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1. 1. AULL, FCD)Tom.
Wo have publishel as full repor-ts of
tle race troible at Ilhoenix in Green
Wood Count.y ats our, spaco would per
mit. About ten or twelve negroes are
reported as deatl and several white
tuon wounded but only one, we believe,
Mr. Etheredge, dead. "Tho ne,,vo who
it is claimed fired the shot that. killtd
EthcredgO 'ls not been found. Froti
private konrees we are informed that
there must have been twice as inany
negroes killed as were reported killed
by the newspap"t. men who were pres
ent. It. is a v 'ery u1nf otut1IIItLe c 0Cur2e e.
We have read Iuost of tihe relports i that
have bevie pibliAltd of the iiwholt
allfair. The T111bert, who hw.l; 'Itoll
leadilig lilt negrl s and wire Io
doulbt ral epnil o h hl
11ali Ilk-d th li,coun ltr an ild whl ilt S(Ilt,e
of tlii are slighltly w u ded none :
Seriously hur11t. It Will not hw Safe,
lowever, for thei to returin to talltt
The WhOlk'tfi is no0t 0onlY unfJOrtt
na te bti t helire is nit gr-ottil on
which tan be jusftilled the wholesile
btevry ofit I.e ngroes Ctt Va h:ii , n
Grevenwood last. wcel atil I le ett on
us will be had and it wil blie had ont
these people will) ngedinl it. Some
innooenit moli,no dobAwrelot.downl.
\nd yet, til' 11-gro(' s ha ve had 311111I -
dlint.evit n that when they ut rl:al:e
to follow while repuli.-aons Whol pr1
t nd 1( Il their frift-ild.. atid a s Such
only fmr political rtefernt -n tha1. ltey,
the newo%s, always get the wt 1ini
of theo barpvainl. In 1) ther1-1 words,
it nkatis thalt( the %hitte race is
predomliinalt inl thjis vounltry and
wheni the Cr coSt'es th e 1pati
tht eprat-S I illh. t wo it nwan dal i
for him . Thue itll bl' 1 inll the 1 - oul
breaks that : on ]lhot headird pt-opl,
citry the thin-.f too far and kill pop h
wholl are innlocent and1 who Sholuhi
not be- harn11'd. It, iS Itu- wVl
hatve thle co r, and thll, jilrics
and the propt.r t hinig for the pevople to
h a v o d e w w o l:d hl a v t! Il I b e n to p ro "S -
eCute these cast. in it courts.
That. is the wiy it looks tois who I,
away frotm thev sn lilb 1ut we calnt
well applrveiate thil feclinigs of tlos4
who werv on till' st-'.11. lut ive thtn
there (.anl be no jul-t-licltioll or ecs
fOr- the WhOlUSatl(- buitt-hf-ry ofnore
Iitt, the pelifle engagni in. It is all1
lliet. nOW anlld we hope will prove a
wholesomlie lessons to iero pomliticilalns
and White 'epu ibtI] it'l IeS% who aI-e tyinig
to muakco itso of tihe negrro for p)Olit,.,
purposes and theuir own privattv anId
personal adCvanWCe-,WInt.
.:, iIt N()I I CA (t11.INA TntiHOU LE.
The peopple (I NotI ('atrolinal, litV
redeemtied the Sta. ' and havi t''r
once uore white 'up: ll. Th. h
tion passed off i t y. ''he hit bed of
tihe trouble wa- dowN abe '.J n
ton. There wa- 3 'y
of elect ion evin a:' \\ n ';
the dayi aifter1 th, p -Ii
thieaisel vei.f eli. e
andh whi tel' and
to leave to.1 n a
borie wVlith him
xTey woul hab 1- -
w%ondert to
load sulchli
school wo- :t
cenrt a year an -
wothta a:itr.-,' t r~~
T1here arte ftew llwn1 thn I3,
aaki ai'd eniteTlrp.i3lL Itil an I
erstoni & Giluler ami Wv. E; J'dhea
heat oif elvery'thIinl ini titir hit' for
their n.any Cuistirers. The' Iiow lhavei
N~ewt J>is''ov'ery for (Constluoptiiin.
C'oughls a- d ( 'hits. Th is i t hee Iwoi.
derfulI re'rnedlv t hat i" pr.na lcig uch a43t~ii
fu ror till ive'r te(il liut ry lby ita lianIv
startling t'ures.. It abisolutvly cuire.
