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The Newberry herald and news. (Newberry, S.C.) 1884-1903, October 13, 1899, Image 2

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E. 11. A 111J.. 1'.>irott.
\'A1' V1it)I.1 S Uti t 't iI 11 ON.
Tie IHerald and 'News xpeets every
sub:-t rilht-r to piay momet hin(g on his 'uh
sl'ription, if it is not paid in ldvaice
alrt'a(I , between this timie andti the end
of the year. \We (to not want to be dis
aLppolintt"l. \\e 1)eed1 the nloney. I)o
not1 wait, for -omlet 0)nt tO hunt you till
atitl dtin ou, but if von owe for youtr
pater, walk aroulnd to the oIltee anti
shows your ;ilprteciat ion by nakiig Ipy
lieltt. I,'t thii he suit iet'nt notice to
Ve'ry dlliitn[ut'nt.
L:I)O(r CIAl . ( )Ii 4i'( )lt1NU i'.
Columbia. (4et. 12.-The big circus is
ill town today and ihe ninall boy is
happy. A nd I ex I etl t hu "old mnian"
is, t, fI ie has ani xe.1 e to go to
th Cir('lus to take the children. ''he(re
hits alwyvs be'in a fa.-iluation o tio ue
aboult a ('ircull . I allmlit I iik(' to~ ;nnd
neVer1 mi-- one wth"n Ih(' 011po1rt:lnity
is given tle to attel. I think it. i. a
o(:d thIing, esimeui:tlly fo(' thel h.>yS inl
the' (county, who- iti ot have - ainy
oppor! (1 "1i t.i_ t l es n - t, - o ll( Ilt h t'r 's tuo1 ,re t a
I v t- inm nhi ng to talk about
ali a:'. d ((1'e t h.-m at pIItl- t'rIIIt' i ill
1 ;-; --n r:'yi.t tterI' have be n ratheri
11i, t for tin- I(a-t fe-w dlac . T'he
hl ar,i 4f ("ontrol i - in -es-ion again.
but 1111 1mi "r tand1 at (omnnli-ione'r wcill
nl t h' le( td unt II milinxt werk. The
h,:u-d i .'in:t t, wait until the hearin
hh ,ort' Jud:, .\1b i''h n,'xt \i(,r1htt" on
t e l I ut it t tt1('1i.
The State lt vi tinrninr -:hat .\ ht Ir.
i). .\. (; I )lat :i- .t i ll h:u-d :at work (ln
hs t t eit-i -wilt, al itl a eI l : i I t to t h
I,l'( , i ll at f: wt (I:n\'-. ( If I(nirse Iliil hli t1v
(til It -alid ahll t - l tat( 'it litu dil iiit
is, lna(10, but it i". in1tn ;tted that1 it w ill
ilike t tt l ii . l ,' ttu- liti oln i (if wit'lig
dhoilt,! inl tihe a (t i n ili t r'a ti iol n <f (ltil(lisi
I't wly. I f that he' true, p,('ivu 'o -:: It
,ilil e at tohl tI'e thin; h e fore,
itit it is liot vtt kniltwn wht .\it'. tu(it-,'s
itati h'sint. will iini l al liti'l't-:fori it
is gi t w( u c 4 't co n . i t, i t1he
iLit i l l e al' t -o i l w l l le t t ;o:l , h on
l're, b u Iit -lat t s ('11(111-i ni > r.
IT-l I'nlIt(-t Stall- 's( rnve'tiltnt wa nt:<
to t1-e ('a-tle l'inc'kn("y a- a holly deplot,
or ial t hI tlito, a ntI thervtat-I I f-)ot,
wsrotu (;ut. \l(''w(een('y toknowt if' there"
tsould i h oje'ction on tih part of th.
citi yenS f teState. ivthoughlt there
mi,!ht he -otnr l nt iinent hot a outhie (il
a- et. Ift erli-s-ion is iv) to "s it,
S lnl ":t110It will be Spenlt onl it. at, onov.
