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NeW k 11 C
Subkvis of interest N w used by th(oe3
Who iTn ia3rsnl them.
The 'fling e'\t raets are t aven
1'm the subecis disused a t the
meeting ofl' the 'ewhei'rry' TextoWe Ch1h
held Wodnesdy night,
Mr. A. l.. Mifle': distussed the "oh
ject of a arl way, sitnt i led. at,
The so}a At.ion of the hunches of tiba
into indilidual tibros. 2nd. The eom
TY e'e1eN4t Of the p atalleliuAt ion of
the se fibrs. Ard. The renov&l of dirt,
nt especially the smallor and light-ot
impurities. 4th. The ivduct.ion of the
size o'f the lap into :he sire of a sliver.
It will be seen that these are some
w\hat dielicate oprrations. and nleees
sitate very aiefui const.ruction. and
aclu*Ate sOtt-ing of e'ert"Ail parts of the
m11aehine in re'at.ion to others. The
first principle of carding the cotton
between two sets of wire teeth, one
set being tiaed and the ether moving
in an opposite direc t.ion to the other.
This at t.ains t he frst obiect that is the
separation of the hunches of fibres.
It also tends tY att.am ohjee number
. 14cause of such sories of wire points
being in su h close proximity that the
imptrit ies are caught hetween the points
of the wire. and rvmain there until re
moved yi' special means. The second
principal of centrifugal force of the
highly revolving cylinder, by causing
the ends f 'e , tibres to fly against
stati"ary, or revolving points, thus
being carded. It also helps to attain
object number . because sand, dirt
,nd the heavier impurities are throwin
through the screen below the cylinder
by the centrifugal force of cylinders.
The last principal is that of having the
rolls at the delivel y end of the ma
chine revolving fa"ter than those at
the feed en. consequently causing the
reduction of the lap into a sliver.
Mr. .1. Y. .lones spoke on Economical
Management of spinning room: A
h.gh preduc ion means economy, as it
reduces the cost per pound. Banding
a spinning frame is one of the most
impoi taSnt features in connect ion with
it. Getting the hands on too slack
causes the varn to be made slack or
soft.. that is it does not get the proper
amount of twist in it.. Oiling is a very
irepcrt.ant part.. as the oil is liable to
-' on the fibes and cause second
ebI work. A gc i oiler will save his
wags ir the saving of oil and power.
Tc xt.ili machm ery should Iwe properly
nndl r l,.rly oiled as it w i! incrre e ae
ut. protuc.ion imd t.he hfe of the ma
eniner. 'T,I. le"s shotc be replaced
v het :x wo: ri. Care should be
u:I :st;n tue cnrrert sizt of tntviers
< ;u: (m :1 t m f~hi1t'i n: tht right
im tit :'na rer v'y . ( set Hiar
nc anm 1'im acnm. a ln:. wt'
ww dBsusa by Mr. Y. B. Campwen.
1i "{ Z2h4 Oh1 h1a-neR- a b:uUt' - C f a
ontarn . sa.-o the'?. sht.e in the
mtii 1i:~ vt.? cnnt shaf: or downa
i:i:an' yX-cI ha.:rness eams so
.m utn t:nemsi 0 ..~ belvl tigh ten1
..': ::ro y ot a v y our harness
12nr cams set properly. H arness camsi
snaa be n'rectly in oier toge
i n PAi-rffie o th gods,inother
wo'rds to pr!event the cloth from being
rx'.ih and uneven.
items of Interest from our Neighboring
Mr'. .l. I. liedenbaughl is ape'ndinlg a
week at homel.
Grace Lutheran congregation acut a
Thanksgiving offering to the Orphan
H onme at. Salem, Va., this week. Thle
donations from Gace an(l Mt. Tlabor
amiout-a5 to $50.27.
Mr's. .'l'. Wheeler has -gone to Lake
City, Fla., to visit her brother.
Mr'. Ed. Aldrich, of B3ateaburg, has
been~i visiting the family of Mr. A. M.
I,.est er.
Mr. Btushnell Miller who haa been
qui0te sick of Pneumonia, is reported
norrne better.
Mrs. C. F. I.athan, of L,ittle Motm
tain, is visiting in our city.
Mrs. P. F. Hunter anid Mis Lizzie
(oe. of your city have been visiting
fav:. W. A. I.utz, of Gracr' Lutheran
church hia4 annroun.ced preaching for
IThan4ksving D>ay.
Mr. J1. i9. Lut.her, of Columbia, apent
a few days here this week.
