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The Newberry herald and news. (Newberry, S.C.) 1884-1903, October 01, 1901, Image 4

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of tat
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~Viill(jl V~ it U \ It ..,,.., III
ed Ins
thu last t ti
Auri-Ijit I I
Cheek ((Ill i I ~ i I
P~~hIOi (It' I'iO V *1 I' Ii V.
Set; in it tani I.t
;~,lLs o1~r~l b 'n~1 hi' .
beeii. hi Isi t
but it wi
gloved Ii ~ ti 1 '1 1 v. . r' Ii
fire US WO t:il .~,.1 I hi' te h f.1.; evil
the drc.nij ~~';u:; tho i i'ie' '~.l i~.io Ii 1(1
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I I V . '~ *~'* ~ ''' and Itot u
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1 . 1 \ I s Ip
- thful~ V I
l l I t l i , I r ' ' I, II . I1' \ 1 !
' ' l it ! ~ I :' I ; i'I' I'1..1, t ; II .
" ( '.!1 i .i..t
-iii- s l;
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ' "' ,1 '! \\ iIt . I" t'- i1-i'ii
I ~ ~ \ I i
- a er ith,
I IIll it
' 1h1. i n it I t k
-1w" .fi \hlm .
U ub r it: ., .
, ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ i ! 1 \;I !S' il " tll 1t ilII'r
p l ' 'I Iy lio]
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it I" 1 IIi l I II Ivtit1I
- - 3theni liir
Sb Pi.tiw thati
NVi I ~I II I It1' 1. 1 t'i
! ,. i . ' I I ln :ptl I1ri'
' ,..li w tih.. it,
1 i ; 1.I t It l-t ; ' t
:+ 'ii !i ..t It t itt'
t ! r. 1rl" t liii I.. tIrt1
' . . . i i b1' , it "
- b iarr ive r
\ i l'It l Il t.
, ;. jI i. I t t'
St.., '" i ';;r, t'' l m.t
t i : t> t's
-n -' Ii I riem I -trh
h'i''I i n I t t. ini
* 1 -w'i ' i t he'jt*~
It- th: usua
h . m:.e in hert
.1*y , e ib,an
wann sh let the
2 I '3 r t 1:-. Ir pritz :
iia n'-d,it,it
1. 1 . ii i nv er
I I'. Ir. ---i was Ii' * ni iar
tu r~' -t wit ohi ntt i v ef
a\iIi'. IIi i i ih n ' it I.ii- htlin.
I n. altie tiu a it e.'.'m buttttt
leavi4; I'wn th next hIy 4 to hu pt.1en'ut
at it:iph':; w\ethtling, anil .lanao anl I were
talk;in-; it Ov\er tow\\"artl 1() 1'clo,ek- tll
first eto n 1tilne in tho <day-when1 hto
w\allk l ii. 11e loot,keil I a a n :1'd its
II' s:tI <It1.\"Iw w\"tearIIV lyI b I ts ttt the 4 pe n11t"
w\iutlow an sItokt <l th catf, which was
t:thin:; Iho air -onl th' sill. ili .s:ti< that
hl i' t tt he 1t-at, a l 1o c('ert:iily" luukel
vetrY i11nn"11 l:u4)el.1 up. I <14l not. feel
l.:t I1'. +. I aill ;, i:I t,I say.
" a It v .i ab1 1 rf1"1:1l tUo-morrUI'w," 1t
s:ai<, .ft1 a few rn11 14-:4(ks '''wr sub
jects. "It i-; not inl: y a ,l i1:'inin of
]1l iks il 1"e , t 141 L1h I : lt: ll lw t;ltt l t l, ' t1 t
If L l on.tmti , bmt I h l lat 41' .0o ha-mo an
ulh.jt(t uf' sna-h inert:t:ti-1, it i t--r L. Ito
thn= I o l u '4 : I narlit' :111 i4 ' i t14 ' mt, I
havei <h --itle,l fin taking ("ban;t of air fo,r
a tiltne."
