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tIIA ltI.tl'11N l.X sI'u -l'10N.
T1hursdatily, MaurchI 2th h, hats b)eent iet
apart b y the he'xp ositiont anlthoritien
and the generat1 assebn Ily as So ui h
Carolinal I )a at Iho ( har'lest,1n ECxpo
ltition, andt the governor In at proelaman
tion has ndorlised the action of tihe)
logislature andlt I-gedtl ,ht% people t.o ill
Lt.end the E'xlpositlion at some time tur
Ing( its p Irogress, andi espreially ont
ouht h ('arolinit Dlay.
We hope t.o see Newberry County
largely repir'ent,et in Chiarleston on
Itis day. It is untneoossary to rt'ieat.
here t.he nany reasons why every eit,i
zen of (ihl State who can, Shlouhll at 10end
t.he l,;xposit,ion. Ilit if t.he people of
South ('arolina iant, to see tdisplayei
the resonrees n l indlustri's of their
Stat', ant of allnost e'ery seot'tion of
this country, itd other parts of the
worlil, they shoull not, muiss the oppor
tunity tthatt is here otfored. '1'he ex
hibits in any otne building alonie will
justify the trip. And espe'ially should
t,he Sut.ih I'arolinit building, w ihere
are ga ithr ei all the exihibits from the
severai'tl 'nties, atd 'Ilit are shown
thet resouirces and adti(1ages andlt
pos4ibilit ies of t.he State at Iarge. draw
the people of t his State t o th e 'x posi -
t ion.
'The l''xpititon is a Sta'.e nterl'pi'e,
wilt Ihy of the most hearty ;lupport find
en1ou ri ;ementt of the Sttte, ttndt Stouth
('arol i tnt I ):ty sitold llbh t h red letter
day in its history, andtel we hope to see
a htu"ge nnher of the people of our
vontlt.y in Ittendti la ce,
lBy all mensatedte l."xposit,ionl,
andl if possibly, he Ihere on sout,h ('aro
lina D)ay.
'1'tle filwiitt" inttrview f1otii Senator
Tilltatin appeared in the New Y'oak Sun
tte daiy after Tilht111an's denialI of thle
Pl'att interview:
"Senator 'Tiltitan was asked last night:
" 'Is the state of pui it fetin g in South
Catolia stih that Presiident Roosevelt
wotid he inl dangter tof petsottal violence,
should hie carry out hlis pliuns of visiting
your State?
"The senttor's "erbatin reply wts:
" 'I don't believe it is tungeronls ill
tlat sein:e, blut I know there is very in
tensefeeling there. Our people are
not savagrs, lmt you catn't untlertake
to spen k ftr an etire people in
that eontlition of titl. If I were
to go atl say they wouldnt't insult Pres
identt htr"sevelt if he should go thtere,
it might inspire soie druniken fool to ".do
it. There inight he sone di'rnken fool
who would blow otT his indignation and
not have propet regari for the proprieties
whichll woutl obtain amost aniywliere in
the Uiited States.' "
If the above interview with Seintor
'1illitit:i he true, and we presune it i, a-,
the Times, the Tribune, aid the World,
of the sauae date, reported substantially
the stine interview, Senator Tillainn is
doing his Statentd his people a great iil
justice. The people of South l Carolina
are neither "drntken fools" nior a e they
lack iug in "proper regard for the pro
'>ieties which wtuld tilitain aluost any
where in (lie Unltited States." Sti far as we
havtte been able to obiserv'e, t here is no
''intense feeling'' anywhiere in this
State regainting the President andu lit
would not lit inl the slightest daniger tif
giv'en a moiVst cortdial aond hearty receptioni
andu welomeit as the t'hiief maigistrate
of this counltry". We. tciant say thait the
peopile of Sth I Cartolinia will condemn
Mr. 'Tilhtnan for thins mlisrepresenitinig
thein, fo.r it setetus thlat ditrinig his reigni
ini this Stitte lie has bieen at liberty' to say
anythini g that lhe pleases iiid even on tht
stuitupi whien lie wold tdeniotninate his
supporters as fools, the senititent woul
lbe iplauhlIded. Howt long lie will con.
tinnie to hold1( such swiay over the pieopk
of this State we are not able to say.
