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(Jit eeA iA
Interceting Incidetais of tho I ivil War R. -
Iated by "X. Cou Fed" a M.-iiber
of Third .. C. Regunelt,
On Friday after I reached home,
Columbia was burned, Sunday even
ing I went to Trinity. Here the
news came that the Yankees were
just below Newberry and that the
-place would be taken the next day
and probably burned. I got a horse
and carbine and with my crutches
across my saddle I hurried to New.
berry thinking I would get another
shot at the Yankees, hat the rem
nant of Hood's army was at New
berry and kept the place from being
pillaged and burned. I returned
home and thought I would ride over
to one of our neighbors and let him
hear the news. Just before I reached
his home two nen came along and
told him an old lady in the commu
nity said the Yankees were at Silver
Streei tearing up the railroad. It
was a very still evening and just
after they had passed a gun was
heard to fire in the direction of Sil
ver Street, and my friend said, Lord
have mercy on us. Ike catch Jane.
That old woman told the truth one
time. Another shot was fired. Hurry
Ike, the old woman did tell the truth.
It was getting dusk and I opened
the upper gate. May friend made
for the pine thicket as fast as his
legs could carry him. Ike had not
arrived with Jane. I rode up to the
yard gate and my friend's wife and
daughter came out. My friend
heard my crutches fall to the ground
and he came running back. He asked
me what was the news. I told him
the danger was over and that the
Yankees had gone. He asked me
what the shooting- meant towards
Silver Street. I told him David
- Thomas was practicing with his
eniiek'. He said, d-n him, he
would like to kill him on sight. Just
scaring, the women and children to
death, and that old woman had not
-told the truth. He asked me to spend
the night with him and sit up and
let him'-sleep. Some very foolish
things were done by the people at
home on this Sunday and Monday.
In April Gen. Lee surrendered
and in May Gen. Johnston surren
dered and our soldier boys returned
home overpowered but not whipped.
I have tried to give some idea of
what the Confederate soldier passed
through. We had a great deal of
hard fighting, a lot of fun, anid suf
fered many hardships, but I have
never regretted the part I took in tbc
great struggle. "X Con. Fed."
O'Neai News.
We are needing rain at present.
There is a great deal of talk about
the heart worms destroying the
young corn.
* The farmers are about through
planting cotton seed and some of
them are nearly through plarkting
Cotton hoeing will soon be the
order of the day.
Miss Maggie Garrett spent several
days with relatives in the lower part
of this community last week.
A very contageous fever is raging
in this community. It is known as
the new buggy fever.
Misses8allie and Fannie Fulmer,
of Saluda county, recently visited rel
atives in this community.
Mrs. Mattie Cook, of this com
munity, is visiting friends at Lees.
We think the mumps and whoop
ping cough have died a naturald
death in this community.
Mr. E. B. Garvin, the well known
occulist, recently passed through
this community.
We saw Mr. Howard McCullough
pass by no' long since. Guess we
all know where he went. He was
accompanied by Miss Bel eDoi
There will be preaching at Mt.
Olivet every first and third Sundays
each month. Rev. P. H. E. Derrick
is certainly an excellent preacher.
He has won the confidence of all
and is certainly doing a good work
among us.
The Bethel Sunday School will en
joy a Children's day sometime in the
Prof. T. E. Wicker, of Goldville,
spent last Saturday, Sunday and
Sunday night with friends in this
community. He was as jolly as
Gloves are beneficial in various
ways in marriage ceremonies. Some
Whereas, some time ago we caused to be publ
setdng forth certain statements and claims for our
Liver Oil.
And, whereas, we asked you, the people of this
we mak good to you all moneys expended in pros
faiure to support them.
And, whereas, the result of said investi-ation
what we claimed for it, and amply justifie:i the stroi
We, therefore, do hereby express our tcil:s a
shown in us and in VINOL, a:d for the readinc)
roof and testified to. their trutLi and honesty.