" I tt v'ttitl ilt"rall It, s:l t y Ill 'trt'i.t lt
i11!, t!tr'.it i ':; l! : . l '' I t'tl 4 i:'tll'.l'
11't eli:t; I ex lt"i Illl 4. "'I Iit :f:;rh; w.\ e
sh 4nh h, 41 t r(:' i tI it:". r, ast we'o
onc(e <1:11 . \ 1:cr t!:: t"'t ."
"'I 11 .l !t , : ' , : (;1 " ' I '., l 'n tst
shar !y. " h i-e .t t li: .tij 1.4"
"I :':1 ! :' ill e i ii' \" '' n440.h! (lis.
-1ppI in11t .!. :.. " Iv 'ly'n, tto,, lanl thIe
w t4 llii-, I.4"i_ tr14:1 i r unu !.. bonl,
as I t h > o o i''t v.141 o , wilil
111:1.l l t 41l' :! 4444lt 44l the mi 1t11'r
"f it -:.i : Im:1 :4 114 4 t i , lt lie
yonI i will Iurvivo it., linn
1:11"' \ h I ' , . ::'1 ;a i'144 ' u i t;). S he i t
1144 l . ' 1 1'":i4 :1 t4 I 1:1I t' Ihat lit t ol call
44uo 1h, r in 1 i 't) splring,,. \\' n 11 asst
her c:t'ri: in th I oI\, I shu looks th(e
other wa y'.
'"I am 0he1 Rlalph has tonsuhl(t himi
silf'." I ::i. "A l;ttul ati cbarning
wo"tnla: like Ev'lyi antl a nlico Steady
fellu\w 1lik41 ialph:ro hitnndl to be happy
" . stlirl ('ha1rlt s, "I su po11)so Ithey
ar. 1 -14 eseres to be' lppy. She atl
w\ays lik l tt alith, au<l heo is a gouts! ful
low\\. TI'ht titniel y-miml."la in mlake aill
th ri lillii ntSwil: s. In no\"eIs the
1111 tI w > a"olu:1l ila\ i11 t ('V"tles tlo seg:l -
g;rat"t, mt it < tsin-.I se m l to ) ie t hecase
In reaIl lift'."
"'.\1y1 how41, , not inl this instm11ic," I re
m1ar it 4heerfu'tlly".
"No4, in:t i llhis in4statilce, t youil so
jutst ly 4 bw:,rve," he rep liet', w\it h a inass
ing ;;learnr trl' :umusellnent inl hi.; restless,
tiretl fies. "A I niw ,"" p r( IItin ig I1 a
sa:1l paclot, "as I .11 m'nt going y1slf
I want Io give my1\ w\etllir g prustent to
tie itr4intt)yur charg4e. P'e1hs14:4 y'ou
will take it dil iln to-utorrow\" and gi\vo it
inttt her own hanls with mly best
".\ i:ht we s'. it first':" said Jom', with
all a wmaln'ns enrisit y, evidently scnt
Sin; a j'-w"'l t:t,e lrimu ttfatr.
C r m;utiwn\4ra pp4d aitnSmall ml.orocco
east an, Ittonchin; a spring, showed the
dliamnltul crescent, beauitifully rt'-et andi
pof lisIf tl, hhazing un its irl ,atinl couchl.
"Rialph said I shtmb luve it, and hto
s'e1t it me suntlu timet since,"' he. Said,
Iur1ig it in his hand; "bh t it sems a
pit y to fritter it away inl pa:ying hills,
an<l," inl a low\er tutne, "1 should like to
give it to Ev"elyn. I hear sho hia re
used to '44(1(lr any if Sir Johnl('s jewels
<mn her w\"edlling (lay, but perhaps if y-ou
were tu) atsk h1er-she and1 I are' uldl friends
- she mui;;htma:ke an exception ini favor
Of Iite crts'cnt. "
And sht did.
