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The Newberry herald and news. (Newberry, S.C.) 1884-1903, June 07, 1901, Image 4

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nV.1--1 F V \ 11 I1 Ni,1. I A Il FN( F A N 1
i 1 t c iit 1. !. ?! 1:
hu ranV ' iio' i : .n.ro 1
mit 1n.. IW i t*' , :.w . M1'I
; .c 11 I ' I :-i ti
li in li 4 sn -t I v w - ! r
nttit' wi rec i ui it p(w.
wpe \' ull ou s t' (I, i
|101111.- l is i iiw h - -
fiti l hC _01\'c 11c t,i "I th:c tt r
' w i t n '; r o a
1i 21 1 \ e:c y :' r"ti.
p)o t fii i lo : (1' . t r ii
11:b i na -i ..i.dr t olo
l tn.\ l1 - 1101 i- . t
ht'\t \ t-- I
hiS arannu anli -5 1
iL the \ t l -C
r. r t o -
r r o
t to:
hn -. .
t t o nr
Bryarr. f J ,r ir-n '..u' r -
tausit gre?a,( re[ispe:t; .r - -~.. t
th( a r. oy )gr,I);t .' r,'.ab 1 ' ~ -
hor":ta' ai a rr.opult.. I*'r
of .r .~g~ srad i (iurn - 'tp ji -r.
wt, la k th hoe rn h' -i*iI
hihMt Bryan hadw wit - Wtt:r
so , xCfeeae wa8 no eltted to hore'-,d
the fitio by feracr.e ow we: h-av,
alleupoted Mr.ouli Byri and h.0:. Si,
tod yun.h difhrat ialett er '.a.e
goWtsay.ern and ettheerPpuli--shed
yster nPouitar the n Corer
whict oetmely cover tiv TiUr o.
ther sisbtweeo nh and u day.k fo vry
would atkhoe, hae thaladies bon my
* aide expanedl thy ben did nth e ld .t
rip, that letr in whchan ex-Coedr
te,s andl thoing t n inev
whc r'rynhdwthM atr
so"oe -o fdrt a fte oh l
thioiio fseae.N w ehv
allsupored Mr.Bran ndhav a
* t1:t
C, ,.. 'C
* . . . . .1
'2 :2
t. *ii 'ii
I "~ - *'~ I'
ti' iiti i
tO ti
lit Tie.
1 *~'~
* .t.
I ~
A .
I. - .. . .. . .
I'.... -
'.1' , C ~,
..... , .
.. . . . .. . .
'' ~. .2.
Jt 2, -.
., . , 2.
- C *, -~
It. . ~ t t iC ' I / I 'J ttJ2~..!JabLI,/ ji
I f..f1,.fj 1 . mj,.sil / IS', it e:~g~ V...
* 1:4 JJk2.' It / ~ t I.. f J~ .'j .iI;.tb I, ~i I j~
'ii that 'Jie.ijt-t.., hfj'j ''.ifl'-itt.t' 'A tiLl etli
cute t4 'sat k~. J 'tg y~qI y s~:,'i n, s.~ y
bye: r' hit' ISA if fit as s.d c'ns2-a 1314 t:ls I ;, i,uI
iii tffj in Jijy etch ',tit Ijif VJe:? tsn~. "'test.
jil5iUre~ iais'l ttna."j / rusic.Jy 9fle.t~! ulj lbr
t:Iii 'gea-i&el j,~s;hs. II. 3.~ trip; 1 tn?t. l-',IIat:.
highs viny gass>et rags'S Ih,y',y.n this mu'S
sin Whutt:lt i.ip',gj that- tittit-, s.d
g<ilrhgia:s,t 'ii thee iitpgii s, '/f t~ii this:
fav',nhtrn of tom t~a lass 2,5*4 t lies vit:? I inn
of s:hi II s~'i Yf;~nj I>' J,:sl~ s~s?~4s 01 hit-i'
oil t 1*51 'It y gui 'VE:IIi"ij In. (Jy
vfsniuzssully a JAu/.'mrws is. n nt I hiss vials:
of it ricks anus,, in:?. thitnin Ii',?. nysnpnw.Jsy
(sqjatnsst, It In hiijiigijij Ii:ahesrc 1 '~ lIVId'S
an much an jrisni IAt-i 1)141 bCE tOt'i:t nutS
flCA/IWfl Of Iitsntitutimn, and sninay whilchj
abouuu) itlorig the, Wfl~Lid5i 'it isles.
~Vimous duty s~a*iIn is'nusstIusss.~ noulsn goo'I
Havuarhiau wilt hiisgisr by thin nl'f"of hEist
Wniiiislied asset slyiuig auici niisuinti~m' in
kin wautn. We IliuM kisS) itliti Ytsisihtt.s
both the darkesit rns4 hirigistesit &'ku
* 1
1 1 e: O f1.
