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Our buyer
and our Sev
decided to g
say 5 and 10
sold elsewhe
we have a lo
Saucers, Pla1
will be close(
and place, Si
l'ICKSi I)N 1' ' TOII : 1OI.I'L.
F'lorall 'roh4ion-Th'Ihtaixnla Vt'pt Wht.C
(h tin*1uguI h i 114.n91 WtK I,ahtl to
ICttrI in Wt. Ltnwn Cenitory--Tho
Lonely Widcow Wa too Weak to
(anton, Ohio, Sept. 1.-At day
light this muorninig the streets wre
ii lld to overflowving wvith thbousands1
who wl)isbod to paty homaiiiga to t.he
deadu prue.ideto. Eviery clvilize/Ad coun
try ini ihe worldl wvas reprieented.
At 1:13 t he remains of the deadlc
psietwere brought from the
lc Kinley house and were conveyed
to the First Methodist Episcopal
church. The procession from the
home to the church was si mple. An
advance guaird of police was fol.
lowed by3 a bandit playing "Lead
Kindly Light," which head"d the
Carriniges containing President
I{toosevelt and cabinet followed with1
atn escort. lionry McFarl an d presi
dont of the board of commissioners
of the District of Columbia, Judge
WVilliamns of the Supreme court, (Gov.
Nash, and Lirtut. Gov. Caldwell were
honorary pll boharers. T1hey fol
lowed thle president's party. Then
came the local honorary pall-boarers,
after them came the pall wvit.hin the
funeral car. Then followed son ators,
woeping of thousands along t h(
ronte was heart rending in thle ox.
At 1:30 the cortege arriv -d at the
church. Eight b)11o jackets carried
thle remains into the edifice.
Services b)egan with prayer by th(
Rev. Mr. Milligan. The congrega
tioni kneeled, and1( was silent, weop.
ing. The Rev. Mr. Hoerbruck fol
lo)wed wvith Scriptural reading from
the 14th chap. of Corinthians, aftei
which "Lead Kindly Light" wals
51ing. The Rev. Manchester pro.
flounced the funeral address. Ht
reviewed the presidlen.t's life worn
which he said the president had con
aqno red . H:~ hig.. e...og~:,.d h:.
is now back
en Big Stores
ive the people
c. goods, we rr
re for 50c., 75
t of nice thing
Les, Bowls, Col
I all next wee
turday, 28th,
not only as president, but, as hus
band and man. Bishop Joyceo fol.
lowed with a short prayer; then
"Nearer My God to Thee" was sung
amid much weeping and wailing.
The crowds thon filed out of the
The body was then borne to the
hoarse which started with the ao
mains on the journey for West Lawn
cometery. The crowds stood with
b)aredl heads(1 as thbe funeral passed
antd the weI'pinlg was mioro expe
Sive titan esver.
Mrs. McKinley was unabtle to al -
tend the funeral and romiinod at
home under care of Dr. Rixey; her
collapso is expected momentarily.
T1ho collection of floral t rib)utes was
the most beautiful Over soont in this
While the services were hiold in
the church there wvas a comp lleto
cessation of every industry m1 the
United States. The progress of all
railroadl trains, street cars, anid all
classes of vehicles was arrested.
|Thousands of citiizonts stood in the
streets with uncoverd h>owed hoadis
and wvomeni wopt aloud. Services
were hold in the churches thbrough
out the world: foreigners as well as
Americans palid fitting ibuto1)14 to the
dead Americall presidlont.
Canton, Ohio, Sept. I19.-Presidenit
Itoosevelt and oficial party left here
for Washington at '7 tonight. There
was a great crowd at. t sttion but
not a cheer was heard. Seret. ser
vice (d'oct ives closely guiardad the
Catn ho Sp.1 ',gnd
Glermnany, .France, U nssia, It aly,
Jaipani, C~hinta andI Aust ria, repro
senting most of tho ci vihd n101Iatiins
of the earth htave represent at ivos
here today for the fintoral. Addi
Itional gloom an(d solemtnity woere
adldedh to the services by Mirs. Me
Kintley's collapse. Ilor 'condit ion
this morning is extremely critical.
