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The Newberry herald and news. (Newberry, S.C.) 1884-1903, April 09, 1901, Image 1

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____ ___ __t u b Pe r H 7s_ _ __ _ _9,1 0. _ _ _ _ ___ __ A E { L (EA
c c_ _ _ _ r__ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _- ~ ~ - - - - - - - - - - -
rkmtii P.t. tsw,I3 "W ER Y .)..T EDA .AP I o) 9
This house stand.
Confidence and Esteen
this city and his d m r1
I expect my st ek .r Dr.qt Oo'd i
larg-% aq aill t)he oth-r tovk ii ,N v
getber. T.vo hidl i ad tity pit
sel et fromu.
$1 12j Ba)s a 30 iinc'i OP sek T
stor.s ak you $ 1.')0 3 ar I fir th
Doit bny yo:ar b' ick skir *r silk w
set -ur lit ., taO .n)A .1) t.. -14- It
count ry.
Slippers, Oxfords ani
We have the prtot lin.a of L e
and Stenp S tls ever -ho, n in NP
are the oil.% ions- mf N.-n bo> ry t int
Selh & Co 'si Fie Sho s for lotih. s.
300 prt Drt-w, Si-lbv & C 'it L.
$1 75, -2 00. $2 '50 i;id *3 0 :
op.4-wd frou one of the latrge.t bliilie
thm world.
5 c esesi Oxfor.I-, r--Lyien'r $1 (15 kid
1l - ' - $1 40
11) . $12 5
10' L -wis A. Crossq- t. 's Fe,-. - Sh
R -miumber we se I them wi h n gnsitat
d iu't giv.. isti,-f4t ti.>n %ol Li-t wiftl
A-k to see them. Pie - 1 $250, $3 0C
WO'I - 1 itPU . *-X e.'It 1 %1 sar v (;eit.
MINCICI Y -e. C 0 .V11 %I N'
Mkinog Vega .ah'. e les W .. ik --t d.
Iig f0 e .er h1 0 :4 1 sbw g 4 *e -ili .0 p
in the f eei -is re -e.g .-ee.f o.f
Po tto K "eift 0 stel sees 4S s at
lVdDs I. %1 44. ... 44 d
Ltgte 1re,ed s bi -,4
Wtahingtmi, Aisril 6 -- Ev r% o-e
who ents will bit initerested i , m no
new inel cl. ver wiz rely whi(-h I n
enterprising Rcienti"ts at th- g. ver
mnt'e expeorin oist s.at ionq havo re -
ceot ly commann -d.
That plauts mis4 henceft-rth w.,rk
overtime to keep up wi- b the resitles.S
pace of this tweutieth centur. race
i.4 now a foregone coelIngion. The
vegetablo cr.-atnre which ti-spead.4
activity at night-as nasturea intlena
( ed-will soont be brasnded 118 a nlee
less~ slubggard; will nultiimsttely f .l
ii to extitietijon. T.lat Ma ichl li.
dorantinwinitir ande awai's ti,
warm breaath of sprmit before spron
ing mnust ceasea its I z. habit.
bhernations. Sweett fnits of ii
tropiesB, bit herto a-ntshoralI) reafusing
to il mirissh inI c cleer climntes, moest
put ot tbicker appar,I I L-'tl. f flits
at which greedy mastn,ark,. biie Iips
musst growv higger. All t b rca-- at d
spines which usa'nire e IVee a1 proste
ti sn to our sveest frui. -, and i 1w
muti't h.a chaktt,i oi.
Ose oif th .s wizair lis tol 1 mD -, iers
onealy, t heit th.s farm *r eof thi. in n
wil bridge over hi.. nigh's uand his
winters, thait there c'il be no seaa n-e.
for our needede plant'lifea.
oThat p)lants can ho forced to) doi
'i9 y k is ind.ed beitng prFoven , t
night i'J'twh exp rsmin tstti
several of 1.'.' sighit teo plano' -
Nature gave b. .
to .~isl-i ht rvre d e f Me
Light, as weell an sir, se I'.
