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yr~~~~~~~~1W ERw S%t C.,--'-~---'- - ~!h- TUES DAY, NOVEMBER18]92 WC ~
buy Goods 1
any market
Dress Gooo
The Stock is entirely too
1ress Goods and Silks in V
is your opportunity to buy
All our 30., and k n 5
24c. yard.
10 pos. 54 in. Socking, al
.10 pcs 54 in. Broad Clot
Mimunaugh's price 75o. yar
Our entire line Blhck Dr
Our entire line of flue Wi
and profits on or'
50 doz. ens
at half price. Ar
The*embers oj tlid Board, Treasurer Jen.
niags* Expected, had Failed to Conte
the Day Beforq Because Each one
Thought he Would, not
Missed--Two Young
Ladies to Tabu
late the Re
[News and Courier.]
Oolumbia, Nov. 14.--The State
board of canvassers met today, every
member having come in except Sec.
rotary of State Cooper, wvho is under
stood to be sick. Lieutenant (Gov
ernor Tillman;-vho was telegraphed
for yesterday, was also on hand, and
with mlemb)ers of the b)oardl present,
held a meeting mn accordance with
the law, when the board does not
meet at the proper time. The board
did nothing special beyond provid
ing for the tabulation of the returns,
which, thougii- small in numbers
comparatively; will take some time
to handle.
Miss Dwviht., of the attorney gen
oral's 'office, and1 Miss Walker,
of the Secretary of State's office,
were appointed clerks .to tabn
late the vote. The reason for the
* members not being on band yester
day was one that is aptly illustrated
by the saying, what is every body's
business is nlobody's4. 1Each of the
members thought that every other
member would be on hand and that
h is presence would be unnecessary
*the consequence being that no one,
excepting the State treasurer, was
there. The board adjourned for two
weeks to await the tabulation.
* Col umubia, Nov. 1 3.--The evils of
official absenteeism were never more
positively showvn than they were to
day, when the State boardl of can
vatssers could niot meet to declare the
- osult of the recent (hPction because
only one member wvas present Such
nieglect of a most im portant dnty is
inexplicable. Ordinarily the aver
sige citizen hardly knows of any
other election except the primary
and probably eonliials are just as apt
to forget othor elections also, but In
hils eae there is no such excuse,
* or. n the *11th instant Clerk Mc
QQan, of the secretary of State's
; le, offieially notitled each member
ofthe boacad that a meeting would
S&hold today at noon and for what
Rouqded Peri
trade where they
ff for the least m4
rs with a good bu
et right into the :
on- The M
y piece of
deep. Now . The Liveliest Cc
ey. is my motto and al
;re table at Come Direct t
the Work
I for $1.00,
Thousands of ya
Thousands of ya
oice DOc. Thousands of ya
npes are divided among
ost. 50 dozen Men's, E
y-article in the house wi
o The Poj
President Sees to it that Newspaper Men
are Not Ignored.
Washington, November 17.-For
the first time in history the President:
of the United States has set apart a
room adjoining his own offices for
the exclusive use of the press. In
the new office building, west of the
White House, the correspondents
have a separate room, provided with
a huge oak table, chairs and three
telephones for their convenience.
The room adjoins the big central
waiting room, where all.callers gath.
er before they are admitted to the
office of the President or Secretary
The door of the presR room stands
open, and the man of consequence inf
politics, business or rank-who escapes
without being interviewed is fleet of
foot indeed. In the White House,
before it underwent its remodelling
process, when the President and his
clerical force were all quar.tered on
the second floor, the newspaper men
whose duty took them there had to
content theinselves with a table
placed at the eastern end of the gen.
eral waiting room. They had no
telephones at their disposal, and
when they wished to call up their
respective offices were obliged to go
into the "war room" and ask Col.
Montgomery's permission to use the
wire. Col. Montgomery's telephone
was often busy at the very time the
newspaper men wished to use it.
Now, with the thr'ee telephones at
band, Col. Montgomery's dignity will
uo be so frequently. disturbed, and
the business of sending important
"items'' to the uttermost ends of the
aarth wvill be greatly facilitated.