Her nervous systemu htas reachted the
higest tension necessit at intg alter
from the Noi
in this StatE
of Newberry
iean we sell r
c., and $1.00.
s especially f<
ered Dishes,
k arranging <
and Summe
ing tihe arrangements. The remains
wire takon to the church earlier than
originally timed.
Several hours before the starting
of tho funeral cortege the procession
was formed. It included Grand
Army veterans, State and federal
troops, St ate oflicials, membors of
the cabinet, army aind naval oflicers
and many members of tho national
house and1 senato(. All organized
hodilos lbeganl to forme at 11 o'clock
[and tho eartoego started from the
riburch to the receiving vault at 2
'clock. Tl.ho services will con1cludo
it the vault. about 2 :30.
LonIdoni, Sept. I P. -Minister (Chonto
recei ved the fol lowinrg today:3 "Pilease
3onvoy to Mrs. McKinley my best
hianks for her kind message. T1he
inieen and 1 feel most deeply for her
ii t,he hour of her great, afiliction anid
oray that. (otd may give her strength
o bear her heavy loss. Our thoughts
~oday wvil b1e ('specially wvith thie
~uishied prer ident1 is laid to rest
"'Si gned, E'dward it.
.5TitoNoN( (IJlIlAi.'iAl MoliIINs.
Giibral tar, Sept. 19.--Bgininug
it no0o1 today twventy one0, oneO mfin
ito guns were Iiredl fromi the garrison
mt tery antd thle Blritishl channel
winndron, the United States training
ship Alliance, thle (lormnii school -
dip Ch~ar lott.e; aboard the last named
s P rinico Albert., son of thie Kaiser.
A~iirmoirs, bring or send( thie fruits
of your labors to the State F1air at
Columiai, OcXt, 28th to Nov. 1st, and1(
on need not exclaimi, as manty are
honal to do every year, "'I can beat
The demandfi( for premium lists of
thie St ate l'air conitines. Write
soon for a copy to Thtos. W. Hlollo.
wny, Seet airy, Pomeiaria, 8. C.
Select spimons1 o'15(f your choicest
grain, vegetables, finely bred1 stock,
includhing pol1try, for exhibition at
the St ate Fair. A littln oel'ort on
your pairt will secure 01ne or nmore of
the hiandsome nromeiumiis.
L t.
"thern marke
are now c
an up to dat
iothing over 1
We want ft
>r them. W
and everythi
ur stock foi
r Block.
ItOOSEVp.CLT *)(CI,A~iCiCS ill iSiCi,F To
And ho has LIved let the Ww't 'n Thin
I Pe.l That I l,:n I{Iipre1mn1 1h41 Wi'.i'oly
Country'-liuI Tike to Conigres4,nmn.
\ashington, Sept. 21.- 1PresidInt
Roos(velt wailkod1 early to th Wh Vlmite
Houso today from t he residone(.n of
his b)rother - in - law, Comanider
(Cowles, of the navy, arriving shortly
b)oforo 9 :30 o'clock. Secretasry
Hay, Socretary laong anud Socro.
tary' Gage camie abnost uploni his
hlles andl saw t he pre- ideont for at
fewv minutes in the~ c,abinomt roomf.
Tihe dloors Of the Whiite ILonso woro
closedl to the public b~ut iniission,
of course, wa'is accorded to ths 1151whol
wished to soc thel presidenit peorson
ally and( with in an hou r a seoro of
menOf, prominent in public life, hatd
called to pay t heir respects arid( to
extend1 their good wishes for at sne.
cessful administ rat ion. A mnong t hem
wias Senator Scott~ and1 Sonaltor l01.
kins, of West Virgin ia, Seonator
Pritchard, of North Carol inal, il.
lard, of Nebraska, .Heirtori, orf aGn
55aH, arnd ltepr(esenitat jyes ii{aittWI o,
Mc.lditHry and1( Step)henIs, of' ir uline
sot a, (1ibsor., of T1'enInessoe, aivinig
stoni, of Georgia, arnd D aytoni, of
WVest Virginia.