1 i i in'
c t 0
1.1:: ii
I (n o
lo \ I I os
o* II
I I I I i
'In- 111:111
1 1 O
\ lO. 1 t'ii 7 il
I I \ v- iI
} t 11'
1 11 i
1li 1A t of t o
\ i 4
t V t 1 I
Vt ( Il
-.i i. 1 \ .e-"7
- 'I
- . ' - -. li J s i , - t
t' t'tN iil 7 \. i. l
t u u:h t :t il1
* - . a . ' -' -' e'7 i
- - - -*. a ' .I;e.e.4 1.
- . - ~. I -. .f * * 'fJjd
-... --if #,s~t Pe1ie i
- w i -~fee
- t*I.i .iil I*.vieJ r a jt
ii' j e *e ',e'* j e~ g e ,e. Ior k: ii, i je
-.itI lewa t )gi.jgeth~i. i jiiIjj.e , Ii
e-p1,a l1i "y ': , - tije0 Ithat r'fy gAli.
-j~ei gi'eIit"jI tiDa Ini:vrEly :Utit It
y,f I i it rIvst 4,p,.
3 Jh g g,'e'joi br:g r IM b.74 t pi4, have
- DiaIfiJ defiffr ( of 9utyiii le :e g gf i
S f a t ra lp iti m ''; ) g gy
1 'l' I thi:tt fI' totial a '' et
c'staio'hIme'tit of att imet-ial ges'et
tit olelr tl' o Itt I ptessins of
Ih ltted State t:he' inntgivatioti
or : cohni:el systotu ir hilt of Sput
w P hl%h %o)IIntess at to lie' fo 1stere I
it r, ol,l li 11 hoie I tIen
Ilen wih t o hf :I tic it ii 11t, \O Ill
\ .'rneiht. I tie Ihl't-st:t tt 0e'\itiit1.tct1 t o
c1 : 1 it 11t t't ' ti)Ott4 IA' S Iit I A 1t-tit
st ' It:l.l%t t m' , til th1Iit
a 1 00 1 'tt b \nst it ti iN. A tI i t
-I's I t :Icn, I It t t he l t r iositI of th1t h 'i t S
I'iid upt ouricottr rv ti etievc
l s : II t iot , S nk to oibf't' (o n
of e ir i hoi t itt tio os the he' t etI eIf
KoeN,:,iws of oIr e'hristian iviliiolot .
To:m f ltncoiven to ote the t ru tit ist ie
t :In het ween tmtt1, 'r alit a I i lpitit
1, iAv e 01lw:tys ollti it'il, a tIA lilt e till
oppos 'l t I t liet est a lisinetit t at
coist IN IN I sy it t,# i h' tist' Ott r g over,it
1tititral iest: t11 tait litie's irO titieles
giltrt' to t ho ntanintoetirite of a systo'ti
w Itt is i otpst ilit, witie tiit
aetiiNs and pritnigls on orer rim pvIi ii
at. ovtrit t tit. 't'ito at iitist rtint,
I l-i o I 1 t oppos itedt,It a p11 y. Til I
opre .'ett 1is repate-ly s eit that the
liicoph'c eif t heo lhillitypitei's wi're etc
it bl to syeh ste-f beuoettont s therv
:11-1' 1'pleII t' of 'tii itg. i i tn dr
"iliti'ee if thlis pioli.'y:i eettlittiission w:as
.catth w'I~ I'iet is tiow enigageri in
t'lt I I %u t l it 111:011 p: got lt'rte tit' n t
Ni.at1itg i he'ii, a11t, will soowt ptt it
!}z'tii w; 1 atd tiv i lesi tait rt t 1r 1 rept ibii
vaji.ra on atitil The adiiiiist rat ikd
to theirh contdition. Thiere has boen :a
gsoio deal ot "bp tIrap iclti d ivy Thy
pirti,iat is ataio t t he oppressiot of htl
p'h pp o s a l their l itial of it V II
Iet0iVke. Iht , ave always lie
.,ed. that thL paut riotisln and) goost
.'nsei1 of Ioicre,s uoni :n tIie pro
it:11lit fr t. ..is , o nI 1 l tu a:1 VO I IS O n-A
srtuti.;otal c.ernirtieit of the' islanhis.
c p oitd i., t: in . t he ,iresident haI
.io ng t tivg il- itn ith w\ oI k oo s11 ppre -
IW th - n1 1 r C t .a teiire. It i nowi
b 1V i -l d I IIilal. t he sverei tiy f
j: o I t ti at's tta le.pirh-i. Iitli rtI
poi t i'ew le inadi to pr vid for the
e Ph ch pp i vernitent and all thai
:I pateh' I h th ir ca se:
k. Vr t it - a. a 1 . i ti .:tI'i c ou .t s
.. e . al. At a ust;t3. wl
1 t r I I 1 ':a e.: to 13 V t. :i 1y
111 a 4. v Ilt-r %Iulukefnta l Ir'poIrtI
0: :bt-in:egence and
ih Ame' rcn pl.e
- ei a: cr I I eI favored
Ic t:n Lt. rm.a )vt,rI..tu 111 u.