il esseitial to pelant grosw b '1len
discovered a few y-ears uago thait then
illuinationi es gard.nso a' night bsy
ole -t rie light will keeps pI tit ii aske
and( growing, anad i. see~ms a..hog
they are deceived into he'ievmeg that
the .. day con innes Plaunts thu'
treasted grow mu~ch fa--t. r andsu de
v.elopi mu ch e uirlier thanr el l.prs sal
lowel iteir "eery ights if ''hse.
gov.ernmsent isi now C e i.m' Ceteg 1
sersie-4 of exp--rim ent.. to e arnil
whet her W. 1-baick gats lamn a cannlot
.also be usedl a anibetitsute'e for 'hse
ssi'. [t its al1.o grosig )Ib1et
soil s.etaaitly terttd z td b ce ' e.
ande heaninag that sa mbl ' re ci ne>.
a8s.3 hast.as plants gru.,th. W ha.
3 between the people fa<
i of the trading public.
n>ra to knock out old fo
No matter what
ind Silk-4 i- as Iers-woinr
I ca- Rh. *W VOt oun
eh)rry put to st-preu in N -wh-rry i
i if Silk to ityle to K, o v you,
Ifre.ch an I A-n tric
d' ,tra, or b !r H H .A or B u ost cto
s.a ~ ~ ~ J m1qWt . 3).,>r a -i on yiiur I
103 Ladies. Trimai
niht ~ ~ (11i 0. ), v 1,' 1 0- 1 -.1
no iU tI ) i .0 I ) )d, Whro L
iii 10)..
I Shoes + -C1
io,' Oxfor.i
bherrv. W" The Variety of Valu
t-pls' Drew, So. oad--PiCO.
If low pric a coupl
dies Oxf rd.. die ever had the powi
,5 C. #e jilt of attraotioit thet thei
ir factorieb ini w.4 t ho -tore is or--wd
100 M it's Suill jlst n
$1 25 a pair $4 95 w,ri. 44 50
$1 (10 " 100 M - 'M -nits j (I..
0o.. . $6 25 - or: I $8 5(
OPM for m, n. 100 \14i-' Slit - j..t (
,tee. If 1he $8 5) worth $10.
icr pair fre. 100 IM-1's S-itt ji-It 1
1, $3 50. $9 U8 worth $12 Z
wit.h ritial na,I k -opi i.p p'nits
aw k-4 all uight, an I h-irryiig the'n
fr ,in 1 -rh+ 11. -ti I vi it w ri i ttr.
gruid wirs hirrying their ron's
fr-) u h.-nath, we m-ty awakten a .n
fine morning to dihoov r that these
imuprover; on nature bavo I -arae-l to
Lyrow magia hoan stalk, 8uh a,4 the
v 1i tnt. slaughterer - f ginnts, whom
wo read aht . in our nurwry days.
That the farmer of the future cn
brieig winter tiver is proven by ex
perim oits with vegetabha plante.I in
winter in -xierinittal gardeis, he
tween whose ro t are tunitels filled
with steam Ruppliod by a boiler on
the pretuises. Vegetables have thus
heen actully grown out of season.
rhis id a of warming Mother Earth
'steam pipe's iis, of course, new.
Fo'r earl) asparuguta especially it has
eeguni to be applied with practical
'ecss The steam is tot ned on foar
'e-e minutes at a tame t wi.ne int three
'ys, when. it heats the sail to a temn
ratuore of 0) degrees.
Breeding~ oranlges which will grew
3N -rth is asn-h r enter;r se of these
sc.ienti-t,. The3 have fund a lit tle
ortmga. one nca a half itiches in di
I,aeter, growin successfully as f r
No tbh a' Phbilaetel1'hia It is y, ry
'ir-Iy and cans liv tharouigh a fr it.
.how.ev r, is nisfi for to d1 whetn
,w. alt bough v aluaible for pre servinIg.
I'hims fruit has he.:ii mnarried to some
I .rg~e orange- of the Fl -ridai variety.
'h.. first r.-an'tinag g--n'rationi of e
sce-ts.It lli be due. this season.
The iiteitien1 i- to comibine thbe in
Ste'rie'r q snlity a' d sw.E t tii of thbe
FloIr ide fnmnil3 w ill b e t b~ ek, pro
-et ' g -kmu of 'lie Pmtalailphia ape.
i s it is loped top t hue obtain in
few y ears en ff prinig which will
r -waq far n'.>r' Ia 11 (hurl 810o,
3 C., al s lon& I he Guilf coast ead
on i eOi - PI. .e( tie ini No. ierti Cali.