There has been't au ("Ifort hur-'tofort'
Inte1 to handu s ani sti abientd a itu
on it.. (;ov. leSttweiney nul itte(dt the
mtt('r to thi ('harl(s'ton intele ant a
whole hiy was spenit ol 'tiidAy by
repre'snutftiwI ent t fro t ('harI'ton ia
prtesenti.ng fhor a t olen ie (igltvetnor.
iTeu lighhus iisl ansd if m per m-o
ion iiven tohue 'aes to Pinoeneat and
in ilsu-hun iils not 1 sett e.eThn tcitr
tw'ther lyfcI sas n btito pgaet the
tan the it htlou s and en w.ork for
thea sait,orth bthgtn bet ts
SevralNehfromyu ltianshlealenin the
ciit chii w. X etg'i'Iu a o
b e hae ofour hobler. lOthr mils
and cownty anid cotisrued doi situl
atdias. ot th oe Ilet omeilion withl
eachk other oil ths wthee re Iterstd
and ewsn will asugied andal imth
roing If whealt, that ituld hae you
iew idao the tlinetogter.
Iums forit goo whea crops and tithus axn
citiane the farmer oatronwhety and
takend hrisdte in tThe oucess of theseo
miol wderends apn isuccssfuln weat
trwing. Toennakeit sucessful,dei
farer intethed endesa ex emcntin
in. tho ecretaryds ofcuivaioneulo a
thceftl ir.Whtdourlerml
har being yoiucThe lie)rald and~ Nwsc
auiur wiel ox suctess aiwhdencourageco
miert. tat. thefair grwIl hasOf lna
beenronw ofeou hobie.chre.ae
anforn n countielas$ ar dirsg $1m
saor ahnds $10 f the thllrdl best wis
play. upn this subjct IsT e to-al
grtd aws wihl alougivty ofmalbprem-I
not on addtiontetants, hvn iyour
vgeneral onteded tlines. 'oott'e
areneion, cand don on~ as, Monday and
toptee mos oflco the ole of the Co-te
Io. ewbery heoanty has esitntd sra
ar1etbi,,I ol ae beinnasine sourrpl cehc
auu.we. fr. ucss.hn.t.s o
not too late yet for our people to wi"or.
up an exhibit. i)lt, no tiet should ht
lost in doin;* so. As individual exhibi
tors, it is loted to see at the close o
the fail that Newherry County wt
awarded mnuily of the prenitlms oll'eret
by the society.
The progressive and wide-awake cit
izens of ('oluibia, through it eonnit
tee. are <Iuite suecessful in raising fund;
or night attractions dui nlltg t te fair
it is said the lln' ratleiln a1,1,pp4ed out
by the eilnunittee will be unusually ir
t erest ing to visitors.
It is hopedt that the rotl lee ils of the
State willi phie on exhibition the ptro
tiet of their several milIs, wthiih will
show that as line toutr fromtiSoultI ('ar
oli[nt wiheat ea h): made, and criual to
the inlduct ii anv State. If this idea
i. ca.ridct ol, ttie seectetar v feels sure
titat the sowing of u leat will reeeive
t i entenucragieet it deserves, and
w ill , o far towtards raining wheat for
homet t"on- mlpthml. \\'e lhave iniforina
lion that tIhe roller m:ill at c Newherty
re.gtrtded by the i wittIe as t he' tine-t
mllI in tilte Sate, wilI have an exhibit
of its tou' at the fait. It is hoped that
other iills will folilow ;"uiit.
T1henWe exIeC t tt) see hir,:e trowi"ts
of ou' Newihei IV people here every day
during the fair. -. II..\.
.ll Is. 3ifiehael ('ur tainl. ilai nlield, Ill.,
nkt. in tm stitiement that sIe caught
itl, wIIIh seltctl otn her lungs; tie
wits Irci(teti for a m1onlt iy her ftinlily
iysitlni, bt g.ew wiose. lit, told
he(r she wias at ht peless vitin of eon
sumpltion flndt that no lilvdicine could
culc her. Iter dr1-l'hggist suggested 1).t.