- t T t.r S" t est r.t
a:tywas e
a .2 :Ce square
-iT t v rt 1 e- t ,.ld I! the
I thlir ca - .ic.
r. e: t .r
te I t to !.: :: .rOcvS t. 1i1:
7, 11 A e ,C I&--t C t 7
-r : -n cU..war .ur great
-I : . p p. L -: o b .cl.
- .. L %et v vL a o 're.
r, ,-)' L 1 T (- I L j)..t 'l.
- 2. pr- i.t-g theaur-s fo'r
'4t e uree. 1;2.,s4):;.. Azd Lad
I: a iotit wcrh Vc
i *'. *u - v rea Wz.ett
pr 'trsper ou ee-v i irn f t i.n
I L '. e w :z;z.-as. I &aert
- -.s IA'. Llt I at re f I'tr fi t,
t .L 1. or,':a. ty rre ,
.LL '..x. w r L. ' !
f '. r t - ::' fat I r Ul pr ,
- -',' '.f - * 'r.e jft' v.ct r tj-2 >'ei'
l.'f L1 r b z vtit ie ) ai 'ie W .
-..rp I, :1:L . EL rvertag tha f
L. -t fu: bj e:.. l tr !ge je of uic:vA ilI
i j. ;..' r I i V..? taV&u tie r ij iti,
~ 9.. ~y !i'~d W&r 1 e ,.U 1:rf1fA5TV
':'t iIf-) 0 t w i,, the uj o iv*tte,
ha1'e d '.r.t i, t i , tattL o- a : t'-e
of hier". t T r eute f:jitd or ythie corn-)
s:Ve e:. 51 :Curjlj, y i e 9in thei 'i ent.
A..n 1: ,e f t r : Agf ejagte andi Fouree E
Vtv ':'nts:i iit :/:j'j[ ted . iat'j ti ljterj
btr 'yet ci-1 traherefort e, J'iske te iee
r,cree I s"a (i freu 1 - ,1 . 'j' ae oyfy go g ar
tJr Ii , :uptio'rln of a thei Pit ipto tiwe
* '.tair.L y holdgireg ter, w haveeul,et it
hkeatu Jhoo l'ein let ho tyi the ii h u tidred
inu,i1 itel ,,a' it lor e ala.h, a arii5giuj 'ite
wh f.uigj rJ ti'gcretarai y iteAE it j
li1Ege itIII reofd: E'Dto thena. ofw' our
p,WI wier and' cot/rueretai lii,fitEfluee,and
We canno afford .e-u De',aio touc ie with
I. b w1 re n er.In the~1 Phillsple'ii ,
ad th'' J19 f ofi h the ie, wieth of ther,a
'tjt$$ an confle'ieu iidi tur($ ve i'to thi
f,ra.',sLhtij,( to V) erlehia, idus trial and
~prosfitw trl iIjSe,ijJ it em .o . lienion.I tof
r e tie i areltJl faitu rica duty. $ ,'Ies
ly',J'e jo th lsieat intee inf)teresI(tIe
t.heie qet.ione of'cii exiatloi. ew oAfA$ourf
'wn pile opliie pprecite, irthe thou ,n,
.' prwogir of thr soul t nring thse
lait, of wyuyer. for th# theX south
yoptndles ur he/ loom, tee yEt4 the
woul th aufatredu e 72t,hhiln bare for
&(otton. *1 (ii Today lho manufactor nar.
Wyi0'ls0 hal th, lhsp70th bouthis
podce, only I0000 tons ofy lai ion
tIAoeif, inlo ulontse ro uc er ha,osc,000
ruegs40,000,000 iton OI havag enthericreese
hgoEn t showye ta. t thuse IplntillotsII
oftesuhido' l, tiron, b ooon and.
cotton mxanufnaturin the alortt In
now i -W 0O iO4 n s tI 11 qast, 'o -
r ? it 1 r i r' ti t it at t ret tot ittith
b k' h' it It he 11 i it i I ti 18( es t ' it haIif
it Il thI ioyles lvilig till (lit, glohoit
An N I ,romt t hI i t ui-kel t nlt i wih thrli %
N ota ttIent 111,112m t ll w i h it u11oh ititt
It itm- wmth't-i twitti fik tuters hin do
Ii lI i v e lt It'iI I I Iit itt I din I 't' ih mdof
d It, Ioovt I,ti IIt CI. ItltiV t wIll t t ti llTh
volopitiettitil of trdo in otir eMtongoodt
miiels aretW t hergy 1itlh it tllt other
orleti.lI eiitiliv l it thtir goodii aro
it i Itt t I to tie 'litt t Illtti ltit4 of
14t ptio i t t wtIt I'ast . ' ost. Iop
lir 11 lt ett1reit gooi" itI ti n11 -
i: v ittll% toit Nolit ht ' rolinit mills.