Th'le news of the decath of Mlr. .L. 11
Calmp~bell, oilletlal stonotgr'apher of .ht
Seveonthi circeuit, was received ini Now.
berry tin last Mtinday wit,h deep regret
Mr-. Catmpboll tduintg hiis ervile ini thhii
in Newber'ry. Piersonally we liked ani
esteetmed hitm, and always looked for
wartd with pleasure t,o his comnini
amoing us.
H1is presence will bie mb-used at t,ht
Newberry courits, and the place whicl
he had won in the esteem of his friondi
in Newborr'y will be hard to liii.
Thle article putblished ini our1 las
istue watt muistakeni in saying that Mir
Campbell was the first stenlogr'apher o
this circuit. llo sticceeded Mr. W. A
Laws, nOW p)resident of the Sp)artan
burg National Bank, who was the &ra
etonographetr, and filled the poaitioi
most acceptably.
Mr'. Wyatt, Aiken, of A bhevillo, hai
announced that ho will be In the rac<
for congress from this disti'ict. Mr
Aikon is well and pleasantly knownt is
the Stat,e. He is a young man, the son
of the late Hion. D. Wyatt Alken, who
represented his district in congress at
the tIme of his death, lie has held the
important posit,ion of court stenogra
pher for eighteen years, and has fIlled
the position with satisfaction to all.
He wont into the First Slouth Carolina
Regiment, in the war with Spain, as a
private, and was later promoted to first
lioutenanit and acted as regimental
quartermast,er during his whole term
of of11ee. He has taken an activo part
in politics and has many friends in the
The death oRev. Dr. Jno. T. Chal
mere, in Charlotte, on yesterday is a
great los,to the A. R. P. church in the
South and tothe Christian ministry. H
was a tnan far above the average in Intel
lectual abiflty and a faithful servant of'
lI'hti pl'ol l throutgaholt thm State
'.oarno(d wit.h plIeasureo that. I'r'slet'l
lioosvvell, has not. a_iV1n up1 Is intton
tion of visiLtinl t.ho (thanr'lst.on i'xpo
sitin, ai( that, he will likc'ly Itt.e cd
Nolno ti nI dluritilr tihll ptre n ti .rnt inoo .
A''or 1" 0 le I'roshcl,'nt. to havo (It'cicl..l
otho rwist' aft'-r I.hi'. TI'illt-Ma e I't(-in
Inoss atilt the Vatl"iouy Inter Viewuv fr0111
titultttl 'I'llln'o> and elouIt'ratlio.ioln
t hereof, wii(I httve been at ini.fort.uno
hoxth tot the I''.xpoitso int ttu t Souih I
('li o t o I'xIO i ( to lt o lI arolina. lie will bw w(.-lcomed by thl~
Prt'plc of this Stat. tal t.rate'di wit,h
h'l 'r and l' ourl'te sy while iI S 1outh
1 t )'~ I ': 5ii : 11 1 1 1 . i I mit SI e). t
l'It t1.i'I.:It 1 's .
Ti e'A('t I'a-ie'uI by I,aot Irgl ts ii nree Aill nur
I?lng \'41e' tn I'r'owluOrIt.<n 4.ro-e"tln
New Se111n11I lint:ltitug antt Sup.
t 1i i of Sti,'it.
A1 at't to olil;kt ' adtl ait hto1iz..'
rchool distric,t. N o 1-1 inl N'whery
cotitt.y to istu<' h stioni. for I p-in -pi sI
of btlding ild oret'+inl. a svIhool hou-o'
thoIer- iI.
't'ttiotl I. I1'- it, e'n:tI td hv the Ge m
oral Assetuly of t.h' Stat.c of Suth
i'ar, liat: That, the slhtool tuslxtit, or
their sile'trssor of school ditic t No.