Athmani, lCronci('et is, iIloar.-tn- as atnd all
atflectio. of the Tlhrt, (Chiest anid
Lunigs Cai a it ab ove dIrug sItore* and t
get a Itrial btottle free tr a regular srie
50) cenlt andi $1. (Guaratee<lq to cure
or price refuntdedl.
F"romn Novermber' 1st unt11l Apritil :19th,
1899, Winter Tourtis't tickt'ts to peinei'
pal Souithe rn lI eSOrt 5, I it' luding1 A she
vi lie anid ILlot Spr1in1g, N. C.. 31and F'loi
points, will bie on sale at spiecial raites
vIa Southlern tail Iwaty. TIickets allow
fift.een (15.) days stop)-ov'er. z-nd ar'e good
to retturn unt-il Maty 31, 1899i.
Quicek sedualt's and( e xel lent ser'
vice viai Souither'n lI ailIway. Call onaniy
Agent (if the (Co11npanly forui detailed in..
fo.rmaition as to) sehedleIts, r'ates, etc.
8. 11. IICmwicK<
AssI. Gen. I 'ass. A getnt, Atlanta1, Ga.
Red Clover,
and Woods Ever
gree Lawn Grass Seed
for sale cheap at
Robertson & Gilder's
Drug Store,
io Kind to our Shop (1irl.
"Only at slhor girl." "Nobody but
factory trash." Ilow often do wo har
Ihese cruel and though tless reiarks,
and still mort ofteni do we Fee q Scorn
ful look or sneor that, implie.- the same.
We art left to woider. and sometihlies
datre to confront our Maker with a
'"why." What is the ntter With shop
girls and faetory people? Aro they
not, working for and rectiving honlest
wages? Why are they called "second"
or -hird class" in society? Were they
OlrYtted by at just God frout second or
third class Iluaterial? Did lie say to
the rich: "See I have given you great
eartily possesion. Ye are the chosen
of the latal. Ye are rich. The yearly
Intcrest of your 1toney will more than
provide for Ieore than atll your Iany
extama:auces. See that you hold
yousV ; above those who stand ill
dav :ll- %\,av;II_1in cloth to cover your.
nakedoD.Oll't AhOW thle lktast VOurl
y orv a pea t kinld wordi t tht shop
-irl Who ei"asures this sa-ine cloth for
yoiu. lHave her to pull down bolt, oil
topl ofbo!t- of hIavy (loth. look ing for a
palAt'rn \oul know enin't, he found, She
Will try very haIrd to Ilease tnd h1elp1
yfi a sIetc-ioin aml wIlI never. show
I he least ilipaltie- orm ly She is tired
D>on't, thank her or say you are sorry
for 12iVingi ler trouIbIC, but, eit, her to
i.lh heia-at, with at sharp irrittable ex
11r-s,ion (if imIIIpat ienie antIIcd with a
Ilalgh y air of teIf-imuIportane Iliirt out
(if tlh e-ablishmient. ( 'ut. Ier. in sfl
ciet v. I )1a' givi hi an equal social
foot ing with yor own ihalthters: t.vte
your, Son to h>)Iok higltr for a wife--a
sh ,irl is not his c<plal, though sli
ma-e1.y havo ilibwral edili-ation and plos
Ss IlI ( 'Ilvist ian virt,lit's and haive ILn
irreroahabecharnctclr and lovable
Ii.lio it lioll. Ik . mhIlI Ier, !.Ie is only at
.'ll>p girl and of flocv,sity works for a
livinDg." i le who taught Is to sI\
"n>r at her." i-ahal suel things? In
Ihundt, thih, 'No, I 14 ho wash.-d I I is
di-Vi pIVs' feet tatughL b-aIlifil anid i
V.itII b)ilIlian OuII is of tilIl ialIie in
I iis t-tiin1atioIn. I I (Ii not dic thle
bfaiiful dea ith on the 4r-s for tie
bigb 11 and1 lkighIy ala forige, tihe pool
lathoring" cla,ets. Nt! fir IIte Said
" miie iun Itome Ill I ye t hat liLhOr aniId
11r1 IIIV ladli. anld I will give y.ol
lest." ()h ye vihil y 4) Ia e it in oi
0ow.eL' to do So iu ghood if yoli oln1g
would, Ilot, oly w iIt h yotI Ir p r .bill
withI 1rtIt- illt C0 w ich'l is IIVreatt
bHit 11, t hatt titlt IOf litlC and halItlgh
Tlne,s of SIr-it which caSes you t
IhI IItIIk ( ;Ifa I o aI!e niot, as- Wf l11:1 Inen.