' 'i1is m al koi * relstIS t he tintistlil tition
it io i sit dtall tid) tg both raw #attil
ui lit hit itti tr i slrot t itl from t hoIesarI
SOtt rell,tat, tis b e lttillg all t laINs4mi In
thl'wei ou f ithrI. Iet 1es tirt tit itll drot ionn
tit inll fow yetirs ti ht otton tritlo of
tili So tile with 1titt will exti ed PI,
i tit. 0 timu.aly If th nit tarkt,ts itro not
ehisedi ninsit tM%,
lItt (lit, groial gquestiont Is how atro
titt'sc us to 111HM ol o keipt open rtit
tt I rs ormti te oil y oti r stirpustt pro
du t--. It emttuot Ito dono by t rent.y
rights. 'This has li'en our doptndetnoo
p to tils tillie it utit is aill utartain
atid itifiet itf gtittardt for to t it
itre. I n th Iv great eotlteroit ton
t,'t iIow goiing 41o bet wIll it thl -tilt
t ims we atatot rely it po irmty righto
inh ium'd or som'itreit by stivih itianms.
With i footihol in ti olihlippiies wo
ares il iit stiti ti tode ata doar trnolo
rights,d <tim astairt tlhem if tiemassitry.
Tt rot'veW trotible's io Cgrh jit whici
wv wret ititresd etor tihe protetion
of our iiiMtnr ant uissiotaries dis
chtei t he importtnet, in their Phill
piI S t- uS. Ao it liIitarv bas iipt.
tin.111h(its t o spet'dilly f n o ta r troop
til C'hiti'st' soiil, ixtut to phavo ouir nit
titn nilew bv itti with t , other great.
powt-rs the earth. Ty now re
C0t il tht Ilitthe States 'wa on of
them. md in fituro she will ativo at
voito iAnllhpiog the destitiy of tte
Ctn. empire', and prottetiyg her
r-tilt' a e n tierein lther ka*it.
Iit a reht.ious itit h of the viw, ti s
quest iOllti t expatition is ituportant..
All etnoinations of (hristians h in t e
ntted Stat s are ativel y enga%gd in
the foreign kuissionary work. 11tin
dreds of thouisandtit of dollars are col
lovi anh1tially and ulty then ars
int into ftoreign tields in the east to
:-pread the gospe'l. Thiese hearms of
''the gh:ld tidings of great joy" need
th predt and protection of our latig
as ich as ti'he traders to give the
ceTarsh1e ari illteneo in their work.
Pr.or r t hotanqition of the Plliip
p-i-es in the .000,o00 ofriental heat
e,t R new b t ittle aboti the Un Ited
St ates. The eval victory of Dtwey
at Manila was the event Which iLu
pressed thein with us as a nation, and
Lrat anineously excited their respect
A ni atirtn ,n Sutbseque.nt the
presence of Atuerianf soldiers ratPekin
to coope,ate with thet other powers
to reFtore order intensified the respect
of hf Chineoe With our flat cioating
:ver the Philippines and at the inast
cf our war vessels iu the east to
,t rl prote tion toAm erican citizens,
t hese1 Lvalhen people 'will have in
criiaed respiet for and eonfidence in
o>ur uiisiouaries. Besides, contact
wit b or Chrif-tian civwillaton ful aid
mtktr;1a1ly iD the work of their evan
lestiou.It is aseless to undertake
to ehritianepl the beathen until be
,AL" beent to some extent civilized. Our
tre epeWin the emor kust exercise a
great iullence over the effete eyste
of civitization prevailov there.
'Ibe Awericn flag has been raised
in t he orient as an emblem of freedom,
of butnu proaress and of occidental
iilzo . It repret th ll that is
re re fiin the true r ligion of the
.bzariwi. It i. the forerunnter of
brit tiaraty, a nd ruut be kept wher
-f;i--ra ith hig or all thc onsmsion
%ry k df cndieil pver fx
lesr.. 'I believe th t or t nli shso I lae
t-eak,in c peol hi as n fondted
ib4 yvar>e!ieoaal orker a-pead
xtowt~~idge fth ile:alcl over the
ei rte h. "a he ice.was covefirn te gre
'Ii :1- wVr N Iawii wreach th:e gospel" is
ne.Ve: ubi'te c, tnd t rs iet cored cwift
tale tib orer of its o)riinalt AnuncIao,
tenrd with mitalet l e rpnsiitid.i
aTiiie s-i ciiicvliztion ws phtilod
thicai n' a-:ie: caracter iuinev
jappr-led to te.a heatce trnd col ciencs
l'vr:d(jf >oylnitry.eIconsiteu oftHellas.