11 Tn n llui F I).,u nlt
Travetrs --," innh will youn gve m
fori thii.4 scarf Pptln?
Iris 'uri voti\"u dolbars.
l3is l'no - - Yes,1 WaI $5 diamond.-l
A.n1a pIin UnnrIid nl4 Wihoi)Iz- Noer
(41 1-0told U1nin to(1 itianThe 04(
LoVer thou nh !lyhingCouto~ta
gosz i th asssit of P38bfresi(nt4Mo
K mley,'/ wsit his af 1-1r(oo sen qted
to be:4 eletrootedI Oi A nbur tSIt ate
pisown dusrng. thet wok ber i-n
Otobelitiigtlil er 28t, ry1
assain lvidecedks d~ere atrol Jpeak,
but1( he1- could8 no't01got his toe aboved
a'i whisper pnd hadwords worn rue
pated tol the cour1t hs cons.
There wtsas enpeson lo buto me,:(1
'thfer prisnersai holsnesa wihisr 03No
11n1 galsocod me toIl d it ti nd nt0)o one
crawde totho i. Iffors totgeold
lookythig abou prhecrim eylnd I
neverl( thog ho anyth in fot tha
Atntis copintf ltdys bTfore com
omertoe the crimoe 11( ad i
godIyCzolgosz r n elwas quity
fanl, lut hiws evient that his
mind was boed hith coughtel.
hisondis bess. l H aisye we re di
(tod makin wethem appried very
wsts. Hd though a the "tnnlcerf
Ther"eI the al whpereo 1of wro in:ed
crowdn UItoethuoer in0 efors to ge
I vv.j A. F ZaF uit A.q R1N!.
the pietality of his criimo. Alt hough
the t%irnti announc'I for the coil von.
ing of cOlirt was 2 o'cl(1ck every ett
iad ('verv foot o,f sttritng room
w%er.'(e 1 ( '(I before 1.:311 iu(l r(t'scors
V rt' ciirnoriig outsi(I" for a1dmir
Sion. Th doors were lo(k('d and no
nloro wetrt% admuitted into Iho r..omu.|
'Thte pirioner walls brought, inlio the
room ait, b minuntes t o 2. I''ivt min -
u latIr Jstic'. Witiet' tok his
Ati '1>l t', Jii, ' i'ti W hit-, 11 1 as num td
I ih II,. be i , I rit r I (t " iii:
"i1r1I i .:lt tl' a rl't'"t; , lh Ir tri
(t'1-'1n :., t (lt' i l ,'rt in . t(1.11 is i y ,' W
U . 1 i fo r thi. t in-.4 '.-'1 " .,1,(''1.11 sIl . "
t),.trirt A tfon.e Pt, 1t\ .4 :1:
"11 f : )lir h'.n !'h it-I. I -In vt 1 . - :41(I-lt 4
(" 'mi I"i"..........." ' 1t, 1'r" ll r"
Ii 'l hi-: r(c -rd wii I t ake 1;' h li
*rh 28 1(e'it-; i iil i) t1 mit ;
r'sid, I.t, lrtiO hV:: , NtwaI, li1 ll o;
('(enlati(o'n, 1.lr'r. 3larri('d or '-in
gh.', striglh'. I) ie of a'litt ion,
('0 111 n chloo1l ir;,I uhr ct,hi lI. Io
ligioi, i r - , tho!ic. P i
r'(1tc, ft h' r riv'u , hi s (j1.tK
T r11 a t( or ini t mp ra , lt', r'
aiteI. I''rn'11-r conrvic't.I.m .,1 crime,
Thlt erk ,f th conr t I (n got <; I
"Heavo \j tli I1 an I' l g ( c a ds tD itn tw
[now w% byN thie serltenc't of thoet11n1t
d I l '" I c a n n o t h o a r t hit ," r p d t
"Cirk Fisher rep1 1-ated1 his <lt's
tiol and CzOilgos repliid:
"Ild rather havu thik gontl('matn
here s1p(ak," lo,-kmng towattrds District.
