Suniday.
Miss Alice Corley spent a few daiys
it,h her' sister, Miss Janie, last, week.
MJiss Sarah Smiith after' spending a,
leek w1 a 1b her fr'iend, Al iss 1Ethel lleid I
eturnfed to he home 011 in this city yes
(n'da y.
Nit's. W 1H. Smith will leave today
Miss Mamile lratgtman re0tur1ned home|0
.1st, '1Tuesday from Laurens.
Mll. Self of Fldgefleld has been visit-I
og fr'iends in the cit.y.
Mr. Will Keit,h seemsi to be alil smlies
his mor'ning as a beautiful little gIrl
as arr'Iived at his hauppy bomne.
Auge. 17. 1898.L
bikuUle1t 111am81y Kis ist Fateor with
t Shsotgumn-Oiaineti t,, bo om
Tuesday afternoon about three o'clock
Mack Glenn, colored, was shot, and In
stantly killed at his home In this city
by his son, Sim Glenn.
Coroner Lindsay held an inquest and
the verdict of the jury was that Mack
Glenn catn to his death by a gunshot
wound at the hands of Sim Glenn
Inittlediately after the killing Siml
Glein lied, but returned next moi'ning
and surr.ndered to Chlef of Police in
ter and is now in the custody of the
sher l.
The load of sht intered the body a
little to the right of the heart, and
dent ih was instantaneous.
There was only one witness to the
killing, a daughter of tbe deceased,
who was examined.
"It AI)pePs that, the domestic lire of
the dectaltsed and his wife wits tiot, alto
get,blelr a happy one. Prom her testi
ony they had hai1 qItuarrels and he
had beat,en her and the balance of the
family. On one occasion about three
weeks bWfore the killing, while he was
boating her, her son, Sti Glenn, had
in erferred in the fuss and hit his fa
ther with at rock, who pulled his pitol
and snap1L)pe(i it at the boy. The hoy
le t home and his father had been angry
with him ever since and threatened to
kill him. The entire family feared the
"Yesterday Siml Glenn had conic
home, at the request of his mother, to
tie some foddor. Mack Glenn saw hih
and the quarrel was renewed.
"From the testimony of the eve-wit
ness, Vinnie Glenn, Sin, her brother,
had heen hunting squirrels. He cane
in and laid his gun on the bed. lIer.
father, Nlack Glenn, picked up the gun
nid they se1uiied over it, Mack haVing
hold or the stock and Sim clutching
Ihe "little enld," antd in the scuillie the
gin went off. It was evident fromu1 her
UaUnner and test,imony that she was
shuilding her brotr,er. Grief at the
death of her father seemed to be alto
gether li%,king.
'.I'ary Glenn, wife of Mack Glenn
and mother of Sim Glenin, was not ut
home at the time of the last, and fatial
A Wmt Al-..ut the Plente.
Mr. Edlfor, must confess that, in
calling off the picnic Rt this elevent.h
hour you have placed time in a very
i,wkward position. I have said come,
[Ind now it is too late to say not, comle.
If you could have talked to Chips and
all the rest of the correspondents
through the phone as you did to old
miua Kay early last, MoIday morning
it would not have made so much differ
unce, but you see we peoplo who live
away off here in the country are not
blessed with tho priviledgo of talking
to each other just, at any time. We
have put ourselves to no little trouble
lit working up the mat,ter, and we felt
very much encouraged, as almost every
Dne who we invited seemed very anx
ious to attend. We tied t,o arrange
the day so as not, to conict, with any
nther gathering, as wvell as to meet theI
coniveniences of all wvho meant, to at,
We consulted the Editor late last,
Satuiday evening about his ttip to
LIichmtond, Vai., and lhe concluded that
be could miake t,be trip anid return in
Awme for the picnic, aind then as a mat,
Der of fact we had no otber thought but,
Ahait everything was going on alright.
Owing to the delay in gett,ing our
gaalt, and had we not gone to Pr'gospei
it,y last Wednesday evening and Kay
out have told uts of t,he fact, we
,voutld cetainly have becen on hand at
Birown and Moseley's grove Friday
:norning. If the pienic had gone on
tnd been a success it would have been
ur picnie, but as il, is a blow shot it, is
nothing wore than one of Chips faiil
igs. We understand this, and wve do
not, mean to disown the child, let, it, be
iving Or dead. But let me acknowi
3dge my sincere i,hanks to till t,be cotr
responidents aind friends who showed
sheir* willingness to join ine in t,he mat
ser, and if tany of you are found out at
Brmo wn and Moseley 's grove totmorrowi
I hope you wvill under'staund that it is
lot Chips' fault.