The- 'i -Ii:gr'atJanl: civi z ations fonde
thaerritoril 'it itiuf kteAl R ta erINpi
heslCf civihaan whiic he prtedodthnd
wer~e:aI derrrctiel Pagan,; ain could
aueve attrac thveries et arutn cfi
duan ECe SJi of asannd. It s tru tat
ahonti da vnier pread ofa bey,tond
the bern oft ihts ir tpla, Arabia,
brett i,ii elsu hiiln,(Yala of twasithe
menc w ahaveric, lland wasu of cat-r
A i ri o niiiit el vciz a,t l e frentIl
teionstary fccuroely and p (arlaetly
Ihas& in te love o thetuicer ande
r'love of o tr y. t it e iistshe ou tlort o
ceintu rth upon tentu,ry rof r ork
tyg of vni t iagreat. uriofnatisonf ini
has beene nothn bu th bathtleof undL t
an good,tsea oehirnient eio.lon th
th:ey dOecloso ,ssetlan fadlte ansrput.
lab..e ad divini plan4s oif (i ,Jovah, of
beliget.ve we areoy rt eve te renil
zatcio of thace iolcrn ofeth thyer
icets i,is hu ic yoveuinn, uad of to's
gret raetIui rac ii ltet crul r of man.a
rntau ch aiu ~s neha r etted. ofor icnoc
Riiia i oand oessr.thec wepubli ( wr th
lil t o ranru.uutcic ndi hitnernodicltforte
1,ut 1forthia fori toinarylcd roie wholm
unendrablle tyrannyiby hoxe thven willt.
tylvhing weope,th pinl k of thsu.ig 1
lansi frydm,o te aro wight Aolato
awgovernme t foevr hwes rothtion,llnon
teyl would nonarable farlur na rpub
uiown. iur rewputiliin he outom wof
man't mefreltsto oenurio rtIgea
founthioun ofatoenmet uon toh
ermal, humrantarI dogrsnet pr
(ionlI ooed ollinttiand mnlpoen
detronfb, tt that the il rulti of tho
earthshnpn th destnlesof ntion
11 ont. iII It ( )rint , bevnusit I il I wi
iII the Han1ilt Will alid Illovud 11H14)
pinIttell it there. All the powers of this
varti itn ti',ver a it f. iitiowii, for ihli,
anid of onlite i.llit-41 u1f > pw1ortig It
ni1 will hold i t ther n'I o I tp 1 wo 11 I i t n
linClonl haltvonteomi dall hl1 1#1tiht, vait
pn111114 of Ihlly inlvolved l in it p)flnti
ing over tho Islesof t i ve ln. It i
boymnd I ot power of evei I hfit itimy
to tillolvo of tho yNt. r-1111goull bono
(Its to iow frow1nti our toritial im
Hlonl iII tho 411Nt. ink i he wity Of penitld
111g at knIow1l;dfo of tho biblo ntiltd I ho
obrlittiti rel Ig 4n.
Aktinl to fil h 1114-14101n of e xpansHion iR
Is thilt of filth blilding up a iinortalit,il
marine. Vithouttil.h4pm to varry Oar
limportti itnd exportk nutivh of I,t)pIkn
fits of territoril and o(wnierolin
Hupremni y whitih Ito dopondeniltit, 11)0,,
riynd nation" foi frrantiportatlin fitoill
tI eS. Wo pay $200,000,000 at11tau1tlly to
to other tatioins for otienn frollghits.
They havo :norolakint ntrinow willh
lh a beeni built by sub ldlos. InI ar
rying our frIghts Ihey dIserluiminato
itgatist us fin order to rolijbursi I ihixn
solves a1s far ats )oHiblo for tho pay
Iont of ub msities by t.ho l. So I hat n1 11
finot -io aro idirotloy piying tll
greater )art of tho sblliib0des granted
by 141n1glanid, Fratnee, tierinaiiy aind
Nor way. I s hIs w Iso li Ieoloil d7
Can wo ifford to tontinuo to do it.,
whei our surplus produlots neessit itto
our reaintt i out for forel ai r Illkilk4t1
ant in complwtinlg with oifier nitiottnts
in tho pr.o of proluct.3? 'ho pro
position that wo need and 11inust hav1
a inerchati. jIarino to succlied ill our
comieroIal st.rugglo witi otlher nt
tion1s is o which lotiinloids I4411f to
th1 0o1unon buslioss sonsw of all. As
1 Sai1d III fite veaitto iII ole of Iny
spieoe" it iti just ll ono mlerehnuit,
dlepending upon his coipe(titor in
butlint'4I to m1akt his deliverIes for
'Ihere is nisaplireiension iI tho
publin minud as to what, a i subsidy
Ilifunt'. Manly havo bveen lead to bo
IiPve it Is at "steal" "a Job", or tjomno
aittionial expendtituro of tioney for
certain individuals or corporations.
This is not so. I t. Is Piiply encourago
ment of ship building by government
ecouragelnent 111)(I itid. This is no
now principlo In American politics.