Attlrniy Pnem.y, " h (Ican er hi
hi r"At. this point J uIt ice ' W hitte told
those in the c1"ur t r(1com11 that til''e
munit el luiet or hiby \. onld ho ex
eludPIe fromn i he roornl.
M1r P'lnny' thenr said1 to the' prtis
unrir: "('zttigo'iz, t he : mur(. wanlts Ito
know if \( I' ave any' r'e-aiton to give
why 10enttencr shonld niot be1 pro
u Ine0(d aga 12t )oul 1lavo N on
aniyiing to say to t he judge? Say
3 es or 110."I
''he' prisoner did not re)ly1 and
J ulstice WNhito, addlress,ing tho Iris
tner, said:
"In this behalf, what. you have a
ri;'ht to .41y reulat('i explicitly to the
sulj'et in haid at this timlnc atidl
which the law provides, why son
tonc:e should not be now pr('nounced
againist you and is (efined by th11e
"Thle first is thait you may3 claim
that youi aire inlsanei(.
'The next is that you have goOd
cause to offer either in arrest of the
jud(gmenot about to be pronounced
against you, or for a new trial. Those
ar*e t he grounds specified in the stat
ut.e in which you have a right to
speak at this time and you are at
perfect liberty to do so if you wish."
The pr'isonier irepl ied: "I hatve no
thing to say about thtit."
The court said: "Are yon ready ?"
Mr. Penny replied : "Yes."
"Have you anything to say ?"
asked Justice White.
"Yes," replied the prisoner.
"'I think he should be pearmit ted to
make a statement iln exculpation of
his act if the court plbease," said
The Oldest and Rest.
S. S. S. is a comina)iiftit:l of roots'
and1( herbs of great curativec powers,
and when taken into the circulation
se'archzes out and remioves all manner
of poisons from the biloodl, without
the least shuock or harm to the system.
On the contrary, the generval health
begin1s to imipr'ove from~ the first (lose,
for S. S. S. is not only a blood puri tier,
but an excellent tonic, and( strength
ens and builds up the constitution
while purging the 1)lood of imlpuri
ties. S. S. S. cures all diseases of a
ibl)ood pison a origin, Cancer, Scrofula,
R hieu miiia t i s m, Chronic Sores and(
Ulcers, Eremna, Ps oriasis , Salit
Rhleum i, 1 erpes5 and simliilan troubles,
and( is ani iniall ible cure and tihe only
anitidlote for that mlost hiorrib)le disease,
Contagious 111ood Poison.
A record of nearly fifty years of
successful cures is a recordl to lbe proud
of. 8. 8. 8. is more p)opular today
than ever. It numbers its friends b)y
the thousandls. Our miedlical corres
pondence is larger than ever inl the
history of the miedicine. Many write
to thank us for the great good S. S. S.
has (lone them, while others are seek
ing advice ablout their cases. All
letters receive prompt anid careful
attention. Our physicians have miade
a life-long studyof Blood and( Sk in D)is.
cases, and bletter understand such cases
thani the ordlinary practitioner who(
miakes a specialty of 110 one disease.
good to su ff erinug
S S htumanity thirough
o ur consulting de
partment, andl in "ite
you to write us if you have any loos'
or skin trouble. We muake no chiai ge
whatever for this service.
THE .wr.p n ATLANT. -A.
i' v irt rltplio(l: "'hat will doe
ponlt u;>on whalt his Ht tt nmonl is4."
Js1Ht icel 'lit0 t hotn Hi<i(1: "I11vo y(oIl
(splakilg to Juidg' Titus) a n thing
to Hay in berthalf of tho prisonor at
t.t thlil titne"
''I htvo nothin;r to Hay within till)
definition of what, your honor hs
rotui," r('$ptli th.t attorntoy, "(iut it
Hs'0(0n to ruII' ill ortl0r that Ito into.