The Ed4itor has a.-ked tus to put oly
~he picnie for' just, One week. We aie
aorry that what suiits the con venience
>f one (loes -3t stit, t,be conveniene of
to many. Y ou see next wveek In conies
he Siundaiy-school con ventiogi, the old
oldier's euinion. the camigjign meet,
mgs, and gracious knows what else.
1'hen tile next, week is the primary
alection, so we see no chatnce no0w for
inaiking tiny further ar'rangemientsu, and
I don't suppose t,ha'. tiny otber of the
cor'respond(ents would like to shoulder
,u failure. ()tttps.
Auig. 18.
"'Lt-t me give 34on a p.olinter" said MI.
I?. (-Greg.g, a popunlatr 'otiductor (In the
Miissugri l'ae;lie rilir.md. "'D[o you
ktoIIw t hat ( bam1lberla n 'i- Cu,i I, Choh-ra
Diarrhoea Riemed'~y enures you whetn
v'on hanve. ii thetogmachl actult? Wi-il
L, dots.'" And aftecr gi vingg IhIs
riend)ly3 lilt oif adlvice, the' j,Ily coneuie.
or pasusedt on diown the11 nitike. It Is ia
aitut tlht,t hoicusangds of railr.ati an~d
ravelling gueu never tiake tia trip wIth-i
nt ahottIlei of t hits itemiedy', which is
the' besi cure for ho,wi I u,isorde.rs In the
worldn. 25 amgi 501 cent bti lits for saIe
u3y W E. Pelhamn.
A Timieto Plant!
Our fresh cron
tire v'ery fresh tind relilable. lNvery
body knows t,ht Land roth's Tr
nip and other Seeds are the best.
IeVYoua get, them at
Pelhamj's Drun $Inre.
A Succsrife 411per.tst.
As ite foends of Mr. Davc Pitts are
anxioib to iair th results or an opona- t
tion it expected to havo (tole. I will
sem1 the following Infoinratdon to the t
editor of the Nowherry lorald and ' I
News. As all know, Mr. 'illts hts I
been a eonstaw, sutfrer foir from, yeatrt, i
unable to eat, driik or iijovo lits toniiu I
wit,bout tile ilst exeCleila,ing pailn.
1e consulted ah1o1t, every physiCian <
in, the State anid during the for years i
hlas taken Iledicine enoigh to havo I
builit ada i tcross ilush rive. If al i t.he
bottles la' been thrown in at the samje
plaee. Bleing lIeIIIA to got relief from I
m'elldICi li a id -om4 m11 i r l OP er0l'I LtiOIs
perforlled by h1om1e physicians he wellt
on to Now York atIl conlsilted thle
skillitl. surgeon Dr. John P. Exrdmanni.
After making known to ,\Mr. Pit,us Lno
daiger1 of the operatlon Dr. Irdmin
assuied tIe task of givintg the geat
lilel'erlr relief. lie madte n ipenig
in the skull in front, of anid ex13tend"liltIl
above tbt) left t,-Iar, t.hlenl U.h braIinl was4
ifted out of 6.hw way, the en'tediii wrv4s
foind, tiaced to their roots anid tLakell
Thle operat,ion was pierrormedt Aula.
7th, unId Mrl Pitts lrrived home1o Aigust
I5tl H-0 Is ew-.rely fre frol p1tin.
but half tihe tOIgu0 Ild face ILr M ar
til] ly parlNei d IId the Sense (if feel in
is destryed in the left eye. Mr. l'its
is doing well.
- ltespwectulIly,
W. 1) SIMNN.
A iti,miarkai,o, ur4i,o c,fwhonitr wtatri,o-t.