not Its Iit, p<f '' 11 rip 1ir ol. factory hland':
Throw t I is m Intle It). I .t ( ;od'*s bl!s
sed 'IIlsh ine of br1out,berly love shIinIc
illto olit. hearts. Co thilmiVil lift clier
lng atiti rihiing satild t (a(isolakg(
hetti-ts. IUife is short Inake Ci. best
of it. Nevor h att the k ind word -i.t
Spoein that Woul vhit-c., or the cili
dit-d undlone that, would oplift at brothevi
( r :.itr. I olle II) eIane at IaICal fol
more ki.dniless and COULtes y tOWard
laboinag laSsqs. tSpecially thm slIol
girl. lonest work is nti w.-ver has
,tlid litvver will ble dw-.'rading. .\ Vjilk
wiald ink- it far better wie thana anii
Li r't'.n wwahWi a:,njoy be an extrava
......1 tI- ta in of liit :4i
- . - - - i
- t.-ii li b ral ina re
4:rcr h>) bro1)1theral y
- an eariy ami kind
III- ols TI t-a;- d a hiarit that's broken.
.ri ::.ada a frie r.id ,i-ere.
1 inarny a buadd ini 2'lo4we-r:
\V it-b, iadi a *nil4 buit owvned ita- birthl,
\Vuhi le,a li fe'. darkei( ,t h,,urs.
Thien, dlein it noit an idle thing,
A plea5 -ant wiord to 'l patk:
Thei fatee yoau wear*, the( thotighit you
A\ ieiU i)Iay hea Ir bPlreIak.
Howi to Looik 0(hau.
(Good liooks aure rea!ay eare than11 sklin
condi'i3 n o-11f a)1llm h .atal organs. If thei
liver ii- Inatueive, youi haive at1 h4ijon
'ook ; if you r stom iaush if disordferedt
youii hvet a dtyspi'~'e Ilok; If your ktid
n--yN aure a llec ted, youI hav aVtItp iidd
sulok 114nr good1((11( halth,' andee you lil.
surely s & h-41ve goo Io s I etriet1Vi ti 'io: -1
Aceta directty in ih 8tomacth, liver and
kItdneys31, purl fies the4 biloi d, ('uresI pmu
plIea, bloItehlps aund bolis, and)4 givoes a
iatteedi. Sotd att Rlhert-ont & hIlder's
and Pelhamx's D)rug 8turre. 50 contst
per botle.
TJhereo is plositively 1no $1hoe sold in
Newberr-y at, $3 003 t,hat wvill equtal in
wear andr comitfort, I lhnIlton Birown &
Co's. Men's aund Women'a, $2.50 Shoos
suoldl at A. C. .fnns. t&f tf
Thea Nowherry Clthing Co. are
having a clositng out saIo. They are
going out business January 1st andi
nant to turn their largo stock into
cf ah. Qw taft
Ma8te'8 Sale8.
heron, i will licil to tho highest
bidder, bfore tile 'ourt. llouti at, Now
berry, South Carolima, oil tht lirst Mot
day (uilleday) i ll eceinbr, 1898, in lt.h
ease of Jo I. Ptickliatier, I'laintilY,
vs Ktaitanuol We'Aly, Defenanut.
All that lot or parcel of land situato
inl the towi of Newberry, and Stato ol
South Carolina, fronting on Calidwell
street fort,v feet, and boinlded by land:
of Laura W hitener. and by lands conl
vet to J. M. Johnistoio by Ilenry
Kennledy and by Caldwell street, tho
said lot having been conveyed by Minian
ael Wesley to .1ohn M. J,1hnttonte.
TEiMS oF SALK: Oro-half cash, bal
ane~ payable in one year, credit, portion
to be secured by bond of purchatser and
uiortgag of t,ii proilises sold, with
interest on credit, portion from day of
sale, with leave to puaelior to a-ii
pate payient. 'urchaser to pay for
papers andi 'tilmps.
W. 1). HIARDY, Master.
Yaster's Ollice, Nov. 7th, 1898.