President. Roosevelt holds, perhaps,
more than any of his predecessors,
a warm place in his heart for the
newvspapecr fraternity. He has ap
pointed several of his, newspaper
friends to good position~s ini the pub.
lie service. He is exce'edinigly ap
proacihable anid ofton favors the cor
responidets with his political conil
dlences. When the new office build.
ing was platined it was quite natu
ral, therefore, that the President
abonld order a "press room"~ in the
most convenient location and of the
most commodions arrangement possi
ble with the appropuiation at hand.
Any small boy in his first pair of
trousers feels sorry for his mother.
nic Talk Nor
rou know like to 1
,Brrght New Stu
rom headquartei
in the world. G
Ise and siik Secti
large. For the next few days ever
he house the price will be out and out
Press Goods and Silks for a Little Mc
o. Colored Pres eoods placed on cen!
I shades worth 75o. for this sale 40c.
b, all shades, the kind other stores sel
sss Goods to go at actual first cost.
aistings worth 75c. and $1.00, your ch
e line alono. Or expe
as to be closed out at c
y reasonale offer on an
Come T
purpose. Today is the time required
y law for the vote to be canvassed.
rhe' members of the board are the
3ecretary of State, the comptroller
general, the attorney general, the
idjutant general, the State treas
urer, and chairman of the committee
?n elections of the house, who is this
instance is Mr. R. 0. Patterson, of
When the time came for the board
to peet only one member appeared
State Treasurer Jennings. The law
provides that four members shall
3onstitute a quorum, but even these
3ould not be obtained today. The
Act further provides that in case a
luorum is not present then the lieu
~enant governor shall be summoned
md he with tbe members present
shall proceed to declare the vote.
[Lieutenant Governor Tillman was
.oday, therefore, duly notified by
elegraph that his presence was
iceded in Columbia and it is ex
eoted that he will arrive tomorrow.
It is said, though, that it will
nake no particular difference wheth
ar he gets' here tomorrow or next
lay or two weeks, so he does come
n1 a reasonable time, provision being
nade for his possible absence- from
he State. When he does come he
md Treasurer Jennings will form.
11ly declare the vote.
While it is certain that this neg
oct on the part of the State officials
ivill result in no harm to those State
>fficers who have been rebently
ilected, they having no opposition,
mud while the same thing may be
sid as to those congressmen who
pill have no contests on hand, it is
sonceivable that such an outcome
will do those congressmen .or those
:ounty officers who had oppositioni
o good, to say the least of it, and
t can be easily understood how such
songressmen may be embarrassed in
iolding their seats when the case is
shown up in a Republican congress.
No explanation is given here why
hose officials were away. Attorney
i*eneraml Bellinger went to Barn well
~o attend court in the Free case, but
A. is held that he should have come
L)ac'k for the more important dluty. If
tho others were away on official busi
ness no one here knows anything
of it.
A Kansas man boanesof running
the only strictly third-class hotel in
Who country. It is up to home
Dhicago landlords inidigniantly to
leny this assertion.
lods But Price:
can buy the Cher
ney, That's wh
isiness record an(
)ush at once. Fif
illinery Depar
rner in the store. "Small Profits and
low no man to undersell me.
o Headqurkrs where One
of Two. Don't Miss a Single
You MAy Miss a Dollar.
rds of Indaigo Blue Calicoes at 4c. yar<
ids of Outings, the 8o. kind at 5c. yard
rds of Sea Island to go at 4o. yard.
t the poor kind. We dor
toys' and Children's Cap
11 be accepted.
1e's Favori
Cheapest Stoi
he Carolinas,
Young Girl bles in New York Hospitil
After Continuous Sleep of Twenty
[Augusta Chronicle.]
Some days ago was published an
account of the mysterious case of
Nellie Corcoran in St. Vincent's hos
pital, New York. For days she had
lain in a sound sleep and no effort to
a':ouse her had succoeded.
The girl fell into her state of un
consciousness October 18 at the house t
where she was employed as a servant. t
At the hospital where she was taken '
heroic efforts to determine the
cause of her condition met with t
little success. Hundreds of physi. C
cians examined her, and every known
method was tried to awaken her, but C
with little success. Twvo or t,hree C
times she was aroused and spoke ar
few words, saying she was sleeping
and again became unconscious.
Electricity was applied and in se
vere applications, b)ut ineffectively.
