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WN,holn ono .onisidlrs
.L the mo"ay oflers of har
titilm Its Ildvlrtisml ill
this issuio. MaUty ho
I Ivy are ill geuiuineo
But wo cauition yoll:
Doni'l. snalip lit, every
l'r. suelkers will
bitv i s trui, but, -10.
cottonl h--S ]osdralowervad forme1r pricwes onI stalpli) ats wel
ats 0on 1111 n Dr Io.Nl. Wo simlply ask tiat you!I S(0 Mlur
goods, till I when o h) ar our low pricex, .(1 will 1i; 1,d I hat nto
fietici-us -Iff'le is iid olit to (atch s el or:.
Ntt to t r3di with its
ill this ilne, n1ia s
stim plv for ,oil to Opel
yourI poeliot book aid
throw yu ow
awayll !%. Wo ha.1 Ilh
ho solIl ! 'or Ilo iext
1v 0o Drvss Shirt, 01hw
Pair Sulsimll-lors, Otw
Par1losoanid0o 1111t.
will be given 1''. XJ
O CA11.\1(E to mvery o-wo who purcises a suit f ()f
Clothiw from US to t he 1amouilt of $ ,U89
..GR YS CLOTHI- o...
ik Inl this dopar-itn l1ro opportuniitios which
% prevSvint themlsolves onlly
We iro selling out, th(' (ltire line regardlcss
of cost, aid if wo ha11ve th'. sizo,
It's Yours at any Price!
The question is, do you
need one? If so, we know
that you will not refuse a
HATS " "95c,
whic 11 1will Itele even)
j - 11)44Th lII)rd t)o PlsO (Cust onwrs!~
X.A.isTh I PA'NTs !
251 Pauii of Pantts worthil $1 .001 at only~ .-19c.
I 0 " "I 1.o0t " .5.
102 " e 00 "' $!.00
Allier panuts at. corre'spond(1inly low prices.
M Every pair is guaranteed
to be double stitched and
saddle seamed. The best
bargain on earth for the
ltII his ch-1 r iet we
io1 w1i8 1, V 4liIu r
;Olt-d I'li St Stabl |o
wor41thi "O -., rievot
ist bosek it bed Hos
brush'ssheavymersmb -
and.d Hatchwot ht5.
'u-rIe8.S eca
uminate the path and point with un
erring accuracy to the world-famed
Savifi Establishmet in SoRth Car
Steadily growing in
its purchasing' power
and ever increasing its
enormous outlet, is
the influence
To lower the record
Of all former Quotations
Rock Bottom Prices !
Otto Klettner,
The Enemy of High Priced
Competitors, is known
throughout the Land
Tile Poor RiuR fred
()ther-4 want, only "your hard-earned
cash ,
When sick or in trouble-let you go to
s iIash;
ktit ! Do not trouble, nor despair,
As long the Be0 Hive will be here,
You and N our family "safe ma,y feol
Becauiso 0. Klett.ner will stand by you
as true as steel!
By Deeds-Not Words
D o we increase the numbii er of our1
Ciust omers.
A Fair and Square
deal to white and black,
to put the Best Goods
at the Lowest Possible
Prices, within the
reach of all is the con
stant aim of
O. iltt oer,
The Ex terminator of High Prices
Ladios'8kIirts, Waists aild CaDos.
Ini thI,is departmiet we'
llheI reaich of all possHiblo1
- ~is guaiiranteed( or money re
'~~ skill full workmou. Shtirta
wor'th $2 A0 our prIico~ $1.25.
Wi -ts From0 25c. upjwardsR.
Outr Pltshi Caopes aro t be
town a it pri( cs tht astoni-hIll th at'1 i ves.
PicIlurc Frillcs, Sissars, Pijios, 8S0011s, Knivos alid Forts,
Lo0Iii Qia8s0s, 'lli Blfig anld Siftol's,
100 dollars will h.' given to anyone whow can
p)rodunce the Paten,t or iop)~y right on the
above adv~ertisei cut as originally
written by 0. Klottner.,
Rubber Clothing'
Beyond the shadow of
doubt our low prices on
this line is the talk of the
Ml Wool Coats worth $5 our prico $3 50.
1'xtra qnality Mackintoshos wort.h $3.50 our
prico $1.50.
t takes but little
To keep warm and dry!
We have jmst r,cmivecd a Ilarge as
11owlm, P1itchers, Mug-4. Cups anid
Saucers, ete., at a 4tonishingly low
.~ ' .
Lamps! Laolorns! Lamp fhimneys aod Lam Diners!