IY C %li)I'( ()F Trill COUl'T
-P licrein, I will sell to the liigl:est
bilder, before the Court Ilouse at, New
berry, South Carolin, on the Iirst lon.
day (saleda3 ) in December, 1898, it
tie case of itvid A. 1iull' et al, 'lain.
tills, vs Jaiei!s M. Bowers et al, Defeld.
A ll that tract to wit: The Bash Itiver
U,IaW', COIntainiing one huindrmed and t,wen
ty-eighLt acres, iiore or lVks, and b0und
ed by lanlds of J. 1). lornsby, Georgt
lItill and ot,bers.
A iso all ithat other Latctof land contain.
inl'-' ol hundred and seventeen Ictres,
in1Oe i0Or luss, anid bo lided by lands of
Alan .1ohnstone, If. 11. Folk, Pressley
livilry anld od.hers.
Ti:ums o. SAA: One-t,bird cash,
b1kilC( Ol1 t iCedit, of le 21ad tWt
years, in equal annIua inistalim1n1LS
with inutest from day of sale, til
eredit pm-tion to be seculred by bonds
of tie pu.rchlasers, and moatgage of tht
preinimes s old With leave to purebasei
to aniltici pate pat ineit in whole or ill
part. 1'i1richasel. to pIay for papers atid
Stamlps. W . 1). liAl.Z)Y. Aa t.r
Mamter's Olllce, Nov. 7th, 1898.
}YV ()116)."It 01.1ll COUR'T
) hervin, I will sell to the hligiest
hhider, bvfore the ('omt, I louse at New.
erry, Sou 1 ( itiolifia, Oin h,t, lirst, Aloi.
dav (sitl0diav) in DeCinlh', 18t, inl t,hC
vase of the South Carolina Lal aitid
Trulst Colinpanly, P'laintill, vs. Thomla",
.1. I jipscoIl b ot, al, Defendants.
All t,hat tract or plailtution of land
sittuit. in tilie County of Newberry, ant
Stato of South Carolina, on Saludi
tive, coiniiing hiree hundred ant
t,hirt..-nline lices. IliorI or. less, alt
louinltlvd by lands foirliely belongiln
to J. -,. Lipstlulb, it 1, ng tract No. I
phat, Wf Salin bein I)(rud" November 23d,
P811 by W . .13 s l'itts, sumr eyor.
Tl-:l,. ; m., . AL.i.: (I:)u-t.hird cnsh,
Ild te halantce onil it c: cit of one ant
..-as, w ii. intert from tht di
if salo, credit, portion to be sectied b
the bid Of I lit purelha,4.r. and a mort
040^C Of the portmises Sold, Wit.h1 leavc
tIo antivillatu pitylilnt, inl whoic o, jll
pal-L. Il'uschas.r to pay for papers alt
WV. I). IIAIUP)Y, Master.
Master's (llice, Nov. 7th, 181)8.
Y ')l'it OR" THE C( OUR-1
horuini, I will sell t the higheus
biddu, befor the (.onrt H oise att, New
Ie11Y, S. C., on the First Monaity (Sale
dty) in DUCecer1nher, I)IM 'S. il .ie case o
.la!-ol Bor . et. al, l'haintills, vs. W Iii
Ed wii loozier et itl, Defendants.
All 1,lit, lot of h1th lying in the Towi
of 'rosperity, County of Newberry
and State of Souti Carolina, containi
in. ab:mtt TIwo Acires, inor'e or less, an
hiun,hii'tt by Ilaids of i)r'. A. F. Liang.fordt
.lrs!* . .ino.aii i. Whii)lt land of th i
lMiti. church'1. aNo C.,'N. ,I Lc. a
te,n cr idit ofo e anI o e r
12:rtin to be ecur$e diby bond fth<i
nurhag ad arnrtgeof the pebrem
-1v -I )f:lurca.-eopyfrppr
.l t r'- 101. . . N v. Lth. Icud'. x
. C In h .. J:tibe' le otigt bdder
Li i -e a orid I"itou i ati -rryL
iet il thel 'it Ms' onfoiday n 0]e
ton iilt t ea-:e1 of Tohe Nswldrri
I t 1 ii ki! iit. I 'la 'n vs.l J.n C i bet.
f - ii is nd ani
hat parcwil el tof then lig andt be.
litol the C-ol: ofi ttCa New b 'rya
.8a C, of Sth "s M:aonda, bounedy bi
Job eiiitz,l:'I a Idthe esat of Wm. CV
vs. CdA.ebuber, eecntannTre
Alrl thatLrae o lan lins. Nw
i:)isi' Con Stat .::Oe-th(irdl ensh
eriehit' iin hrediti poion fri dy of ae
by3 IbonLt ofve pucaer and inortgg2.