1-1 In N w err' c ot'utntt, -luhuacin; tho
Lown of I'rtiolerity, tre her.hy atuIiur
t -il an11d requitedh to i.suo 0on.1i n nt lm-+
to the autounlt. of live t.housand1 dlolar-,
for t.he tuttpos''e of crt.t;Lin huibcli ,_
'nd1 equipping aI 1ub1i i sch:oo h'1u-+o to
be lovated in theit - town of I'rofperit.y.
iroV ,tiet, iTIhi t, i nmjorit y of t,h tuil
it'h letors of sta i school district., VoL
i(Ip.., shall t ti tavor of sneh i.t n o,.s
liutay hei txInpr.es O< at, an ole'L.ion her'e
aft( r to t ' he t-Ii for t 1. ht puttioe. i'r(
viitd, Itiat said trustees shall not, or
et' sair 'l t.ion, 'exc+t)t. 1xx on at pil i
0.i1n of at maijoritty of the in-t'holdeors of
said school iist riet.. l'rvt'id d(i, furth r,
At thee ' oeel.t,on I tee .l h
xlecttoe an advisory boa1r of saiii i.rus
t.'es who shali sorve in the evetnt of tho
hnls ht'eit votedl onsistiini of I thrt'e
frtholdters f said distrilt. n tio .hall
h v e tu1a et it ti w il said ltrlt'. aMed
shall servv as said adIVisory boardi unt il
all funds t.he'roin Votd shattl hav-' hteen
See _. '1Ttlt the I 'usttlt's of ahi
- chool ilstl rt'L are h ri b'uy'V rt qurni, tot
give three weeks p)revious notice to (,net
or Io(re of tht Ie w.papIo'rs ptubiistet
in the tount.y of Newhrry, of the tin-.
int place of ltu h tetcto l. six p ot itt.t ht'
nliitaage trs, p rtsib'r ite 1 ho form of 'allot.,
roreive t,ih ii tutlrns and11 telatre l.e r(i
sul lt.
St'(!. :1. 'Th t . said sch"oi istriet is
here1yt declared ait boy corp)orato, it.r
t.he pu1rpose of excent.iug and issuing
said boutds and othvr powvrrt hurt-in
giVen1 inla t hoir Ixt u(' iOsu o tori/.otd
by t!trt:titl t'Iecti'n. Tlht sai bOmcs
shtall be issued in suntitt tit' n iit,ios
aIt ,ho truste of said school dist,ritt
:Iha'l 4t'm h -st, a<l >h f ll h it ayabhle
twtoty yue .r frloml to: tl.t,e I,; tleir is
ste, o iI, i nt,rcst Iaytbl(: anmally, at,
at rato. nOt to 1ecolt six per ent o .. t ctr'
auntuu. T1ho said bondl1 shall be signed
by t L'hairman of tho board of t,rus
tie of salid sc ool tias itietl n( d to ntnLr
ligLi (ed by its setretary, aid, thelil co
pos shiall te recliVti inl Ip"'ym1(1ent. of
atny Ltxe s in said shtool s(l triol, ami
said hitms shlal consLtitut! a ix tirien
on the said school houe1) and the lot
uonttoi whicth it is hnit.. T1'h said bord'A
shall bo exolmpt. from t.axltilon, for
Statte, or nanitlli p teposes.
see. -1. That for t.he purpose of pay
ing tlle ite' at he t lilg o1 lail t 1on is,
the Aulitor of Ni1ewherry f )ntiIy or
stuh ot.hor llicer ts mny he charg(d
with the ass' sntlt of taxis' shall Ievy'
lee al txab let rel andit persona prop-exti
erxt ioi si h sithool distrit., as w1Itt'
trami ait sum il tttih,li t. o sid l x ouposte
c xkd tbys tiedi tratiiriitf NewhterrtyI
houty, ni Sita d h oxlunthe txeI aretn
eslelusivtel aytt f thnlxe seta itr
i at SatI- shal bo thid forl i>tuhipur
itt of. sa5 Thit th saidt(t hnexo trus
shall aret:ozitee andb tempaioweredx (to
Se. .t bondstt Ateitr par vale, and
othallt depril atilyloey om~inhe tox
item ftromeL suth saleishti ban strot (it
credix of .hide ord,~t to iedn il on
ixaheo s'ine by th majoriit e of i
boar an teiiy 1 shall th ahld mn
iii exluvl for t .he pc autreposex set 'rtu.