It is because of this ready response that VIN(
So many of you have taken ViN OL and been hclj
public and private of the merits of VINOL, that v
justifying our statements. We thank yoi, one ai
We are just as ready as ever t.- guarte
and recommend it to your i%V a. Wc need not tc
not a patent medicine. You J:ve seen how its in,
know,too, that VINOL contlin all the medicinal e
You know it is as deliciously plalatable as the mo
blessing it is to the weak.
Therefore we ask you to dpend upon it throu
yor constitution with VINOL and sickness wiA
We shall continue to recommend VINOL fo
Why drag out an existence wi:hout life or ambition.,
VINOL will bring life, strength and vigor to the debilitated.
pur money will be refunded.
Gain Flesh
You can~get fat without taking disagreeable Cod Liver
beleve VINOL will create flesh quicker than any preparati
VINL quickly creates strength. Try it on our guarantee.
ueed a strengthening and invigorating rebuilder. VINOL is
s'ength and health to those who are weak and debilitated, f
Pale Women
sed a tonic-reconstructor that will create flesh and make pi
poor and thin, and also indicates imperfect digestion. VI
ChiIren love VINOL, it is so delicious. Try it on our guar
Diseased nerves are due to over-work, insufficient no
guarantee VINOL, Wine of Cod Liver Oil to permanently a
enthse body. Try it on our guarantee.
Obronic ailds
Sure signs of danger ahead. One might as well commi
medicine needed. Unlike other Cod Liver Oil preparations,
tse Try it on our guarantee.
Bronchitis -
ftenu end fatally unless specially cared for in its early stages.
the throat and lungs than VINOL, Wi ne of Cod Liver Oil.
Only those who actually suffer know its terrors, for the
pilcations and enfeebles the entire system. Relief only com
sumhm*1ate food. There is no medicine that will do this so si
Nursing oither's
If women with nursing bahies who hav e difficulty in k
know positively that the best results would be obtained. Ye
;pon proper nourishment.
You will absolutely be under no obligation to
trial for any of the above ailments and have receiv<
will return the entire amount of money: you have pa
You see our faith in VINOL, anid you must ad
fore, when we tell you that VINOL is the most va
known, and a wonderful tonic-reconstructor, and re
time delicious to taste, we are not unreasonable to <
W. E. flLE
isead of on the hands. Doubtless Ibe andb h
ereason for thus wearing them is adko o a
tha they will be needed again in w hudlv nt
tnear future for a similar occa netgaaiou
. That's right my friend think regnonbfe
twie and act once. adwthn o
Last Thursday night, when all Ltl elys
wcalm and serene, the Angel ofpeeflyarsti
Deth quietly entered the peacefulyadteeoawi
hone of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. WVise thtlsanawu
dtook from them their little sonTefnrasrvc
Bley Eugene. Little Berley JasbyRv P.H
sikonly a short time when Godprahdavy
thoght best to remove him fromcoslgseo.
thssinful world to bis blissful home lnswihtewi
bh.H a ltl o eme panef th
yeanol knnwswt bptwf harfin
lwe tstoud oflives inrt
lymi aet aetesila 'hoLeet ait otr
:h ftewoecmuiyih i rie iged his liefr
ax . n wah~4ing~ fru
Little Berley's i
peacefully at rest it
yard there to await
that last and awful
The funeral service
by Rev. P. H.
preached a very I
consoling sermon.
lines wbich the writ
ve. He was a little over one memory of him:
old and was the pet of the fam- 11e tasted of life's dr
His parents have the sympa- Too bitter was it tc
of the whole community in their He winged his little i
SON, Pharmacists,
shed in the newspapers of this city a proclamation
new tonic and reconstructor, VINOL, Wine of Cod
city, to investigate these claims under guarantee that
cuting such investigation, provided it result in our
brought to light proof - os.itive that VINOL will do
iL statements we made concerning it.
people of the city i c t1he confidence they have
s with which they have put our statements to the
)L is now its own best aivertisement in our city.
ed by it, and so many amue t-lling their friends in
e c0nnot but feel gratcfi.1 to you for helping us in
d all.