Tiiietni No.d wCoit leave to urcha1
(1ti and citaymenx t,. rTob iiold ir
l,itid dyof sle.b Purchasr o '1a .
for'et pandr and Lo tAcrs. nioO'ls
last r', anicethNov. 5t,h,s of8. A
Flo , an wiy el tte ighetbdde
balanre ih e anutI fLoe 3ats Nwiterry
tc.'Cs, on credit l)etiondayo (ly) 0
Dece m bredit 18i8,iin t ho eaose ourW. W
vs th . A.enle F ld. Iefendant. o fi
toCllip that tti ofn lyin in Newo
daw lt ill beexiitd o'.intit dat of sale.
Tract, N. OIc Niov. Plac, 1ont9 nin
Bre No. ~ 2-otinn OnT un~I
less, an one y lnsofT
before the .Coirt Houe at Nowborry,
S. (., on tho First Monday (SaIeday)
in Dcoombor, 1898, in the case of W. [3.
Cromer, Adui'r, Plaintiff, against 14mi
ma Cloy ut al, Defondants.
All that tract of land lying and bo
ing situato in Nowborry Count.y, and
State of South Carolina, containing I
lifty Acres, more or lose, and known
is tho Cloy tract and bounded by lands
of Monro Wickor, Will Lano, Jel
Ukano and Frank Suber.
TFmMs ot, SALIK: One-half cash, bal
anee on it elTdit of tweve months, with
interest, on credit portion fromt day of
tinki. Tho credit poition to be secured
by bond of purehaser and mortgage of
the lr)emIlliSC-6 Sold. l'CIasrOV to pay
,fo papers anld stampsW.
W. D. HARDY, Master.
Master's Oflice, Nov. 5th, 1898.
By 01-1 O TI Il-,' 'OUIllI
hurk), I will esll to the li Iest
bidder, before the Court House att ow
berry, S. C., on tle First, Monday (Sale
(aly) inl Deceinber., 1898, ill the (aLSO of
Nesther Lewis et, ill, i'liaintils, vs.
Amy Penno ut al, Defendants.
One IIonse aind Lot. lying and b,ng
situate in the County of Newberry and I
State of South Carolina, in the TownI
of Newberry, ind in a local subdivision
of the same knownit as "Gravel Town,"
bounded by lands of Alice J. Long,
lellry Wheeler., I avinia Bowers, and
of the Southern Raliroad Co., and con
taining One-quarter of an Acre, llo0
or less.
-TmRMs OF SAi.;: One third of the
purclhaso muoney to be paid inl cash, and
the balance ill o and two equal install
Ieilnts with ilnterest, oin otell from day
of sale, to be secured by bond of the
purehaser andi a m1ortgage of the
premises solil, with leave to the pul
chaser to anticipate piayielit In whole
Or- in IIt. lIrchItser to paY for pa
,per-s and stamnips and to insiue dwelliig
Oil DremIiSeS anIld assignRl policy to MAs
te'. W. ). HAiRDY, Master.
Master's 011lee, Nov. 5ti, 1898.
BY ORDi'it 01' Til M COU1'T
herein, I will sell to the higthes
bidder, before the C .rtit,L House at New
hvierry, S. C., on ihe Pirst Monday ill
Decemibe., Ni89, in ti.e ease of .J1no. W.
Purguson, ['hltiltity vs. Joph 1". Bur
toll, Dofe-ndant.
All that uract, of land bitmate in the
Couity of New- berry, inld Stteof South
ia1lna, 1upIs0SVed to c11tain Sevenl
lIundred and lor-ty Acres, noore or less,
and hounded by lands of Jas. A. Iit
tot), lands formerly belonging to J. B.
Ployd, deceased, lands of David Motes
ttd by Little river.
'TICMS OF'' A LiK: One-half cash, anud
the balance Oin a credit of one Yetir,
with leave to pay whole bid in cash;
the credit, poition to be secured by tile
hond of pulr1-h1aser anud a llortgage of
tihe prelm ises: crud it, port,ioll to he: in
teriest, from 'ay of sale. If p'rchaser
fails to vomlply wiIii t 44'y of ,4le pre
m1ises will bw resold at his H'i k. I Il.
claseri to pay for p 's 1S anld sutinlps.