Years ago our government fostered
chip building, and then we carried 410
per ceut of our ocean freights. Today
when no encourogeunit is given to it,
we carry only 10 per cent, and oth r
nations carry the balance. This
principle of subsidy is no new thing
in southern politics. The southern
etates subsidized most of the railroads
built before the civil war. ThoUreen
ville and Columbia railroad would
never perhaps have been constructed
had it not been for state aid. All the
railroads in this country are subsidized
either directly or indirectly by the
government for carrying the mails. At
the last. session of congrees the South
eru railroad received a subsidy of
$200,000 for carrying the fast southern
inails, and all the democratic senators
who are denouncing ship subsidies
voted for it. Before the war Alabama
and Louisiana granted subsidies to
encoutage the building of steamers.
I can see no difference in principle in
granting subsidies to railroads and
ships. Both are fostered alike by
government. Why then so inuch clap
trap about ship subsidies?
We need a tuerchant marine for our
protectien, as well as to enlarge our
commerce. When the coast line of
our country is considered, probably
as much as 10,000 miles on the Atlantie
and Padific. some conception can be
had of the necessity for a merchant
marine to aid In our defense in a war
with any foreign nation. Onr navy
would prove utterly inadequate for
this purpose. No nation depends
entirely upon its navy for defensive or
offent-ive purposes. England, France
and G3er:nany have iuerchanit mnarines.
which train sailors, n.el in ti:ne of
war are easily corverted into tran
sports for carrying troops or into war
vessels. TIhils Is one of our needs.
Durang the last war with Spain we
expended muillions of dollars In char
tering and buying t:ansport ships,
andl we are still doing so to meet the
demands of our Island posessions.
With a merchant marina we would
have a valuable adjunct to our navy
Subsidized vessels could readily be
converted into transports antd war
ships, and with these In addition to
our navy we would have someo security
for our vast coast line. Whlo then
will think it unwise or needless ex
travagance to give su1bsidies of e*ighit
or nine r.uillionis dollars for aL few years
so buld tup a nmerchant ruarino, evon
when only its grnat utility ats a o
fenisive mieasure is consideredl?
Th'e conastruction of tho Nicaraguan
canal will rendelsr necessary a nI)erchanmt
nainei. Th'lat the cantal will be 003m
pIated in a few years' no0 oneO dloubts.
Whn It Is and our freights are carried
by shtips over which floats the Aenori
can flag, thle south will be in a poi
tion to c'oimnandl the unsitern tradeli,
and heor p orts of Now Orleans, Mobile,
Mavannmahi andi Chtarleston will l-0 the
avelnues through which our e4xports
wIll rieach1 the mnarkets of the world,
and theoy will beomto the gread t non
tres of our colmerce in the plaice oif
Now York, Ilhildelpjhia, llotaton antd
NorKolk. WhtbIan 1 )04 psibilitlies
for theii south! Will outr l)oitil)o allow
these5i oppIorftunities to) roiniti unulm-t
proved't All thiey have to doi Is to
move along on the lines of f th lIro
gross of thle agio atnd work for fthe
linitorial in teritstii of theilr sectiont
without frIttering away theIr timoi and
or'cies in theu cionsliderationi of deadLi
po)b111 iIssunos ad what are and14 a1r4
not JliferIsni demzoratic p)rltilples.
Fior mnyiiif, I piropsosi to tak ad41vanit
ago, of the p)lenidi opportuit.Ies of
fored the south, and114 initend to work
for the upbuilding of of all her In
dnstrial anud mnateri al luatoroests.
II0:A0 the thu>ugh151 anad Wo)rksl off the Clde
faa&Xaiv e JPO'olo Qul nino~ T'ablsts etro
a cold in one day. Ni) 03uro, no0 pa3y,
Between Oharleston and Columbia1
Upper South Carolina and North
i'ADINNNau l)rPAtrAq.NT
W:IMf.NoTu'rN, N. (3., A pril SItu, 196,
(0io~ BATe In IGtentJInn, ii, IoirNe ICANT
* - . ,100(1 No.6til,
aml ).V...n,01uaresitoun, 8.0..Ar 14110 pm1
um~1113 b,.,,,,.,.... ban.f ........A r tI 411 m
am Bfly V,,,,,,, .fumuIer....A r 8pm
10 ami A r.,.,,n,.( ioiumibli ......n.. b 4 18 mi
Ipm A r,......, riperlt-y..n.. a,v 2 40m
m o..o New herry',..... V 2 # pmn
iI)1 A . Ihlintu..,,.,..,,. .T 1 81pmI
10 lim A r.,....,,., J.uronU ..........la by 11t pm
flO m A r.,.,.,. ,'4rionvilloe...,...,,. .y 12(o1 pmn
8 JO m~ Ar..n artanIbtmy...v 11 46 am
nA r.....9:)iaotte N. 0.....hlv. til e0 n
IWg r..d ..Ashvlionf ...W'6 N0 am
Noe,oil tr In. betweeni Oiarles.
: Sg, ff|oovEr
Butwcci Now York, Tampa, AtM ta, Now
01'lall ald PIs Sollh alnd W61t,
IN EFF311'T N 0V E111i 1.: 2fth, 1900.