Tho immeonse selection in this department prevents us from
piving at discription, sufficient to say wo have anything and evory
hing. W%o ofT(r)youiGlatsLampl)ifromn5c. tot50o. Lant'-rnsworth
75C., ou r price 42c. Lamp Chimneys, all sizes, 0, 1 and 2-, 5ets.
ab itVehae . uI a MonSIh i-c
nannllTffatrs.Orlin em raco overyi -fI Irt?( 't
ondingr featu.e,aand4Ithelpricouwlypur
hamndse Selhon inrthi de orpartcent.. Lrevens Sh~ roes
vaieies at pisricethipon,sino svey wutoer.v nyhn ndee
ldi. Suspendrs woty ,ouGlL pro rc o SOcM.' woolt s o
wot . our pric c.m Chanks,rchies,rt 0, ourd 2 pes
Anyhsing and th e('rh ing steOpotn
tie u t c U ndo t e r pth sean
Oatarrh -s one of the most obstinate
Lseases, and henoe the most diilcult
o gat rid of.
here is but one way to cure it.
,he disease is in the blood, and all the
prays, waphes and inhaling mixtures
n the world can have no permanent
iffect whatever upon it. Swift's Spe
ifle cures Catarrh permanently, for it is
he only remedy which can reach the
isease and force It from the blood.
Mr B. P. McAllister, of larrodsburg,
Cy., had Catarrh for years. Ile writes:
"I could sce no improve:nent whatever,
hough I was constantly treated with sprays
and washes. and differ
ent inhaling remedies
iII fact. I could feel that
eneh winter I was worse
than the year yrevious
"FIiaTI y It was
brought to my notioe
that Catarrh was a blood
di.ease. and after think
Ing over the matter, I
saw it wasunreasonable
to ex poeet to he culredi by
remnetNies whIch on
reached the surface.1
then decided to try
.8. A., and after a few bottles were used. I no
iced a perceptiblo Iuprovenient. Coitinuing
remedy. the disease was forced out of n,y
)-*,em, and a complete cure was the rexul.
advise all who have this dreadful disease to
bandon theirlocal treatnient.-which has never
lone thein any good. and take 8. S. S., a rem
dy that can reach the disease and cure It."
Tro continue the wrong treatment for
jatarrh is to continue to stiffer. Swift's
'pecific is a real bOOd reTnedy, and
-tres obstinate, deep-seated diseases,
vhich other remedies havo no effect
vhatever upon. it, promptly reaches
Jatarrh, and never fails to cure even the
nost aggravated cases.
s Purely Vegetable, and is the only
Aood remedy guaranteed to contain no
langerous minerals.
Books mnailed free by Swift Specifle
)ompany, Atlanta. Georgia.
ARK leto T11911t EsTruEn.
1lrmt Rchnont Ank Nomr. Alaton to ivep
Their Flair.
Tho following lotter, soit this
norning by Col. Jameo3s 11. Tillhuan
o Mrs. Joseph K. Alston, explains
Columbia, S. C., Nov. 5, 1898.
iles. Josoph K. Alston, Yorkville,
S. C.
Mv D a: Mrs. Alstoi: The regi
nontal flag sont by you to Liout.
01. St)ko-I, to ho presented by him
o the regiiont in our name, has
)yeO turned over to me, as con
n'imder of the regimont.
Feoling that you are the proper
>ersou to raittin to helag, I bog to
ay that the 8111H has this day been
lxpressed to you. I think the un
milous sotimOnt of the regiment
s voiced in this letter.
I have the honor to be, with high
Isteom, Very respectfully yours,
Ol. Commanding First Regiment,
South Carolina Volunteers.
Tommy and the Parade.
"'Uncle John,'' said Tommiy,
'if 1 sec ai parade every' year, hiow~
niany will it make in all my life?
l've seen t wo.
ire six now Takc six from an
iverage li fetimne ar.dl add thei two,
md1( it makes t et-nn.
"'Will Sackeo Stiles, the crip)ple,
namve thIiat kind of a li fet imen,-an
iverage one?''
"Ploor' little chap, I dloubt it.
Butt life is unicertgini for uts all, my
"Aun lt K ate,'' said TPomnmy,
*Ipst airs ini h;s autitt's romi, "'how
nanyIi is t wenlty-nine?'"
Auint IKate threw him her bttoni
"'Make ia row of buittons on the
So TiommIuy stretched tihe buattons
>ut in line utiliI they were t wenty'
iiie. What a long line it was!
l'hecre was a big white button at
he end. Tommy took it ini his
ittnd(, and1( t hen he looked at the
>t hers.