King's New I)-evetry for ('otl
sutll ioll; site bought a hottle and
to l-r delight fouidtl ierself heneied
fromn t he Iirst, dost.. i;het conl
tinut il its ust. anti after taking six bot
tles, found htrselfsound1 and well; now
dots her owni houst-w,rk, and is as wiell
its ste ctvtr was. .'ree 1 rial bot t Its of
thit (ire:t I isiovery at all 1)rtufg
tttrra. Only :ii rents anld $1.10, every
hot I Itgoiriln(te id.
'wrvitew. D>ots.
('orn g,athering wilh-;oon he theordler
of the dIlay.
Ar. (;corg I)ot tiniek and family
were visiting rehatives and friends it,
this revtlionl Sunda v,
M r. Willie W\aits, who has been sick
wilhi fevecr, I:, out again.
Ait'r I). ('. I .t'aver. and wife were vi
itii g at. .I r. titrct1is Iester's Suntday.
A1rs. 1IarIriet I.ontg is vctry ill with
TIhe wriitt"r had lite Ileifsre of hear
iing; anl abhe st rmon deliv"er,-J in Zion
churc h Sunday by Izev. W. H. Ariail.
Ih'. W. I;. I.ybrtandI has pultrehased
it liewt' n gy
luce Suct et ''he ierald and News
and its editor.
.l. 31. Ar.
( let.. ,, ,t r .
story or it sive
To be bouind handl and foot for years
by the elatins of disease is the worst
form of sit very. (Georgt' I). Willin is,
of Illanetster, %ilich., tells how sulcht a
sive was tttle I ree. li e says: "'My
wife hast been.t si hielpiet ifo l'tive. y'earts
t inch tit e citotub l o tun over' it bed
altone. a it er tintg t wot t l tofi Elec
tie liit ters, slht Is wonditerfutlly im..
luo ved :u t abl hto dto hei r owni work."
'Thli-c siupremet lit ied iy for' femuale this
fitiing andtt dir/.y iplts. Ti'ts ntuirace
worin-~Itg itet i iin is a godlsend to we'ak,
sickiily, tun di(owni pled. l,'very bot
tie guaranteedccc. Ottly 31 cents. Hold
biy all Drugttgists.
)otai trooi,, (citlnr Spritng.
( edaric Spin g Stchool op~ented at, the
Cedar- Sprtinhg institution for the deaif
anmd blin Wul\edntesdaiy, 4t,hi instt.
A hut-ge muncibetr of pupils hatve ali
ready arived , anad a noumiber of others
a"-e ex peetedl.
There areCii tre(e Itnewi htlehes itt Lthe
diepartmuetnt for lthe blind. Mr . .l. i'.
S weaurintgton , of it dgeltield. who graudu
tuted fromt thte S. C. C'ollege last Jutne,
w ii thie highitest honitors, bei nig one of
Wce begani i' outr ireguulr r'outino of
wo''k ti- tmorinig, itist week haiviig
been spentL iti chussifieati on.
A carp'Ienter shoup is being eirect,ed tor'
I-lie ' eteliLt of the dieat boyi s.
()ut- old inducstriacl bitilditng ist utndor
goiniig somet reir ~is.
( edar' Spin gs, S. C., (Oc It 9, 189.
Itt-v. 5. A. no(NAIIOI
TIesllee to t (Goodt Q.Jualittenc of Chausn
ber'uIda Cough liemtedly,
On thle 1tLh cit Decembher, 18917, R oy.
S. A. D ottuhoe, patstcor M. E. Church,
Sot.hi. 't. l1leasatutt, \V. Va., contra-ucted'
it slJee cold wh ich was auttentdedl fromr
lie satys: "'A ftcer tesrtinltg to it nIumber
of so-catlil 'speci!lIes,' isually kept ini
the hoiuse, to no0 purp'iose, I pur-chas8ed i
bo0ttle of Chaimbetrlauin 's Oough Roeo
dy, vrhich acett likIe ia charmr. I mnost
eheorf'tully r-ecomtmend it to the publico.'
l?or- sale by WV. FN. Peiham, D)rugglet.