)iily Daily
NW3 No27
L,v Ne.w York. P. it. ft.. 12 fp:ii 12 Kair
. PhII ll '. I t I ...... .3 2b, a : .1i i ia
Il itot I , I ' Iv . i t . .... . 5 - i s 22i1in
Wathiingtonl, t' It It 1..... 655pm 8 36am
IVIMich od, 8 A 1s Ity... I010pl 12 23pn
14ormmt.grg, . 11 3Ipm, I 10pm
I.v Norlilk 2 Ii.mi~ll 3~ 341)1
hv Ilmtid4orron.- 3Uan 365ipm
titlgil "3 4thtin 9 00pm)
" buthortmrit P111 11 67am 6.67pul
lIv fIlaiulet, 6 3cati 8 10pm
lIv Voltnllbin, " 8 .10im 10 M10am1
Ar Havainith ' 12 141mi, 2 20am
Javtk onllv '1 6 p3a 30ain
"' Tnn1pa) '' 6 00lant (1 00pm
No 103 No. 41
Lv Nmw York, N Y P NJ ...7 b. in 8 55pm
" 1'lIlO(! Jl Is, 10 201nm 31 2 'pm
Tv NOw Yorick , 1 i k K cot 00p 1- ...,.........
%viiillior, M1 i o..... ~~~3I
lv 'orttotti, 8 A 1, Ity 11 0111-in 10 05mil1
" eldull II Mitn 12 10pi-o
" Norlina " 12 Mu 2 10pla
I I ll I I I-NoI 1, 6 1 2 him1 2 451 fit
Itil e rlgh.o3, 1 it 1 1,pin
Ho"ial-imi, 11101 t s 6 43pin
" Montorn b6npin
"t 4,3antiltto.
I, 111 lifel 2111)111 ~
41Wreniwoofd 'e 12 171till I 3?o
Atll(I) i 2 191,n 4 0pan
Ar AImit,? 16paill 2 M!0uln
Attimsta, U . n 11 111 4pm
Macon. it ..............7 20.. 11 Mpm
A Iolln .mmrmot. A , W 9 2(11)ii I Icti
r.1 o', 11to I & 7N .............255am 1 .I-/
Now OrlIims, 1, & N..... 7MSI11111 H *;()I)ll
gNitlivll, N C & Bt. t 1.~3il 4 .~phi'
Min nli'r, vulfl.. .41 8 loEn
Dtlly Dally
No -142 No 38
Lv Mem phis, N C & 4t L...... 1 00pin 8 -15pmll
4 vi"-55n1ki ) 30 11m
Now Orluiin, T & N...... 7 415pm ............
-' Mobile, 1, & N.............'.... 12 20a n ..
" Mon1gon'ry, A & W 1'... 4i 2Vamn I 310am41
W icoi . I of 1n ... 8.~~.. 1 I -t 4 .40.111
S A gu ,........... a ....... .
" Atlitutit. j A 1, Ity.........12 n0 pm0111 8 jMpu
Ar Atets, ". 2 18pm 11 23pm
" 1.ro1nwood 44 -1 4 .pm 2 larn
Gncter. " i 4mpm 4 25itnm
i('fharlotte, 4 31piG~('~i~
'W iliulu ton, 3 -30pra ............
_l11a14t, " ) p0pn 8 1am
"h0outihen lies, " 0 b5pliii~ li 034m
" Raleigh, - I 0a11a 10 301Ha
Ar Hendeorson., " 2 27itut 1 0pmi
lv Norlina, 8 A L Ity 3 l4 2 0pu
Weldon, 1 4 21011111 3 10pm
Ar Portsmouth, 6" 7 0 lam1 b 54)11n
dFTWatigto, N & W ) 1............055a:
B1altimuore, 11 0 ..................... li-1nM
Nvw York, 0I S 8 ............ 80m
Phl'phia, N Y P & N 5 40pin 510am
New A ork, H 40p)m 8 00an
No it No 06
Lv Tampa, " 8 00pmn 8 0Cam
Jacksonvillo " 10 20m 7 45pin
savatifnab, " 601111 11 59pmix
( 'columbla, i (i 27pmn 6 45am
-Ilhmplet, 11 10pin 9 20anh
Southurn Pins'- 10 32p11 10 03frn
" Ialeigh " 122sit 112 07pm
" I lendlerson " 1 -laIm 1 27pmn
" Norlina 2 10amn 2 1 vln
44 Peters btirg, 4 Mui1r 4 43iii
'tIC11111011d, "9 4 6uatn 1:;IPmf
Ar Wash Iitngton, P11 It...8.41am 1 9;supm
"Baltimore. 100Mamn II 25pm
Philad >IhIa, 1227pmn 2 5aw
New Yorc, 3 111p 6 30nam
Note.-t Dnily except Sunday.
Dining cars betweon New York and iich
1n1011d, and 11111111 t and Savannah 1on Trains
Nos. 3 and -11.