In 18(i2, whwij I servetl my ui ry vi
a privat e 10 I COmpII yI rlt 1, 1111 I --
Bylvania Vyoluntel-rw 1, 4.,i111 , llr et.d
chronlie dIrhe I I)k hasI iVen mII a
great deal rI' tr1fbre eve Xin 11. I hlve
I ried at dozoin dill -rew tinedieim.is iand
tieverol proiiew id.w-rrz wilhout fily
pormnin" rt-lit 1. N-ol, litg itgo) it
friend tit-tt me ait ople b,1t le lof
Cha II be(l- 1 f A,t4 Ctlte', I '1-,4i r;I atil D)i r
rhen (ien dy, iiiii ift. r- (ihit I botighi ,
I i to.)k a 00 (w ile11t; allit o.w I
call stly 11ha1 I I :e tr l o. 1 :11
C ntII IIII he t:t l y I II
this gronl 11en11.tyl 16 1 r, 1n ..e 1 f
to a11l SI M lI riII; 112ll it I
w lit- ow Y. Ills g1:,1- III!v If(-II v .
Shit'h -1:4 r. Al t o P,a',. III I,%
W. .P im
fT 1 I . .N l P VI I,I .I 4
hals hler-elofore cxisted unldt-r I heI
namIIe Of LemIvell & Sj.--WS ha1s t hiS t,b3
17th day of Ai gfst 1898, boe dissokved
by ml t,lall cons,elnt
It. Y. Ih fei' .b ..
1'. .N14"E. '.s.
ola tbi st e ciode to u ), 1 )siness Or
thle abovt II I will continue the busi- a
Iness at, .he (sae pie.
1- (1 O LLO W IN lIMt HSO NS A R N,
T appointed Maagers for the pr,
Ifiury elcee,ionl to be bihl Alg st. 10,
1898: 1
Old Mlen'ls Ciub-J W Gatry, 1) CW TP
K ihler, S I Boozolr.
otfog Ceun's Club-T M E,pting, It
1 ''arratit, J A lowors. .t
CtroliuiClub-Jn1o W leeder, 4, 1, 1 4
BynIIIImI, J. C. Myers. . h
Factory Club-J I Chappell, 1 A
Senn, Willis Jones.
Helena Chlu-Geo 1) Hill, It1 J,.1111
Jn L(C'on, 1 ummers, Jr.
JVIhnst.onel' cadhemyg Clb-J al N
Neel~, . 1 MoD Slogh,.FPWckr
Hartford1(1 Club--P f l Hawki, *P L
MJtiIHet,hcl1 C) lub--J1, 2 I 1M C iHron, W I
tIinI Bluzhardt,e TI of laitzsey
May3'2(3bilon Cl-D1 ' A n Thomas, W~ V
Maybn, T1 .JoIison.
TlOWN8IllP' NO. 7.
Wh SitmIie lubGerg brms
Lon IghLanei Itlub-i't 811'urton, .1J52 L
tI ps, l. r. Bron.K
T1OWNSIllP' NO. 8. (II
lJalpa- Dr IO Vti'vas, : IWBu Hufird,
Cwonervatie- Dais Chalers W TllI
erchnt, olec italy
S TOW1k5N ilIAi N.. ,r
ITrSInit (.y -\VS D'i', WJ~ 1 (31Longsr I
Jc Y Hloyd.35 ' ois.
OhN!IMen1'V Clb-S 1. I enn, I'l, .C
Johnoon,. isn
'V'1 dei' (lle2--J IT I ais , Joopl' Livin (
stown, 1 P Johson.
T1OWNXIlIl' NO. 'ii.
('happel-J 1 Sieurr, .1 J W ht. I
0 'I Sebume,'
Vangbanvi11( -"X 141 Dwight Smth Jh
13'at1hIi, llenry 1oozr.(3
Utoia', D. iT Werts,g JaJfolae
It T Renil. '11
nTOWNSil) P NO. 9.ll
SwaIlton---IV 11 Davi, Pt 4 olands .1L
Crooflks .
e,Irnto , boertadst.ridI,14viI~
(llLCier t--No I ,ester,c1' 01 ilD iunter -
AugustoIzer. ' ) lAtY
I hilan(0.K)oon.~. * l
Howers J 'Wi. (I
ToIn Apheville Excurshm.
131118 are out altiloelling tho ox "Ur
I m to Asoville on September Ist
L'his will be tho ideal trip. of the sen
on. The graild scenery along th
'oute from l'altaurg to Ashevill
q alono worth dhe prieo of the trip all
he boatilt I fl Intan III rttI ives and park
A Asheville must, be seen to be uppro
!iLted. Two cotties will be stietl,
)bsived for white people and the faro
8 only $2 for the round trip. Who i
L that is Iot goitnr.