Neurologists and pathologists tried '
to diagnose the girl's condition, but r
could not. Specialists of nearly i
every medical field were called in,t
but they arrived at no conclusions as
to the cause of the comas or its proper
diagnosis. It was even su1ggested -i
that someone had by pnotized her
and efforts to throwv off such a spoii
wvere made, but to no0 purpose. 1Her
temperature increasedi rapidly, she i
became emaciated1 anid finally stopped C
breath ing, after having slept 20 days. i
There was an autopsy, but nothing
was discovered in the condition of d
the organs to account for the strange 6
sleep. The brain was kept for ex- 1
amination by specialists on that or
gan and it is believed the secret wvill C
be dliscovered there.
Pointed Paragrphs. .L
[Chicago Daily News.] 0
An early crop-the small boy's
first hair cut. d
With some 5 cent cigars you-get ti
at least six scents, c
The eight day clock is a hard t'
worker and a chronic striker. Ii
Sometimies it is his lie-abilities a
bh'at increase a man's assets. .-t
Much of the charity that begins at c
homne is too feeble to get next door.
The skin deep beauty of the rhi- (
noceross isn't calculated to make him I0
When it comes to a question of
staying qualities the undertaker can u
lay the pugilist out.
3 to Catch ar
pest and get the
tt the people wan
I capital and crec
teen salespeople .
r ent. 200 do . I
uick Turnovers" 200 dom,. IT
Take a da
Dollar Does mIake your b
Line or 50 Mten's
50 Men's (
50 Men's
100 pairH
50 bales o
't keep them Did yo
s at half price. A big loi
to Trading
e in
the Man Who Tiled to Burn the Town I
Now in the Penitentiary-Lynching
Narrouvly Avoided.
[News and Courier.]
The negro, Bostick, arrested in
Ldgefield, charged with incendiar
sm, was brought bore and is now
afely lodged wit Lin the penitentiary.
'he story that his captors brought.
iere is, howerer, considerably differ
nt from tba one published. One of
he captors said that the sheriff iu
endad to board thetrain at Trenton
7ith the negro, but hearing that a
aob was coming after him, he took
o the woods and made a long, tedi
'us, circuitous route, coming to (Jo
umnbia via Branchville. One of t.he!
aptors said this routo was taken in
rder to "avoid Jim Tillman and his
sob," asserting that they had heard,1
n what they believed to be reliable
uthority, that the lieutenant gov
rnor was leading a crowd bent on
ynching the negro. Whether there
ras anything in the story or not, the
egro's captors believed it, else they
rould not have taken such precau.
ions to elude the lyniching party.
hey are of Two Kind, Domestic and In- e
ternal. 1
Innezi, the bandmaster, appears to
ave other t.roub)les besides appen.
ieitis as the4 following from the New t
pork Sun will show:
"Lawyer George A. Flancke, of e
ersey City, received word from g,
upremo Court Justice Gilbert Col- d
ns yesterday that he had dismlissed9
le order issued by onpreme Court q
lommissioner Charles J. Roe, under a
rhich Frederic N. In rnes, the b)and-l.
master, was takeni into custody in n
ersey City on the aflidavit of his ,
ife, Georgia F"ranices Iunnes, that he
wed her $500 alimony. 14
"Mrs. Innes obtained a decree of ,
ivorce in this city. Th'e bandmas- k
r (lid not obey anl order of t he a
:mrt to pay her $25 a week anid wvent at
> Jersey City, where lie was found
y his former wife. She saidl that a
die lied reason to believe that he ini ,
mdI(ed to leave the State and se
uired his arrest for debt1). a
"1 n dism issing~ thle case, Jiustice i
lollins said that sutlicienit evidlence
ad riot been adduced to show that b
nnes was leaving the State perma.
ently or intended to defraud Mrs.
i Hold the Cr
Biggest and Be:
t. We are in a
lit sufficient to b
to take care of
i of yards of Canton Flannel worth I
,adies' Black Heavy Hose worth 10c.
Ien's Uunderehirts and Drawers, the
V off and bring your family. It will
ill here.
)vercoats to go at $4.00 worth $0.00,
)vercoats to go at $5.50 worth $S).00.
)vercoats to go at $8.00 worth $12.0(1
4IHn's Odd Vanta at half price,
Jeans Rlightly soiled at half price.