Gold-Fish and
*** AC.. M m
O'' T'l'
County Supervisor.
2:04 WV .\ i ill, invid ta l...........$ 5 ;:>
. I N ant'e, chain ;allg.......... i
2(i W (% Sca e, luninlnh r.............. :i , 1
21I1 C. N 1 I. lI U. freiglt......... 7
2''2 IInt I Itunt, Attorneys..... 12 :,o
2t ('harltun ('roiner, Ilirl1le... .
2-'I I . I'iaing;etr, It s I .
.'1; ' Vtss, watter.\ lighlts jail
2 1 (' 'I.'l'a lin :", t'lbnin ;i; ng- I .,
'I p, \V 11 1 . ;.............. I 1 :0
218 (' W\ liiho,- u ewe rag......... 2 1 ,
261 1" I' I 'r:atht'r. tluarantinc'.... :l2 ;,
.'0 .I \\ Tribble, Vcterinary" sc'r
2'1 I .1 Vi W kcr. waton ........... 10 01'
2 2 Sc'bu1n1utcrt . i.(Ati 1'. t'hiil . .
I. \l t '. tbain anl; ........... (lt
Stoluthlern li l. frei ht 2
. N ,\ . i1 ,;. frt .. .
tV\ Tidwel.:con;tahi........... II
i .\ n. ,t. ca'.in gaT.....2 i:
"' , ...I" ... :1 I"2 . I'c '' et. I t i r
W I J ( ' nne. . e rry.... ...... ...... 13
-', 1 1' i \ ' ('un ning l ham . -,a l i .... -2 (It
r:'n I' . Th o , fa-lc ......... 1 2
1.1 b i n 'l. n1ct . In It . . ' : to t
2ti l''teler io. s u lait......... li
2I t, 1t l:tier . h -at el...... . . t1 "
S9. .u hNI Seran. onistae...
T!' \) (Ier 'Vn fe'Irry............ i: Nt
' 1 - S 'a1111n alie, tent. ...... :t 1 1.
.'I I( o 'e nit t l iy b i ' 1 1 1
210s i e. 11 VrIS u c , lu m bei ra ........ t i
'' A .utl, l t." A ,' o, e b)s ain... 16:
' 1' 1) 1 ite v tl st on, ('o,r t .. t,..t...
'1'1 .1 G1 Sim s, cn: , tble.. ....... -'kt
:1; .\n. W atkv I n, lu o1tie........ .
I , l cnitth 'o. (hai u ha in
2t11 .\ I ('halmerS, 1' 1; 2'
::ohs lI XW T1aylort. I .uniacv
d; t ,I ( i mlo e .......ll.... .. . . . 1 '
0 is~t1avtl
nI int l n. A ttorne.....
::iN I lhifCoe. :-a l . . .
d1 ' is nwed ...--a .a.y.......'..... :, i
:ill I' \\' I I i lll-. :- la . .. 1 t I
11 1. l'e r s o: .ta.x ......... ; (
T12 ('t nl t it Newbtrr . r"c- : -
21: Iou I I I. :p , chaiii --a l,
W\11 \Nil;ter, chain an"...... - ' .1
\5 ' A Stiumpert. h n :; .
21;tI 1' Ii 'arringtoun. M . t :
:li S K Ii liutk igllt. Ia;:: ea:: : .
N I1) \\'erts, lulber.............. 4 .
:II .I1 I lilfort. jal rt I...........' c
:20 I .\I I iuford, fer............1
221 G S \lower, re. t......... 2:t
222 NI A I,enwick. la'uber..............'
_':I3 I) C' 'lynn, chain .i n.. ...... Io.
22' I)r () II NIavly r, liauu.e ....... ....