I wase propaheI'iede to ma
thatoiif as lar-ge. jniey andl a-e et
a. thi. Unlifnia V riet) idi some
day hA groWi,g atr i.tranl Atlan.
tie States A nna 'b.r of cr.+sePs are
likewis" being~ sa Iio 't Weent oratigen
and( gi npi. fruit, toa oh aita a la.rge,
j m. ff-prui g aic.he a 'll Co.mhni.e
tii he W et.a 1(s ande flavor f thle foer
men withb the siz -and medi inas! v:r
tue~s oft ihe' latter.
B eeei g pui i'I, pJ's plantts 'thonit
a i k,-ra i-- aniother feat worj -) -of
am tatin Pu kers oft pineapples have
long fo..nd the.r vocation~ one ef diffi
:e sale. You get no "pig
I have never been able t
gp kc rc* I is4 r r'cs c, i
rices are quoted,
e Millin--ty tiha ill tb . th r 25 pivi
-om iuied W- have no ol- 25
hat the latost (reati n in 25
Milli tory. Wtieo you w mit 25
,a to my store I can 1.tv.. you Thi
ora. N.-w I
.-dU LtP4s,$1 49. $2 00, $2 50, 5 io;
W I . i 'hom Il all o-a h-et-. i
vi, S i r L -agt 1, (. -, 50 1.,
.OTHING! + (
ob-First Quality anl S yl. 200 B
1 $1
I with bright, new in rohan 20 13
Or to makt, a stor-e t ice est re $:
-" is nlo Iiiist'lry aibout tili-I i'0 - z
I d daily. 5) ez
pet-ed, all the late t a: l.es, 90 d. 2
ppi ed, all I be ltIR4! st )h s, 80 d. 2
1eed, all the late.4t, a yle , 25 1 2
0 b
) ned, all the latest styles, 50 do
tilty. not to sjiy pai, beansw' of thI
sharp t--eth li:aing the edges of ti
ontspyreding leav-is Somewher - it
the -Aorld had b-pu discov red i
p'aunt which, alth iu..h 1ering pfe o
pil elippleti, hats snat b I& lives u it
out saw edges. This I.as 'ein mar
ried with the moro abidat 1ut less
CoUvei iont spevi..H. The off priing.
eshiI ited to me ti. other dat), has
th,- imooth leaves of the (o, and is
exwected to priduce the superior.
fruit of the other pirent
A d(Lub!iiig of the stareb content
of pot utoes i-,expecited t4j result froit.
aa elaborate Reri. 8 of experime.ts
arrmiged for. TIe growitig of 1 o.
tattoes especially f.r the Rtareb in
dustry will soon be as succeia'nl
hero as in G.-rmp-nv. German i oi
toes brted for thajis eterpcrise are to.d
at pric es proap. rtion'te to th. aimouct
of litarch whi'h they cont aia. 1 ts
known to have prod endl t be greatest
perct.Itag.as of starch are to) le so.
Itected fcer the' parenfts of the new
stoe'k to be bredI. Oe parent will
probably be the starch p at-ut knowna
as "megi-nm honum,'' wh~'h yields
16 p, r e ni. of ataich. (' Uhbilci..g
it wit h anot her ata rae h, or ev. ii rieheir,
in. stareb., at is u p. cied tat the off
sp'rinig. will ,ie.ld 20 pe telnt.
The gr..wing of btrowic c'1to", snel
as ieed noti he sent to e hel de'r lea'fore
b, ie.g mrade into browna cloth, ise anb
ot her i:.dn t ry to result from t be sa
expuerieents. Fram Peirn the' ex.
p. ramenit'rH ham- obatied . edrl, e f
what maeui be te-rm. d tie IIiek t'he tap
of th, ccitn u $ tn. iIlie.Thfuff a. o
a v'*ry dairk hew " T', Fhe p at enn1
net be' k'r, un towi ini . nii (ool climiaI,
but aft, r i a inete'rmtarriege wtit h a v.
e'ral species of otne w hite 4'C.' ti it is
exipe ci d that th Iiof'f--pring!, c< min
iig I lie cola F ef . he Perevian faiiely
withI thbe buar.ines of the Am' rican,
w ili be come a -('. mm.a retal aem c'ss
Off lhe caet- ef Xc..n Ih Caroln andie
O orgia is raiaed whait is- knoewne a,
'-a a ipalai-.d cottoun." Tis u is so tine
thait it can he lif-l) tuede for sik
adtlteration. It as being eros.a d
with the ordiunary tplanid cotton.