.J ever think about h<
3TORE has to make
0, that's why we hav<
of Boy's Knee Suits t<
the Men Who Shaved Eighteen Men In
Eight Minutes and Seven Seconds.
The conductors, engineers, firemen
md ilagmon of the Southern rail.
vay are all much oxercised.over I ho
ocent. order requiring them to have
vatches that meansure up to certain
equirements, which is the out
rowth of the t ime convention of the
ailroad people held some time
The following iii a copy of the cir.
ular issued by the Southern rail
ray in regard to timepieces:
"T'his company will inaugurate a
ystem of clock and watch inspec
ion1 and employees designated belo0w
re required on and after the above
ate to submit their watches for
uarterly examination between the
at and 15th dlays of each Novem-.
or, February, Mvay and August, and
ooekly com[parison with standard
me, to tihe various local inspectora
ho have been appointed1 for this
urpose, and who wvill be under the
enoral supervision of J. W. For
ringor, Chicago, who has b)een ap
ointed general inspector.
"Names and location of local in
piactors and location of standard
locks on the resp)ective divisions
!ill be showni in the current time
Ib)les as issuied.
"Train miasters, t rain isipatchers,
ard masters, aissistantl yard mans
ar, switchmen, station masters, en
neers, foremon of engines, firemen,
>nductors, baggagemeni, flagmen,
>remeni, brakemen and switch ten
ulrs must submit their watches for
unrterly exaination and weekly
>mpjarison as required1 by the rules,
aid telegraph operators, station
gents, section foremen, b)ridlge fore
onn and towermoin must, submit their
at ches for quarterly examination.
"Thle minimum standard of excel
rice adopted by this company for
atches is a grade equal to what is
rowni among American movements
'nickel 17-jewel, patent regnlator,
Ijnsted to heat and cold, and three
)sitions,' the variation of which
mst. not exceed thirty seconds per
eek; nio key windler will he accepted.
"T[he grade niame and numbers
ro horein plainly specifIed; no mod.
ications will be permitted.
"All now watches in service must
e lever set.
"No watch specially made and
amed by or for any jeweler will be
ecented on this comnany's lin.
. ~I . SP_ L71 a 1' .11 1\
t selections
position to
uy Goods in
the crowds.
[o, to go at 7kc
to go at 5c. pair.
Oc. kii,d to go at 25o. each
pay you to ride miles to
)w an exclusive
all its expenses
a a walkover in
> be closed out
The intention of jIwolorH in offering
Watelta Hpcially mado IH getierally
umi-rHtoud to he for the purpose of
removing the rogular factory grade
and name, thun enab)ling them to
chlargo employees higher price for
H11)0i .
"Any VItch1 now in Hervice up to
the specified gradeH will be accepted."
The topic of th watchd discUsioq
iH the fact, that there are few 11on iq
the railway Hervice who now have, or.
had prior to tho expiration of the
lilt O limit, watcloM that met, all the
requiromntnta of the now rule. Many
of the onginoorH and condetoru hav
1b00n carrymng waitches which they~
paid( large amouints for, hut which
do not in 80ome palrtici.Ilr meoasuire
uip to the standard. Iia Heveral CasRes
the instance 18 cited where lin
waitches are owned by the railroat
men. which dto not mneasure up to the
stanwdard, beocause they have brass
works where ike1 is required,
though the class and number of jew.
ocs is fully up.
Brief Paragraphs Giving Sonme of the
liappenings of the World of Meni.
General Molinionux spent ,jnm
$100,000 or a third of his fortune in
thie de(fCnse of h is s1)11 in the famous
M1uolineaux caso( jus8t concluded.
Th'le fimsluhing last woo~k of the jott.y
work in Geoorgetowvn, a piece of work
which has been goinig oni for several
years, and which has involved over a
million dlollar4, was made the occa.
ei'on of a regular lFomi th of July
d ay colob)rationl.
In a hard fought gami) of football
played in Green1v1ile oni Friday Fnr.
man defonted1 Carolina and( wVon the
chiampionship of thet State. The
score was I1) to 0.
If it is true that the good (lie
young, it is up to.the oldest inhabi
tant to of1'er an explanation.
A cynic is a man whose dlisappoint
ment is du1e t.o the fact that the
worldl was8 mfade without, his advice.
It sometimes hapons that a man
puts both money andl confidence in a
bank--and later dIraws out his8 COn

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