thn Sectiod of thy is Ayt,ars shohav
tany ofgh tai bod shno iused they on
Sec. 6. Tlhelx AnIthal oflt NehErry i
iiounlcty llt nnall ilevy rWihelax
aeprwoolrth of sai shooit disctrta
Imrposeof creting asinken fnd or
t.hcpametuo l bondks, which tax
chard whe letihted thetreart5'er ofe
oN ebeycont End shall r e hieI l by
hil for thupbse afttetid-th Pcro
vidte, Ihowvre hat sof rutee tittj
pthe d oft ver livtLe ear wihsheai have
oft.he tmht, t rde suchtx stinking eaund
al,bIn acmuame padpr ata on the
wallc. hi. Thisc. shal' Itaka etttffc hn.
medaey npon ar wtstaprova.6. h
cA pove the 2oor ndayh oneyruary.
AH e 190heplceo hecs a.I
abou tw hors heyhaddiGoverer
hont. misHi a beinekthadoane
coupl of ihcotlIdled prchints thaeiart
cohialy Columig aroendin the sregts
Tire,a whc good piece wofk ontej
pate o th le. car.ih h oinick
prze the oatrsnt erye highay.hah
ahe troublie begin, wihagicg in h
thei throa andca nThen ttle amounth.
oneys on the cardt fowas an.d Wher
patimi ent wodrsi heis oigco hyee
card the wr o r ndo nt hmone gone
ta ot iwo hour thsePry haddscovered
thater the mstch od reedyn byha
ptried ah cpresetnts very highry.
Dore is ungte RihkTIng.,Per
Th tobl egn wt atckig.n
the throat nd a naggin litecuh
wiC'V)1)1S1) IN UIItI.OTTt.
tbtr. (le,,. 51 I...s sip i11,arrINitm a ' l' lul r
V"ottt!g i,oty taf (:i rl It', N. 0.
The Charlotte )bscrver of Thursday
L ontainted the following accanit of at
wedding, of sp)ec"ial interest here:
It her besat i fully trnatettted homne
o Norti Grahaim street, this city, last
evcning, su rrountled by t ntbber of rela
tives antd ft ietIs, tintlheritg nearly two
hinnhedt MIiss N:tc"y Mlaxwell, the lovely
and uloutlar datgtter of Col. and Irs.
I ). ( I1 ax wel1, and A1 r. 0 M. Itishop,
(of Cohutnh ia, S C ., at prolminent South
Ctaolini:ln and at law agetit of the Soith
evil tailway, were united it tmartiatge, tht
eenittlny being perfortimed by Rev. I)r.
Johnit V. Stagg, pastor of the Second
I'resbyvterianu eh111reh.
"Thei htidal party was preceded by
l wo chartn ing little ribbon girls, Mlis"es
I,'thel 8tud MIargaret Pritehard, nieces of
til bride, daintily dressed in white or
The wedding march frot 11lenlelssoin
was atlistically rendered by NIiss Pattie
Alort is.
"The bride wore a hattdsomte goitg
away gown of cedar green cloth with
tI liltnings of ceantt app11ilupe, hat to
iatch, and carried a hongnet of brides
roses atd lillies of the valley.
NIiss Alma lBishop, it sister of the groom,
was bridestnaid. She was dressed itt white
silk tulle, with ribbon tritutmings and
carried a botpilet of pink cartlatiots.
lliss MIary MIaxwell, sister of the bride
:1Int maid of honor, was gownied it rose
liberty silk, black velvet, atl white tit
plitte tritminigs atnd carried carnations.
".After the tmarriage ceretony there
was a receptiotn, with clabarate refresh
The ytuttg eouplte received ttatty hand
s1t0ie 1resCts. Mr. 1'. 1. Wells, superin
tendenlt. and, tuanytl tther promninent otli
eials of thie Soultlern railwav, frottt New
hetr v atnl Conlttbia. S. C., were presetnt.