Mrs. t(irard of Ninety-Six is visiting
her brother, Mr. A. P'. Dominriuk.
L.ost a Thumb.
Mr. W. B. Cannon who has been with
the treatle construction force on the
Souithern raihroad, hadl the misfortune
to get his thumbs caught between an
iron rail and a crosatie while at work
at Alaton Monday afternoon. Both
thumbs were badly mashed. The right~
thumb was mashed off near the first
'joint and thme left was also partly
,mashed off, but Dr. Ellisor thinks he
may be able to save It. Mr. Cannon isi
with his sister, Mrs. W. P. Ewurt.
Some GiaigPumpkins.
Manager 0. C. Williams, of the State
C,ollego fprm,' comduets a suecelu%ful
arin or if.s own, place in Newheriy,
from which we have some giant pump
kins sent to him at this place. -Orange
burg Patriot.
nlonnetoielt 1t *he wOuldi be maiedt
at her how' *t ' O eloek ot the same
day. Mr,. John Mo1vgan of Andler e'n. S.
O ., IMeing t he fott e,yNN
T'he . rtormany. w hie)h w : w i t noted ee
by .,nly a few'n ni imate friends of N'
bride, iass per fo'ro1 h. Rev. Bur ton
6t the :en''id astie: ehueh of thi'
t ityS
Mr. an4 l*tw. Morlin go -a onee to
Andereen whAre they will make their
In ecuring Miss Hallman Mr. Mor
n is ie be gitttl.ted indeed, fo'
w V anMot c ia haing girl and he
b, 'n6 doubt.. tibtied a t ine AI de
voted wife. But his gain is the loss to
her friends in Newerry. of one of
whom many have learnd to admire.
Her place in the famil circle of her
parents must always remain untilled.
while the church, in which she was al
ways present and took s':"h An interest.,
will look long before they tind one in
whom they will recover the usefulness
of Matt.ie Hallman.
The heat ;est wishes that life nay
have for them. but few clouds and a
continnal sunshine follow them from
their many friends in Newberry.
A Priend.
NE wberry, S. e .. Nov . 15, 19b ..
Married b' Re \ . P. Royd. at the
Methodist Crnit parsonage. Novem
her 181.h. 193. Mr Casper C. Stewart
and Miss Lilla Dsy , daughter of .1 udge
Frank Day . of this hont. D P R%.
By Rev. N. N. urt. November
at the residence of the bride's parents
in West Fnd. Mr. .1ohn Mcrcan. c: Ar:
Jerson. and Miss Mat; l
Towels Without Cost.
Every forty-eight pound sack in
which "Clifton" flour is packed wid
make two good towels. the regular
toweling goods- being used in the mnanu
facture of the sacks. Ask your grocer
to send you a forty-eight pound sack.
At E. R lipp's, haves & McCarty's
and L. W. Cozhy's.
Bransford Mills,
Owenshoro. Ky
. O. O. F.
EEIT EVEW' FflhlD.\V N1; 111'
I A t, 30 o'eock: at th.'ir a at the
rattod St-.ool li Y'itors cor
ltally invited.
'T. S. Hudson. Secret.arv.
EW AIND FULL stock of Paper
L Patt.erns just receivcd and are
old for cash only, at W ot en's.
OR SALE. - A fine iIolst.ein bull,
readyv for setvi-e. Apply to Thos.
. Ii arrrrn.
HE en o D.ames Mlntosh
oas a member of the Bocard oif Com
nissioners of Publie Works, subiect to
he D)emoccratic primary.
LG roceries.
r'A FE DINING ROOM. -Meals can
L./ be had at. all hours at the Cafe
lining room on West Main street,' oip
ioaite Klettner's. Always the best the
narket affords at very moderate prices.
deals served in any st yle to suit any
aste. Fresh oysters always on hand.
AMcK(enzie & Son.
bill Central !----Give Me 48
'ho Ncwborry Graniito Fronit
Coicianiciry al Bakory!
They have all kind4 of lBread
'at-ent Breadt, Milk Bread,
Graham, Brocad, ('ream Biread,
Cap Biroad, Rtye Broad,
(timmei(l Seed 1 tyn lBread,
toat.on Birown lBread.
Lretasisortmnent,. of fr'esh, faney J1
ksever ocwn her. huforec.
O)rdors takeni by Te'lephilone and deC
ivred fruee of c ha e as wet hiave out
mnewi 'vu dlvtery waon.
~'O 48.
H. A. Meyer & Son.
Cough I
D)on't lot it hang on! I)on't do
It! It's terrible hard on your
throat. Besides -there's no use in
letting it run. ft's a tax on your
strength, andit pulls you dlown.