1 Contral Time. - Eastern Time.
Ollarlcsioll all( Wcstoll Caroilla Rwy Co,
Augusta and Ashevillo Short Line.
Scheodule in Effeot Jan. 13th, 1901,
Leavo Augusta...........9 40 a mu 8 85 p m
A rrive Gircon wood...12 15 p mn .......
_- . Anderson-......-.............. 800 pm
J - Lurons..........I 20 p im 6 36 a m
... . Waterloo (11. 8.)...12 52 p xn .......
Greertvillo........ 01) l m 11:10 am
.41011nn 8 rinlg.... 4 00 3)1 .........
.Spartan sta rg...... 10 3)1 m U 00 n mn
8; altida............... 53 3 )11 ........
Tu . liondorIlonville. 6S 03 p ........
A8hovillo............ 7 15 pI m1 .......
Lon1vo;Ashovhio.........B OIla in .......
8 partan butrg ....11 45 a) ut 8 5
Glenn11 l jIrIing...0 00 a m ,.......
GIreerl y t io.....12 013 pn m 825 pm
laurons.............. 1 3) IIm 7 00 pm
Arrivo Watecrloo (II. 8.). 200 p m .......
(1 reen wood.....2 35 P m1 0 Q00 pm1
Loa1v() Amndorsonl...................... .. 7 26 p m
A.....g............... ....5 103p m 8 46 p m
Lolavo AIlus tIl .......................... ~Q 3l~1
A llontalo......................... 4 64 pmn
3'aIrfax-.-.-.......................51,)7 pm
Y om1n as4oo............ 9 00 am) 1) 1 pm
lientifort............10 151 aml 7 10 pIm
P'ort loyal ....10 30 am 7 20 pm
A r. la va nuna b..............,.......... 7 56n pm
l1nva n n b.................... .... ..6t 10 nm
l'ort It oyal...........1 00 pu41 7 10 a11m
11l4an4Iort. ............. 111 16n 7 20 aml
Y oina880........... 30 jIml 830anm
Fair fa x..........,...,.............9 35 nm
Alonciatlo .......................I9 -141m
A rriv o AnniIllan ........................... 11 60 nm11
(txcnnoo(01iCtto ait reenwoA&414W~for 111
poin1111 041 8. A. I,. Iad C. and~ (4. Itallway, and1
at ?lpartallnrg wvithI Hou1h1 r Il4 ini.111way.
F'or lany inf1or'tnla.to rolativo to tickots
111n4os, 140he013t1les, adtress
W. J. Ul31A 10, Gen. Pasi. A gt
Autgusta, 4a.
EC. M. NORITIl. So!. Agt,.
T. Mi ECMEl1tON, Trafile Manager.
1I Efreet Nov. 215th, 11900.
(Eastrn Htanard TIme.
Soulthbound1. Nortlhbeod
A N. A,M4. P.M. P.M.
7 -151 Lv Atlanta (H.A.L) Ar. 8 10
1011i1 Athons. 6 28
13 lI6a Elberton 4 18
32 23p A bbovllo 8 15
12 .183 (Groenwoodt 2 48
3 85p_A r (Ullton Lyv, 2 00
II0 00a liv (1onn1 Hprlngs Ar 4 00
11 46a Hpartanlburg 8 10
12 (lIp - Glroonylllo 1 1)j
12 6231 Watrloo )lg. 2 08
I Itp Ar LaultronllIn1'r) Lv 1 8
22 53 52 21
Ilt Frl lIly Ft.
A.M, A.M. PM. A.M
7110 186 LV Laulrons1 Ar 185 680 .
37 40 1 41" 'tarks Ar 1 27 6 20
0 00 1 55 ..Olinton 111 6 500,
25 203 Gloldville 102 8655
00 2 12 ..Kin ard.. 12652 8*10'
S0 2 17 ...Gary. 12 48 8 16
1000) 222 ..Jalapa 1248j 805
.1060 2117 Ilewberry 3280 287
,3120 262 Prosporlt,y l137 110
i .l1l0 8(02 ...833ghe.... 12 07 12 8
.12 25 110li l4 Mountain 12 03 32 25
1 00 8 20 ...(lhapin... 11 4911 49
* 3315 8 26 11lIton~ 11 43 11 15 -
.41330 821) WhIto 1100k 1140 1068,
*200 8134 llIon'tino 11861040 '
?2 45 8 48 .....lrmo....1127 10 1
,II1t 8149) ..ILeaphart... 11 20 9 40
826 4065ArUolumblaLv1108 920
45IitO3umnbia(A..L.)Ar 11 (0
fi 26 Sumter 9 40
8 80 Ar Charleston * Lv 7 00
tIin 1a1 0on anly Agent., or writo to
W. (4. (1 IIS 1' . Mi. EM3-El180N,
PresaIdelI. T1raillo tanlager.
J. F. LIVINUSTON, II. Mi. liMilSoN',
Bol. Agi. Uen'l Frt. % i'ass AgI.
D I K abi at m Oa aHI8K

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