Nit. .i' Ms. Bishop left on the South
011i .it t o''iock tot points in Flot-ida
.and0 Ll;l "
Ill 3e1 tttt,ly tf ls i tt Iltbubeth W iter.
Thlt' tiessengerr of death hast again
visited tito hote of Nir. Mottroo Vick
''r, and tatkten t.he dcear old mlot,ber,
NrIs. Illizabtit \Vieker. It was a great,
shoke to tht eotmutit.y. She leatvs
Iwo children and three daughters and
it host. of ;:randc:hihlte to mtount' her
departure. I t has been the writer's
ph-asrttt to convt'rie wit,h Ie I'otn 'e
iligios topics, and I have every assur
tute that, slu died t,rnst.ing in her
I)ivine Saviotr. She had nany friends
that will miss t.ho ch'erftul face, her
stat. at, 1atr church its now u cticcuilpied,
and t.het vacant, chair now at, home Is
-et aside. "Iother is to uort."
l"ric'nds do not, weep, sho is sweetly
rest ing in t.he arts of Jesus. She has
been it temnbe:r of the Church, and liv
ing It Christian for 65 years, surely she
s tt. peace. She had no fear of t,he
stinlg of death, and, now she is reaping
her just, reward, with Jesus and his
heavenly host, and will he waiting fot
her loved ones t.o come.
iiow It'taceful the slnmhor. lIow
hatpp.v the waklig, for deatth was onil
linbeni, S. C.
Th'ie State Sutnday School Conventiot1
whi wiill meet ini Greenwuuoodl, S. C.,
larcht 25 -27 wiill bie ai notable gatlier'ng
-oin itnformattiott already hiad we hatve
teaison for expectintg a large ititendatnce
emthii ies for p)rogramis anid other infor
niaitl(e' -tr. cotn intg ini f-omt all sect ions o
t State becsides ponintnut andl force
fuli spJeakers (of our State who wvill attend
tile. Sttndayv School associatiott htas en
gagedi~t the servicesof Mr. Chas. D). Meigs
of Intdianatpolis. ind., whio will delive
sev'eral of ihis wide awake add(resses. Mr
ligs is widely kntowit as a unda;
schtel sp)ecialist, and1( ini somei sectiontsi
referred to its the ''Suniday Scihool Awak
ener,." lIe is the author of several mouco
graphs relatinig to the great Sunday schioc
mtovetmenit that is tawakenting this an
other conttintents to larger appreciation c
the opportuitieis everywhere withi
reaceh of every' well meianinig, consecrate,
iman antd womiani. lie is also associat
editor oif the "Interniational Sunda
School Evantgel" publiishied in St. Lottit
iIe is a live wuire and will (10 us all goof
It will he a soutrce of great delight andc
imptrovemtenit both spiritually andi mtetnta
hy to every sutperitntendoent and teachi
whlo will attenid. The expense is sig
gnifteaitt, but the cause is great.
hope thait the Suntday schools<
South Carolina will take up thi
matter forthwuith anid if the superil
tettdetnt or a teacher say ini each school
disittlinued or disinterested, thetn let t1:
Suniday school defrav the expenses of ti
trip), atnd it will be mtore thtant attply reiti
butrsed. It is the cause of the Master; I
the ay. be a slaggard, or see anty lionisi
th a.Lastly, this mlovemietnt stati
for chiristiatn co-op)erationt itt good worl
tnot oirgantic utnion 1t standos for large
equtiment, fo r better teachting, bett<
:iuethiods and( for everything thtat is hel
fiul, htopefutl and good iti Suntday schio
work. Will > ou help? Faithtfuliy,
W. E Pelhatt,
Chairmuan Executtive Comt.
'County papers please copy.
MIeteorologIeat IRecord, Februairy, 1902.
Mean max imum temperature, 48.3
Mean minImum " 30 2
ii 39.2
Max. temp. 70 on the 2hth.
Min. ," 17 on the 5th.