BOWi Shoul not snF:ltlr by t iM cdo
fl'llhinlT.'v ('11i1no, Ch., lourit Kht)Il.l p. r
lii ( i li a ' I . Xt 111i; .11" :- l 1 1 r. iIH
fithrt, Isrt,(tta' it'.t) l+itt"
So10 I1. rt "' -rtaiiIV, if
th -t is' .:It. . ih j -<-I 1 11 ".t t :'-11 41
I11 W I , I.it to ark,- > ' t"1<-i ''
l'h . I" r' -t r1 1 t:. ' k 1 r ( . rno
1e IC < -I. : i in N 111- 444tIIlill 4) r. 14 1
"()wi' ;g to thel- pi i-' 1.''r's f( Il:t
voi Ct, h"' ai lt not1 tii. ( ;u1t1%i t hing_
to tit) w%itll thl)4 I.t n1r i H10011tl o)f 1 10
,rimltlt but Iiimls.-lf; I1hat. his father
IAnl t1)i lit'' :i(l lit1.) 00<' ti llittil : 13'
41 iti 'it ti ali nliatnw liothinig
tlboml it."
'.' . l'a1)nur0 (').t111114 (I: "I w as
lt; ii 0i(1 a ( ii\ Il1 1lg t.Iu11o I h it4 t'rinlt
ttl I n*ov lllongtt t.lphin abot
tt1rtier Ittl to o,plI..' ..I ,ltIp h1i.'fo,o
I. lotuiittedt thlt crliloe.,"
Juei TitUUs aigaiin rpa,ld a fol
"Ho ntver told ally (,nl+ tabout 0th
arl- tl nvl' intor l o izt to ('o lji
itf uo li a cou plo (illts :imfor-o its teiu.
TIhen JIsice(: \\'h i t- p a,sedt se-1i
itocth ai follows:
"lu taking tho lift' of our beolove d
presidot yl,otl aommitte it criti
which slwe.kod andi oulraged the
Inloratl senseH of the civilizod world.
o havt' coufts- d tha guilt ol and
aftor Ilrniing all that at this titn
can e lea11rned from tho factis an11d
circumls,tanlces of h.h cait1, 12 gootd
jurors biv pronounr.c(1( yroi guilty
and have f.,un1 3 ou guilty of Irto
dor inI th.t fir.,t<hgr'tl.
''You hatve sai<d. it(err'tr to the
tra!timony1' of e"rt'lit1(able Witn111s5i, at(
youlr-'if that. no ofthor porson nidlt<d
or atbetted you in thOecotulnis:-.ion of
this terrible act. God graut it Liuty
bo so. 'l'he penalty for the crine
for which ) ou stand convict ed is fixed
by this stittutlto and it 11ow l>co1Nes
lily duty to prounllc this juIdglttnt
agairst you
"'ho sontonce of t.ho court is thait
in the week begintiing OCt. 28, I1),
at tho plac(, ill tho matnner aind
llealre prescribed b y tlw, you su
for the punishmeut of dlont hI."
@endsnsedl Sohndtulo In EfreoS
JiunmoiOt h, 19401.