W. D). HARtDY. Matster-.
Mister's ( 01lice, Nov. "tl, 18,18.
Y ORD11 01" T[I COUItT,
her-ein, I will . sell to the highest
hi(Mer, before tbe Court Ilouse it New
h'rry, S. C., on the firt, Monlday, sale
day, in December, 189, in the case of
W. D. Hardy, Mastet-, PlatintifT, vs. W.
A. Fallaw, j'.-, Defendant.: Tha', lot of
laind in the Town of Newherry, County
of Newberry and State of South Caro
lina, contiing1 Forty-Fivo Ilidiedths
of an aee-C, mo'e or les, and b11(1 ulde
by Nanice street, Friend stret, McKib
benl street, atld ILt of Joseph 131rown, de
Tixtws O' SALE: One-third oiash, the
balance on it credit of one andl(l two
yeais with int.erest from d y of sile.
The credit portion to be secured by
bond of the ~Ipr1cr anid at mor0tgage
of the premCifses sold. Purchaser' to pay
foir paperis anld stampls.
WV. 1) II ATR Y, Master.
Master's Ollice, Nov. 10, 189)8.
hein'~'i, I w"ill selIl to thleI.I hiesi
bidder, bef(Io the0 Court Haause'at New
herry, 8. C., onl the Elia M on day (Sal".
dI*y ) in DecemberI ,l, 1898, ini thle casel oif
Lo,u WVashi Floyd, Plai ntiff, vs. Claudo
A. i"loyd et ali, IIhfznantxls.
All I hat tract ..f land lyinig and he
iug situ ito ini Newhberry C7ount.iy, andlo
Si ate aof S'muthi Ctaoli~na, caln,ta ininsg
One Hundfirred andI 80eventy I wo and
One-halfC AI'res, mTor'e 'or less, and1(
j,undeltd by lanls of ( . A. Flyd.
TiERtMI -;F,. MAlis: One1-thbird cash,
bal,&ae onl a eWit>.Of one1 aInd t wo
ye-ars withl inte14rest onl 'eredit -pr.ILtuw '
froml lday of siale; thle credit portion Iito
be eculredI by3 tlond of tIle pulrchaH(.r
and( ll morigauge of thie pIremlises sold1
with leave tol anticipate1 paymenlt'i ii
part or in w hole. l'urchaseitr tol pas
for piapers andI stamp".
WV. I). H- A IX DY, Maste'r.
Master's (idles, Nay. 12th, 1898.
JY OlDI[R 01" TiH l' COLUlUT
hrinl, I will sell before the Court,
I louse at New berr-y, S. C., dilrinlg the Ic
gal hiouirs of sale, 0on tile 1"irst Monday in
D)ecemnber, 1898, t, putblic oultcr'y to the
highest bidder, in the calse of Lavinia
llfatton et ad, Plainlti Irs, vs. Marcelluis
lloyd et ial, D)efendants.
All that, tract, of landi( sit.nt:c' in) t,he
County (of Newberry and Stat,e of Soot,h
Car'olina, cont.ain ingI Fivye H undr( ied
and1( Twenty- tivye A eres, more 01' less.
andI bounded by lands of the estate oif
ii. Dunca n, MIrs. l"annile Blriggs, R. C.
Carlisle. and others. Will be sold in
two or' mlore tracts. P litts cani be seen
itt my)3 olIlee
anee1: in one and two year's wIit.h interest,
from (liy of sale, credlit p)ortion to be se
cuiredl by. bond of p)u1rchaser atnd mUort
gage of premises sold, wIth leave to
plurchats.er to aniticipat.e palymfent inI
parlit 011 In whlole. Purcheiaser to 1pay3 for'
piallers ando stampnls.
WV. D. H A R DY, Master.
Master's O111cc, Nov. 12, 1898.
John TI'. Norris as Admninistrator of the
listatc of limmia E. HIalfaereo, de
ceasedl, l'laintiff', vs A nnie Wilson atnd
otbers Dofendants.
ri 31is CREDITORS 0O" EMMA Ia.
Ha ilfateie, dOceasBed, ar'e hereby
nlot,ined and required to r'ender in andi
ttablih their claims before me, on or
before the 8t,h day of D)ecembe-r 18198,
and that, all creditors atore e-Iy on
joitned from proslecutting their claims
except in this ptroceeding.