Greatest daAly range, 82
Total p)recipitatIon 5 614 Ineber
-Greatest In 24 hours 2 21 In. on 1st.
Total snow fall 6.00 Inebes
.Number of days wpith .01 inches o
mo ro of precIpitation'8; clear 8; fair 9
oio'ady 11 days. 1.
K(iing frost 3, 5, 8,.
''l'bunder storm 27th at night.
W. 0. Petersnn. V. 0t
t.ni: Lann" ste,ns.
Mr. Ch arb-"y Sub("r ha-; ltso t to t t Ii:e
Ni'sr. Chats. A. Satber T. T ). I (ama
ntt', .1. W . ('ald well a tl J C. I 0iikardl
tookttt in the I'harle-ron "xp )sitieam re
een t ly. TIhtsy rt,por"t it Ii noand at l had
it Ia ni., Liie.
11i-s Adati M.'1Jdo jgh is Vi"itit;; at
JI r. ( '. K lBak' rI..
NI is-4 Iit, fromt I;iat ucItmanl ('hatpel
is visitin g il Ill;9 h i omitiiunity.
\ir. Illrat"e Ilrown au wif -e viite(
at, he'r (at her" Mr. .I WV Calti weI i.
gi I,iti schotl1 is hprotr sing ni,c
ly undelo:r Ihe unanat tnt."nt of Nliis I2illa
L,o0g I,taa farmue'rs art; bhi nd ino
farn work, but kvt;lp your eye on(i us
whvn It (uits raining.
Loung r,tae always Ia s somnet,lhing
good to eat. I r. ('its. 11. Sut"r kill- d
at hog that weighed 400 lbs Ist Mlo:t(Iay.
[lard to hiat..
W arc gIlatd th .tt )r,. Renwick Is
moving bauk to his old home. Wis h
we had m ore mn just like tho I)r in.
outr neighborhood.
Ask M1r. len (.'dwell about them
eat 1iTh, alsO see '1'. D. Ratmungo about
that, btg 12-lb op>O,snnm. It is the finest
opossum that I ever saw.
Road working is all the go in Long
'luae Knotty Head.
Babies and children need
proper food, rarely ever medi
cine. If they do not thrive
on their food somethiing is
wrong. They need a little
h;.p to get their digestive
machinery working property.
will genera!!y c.i rct this
If voul wie. im c'i.
fourth :. :.:7 8 k 4 -rac!-U
in bahy's bAttle three or fur
times a day you will soon see
a narked improvement. For
larger children, from half to:
a teaspoonful, according to
age, dissolved in their milk,I
if you so desire, will very
gsoon show its great nourish
Iing power. If the mother's
milk does not nourish the
jbaby, she needs the emul
jsion. It will show an effect
~at once both upon mother
Iand child.
Soc. and $:.oo, all druggist.
SCOT T & BOWNB, ChemIsts, New York.
.For Alderman- Ward 1
s pleasure1 in presenting Mr. HI. BI
-Wells as a suiatable person to reprwesenl
,them in the city councIl, andl presen1
im as a candidate or hat pace in th<
1 Ins;.
SHomestead Notice.
th'~1at, El~izabeths I. Norr'is has avj
Y plied to me to have hier a hocmeste'ad Ii
-a rent and personaal property appraisea
L. and Het, oif according to law
Master for Newberry County, S. C.
Marcha 7th, 1902. 4t,
Notice of Election.
..Lthaat, ana elect,anl will he held o:
ISMonday t he 17th day of Matrch, 1902, il
1- cat n('ounacil Chamber, an the town c
is Newberry, 8. C., for Alderman fo
tWard 1, of said( town, to till the vacane
caused by the resignation of Mr. HI. K
Ie Blats, to serve for the unexpired ternr
1- Then polis will be opened at 8 o'cloel
et a. ma , and chose at 6 o'clork p. mn. Tb
n aolhaving named persons will servo a
maniagers of electIon, to wit: .J. XV
Is Gary, M J. Sceott and Alex Singleton
C, Ily order ol' the Town Council.
er S L~AN(; 1OID, Mayor.
O.&1T.' T . N.