Representative 1,ivingstonio of
Gleorgiat was esp)eciatlly pleased withI
is reception. Thse Geborgia rep ro
senitative hadto congratulte d th ros"
idenit, had expressedl t he hiope that
his atdinristration, woubt b) at sne.
coss, anfd had1( inforruiod hims as at
sothern m n and 111s 1 a Georgitn hie
wvould1 contrib)ute overytinmg ini his
pbower to that eond. Tihe p)residenit
repslied that it. would be his aim to
be thei presidlent of t he whole people
without regatrd to geiographiicatl Jies
or cla!s (Hstinmctionis arnd that it was
the wvefare of all thatt heoshouldl seek
to p)romote.
The president wats 'vern more om
p)htic in his declarat ion to Senator
Pritchard of North Cainam -ad
7y of Ne
ts and has Ic
rowded with
stock of 5 a:
Oc., but will ce
ie ladies espe
e have 50 bar
ng imaginablE
the big oper
liop rPsent ativuK lut z of No)rt h Catlro.
l ina, amd Ro1pr1sontat,ivo (1i bsonl of
"Thn sorntlh will support you most
heartily," said Sonator Pritchard,
spaiking for all throe of tho south
u1rn m1en1. "The dalmocratic nlewR.
papers are predicting good for you
and of you, and tho fooling of all
the peoplo for you irrosploetivo of
party', is most kindly.''
"1 amn going to be presidenut of thei
JUnited Statos and not of any soc
t ion," repliO(d thin prosident. "I
on't carm for sections or setional
lines. Whon I was govornor of Now
York I was~ t.old I could make foiur
app)joinItmenOts ini then army. WVhen
I soint in tho namos three from the
South and t ho other from Now York.
They woro buravo mon who deservod
recognition for servicos in the Span.
kih war andl it did( not matteor what
StatesK thoy worn from."
The preosident talkod in tho samto
vein with Sonat.or Monoy, of Missis.
Mi ppi, whon tho latteor, rem indling tho
Alississippi senator that his moot her
waus a Southorn woman. "'I am I half
Sonth.lorn,'' saidl ho, "'and I have
lived( in the WKet so that I fool that,
I con reprosont tho whole country."
( 'tth EdnItra
)oto icking Is the or'der of the
dIay. Sofme few are ginning.
Thle muowers. are kept qjuito busy, andl
li.he farmeinrs are' gett.ingl up ~ lots of Ii ne
ir. I A. Hawk inu., of (Cohnnbnia,I
eamne up Saturday and Kpent Saturdlay
nilghut anud Sunday uindter the paren tal
.\Iis. Alary Cofield, of (;oshen, la vis
icing bor sisterm, Atrs. S A. .Jeter.
Mrs. A. G. Sligh and children are
v isitinlg in UnJoion County.
I 'rof. L,. A. H1awk ins retur*ned at few
d ay ago fr'omn itextendoed tri p to
GreenuvitI i l and O' Spranburg i Counflt,ie's.
SeveriaI of our young people attended
he pleio at mineral sp)rings last Hat
M . W. T. Cofield has ab'out? fInished
makiny uip molasuses In this community.
IUov. WV. W. McMorros had tie nius
fortune of losing a mulo ono day last
week. Tom.
ought piles o
new goods,
nd lOc. good.