I I1.s :1wny- grit ifYint,g Io rov, I v, If 4
In.o ,b: . r1. Clhn 11 rit's Colil
'isol rM11 i a111 DiN-rh11(el R1 -dy, Itin
,% bieti i lit- v-i d r4ventei.t. III frim at phy
Ivhin it I- u-spivially so( "There Is tle
lo e t'l i-NII-1 fry (..r 4 tbvellve re4-nII,d
ho! r so Cha's.-rhoII's ( li , 'hol-r
1pd Dier0winell t rdy," wrial D
A y, hlysatn and efi-II
11.', ft ()II,Y . M oIf ; ait I s h 4le 1131s u1-tm
ent remed e y and f or
t ei his am n uftre fr -Ix vetrm, h
and fowal sa!e b
V 14' I'lh112% .
lobertson ' s
"e pperm-int Cordial !
A pleasant and effi
cient reoedy for al
diseases o f th e
stomach and bow
els. ManUfaCtUrec
and for sale at Rob
ertson & Gilder's
Drug Store. ftf
For Congress.
0 1n0ot,04dlasi avandidalt.v for. Con
fv-,s III IY Worsenlt I his III- 'Ph ird ('on.
111sSiOlintl Distrivt- -s be t to tile
Pmo4rati I 'rillially letion.
of 1he :1-d Conrvessionlal Districl
ut, I atil1 a eilndidato for I-e-elect,ior
> Contress, sulbjeout, 1,4. rtilles of t.he
4miloci'ltic party of Souti Carvolinalt.
or House of Represen
lihery ann11un1th-d ias at valdiatto
>r thW I,VgiShLllure in) the aIIW0jachinlg
011IM-ra,00 p-m1a11r11LY, 1111 d i s plId4-igell to
h.id t h e result luld Support t,he nloii
VCS of the pa1rt y.
1A'T. .1 NO. . IIAN KS IP 1ItRE,
J-) h 1 n1,1n111iil as ai va diatht forl 10
loctio)n to the lowe. I foust. of the (;(,In
rat Assemblilly, and is llvdged to abidt
ie, resuilt of the lb-mocrat,ic I 'riniuuv
let,ionl. CITIZN.
f IL.I IXVAIN S IS Hi Klit1413Y
. annlliouncived ais at canididat. foi
iv Ilouse of 16-presentlatives, tlujt,
tile I -iles and(I lt.rilaittionls of .lt
olemocrtiv P'arty.
r icker, spevLtullyanuchi
a 2at (NM(diat,eo foill 1 e K islat.i ve, h1 e
we thi voinig primllriies ald plodgc
mtil to atbido .h esu .8, Hieshoold Ile
misenit 1. 111111tma e t.h1, canvass.
M A NY V(0TViitS.
2h.ject t.o the Dem12ocra'uti.1 pr1ima11r1
le31t0on. A C. .JON MS.
ann111nn4ed as41( a1 ILand1(1idate fill 14e
IlOtionl to the Le4gislaItere and ic
ledgedl to abid1e t.he result,L of tbe D)em
Irat.(1i'" 11 p iary elc tion.l
31 G. NA LIE1 II flit|ilY A N
('gisiature 1 frlom NeOwherry'~ (ounot
iid 18 pl~eie to abide1( LIhe re1su1Lt 0
ICe DemlocrLtie primary1W( elect,ion1.
t1gisla1tlIi-, ubjet. to LIhe Demoocrtitj
For Probate Judge.
Ldid htey3 for' lra02te JudI(ge, subhjiel
the1( rles and 114 reigit,IionsH gover13n inIl
Ic 142 DemI:at,i4 1)rimary1'3 election.
A. 1'. I'. Ili)DENIIA UG H.
eV annlfouniced as82 a' cand idat1.0 foi
1-eleteijonl2 as l'r'Obat( .J ilige and14 b
(1d1ged to1 abide1( tIhe)1131 Ieut, of tIh<
'or Coun ty Suporinten.
dent Edkucation.
L/ AlIUON Q. ItOLA NI) [8 iCi
by.L announced14134 2as aI (anIda12te for
:1un2)-y Super1'I it,nde'nt, of I'dnenctior
id1 will ab1ide( the4 re sult, of the Demo.
sult, (If thei I )m121cratiLc4 pr'imarly.