Take a hint-otur
Red Star
Whooping Cough Cure
will stop coughing if anything will.
Thore may be a few comnpl icatedi
cases which it will not cute, but in a
auch wo refund your money.
Price 25c. Put up In Syrup or
Tablets coated with chocolate.
Tableta very convenient to carry
in the pocket.
Aw g
MY STOCK of Shoes i
be, and instead of
to cut the price we put tl
the market while your n(
move it. Every pair of s
under the axe. It will pa
dred miles and buy your
is your opportunity and
5 bales White Homespun to go
on sale at only 3 1 -4c. yd.
2 cases indago Blue Calico 4c.
200 White Bed Spreads to go Oi
at 50c. worth 75c.
5 bales the Jno. P. King Sea T
Island 4c. worth 6 1-4c.
Our entire line of Ladie
ng Skirts to go on sale r
et the side show stores
~hey can sell you just as
Come Direct t<
Where One Dollar Do
The Great Undersell
ohn C. Gioggans, as Clerk of Court for .1. Tax Payers the
Newbe.rry County, Administrator de from an Act passed
bonis non of Jerushia A. Hlenson, de- ral Assemnbly, and
ceasedl, Plaintiff, 26, 1902. Tax paye
lart well H. Hlenson, et al., De fendants. ec Ta alv ct
)Y VIRTUE OF AN ORDER OF and all taxes collect
- the Court herein I will sell to the County taxes are cc
iighest bidder' before the court house, at and pay able on or be
%ewberry, S. C., within the legal hours December of each a
>f sale, on saleday the first Monday in if such taxes andl al
December, 1902, all that tract or piece pafidl on or before si
erry Cuty,a tate ofSout Caina e ont Audto
~ontaining one hundlred three and 65-100 1)1ica to and collec
(103 615-1 0) acres, more or less, and treasurer; and if th
bounded by lands of E. F. Rudd, Amelia Isessments and penn
Blrooks Fulmer, Dr. A. A, Madden, and ior before the first d
ithers, known as the "White Place," thereafter, an addil
and belonging to the Hienson estate. per centum thereon
Terms of S ale-One-third cast, bal- , the County Auditor
aince on a credit of one and two years plicate and colleel
from day of sale,. with interest from I'reasurer; and if ti
sid dlate, credlit portions to be secured ments andl penaltie:
by bond of purchiaser and mortgage of before the first<
premises sold, wvith leave to anticipate thereafter an addlit
payment of credit portions at any time Per centum there'onl
mi whole or in p)art. Purchaser to pay the County Auditoi
for drawing and recording deed andl o'icat.e and collec
mortgage. f,reasurer; and if th
IIENRY C. HIOLLIOWAY, ments and pentalties
Trustee. before the 15thl<
Newheorry, S. C., Nov. 8th, 1902. thereafter the said
H&N nov14,21&28 shall issue his tax
said taxes andl asse
livery and Sale Stable a"ta1-a
ec. 3. hei pro'
A T POMAR IA. shall In no0 wise apyl
and assessment.s of
wih have not bec
Liave established a genelral up to said township or to
late and first class
AN D SA LE STA BLE "nlght? I have-he
At Pomaria. cani fit the meist diti
proper glasses. [
They are pr.epare'd to do anything for the best penople
n the hivery businaeh W4ill kop all 'aln fit, you. I uIst
inds of vehielse wl hor,'.on. for sale.e trial anlh cony
Sveryauhing tiret thus :m*d att ro'nson pr og to0 all. U
bl.n prices. Jew
ssesoad Chiildren's Shoes
-m .S:
s heavier than it should
waiting until January st
ie big stock of shoes on
;eds are great enough to
hoes under the roof fall
Ly you to come one hun
bill of shoes here. Now
L 100 bales New Outing just
opened and placed on sale
at 4 1-2c., 7 1-2c. and 9c.
Match them if you can.
1 Thousands of yards of Stand
ard Calico to go at 3 1-2c.
Thoisands of yards of Jeans
slightly soiled Half Price.
II Long. Ya1Wez.
s' Fine Cloaks and Walk
~gardless of Cost. Don't
fool you by telling you
cheap as MIMNAUGH.
es the Work Of Two.