"Aunmt Kate,'" lhe said(, "it youl
ake one away from twenty-pine it
loesni't count muich, dloes it ?"'
"T'lhat dleends upjoni what it
"If it is parandes ?"' said Tommyn~,
1md( scam pered oil dow"nstairs be
ore she could answer. At the
out of tihe stairs he sat d1own and
>egan to empjty his pockets.
On)mce Autnt K ate had1( givenCl
l'oummiy a beaut iftul little card
.vhich she had patinted herself,
vit h the words of JesuIs on it
'Follow me." TIomminy ad
traightway puit it in his pock
Ilong withI tacks and1( miarbicle (
late pencilIs -md1( many -Othier
hings. iIe was looking for it
At last it tulrned( upi, and( lhe laidl
tand the bultton side by side on
lie lowest step).
"'I think it wVould( be 'following'
no let Jatcky ride to the paradle in
niy p)lace. 1 Ic's little.r than me.
And Jestus al ways wa'tchecd out for
he little ones, Atumt Kate said.''
So it was Jackie who wvent to
ionic ; and the afternoon wtjS get,
ing to be pretty long wher he
hought that he would lie dow,,
>n Aunt Kate's divan, and ''l.
,ine the horses and uniforms" for
And after that, the afternooll
,vas very short indeed-but Tom.
ny saw wonderful processions it,
tis sleep !-The Sunbeam.
The Legenkof Iodokus.
lodolkus lived in Syria in the se.
:ond century. A great famine
ravaged the country, and to test
lodokus, the Lord sent poor people
to implore Ik charity.
"A poor ian is at the door,
steward ;" w as lodokus' summons
to his housekeeper; ''he is hungry
and asks for bread."
"Master, but one loaf F'emainsof
all our store."
",Give always," said the master,
'"the Lord will provide-he who
feeds the ravens. Divide the loaf
into four. Feed the poor man,
and there remains a piece for you,
and one for me, and one for our
faitlful dog."
And the steward gave it. Soon
anotlher beggar came hungry and.
.(;ive him my morsel, gdo
steward." said lodokus. 'rhe
I,ord vill provide who feeds the
And the steward gave it. And
again God sent a poor and forlorn
beggar .
"Give always, good steward;.
give him your piece; the Lord is:
good lie will provide."
And the steward gave his piece..
But the fourth time, starving, sick,
and cold, a beggar made his ap
"Good steward, give him the!
dog's piece. Give always, and.
put your trust in God."
And the steward gave the last
piece of bread.
lodokus spent the night com1
muning alone with his God. With
lie light of morning he saw two
boats laden with bread and fruit,
lying in the river on whose banks;
his cabin stood. On the beacht
stood planted a white flag, in
scribed in gilt letters with these
words: "Four times thou hast fed.
me on thy loaf. Trust in Him
who feeds the ravens."-Sabbath
School Visitor.
' Iihey Fo..rm O)rg,anIv.at Ion on PrincIplesi or
o. A. IC.
Lexington, Ky., Nov. 0. -Last
night t here was organized in this
city a soc i"ty which aims to be to
the soldiers who enlisted for the
Spanish Amierican war what the
G rand Army of the Ropublic hats.
b'een to the federal army of the civill
"The Service Men of the Spanishr
WVar," is the title of the now soot'y
und t ho plan of 0oiganizit iorv wa'is
coniceiv'ed by Caiptia WVilson I.
D)avonnyi, comimissdr.y of subsistenice
o'f the First brigade, Second division,
Lirst army corps. This, the primall
cbaptor, has ben named Henry'
Clay Camp) No. 1.
he symnpathetic ten'derness of a lov
tn husbanae is everything to an expec
Oal nte,especIally during her first
nt lGeorge Layton, Esq., a promi
folwirg stof Dayton, 0., gives thle
forbt nnfo ulne, whose wife htas used!
fanement other's Priend " before con
rentey,ih '7a fter eeh1ig the effects of the
again, and th eI hlad to go through the ordeal
bnarket. and e were but rour bottles on the
weould hav,e thm eost wast $100 per bottle, she
Mo thers Xend " is a scientIfically
tainreie inhtlit which affords cer
cedling, childbirte various ailments pre
eliet tot e an assures prope~r
D.oledy to the acordS aind mUuscles in
"o M odith e , i a ordeal.
gist,Morhert P riend 4 issolcd y ar
Vo 'all bo "Blefore Baby 1s
DoRn, mnaled f ee 011 applicne~

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