T'h.- resulting 8pecies, a xIhiied to
ea ym st.erdae. ist a cotton le. ger tind
etoek, but te'taianitg the a renagth anud
tlrmtiess oft thlelaitter. An Egyptian!
fa' lber and an u pland motlhe'r have'
pradne'ed att eff'.p;rig far grea'ter
ta ter par.nu' in siz
tUR WiIEAT (!RoaP Ta) BIE Dnoi;l.uD
I anA~ Lold by anof tainnlan~ amial.~
in the bag" h3re. Th,3
o serve you in the past
ld put high class Merch
I will be lower.
ERY! -
- Clollrd Orwmti,livs rogni l,-r p- icv, 8j
'' '12~
P. K'-i tho prieti is
bigu-st lin, tot w ish goo.k evi r Is
rry, C'omi to HWit 1quartrs.
'.L li-- ri.-,Oy i 1. 1 4 4kirts 9M -, $1 -
e $2 0
I I1 -4 r-- tl. -i t lo i rt w:tis' V(
.s' Snit, (\1r., J.m, Hopkins' none U
.:i8 w. ri b $2 50
1%' Si-.- (M s J)tne Hlop,kins' non b
, 49 w. -ri $3 (11)
B'.%-' K,P--- P,ots, I hi- prieo is 25c
B -' K.-, Pl ts. ibs., piicf. is 19Oe.
's S iris, j,.t ul -tit dp ; I bo 1-tie
L)r- h 7-.
-Ml- 't. --h1irtm j-,- opened, thli prie
)n II $1 (it)
M1-li's P t pil , d n (o.i i ,oi
Oif price, U8,.. $1 25. $2 50 auad $3 00
M,-'s Straw Ilitm just. opeted. J
o the'm
i ltat a c.try IPnO in) HCre of
vbletit will funiih ii - t wico m- mneh
.I ur h t dme" tticday B stich pro
141 9 I havi- de-erih- d our %heit.
,%I I o iteiiaiie-ed ii siz-4 and
ntuher of w)i ids tv d graitim.
lhre w I h ihre, time42. a4 m1ch of
thw valtl bIe g'iti:mi in a aeh grnm is
Ihir is iow. 'is i crea-o if g ut..
toli will crowd otit niamly sill of Iiv
m nroh tjow pro luced by wh.-at. To
h,ead mak-is onr wheat ti.-lis will
miri little els#e tlin gti'e'h-he
tim s itue t of il.nr which c) tinvs
its totr-.geu. Tho brendliv nkr wil
ix i-4 giten fi Ir obt llindi fr.-t
wheat al n, wi I his siarci fl jur 41)
tain. d from erti tr iot lit, m.
Ameieni corn is heing mu-h cn
lark!e in hoth graini nad e--r byv er.sRm
ing~ w ib some gi .t. eor .fe om P-ri',
r centlyI brought to the depamrim,ent,
of algrienlint r.- h) the P~e-i mi n- )
ite'r The grciin-s sare- t icr'44 asrge.