G H'S,
erofNewberry, S. C.
approvd a b, uar
ra wil.ptase go
eadCounty taxes DNE ES
Ilcte<I", ha Ode'uri mie of Austria
n<ir"vthy*ela ay of Ch ina and English
sagtsag Semi Porcelain will be
Lad tie ahealt,ysold this month a
"L',' by*"" Cunt prices that will sur
sadtxe an as; prise the most careful
nyo Febru"r" nxt buyer. W e are going
shnall berald by 01O close out this line of
"ed by, the*,"" y goods,itsal
"1 " "1."1 pen Stock,
onal inaltyo ivog which enables the pur
onghe gounty (ii chaser to buy as much
altaxes,ases. or as little as desired.
Cunty a .SH Newber ry liardware C
execution for the
i t n d . ..1I --
ofth efwl-Are You Fa slid ious?
ly to railroad taxes
an onhip of We a*Tha' th
i Iti frailra> reason why you can buy
wnhl s , the best ini Fruits, Pro.
Lounty lrreasuirer. duce3, Staple and Fancy
NI) ICYIcGJ,As4ral
ach1 an bur Groceries from us. Best
i"d 0 L'd New Orleans Syrup just
Ii *its ~IrC received., ( ome t e
anl hh t isl us.
- . -. r'4 4; " .'t' T' ' -/ .ti ;. " v ,; Vi7
That's what the woman has who owns
o our labor-saving machines.
That'swhat the woman 42
has who owns a han -
some,: durable BUG
That's what'the man has who pays the
Af little fuel pills caused -by a Buck's Stove.
inger Ale!
On the Market.
W. G. Mayes and
Gilder & Weeks.
NO Frutire Store! ESTAUR T
fail to call at the New Fnruiture
HELLY aDEAN, .rprd nay.t!
bakfMimnaugh's,on Friend street, eprdnaySte
t.o buy your Furuiture. Their goods in the most a ppetizing
are all new and just from- thes fac- man ne;r and ser.ved in
tories, up to date in lilnia., stiyle and
workmanship. .Wo carry a fnli line of ou r COnve nient an d
~ed, BreinH,Chars,cozy dining room.
" " aes, cairsEv'erything the mar
Roolfers, Tables, ket affords served in*
in fact everything in thA house fur- the very best style.
nishing Jine. WVe are also prepared OR frITTVPQPPf
to do first class repair work on DESUJb1armu
Watches, Cloeks, Jewelry, Musical NO-ffN
Instruments, Sewing Machines and --::
F'urniture of all kinds. Give us a
.rial and be convinced that we ar.e MIy line of Fancy Gro
the cheapest in town. C eries is new and up
Yours for low prices, Ito--date. We can .give
you the best that is to
Slic1~ & D~ll, be had in the grocery
ine at r eas on abl e
Newbery, . 0. prices.
Newerr, S O. @@iCall and see me.
COMMON PLEAS.liaPotQfa,Nwbry .G
Addie Byron Montgomery, Plaintiff, -
Jane W. Montgomery, as heir at law
and distributee of John W. Mont
Somnery, andl also as administratrix,
$c., and' others, Defendants.
-the Court herein,I will sell to theI
highest bidder before the court house, at
INewberry, S. C. on Monda (saleday),
the first day of lIecember, 1902, withun.
the legal hours of sale, all that lot of
land lying in the Town of Newberry,
in aid County and State, containing
m~e-elgh1th ,(1-8th) of one acre, more or
ecss, frontimg on Adams street, and
othorwise bounded by the Crotwoll
lotel iot, a lot belonging to the estate
of J. N. Godsey, and a lot of Geo. S.
Mower the same being the home of~
.John 4. Montgomery at, the time of
his .leath. -
T1ermns of Sale-One-thfrd cash, bal- Nice China and Pretty
terest at 8per cent .fro d of sl,i Lamnps make nice and suit
aml until paid in full, secured by bond able Wedding Presentsb
oithIcv a,o r okurchaser and minet a m f ryies Fok re uying them
o credit ortion et any time. The pur- at low prices froin
welling house in a sum nob loss sthan nkm .A
the Tustee before rceivinga dec~W.EPlam
ucasr t'ay .for drawing and re- Pregepjption PharmaIsts.r
TENuYt. OY, ~tS Ntie
New berry, S. C., N4ov. 8th,1902e.TesasNtc
..........--- -- - .1.1 forbidden to trespass, without
OR Bll.*-Sawy Mill near O'Neall writherwpormistion, by hunting, fihing
ScolHduse, including all ma- the lundersign n Any one dig ho gill
nlli%ho eIOKca.tOk CQ,VIi b e p)unished to the full exfent o zhe
ovonbor .attb. r at-tho, mill on .IS MidA B uRTO .
J. W. and J. E. LONG. JAS. A. BURTON.

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