NOL. We know that y(i will continue to take it
11 you now that you know ic so well, that VINOL is
redients have been nar. 1 upon the label. You
lement; found in Cod Liv:r Oil, but no oil or grease.
t delicate wine. You ki1u: by experience what a
hout the trying season which is at hand. Fortify
pass you by.
r the following ailments:
6I Tired Out.
It is not natural to feel continually tired. We guarrantee
If you do not feel Well try VINOL. If it does not help you
-ft Strong.
Oil. Fat taken into the system does not create fat. We
>n containing grease. We have proved in many case that
Weak People
of exceptional value in such cases. We guarantee It to ?em
rom disease or old age. Try it on our guarantee.
-Pale ChiHdren
ire red blood. Pale, haggard faces show that the blood!i
NOL will correct such troubles as sure as the suna shines
arishment or slow breaking down of general healh. [email protected]
ad effectually cure nerve affections; it actually rebuilds the
-Hacking Cough.
suicide as to let them go unchecked. VINOL is the very
it does not upset the stomach, and it is delicious to the
- Sore Lungs
There is no medicine more valuable for restoring h.akh #
Try it on our guarantee.
life is robbed of all joy. It produces many serious com
es when a scientific remedy enables the stomach to properly
ccessfully as VINOL Try it on our guarantee.
-Wak Mothers.
~eping up their health and strength would take VINOL, we
u know the life and future development of the child depends
Thur EartRcC
us whatever, if after you have given VINOL a fair
dno benefit, you have only to tell us so, and we
[d us.
mit that we know something about medicine; there
luable preparation of Cod Liver Oil we have ever
builder of strength, appetite, and health, at the sm
ixpect you to believe us.
mI m
pres'nce of death We laid his body down to rest
it is to bear, but Beneath the sacred soil:
ofAngels bore his spirit away
xe bright hope of From this life of tronbie and toil.
loved ones who
and are waiting We know his presence will be- missed
Within the peaceful home:
s to come. But he is in that blessed abode,
emains were laid Bidding parents and sister to comie.
St. Mark's grave
the summons at Can we like little Barley, dear,
Lay our bodies peacefully down
judgment day. And wing our souls to Heavenly bliss
were conducted To receive a starry crown?
. Derrick, who Oh may we so prepare~ ourselves,
~ympatetic and That when life's end saan come:
Below is a few To meet with him, the redeemad o;IIts
e.cmosdi And be forever at homne.
~adful cup,
bear; Many a would-be jolly good fellow
,oul away, ~ might be really so if he would only stop
ad fair. ' telling jokes.
The farners are about throui2h
plariting tton, )t have a lot of vor!t
to plant yet.
The St. Luke's sehool has closed.
.1i-is Wheeler gave a present to the
best reader and the best speller.
Marion Boozer received the one for
gooA reading and Tiller Morris the
one for spelling.
Rv . P. Hawkin, preawhed for
the St. Luke's congregation on the
third Sunday at his old church where
he went to Sunday School when he
was a little boy. His many friends
were glad to see him.
Again death has visited our com
munity and took away the infant
child of Mr. and Mrs. George A.
Mrs. Kate Nelson has returned
home to her daughter, Mrs. A. L.
Whitman, after an extended visit to
her sister, Mrs. Baker, who has been
in bad health for some time.
Much success to Herald and News
R. H.
May 3, 1902.
It Was a Frog.
A large frog was removed from
a woman's stomach in St. Cathedral's
Hospital in Williamsburg the other
day. The woman is Mrs. Charles
Burtis of Hopewell Junction, near
Matteawan, N. Y.
She had been suffering from a,
trouble which baffled her physicians
for some time. It was finally decid
ed that an operation for appendicitis
would be advisable and she was taken
to the Williamsburg hospital.
A Fishkill, N. Y., doctor per
formed the operation, which reveal
ed uhat she was not suffering from
appeudi.itis. But the doctorm did
discover and remove from her
stomach a live frog, said to have
been five inches long. It is sup
posed that. she swallowed the frog,
when it was very small, while she
was drinking wvater.
It was said at the hospital last
night that MIrs. Burtis had already
retuorned to her home and La i r
covered entirely from the ill effects
of her unpleasarnt experiene-New
York Snu.