Ion(1. Th'o(1. WV. 1eitt take p)13leasure
annonneIing(lII his name211 forI Count21a
(edge3 hhn1 1.) 2abid(e t,he result I of tiltc
MANY V<rrj'sit..
or County Treasurer.
"1 . BOY!) 18 II 1'ItUiW AN
J no101Inse'd 2a8 a1(II1 Iaddat.e for' r'e
'et,i 'nI to th li ce44 of Coun ty Treas21
'er-1ub ject, to1 11h4 pimar2ly (e lct,ion.
For Auditor.
141omo(te a1s a aida4Ii~t,13 for
'or County supervisore
.LC a cand ia( fr :' ount,II ey S2uper2'viso01
idi pledlge mIyelf to abide1111 thle result1
W.I ~f JIEI''1 A. HIL
IlnominaIlted 118 Ia can,didatle fot
.2 ty Super11v is4or--subje1ct to t,bc pr2i
atry 43e14o.C10.
a1 41and(idate for' County Super3ivisoi
the I )ema.uio'ti mam1 I)2-,V
- asy to Take
-Easy to Operate
Aro features peculiar tn Hoowl's 1ills. Small In
size, tasteless, e11elent, thorough. A q one man
said: " You never kiiow ypm
have taken a pill till It is; all
over." 250. 0. 1. flom & Co., -
ProprIctors, Lowell. M1.
Tile ottly pills to takim with Iioi's sarauparlilla
25c! YES, ONLY 25c!
We ofi'r you nlo chin u1u.
sic. TJ|he fi ll ow ilig offeu- ( jelli..
olst1ra't es Ie filet, tlult we
cInn)o. lbe und(t--b(d.
:11,108 heck )I Ir l.I
T hi ee ionaly:o ''ai
Cat' ~ ~ III whlht ti ( o . il.il I -,3
I11,4 Ig
12 ib; . It . livg So,t
2 " 10 ar-a ( II wIti TI igony
2 ve i' " . e - .. I rod e itt t. (,1 lep IIV
25o "it, 0oodi 1.1tilce'ronmvis
21 e ' It 0 L 1.4 o u , wil
2 c 3 l t' s b o (h ,r ell Coffo...
tev W a U *tfh lim. MA014 i ho's i I
barL1114.) 01441 exi
-~V'he ' 10 exauIei .Vbil l0 .1 is he
2 e' 6atgi a lih- in' l veaitr
2e " lips Royal (clos, Mauc
25i a 4 ine h i,. e 4 in ic.
Ine -- ' 1 14 R, e e A I kt 1r
2',e " l.1 .i ly s('1l.es
2 ' ' olNe ( it'I' 1rnll - hh I.
2- e " onle o ) CkllOl 11m I g -obtlec o
', ery 25 centis I raded at,the 1I0 Iv {IIvo
- of Ii I- Itinis m a.s towie as mne 1 oos
ats elewhor-4. Ii youi h o do 1volla
t.wo to Spend ndl d ood with u I0h
u at pah (f -horss to it Iwo-ho- soe wa
1, for .Ao nl wvill d c it, to e avi t.e
Nb.rtirs homllv.
%TIt way WO Slugr,l, g0oth, IS a
surlprise to all.
Te0 l' Itady Suare fMlTer.
On and after Soptemnber
First wo will conduct our
businlom onl at enlil bawim.
No goodH dolivvro,d unitil
lid for. Call onl us and
We o wilW0 11naki it. to
youir intorest, as wo will
ma11rkc ouir goods wvith at
nhort prolit -- ollinig
n trictly for the catih.
Unill ad it. will proit you.
LThree cour---s-for-degr--, with elee
Good. eLibrary.l 4~ ei LiC oa t
151)llieiu n1, N'earatoiryi Ilatet..il a
$l0in 'egaeDpat.t
Geo B'NL . C Irmer,
Agil fItuhr nl - -a. - -- - he ca l. o
I ihlcha nc)a lt) - -L- i- 'l'ext.ie.n
Lita ry -. - -1 -- -~O)h1 i -i, - t Aliity
lilCtY 1. IIATNG,
.ui that, my1 etfin0,nu br.
trpJia JI~Ihouldig andIi La Asoia
tino fchond a., S rhas been lotor
muiiiihtrid rean opl'iont.as be
* iav o aid Ayocitornrs for lacna
J. NE B ERalonhRYpee a. Har
nOs hco on Mane ove r0.t nexdor
to H.ltt'notr's. W imao. o

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