225 llt'tis t. Sch1IL p (rt, c'n g '
i 1 \\ 'illiam,, Nagi-tratc:.. 1 5
:27 Ii Ni Iiuuzer. ASssor...... 1 tnI
:i'_8 1i li Hlair, constalt............ ' ;
229 I) ii pp, elain an . .......... 1an5
:i130 Setzh-r t Co, chain gang..... ( 2
3 1 W A ilill, convying Cll onvict, 2 .11
:112 .1 A Iin an.gh, (.;'ty llulme -1 1
:i:1 I kiincr.t t ('o, tlmber......... (I 7
la.1 Voice of I'cu1ple, ['rintintg... 5) u0
:1:1. .1 C Cannon, Jirilge..... .... 14.10
'1'i T GVIWilim, (: ty 1101me 2 5,U
:117 I V Stevens, constable...... 4 1i
:1.9 I) A I )ick rt, Asscssu......... .6a
210 I 11 A ull, Printing............ It ::.
:111 Stook ilnl & Stock iman, CI'nl
gang .... ... ........ ......... . 1 l(7
:-12 F' Alctts, chltill gang........... 9 20
21 P' I'' laxtelr, CoroeIrs const 5 ...
:11-1 C 13 T id w ell, constabl........hU2
2-1: J1 C Ilialfacre, rig ht of way 25 .00
:11ti D)e A A NIladde~n, L 1tnac~y.... (I00
217 W I I lIthelford, ferry..... 1 0;
2 1 I'F lliser, Inuber)1.......... .......8 5
849 SummerllCl I lro. c l eban g
andll roadt ((lAS................. 107 7Ij
:350 Summer 11 Brltos, C'IIt.y IIomie 21 27
:31 Bi W West, t & 1B........... 10 :30
:12 J1 V Fl"oyd, coa!stable.......... 6 25
153: .J WV D J1ohnuson, 3i1agistrate (6 25
.154 1PI .1011hnson, constale... (1 25
:155 s S I'aysinger, It & B, $2.00 2 00
25(1 l'.1 Voss, wat.er &. lignts, jil 7 .17
:37 WXalker, IIvans & Cogswell,
stationery.................... 16 5
:11 Drz WV A Dunn11, chlain gang 41 00i
.->9 J1 1' 1liowers, road tools........4 00
:160 I'' WV lliggins, salary &~ Cx'p 86 95
31'l G Urahiami &V Dunn,l chidn g. . .. - 25
:162 W A I111II, ex'I) to Char'lotto , 161 00
31113 WV W F'nlmer, eba1lin ganfg... I 00
l E L Il'ol green, chi n gang. (5
2.5 A J1 G(ibson, fees............... 80 95
23166 Ii Cleeson, ferrly........... 8 .00
::t17 C I'' loyd, WV & J, tickets. (19 80
:1(18 WVI 11 allarma, comn tax........ (110
419 NI L Long, bridge.............. 1 (0
:171. 5 W Williamson, comI tax. 1 50
:171 IiI llnerbonl, ferry.......... 8 (0
:172 W II Walllace, board ex'emlf 11 (0)
4731 I L Sense, 11 & 3.............. 5 14
37.4 D) A Tlhomlas, R & 11...........6 50
375 .1 A Suber, countty home...50 50.
37(6 ( A M lYeLt, connity gang. (6 (0
:177 'T h Bi 111ps),ehainl gan..... 27 416
178 J MI WV icker, ferry............ 5 25
:179 L ii GIreen, ebajin ganlg.....8 'I5
:80 1" A Scbumipert, U & II......0 I1
:;8i \Vm M iller. R & B............ 15 00
382 13ntler K{ooni, chain gang... 15 0(1
as: .1 (1111ipp, it & i............. 1 5
38 1' WV Hawk ins, comI tax,$2..3 2 01.
:1SS .1 J 11 1lrowai, R & B......... 7 00
:18( WXallace & Kmaid, printing 6 50
:187 S K 11onkn11ight, chain gang 6 35
:188 (Geo Gallmian. jail.............I 50
28) MI MI Iuford, jail rep)ort..155 50
390 Dri A L Lonlgshor-e, ItunIaev... 5 00.
:;91 Geo S McCravy, sherill' fees 8 20
\V. A. ii r LL,
County Suiper viso.
.cr~y oin the First Monday (Sale
day13) In Novembher, 1899), allI that tra'Zct
of land, situate in New berry C'ounty, S.