as lb hI s us dmii or~ nS1. IT.- are
Re-v ratl si eciesn, somei unnsoR1 I y
It'aIr'Ihy, otIheArs ')1 lotii g a la-rge
propowrti..ns of anigar. It, i-s b)elieed
by -oeire of I b.-se X xInimi t era thati
wI' wiii some ds grow coru its three
avIcies8 - one for 1ta stasrch), one for
its glui c sand one f. r glmntenii 1o
"Il,n.. It i-s beho'v'd t hati the gluten
ii (corn canii be 9o incr.'esd that t he
rusina will etvei'un 13 beo as nutrit i pius
a wh ait is 10oda), and( wvill maikt as
4'nd light bread it is h mpedt to prral
.4tet a corni mior.' tsaperinmg s.d I..n1ger
inl j'rin 1han1 ouIrs n itie thna t b'on
in 're g'-rin - ei -n eh ,b)
Th is arifIiial iiitnistmaryinig of
phluits ai proc."s i' hiehi the sctienitists~
t.-i)rm43 s " jJ'idzat.'an"- inexc- 't'd to
qasudruple' tai of 'tnr fruita mnd
1 imm 15 ', 'or~ i $' -.'e, a' ill le cr.ossed.
r.anuIt 1s X- x5ecI 'I t 1). ha a larg.' ,,ee 1.
gonsdz d1 p'er, 51 (d Iii for ir. ing
and( Ipr4'eervo1 like tie Iig. Ot r 15n
tivo~ p)ers-immnh i Iasi long been nug
Ilet. d It contaii .9 le- watter andle I
riche-r ini valuable' foe d con-ti, nents
t,nHr 'comm -n cult ivatedi frnit",
beinig thle swe'e'ar of sal. A s -..d'e'ss
varicty, freu i) m ' 'th nh rin.t it
ais the( J -pise9 sse a, umns ri ei
bsefore frost, is icing striven f--r ait
all the exZperimAet atsationis. V'hon
p'rfecstt d1 it 't ill hse one of thle most5
v Inile finli's en11 ivuit dI. lhe p'r
aimm11 o1 i i e stsg pl.' fruit, of J.,p in'.
.lanaso plums ad jsmara are . .
th I
yr it crcjNI of IaSt w
is I can now. MIMNAt
andise within the reach
no 05 ba'1p Co1wbritmd Sia I-41i
.) (1,
"6-. C c'4s--4 30 incihi bl achii
12 -. 10 1) itc P Lrnit. of L i .
86 100 pim-t- Ki I Ce bric all
U N i:1 ity 3.1.
Spim-mq Bi-ch .d Tr iblo Lim
510 1.z it B!,ihd ctAlon T
50 "Iar., , siz -Lihwn r .v
p I
Lbk to
experimeintel with. The pnr i- very
hi rdy aei pr >of ags,4n-,t. blighit -ia
d, seio very fat al to Amiericia pars.
Wo will probably livo onr own
humbloo for. tm bo-foro very long.
The G.,v rr -tt liha[t itimported from
J 1p ia a q-1t11t ity . f lab o aaH .d
for dist- iltiion motig the experi
Imlit stutionri Bamib-o wi I thrive
i a n t.ry .f our S mthern S-it. t,
anld will bw val-titali, f.,r light fG n
C p, aI i i g pflhq, r ft .rs, onive
tronalhs, vtv. lit rich, moiHt t-oil it, d
a wiarm elinito it fr q-pi'ntly gr. wA
at thik riate of w.xy frot a iouir A
Ior iona of I he iplat im c .tiidert d a
gr.-at Inable nxury in Jipin.
I'4t.' (d f 4elo inr gum Cam
pie r to k.'sp ont ii h ni t hu we will
probl)2 bet innik'ig ciaiphor wen d
gr awn hi~ie ina our owni 'ount ry at
8 mUe ea'ri) d ry Cam phor I tees boi
ing ti ort d from thei. Orient f r re
i'lansing haeru will grow to be large
an I or ano .ial andi will 11 mnrish in
thet ulf S ate's
set en g Ii un4 k-Piay.
(Richard Duiffy. ini Ainisleeo's Muga
zinc' )
"Au insttance of I hie an'e of minzd
in whicha som'ui' p' -plo go to see a
dlraaltiz -d 1oe04l comu to umy niotice
in a b it, of conversat ion overheaid
fr..m ihre-o pe'ople sitting behiied me
ini t I''9,atr*'. The play wVas 'Urn
leavenaedl Br.'adr ' Tlhe party con
sitt d of fatt he'r, mtot he4r andt at d-ini, b
te4r af nhlone 18 y e'ars, all t ate nIIy
alt . expensliveliy dlr+sed, aisi hav, lg
the iar * f folk' comx,fort,able ini lifi.