BTATIONS. Da. 'y aNy.ti
- 'INIe44to........11 030 y' m 7 0.0 a1 1n
~Uumrvilto...12 0W n('t 7 41 a in
"' kranchivt ilo..........2 00i. a m) 9 030 a mi
" rangebunrg ........ 2 4.5 a m1 9 28 at 44
" igvillo..... ........ 4305 a m4 10 241 a m
S51aanh...... 2 130 aI mI 12 83 a mn
"Biarnwell............4 13 at m 4 DLI a mi
" Back ile......... 4 26 ai m4 4 28 a mi
ti. CoinniI.a........~.~~.. ~0 -s--is -it 80a ii
" Prospor4ity..... 7 14 am 12 20 n'ni
" nwrry.....713 a m 12 35 p im
"' Ninuty-S3ix.......8 10 a mn 1 30 y m
" Goonood....... 503 a im 2 05 p mi
Ar. Hodges....... 9 I5 at m4 2 25 y4 4
Lv. Anderson ..... ........ 40 a mi 2 4
Ar. Iornili. .......Ti~20 a m 4 25 p In
-A At1a lint.Ie.Timel b 55 p m 2 100 p in
STAIOS. D1aily Danily
BTATIoaS. Ao__li. No .12.
Lv. G reenville.. ....Iis ?> pm 9 40am
"Piedmot. ...... 0 0 p m 143 05 a mn
" Willamston...... . 7 12 p m 105 a m
.liito --......... 7 Un 1 m4 103 .5 a In
Ar. Donalds............ 8 07 y m 11 143 a mn
AI>...l........ .240 p mi 1201 n'nt
.Ar. Girconwoold..... .....8 54, p mi 11 5>0 a im
Ninety-Six...........9 10 P mn 12 05 p) m
Newbvosrry..... ..... 1 15 p) m2 1 10 p im
Prosplerity.........10 82 p mi 1 24 p im
Coliwnbia ..... .....11 tI) P m1 2 40 p mn
rBa *il.... ..~~y52 an 252 at m
Burainell...-........8 07 ia m1 U 07 a mi
..5vanah.:.-... . 450 a mi 4 50 a mi
L Cm vi.. ...... 2 82 a in ~8 446 ~im
Oranobu.<....... 45 a im 4 42 p im
BranchAvill4. .......4 25 a mn 6 25 p mn
Summiiervl:....I55 m 6-2pm
Ar Charlosto-- .:...1 7 0? a m4 7640 p m
o1 5 No S~ T A'TIONS, NI~ all ali
11 OP 7 00a h..Ohiarlost ton..A^ri 7 30 p 7'0a
12 00 n 7 41 a " Sum,ervillo " 6 42 p 5 67 a
00 Oa 900a." .Branchaville. "525 p 4 25 a
2 46 a 9 2 a " Oruungeb,u r g "4 42 p 0 45 a
S4 05 a 10 24a " Kingvillo "3 46 p 2 82 a
8a....... h..~vGfiEiXr....... -1 W i4 r .i.a
4 1a .... "..Blarnwejl -- " ...807 a
4 ...."..Itiackvlilo.. " 2 52a
t o a 11 80 Oi.t luba."'2 p93
58 Sa 28p " . . hantuo. 12 16 p| 7 41Ip
15 a . rn ; .....Uiton... "11 atl a: 7 10Op
9 84 a 2 2214 ..Jones'viiio.. " 11 17 a 41 53 p
9 40 a 2 217 " ...Pacolo. .... "i 431 05 ' 42 p
10 2 a1 8 10 |Ar Spartatnhurg b~v i0 .'5r a, 4115 p)
85 a 8 40 il.v Mlatanbhurg A rlu25i a. 0 p
- 0p 7 5 pAr...A MoviIo ,.I' v 5g a 11 U|
"P" p. mn. "A"4 a. mn. "N" ight,.
Pullhman >,aumo4! Dlooping catrN on Trii i386and
11117ad",nA. anU. diviion,i. I)iing cars
ai these trains serve all mei4t, enronto.
ranins leave iSp4aanhur4, A. & C. division,
lIrthbouind.4 41:.92 it. mi., ::11. ., 43-127 m) 1
>oundr 12:20 a. in.. 11:15 >. rn., 11:40 a. am., ( Vesj
>uie f iMited ). nmd 10:;' ' n. mn.