C., known as the Keannorly place, con
taining Two Hunitd red and( Eighty-olghtI.
Acres, mnore or less, bounded on the1
North and East by lands of CJhas. S. Su
bo,on tho South by estato of T. C.
Br'own, on tho Weost by Mrs. A. C. Cald -
well's lands.
TIMum oF. SALn: One-half Cas h; bal
anco twelve months after day of sale,'
scoutredI by bond of purchaser and mort
gage of promlisesl sold, with leave to paty
whole bid in cash. Purch aser- to pay for
,paper~s and stamps.
Also, Seven (7) Shar'es of the Capital
Stock of The Nowborr-y Cotton Mills.
Trerms Cash.
Surviving Executor estate of Henry
K(oon, deo'd f-4t
niominateid as a caidate, for. re- I
election as Mayor of Neowberry.
Afaster's Sales.
.J. I';. Nichols, et. al., I'latintitlfs,
\Villie E. Nichols, et al., Defendants.
YV >ltDi) ii; OP ("01 IT HE'I-:A0N
. I will Feil to the Iighest, bidder,
be-fore t.he ronu-t house at Newberry. S
C., on stle day in Novetnber next, all
tiat, trart of land situate in Township
No. S, coity and,State aforesaid, cton
taitning -ou' ilundred and Eight.y
Aerts, lole or lt's, atld known Ias the
"hotne pi're,'' and hounde<l Iy land,; of
')'. .lattnrs Mlutosh, ::Irs. .1. C. D)omi
nirk:, -tate of Ili. 1". Nichol-sand ol.hers
and by ttlutda river. W'l be sol l in
four tracts. l'hits an be st'en at la s
ter's ollit'e.
Al1), all that othr' t. rt. of litid
known as the "I.uke Nici ; )lare," in
the county an State ifo tsiiud, con
ialtaiing Nint'tv-eight Acl*ts, mio'e or
less. and hountled by lands of or fo rmer
IV of M1. Kinard, A. ..liibler, rank
I;ttt/rr and others.
lit 's >t -' .\ i.1.': t n -t hirdl cnsh and
the balanre on i a credit of otn ti t\
Ve:ts, in two etqual inst hitetnts, with
iu t ''t'st iotiln day of -al!', to be ste't trrt
byv bond of t he l '. hlasrr attndt motae'
of thel pretlises sohl, w'th ieave to a!1
ticipate piyllmtent ilN 1' -.' or inl part,
tist r to-i a\' fo' 1'a)t't's tl tatl1p
W\'. I . .\ - \ dY. itastetr.
Mhtster'. m
Muatti F'. Wt;ttn. I'lititt.
,lillia A . :rnuit, rt al., Ilk" - d
1 DY O Il)I-:lI ti'-' T't' I.' ('ll t'llT
(tnirt herreinl I \%i:: <' : to the h,i'h
va i ibid e r be'ft+'t tl'e ee:rt l'onse at
he'r le.xt. all tha: tratt of land Iv
it" :ln tho county :nd Statr afort'esai.l.
vormiatnn 0t' lin:idcid and Thir-t een
A res. 111tor 0V t " , andI h+tintdid b
1 lnd" of or fitrna-r:'!.
\\ t. ' : te it, .te.tet, :t uh'! tther .
w: i :t'rlt. Iead o :: ot s'aw. to be
.'d by be:d f +:rt} pt :Ia. t. I mo t
ga..:t of the 'rimist's st:. with l:eave to
antite'i i rate }.l tat t. It tutlaler" fai
to co'lt 'it ters of Sale. land will
b'' i'ro- d at' hI i -- rt I'tre tse - to 1':
fe - papers and ttatmp .
WV. 1). ll.-\lZIlY, 'taste'r.
Master', ttliee.
Josepetth I-'. Iirtton. lhintiff.
(. itare: ( "Vand. k.: a!.. Defendants.