"'(The orch.'st rnt, a, atrociousi 01ne,
i< 5lait'nag t he ovdrt urec)
* F th -ar, (enuri. *ut-l :) ' iflmma'
w aI 's ilt plot of tis pldat ~? Yoa- e'
rend i the nouv..I. hadven't y on ?'
" ~ala er, ( wearily :) 'UO ! tr's
no' iplot tol tjea k or Y'ou donir'Ltineed
to knouw it teo une'rstanda Ih" pla).
B.sidlea, I didIn't road the ho k El
5 ti di-t.'
"*-it hi'r, (withI increned en1 iiriosily:
'Whaet iut lie plot~ of it, E~ stie?'
"E -ie', (a4 thiroagh a g liss a-irkIy :)
'Wel-r-1 Ii i,'r reaii the~ biook
thir mga, p laa I Lt --r- ib an a v.a
she's got id.'as tigher th an 81h4 ought
--that. is -1 t hink-She wantts to be
"Fat~ h--r (2 -mn a'r. haetaliung per fect
I): * Um--ml l'hank von. Aner"
3k show that this house
JGH sets the pace for M
of all than any store tha
lad 'e qi slity prici -I1 100 Largot
.g, th., prico ik l 5 0 Litiag.% I
1ltrwhiig tho prico 7j - 50 Latrgo I
colors, regular 5o qial 5 0 L Ire I
,A) d.,z L101
%n Ih 50,3 kind 25a )d. 50 d, z L tilit
Ihw 05,1 kiind 10., yd 10 pivc.- 13
swels 'in ki'aid 4o mah 10 vileos
12 - kiml 8, ich 10 p) e) a
%-k 25 s kin i 1i 103 0oh V 11m S-iirt.
- m I
HF-Gr. J %RPItC4 V.AO.
A Caitrd to W hom to N.Iny C'lne- ris.
U.lotr the h-adling "Sorgt. J,is
per'm Compnimy " Tiho 'tnte of' March
271 b, say : "'fu th vaiivltla 'rnobi- h'
sit thE S ate House th-re In recent.
IY bepoen foluld 11h. originml Complimly
roll of which Surgt. oJapr of F,,A
i -llr) f,amino wit- it memibr
S > thero is withiti po-Hible rena, h
tuaterial for something more thn ai
i-iteremtiiog exhlibit at tho, comit g
later SImtw id Wet. In-litin Expo i
i a ink Ctiarlbmtoi, an11d Jill '.pl,o1iln
ilt) for South Carwni.a t prov h. r
approehation of her glorious Iel.
bi Itimosey's "Him-ory a) the Revo
1mion11," pago 15, i., found this foot
*a the third daty afer the ae
Lion, t he liady of Colona-l 1B railrdn
Elli ot presenLt *d an i'lean~xt pair or 0
colors to tha see udm reimen:t 'A ieb
hd snro bravely dIefendedti Fourt Mont)i-I
trini, Hier adidresst oni t het octinwon
concl uded thI.us: 'I ma jke not the
least doubt., nnder Hleaven's p)rot'c
tion, you will istanad by these colors
at long as thery wavI ini tho air of
iinrty.' Ini reply a promise was
madelr, 'thatt t he*y shl))d be4 h- moraibly
suiported, and should ne.vemr be t sr
niisherd by3 the second r.'gimenmt.' Th'lis
enag.ment wase it, rally fulfill-d.
TLorro years after they were piliait- d
om t.lo British linr'a at Saviwana. O.a a
by Lieutenant Bat,h, who was i.ne
deat ely elhot down. Lieutenant lHume
ini thet act of plmat ing his, wast ah-.o
shot down; anid Lirtutenant Oray in)
?l1surtinig themi recaived( a mortal
wo ud TIhe braive Sergenat Jas1 -r
o a seingit~ Lieutenaunt um raVall1, to k
nyp the color itad pinted it. in (10.
ig so) b)e re'e'ivedr ai woimrd whech
aerinauti d in dlelbi; but. 01) Iha' re.
- ren.t b'ing on rred h.e brought aoff
ih -i coloral with him Thles,. w.ere
'aken' at tihn fall of Charl. stonm, anrd
,rc said to bae niow in thme torver of
F-om tihe above it is verv Evi let
that ah:a flag ie itt til in existnce' a1 d1
here is no dloubt t hat, by proper Elf.