Ti'nlis lei'.vu *-&ron vi llo. A. and 0. divs'ig
or thlbd.ld :'.' i. in.. 2 :l4 p.n. and s5 IS p
Vestibll .in, tiled. and44 5:5 p.m
4(ound4, I :5 at. ii. 4 1'k p. m)., 12:40 p).
Trains I5 an 'l--Putllmiar Halee (ar
e.twoon Ubaini in u and AshievIlIo( Rer
lari bet worm 4 !) .r,nniah a~nd h 4''ai kap.ig
atl~'ly btween . inek4Ionlvi iii andi """4 44
we44n Chiar4-:1. 'n and1 Ashevillo.f * n. h
RA NK 8. (4A :' NE. . d. H. I/A ItI1wl .j
Th')ird1 V-P'. & 444n. Mgr., He l'in A
Washingtyfon 1. t. W.j llinN" A40t,
... ..TA.Y.....,...W,1....
"Ht+movo t.he prisoner."
'Thte crowd slowly filed out of the
roomn tin1( c ourt. adjourned at 2.20.
Theo dthtt warrant signed by Jus.
tico Whito is atldrstisod to the agent
and wardon of Auburn State prison
and directs him to oxecuito the sen
tonce of the court within the walls
of the prison on somn dly during
the wok behtginttirg Oct. 28 next by
citsing "to passi through the body
of t Ie sditi Loon FI!. Czolgosz a cur
r, lt. I.f l-etr ioity of sUfliciont inten
it t. tcautt' t-.t < th an<d that. the ap
plit"a:i-. f snid enrr"ent of electrio
I s ". l .t it mi intii he, the said
I ,.',.I'. <z%" z. ho z l)r n lint."
A Medicine for
Old People.
Rev. Geo. Gay, Greenwich, Kas., Is
past S. ye:ars of age, yet he says: "I
amn eljoyinr* excllent health for a man
of .ny age, tiue entirely to the rejuven
ating iilences of I)r. liles' Nervine.
It brininssleep and rest when nothing
else will, and gives strength and vital
ity even to one of my old age."
"I an an old soldier " writes Mr. Geo.
\\',tson, of Newton, is., "anud I have
leern a great sufferer from nervousness,
vertigo a! 'd spinal trouble. I lave spent
conislerable money for medicine and
dtl'tors, but witi little beneit. I was
so had lily miud showed signs of weak
i.es-. 1 began taking I)r. hnes' Nervine,
anid I know it saved my life."
Saved me from the insane asy
l:.n," Mrs. A. M. lleifner, of Jerico
i ptiniu, No., writes. "I was so nerv
t,:; that I c'old scarcely control my
l!f, c-tld not slee-p nor rest, would even
for; et the naces of my own children at
titS. I commeneiel using Dr. Miles'
Nrt . inc anl it helped me from the
iht., aid now I am perfectly well."
ot by all Druggists on Quarantee.
r. tMiie^: Modic,t. Co., Elkhart, Ind,
i;lla'le3stou and *iCStorn Caolina Rwy Co,
aui ilrata and Ashevillo Short Line.
u nicunft, ln F.iTl.a July 21stt. 1901.
.oav.' AugnaKi ................0 05 a in 8 CO p in
'- ive Greon wood........... 12 3 p in ..............
A ntderson .............. ..,... 7 15 p io
Axislmie,i... ..............7
i..nrenH................. 1 4s p m 5 35 a in
altterloo (I1. 8.)... 1 12 p in ............
hreue ville........... 3 ' p in I;0am
Ulenn Springs...... 4 45 p In ..........
:i'tutiinbug......... 3 30 p n U 00 a in
ttltt ...... ........ 6 33 p n m.
I let. er,"'nvil o..... 6 03 y in
ih y ts................ 7 15 p in
b,ent v\ I villu............... 7 U.,p5pI
81 attanburg .........I1 0 a in 8 80 p in
Glo. I Spit. gs...... Uu a m ..