Yt Ol'lRi t ;-' i\u u7 t ll-'. I.N
fito ethlt' court 11:..e':at \rw.h2'r'\ S .
or.t: ia\v itn November nex'. :1 that
t. ae". of O: t-itua:te i I he e' amd
-t ir i a :t : : ent 't, t i e da~ i t+;l liftll
.\t''t'. Il:'"r e l or 0at., and:~ l itd by
'.ir .s of \\'. i). "ernn. r m ii)) I -, .
Ii. 1Irtn and uiet o tO:It letadi n
r ewhetr to lhelf:tz.
I t t'- SA L.t:: (1>n.--Il,f lr' bal
uni'e on a criit of one yea''. witn iWer
- freem day of -a'', to be rt'inrrti b
un.of i, : i l I Ier a .:: tom : t'a~te of
p. \\it:11s ;tv' t t) It, I'}i,r eI .e
to p ay" whole bid in ea-"h If Purthau.et
rfail tlo comply wit! bt. tnso n- rp
r'ty will e t (l t t" : his ri k. r'i
e'hnsv t1' :o ! ; Ao w t I t . ' and ."Ititt:I' .
:ia-tet t ,itbe
I.1tt( W i , i)e rit l:la it.
.'DV (HUM0 ' t ()'' 0nt.'[T I i l'I'IN
) I wt"ill . .I to the higlhest, hidde' he
lo: c t!hi- cottn.:. e a1tr t Newbt -..y', S. C.,
atin sal ii d:ay in Novelher ne xt. all that
trawt. or plantation of Intid, ktowni as
he Sloan lit ee, in the co ' ty anil State
ufortsaid, co .aining One Ilundi'ed nd
Nimety-onte adOeil e,mr
Mlarthan Chailmters, I .3 Wilsont, Mr's.
lt;xaina Suber and th'r. If T i(iian.
llt:nMs; ot S.r\Li.: One-tIi th d et-h, bal-.
atitte it) two ( qutal annual instal ments,
diay of sale, to he sieu red by I ondI of
p)1Iiurihsetri and muort gatge orf iwemise's
sold, iIth leaLvO to pujit'j'aser Itn atici e
pate p)aymnt. Purchauser' to j.ay fot'
paperCIs and statmpjs.
Master's O11ice,
lEvans & Wilson, P laintitTs,
Celiai Sims, D)efendant.
B Y OIIDItit 1,'" (OUIHT UlIItl:N
I will sell to the highest bidder be
for'e the courit hotuse at Ne wberrty, 8 ('.,
on saleC (day in Novembler' next,, all Lt.'
ant, Celiai Sims11, in antd to alla nd :,iny t
hia', till that tract of l and si tuate int he
nt-ly antd State aforesaid, cotainh
Fl ve ILund red and1( Tlwenty-Ii ve Aces,
moreC 01' less, andl btountded by litd oflt (t
T1. S. Duncean, est.ute of 'il '. I b-nsont
Mrs. W. I't. Merchant, Di'. I.. C. (Car'
l isle and others, the same being the
home pla1ce of Lewis B3oydl, deCceased.
TpI'Ios OF SAI,tlt: Cash. If puiI!'cha-ttr
faltl to 'omiply wit,h ter'ms of sale w i thin
lhve day.s, the interest of Cella Sims. die
fondant., het'eini will be re(sold ait risko of
the for'meri purchaser21. I'llu'chab iLto
i.:y for papLlers andl( stampsj).
Master's Olice.
.Jlames I urr Stockmatn, Pliinti ir.
1El Iz'abeth It. D)errick, et ali., Defecndatst.
B Y 01Uiti101" COn tU' II l; i.i N
I will sell t.o the hiighlest bid,-lt!
fore t he courit, house at, Ne w b.-'i rs . i
Ont stale day in Novetmber ne.d, it'n' -h'
tract, of land situate in the c. ni an,
Stt aiforesatid, conltaining St s'a
by lands of Carol inc D)erick, :'Ovw
TVi'ts~ 01" SA tle: One-half eOI i.. hl.
acce on a cdit, of one year', wit Ih ma. t
est fr'otm day of saile, the Ct'ed it. no: ) 0tn
to be se)1 1ce by b)ond of purebah:si r andit
mtortgatge of premcises12. If 1purcht'Lti.,
fail to complIlly with termns of a ,'. Iibi
lantd wiillI be resold tat his rie k. Im -~
cha~ser' to pay for' paper01s and1( i--int
WV. D HIAlIDY, "la.t t
Mastor's Ofllce.