(aort. it canm ho obtauinid. Our St at e
Iii e , am m ' riof C .a gres anid inx
etItai and), with t hie sa)p,ort agedt int
fl 'once of the Pre.id.'nt of the Unied
S attt', can undou)btly ob)ti-m through
thme British Minister at Washington,
a her loan or thbe g' it of "'Sirg'. Jasp. iN
la juwtina to onr,adend anid our
grows stronger in the
odern Merchandising in
t has done business in
13--il Sprewd. 71'm worth $100.
Sd Spreads 98o wort h $1 25.
3 -4 Spreads $1 3 w arth 81 65.
31.1 Sprods $1 94 w.)rth $2.50.
[)4 V-4 Special the 7o kind only 5o.
V.-st Sp.-cial 8h - worth 12jo
%kd Tickini, the 7 - kind only 5e yard.
" " oo " " 12. "
in. Prints (lly 4o yard.
RY, S. C.
clroit im w--l as to (ie heroen of
17-id), I. I iiA Imid our en,rgi- a to the
lce builiiihmet, of thii-4 act. Let
dh-m flag le brought from tho Tower
of Lm ilm, Im4. it.t fmdd, porh-ips
Im Ith n1'o , f.d 14 1I i-ifarl-cl over
,Sfrgt. Jasp-tr's Company Roll, lot
t h I ri- h iart.d i ,ith Carolinia,m
fr. in ti seibotird to theo mouitaini
talt I heir bo3 s nii girls by s li ha,d,
antd, st dling iin Iihe preenuce of tho se
sIIred reics, .: bim tell to The
chilirn ov,r id ovor ngin the
thr1lli1g mt-.ry of Biu.b and Hnme
aJ,d Grny and Jasper. Lot them
whi- ). r it. to ihi zi-phiy rt an11d sh Ut
it mit, to thi wimds thitt it may be
c-irri. d il ovo-r this bro d land
N r ., Soulth, Eis- aid Wtst-for it
i, highiIm hiimtt just ico 1)0 done the
mnemuory of hese gallaunt men.
All Ithe wvorb.i kinowa of Bnnker
Hd'i tind Concord andt Lsexington,
but. ini the yar of onr lord 1900 a
SOnt hern laed, mn deep chagrin, could
wre f rim aI great no(rthernI city
":oso people) have never heard of
S. rgonneit. eJatsper."
Awake, Sonth Canroliniiana, and
make1( them hiear of him, and the
mny ot her r.outherun boroes whose
gl'oriooni (euds a re knownr and honor.
t(d only upon1 their naitivi' heath.
Mais MAnIy S. (IFFroRD.
U.J.ion, S. C., March 30, 190L.
houternt P'oultry.
['4outh rn F.rm Magaizinn]
The milkc pr ,dneOtioni was 780,000,
0 10 gillomns, wbhi"b, "ven at a valuia
tt)rn of fiv~e c"nt'. a gall. n, would rep.
resen(t. $39,000 000) in~ valne. Out of
t 'tat portin nit 111. f ,r b)mtter t here
woro m11.1. 197,000,001) poun a,
wort h att teni cenits a ponndIt $19,700,.
0301; hmt, in ord -r to aivoid duiplica
tillm, only thIi' Valuti of the milk will
b)e e'it ed . iln thbe toital illgnres. TIhe
po It ry inlterea's form ant important
part of farmu pIrodutiton Thle I uim.
bor of ponbery, including turkeya,
docI4k-, g.-es.. andi chickens, ia ov, r'
1 18.000,00)0, aind the produintien of
e!e4 fi,r the year wats over 135,000,.
000t ml z -n. Thte vainui elf the .,ggs
and' pe It ry (i antS'amed t htomte at d1
"ob14a oeer i$25,00(0,00)0, but at
t is figure the average COnsumption
of poultry ad eggq per fatmily
w ,uld be only $5 a yoiar, as the
Soitht rnow ha s ab,nat 5,000,000 rfam
1 e . Th e(mt ftiures aire prob.
nulyv much larunr.

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