-November 'ith, 1898. ...P.N-C
]t will pay you to dio your fal
tradinig with the Newvberry Clothing
Co. T1hoy are going out of butsineoss
January .lst and are certainly cutting
prices. (t ea.
1 often hear this remark matde by my
'rievdp, aid the reason of It Is that tihe
eole are lenriting more and uore
Ively day, tit it paye to tliado t mly
dore. I keep a good slected stuck of
Diry Goods, Notions,
Rats, Dress Goods, Shoes,
Velvets, ('apes, Jackets,
jiderwear, Hosiery, Glovei,
Randikorchiefi, Ribbons,
Laves, E1Ibroideries, 'Trnks,
Valises, Satchels, Umbrellas,
md sell thvi t closo on to Wholesale
L'rlces, and there is 14no wonder we are
usy. The Meielatits of Newberry,
iomuetime tigo (fiscovered f hat ily store
wasi a wholtwale store, for i hie people
&ho hotuiht tit retail fAr family use and
his is why you hear them saty so many
AV-3111t, thi.ngs a%bout Ile. I have a
tery kod feoing for them al'; life Is
00 1h1oirtl to waste It h1aving Ill will
tgainst, lily iieighbor; but, it 1a ligalikt
uy prinilples to iake big profits, and
vill conltine lo give the people
han ainy other store in town. I have
iest, received a large li ue of New Capes,
qew Ackibitomhes, Nt-w Dre-ss 0oods,
'rints, Outig and Fhianie and In
rilt you to colle aul see then..
The Peoples Store.
Newberiy, S. U., Nov. 15, 1898
PeoPle Do Buy
With Satisfact on
whon it doponds on the real
va! no of tho merchandise. A
satisfied custonier is a good ad
vortisement, and our unyielding
purposc, to nell the best at the
lowest possible prico explains
our advanced position in the
Newberry trade. Wo hav
madtle it well worth your while
to come to the
lo 1R co.
for the Dst in
Dry Goods,
Dress Goods,
Ou&r line shows a sot of values
which needs only to be seon to
be apphreciatedl.
is growiug. It is exceedling all
Our previous efforts to give the
very bet. Shoe for the least
mioney. Value aulways counts
att such prices as we are selling
Shoe. We keep a large and
well-rep)lenisheod stock of every
thing up1-to-date in Shoes. This
line has become one of the
leading specialties.
Mower sells the Best.
R emember
TIhat the best always gives satis
Thai,t satisfaction is the result of
buini tg at our store.
~1&Q.S. MOWERG0,8
Peoplles Drll Store,
Nun4na:y's Bon Bons,
In 30c, (00. and $1.20 packages.
Nunnally's Chocolates,
In, :30., ($00. and $1.20 packages.
N unnally's (chocolato) M int,
.In) 30c. packages.
N unnally's Almll Briltic, lOc,
Nunnally's Poallil Brittle, 100,
Nunnally's Chocolate
M arshmallows, lOc.
Nunnally's chocolat fcaii,10c,.
SiiThceo goods are made of pure mate
'1( ial ncxh)ressed to us the day they
J. B. Walton has opened a Har
ness Shop on Main Street, next door
to 0. Klottnor's. Wil make new
barnoesa and repair old. Twenty-five
years experienco. Prices reasonable.
live him your orders, Satisfaction
(Next Door to Herald
Metallic, Rosewoi.d and
Service in this line Pr
Next Door to Herah
The at
When n<
the cord
Ss. sition at
s.3'. wo
A Elf
To call in and e
of goods. I have
selected stock <
grade Chamber
and Oak. A full
and cheap Furn
very close for ca
N. C.Vi
Dispensary and
Quality and Price
Fine Whiskeys,
All Grades Oheapr n1
Save Money anid .et the
Send in Yc
Particular A tien tion
and News Office.)
Cloth Covered Burial
0mptly attended to
I and News Office,
- - -- .
)proved best canopy.
>t in use, by releasing
it of itself takes a po
the head of bed both
and ornamental.
ice. $2.75 each.
0 - - s.c
xamine my line
a nice and well
>f strictly high
suits in Walnut
line of medium
iture. .Will sell
Maina Street, Newbaerry, S. U.
0. P. H9uges
in both
s in Line of
sand Beer
at 0. P. Houses ! You
Besat by Buying of Us I
or Order.
Paid to Mail Orders.

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