Land and Security Co.
Notes, Bonds- and
Stocks of all kinds and
Real Estate.
Inerest paid on deposits in the Savings
Department at the rate of 4 per cent.
per annumn from da:e of deposit at
CAPiTAL -- - $50,000 00
We transaer a general Bankingi busi
ness and solicit the accoun's of iodi
viduals, firms and corporations.
A J. GisoN. W. H. HUNT.
JNO. M, KINARD, Preident.
O. B 'tA YER, Z. F. WRIG~HT,
Vic Preident. Cashiber.
In Effeet sunday, February 2'dI. 19)?.
:9.a~Crn 'man,.iaid Time.
45a Lv Atlanta (s A:L) Ar. R
'a 'Athens 52
la Elbertou
.).p \b'evin!e "
-~ 4s reno- 2 4$
b,p Ar Clintot Lv.) 00_~
- (c.&W C.)
ii rm 1,vleuxn Mrrings \r 4 00i
.4 Da par;auhuri tO1
(Hacris Sprit:.:s)
i2 5?p Waterloo 206
; r Lauare nsIuin'ri Lv 1 38
Da i rt Dly Ft
Ex kn x Sur
6 ges Parks Ar 1 29 4 50
4 ) 2 23 .Clintou.. I J7 4 30
6; 2 34 *Goldville 1 15 3 51
7 0 2 4 i Kinard.. o1 053 4t
17 2 49 .Gary ... 12 59 3 31
26 251 .Jalapa.. 12.fr4 3 2
00 9) lo ewberry 123:9 300)
0825 325 o'rosperity 12 25 2 22
s.4' :3.4 .. .sligbs1.... 12 6 202
8 55 339 t Mountain 12 12 1 56
9 4 357 Hilton 1150 129
, 9 4 1 W hite Rock~ 13 46 1 24
9 41i7 Ballen tine 11 46 115
9 5 -1 i7 ... Irmo... 11 30o 1 00
10 02 4 2; ..Leachart ..11 22 12 4h
U 3') 4 45 ArCo1nwibiaLv U1 03 12 :30
4 :nLvColun bia (..C.L.)Ar i! 00
5 2 Sumuter '9 4li9
8 A0 Ar Chatrlestonl Lv 7 00
For Rattes. Timo Tables4, or further inforn~a
ton call ..n any Agent, or write to
Posident Traffle Managenr.
Mo. .irt. .en'l Frt.~ & ' gt
- , 'm . . ' woinjnetr N C
Mexican 11ustang Liniment
don't stay on or near the surface, but goes m through the muscles and
tissues to the bone and drives out all soreness and iilammatiOn
For a La:mnc Back,
Sore MIuscl!s,
or, in fact, (il I.arness and Sore
ness of your body t9ere o ing
that will drive out e -pain and in
flamnriation so quie1 y as
If you cannot at your
self get -omre.i rou, for
it is cient 'nent be
rubbed in mo, i
Mexican 1"ustang Liniment
overcomes the ailnient.; of horse3 aw( al alllom t .:.i::.l:. In fact,
it is a flesh healer LUd ,in .ilier no iiatt. r wA".o ur .ht tio patientis,
0f TRADE A.'D Tl AiEL.
Unaiting the Ps-incipal Cosaaes*eial
Centes-e ad Health and Pleasure
Reseets of the South with the a a
Righ-Class V.stib.le Trains. Through sheeing-i'
between New TerM and New Orleans, via Ase
Cincinnati and Fierida Points via Atlanta and via
New Yeuk ad Florida, either via Lynchbuirg, Danville
sad lava===k- er via Richmond, Danville and
apserier DiningeCar Service on all Through Trains.
Emcellent lervice and Low Rates to Charleston ae
eunt leeth Carolina Inter-State and West Radian
Winter Teaetet Tiekets to all Resorts now en sale at
redmeed rates.
Per detsUsed Iaferasetlea, literature, tinme table., rat.., et..,
apply 4e nesreet tebet-agent, or addreas
esee Pmesger Agent, Aast. Gen. P.aa. Agg.,
Wea&aten,. . Lattafh., o.