Opera rouse to Rent
tat, the TIown Council will re
celve sealed bids tat Newhe'rry, S. 0., 01
Tue sdaiy, March 18, 1902, for the least
of the Opera Hlousso, in thae following
One bid( for Opera Housae from Rep
teomber 8d. 1902..to September 84, 1903,
Ono bid for Opera Hlouse from Sep.
tember 3d, 1002. t o September 3ld, 1905
The righat to reject. any sand all hide
is reserved, also the use of said Opera
House for educat.tonal anid town pur.
* poses, according to existing lew.
The renter will bie required to Imike
paymenta monthly, and to give an ap.
proved boad.
;!All bids to ho handed In Iby Tuesday,
M ch8,1902.
By rrof Council.
March 4, 1902. 0. & T. T. O. N.
25cts. Bottle or Money Be
Prescription Pharmaists.
1e / --
to this when all other mnedie-*ll fa it.
Robc'rtson's Comupot.cl ('nglh
S% rup is the most wonderfin u r. medy
yot dIsCOVered. B3oing madc' of bar in -
loss herbs, it will not leav. 1 ..o V3
tiont decilitated. Contains tonic
properties. Strengthens and invig
orates the syiten while driving out
the cough. 'l'ested and proved cli
encious in all climatos, but adaptedl
particularly to this Price 25 and
o0c. por bottle and your money back
if you are not satisfied.
P'articular P'harman"ists.
Corner Dig Store.
Newberry, S. C.
--T H E
Natiollal Bat of Newberi S C
(Es'rA1nLsIIEn IN 1871. )
Capital - - - -- - $150,000.00
Surplus and Profits - 96,865.88
i eiral hanking busines' . ran?acted
with procm ptn--st Special ':.ttention to
Co'leet.ions. Con es)ondence solicited.
Savings Department.
)epsits alioweri interest at the rate
of 4 per cent, per annum from date of
dt'posit. In teNs ipayiabli. .J antuary 1st
and .July Ist of each year.
\[. A. CARLISI.E, 1r' "st.
1'. S. .)UNCAN, Cashier.
J W M SIMlMON, Asst. C'r
Land and Security Co,
Notes, Bonids andu
St )cks of all kinds anud
Real Estate.
0. B. NIA Y1NR. President.
elM*N.. KINARD. Mee anid Trons.
E0verything in the Millinery line ii
bei:-g (losed out att the
Riser Millinery
at sacrifice prices to make room toi
Ihe Spring Goods. It is a rar<
chance for b)argninIa mi head wveal
and trimmings. Here also is to b<
found some newv milks for Sprint
Shirt waists-pretty patternR at lo
priecs. (Call and get the benefit o
th is sale.
4 o
Interest, paid en d'positIs in the Saving:
SDepartment at, the rate of 4 ner rent
per anbumn from date of dlepos'it a
nTe Commercial Bal
-CAPITAL- - $50,000 0C
We transact a general Banking bush
neOSS and( solIcit the accoutils of indi.
viduals, firms and corporat ions.
GEo. S. MowaR. P. C. SMITHn.
A. J. (iliHSON. W. II. H{UNT.
JTNO. M, K INARD, Pre'aident.
0. B. MA Y E1R, 'Z. F. W RIG HT,
Vice- Presient Cashier
Notlco of Fill al 80ottIc6Il ltai D)isallargo
Iw wil make at lnal sottiement On
the estateo of Calle H. Can non, dleceased,
in the Probate Court, for Newbe.rr y
County, S C , on TPuesday, the 1st day
of A pril, A. 1D. 1902, at Ii o'clock jio t he
for unon, and wyil! immiedint,.ly th ere.
after ..apply for Letters I ismiissory.
All p)ersons havingi claims n'uainst, the
saidl estate will render in the same duly
attested, and those indlebted to the said
estate will pay the same on or beforeo
that date. A[4(LiOR (. CA NNON
Nowberry, 8 C., A dm'x
For ti
Ladies' Hem. all Linen
44x20 Union Huck Tov
40x20 all Linen Satin [
54x30 Unhkached Tur
36x20 "
One lot No. 22 all Silk
15c., price lOc.