Don't Buy Your
Hard or Soft
(lent's C'ustom-M1~ado tShota'.
They are ase good as any In tho wor'ld
e thoem at 8. J. Wooten's. tr.
We havo now in stock
the Well and favorably
known Keith Shoes for
this Fall and Winter,
Vici, Calf, &.c., &.c. Kid
Lined, Cork Soles,
the dryest and warm
est Shoe made. The
newest Lasts and
Styles. The Excelsior
Shoe Co. making the
largest line uf Boys' and
Youths' Shoes in this
In ladies' shoes we
carry the fullest, most
complete, and up to
date stock in the city.
We have all widths
and sizes in the newest
lasts and toes. Heavy,
serviceable welts to
the lightest, dressiest,
Ask for the Regina
our beautiful specialty.
Rubber Shoes for the
million, first quality
and guaranteed.
We lead the market
in low prices for Shoes.
Yours truly,
C.&g.S, M eiCo.
On its 40th anniversary
July 26th, 1899, the
Equitable had on its
books outstanding as
surance for ONE BIL
The Assets exceeded TWO
Its sU'urlus was more th1'an
Iloth M\en and Womnen at thle
same rates,.
It is p)erhaps the strongest
Life Assura nc Coml)pany on
It writes any kind of policy
the a.ssuredl may wa'nt.
For Rates and Plans.
WI~Office under New
berry Hotel.
L. III. Sl'FIEi,
All kinds .of Marble and
Granite MWonu ments,
Headstoiies, Iron'
Railing%, otc,
Also Metalli, Rosow> d and Cfloth
Caskets and Cases!
Service in this line p nptly attended
Next Door to Herald and Nows Offico,
NEWBEBRY. .. . . ..
I have sol 0out. my eontire li
Notions, andI will liereaf't('r ca.
line of
Clothing, Sho
in my Clothing )opartmnolt you
styles 1i1 Suits, Pants aind OVorecots
with aill kinds of Shors for %lon, \y
lIatst styles in Sort an1d Still' 1 I1ts, fi
Illy linm of P'UI NI,IlN G(GOOD
llosirty, tiH1spnder::, Collars, uffls, I
' wenr -now lllnd fresh.
Prices the Lowest ! Sty
the Best. Everything
cclu1i iIr A-.9
Yours l'ruly,
Ziegler Bros
for Li
This lne is known to the trade as
ful inof latest stylos of Ladios
In medium grade wo carry a full I
Button and Lace. This is the best
market. 8 to 12--$1.00. i25 to 2
A lino of Box Calf Shoes iu~Laco,
values over offered. Also full linIe of
Come to see us, we will sell you be
olso- Rospectfully,
The Shoe House
Greets His Friends in
-1899 -
And asks a con
tinuance of
Ho will be glad to
show you his gooda
and to sell to you.
.i of I )ry Goods and Ladies'
rry a first class and up-to-diate
es and Gents'
ig Goods,
ell " (l\ i l th l lat Ot arnd n o bb iost
for D1on and1( Boy3s.
onion and Children. I have all tho
*om t ho c1ol>1)est to the inerit.
is hard to boat. Underwear, Shirts,
ntld overy thing that a gentleman needs
les the Latest ! Quality
Fresh and Up-to-date.
r-" .L.Jr3 'TrivrED.
.Fine Shoes
Ibeing tho host on the narket. A
and Missos9 Buttoni and Lace Shoes
no of Ladies' Misses' and Childre's
-$.50. LI clig sizes 2 2-8--15he
i.00, $1.25 and $1.75--the greatest
Boys' School Shoes that are great
ttor shoes for the price than any one
Newborry, S. (I.
JUSt Received
E yeglasses,
JIMwkvIa & OPfl1MA

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