R,. w. HUNT. .3. C. BEA M,
34W. Pengr Agent, fliatriet PaS.. at
gaere.t., .1. &. Mees, e.
PSaUAlV iS. 00.
Are b st reac b the Co on 3elt, ich linet
runs two trains day fro M mphi to Texas~
witho .t change. hese ai s ei er reach'
direct or make close nnec o
for al parts of Texas, 0 aho .H AN
and 1dianTeritor~y. .
Ityo wantto fi a s borne cO Sana
in Texas, where I crops are -GALvt.STON
raised and wbere pe le prosper,
write for a copy of ou handsome
booklets, ' H omes in t e Sout h
west'' and "Through T xas with
a Camera." Sent free to any
body who is anxiojusto bett r his N. B. BAIgg, T. P. A., --ATI.ANTA, GA.
condition. E. W. LaBEAUME,G6. P. & T. A., ST. LOUIS, 30.
a:. C. BEA'b-TIE Receiver.% I
Efrective ."1897- olIii,Nbr~allLlrlsRiioh
eset w.en At odersonr .,d W alhalla. - A NI)
00a.......neso.......v3 35 pm ~ACON
4am... .... .Denver........ Lv 3 5 p
3 10I am..........Autun..........Lv 4 05 pn.SotCroiaIerttendW tndn
. 022 am.......Pendleton.L..........Lpo4itton.
. 013 am..Cherry's Crossing..Lv4 23 p,r Tceso aeatfloigrts
).7 am..Adams' Crossin..Lv 429 pmu rm(asAC~s ls
r94am........Senes.....,. Lv 4 47pre(litnsc, .5 64) 44
|25 am......WestUnion .... Lv 5Il pir, br,'~ . .5 .0~9
r90 am .... Wahalla........Lv 517 PiTPoprt,S . .m .s 37
M.Lv P. M. Ar tleMuti, .C,70 5.0 v5
J. R. ANDERSON, Superintendent Cain .C,68 .5 31
Afections at Seneca with So. R R No 11 Ir0,.C,6.5 45 :o
_eer __nwith 9_Railwa No - Cls iktssl al o a 'tcn
tiEDULEsINs EgFEoT AFTElRmiUJune2,d1190.
Dail--Except Sunday. ~ ~ .ila lr.t1 ay di
>a r tan burg ....................-----.--.....Thu00day
.vartanhurrigs................--.-.--- 00 45 p r orcc~~ 0d lute norraln s
oebuck..................---........ 4 n Ip de. .C \E L H A et
Atlanaticur.......oas.. '0LimNewbairoa .
Soutahahug...Carolina45p J F IVnt rStte Soand W gst,da
Expuot-i... .. Pluria C
.rGenprns....... 45 Ticket EM ON, sa . at folowngrts:
F ipo. rsdn rami Manae s Ac CPass. BAgesstC
T aurens. 4. C.. $9.20 $6.75 $4.60
011n ion S. C., 8.75 6.40 4.40
Newbe -ry, s. C., 7.75 5.70 8.90
Prosperity, S. 0.. -7.45 5.45 3.75
I.itt le Moun t--in, S. C., 7.10 5.20 9.55
Chapin, :4. C., 6.8 : 5.05 3.15
Irn o, S. C., 6.15 4.65 3.40
Co-u-r bia. S. C. 5.85 4.30 3.25
Class A tickets sold daily to May 3'st con
tint ous assage. tinal hmit .]une ed 190:1.
Ciass B tickets sold daily to May 3'st, con
finuous oassue. tinal lim.t 10 days in addi
t ion 10 d te of sale.
t lass C tick -t s sold Tuesd.tv and Th ursday
of each week to May 29th, continuous passage
final limit sere . e tays in addition to date of
For scheda oni ru- ther information ad
dress E. CAV EN A UGH Agent,
Newberry, S. C.
J. F. LI VI NGSTON, Sol'a A 't,
Colurr bia. . C.
lenn Springs..................... .--. T. M. EVERSON, H. M. EMERSON
. GS-aMn Mannaar unn Dean a -3 -

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