rry lots and I
cially to come
rels of CrockE
for 5 and 10
uing. Remmi
111t. JU U111 1 Z'olIlI, A l1 1)IST ti 'r II
u'nugist hu Onft-ii n l a Ar,i y-1 1 i 14-it i
ist'g in Ha nti' i l w I"v, - u("o.i
[Trhl+ Stat or, 2 th.]1
Mr. (1IJin. f o ol tih'e0~I wel ) k n 'own
gato* kooe V~8of 1 S o railroadi'
at t.heio vao i o 11ret crsin8 di o<t
athi frily ridonef fo n ilih uling
yestor<y afternoon.1 118 ) Itii hl o on
confined to his ( ho m f~i oro i,v1ral
wooks1~l hof18or hii ionthl, liwa
thog ht0J I ntha tl wa mroin g notil
rag chang fornihe wors( okaen4 on1
fof thos ho knrow im t dd notln,
knio hat ad h)o8.I 0f~ chosnto o sol
hoi cilou d have olar Ied onnu t ion111
with royt it se 11 l, Ifor all (oug hIle
fiunily1 circle the4 pbroofsL) ~ w fr t in-i
possesso W i t i i nl8nie,d ly a o
motroly8P~ conndb boodii rt h tho
p,urinly boonoho 1', nz8lle, which1
haworon forc th. hIinningsr of cthy
ior 'o Prussi, and s111 rowoi 1 he
reigening fily Nofho ('ormanly, butor
f1 ~or kish, rd i tilo Cor nth)i ng,11(
his roudesoft boar, beingI Iht ht was(
an adiopd (on ofLIYI t hi idSou h l
hJarolosta Vlimb iinr defnsM ogth
la ifnt i 40 o v '' l s dnr'ily o a llth fr
f stuff cheap,
and we have
D. When we
ots of articles
Saturday as
~ry, Cups and
c. Our store
ber the date
1 , ifn, of K orshaw's brigado, bearing
(1t,4 r4'e4rd of it dtiltIfl and foarlos
o11i04r tnt ii tho loss of it log in a
ski rl,i,-;I iOtr Kiloxvillo in 1863 anO
Ii 8 suhb<i 1nont imp})risonnntti at Uanm.
(haso puit an ond1 to hiU earoor ias it
5o1lio r.
A ftor I ho 0loso of Cho war he ro
11 L 0cl lilH t radlo of pattern maltkor in
wll 111011li l)p wtOriO trtnsfrro t.o
ihi 18 it y ini 188 I hao citlao horo and
Coubinaa hias over 8i1ico hoon0 his
h iomao. .1 o wvas matrried in 1869 at
I IIolonn~ to Miss lIatrriot McCoy, a
sister of Mr. P. I1. McCoy of this
iy. 'hy hadt HeverI childreni born1
to tlaoia, six of wvlairi wvithis8 wVidow
tI l-vi vo bin, iii. u nltIgt o[ f[giig
healt hi NOmoi for go lio was com
aol lo< t o giv up wIa~ ork at the shops)
ruitl for some1 tirrm1 prit, hast b)oon Omf
1)l) yed as1 gtokoiper a4~it tlo Gehrvais
stiroot (rossinag.
M r. Zbl was1~Vt a rnoaber of the
Knuighats of I Iorior idc hadt boon for
22yonris. 11) was8 i aioember of the
ol Sanrvi vors' naoc0iation, blt had
neiver oni atcco)unt of hlalthi boon anf
ntot ivo inombelr of (Camip ilamt,rn1.
Early Dawn.
I right ar the beatras or thec mlorinjg
DewdIrops the trees :are adlorninig
As t hey sp ~angle each lea flet a121( spraty;
The Ilower, whose bright eyes atre peep.
WVithI saai len to the itnornl they are greet
As lie kisses the naigh ts' tears away.
iilow lovely hI al t atre is benamin1g.
The kinhe are awake frotn their dIreaminlg
MAtl Iowinag a welcomea today.
1Ilow sweet is the perfaaune of flowers,
A fter the spring's genitlc showers.
I [elpinig thuxs to) drive dull1 care away.
Th'le bees anad thae birds are catronising,
Thle sheep ini the pastuare are b)rowsinlg,
All seema glad at the coaining (lay;
J,et ns, too, reel glad we are livinag
Onr hearts fill with joy and thianksgiving
Theu will darkness and gloomu flee
T1he sealsons comec ini rotationa,
Prosperity blesses5 the raationi;
Ipray it ilnny thuns be forever!
So natulre gives of her treasure.
Wec maortals are blest beyonid maeasure
Thanaks bec to Gohd, the all giver.

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