Atlantic Mills Bleached
$1 .24 the pair. Cases t<
24c. the pair.
50 Doz. Ven's Standar
Blues, Tans and Blacks,
bought under value, so'
S. J. W(
P. S,--Ag't Butterick':
I thought I was going to sulfer great
pain in having my teoth extracted, but
I did not feel it. Dr. llardina, the
painlcss dentist., will he in his office on
t he 12t1h .and remain three d'ays, and
after that will visit Newherry the first
Monday in the month, and stay three
Why sutfer with your teeth when you
can have them extracted so easy and so
cheap--50c for the first tooth, 256. for
the scond, four for $1.00
; "Ottice Solomo'r's old stand.
Dr. G. R. Harding,
l:xtreeling Specialist.
Hooks, lAe
N ewberry
Hardware Co.
For 20 days I will sell
I1 mea n bu sin ess.
Come and see.
Wishing one and' all
a Happy New Year.
1. W. White.
New'Slee'ping Car 1.1nn to "h,arlinnton.
Southern Rail way annIinnees i-stab
lishnment of additional sleeping car liIne
to Charlesr.on, S. (., from Ci niati,
Chat.tanooga and A tlanta via A uagusta,
southbhou nd leaving ('In iatt at 8:05
P- in , Chattanooga at 6:45 a mn , Atlani
La 3:10 p. mn , Angusta II :90) p. in., ar'
ivin;g in Charlest. at 7 a im Rn
turniIng, l eave Char-~ ston at ili nm
arrive at Aniuu-t at 7:15 a. m . Atlanta
n :4 in ~at f( fooga 19:50 p. mn,
On t,his sleepi nit ar IIne' wi; b e han
di ed Pulmaan sle'epling ears, and hbis
complele11s the"ecllentse vie iaI'rdedi
b)y the Southeirn I tall way ande Its con
nect Ions to Charesone on accou nt of
t,he exp)osi1tion.
rIlIi0 COLUM1IHA, NFcWBlenity & ~
.Laustrens raIlroad s'l isell excuzr
sein tickets to ( 'harleto', and rI-eirn I
duiring the Cx positLion at the fog o'.is
r l''o Nebor . H (
e l'e to tur-n .June 8, 1902;
$5 7 )T''etson sa'o dIally.,
Sim It ed to return 10 days|
$3.90ket e's on sale Tun -
$3.9 (lays andl Thutad ayte,
liied to etrn seven days. fro
r e
H andkerchiefs, 5c.
vels, 17c.
)amask Towels 24c.
k ish Bath Towels 25c.
-- ''s 121c.
Taff9ta Ribon, worth
I Sheets 90x81 , price
> match 42x36, price
d Seamless Half-Hose,
10 and 15c. values,
we make the price 6tc.
3 Patterns.
Lowiioy Y
Chocolate and
Bon Bons,
Fresh and toothsome.
Sold only by us.
Fresh supply in bulk or
in packages always
on hand.
When you get
you get the best con
fections made, regard
less of price, and when
you get it from us it
will be FRESH.
Price 60c per pound
for regular stock pack
in large varieties from
a cheap Stick Pin to a
Call and examine my
stock before buying.
Jeweler and Optician.
F1r8 Inisuralica
In Strong Old Foreign and A meri
(Cash Assets. Aggregate $34,643,207.
Life Insurance
In Pacific ifutual, the most eco
nomical and liberal ComTpany in the
In Travelers and Maryland
Casul ty. Mishaps are frequent.
Over Post Office.u
New York-ThomrnagvilIn 81lmping Utar Itne
affective il'hursay,a January 9t ad
< uo h inring ear'ur.'ay ther ar
'e ii,G a o tra n 8. F'rat car north
'i1onPlat ytoi tr a n o eotn
vh S8 thern R 1ailwa , ran Nea h
[ue ay t,hereafter during~ the winter
lesase, Base & 81 Amiand,
Fewborry, Haluida and Prosperity.
South Carolina.
ract.itt in all Stac .a U. . Courts.

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