Gireenvi ll ............I .U a In 1 45 p n
Laurnas.................1 4, p In 6 30 v In
AIriv W aiterloo ut. S.)... 1 12 p~ m .......
tlireen w(ood....... -t5 p in 7 4. m
Le at ve A n der son ..--.................. ... 7 25 a in
Au gus -a........... 4 10p P 1 85 pi
Loave Augusta.;....................... 4 15p
A ilonidale--.....---............. 6 21 pm
Ii airfin x-..-----................62 pmi
Yoenioasee ........... 90 ami 7 85 pin
denu fort............0 15 am 8 25 pm
l'ort. toyal ....10 30 am 8 85 pm
.tr. Saian na....................... 755 pm
SaLvlai ah.................... ..(110 am
Port It oya1..........1 00 pm 5 40 am
liunuort.............16 pm 5650 am
k oasse............. 2 30) Pm 6 40 am
Fairn x---.-----------........... 744 a
Allend ale---.--.................. 7 54 ani
Ar rive A ngust----......................I00 am
Close Connoettion at G4reenwood for all
Potas ou 8. A. L. aind C. and f4. Itailway, and
ait Mpartianibn rg wIit.h Southern Railway
For any iaufortnationa relat-ive 'o ti'ckets
I ,.tAiA. chieduiles, addiross
W. J. CIIAU10, (Jan. P'ae. Agi..,
A ugust.a, 4a.
10.M5. Not'1T H Aol- A gt
NI M M8nIN. Taffle Managir.
ii. C. BE~A'a'r1E, Receivet,
strouv .. 97,
:-1.we .oO maLir.4ni s"d Wal1'alla.
i-.AtWrnol'l w RHnTIOUND).
MIHutt Mixed4
NJo. 12. Hi.atI,,tN- NO.,
air ........i . Andesoin-....Lv 3 85 pmn
A r 10 .10 in -........)en ver.......Lv 8 56pm
A r 10 21 a .......Aluit.n.....Lv 405pm
A~r1 22 fIn---.--is ie ton...Lv 4 14 pm
Ar 10 13~ ain....hierry kCosin...Lv4 23 pm
Asl10 0 aon.. Alam, s' Ur"ssin.L v429 pm
i 0 tl an.----......lnca....... .Ly 4 47pmn
A I a arn-... W ent It a on ...Lv 5 11 pm
Ar' "2""m----.. Wal h il......Lv 517 pmn
A. 51l. f,v' P. M. Ar
J. It. A N DEICR*ON, Su >erlntenent
i2onneitiui,'ns at 8a.necau with g0.1 II No 1t
At Annatr.ia -wit.h ft.t lMway Nos II an~d I')
In Etfi.e Siunday, Juily 21st, 1931,
(Rtastern Statnjiard Tune.
7 -15a 1,v Atlanta (-A.l.) .Ar. 8 . .M
10 liai Atl.hons 5 28
Ii itia lCibuorton 4 18
12 23p Atbbeviboe 3 I6
i2 Ip Glreen wood 2 48
I 5p A r Ulintoni Lv, 2 00
(O &w o.)
101 004 lby (lienn iMpfrings Ar 4 00
Ii 45a Sruar,anbSurf 8 10..,~
12 Olp (reenDville 8 -
2 2m (Harris Springs)
126p W ,t.ertoo
j i i'- A r Laurens(Dlu' 206
22 53 ') Lv l:y
D)all Frt 62
AIO *. , P' 1)iy Ft.
1'arks Ar 14 50
s -Cln um li 4 5
K nr 51
p1I a--j, 12h 20
w ery 12' 242
tn - 142 0 1
-Irrno. I1 0
a r t -2 48
* 5CoIl'l (A -- 3
tilnter n L(.c)Ar il to
r Chi r eston1 9
1 iq 7~ A reni Ler inom
6e1 I r,' I- furterKInON
sol A IS - Il . MR f s
Wli ta rni Ip

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